Guess who just went in the marmite pot? / Hear about the funny AFC call I had!

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Geoff and I renewed our season tickets yesterday. It was a big ask, £2,600 each… but we knew if we didn’t, Wenger would break his frugal policy, sign 4 world class players and we’d have the greatest season of the last 5 years!

Geoff and I sitting on a laptop, cursing a bad feed wasn’t an situation we wanted to deal with!

So we didn’t…

I rang up and spoke to the lady on the phone, checked she’d received our details and I asked how the tickets were selling. She said they were doing really well which was fantastic for cash flow and I quote,

‘Hopefully that’ll mean we can buy some players’.

What a girl! It’s nice to know that real Gooners work at the club and they think the same as most of us!

I’m going to ignore the DVD pressing tart’s from down the road today. Let them have their moment in the sun. My boss put me in a good frame of mind yesterday, he said,

‘Pedro, you feel depressed now, but think about it. What would you rather be? An Arsenal fan, or a Spurs fan? When the dust has settled on that victory, they’ll still have to deal with the fact they are Spurs fans.’

You can’t argue with that. I’d prefer to live in a mud hut in the Sahara than wake up every day knowing the life choice I’d taken had lowered my expectations to such a level that winning one North London derby would cause me and my pals to petition for an open top parade around the crappiest parts of North London.

Anyway, repression is better than depression.

So, who has found themselves in a thick, gloopy pot of iron rich Marmite?


Can you believe it?

The impish genius from Russia has some how managed to work his way into the marmite pot!

Yep, the man who single-handedly injected the shot of creativity we needed to make the top 4 last year finds himself in the love / hate category. The man who scored 4 goals against Liverpool, the man who has treated us to delightful flashes of skill not witnessed since the days of Bergkamp, Henry and Pires, the man who is more entertaining than a night out with drinking with Ricky Gervais, Tina Fey and Eddy Murphy.

So how did this happen?

How could we do it to the little man?

Well, since the start of the season, the little man has demonstrated that what he lacks in height, he more than makes up for in mouth size. The gobby little Russian has been spouting alsorts of guff in the press… ranging from his opinions on politics to his opinion on Wenger’s transfer policies. The fans seem to generally be of the mind-set that they are allowed to moan about the state of the squad but if a player does, they’re being disloyal.

I know that earlier in the season I 100% backed the Russian because what he was saying was right… however, I wasn’t too impressed when he trapped off a few weeks ago after we’d worked our way through a tough fixture list and were still firmly in the race. No one minds a hearing a well thought out moan up, but not when it doesn’t bear any relevance to what’s going on in the real world.

How about on the football pitch?

Well, could those 4 goals be the worst 4 things to happen for him at Arsenal? The last player to do that was Baptista and we all know what happened to him. Since those goals crept in, he’s failed to ever reach the same heights form wise. Perhaps we expect too much from him? Perhaps we saw him as the second coming of Bobby forgetting he’s only in his first full season.

Well, how about we compare?

Arshavin 45 app, 17 goals, 11 assists

Pires: 51 app, 8 goals, 7 assists

Above is a direct comparison of the two in their first games for Arsenal, I don’t think it’d be outlandish to say Andrey has a far superior record. Factor in that Bobby was never asked to play as a lone striker and you start to see that the Russian has had to contend with a lot.

People have bandied about the laziness factor without actually presenting any factual evidence to back the theory. I can understand that he could be perceived as anti-hard-work but like someone mentioned, no more lazy than Nasri. Everyone conveniently forgets that he’s been playing injured this season. I also don’t remember Hleb getting this much flak and he had an appalling record for productivity… yet we all cooed over his ability to assist the assister!

Andrey Arshavin for all his flaws is a superb player. He has bundles of raw talent, he has more ability than most of our squad combined and we’re all moaning about him like he’s let the team down big time. Nik B misses a shot from 5 yards and we all defend him because he works hard, Arshavin smashes a few over the bar and he has to go!

The dissatisfaction is lost on me. We should be looking at ways to get the best from his talent, not talking about chopping a top player out of our squad. Arsenal have a fantastic record of dealing with players with suspect attitudes. I hope that my sources are wrong and he stays next season. I would hate to see him line up against us and I would hate to have to go through a summer waiting to replace him only to find out Wenger sees Mark Randall as his direct replacement becuase he’s sees the Englishman as the next George best.

Be careful what you wish for next time you say you wouldn’t mind seeing Arshavin leave.

You might find yourself green with envy when he’s lighting up another stadiums pitch on a regular basis.

P.S. Just to clarify, Le Grove has never called for Arsene to be sacked. I’ve seen the William Hill odds and they’re embarrassingly wrong! Firstly, Wenger probably won’t quit. Why quit a £4.9million job when everyone at board level backs you?

Secondly… Mourinho? Do me a favour! We wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole! He’s a loose cannon, Arsenal can’t manage that type of coach! If we ever recruited it’d be someone like Van Basten, Van Gaal or the restless Guardiola. Someone who’d enhance the brand, not decimate it!

Remember, it’s taken Chavski 3 years to get over the damage the special one inflicted on their reputation! A successful coach, but an intolerable press whore, a dull tactician and a narcissist… we could do better.

P.P.S. I have potentially 5 Wigan tickets, e-mail in if you’re interested.

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  1. incesc

    when you look round the net at some of the low expectations of some arsenal fans, whoever takes over and buys arsenal out in the summer is going to be on to such a great thing.

    The current board and manager have got so many fans brainwashed that kronk or fatmasnov will have it easy.

    1. They will never have to buy expensive players because arsenal fans have been sucked into thinking we cant compete for Frank Ribery or David Villa. This is despite the highest turnover on matchday in the world, a small manageable mortgage and a manager who makes endless money on selling our best players.

    2. They never have to deliver trophies as a large amount of fans think that top four and getting humiliated in the last stages of the euro cup is a great success. How many times must I hear, “you must have only supported arsenal a couple of weeks as we never did this well in the european cup before wenger…”

    3. Hell they dont even have to ask the manager to get us playing nice football any more, a few sideways passes and most of the fans still think we play like Barcelona despite spending most of the season scraping wins against shit teams in the last minute.


    I was expecting a proper rant after that introduction and yet it left me Flat and Dissapointed a bit like Arsenals transfer policy 🙂

  3. bnsb

    Arshavin would be fine when he is fit 100% physically, and when good players like Van Persie is back arround him. He and Diaby will never play well together.

  4. Bil J

    I would have bet my last £1 you & geoff would renew your season tickets. Can’t see you two screaming lousy feed. Real supporters will renew their season tickets.

  5. bnsb

    Insomnia I mean N’Zogbia is a vastly improved player a la Song. Rodallega could be polished into a gem and he is BIG enough.

  6. tonyadamsisgod

    bnsb – I try my best! 😀

    Why people are so anti-Arshavin is beyond me. The guy has probably achieved more than he should have done so far. What is needed to see the best from him is to ditch this 4-3-3 and line up more like 4-3-1-2. He needs to be behind the front 2. If he says he doesn’t like playing left mid or as a striker its for a very good reason. He delivers his best form when he can support the strikers and fire in the loose balls around the edge of the area.

    yet again Wenger is playing square pegs in round holes. Its happening in far too many positions in our line up:

    Arshavin – Wide Left/Up Front
    Theo – Wide Right
    Bendtner – Wide Right (when RvP was fit)
    Eboue – Up front, Right (wtf)

    Its time to get players who can not only perform in a specific position but ones that specialises in them.

  7. Jay20h

    Would be sooooo pissed off if our pint sized russian left us. He is so gifted and a quality player.

    Leading the line when you are tiny cannot be easy and ery excausting.

    If he stays, he will be awesome next year. He has no world cup so nice and fresh come August.

  8. stonroy

    Great post Pedro. Seriously anyone who wishes Arshavin to be gone is a fucking idiot. He’s class, and a great point about him having to lead the line, and he did it, he didn’t moan he got stuck in and did it… I think he may be leaving though sadly

  9. gambon

    Great post, dont agree about not sacking Wenger though.

    Great manager in his day, but no longer up to running a big club.

  10. bnsb


    No one remembers second best do they 🙂

    Good point, That position Arshavin craves is already taken by Cesc right?

  11. incesc

    cant we just get a decent winger, play 442, with arshavin off of rvp upfront and fabregas playing back a bit?

    surely that would be good for all three of our best players

  12. sanjeev

    nice post ,

    well to see the team play like they played against spuds was worrying as some player ( denilson , diaby ) were too lazy to control the midfield . No tracking back , no signs of urgency , it never luked like we were fighting for the title . Fans want to see efforts from the player ..winning and losing is the part of the game but the spirit of the team and player is something which has to be there …and alas for this arsenal team , if our top players r injured we r for sure short of tht leadership on the pitch .. very worrying

  13. Sam

    I don’t understand nincompoops who criticise Arshavin. He has played with an injury for most of the seasno and as a centre forward in the most physical in the world inspite of being only 5’7″. He still has turned many a games in our favour even this year! How can you ever criticise him for that?

  14. stonroy

    Incesc you are spot on, most gooners are terrified of losing Wenger, like Arsenal will be sucked away into a back void of Wenger leaves. We can’t afford anyone and don’t rock the boat. No thing/person is bigger than the club. On that note I think for us to be a great team and attract great players we have to reevaluate our salary cap. The stubbornness of that cost us Flamini

  15. bnsb

    When some one plays well praise him. When he doesnt every right to criticize him. Simple, what makes it so difficult to understand. How does that make the ‘critics’ nincompoops? Empty words.

  16. GoonerT1m

    i got some stupid joke yesterday about the trophy cabinet at the emirates and the volcanic cloud, WTF, wasnt that funny, its amazing how jealous people are of the Arsenal!…Great Post Pedders!!, i think i will renew my seasons as well, its amazing how quick you can get over dissapointment when your a true Gooner ! Arsenal is for Life not just for Christmas.

  17. gambon

    As for Arshavin, i definately dont think we can afford to lose him, but theres no doubt he has to sharpen up & shape up.

    The current Barca team are gonna have a huge affect on big teams in europe, high intensity pressing will become the new thing, and at the moment Arshavin is a liability in that kind of game.

  18. Our year 9/10

    Yes the half pint ,half fit ruski should stay,just keep him of that cheap russian vodka,and stitch his mouth.

  19. John A

    Great post Pedro and well said your boss and the sales girl!

    “Arsh is 50/50 for City”. Is that to play against them or to move there? 😉

    There’s only 1 stiker who’s on the same wavelength as Arshie and that’s RVP.

    Can’t wait for them to play together again with Fab just behind them.

  20. CHIPPY

    Thats a start but as ive said previously we could have a back 4 of four Maldinis but they would still be overun and cut apart against the top sides cos apart from song they have no other means of protection,

    Half the side dont think its their duty to put in the hard yards and until Wenger gets to grips with that mentality we will still conceed countless stupid goals,

  21. bnsb

    There’s only 1 stiker who’s on the same wavelength as Arshie and that’s RVP.

    Yes, and those two can even re–tune Bendy to their frequency.

  22. stonroy

    Pedro I would be very surprised if he left for another Premiership Team, very surprised. I think it will be Spain or Russia for him.

  23. Pedro

    Wenger: ‘winning a trophy for me is the pl or cl, the rest are cups and not so important. Next year decisive for us’

  24. tonyadamsisgod

    bnsb – I think AA needs to be playing in front of Cesc and behind RvP and another – Theo being my choice as that would give us a bit of everything up top. Apart from heading ability but hey, we’ve never relied on that before.

  25. gambon

    From that article, says it all really;

    “Manuel Almunia? Come on. At the same time, he thought Edwin van der Sar too old and Paul Robinson too fat. Instead, he signed Richard Wright and Rami Shaaban”

  26. Chipo

    Pedro, wenger has said he will strenghten defensively, but that could just mean this comment come September:

    “Djourou is back and he has been working very hard at the gym. Vermaelen has improved his strength as well. We have strengthened.”


  27. Meneurdejeu10

    Arshavin, pound for pound is our best player, even if Fabregas is on top form and fully fit. IMO, Fabregas seems to struggle in big games (Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool). He is still a great. But the Arsh is easily classifiable in the Ballon D’Or category. Two great feet, pace and outstanding technique. He is also a matchwinner under the bright lights. WE UNDERPAID TO GET HIM. HE IS EXACTLY THE TYPE OF PLAYER I THOUGHT WE WOULD NEVER GET. YET SOME GOONERS WANT HIM OUT??? SMH
    I’m reading on some boards he makes 80K, and Silvestre makes 50K and Theo no skill Walcott makes 60K. SMH*59

    I wanted Adebayor out. But I have to admit he had a good first season. Wenger specifically stated Vela was his replacement. Who is he fooling.

    Gallas, Senderos,Silvestre,Traore,Eboue,Denilson,
    Diaby,Walcott, Eduardo, Vela

    Gallas wants too much money and the other TEN are not good enough.

    We have half of a squad who should not be here. It is a miracle we got this far and very PREDICTABLE that we would falter. It is the “I told you so” moment 94.2% of us predicted.

    1) Vela replacement for Adebayor. SMH

    2) Walcott, Denilson and Silvestre. SMH

    3) Merida is a good player. I kinda rate him.

    4) Jack the lad is a spiky player. Future superstar

    5) “We were not mature enough.” Whose fault is that?

    6) Denilson and Diaby CM partnership. SMH

    7) Wenger likes yes men. Think Pat Rice and not Arshavin.

    8) I feel sorry for our fans who pay season tickets

    Sorry for the rant.

    Good mornin UK Gooners. I love chocolate.

    Good day

  28. c gander

    Pedro is’nt there anyway a friendly demonstration can help remind wenger how fans feel about the clubs transfer policy? maybe a few sarcastic banners? The Ramsey banner by GoonBlog would be nice size im sure fans would’nt mind donating to get it done considering how frustrated A LOT of us are. Its time we got more vocal about it? its a great time to do it as nothing is to play for with only two home games left maybe fulham game would be a good time to unleash it?? like to hear your thoughts please??

  29. gambon


    That just isnt possible, we are garbage at defending, we really couldnt fit Cesc & AA into a 4-3-1-2

    In that system Cesc would be behind the strikers, and AA would be gone.

  30. Walking Wounded

    Leave off the Little Russian!

    In the very dark recesses of my mind, I seem to remember how “worshipped” in was back in Russia and he was also touted to be a politician or mayor or something.

    This leaves me to believe that he gets asked a lot of questions by the people back in the Motherland (have a look at his website).

    I also believe that he doesn’t speak too much English yet.

    SO he gets asked questions from his fans, he answers them, things get mistranslated and all of a sudden he is a dissentor. Get real, the man has never worked so hard in a season, plus this was an acclimatising season for him, with the Russian League being at different times, look how Pavluychenko has had his dips in form.


    Marmite, I love it

  31. gambon

    Wengers idea of strengthening defensively involves calling Fergie and asking him if he has any rejects he wants to sell for £750k.

  32. Meneurdejeu10

    One more thing.

    We complain that our club cannot pay high wages in comparison to Citeh, Chelsea, Man United and even to a certain extent Tottenham and the Pool, yet 40 percent of our squad are average or subpar.

    Does anyone know where we can find player salaries?

  33. tonyadamsisgod

    gambon – I’d go like this:


    Sagna – Vermaelen – Subo(tic) – Gibbs

    Song – Fabregas – De Rossi


    Theo – RvP

    Dream Team!! Plus its always nice to have a player in your team that you can call Subo!! 😀

  34. CHIPPY

    Not normally a Myles Fan but that Article cuts to the point and is smack on the money everything in it is so true, Especially this bit which has been indicitive of the last few seasons

    Spurs wanted it more. Spurs wanted fourth place far more than Arsenal wanted the title !

    So Sad but So Very True,

  35. tonyadamsisgod

    Tony Gale in monumental discovery: ‘I don’t think Arsenal work on defending in training’

    Ya think!!!!!!

  36. Arsenal Tom

    morning all, this summer looks to be the corss roads for arsenal as to which direction we go… carry on as a ‘also ran’ or step up into proper contenders

  37. tonyadamsisgod

    Chippy – Read that article this morning. Spot on. I think Howard always, well, nearly always talks sense……

  38. Big Dave

    I know of at least 5/6 people who are not renewing their club level seats, they are fed up of paying top top prices only to watch mediocre players on the pitch, ie Almunia, Denilson etc

    The club needs Cl seats and boxes

  39. Arsenal Tom

    bnsb, i dont think it was last year cos we were total shit, the year before was probably similar in that we competed for the majority of the season but couldn’t finish it off.

    if we’re ever gonna make the next step under wenger i think its this summer, he’s been allot more honest these past few months, and with all the financial chat coming out there isn’t that t hide behind either

  40. tonyadamsisgod

    Wenger is on SSN talking about motivating his players!! How about you motivate yourself you fucking prick!! Looking like a right smug little cunt too like that cat that got the cream. Its this whole I don’t give a fuck about you lot attitude that is killing us!!

    And now he’s moaning about injuries!! Yeah big surprise RvP getting injured!!

  41. Walking Wounded

    BNSB Good One

    Meneurdejeu10 – Wenger’s strategy with wages, or it used to be was to keep everyone roughly on a par with wages, so there is no problems in the dressing room, so yes our top players may not be the highest earners in the league, or squad players are paid handsomely.

    But wages are a sticky point, as Chavski are struggling to renew contracts and have players who are going to have to take a substantial pay cut in their new salaries. They may win the League this season, but the honeymoon will soon be over and Abramovic will find something else to play with.

    The next thing is a lie, to catch out the scan readers, but let’s see how it takes off.

    I’ve heard the Chelsea supremo Roman Abramovic is planning to invest in a Formula One Team casting doubts on his future investment in Chelseas FC

  42. gambon

    Too right Myles;

    “This is the final flop, flop, flop of Wenger’s kids project. This season and that project are over on the same day, kaput, finito, dead and buried .This is the end of Almunia, the end of Eboue and Diaby, Denilson and Walcott, the definitive and farcical meltdown moment for Wenger’s proteges”

  43. CHIPPY

    Sorry but if that group of players couldnt motivate themselves for a Title defining game against our nearest and dearest rivals what fucking hope has he got !!

    Fucking Hell not the Injury excuse again is that the same Van Persie that was injured in November the same one that all fans were crying out to be replaced in the Jan window but no he thought we had enough cover in a 5 foot 4″ midget un fucking real !!

    Hes becoming more a politician than a Manager lets spin spin spin and spin some more until they believe my spin, Its becoming all very tiresome,

  44. Sue

    Sell Arshavin, hmmm let me thing… you know what I’ll cut my foot and three fingers off too as well as my very cute nose.
    FFS he is serious world class. When we played him where he needs to be he is electrifying as I said yesterday his first look is upfield either for an attacking pass or to beat a man. I know when he gets the ball I edge forward on my seat. Ok he is a bit mouthy but as has been mentioned most of the stuff comes from russian interviews / websites / comments and is mischviously mistranslated like all the Cesc/Barca stuff. But while I think his timing could have been better his analysis has been on the money – maybe wenger has been using him as fifth columnist to loosen the purse strings?
    We can but dream but I’d love it just love it if just once (ideally a whole season but..) we could line up Cesc at teh base of a triangle with Robin the spearhead and Rasputin lying off him it would give any defence the willies – speed skill imagination etc
    Itd be worht renewing the season ticket just for the one experience

  45. goonermichael

    One of the papers is saying Cesc is furious about Hill wood saying he wouldn’t get into the barca team. Does that man ever say anythimg that’s not stupid? He’s a fucking dinasaur

  46. CHIPPY

    If players such as him are the sum of our ambitions players of that calibre then fucking heaven help us !!

  47. bnsb


    Precisely, that is why we should add three or more to the first squad, take it to 21 NOT replace and still have a squad of 17-18.

  48. Arsenal Tom

    bnsb, spot on mate, the only players id ship out are silvestre and almunia cos they offer absolutely nothing, denilson, eboue, diaby, troare can all be cup players and do a good job for us

  49. Man

    Apart from against Liverpool Arshavin and a few other go missing in the big matches…I agree his got good talent, uses it in some matches but on other occassions he gets wrong…his passing, shooting…maybe its because of the talent I feel he has that makes me expect more but I honestly don’t think he has played up to the level he is capable of.
    Perhaps, if he focused more on his football than speaking to the press, undermining his teamates, recruiting players we might yet see the best of Arshavin
    I remain 50:50 with him stay or leave but nice try Pedro

  50. Meneurdejeu10

    Diaby has talent but needs to play in a 4-5-1 as an attacking midfielder everyday. He cannot do that for us because we have better players where he plays.

    What is Denilson’s purpose? He is not discliplined, robust or fast enough to play as the holder in a 4-4-2 and cannot run the show as the #8 or a #10 type. Is he a third wheel on a date?

  51. tonyadamsisgod

    Denilson, Eboue, Diaby & Co. should be involved in the teams that we put out in the Carling Cup. That is their level of football.

  52. finestcuts

    AT, nope….and yes Advocaat knows the game, I’m sure if he has been on our radar our Dutch scouts would have picked up on him regardless of Advocaat’s statement.

    He is the type of player Arsenal are after, I doubt we’ll go after any big names, we’ll be getting Vermaelens and Sagnas….so this fella could be someone we’re after.

  53. Man

    I’m surprised Dembele remained at Alkmaar last season…if he doesn’t move this then maybe he isn’t as good as heh might seem…tbh I can’t see where he would fit in in our team we’ve got similar players in teh team already…but I like him, if I was manager I’ll get him to replace Theo

  54. Walking Wounded

    N’Zogbia will be a good signing, but not for Armand Traore, who will be pushed down the pecking order further. He is a brilliant crosser, and with Bendtner and hopefully Chamakh in the side, should create goals.

    Rodellaga would be a bench warmer at best

  55. bnsb

    If we start next season with Almunia what the fuck are we all going to have to go through?

    Gambon & Jaguar to name two 😆

  56. Arsenal Tom

    finest… very true mate, but with chamakh seemingly a done deal i cant see it.

    GK & CB have to be the priorities and a CM if we’re lucky

  57. goonermichael

    I can cope with gambon and jaguar. They’ll be the same whatever Wenger does. I can’t cope with the constant also ran seasons though

  58. Arsenal Tom

    GM… another season of him as 1st choice would seriously put me off watching us, he’s in the silvestre bracket now

  59. Duke


    taig, wanted a tip yesterday from you, but went on and won 400 quid 😀 Real did scare the shit out of me though.
    What are the odds on Chelski getting the double?

  60. gambon

    I used to be AWs biggest fan, i was a true AKB, but he is no longer that man.

    If he signs 5 top class players and we still dont win anything I wont say a thing as thats exactly what ive been saying we need, but while he carries on managing the team so badly im not gonna pretend everything’s OK.

  61. Man

    A Tom, he may not be as quick as Theo (then again who is?) but he can beat players, deliver good crosses, dugged and he tracks back nicely.
    Personally I think he is the best England player on the wing atm. The thing is he’s been about for the past 2/3 seasons, he’s the reason why Boro could comfortably sell Downing without recourse…He has moved to City and he is benching Petrov and Robinho’s done a runner

  62. chippy

    So what Hill Wood really means is,

    Weve mangaged to rummage behind the sofa in the boadroom and found £2.18 in loose change a pack of jelly babies and a one dollar bill “Stans a careless little soul”,

    That should go some way to appeasing the fans, im sure Real Madrid will snap our hands of if we offer all of that for Bennzema in fact we wont offer the jelly babies we wouldnt want to leave ourselves financialy instable so we will eat them at the next board meeting,

    Whilst we are at it why dont we offer Barcelona the contents of my lunchbox in Exchange for messi they are jolly nice chaps over there and im sure they wouldlnt expect much more than my curly wurly,Salmon paste sandwiches cut into triangles of course with no crust that crust stuff is so working class and the carton of ribenna should really clinch the deal,

    sorry bored 🙂

  63. Arsenal Tom

    man…. and with his injury record (broken both legs already i think) im surprised he wasn’t top of out list!

    he looks top notch though, he’ll be some player in a couple of years

  64. Gunners The Stunners

    Morning all,

    Did you see how SSN showing the news yesterday all day long, ‘Rooney nominated for PFA awards’. The same can be read on BBC website.

    What the fuck are they on? The headline says it all about how obsessed the media have become in pressuring the PFA to give him the award already.

    It looks like Rooney has been nominated along with Almunia, Ballack and Hargreaves. Also, Rooney for Young player of the year award. He is 24 ffs…

  65. tonyadamsisgod

    Duke – Sounds like you did alright without me. I had Real, Valencia, 3 tennis macthes and then got let down by Standard liege drawing 2-2. Shit. Best price for the double is 1/4 with William Hill as a single bet. But if you go to Paddy Power, or Boyle Sports and put them in as an acca you’ll get more like 2/7 so a tiny bit better.

  66. Arsenal Tom

    GTS… its typical mate… english media focus on the english player.

    rooney will win player

    cesc will get young player

  67. bnsb

    Is 25 to 30 million a “lot of money” in the present transfer market. That would not by Messi left ear ffs. Be braced for our buying only one or two

  68. leon

    the root problem with this team is that the complete lack top class experience players and wenger has been trying skip around this issue which has been there a good 3-4 defence a defensive coach because this although have good cb players but they defend as a unit they dont have destaplined aproach that the old back 4 did but i dough t wenger will change thing up

  69. tonyadamsisgod

    If we miss out on Lloris – not that I think Wenger is actually looking for a GK – then there are so many more options out there!! Joe Hart, Ben Foster, Rob Green, Akinfeev, even Sorenson.

  70. Franchise

    Hi guys I read this article on Sport magazine Issue 155 was very intersting and I thought I share it. I couldnt fine an online copy of the article so I had to type every word out myself. This has something to do I believe with the exclusive Pedro never gave us 😀 Enjoy


    Every morning while we’re all ‘busily’ stalking people on Facebook at work, signals recording the precise movements and actions of athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Brian O’Driscoll are being hurled into orbit, bounced around a constellation of satellites 20,000 kilometres above the earth, and beamed back down to computers manned by eager-eyed coaches.

    This is all down to Australian tech wizards GPSports, who have developed SPI Pro – an innovative GPS-based athlete performance tracking system which now powers the training of Chelsea, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Leinster, the RFU, the All Blacks and the Wallabies.

    Players wear tiny 76g transmitters tucked into a sports vests, which are fitted with a five-sample-per-second GPS device (to measure speed and distance), an accelerometer (to track impacts, accelerations and decelerations) and a gyroscope and digital compass (to track forwards, backwards and lateral movements).

    In short, everything they do bar burping and diddling each others’ wives. The detailed information has helped to reduce injuries, develop game and position specific training plans and boost squad fitness.

    “Our key clients now have the lowest injury rate in the league,” GPSports’ pioneering managing director Adrian Faccioni told Sport. “This is due to the ability to accurately monitor the loading of every player.”

    Sean O’Connor who works for distributors STAT Sports, reveals it has led to a reduction in training. “A common misconception is that the players thought it was like Big Brother,” he says. “But we found players were overexerting themselves. When a player gets tired, their running style goes out of the window, making them susceptible to injury. Coaches can see this live and prevent it. It can be used to tailor training too. If a player’s position requires them to do a lot of lateral movements or sprints in a game, coaches can train them accordingly. Our next product records 19 times a second, so we’ll know every blade of grass covered.”


    Did a bit of research about GPSports and I found their current clientelle list

    1. Football (UK)
    * Chelsea FC – UK
    * Manchester United FC – UK
    * Aston Villa FC – UK
    * Fulham FC – UK
    2. Football (Europe)
    * Real Madrid FC – Spain
    * AC Milan FC – Italy
    * Juventus FC – Italy
    * Fiorentina FC – Italy
    * Ajax FC – Netherlands
    * Werder Bremen FC – Germany
    * UD Almeria FC – Spain
    * RCD Español de Barcelona FC – Spain
    * Recreativo de Huelva FC – Spain
    * UD Las Palmas FC – Spain
    * Panathinaikos FC – Greece
    * Porto FC – Portugal
    3. NRL (Aust)
    * Manly Sea Eagles FC (2008 National Champions)
    * Melbourne Storm FC (2008 Runner Up)
    * Parramatta FC
    * St George FC
    * Gold Coast Titans FC
    * Nth Qld Cowboys FC
    * Newcastle Nights FC
    * Penrith Panthers FC
    * NZ Warriors FC
    * Canberra Raiders FC
    * West Tigers FC
    * Sydney Roosters FC
    * Catalan Dragons(France)
    4. AFL
    * Geelong FC (2009 National Champions)
    * Brisbane Lions FC
    * North Melbourne FC
    * Melbourne FC
    * West Coast Eagles FC
    * Fremantle DOckers FC
    5. Rugby Union
    * AllBlacks (NZ)
    * Wallabies (Aust)
    * Lions (UK)
    * Irish Rugby (Ireland)
    * AC Leinster Rugby (Ireland)
    * AC Leicester Rugby (England)
    6. RESEARCH Centres
    * Loughborough Uni (UK)
    * Napier Uni (UK)
    * Nottingham Trent Uni (UK)
    * Deakin Uni (Aust)
    * Edith Cowan Uni (Aust)
    7. Sports Science Centres
    * English Institute of Sport (UK)
    * Korean Sports Science Institute (Korea)
    * New Zealand Academies of Sport (NZ)

  71. Duke

    Paddy Power don’t let you accumualte it, the two best are not compatible, I tried. I had Real, Valencia and Shaktar 😀

  72. Gunners The Stunners

    I think we’re gonna get a new goalkeeper this summer. There was a rumour on January deadline day that we went for Sorensen but it didn’t work out. There are also some rumours going around about Arsenal scouts monitoring goalkeepers in Europe. So signing of a new keeper could be on the cards this summer.

    Arsene knows that Almunia had single-handedly fucked up our season and caused us probably 10-12 points this season. If we had a proven keeper between the sticks we’d probably be sitting here talking about winning the league already but that’s not the case now.

    AW is probably looking for someone around the age of 28-30 who is experiened, ready to come in and play as no. 1 cos Fabianski & Mannone aren’t ready for the no. 1 shirt yet…

  73. bnsb

    the root problem with this team is that the complete lack top class experience players

    Agree Leon, example Ballack and Chelsea, even as a substitute, he is reliable. Question is what kind of wages is he on?

  74. Meneurdejeu10


    We dont need a defensive coach. We have Pat Rice and the attitude, team spirit, quality and sharpness. Our average age is 22-23 and we have wonderful style.

  75. bnsb


    The Sorenson deal could not go through because they could not find a replacement, if rumours are to be believed.

  76. tonyadamsisgod

    Duke – ha ha, that’s the biggest load of bollocks!! how the fuck can they be related!! Them winning 1 competition doesn’t improve their chances of winning the other! What a bunch of fuck tards. Just back it with Will Hill mate.

  77. B.B.K.

    Wigan Athletic pair Hugo Rodallega and Charles N`Zogbia will be playing for Sundays opponents Arsenal next season after a deal has been agreed to see them make the switch once the season is over.

    According to a source the deal is worth £22 million to the Latics and both players have already passed medicals at Arsenal, agreed personal terms and been shown around their new place of employment.

    This is a massive blow to Wigan supporters at the end of a tough season to see their two most creative players leaving, hopefully the club is acting to replace the pair with quality and to this end Latics General Manager John Benson is in Honduras checking on several players including left sided midfield man Emilio Izaguirre, Oscar Boniek Garcia and Jonny Palacios.

    The Latics have only scored 30 league goals so far this season and between them Rodallega and N`Zogbia have 14 of those with Rodallega scoring important goals in 1-0 wins against West Ham, Sunderland, Liverpool and Burnley and the 1-1 draw with Blackburn underlying his importance to the team this season.

  78. Meneurdejeu10

    According to you guys, who do you think is likely to be sold?

    Because who we sell will determine who we buy

  79. Slickbanggoal AKB

    Out of the window imo will be

    Almunia – Wenger has lost confidence in him.

    Troae – To be replaced by N’Zogbia

    Edurado – Off to brazil, Rodellega will come in for him

    Randall – Maybe, he could be our darran gibson…?

    Mannone – out on loan

    Tech 9 – Go on loan to a prem or championship club

  80. bnsb

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger believes captain Cesc Fabregas would be taking a backwards step if he joined Barcelona.
    The 22-year-old midfielder left Barca for Arsenal in 2003 and has been heavily linked with a return to Spain.
    “I can’t see anybody with a competitive edge wanting to go to Spain,” said Wenger. “They have two good teams and the number three is 27 points behind.
    “Next weekend the players threatened to strike because they are not paid. It is a league in complete disarray.”

  81. Arsenal Tom

    22m is far too much for them 2… if they were that good wigan wouldn’t only have 32 points would they!!

  82. Mr B

    My problems with Wenger:

    1. He always talks about Desire and Spirit(I am assuming team) but his team always shows a lack of it.

    2. He talks about a winning mentality but he team shows none. They lie down in big matches.

    I hate it when bolton work harder and make more chances than we do in big games, consdering their main player is on loan from us. Coyle is a much better motivator than Wenger.

    3. He played Sweeper but is clueless about defence. He never made it to a high level because he probably was too far up the pitch neglecting defensive duities.

  83. bnsb

    “I’ve so many calls from Spanish players who want to join us and want to come here that I cannot understand your persistent campaign to get our best players away from England.”

    Hope David Silva and David Villa were amongst the callers 🙂

  84. GoonerT1m

    apparently the team has gained a lot of credit this season!….sunday is a vital game and judge us in may ?….it wasnt realistic to put RVP on the bench(against the spuds), WTF, what about the rest of the clowns who were in the team, how realistic was that AW ??..RVP was the 2nd best player…he even has the front to waffle about needing defenders??..WTF is he talking about..OMG its going to be a long long summer!!

  85. Daryl Tay

    I don’t think Arshavin should go at all, while I don’t think he works super hard on the pitch, there’s no way Bendtner works harder than him. Sure he’s scored a few good last minute goals to keep us in the race, but he’s fluffed as many as he’s missed that could have kept us right on top of the table. That’s shoddy.

  86. Arse&Nose

    Arshavin says he doesn’t trust the Arsenal medical staff!…

    The truth is out our medical team are shit!

    Sack the lot of them and get that Bulgarian placenta women in.