El Crappico / Eduardo on his way out? / Sol Campbell is a D&Ger… or a realist?

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Well, El Classico was hardly the game we were all expecting. Interesting viewing is about as far as I can stretch when describing Barcelona’s 2-0 win. Madrid never really found top gear, Barca found it when they needed to. The game was won on finishing. Xavi somehow finding Messi with a sublime chip, the Argentine bringing it down with almost zero space, finding the bottom corner with his shot. Then Pedro finishing things off in the second half. Madrid used 2 holding midfielders and broke up Barca’s play well at times, but when all was said and done, even e200million couldn’t threaten Barcelona’s dominance.

That tells you something. When you get into the elite of world football, it comes down to how well you piece your jigsaw together. It comes down to how well the coach trains the team. It comes down to how much hunger the players have. Barcelona play like a team starved of success for a century, truly a pleasure to watch.

I’ve just been traipsing around newsnow to find something to write about. I’ve seen about 4 headlines with ‘Doom and Gloom’ in them. What is it with people and their insistence on telling Gooners how to think? Talking about the reality of what’s going on at Arsenal seems to be a cardinal sin in some peoples book of blogging. Sure there have been positives this season but ignoring the negatives is a bit like burying your head in the sand. It’s pointless because when you eventually raise your head… they’ll still be there, staring back at your menacingly.

Sol Campbell has it bang on in his latest interview.

Everyone has to look at himself after the Barcelona match and say, ‘This is the level you have to get to’.

You can’t think you’re OK when you’re not. This is the level you have to be at.

You have to say, ‘This is the level I want to get to and surpass’. You have to be honest with yourself and say, “I have to work harder, I have to understand the game better” and realise that it’s a big world out there and that there are a lot of good players at big clubs.

“Arsenal haven’t been in this situation for a few years with the league, and this is another area you can learn from and listen to people who have been there and be aware that every time you go out, every point is precious.

All the players who walked out on that pitch against Barca have to have a long hard look at their game and ask whether that was good enough. They have to find that extra bit of hunger in training to take their game to the next level. If they can’t do that, then it’s time to move on. I’m not comforted by that Barcelona game. I’m not proud that we played them at their own game and got thumped. What will make me proud is if we learn from that and make sure the same thing doesn’t happen next season.

We’ve made great improvements in the league this season, but things could be better again. We’ve cost ourselves many points with sloppy defending. If that can be addressed and our defence can match our attack for efficiency, we could be a terrifying outfit next year.

Justifying second best makes being second best seem acceptable. That attitude in itself isn’t an acceptable mindset in top class sport. You need a winning culture at a football club. Players like Sol have that.

Onto a slightly sad subject. The plight of Eduardo. After recovering from that horrific challenge at St Andrews, many of us, rightly or wrongly, presumed that Eduardo would come back to top class football and recover his form. Sadly, after almost 18months, he still hasn’t managed to. He seems to have lost what little pace he had and more importantly, that psychological edge he had when he was in the box. He fears a challenge and opposing defenders seem to pick up on that.

Wenger has used him sparingly this season and when he has gained minutes, Eduardo hasn’t looked half the player he once was. The troubling question is this. How long do you give a player before you cut your loses? We’re not a charity, he’s been paid the whole way through the recovery period… and he’s still not ready. We’re a team pushing for major honours on 2 fronts most seasons. When the annual injury crisis hits, we should be have better options than Arshavin in the middle.

Will Wenger cut his losses this summer? Was Eduardo the sad news Andy Abrahams was talking about? I’d say there was a 60% chance of that being the case…

Another interesting problem that seems to have arisen is the Carlos Vela one. Last season he lit up our screens with some dazzling displays of outrageous skill and clinical finishing. Many fans, myself included, thought this would be his break through year. Especially when Wenger told us at Christmas Carlos was the reason he didn’t recruit when he sold Ade… because our Mexican was the new Robbie Fowler. Well, that was either one big fat lie or Carlos Vela was caught taking a dump in the manager’s office.

He’s been given hardly any chances at all this season. I find it staggering that a player with undeniable talent doesn’t seem to get a look in? He really has fallen foul of Wenger for some reason? People point to his exploits with Mexico… well, we knew he was Mexican when we signed him didn’t we?

It came to a head last week when Carlos was omitted from the Nou Camp squad after forgetting his passport. A bit dim you have to say, probably the type of oversight you’d expect to signal the end of your Arsenal career. That’s a great shame… he’s a real talent, I’m sure he’ll do well in La Liga. Just like Merida will. Another player who has had minimum playing time compared to some of the Marmite compatriots.

Anyway, I’m off down south today. Enjoy watching the mighty Pompey take apart our most repugnant neighbours from down the road!

1-0 Pompey!

That’d make my weekend!

Happy blogging!

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    blinding 2 resuluts today

    BBK is ridiculous, any arsenal fan who says he wanted united to win today aint a proper fan
    hes just some plastic fan who sits on his comp all day and has never been to a game (apart from carling cup)

    too many of he’s kind around these days

  2. David

    BBK is a genius. Geniuses are often misunderstood.

    re: Jaguar
    Say what you like….have your own opinion. But the facts remain if Wenger had gone out and invested in a plan B. We wouldnt be sitting here praying for Chelsea to keep dropping points.

    If he choses to express his frustrations in that way then so be it…at the end of the day it all goes back to Wenger doesn’t it?

  3. AA23

    how can you be sure of that? Maybe the players that were available would have had us in a worse postion that we are in now and we’d all be saying what shit buys they were.
    We are where we are with the players and injuries we have and Wenger is the manger.
    The rest is just wishful thinking and has no basis in fact.

  4. gunner17

    Wenger will mainly rotate RVP, Bendtner and Eduardo in the centre forward position next year.

    Chamakh, Walcott and Eboue will compete down the right side of the attack.

    Arshavin, Rosicky and Vela will work down the left.

    Not half bad. Power, Aerial ability, dribbling, pace, finishing, game, skills, running…all qualities are in there somewhere.

  5. gunner17

    I think next season will be good for goals…most of our forwards are due good seasons for one reason or another…

  6. David


    hey…we often tend to discuss our opinions as facts. We will never know what the facts are but the World is a very big place. We talk alot about planning both long term and short term and we shouldve planned for injuries. Should incase RVP is injured wtf do we do? As if RVP being injured has never happnd before?

    Goal Keepers are not expensive to buy. Neither are CB’s.

    I doubt there are any players that we would buy in the list of players we’ve been scouting for ages that would make us worse off than we are?

  7. luke

    Hugo Lloris

  8. Ja_Gunner

    Wenger should spend 40 mil this summer and we would be set to for all 4 trophies…

    1. Zapata/other CB 12 mil
    2. Frey/other GK 12-15 mil
    3. Yaya/ Other DM 12 mil
    4. Optional Winger(Hazard???)
    5. Chamakh free……

    30-45 mil should put us into a position where we can contend for all the trophies..

    I belive we should even go for the Carling cup…
    All the normal Carling Cup players should be loaned out.

    Those are: Wilshere, Vela, Watt, JET, Merida, Bartley etc etc……

    They will get better experience playing week in week out…rather than 1 game per month…..

    Then use this team as the Carling cup/ Early rounds FA cup team

    ……………….New DM……………………

    That team could all the way in the CC and far into the FA cup where we could incorporate some of the first 11 in the later rounds….

    It will give Eddie a chance to play his best position and build his confidence back up…Bendy will have a partner and Theo will get a chance to develop the striker side of his game…

  9. David

    What about Hazard? Or Ribery? Oh here a good one…was Shay Given available?

    What about Simon Kjaer? How many times has the likes of Loic Remy been crying out for a move to Arsenal?

    Was Anelka Avaible?

    There was a Nigerian keeper Enyeama…or something like that that we were supposedly supposed to be signing when Nigeria beat france in 2009. Arsenal pulled out when they wanted 2m.

    Im sure Wenger wanted to pay 6p

  10. Ja_Gunner

    Outs: 1.Senderos(unless Wenger wants to give him another shot)
    2. Fabianski
    He wont get the necessary playing time at Arsenal to dvelop, therefore we should sell so he can get on with his career at a team that will play him…
    3. Silvestre

    Mannone should be third choice behind The new GK and Almunia….

    Chesney should continue his development on loan…

  11. Ja_Gunner

    David I dont mean that Eddy should only featurein the CC…

    What I mean is that the CC starts early in the season and playing these games and scoring will give him a chance to build his confidence up…..

    Obviously he would be on the bench for the PL/CL..he would be my first backup for Arshavin….

    Overall what I am getting at is….we should go for all trophies..including the CC…

    It makes no sense to play Wilshere, Vela, Merida, JET in these games…because it means they will only play in meaningful game once a month or so…

    They should all to teams where than can play week in week out and develop…

    Sending them out on loan would enable us to play our second team in these competitions so that everyone will get games…..

    Plus it would a be good tournament to test Theo alongside Bendy in the striker role to see how he does…get him scoring more goals so that when he plays in the bigger games he has a feel for scoring….

    I believe Eduardo deserves one more season to show us what he is made of…..That injury really set him back…

  12. David

    Was Either one of the Milito brothers available? What about Kierrson? Or Pavchenko?

    Fuk…what about all the Madrid rejects?



    Arjen Robben?

    Rafael Van der Vaart?


  13. David


    I understand what you mean. Eddy has had a tough season. I would love for him to do well at Arsenal but some of those misses that nearly cost us at Wolves were truly shocking. Theo hardly does right but he was magnificent again in that first half and i cant believe Eduardo had a tame shot not even a 5 year old would manage to shoot that weakly. Its was a bit embarrasing for a professional footballer.

    But i get your point. I think most of us are a little bit impatient because for once we would like to see world class players.

    Our football is scintillating we would like to finally have the deadly finisher to add to the samba football

  14. Ja_Gunner

    Owen Coyle says he wants Jack Wilshere next year….

    I would tell Coyle to take him and Vela…..

    Bolton have only 2 established strikers really..
    Elmander and Davies…they have Klasnic on loan…

    If Klasnic goes back to his team….then surely Vela would get many games at Bolton…..

    He could be paired with either Davies or Elmander…or used in a front 3…..

    This would give Vela a chance to toughen up get used to the league score some goals build confidence so he can come back and fulfill his potential…

    Soif I were Wenger I would send Wilshere and Vela off to Bolton next year with the option of calling them back if our injury list gets ridiculuos..

    I think if those two get a full season under their belts then they will come back ready to deliver for 2011-2012..

    Also maybe we shold try to loan Merida(if he stays) to Wigan..Martinez tries to play football…Merida could get some experience there…I mean sending the players out earlier in the season increases their chances of playing..because there will be no relegation battle to worry about….

    Sending out all these fringe players will allow us the chance to go after the Carling Cup and maybe winning the Carling cup is the springboard we need to get the monkey off our backs and go on to win more prizes……

    The other younger reserves should just play the reserve league imo…all the ones knocking on the door should be loaned out……

  15. David

    And AA23

    If we couldnt buy a player why not get him on loan? There is no fucking excuse.

    Everton got Donavan and Senderos.

    Utd had Henrik Larsson for 13 games. Jeez. We cant be that skint.

  16. AA23

    I agree about the loans and I really wish we’d spend the money on Villa, Lloris, Benzema, Eto etc etc.
    But we never will.
    It’s annoying but it’s just not how we do things.
    I do wonder just how skint we’ve been and still are though because we really dont spend at all and Wenger really isnt a mug and doesnt want to lose, so I dont get it.

  17. David

    Carlos Vela to bolton?

    Thats an idea…but i know he will score against us. Its inevitable. Its like the Ade situation. Or the Aliadiare situation. They always come back to bite you in the arse where it hurts.

    I think Merida is a big big big loss…we paid 3.4m Euros in compensation for him to barca so the fact that he’s off on a free makes the whole project youth thing a joke.

    And the fact that when push comes to shove and we are down with our bare bones that Wenger says he trust his team and his youth players but never plays them is a slap in the face…and a sick joke

  18. luke

    David, right on about madrid, we really missed out on sneijder and robben. Imagine a front three of Arsh, RVP, and Arjen robben. DAMN!

  19. luke

    I think everyones blowing the Vela passport loss out of proportion. Wenger isnt thick enough to sell vela at 21 after what he’s gone through to recruit him. Carlos Vela will be a great fucking player one day, even in england. A loan to Bolton might do him good.

  20. AA23

    Robben would cost 25 million and want 100 grand a week.
    plus his knees are fucked.
    decent player but would never happen

  21. David


    Maybe i went too far with Ribery

    But there are many players quality players we couldve got on the cheap around that Arshavin price range from Madrid.

    Milito is scoring goals for fun at Inter Milan and he only just arrived this season with Sneijder.

    If we are skint. We couldve loaned some of these people.

    Its either lack of ambition or penny pinching (Sol Campbell)

  22. David


    i doubt our carlos is off anywhere he just signed a brand new contract.

    The way Wenger refuses to play him is a bit worrying though

  23. luke

    If not Robben then Wesley Sneijder. He could play in midfield for us or upfront. I think he cost only 13 million if im not mistaken.

  24. Jon

    With United dropping points, all we need now is to win all our games and for Chelsea to drop points. Obvious, yes, but I still need to say it, because it all seems quite surreal right now!

    This is great!

  25. LAzer

    Will Chelshit win 5 in a row? Their longest streak in the prem was 6 this year.

    It read

    Hull H
    Sunderland A
    Fulham A
    Burnley H
    Stoke A
    Spurs H

    Those were the first six games with a fully healthy squad. They would need to go on a 8 game win streak to not drop any more points.

    I guess the point is we are not asking for the impossible here, improbable perhaps but it can happen no doubt.

    So BBK don’t hang your head in shame just YET buddy.

    I just want to see us push and push no matter what happens.

  26. LAzer

    Like I said…improbable but not impossible.

    Loss and a draw is the only scenario that does it really since the GD is pretty much insurmountable, unless RVP comes back in amazing nick and we start pouring them in like at the start of the season.

    Yea the chances are very very slim indeed but we’ll see. I’ll be proud if we push and push and go all out with a 5 game win streak.