El Crappico / Eduardo on his way out? / Sol Campbell is a D&Ger… or a realist?

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Well, El Classico was hardly the game we were all expecting. Interesting viewing is about as far as I can stretch when describing Barcelona’s 2-0 win. Madrid never really found top gear, Barca found it when they needed to. The game was won on finishing. Xavi somehow finding Messi with a sublime chip, the Argentine bringing it down with almost zero space, finding the bottom corner with his shot. Then Pedro finishing things off in the second half. Madrid used 2 holding midfielders and broke up Barca’s play well at times, but when all was said and done, even e200million couldn’t threaten Barcelona’s dominance.

That tells you something. When you get into the elite of world football, it comes down to how well you piece your jigsaw together. It comes down to how well the coach trains the team. It comes down to how much hunger the players have. Barcelona play like a team starved of success for a century, truly a pleasure to watch.

I’ve just been traipsing around newsnow to find something to write about. I’ve seen about 4 headlines with ‘Doom and Gloom’ in them. What is it with people and their insistence on telling Gooners how to think? Talking about the reality of what’s going on at Arsenal seems to be a cardinal sin in some peoples book of blogging. Sure there have been positives this season but ignoring the negatives is a bit like burying your head in the sand. It’s pointless because when you eventually raise your head… they’ll still be there, staring back at your menacingly.

Sol Campbell has it bang on in his latest interview.

Everyone has to look at himself after the Barcelona match and say, ‘This is the level you have to get to’.

You can’t think you’re OK when you’re not. This is the level you have to be at.

You have to say, ‘This is the level I want to get to and surpass’. You have to be honest with yourself and say, “I have to work harder, I have to understand the game better” and realise that it’s a big world out there and that there are a lot of good players at big clubs.

โ€œArsenal haven’t been in this situation for a few years with the league, and this is another area you can learn from and listen to people who have been there and be aware that every time you go out, every point is precious.

All the players who walked out on that pitch against Barca have to have a long hard look at their game and ask whether that was good enough. They have to find that extra bit of hunger in training to take their game to the next level. If they can’t do that, then it’s time to move on. I’m not comforted by that Barcelona game. I’m not proud that we played them at their own game and got thumped. What will make me proud is if we learn from that and make sure the same thing doesn’t happen next season.

We’ve made great improvements in the league this season, but things could be better again. We’ve cost ourselves many points with sloppy defending. If that can be addressed and our defence can match our attack for efficiency, we could be a terrifying outfit next year.

Justifying second best makes being second best seem acceptable. That attitude in itself isn’t an acceptable mindset in top class sport. You need a winning culture at a football club. Players like Sol have that.

Onto a slightly sad subject. The plight of Eduardo. After recovering from that horrific challenge at St Andrews, many of us, rightly or wrongly, presumed that Eduardo would come back to top class football and recover his form. Sadly, after almost 18months, he still hasn’t managed to. He seems to have lost what little pace he had and more importantly, that psychological edge he had when he was in the box. He fears a challenge and opposing defenders seem to pick up on that.

Wenger has used him sparingly this season and when he has gained minutes, Eduardo hasn’t looked half the player he once was. The troubling question is this. How long do you give a player before you cut your loses? We’re not a charity, he’s been paid the whole way through the recovery period… and he’s still not ready. We’re a team pushing for major honours on 2 fronts most seasons. When the annual injury crisis hits, we should be have better options than Arshavin in the middle.

Will Wenger cut his losses this summer? Was Eduardo the sad news Andy Abrahams was talking about? I’d say there was a 60% chance of that being the case…

Another interesting problem that seems to have arisen is the Carlos Vela one. Last season he lit up our screens with some dazzling displays of outrageous skill and clinical finishing. Many fans, myself included, thought this would be his break through year. Especially when Wenger told us at Christmas Carlos was the reason he didn’t recruit when he sold Ade… because our Mexican was the new Robbie Fowler. Well, that was either one big fat lie or Carlos Vela was caught taking a dump in the manager’s office.

He’s been given hardly any chances at all this season. I find it staggering that a player with undeniable talent doesn’t seem to get a look in? He really has fallen foul of Wenger for some reason? People point to his exploits with Mexico… well, we knew he was Mexican when we signed him didn’t we?

It came to a head last week when Carlos was omitted from the Nou Camp squad after forgetting his passport. A bit dim you have to say, probably the type of oversight you’d expect to signal the end of your Arsenal career. That’s a great shame… he’s a real talent, I’m sure he’ll do well in La Liga. Just like Merida will. Another player who has had minimum playing time compared to some of the Marmite compatriots.

Anyway, I’m off down south today. Enjoy watching the mighty Pompey take apart our most repugnant neighbours from down the road!

1-0 Pompey!

That’d make my weekend!

Happy blogging!

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  1. ritesh

    True Reggie.

    But do you believe our bunch will win the remaining 5. Its a tall order considering the injuries

  2. LAzer

    Chelsea will have a Bolton sized headache on Tuesday!

    JW to score the winner…

    Good points Samuel, agree with some of it.

  3. Stu

    I know Gooby, but he thought you meant that. How dare he.

    And for the record, Vela is more talented than Theo…

  4. Pedro

    Ritesh, you’ll never get money for what amounts to sporting accident.

    Even if he did get cash, it probably wouldn’t be more than a years worth of salary!

  5. reggie 57

    Yes I can ritesh I know its a tall order but as some one said years ago “Its a funny old game saint”

  6. LAzer

    Still haven’t really seen too much of Vela to have an opinion. If we include Chamakh then we have

    Theo, RVP, Bendtner, Arshavin, Chamakh, Vela, Eduardo. That’s a lot of depth in one position. Probably too much.

  7. This is England

    Pedro the negativity is getting annoying ie BBK,Jaguar,AA23 and others.I spend a lot of time defending LG but when i read some comments i get really pissed off.It has been a rollercoaster season and there have been some very dark moments.However things are looking quite healthy.

  8. ritesh

    Yep Reggie, considering the return of RVP too ๐Ÿ˜‰

    True Pedro, it would be only for period of the injury. In English jurisprudence, the future damage to earning capacity is not considered.

    Morally, I am not sure its sound though.

  9. Stu

    Its not one position though, its effectively for 3 positions. Eduardo cant play CF and neither Vela nor Arshavin do. Bendtner and Chamakh will be played on the wing when VP is starting.

  10. LAzer

    Only thing better then watching Arsenal on a Sat/Sun is following some classic golf over the wknd. Your English guy Westwood is looking pretty solid.

  11. zeus

    RVP lnks the forward line much better than any other forward we have. Its a case of outscoring the oppo much as it has been all season. With only 1 compet. left, it shouldn’t really be a problem for Sol to play most of those.

    Playing Weds, however means he probably won’t play next weekend though.

  12. B.B.K.

    Yeah t.i.e things are looking so rosy,we got a trip to wembley to look forward to and the league is nearly done and dusted oh and the way we destroyed barca nothing short of majestic this team.

  13. B.B.K.

    what is there that is good to say at the moment????? im chuffed that we might finish 3rd and got smashed by barca,lovely.

  14. B.B.K.

    nope because i don’t want the chavs winning the league and doing the double while we win fuck all again.

  15. Ja_Gunner

    For summer Ins Chamakh Zapata Yaya?? New GK
    Outs:Senderos Fabianski Silvestre
    Loans:Vela Wilshere Merida etc
    Convince Gallas to stay rotate him with Zapata
    Djurou can be Vermaelen’s backup with Song and the new
    DM being emergency CBs plus maybe Sol will stay another year

  16. Gooby


    that is bollocks imo.

    i asked you before where did you see that RvP was back on the bench Wednesday, can you tell me?

  17. This is England

    Somehow BBK i dont believe you.I think you care but very frustrated.Keep the faith mate trust me it has been far worse than this.The problem is we have tasted the good times and now find the barren years hard to swallow.

  18. Jaguar

    BBK is right.We dont have anything to cheer about,barring a faint ray of hope of us winning all the next matches. We wouldnt have been moaning if the overpaid twat at the helm,decided to take his head off his arse and stregthened us,instead of saving them for his bonuses.

  19. Samir

    Van Persie is back training with the first team and has maintained his all-round fitness while injured with swimming and gym work.
    Arsene Wenger’s caution may mean that he has to wait until next week at Wigan for his comeback but, at present, the odds are on a return at White Hart Lane, a game which, realistically, Arsenal must win to retain hopes of winning the title.

    Van Persie joined full training on 8th April… There might be a slight chance Gooby!

    Also the “physio room” say:
    R Van Persie
    Sprained Ankle
    Return:14th Apr 10
    Next Match?Doubtful

  20. Samir

    Van Persie is back training with the first team and has maintained his all-round fitness while injured with swimming and gym work.
    Arsene Wenger’s caution may mean that he has to wait until next week at Wigan for his comeback but, at present, the odds are on a return at White Hart Lane, a game which, realistically, Arsenal must win to retain hopes of winning the title.

    Van Persie joined full training on 8th April… There might be a slight chance Gooby!!

    Also the “physio room” say:
    R Van Persie
    Sprained Ankle
    Return:14th Apr 10
    Next Match?Doubtful

  21. Samir

    Van Persie is back training with the first team and has maintained his all-round fitness while injured with swimming and gym work.
    Arsene Wenger’s caution may mean that he has to wait until next week at Wigan for his comeback but, at present, the odds are on a return at White Hart Lane, a game which, realistically, Arsenal must win to retain hopes of winning the title.

    Van Persie joined full training on 8th April… There might be a slight chance Gooby!!

    Also the “physio room” say:
    R Van Persie
    Sprained Ankle
    Return:14th Apr 10
    Next Match?Doubtful

  22. This is England

    I do understand where you are coming from BBK trust me having been at the games with the Mancs Chavs and both Barca games it fucking hurts,but i always try to get back up and fight.I have taken a lot of stick in my early days as a Gooner the worst being the league cup final loss to Swindon.

  23. B.B.K.

    us getting back up to fight is not going to help us win the league t.i.e,we have to suffer because the managment at arsenal are not doing the correct things.

  24. Gooby

    being negative is pointless. only adds to frustration more frustration.
    3 points away from the top. we might just sneak and win the prem.

    don’t tell me we won’t under Wenger jaguar.

  25. reggie 57

    Theres still a slim chance BBK? abeit a small one lets just see what happens, if we blow it I will be one of the first to call for AWs head!!!

  26. Pedro

    Jag, this constant cunting the manager has got to stop.

    You do it to wind people up and it doesn’t reflect particularly well on the blog. We all know your opinion on the manager… but this isn’t a place to express hatred everyday… especially as it seems to be getting progressively worse.

    This is a Gooner blog, if you’ve got a problem with manager, you express it without abuse, repetition and you make sure you justify the point.

  27. goonermichael

    If we win all our games we are guaranteed 2nd. That’s 3 places higher than most people thought. I’m feeling more confident about the spuds game now

  28. Marko

    Anybody think the reason we’re apparently looking at the likes of Eden Hazard and Loic Remy is maybe Arshavin (Hazard) and Vela (Remy) or Eduardo (Chamakh) will leave. Arshavin’s performances for a while has been poor even though he’s scored some goals. One thing is for sure I think some new blood in the centre back area’s is on the agenda for the summer. Letting go of Gallas, Silvestre and Campbell and bringing in 2 of Zapata, Jerome Boatang, Neven Subotic or Mamadou Sakho is the way forward.

  29. Pedro

    GM, people shouldn’t have to ignore it.

    I don’t mind Grovers saying they want the manager sacked or they’re unhappy with his performance… but when it’s abuse just to rile people, it has to stop.

    This isn’t a place of worship to Wenger, but it’s certainly not a place to come and spew hatred about him.

  30. Jaguar

    All the talks have been out of sheer frustration Pedro.It really gets stupid when people come here and talk about Wenger like there is no other manager in the world,as if he has just landed us the double.

  31. Jaguar

    and accuse others as Spuds.Its equally offensive,albeit without the expletives. The other day,AA23 called me a ‘Maltese mug’ when I hadnt accused anything against his nationality.

  32. goonermichael

    Very few people talk about Wenger like that on here. I’v said I wanted him to go enough times. He loves this club. Even if his contract is a pisstake I still think he loves this club.

  33. Pedro

    Jag, people have different opinions on the manager.

    There’s no need to hate on him though… you can just disagree and move on.

    We could finish the season second, that’s not bad going considering. Even Madrid couldn’t beat Barca.

    It’s not all bad… in fact, things are looking pretty rosie when all is considered.

    We’ve got to add to the defence this summer because 2 will be going and we’ve already added Chamakh.

  34. goonermichael

    Unless you change your nationality and call yourself this is sri lanka or something you don’t have much choice (unless you kill him)

  35. zeus

    GUys even if Zapata comes in, we need another much older CB and thats even if Gallas stays as well. By the time this season passes we may well have conceded more goals than last.

    TV5 has shown that, good though he may be, he is young and needs a wiser head to play alongside him. And if TV5 is a guaranteed starter then we need a experience CB in the mould of Rio Ferdinand/ Sol to play alongside him. Gallas/Tv5 just aint working out.

  36. Pedro

    Jag, as for the Spud bit, I cut that out if I can see it.

    However, you do wind people up by going with for tactless cheap shots at Wenger all day.

  37. Jaguar

    Pedro,why is Wenger after the likes of Chamakh,who would take a couple of seasons to settle in like Adebayor.The answer is obvious.Why arent we linked with the likes of world beaters,who costs a bit,and would repay the value by means of trophies.

    The fact is we have become a laughing stock under Wenger.Under Wenger,we would ever remain wannabes who would always be one step away from greatness

  38. Pedro

    GM, I think they do. Most of the pubs round Arsenal show them on Italian Sky. The Gunners (?) up the road certainly shows them.

  39. goonermichael

    I think a new keeper would help the defence. They clearly don’t trust him which makes them make bad decisions, TV’s og against the chavs is a case in point

  40. Pedro

    Jag, we haven’t become a laughing stock.

    We could end up second in the league and we went out to Barca in the Champions league.

    Chamakh has proven he can hack it at the top level of Euro football and there is no reason to think he couldn’t make and instant impact.

  41. goonermichael

    Jaguar you obviously have a point but Wenger is the one who has us one step away as you say. There are plenty who could make us worse.

  42. Jaguar

    Five years down the lane,we have gone back from what we were in 2005. How would you call that improvement?And GM,why dont you think about other managers who would have made us better.I am sure,there are many of them.

  43. Marko

    I think you put Chamakh in a team like ours and with his attributes he’ll flourish, I’d prefer Dzeko but having Chamakh would be a good signing as he’s very good and doesn’t look injury prone too.

  44. goonermichael

    I don’t disagree Jaguar but I don’t real profess to ever really know what I’m talking about. I don’t know who could take us further, Could you really trust the muppets who run the club to get a better manager?

  45. Stu

    Whoever we sign at the back in the summer they need to be calm players. How often this season have goals we’ve conceded been because of the defence panicing? Put that down to them shitting themselves or blame it on the keeper, either way it needs to be rectified.

    Hangeland looks like a calm defender but that could be because he is slow, i dont know. But i dont get the impression that Zapata is a calm one, maybe its because he is a similar build to Toure and he paniced quite a bit.

  46. Stu

    No chance GM. The board would probably go for someone untested, maybe like they did with Wenger.

    However, i would like to think theyn would go for someone at a club at least near the CL…or maybe even promote Bould. Whatever happens you can bet that Wenger will have a big say im who replaces him..especially if he joins the board rather than go to another club.

  47. Jaguar

    Marko,An even more physical Adebayor missed shit loads of chances,and only scored more than 20 goals once in a season. Chamakh would be more of the same.

  48. Stu

    Jaguar, Van Persie has only scored more than 20 once aswell, doesnt make him shit.
    Also, Chamakh offers workrate and physicality, and we wont have to wait for him to develope because he is in his mid twenties.

    Not the same as Ade whos previous club were more than happy to get rid of.

  49. goonermichael

    There you go again Jaguar. Presumably you wouldn’t want Ribery, Benzema or Ben Arfa? or Yaya or Etoo for that matter

  50. Jaguar

    When has Van Persie played a full season Stu?And you think a mercurial 15 goals from about 42 goals as a good achievement is good for a striker?

    A stikers job is to put the ball in the back of the net,and Chamakh is quite shit at that.

  51. Marko

    Disagree Jag. Adebayor has two left feet and a terrible first touch while Chamakh has much better ball control.

  52. Stu

    Do you watch Bordeaux play though Jag. You have no idea what kind of football they play, his influence for them in attack or how many chances he gets a match, let alone what kind of chances they are.

    Who knows, he might get more than 20 for us next season.

  53. SharkeySure

    Pedro – re the constant slating by you know who – well said, and well taken by the offendee I might add. Lets hope it does the trick.

    Chozzer – “found your tail” – brilliant. Trololololo

    This is Paul/Eng – well said on the negativity, does my fucking head in as well. At times its understandable, but when its continuous, its kind of pointless.

    Samuel – brilliant post!!! ArsenalArsenal are always looking for guest writers (apologies to Pedro if thats a liberty posting that here)

    Overall, what a great day results wise, with a few suspensions and knackered legs thrown in.

    Roll on Weds nite !!!

    Nite all…..

  54. Gooby

    Bordeaux play good football. they are very direct and goucuff pulls the strings for them.

    but this season they have been rather inconsistant

  55. gnarleygeorge9

    I couldn’t believe my eyes. Spuds dumped 0-2. I rubbed them & it still said 0-2 Pompy, plus manure held to a draw. The spuds game on Wednesday is going to be humungous ๐Ÿ˜€

  56. AA23

    Jaguar Says:
    April 11, 2010 at 22:04
    The other day,AA23 called me a โ€˜Maltese mugโ€™…

    if the fez fits

  57. AA23

    in fairness Jaguar I only batter you because you relentlessly slate my club and the current manager.
    Pedro makes a good point about you winding people up and I’m guilty of rising to it.
    I will stop now though.
    I love Arsenal and I know we have a lot to thank Wenger for.
    That’s that from me.

  58. Jay

    perfect weekend (apart from us not playing in it!!)

    now for Chelski to draw..

    i see a few draws left for the teams in the top 3…hopefully not the Arsenal..

  59. AA23

    the BBC did some sort of story about Taggart’s son. so he said he’s boycott them
    The fucking, disgusting piss head.

  60. Stu

    Gary Speed says Ade was clever to win the pk. Fuck that! All he did was collapse when someone came near him, prick!

  61. gnarleygeorge9

    …..& I can understand your frustration with Le Gaffer, but the Title is still alive & my theory is to ride it till the end.

  62. Stu

    How fucking much of a cunt can Rafa be. He spend 40m on just over 1 player last summer and the cunt says he gets no money and demands 60m for this summer. He’s just looking to get the sack so he will get payed to fuck off.

    Read today that he’s spent over 200m on players since arriving. Fat bastard is ruining that club….fucking legend!

  63. Stu

    And 20m on an italian who had only played just over 100 games in his whole career.

    He is one of the shittest managers at buying good players. Torres is really his only good buy.