El Crappico / Eduardo on his way out? / Sol Campbell is a D&Ger… or a realist?

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Well, El Classico was hardly the game we were all expecting. Interesting viewing is about as far as I can stretch when describing Barcelona’s 2-0 win. Madrid never really found top gear, Barca found it when they needed to. The game was won on finishing. Xavi somehow finding Messi with a sublime chip, the Argentine bringing it down with almost zero space, finding the bottom corner with his shot. Then Pedro finishing things off in the second half. Madrid used 2 holding midfielders and broke up Barca’s play well at times, but when all was said and done, even e200million couldn’t threaten Barcelona’s dominance.

That tells you something. When you get into the elite of world football, it comes down to how well you piece your jigsaw together. It comes down to how well the coach trains the team. It comes down to how much hunger the players have. Barcelona play like a team starved of success for a century, truly a pleasure to watch.

I’ve just been traipsing around newsnow to find something to write about. I’ve seen about 4 headlines with ‘Doom and Gloom’ in them. What is it with people and their insistence on telling Gooners how to think? Talking about the reality of what’s going on at Arsenal seems to be a cardinal sin in some peoples book of blogging. Sure there have been positives this season but ignoring the negatives is a bit like burying your head in the sand. It’s pointless because when you eventually raise your head… they’ll still be there, staring back at your menacingly.

Sol Campbell has it bang on in his latest interview.

Everyone has to look at himself after the Barcelona match and say, ‘This is the level you have to get to’.

You can’t think you’re OK when you’re not. This is the level you have to be at.

You have to say, ‘This is the level I want to get to and surpass’. You have to be honest with yourself and say, “I have to work harder, I have to understand the game better” and realise that it’s a big world out there and that there are a lot of good players at big clubs.

โ€œArsenal haven’t been in this situation for a few years with the league, and this is another area you can learn from and listen to people who have been there and be aware that every time you go out, every point is precious.

All the players who walked out on that pitch against Barca have to have a long hard look at their game and ask whether that was good enough. They have to find that extra bit of hunger in training to take their game to the next level. If they can’t do that, then it’s time to move on. I’m not comforted by that Barcelona game. I’m not proud that we played them at their own game and got thumped. What will make me proud is if we learn from that and make sure the same thing doesn’t happen next season.

We’ve made great improvements in the league this season, but things could be better again. We’ve cost ourselves many points with sloppy defending. If that can be addressed and our defence can match our attack for efficiency, we could be a terrifying outfit next year.

Justifying second best makes being second best seem acceptable. That attitude in itself isn’t an acceptable mindset in top class sport. You need a winning culture at a football club. Players like Sol have that.

Onto a slightly sad subject. The plight of Eduardo. After recovering from that horrific challenge at St Andrews, many of us, rightly or wrongly, presumed that Eduardo would come back to top class football and recover his form. Sadly, after almost 18months, he still hasn’t managed to. He seems to have lost what little pace he had and more importantly, that psychological edge he had when he was in the box. He fears a challenge and opposing defenders seem to pick up on that.

Wenger has used him sparingly this season and when he has gained minutes, Eduardo hasn’t looked half the player he once was. The troubling question is this. How long do you give a player before you cut your loses? We’re not a charity, he’s been paid the whole way through the recovery period… and he’s still not ready. We’re a team pushing for major honours on 2 fronts most seasons. When the annual injury crisis hits, we should be have better options than Arshavin in the middle.

Will Wenger cut his losses this summer? Was Eduardo the sad news Andy Abrahams was talking about? I’d say there was a 60% chance of that being the case…

Another interesting problem that seems to have arisen is the Carlos Vela one. Last season he lit up our screens with some dazzling displays of outrageous skill and clinical finishing. Many fans, myself included, thought this would be his break through year. Especially when Wenger told us at Christmas Carlos was the reason he didn’t recruit when he sold Ade… because our Mexican was the new Robbie Fowler. Well, that was either one big fat lie or Carlos Vela was caught taking a dump in the manager’s office.

He’s been given hardly any chances at all this season. I find it staggering that a player with undeniable talent doesn’t seem to get a look in? He really has fallen foul of Wenger for some reason? People point to his exploits with Mexico… well, we knew he was Mexican when we signed him didn’t we?

It came to a head last week when Carlos was omitted from the Nou Camp squad after forgetting his passport. A bit dim you have to say, probably the type of oversight you’d expect to signal the end of your Arsenal career. That’s a great shame… he’s a real talent, I’m sure he’ll do well in La Liga. Just like Merida will. Another player who has had minimum playing time compared to some of the Marmite compatriots.

Anyway, I’m off down south today. Enjoy watching the mighty Pompey take apart our most repugnant neighbours from down the road!

1-0 Pompey!

That’d make my weekend!

Happy blogging!

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  1. Micky Did It 89

    Got to slightly disagree with post. I don’t believe our attack is “efficient”. I know the For and Against columns say our defence is more at fault (and I agree we need a new GK and CB), but had our attack been more “efficient” against Sunderland, Everton and West Ham we would not be where we are. Also, as Pedro rightly points out, we had both possession and chances aagainst Utd. Had we taken two of those chances, would they have scored two?
    Attack is the best form of defence, and we allow teams to stay in the game, giving them hope, and at the same time putting our defence under unneccessary pressure.
    What we also need is two more powerful and efficient forwards. AA can (too rarely) do that. RVP can do that. Theo and Eddy cannot. Ros in a front three cannot either.
    Bendy, I happen to believe, may well, although personally, he is not my type of player.
    Oh, and a very happy sunny morning to you all.

  2. Micky Did It 89

    MH: Pedro is not AW’s type. Drinks too much and sometimes cannot get out of bed in the morning!

  3. afc53

    I personally think we should keep Eduardo for another season at least I think next year he will come good afterall we have perseveared???? with the likes of Eboue,Denilson,Almunia and not of them had the talent he had at the start.

    I was glad to hear AW say after the barca mauling we need new talent fingers crossed ay!

    I would like to see Sol next year given a coaching roll who better to get the defence in shape.

  4. Micky Did It 89

    afc53: Don’t get me wrong, I love Eddy the man, and he certainly has natural talent, but I can’t see for the life if me how he fits into AW’s 4-3-3.

  5. Micky Did It 89

    Passenal: I too feel sorry for Pompey Fans. The irony is that their board allowed Harry Rednapp to sign so many players on stupid wages. Pompey to win after hard fought injury time would be ideal

  6. Arse&Nose

    It pains me to say it but Eduardo must leave the premiership to be successful. Teams like Stoke & Bolton have targeted him and psyched him out of 50-50s. He will have more space in Spain or Seria A and not need to worry about having his legs broken by thugs.

  7. indian_gooner

    eddie deserves another year, thats what i think at least
    whilst we arent a charity, we do have class, i dont see him leaving immediately at least

    as for vela, dont know how true it is but i read somewhere that his conduct was generally “unprofessional” ..that he was partying too much etc ..which was pissing wenger off …dont know if its true though ..

  8. Our year 9/10

    Nice article Pedro-but you say we are not a charity-ยฃ60,000 a week for walcott,seems very charitable to me,and im sure you will agree,if i wanted to watch someone run fast,sometimes forgetting there’s a ball involved,i’d watch Athletics.

  9. leon

    i do think it would idea to start thinking about changing the way this team plays and start being alot efficient and well drilled as a team i dont believe its cb problem as gallas verm cambell are all very good its more to with the fact this team is not very well organised at all particualy when they lose the ball it smore a team thing,without dought they need better wingers as thoe is not good enough and 2 strikers but also in midfield they need some more effient powerful midfielders.although edwardo has looked well out of sorts there is no way wenger sell him yet if his bad form on continues he will use him as impact player and he wont extend his contract.when it comes to vela wenger has make a decision playing more ,put him out on loan or sell him but just playing 10 minutes every few games is waste of time he is without dought a better player than thoe far better close control and alot better finisher to

  10. bnsb

    mdi89 @ 8.49

    The main reason for our downfall is “light bulb syndrome” affecting our forwards. The ratio of chances we create vs the goals we score are disproportionate.

  11. bnsb

    Have said earlier Eduardo has lost a yard of his pace and agility. Question is whether he could regain it. No world cup duties for him, better spend entire summer recuperating.

    I think he would shine in German league.

  12. bnsb


    Not worth it.

    BTW watch that cross from Bollocks. Pin point accuracy, beautiful flight. Wish we had someone like that when Chamukh arrives.


    eddy has to go in summer along with silvestre almunia
    id also like wenger to replace denilson with someone better but i cant see it happening
    chamakh to replace eduardo and a top centre half maybe 2 depending on willy and sol, i would also like to see another striker come in as we all know that come october / november rvp will go missing again so lets get it right in the summer so we have NO excuses
    chamakh will be top class i have no doubt, alot of gooners were dead against him coming in in the summer, but those who said that have now watched him properly and seen he will be class, he has all that adebayor has but a much better workrate, had adbeyor stayed this summer no doubt we would be topping the league right now

  14. Confidentgoner

    Barca must be the best team in the world right now. I know messi is wonderful, but the way they play, without messi, they could still have beaten Madrid or any club. Their coach is the type of dude I want to see caoch Arsenal, not the bottler we have now. We need someone with a winning mentality, who will then build the club. AW has done his best, he needs to go. This club will not get better with Wenger at the helm.

  15. Gooner Gurj

    lets hope pompey take spurs to extra time and penalties…picking up a few knocks along the way…oh and our boy kanu rolls in the winning pen.

  16. chris

    The Ballack cross for Malouda was ok but not really aimed for anyone Cuellar just let it go past him, shocking defending imo.

    Eddy should get another year, see how he is cominbg out of pre-season, I think one of the good things about Arsenal under Wenger is a commitment to helping all the squad, even the worst players.

    As for Vela, I’m a big fan but he hasn’t taken his chances in any sense when he’s had them – same for Merida, actually. I don’t think you should conclude Wenger’s lost faith but theyt both just need more time to see how god they can get – Merida’s pretty much gone but Vela has a chance to go past Eddy, I guess if he can polish up his clinial finishing then he’s got pace and youth on his side, I guess.

  17. reggie 57

    Why is everyone assuming Wenger is gonna sign new players? he said that we need to add something but I dont know what!! WTF does that mean?

  18. bnsb

    Vela must take that silly grin off his face and Merida must put on a smile on his stone face once a while ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. goonergerry

    Eduardo had a second op just prior to the start of this season.There are aspects of his game which have improved this season-link up play for example. His problems are not only in his head but also his speed-which is getting better. At his best he could do a similar job for us that Solksjaer did for manure. Keep him-he will come good-but if he wants to leave the butchers paradise of the EPL who could blame him?

  20. Stu

    What op was that Gerry? Dont remember it. Mustn’t have been serious because he played in the CL qualifiers and against Liege and played reasonably well, scoring in both. Its whatever happened after that (the whole “dining” saga” thats ruined his season. He hasnt been nearly the same player since then.

    The leg break isnt to blame for his shocking form, its whatever happened after the Celtic fiasco. WHat injuries has he had since then? All his opace and calmness in front of goal has completely deserted him.

  21. redordead

    Spot on Campbell, he also said one other important thing, that players should forget what the papers say ie Walcott, how did 100 metres in 10.30 secounds help us against Barca in the Nou camp??

  22. goonermichael

    There’s always talk of dumping Dudu after his drop in form probably due to his leg break, Why don’t we dump walcott? he hasn’t even got an excuse.

  23. Stu

    Sprinter Theo did fantastically well to get in behind the Barca defence for Bendtners goal but not being a competent footballer almost meant we didnt score. Thank god Bendtner was able to get to the rebound or we would have lost 4-0…or worse.

  24. afc53

    I think if I was AW id have to let these players go in order to make the squad stronger

    Almunia/Fabianski both not top 4 keepers.
    Silvestre – best defender in the world in his head.
    Gallas – Age concern.
    Senderos – Not good enough for us.
    Arshavin – great when hes on but a passenger when not.
    Traore – Not as good as Gibbs or Clichy
    Total maybe 28 million

    Lloris 10m or Gordon 8m
    Alex/Agger 10m or Subotic 8m
    Sakho 5m
    Chamakh Free
    Mascherano or Felianni 15m
    Total betwenn 36-40 million

  25. Sir henry norris

    apparently the player Abrahams is speaking is Galas..

    apparently Vela has had off the problems. Problems that most other non millionaire fooballing types encounter at his age.

    sad to say Eduardo looks shot at this level.

  26. Stu

    Well you’re definately thinking like Wenger in terms of prices afc53.

    Gallas, Silvestre and Senderos we would get nothing for. 15 for Arshavin realistically if we want him to go. Maybe 6 or 7 total for both Traore and a keeper.

    And with the players you want to buy you are totally underestimating their value. Lloris would be closer to 20m, Alex/Agger wouldnt be left join us either way and Masch or Fellaini owould cost more than 20m.

    Also, what makes you think Gordon is a top 4 keeper when he lost his place at sunderland?

  27. f4phantomphreak

    Good post, agree with you on Dudu, I think his time has come and gone at Arsenal. I hate to say that cause of what happened to the poor chap, but sometimes when people have a tramatic injury like his they get a mental block, in his case it is in the form of a hard tackle. We cannot as a club move forward with players that are afraid of a hard tackle, thats what the Prem is all about, right?? I do agree he has been given enough time to come good and has failed, time to move on Dudu, sorry, but it is time… As for Vela he seems to be all about his national side, I live in the USA and we play Mexico alot so I have had the chance to see him play internationaly and he looks like a much different player than when he suits up for Arsenal… I like him but I believe he is more suited for La Liga than the Prem, maybe even Serie A, again not the Prem, thats just my 2 cents thats all….Anyhoo here’s to 3 points v. the Scum on Wed. Up the Arsenal!!!!

  28. ethangunner

    That tells you something. When you get into the elite of world football, it comes down to how well you piece your jigsaw together. It comes down to how well the coach trains the team.
    it comes down to the team being full of elite players AND CLICKING …

    wenger might get the clicking part ..
    but its in the quality he’s lacking …

    lets face it we all knew it …

    you would need a couple of special days to beat the chav’s home and away in a season …
    with who arsene is fielding currently V’s who the chav’s are …

    we are NO WHERE NEAR THEM !?

    but wenger has got some quality youths but its another question if they will click next season …

    or we just got to carry them !

  29. reggie 57

    Out Vela as he has done fuck-all for us, and give eddie one more season lets show a bit more dignity to him…..


    chamakh coming in might kill Vela

    i take it that u are joking

    vela has as much of a career at arsenal as jay simpson, gavin hoyte and mark randall

  31. Gooby

    scholes and giggs are playing holding role for united and evra on the bench.

    i think backburn have a shot here

  32. Arindam@KOL

    Next season lets go with the same 4-3-3


    Sagna/V der Wiel—Sol/Djourou–TV/?———-Clichy/Gibbs

    —————-Song/Denilson/Parker ?


    –Theo/Chamakh/Nik—-RvP/B52/Chamakh—-AA23/Jacky Boy/Hazard ?

    We need more depth in the spine of our team.

    IF this was FM :
    -Ship out Fabianski . Make AL #2 and buy Frey.
    -Ship out GAllas and get a genuinely good defender whos quick and good in 1 on 1s
    -Sell Eboue for 8-10 mil and use that on Hazard.
    -Try and get Parker on the cheap. Will be a hell of a buy as cover for Song.

    That will give the side lots of depth.

    Ins : Chamakh (free), Hazard(10-15) , Frey(8) , Parker (4) , Van Der Wiel(6) , a CB (10)
    Outs : Eboue (8-10), Fabianski(4-5) , Gallas(free) , Senderos(free) , Traore(6) , Vela(10) ?

    Net spend : 9 – 10 Mil
    Net outcome : A side thats twice better than the current side.

  33. Angelos

    Good post.

    The problem is that everyone expects young players who come to Arsenal with a bit of hype surrounding them to be a superstar.

    I got flamed a while ago for saying that Vela and Merida wouldn’t amount to much and stating that Ramsey was our only true prodigious talent.
    But that was my honest opinion going off what I saw from games. People need to stop getting overexcited.

    I saw Jaguar getting slammed yesterday for claiming Chamakh wasn’t as great as people think…I’m inclined to agree with him.

    Having watched him prior to this season and in the flesh for Morocco, I can tell you he is no world beater.
    Many players seem to shine in teams and systems in which they are the focal point and I believe this is the case with Chamakh.

    If we really don’t have money I don’t see how we’re gonna break into Barca and Man Utd’s league. Buying players like Chamakh is all well and good but only players like Villa or true talents like Hazard, Pato and Aguero are going to push us in the right direction.

  34. Arindam@KOL

    “I donโ€™t see how weโ€™re gonna break into Barca and Man Utdโ€™s league”

    They arent in the same league , either ๐Ÿ˜›

  35. Beezer

    “compared to some of the Marmite compatriots”

    WTF does Marmite mean?

    Your YouTube link thing’s been revoked.

  36. lc

    Yes, Eduardo fears being clattered again, which is understandable. But this point alone doesn’t tell all the story. AW is the main problem with Eduardo’s difficulty to recover from his horrific injury. It all started in the CL game against Celtic with his “dive” that earn us a penalty. It wasn’t a dive for me. I believe something happened after that between the player and AW, as he was struggling to get a looking in for nearly two months. It was enough to damage his confidence. And he has never really recovered, as I don’t think Eduardo gets the moral support he needs from his coach at the moment.

  37. Angelos

    lc…from what I remember Wenger supported him pretty vociferously on the penalty incident.
    The problem has been niggling injuries which haven’t allowed him a prolonged run to get to whatever level he’s capable of at the moment.

  38. tonyadamsisgod

    If Allardyce the fat prick hadn’t trained his players to hate scoring Blackburn could easily be winning this!!

  39. Jay

    i know..so i dont think i can enjoy this knowing were going to have to do the same thing……

    good…as long as these mancs win nothing,

  40. Rohan

    hmmm…we’ve had a more successful season than Utd. imo if we go 2nd even though they’ve won the Carling Cup. Now for Wilshere to KO Chelsea and then we’re talking. ๐Ÿ˜€

  41. Jaguar

    How come we have a more successful season than United?Maulings by United and Chelsea(twice),City and Barcelona?They have already won a cup,and will probably finish second, after Wenger screw us up yet again.

  42. gooner-pak

    this ade and his agent has some serious crush on ac milan still talking abt milan that they cant afford him

  43. Stu

    It could be argued that we have had a more successful season simply because they were tipped to be champions at the start of the season and everyone said we would have to fight for 4th.

  44. Jaguar

    I dont agree with it.Rephrase it as
    ‘We could have had a successful season,if we werent managed by Wenger’

  45. Stu

    Or it could be rephrased as “if we had anyother manager than Wenger we wouldnt have finished so close to the top”.

  46. Jaguar

    The senile French mug, who has won fuckall for the past few seasons. And you say,we wouldnt have done better with a manager, who cares for true quality,unlike this hypocrite.

  47. Stu

    But you think we definately would have won something if not for Wenger. Theres no way of knowing how another manager would have done, especially with the same bunch of players.

    Even if we had a different manager since the start of the season they wouldnt have all their own players because its not like the board is just handing out millions to splash on new players.

  48. Stu

    Finish 4th?

    Even if we lose to both of them they would have to get 5 points more than us in the remaining games for that to happen.

  49. Jaguar

    Stu Says:
    April 11, 2010 at 15:58

    But you think we definately would have won something if not for Wenger. Theres no way of knowing how another manager would have done, especially with the same bunch of players.
    Wenger screwed up our title ambitions by playing his shit players instead of real quality,and implementing his crazy obsessions on the pitch.

  50. B.B.K.

    gonnerman why does he have to go and support another team just because he is speaking out at a really shit situation we find ourselves in these days??????????if you think everything is sweet then your the one who needs to find another team.

  51. Angelos

    You’d think Wenger touched you in an awkward place the way you go off on him.
    Relax…with this unambitious board no manager stands a chance, especially one that decides to play along like Wenger.

  52. Jaguar

    I dont hate French people,Stu.I hate the mug Wenger,who has been screwing up my favourite club,for the past few seasons.He is the hypocrite of the highest order.Gets paid a fortune.If he has any balls,he should take up the responsibility for us not winning anything,and take a paycut.

  53. B.B.K.

    stu saying that i do think it’s time for the french experiment to die down,because it’s not working anymore…

  54. Stu

    You say you dont hate French people but you are against signing anyone who speaks french and everytime you insult Wenger you call him a french hypocrite, or a french mug, french cunt etc etc. What does him being french have to do with anything.

  55. Stu

    Yes BBK, but we all accept your negativity and such because you dont insult anyone to get your point across.

    Obviously nobody is happy with the current drought, tight board and Wenger looking like he is taking the blame for the board but theres no need for name calling.

  56. B.B.K.

    that’s because the board don’t give a fuck if we win another trophy and the akb are inclined to agree..

  57. Cannon Man

    cayndeh Says:
    April 11, 2010 at 12:29

    “Marmites = thick, black and smells like shite”
    Get the fuck out of here with that racist shit you Cunt.

  58. B.B.K.

    Nothing to do with AKBs. The Board love his financial shrewdness as long as we qualify for the CL.They also like winning fuck all just to defend wenger

  59. Jaguar

    It would be silly to imagine that the board members are responsible for the shite like Denilson,Almunia and Silvestre wearing a red and white shirt

  60. nishanth

    Fucking delighted that the mancs have dropped points.I knew they would struggle without shrek but didn’t expect them to be soo bad!!

  61. Cannon Man

    Jag give up. You’ve made some valid points at times but your comment about French and Black players showed exactly what your game is. I respect your opinion on Wenger even though I don’t agree entirely but banging on about him every day with the same old shit makes you look like a twat. It doesn’t hurt to talk about the football. If you’ve been diagnosed with OCD by a professional, forgive me.

  62. Gooby

    we mey not be better with another manager. that we will never know.

    liverpool for exemple are considered to have better players than ours on paper. we are having the better season

  63. nishanth

    Is there any chance of terry getting a ban for yesterday’s challenge on milner?If he had got a straight red he would have been out for 3 games.Fucking howard webb

  64. nishanth

    I know that Stu.But since terry is such a cunt they could change the rule once!Isn’t webb representing england in the world cup???

  65. goonermichael

    bindippers have no chance of top 4. They also won’t be doing anyone any favours when they play the chavs