Wrighty or Henry… who is the bigger legend?

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Geoff has had his blog holiday form signed off… so you’ll have the pleasure of a Pedro lock down for a few days!

First thing to touch on is our joint devastation that Cesc is out for the season. He’s broken his fibula and will miss all our games and maybe the World Cup. I’m gutted because he has been our player of the season, but not too concerned because I have a lot of enthusiasm for the more pacey  Samir Nasri in the centre of the park. His ability to dribble and his desire to prove himself as a centre midfielder could be what we need to drive us through the next few weeks.

Not to be outdone, William Gallas and Andrey Arshavin have also added themselves to our ever growing sick list. Both out for three weeks. That really does put us up that well known creek without any form of paddle. I said at the start of the season, the biggest problem we’ll have is if Vermaelen or Gallas pick up an injury. We’ve got Sol as back up, but he can’t play more than two in a week and Barca’s pace could be too much for him. So, now, because of bad planning we’ll have to drop Song into defence. Yep, drop one of your most consistent performers into a position that is alien to him (70% of people put the two Barca goals on him).

I’m not too fussed about Andrey. He’s a superb player, but Theo looked great the other night and if push comes to shove, we could always do something crazy… you know… play Carlos Vela!

Ok, so yesterday I touched on my disappointment that we all gave Thierry a rapturous standing ovation mid-way through one of the most important games of our post-Highbury history.

That didn’t mean my love for him had waned. Would anyone else in our previous history get such a welcome? I very much doubt it.

The Mirror had an article about the lack of love Ian Wright gets nowadays.

Where do supporters stand?

Ian Wright was one of the most explosive strikers in his prime. He was fast, he could score long range efforts, he could knock them in with his head and he could sniff out a chance from anywhere. Not just that, he was a massive, massive character for the club and until recently, he was our all time record goal scorer. He won plenty of trophies as well, even bagging himself a Premiership late on in his career. He left the club in a bit of a sulk, unhappy Wenger decided not to field him in the 98′ cup final and went on to score goals for Celtic, West Ham and Burnley. He eventually retired citing injury.

That my friends is where it all went wrong. At first, I could stomach Wrighty as the fun figure in the match of the day studio. He was vibrant, honest and a laugh. Then he decided there were bigger fish to fry. He upped sticks and took a job that you only succeed in if you’re outrageous and inflammatory… yep, he took up a spot next to Adrian Durham on the drive time Talksport show along with a position as a writer (Talker with a ghost writer) with the Sun.

He was now paid for spouting controversy. His Sun articles could only go one way… anti-Arsenal. He was constantly telling the media Arsenal weren’t good enough, he thought Spurs would beat us to a top 4 place… he was pretty much ready to say anything to shift papers. No way to treat a club that loved you and supported you. Minor celebrity when you’re already minted is an excess in my opinion and although I’ll love him forever for his contribution to the club, I can’t forgive him for how he’s treated us after.

You can say he’s only giving his opinion but I listened to his Talksport show and read some of his articles in the Sun. He wasn’t being honest, he was towing the company line and putting opinions out there to rile the public. Paul Merson, Ray Parlour, Tony Adams, Lee Dixon, Alan Smith and Martin Keown have all carved out a reasonable media careers without falling foul of the Arsenal fans. If they say something negative about Arsenal, you know they’re at pains to say it.Wrighty sold his Arsenal soul for a chat show on Channel 5.

Still, if you want to get to the top in media, you don’t do it through balance and perspective. You have to be as unreasonable as possible. It’s done wonders for Stan Collymore, Jason Cundy and Alan Brazil.

Then we move onto Thierry Henry. He arrived for a club record fee way back in 2000. He was a direct replacement for Anelka and he came with much promise. France’s top scorer in 98′, a player that destroyed United as an 18 year old, we had high hopes. When he started playing he had the pace, the tricks but no finishing.

According to a friend who used to play for Arsenal, Adam’s and co used to rip him to pieces during shooting practice because he was so, so bad. Undeterred Thierry worked on his game after training and the dividends soon paid… and boy did they pay! In only a few season he transformed himself from iffy winger to world class front man.

He was the best player on the planet by a mile and his goals helped us land two Premierships and plenty of cups. He left us as the top goal scorer after a messy divorce. He went to Barcelona and has never stopped heaping praise on us since. He even did the unthinkable, came to watch Arsenal and rolled out onto the pitch to an ovation… whilst contracted to another club!

Just to cement his legend further, he even said he didn’t want to play against us this week. Then when he came on, he didn’t play with any real drive! The guy has got it bad for Arsenal and he always will do.

If you were to be cynical, you could say it’s all a bit transparent. If he loved the club so badly, why didn’t he stay and help us through the tough years? Why was he so keen to take 10mill off a struggling club for one seasons work? Why, when he was here, did he not encourage more? His sulky behaviour and his death stares on the pitch were a major hindrance. If he’d stayed on one more season and we’d had his experience in the squad. Could we perhaps have one more Premiership under our belts?

It’s all well talking about your love once you’ve left, but isn’t the sign of a truly special relationship in the act of support when one party is in trouble, you go to them to help?

So, the question I put to you is this morning is…

Who is the bigger legend in your eyes and why?

It’ll be great to read people’s thoughts from all nationalities and all age groups!

See you in the comments!

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  1. Jaguar

    David Says:
    April 2, 2010 at 19:36

    we’ve never won 6 trophies in a season either. 🙁

    We need to hold tight and survive the onslaught from the off…

    And we should Absolutely resort to long ball tactics.



    It would never happen,David.We dont have the personnel to do it,apart from Bendtner.

  2. ritesh

    Braca play you off the park always. Expect 70% possession again in the 30 opening mins.

    But if Denilson is in the midfield, we have some home. We need another one as quick as him. Rambo would have been very useful at the Camp Nou. Song and Diaby are good for PL but dont think fast enough to counter the movement of Barca. Rosicky would be good but he is not as defensive. I would go with Eboue there as he is quick, good on the ball and will not be phased by the occasion. You can sense the guy loves big games.

  3. nucks


    not in that order. We can play better than that on tuesday with the personel we are left with. But stop putting our holding midfielder in defence when we already have a world class one from the invincibles sitting on the bloody bench!!

  4. David

    Im saying we should revert to long ball tactics for Walcott.

    If Arshavin is out…then that leaves space for the likes of Carlos Vela?

    I dont see Rosicky staying for the 90min.

    We all know Wenger will start Rosicky and Eboue…and then bring on Vela and Theo to turn up the heat.

    Bendy will start regardless …rain..sunshine..snow…easter…Jesus Birthday…Mohamed’s birthday…Obama’s birthday…Xmas..New Year…RVP fit or not..St Patrick’s day…etc etc.

    That twat might as well be a midfielder…the only person making runs behind the defense will be Theo and Walcott…So long balls against the second string CB’s is the way to do it.

  5. David






  6. leon

    i feel the next game is the most important and i still feel with players we have more than enough to win particauly at home,as for barc game i feel need quick tricky players like risicky nasri vela eboue thoe evon edwardo i have no dought these players will cause problems to barc defence and i feel in the first we way to much repect and played far to deep which allowed them the space to attack use they way they did i am saying barc are not good but it was made afr to easy for them.

  7. Confidentgoner

    Grovers, no matter who we field we need players to work really hard for 90 mins – put in a shift. Defend from the front like barca,like we did from the get go during the qualifiers. We forget what works too easily.

    Now the question is when do you bring Theo. Do you start him in a 442, or do you bring him as a sub to run at tired legs. I don’t know, but whatever we go for, we should stop Barca coming in from the right and stop Xavi distributing the balls to the left ,right and looping for his centre foward. Who can do that? Daiby? Song?

    We need to see a performance from Nasri, Eboue, Bendtner.Verm and Song.

  8. lc

    Tuesday line up>


    Eboue- Vermaelen- Sagna- Clichy.

    Denilson- Song.

    Walcott- Nasri- Eduado.

    Bentner. 4-2-3-1.

    Diaby is a liability, giving away far too much possession.

  9. Ja_Gunner

    My team for WolvesT

    I would sub out Sol at 65 and put Silvestre in there…
    Surely Silvest can hold out for 25 – 30 mins…hoepfully the suad would have taken the game seriuosly and already be atleast 2 up at that point….

    I would share playmaking duties between nasri and Rosicky and Nasri..meaning….start one and sub in the other.

    Team for Barca 4-4-2


    Lets get Eboue running at their left back, Theo running at Maruex and Milito and Den/Diaby helping Clichy with Messi and Alves……

  10. sixx pac

    i would not start sagna at barca. Eboue at rb. We dont need to defend, we need an all out attack. We can score just as well as they can. I would love a 6-6 scoreline.

  11. GoonerJohn

    Why do some people want to put sagna in central defence where he has never played before, in a quarter final against barca??
    We have song, campbell and silvestre? Why put sagna?!!!

  12. leon

    i realy its importand that sole is availeble on tues his experience is vital for this game i understand why wenger did play in the first only wenger knows the fitness of sole and it only taake one mistake in defence for use and it could all over sole verm song well everybody will be vital

  13. luke





  14. Carlos

    I’m actually in love with eboue!!!

    If anyone has ATV Online watch his interview in the archive….it had me in stitches! the man’s a legend. HANDS DOWN!

  15. ethangunner

    judging by the past dozen posts its pretty fair to say they are ALL smarter and faster than you gimps 🙂

  16. LAzer

    Look we just about lost our best players in every single position. Gallas, Cesc and Arshavin are all out for extended time. Replacements are Sol/Silvestre/Song, Denilson/Nasri, Rosicky/Walcott. You could say if the belief is strong in the squad they will perform a miracle (Wenger) or you could say right there is no chance in hell we win 6, score more at Barca and three more wins in Europe. Whats it gonna be?

    Henry is the greater legend because he is one off the pitch as well. Wrighty cause on the pitch there are no doubts about it but of surely he isn’t.

  17. ethangunner


    you have to be delusional to rate us with a chance !

    thats all im saying …

    not only are they out but ALmunia’s IN 🙂

  18. ethangunner

    we only got 3rd spot this season because liverpool couldnt get their shit together ..

    you would of pipped torres on having a good year ,
    surely he is settled now ..

    be nice if he wanted to jump ship and come to London 🙂

  19. ethangunner

    no AA23 , im just saying there is no competition for 3rd/4th spot this season because liverpool lost alonso and went to shit overnight ..

    if not im sure we would be arm wrestling them now for 3rd/4th spot ..

    like every other year ….

    MY POINT IS .. NOT MUCH HAS CHANGED !!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. ethangunner

    we are out right 3rd because liverpool this season has failed to work for it ..

    we are still below the top 2 , and if liverpool do scrape 4th .. then its 2-2- over the past 4 years .. 2 3rds – 2 4ths ..each …

    pretty much status quo over the past 4 years no change AT ALL …

  21. luke

    We need CB’s this summer. I am losing faith in Gallas andf surely shitvestre and Sol will be gone. That leaves TV, and Djourou (who may or may not be a crock).

    Who do we get eh?

  22. LAzer

    Pretty much spot on. Not many places to hide with that record if this is another 3rd place finish. This summer is the clear out?? Or we wait another one for the replacements to come good so we have a fully able squad for all four comps for once.

  23. AA23

    no real men walk around bare footed
    quite right, its bloody dangerous, you could step on an aids needle or a cancer stick

  24. luke

    I think we need some purchases this summer more than last even.

    1 GK
    2 CB’s
    1 CF
    1 CM/DM (ramsey will be out)

  25. luke

    If I had a lot of money and was manager:

    Hugo Lloris, Neven Subotic, Boatang, Chamakh, Toulalan/Gourcuff

  26. AA23

    We did beat Liverpool 3 times this season in fairness.
    We are currently in third because so far we’ve earned it.
    We will finish 1st or 2nd.

  27. LAzer

    Don’t think we will buy to replace Ramsey for 3-4 months if that.

    Gk is a concern, so is DM and CF. If Wilshere, Walcott, Ramsey, Vela contribute even as much as Song, Diaby, Denilson (they can add a lot more imo) then we have a proper squad. Rosicky, Arshavin, Cesc, Nasri will be pushed to perform and have able replacements.

    Eduardo seems a liability even as a 3rd striker right now, lets see what hes got left if he plays now till the end. Maybe Boy Wonder and Big Sol will solidify legendary status with some season end miracles. 🙂

  28. nishanth

    I am not worried about eduardo’s finishing.I think it is just a matter of confidence.A couple of goals and he will be alright.But what worries me about edu is his lack of pace.It looks like he is getting slower and slower with every game

  29. ethangunner

    i think we need a GOAL KEEPER and replacement for ade ..

    and replace anyone else that LEAVES …
    i don’t think the squad need to be bigger , like Zeus said a bit of a clean out and replace who ever leaves .

    realistic additions to next years squad .
    CONTRIBUTORS = vela – jack – rambo – wellington
    added into the mix and hopefully on a more time than this year .. or we will lose REAL TALENT !

    and we will also stunt them !

  30. ethangunner

    you also have Watt -Eastmond -gibb-hoyte-gilbert- coquelin – JET – bazerite – landsbury – nordveits ..

    simpson and many others pushing for jack’s – vela’s – rambo’s entry positions into the 1st team ..

    i cant see wenger buying too much !!

    CAN YOU ?

  31. ethangunner

    oh traore, sunu and the bolivian/yugo dude we just got last window also ..

    cant remember his name …

    way too many that wenger will need to try out prior to moving them on ..

    i know all of us realistic types want new signings in , but i think wenger is going to dissapoint us like every other season …

    i can see him moving a few of these lads on and buying a goal keeper ..

    but we even have that pol coming back off loan and Secezeny or what ever his name is seems like the new 1st team option of the future , i think id sell fab 2 on …

  32. ethangunner

    or loan him out a season (FAB 2 ) see what he’s like after a year in the championship or a minor EPl team .

  33. ethangunner

    i think wenger needs to loan most of these chaps out for 1 or 2 seasons prior to just making a call !

    its so hard to tell how good they are at the top level if they dont play in it every week !

  34. ethangunner

    you wouldnt want simpson being the next carton cole or even better ..

    i think its wise to sign him for 4 years and loan him out for 2 at wigan or bolton or some such let them pay his wages and he just does pre – season with us …

    wenger will need to start tailoring their futures as its clear he has his favorites and stunts others ..

    look at jack he could be doing what he’s doing at bolton , for us ..

    id much rather he get his chance than denilson AGAIN , and again ….

  35. YON

    OUT- Eduardo, Silvestre, Gallas (if he doesn’t sign on), Rosicky and Fabianski on loan.

    IN- Chamakh, (Hazard or Di Maria), Boateng (Hamburg defender), a goalkeeper to compete with Almunia.

  36. ethangunner

    YON , if we get another goal keeper over 25, he will be the new Keeper for a couple of seasons one would think .

    uncontested …

    Alumunia had better hope he gets injured 🙂

  37. YON

    I haven’t seen Rosicky do anything! Him and Eduardo are finished. We need to replace them with Chamakh and one of Hazard/Di Maria (both proper wingers for a 4-3-3 system).

    Rosicky and Edurado have contributed the least to our “success” this season.

  38. luke

    Hazard is like Nasri three years ago and Di Maria would cost 30 million I think. Thats what I thought it was when those rumors were around.

  39. YON

    We will probably spend 35-40 million on the squad either way. Chamakh will come for free but I’m sure Wenger will go after a central defender (I’m almost 100% sure… after a failed Smalling bid). We will need to get a more conventional winger for the 4-4-3 and if the Hazard thing doesn’t materialize then I’m fantasizing about Di Maria. Along with Higuain… Di Maria is the best thing outside of the EPL (in terms of a possible buy).

  40. luke

    Higuain is way out of our price range and isnt that pacey. He plays better centrally. We definitely need AT LEAST one CB, 2 if Gallas goes (although Id like two anyway). CHamakh, RVP, Bendtner can all play centrally with Nasri, Arshavin, Rosicky, Walcott, Vela out wide. I agree another winger would be great but Di Maria is also out of our range although Id love him to come.

  41. luke

    We should send Arshavin and 15 million to Munich for Ribery eh?