Tonight is the battle between La Liga and the Premier league, tonight we go to war!

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Well I was channel hopping for 30 seconds yesterday, as soon as the mancs fluked their usual goal I was channel hopping, that made my mind up, Lyon vs Bordeaux it was.

Well forget the fact that Lyon won, I thought Bordeaux looked the better team, Chamakh in particular impressed me, in fact him versus Hugo Lloris was worth the admission money alone, it got me thinking, wow, if we had bought those two at the start of the season, we’d already have the Premiership in the bag and we’d be favourites tonight.

I also drooled over Gourcuff, pronounced Gor-coooof.

Oh well, old ground, new players and all that, I was envious that someone other than the whole of the EPL had a keeper that could make saves and not howlers, you could see their defence wasn’t too bothered if they lost the ball as they had a last line behind them, the goal keeper, all we have is an Isotonic drink leaning against the post.

Let’s hope the prospect of facing his compatriots, and the whole of Spain tonight will bring the best out of him, maybe this will be the spur he needs to have a decent game for once. I won’t hold my breath, but I will keep my fingers crossed.

Anyway, I’m no expert, like we apparently have in our vast scouting network, but Chamakh and Lloris didn’t arrive from the planet Zog this season, so why weren’t we all over them in the summer? Why could we not see we had a keeping crisis and guess we’d had a front line one by April, as always.

The good news is that Chamakh says Arsenal is still very much on his mind, we’ll see!

Onto tonight and the biggest game ever to hit the Grove, Barcelona! I can’t wait, I want the day to end but at the same time it will be like cup final day, so I will enjoy every second of it until I meet Pedro for our pre match beers and all the fans and supporters to discuss how many we will win by, I still think 3-1, but by the time kick off starts, it will rise to 5-1!

Will Cesc make it? I think so, but an unfit Cesc is an anonymous Cesc, so if he’s not 100%, I would sooner see Nasri, Song and Diaby play (Diaby is fit) having Gallas back is good news, but is he match fit? If not I would prefer Campbell in there, they have plenty of pace so Gallas would be better, but like an unfit Cesc, and unfit Gallas is a liability.

Players like Bendtner and Theo are for me in the last chance saloon, by that, I mean they need to go out and be as immense and you or I would be if we had that chance, plenty of running and be all over the pitch, wanting the ball and fighting back if they lose it, this is a cup final, and one should we win, would show the rest of Europe who the real daddy is.

I am proud to be a gooner tonight and I am thrilled to be watching us play arguably the best team in the world, Arsene, you need to send those boys out with belief, they need to go at them from the off, let Messi and his mates know what passing and moving quickly really is.

It’s pointless being in the Champions league year in, year out if we don’t think and play like we can win it, shoot on sight because that’s what they will do, they want the away goal, and don’t sit back, because they will punish us, do a Porto, show them what you’ve got early doors.

We are not the Great british winter Olympic team that just turn up for a nice day out, we are the Arsenal and this trophy should be in our cabinet, it’s not theirs by right, it’s ours.

Winning tonight won’t be the end, it’s not even the beginning of the end, but it is perhaps the end of the beginning! And that my friends will show the world that this team has finally arrived.

Make as much noise as you can tonight Gooners, all those of you at home do the same, let us in the home of football hear your cry and tonight will be ours.

Go Arsenal, go! Have just the best day Grovers and win or lose, have a booze!

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  1. LAzer

    I can’t see celebrating grannyshagger’s absence too much when Cesc and Gallas may be out for the season, Arshavin possibly injured.

  2. nishanth

    Cesc didn’t have a great game yesterday but he ran his socks off yesterday.Just kept running and running.I just hope he never leaves us.

  3. nishanth

    And wtf was diaby upto yesterday?????Easily our worst player.Even denilson and song realised that holding onto the ball for a long time is not a great idea.Diaby pretty much killed the momentum with some terrible passing after theo scored.He will really need to step up in the second leg

  4. ArsenalKenya

    Former Liverpool and Sunderland physio Mark Leather says Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney must be careful about returning ahead of schedule after his ankle injury.

    In a column for the Daily Mail, Leather wrote: “Rooney appears to have strained the ligaments. It’s just a question of how badly – from a little tweak which will keep him out for two to three weeks to a common second degree tear which could be up to six weeks.

    “He would still be fit for the World Cup but might not have any games to work on his match fitness, apart from the pre-tournament friendlies.

    “Any injury is vulnerable to aggravation if you try to come back too soon.

    “Rooney will probably be fitted with a ‘Cryo Cuff’, a glorified ice pack which circulates cool water around the joint.”

  5. LAzer

    My cups always full Mick, 7.24 says everything.

    Cesc was the dogs bollocks on heart and didn’t want to watch the game from the bench as long as he could walk. In hindsight not a good decision obviously but wouldn’t it be just like football to get an away win with the pk the goal that changed the 180 min tie.

  6. angeausarsenal

    Yes Micky it does add some fire in the belly.
    Ive finally worked out that amongst all of us we all have different reason for supporting The Gunners, and they are all relevant.
    It usually takes alot for me to slag off one of our own player, its not my way, but i can understand when it happens, borne out of frustration of expectation and knowing we are capable of great things on our day and the fear that this may be another year without a trophy to celebrate.

  7. stonroy

    Hey everyone, the only way we have a hope in hell of winning the next game is if we close them down better than we did tonight. That was a true embarrassment.

  8. angeausarsenal

    Embarrassed is not the word I would of used, considering that is the best half of football Barcelona has played under pep, and considering that many of our key players were carrying injuries

  9. luke

    according to thee balance sheet we have 64 million. If I had my way this summer:

    1. Rosicky and 13.5 million to bordeax for Yoann Gourcuff.
    2. 20 million for Hugo Lloris of Lyon
    3. Chamakh on a free.
    4. Eduardo 7-8 million.
    5. Central Defenders! one or two depending on billy g/sol

  10. stonroy

    I think Arsenal were soft last night, I think the team were not aggressive enough from the get go. Someone said this team needs something to inspire them into gear and that is true, they weren’t motivated to play like Barcelona were. Barcelona is the best team i have seen on the planet and they did not take us for granted for one second…That’s why they are the best team on the planet. I thought there was some individual Arsenal performances that were good, but for the most part until they were 2-0 down and got motivated they were very soft and lazy. And Arsene is to blame for that.