Now the dust has settled, how do we really feel?

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So a week ago many people, myself included were thinking we could do it, we have a better team this season and we have learned from the bad decisions of last, …or have we?

There is no doubt we are better than last season, the team is playing better, the sad thing is certain players are not, I won’t name them, but they clearly aren’t playing better and for me should not be in this team. We could have replaced them but didn’t. We got serious injuries and should have addressed that in the window, but again, we didn’t, We are financially stable but we don’t go to the Grove to marvel at a balance sheet, we go to see our team win something.

Don’t we?

This time last season we fielded a weakened side and went out of the FA Cup, shortly after we got stuffed in the Champions league, so did we learn? Time will tell, and we’ll find out on Wednesday.

We didn’t lose on Saturday, we drew, so perspective people! But we drew because our finishing was shocking and we have a very poor keeper, those are the facts, they can’t be denied, but we still needed the mancs and the chavs to drop points in two games, we still do, so from that point of view, nothing has changed, someone or both will drop points this weekend, the best we can hope for is a draw. Then we need to whop Wolves. Really whop them.

The other two aren’t just winning, they are destroying, and that’s what we should be doing, if we want to win the league, we can’t say Birmingham did well against the other two, they are Birmingham and we are Arsenal, again please, perspective.

If we beat Barca convincingly and stuff Wolves, then it’s back on, if we don’t, then we have to once again do the unthinkable and look over our shoulders, it’s still possible to finish outside the top four, in fact it’s just as easy to do that as win the league.

Whatever happens, whatever the results, we still have had to rely on the two above us dropping a bunch of points, had we bought a few players in either window, we may have run away with it, we didn’t and that can’t be changed, we have to get behind the team, lift their spirits and go and thump Barcelona. We have a chance, Iniesta is missing and Thierry won’t have his heart in it…I hope!

As pedro said yesterday, it was fun while it lasted but we have merely papered over the cracks this season, as Arshavin said, we need some top players in there and we can afford them, yes I know he was guilty of some misses, but I would sooner have a team of Arshavin’s than a team of head spinning Denilson’s and butter fingered second division La Liga keepers, because my friends, that’s all he is.

As for Theo, what a huge disappointment he is, I thought he was the next great English hope, I wish someone would pay me £60k a week to be ordinary, come on Theo, you are better than your performances show, you are, it’s now time to deliver.

Cesc has yet again said that he is going nowhere, bless him, but Chamakh looks doubtful and if rumours are to be believed Carlton Cole is on the radar.

Now I think Cole is a good player, but he is as much of a crock as Djourou, Rosicky and Robin and we really should be setting our sights higher, we didn’t make the move from Highbury to have the worlds best set of accounts, we made the move to compete with the big boys, those are the words of Wenger, not me, so let’s start competing next year boss, let’s do what we need to win things again, let’s forget about carrying players because one day they will be good, if that’s the case, loan them out until they are. We are a football club, not an Academy!

I’m looking forward to the Barca game, because even if we don’t progress, I can say I saw their team, but I still have a sneaky feeling we’ll beat them, maybe I’m as delusional as someone else we all know and love, or maybe it’s because I am an Arsenal fan and will never give in until that fat ugly bitch sings, yes, she is clearing her throat, but it’s not over until it’s over.

Come on Arsenal!

Have a great day Grovers, two wins and one of them emphatic, and it’s all back on, but lets not blame the pitch, the referee or the tackles, if we don’t win, it’s down to us.

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  1. David


    It seems he palmed it backwords…if he changed the direction of the ball away from himself instead of always trying to put the ball over the bar it wouldnt look half as bad…

    Nani intended to cross.

  2. zeus


    Wolmer’s man here. Been smiling from ear to ear since Staurday. Its like Jamaica winning the WC. Never thought I’d live to see a day like Staurday.

  3. luke

    What about going for a 4-3-1-2 next year guys?

    New Gk

    I guess it might be a bit narrow…?

  4. Confidentgoner

    Still not heard any strategies to deal with Barca on wednesday.

    I think Messi will do us. He is just too good!

  5. reggie 57

    i cant even manage a hard on now but i could still do a better job than that cunt almunia 😆

  6. zeus


    Speaking as a big Argentina fan, I can say I’ve seen him play many times and look quite ineffective. Stay narrow get men behind the ball and DON’T go to ground. Let him run out of real estate and try to get the ball off him.

    If you don’t understand what I’m saying never mind, You just have to hope to catch him on an off day anyway.

  7. Ja_Gunner

    Zeen Zeus….

    Good to see a school break their drought and also break the monotony of KC/Calabar….

    Guys look at Manure’s next set of games……

    Very tough in my opinion..surely there are some draws or losses in this run?

    Man City……….Away

    Surely they must have more than stumble?

  8. zeus


    We need Manure to draw and lose a game essentially. The Chavs should get their draw this weekend. Man city will cunt it up and lose and the spuds only rise to the occassion when they face us it seems.

    Blackburn away is a tough one though, but if they score first they won’t cock it up like we did.

  9. choy

    If they keep getting own goals I don’t see them droppping points.

    Ja .. we also have to win all the games and that could be our downfall 🙁

  10. Alex


    Diaby will be the difference against Barca, need him fit

  11. Confidentgoner


    that may work, but Clichy has not been the Clichy we used to know.

    Wonder how Wenger will organize the team to nullify the messi thret. But from what we have seen of Wenger tactics is not his brightest point. We will win or loose thismatch from the bench

  12. Alex

    Hiddink showed how to do it last year, put Bosingwa at Lb at nou camp and Essien was there to clean up every time he tried to come inside and then Cashley defended very well in 2nd leg and the narrow pitch at Stamford Bridge helped aswell

  13. ethangunner

    Ricky Martin announces online he is gay

    you mean he only just found out ?
    we ALL knew years ago !!!! 🙂

    i think we all knew he was gay when he did the world cup theme that year !


  14. ethangunner

    hehehe i knew some time sooner or later someone would ask , im glad it was you my aussie cousin 🙂

    ok picture this hot 38 degree day .. my sons in the back seat complaining about the brightness of the sun 🙂

    i told him to put his sun glasses on !
    only he had towel over his head 1st 🙂

    i looked back to see THAT 🙂

    i almost drove off the road laughing 🙂

    so in short GG that is my son 🙂

    Ethan Jnr 🙂

  15. ethangunner

    a chip off the olde nugget 🙂

    lateral thinking from the lad 🙂
    thats what i like to see 🙂

  16. ethangunner

    and as you can see i cant stop smiling 🙂 🙂 🙂

    at least there is 1 loyal gunner new breed !
    hillwood should thank me 🙂

  17. AA23

    I’m nearer to Scotland than I am to Alaska
    I see your geography is as bad as your Architecture
    cant do smileys.

  18. luke

    can we still win thee title? I think we will need a minor miracle. Are we more likely to win the champions league? I hate to say it but I think so and I dont think we have a good chance at all to win the champions league… I must say, i think we need a quality clinical striker to pair RVP to win trophies next year. I think we need a stellar GK, and some more sol esque experience on the pitch. We are making progress and I am definitely proud to support this club. Come on you gooners!

  19. ethangunner

    luke Says:
    March 30, 2010 at 02:17

    can we still win thee title? I think we will need a minor miracle. Are we more likely to win the champions league?
    yes i agree , we are more likely to win the C.L NOW ! and before i thought it was impossible 🙂

  20. ethangunner

    i mean is the EPL that bigger dead rubber to wenger ?

    he really had a chance to push the apron if he kept the pressure up ..

    the way i see it Man U have to lose 2 in 6 …

    we need 5 clear points ..


    not likely , and even if they do drop points V’s the chev’s then we still have to get them to drop 2 games too !

    almost a right off !

  21. ethangunner

    i think we have more of a chance of losing 2 in 6 than they do .. especially if wenger saves all his talent for the C.L !

    the spuds and man shitty will have a field day V’s our Birmingham team !

  22. AA23

    I’m a Londoner, I live in Montreal, which is nearer to Scotland than it is to Alaska
    I do love Haggis though.

  23. Ja_Gunner

    We should let Wilshere stay on loan with Bolton..til next year….

    Weshould also loan them Vela as well for him to get some playing time and toughen up….

    Bolton only really have 3 recognised stikers…


    Klasnic….30(who is on loan)

    One other young guy from Slovakia I think….

    We should send Vela up there too…He would get much needed playing time to develop.

  24. ethangunner


    do that and Bolton will have better players than us 🙂

    they already have a better goal keeper …

    however thats not that hard a feat is it 🙂

  25. Ja_Gunner

    I would send vela and Wilshere out on loan next year then bring them back for 2011-2012 where they will contribute..

  26. ethangunner

    your right JA_, wenger needs to find them regular games to build up that much needed experience .
    they all lack, it stops them from taking that next step ..

    this will be good for jack , i only hope he doesnt want to join them !

  27. LAzer

    Bringing a manly tear to my eye with the DB10 Iceman vids on today. Top stuff. Once in a generation sort of player, a guy you might not have fully appreciated at the time but once he’s gone you feel you may never see another alike.

    Btw the one nearest to his close quarter control and dribbling in the current sqaud is none other then Abou imo. Of course he hasn’t developed the vision, passing or finishing and most likely never will, but there is no doubting his ball control and dribble.

  28. Ja_Gunner

    Yeah I think Abou might very well be the guy with the best close control in this current team..

    Arshavin, Nasri and RVP have excellent close control as well….

  29. ethangunner

    you know i watched a MOtD replay of the birmingham game , everyone said they had no chances 🙂

    more like we didnt ! of all the hi-lights you know who had 3 attempts on goal ???

    DIABY !

    yes i concur he is the best of the marmites by a country mile …

  30. LAzer

    True they are decent, still think Nasri has a lot more to offer. Arshavin is a conundrum, but we need his genius. I don’t think they have gelled to well with the team spirit though, something about the body language from both those players makes it seem they are just putting a shift in at times.

    Goal-machine Eboue has more red n white about him I think.

  31. ethangunner

    Nasri is a star in waiting !

    i think he will explode in the next 18 months ..
    he has flashes now , and he seems to have gone up a notch !

    he and AA combine very well . its like they said
    on the side lines , lets win this game by ourselves ..

    Cesc was really off last game …

  32. gnarleygeorge9

    Madame Weegie spoke to today me about the up coming Arse v Barce match.

    Her words were:
    “As the brown squirrel taunts the red squirrel in the park that grows many an acorn, so shall the winds of time blow grey clouds south, to the sounds of an asthmatic roar.”

    I said to her as she lifted her trans fixed eyes from her crystal ball. “What does this all mean” 😉

    She replied. “It means Arsenal win, Barcelona lose” 😎

  33. ethangunner


    are you saying there is going to be 2 goals scored in 180 minutes 🙂


    when your finished…

    pass me your medication too 🙂

  34. dennisdamenace

    ethan – Well i’ve read so much fucking bollocks on here since the Birmingham game, i thought i’d join in….

  35. ethangunner

    I only got more positive because of the Fixtures left this season , thinking not much further than 10 or so games ahead i thought we stood a CHANCE !

    still well knowing shit players like denilson and big Al to mention a few need a shake up in the summer ..

    but the boss put an end to that when he dropped points V’s birmingham ..

    he confirmed what i thought his priorities were all along ..

    Loser 🙂

  36. dennisdamenace

    Fucking pissed off paying the sort of money i pay for our glorious leader to cherry pick one competition at the expense of the other three!!

  37. dennisdamenace

    Maybe if the £6m man was to address the glaringly fucking obvious flaws in our team that have dogged us for four seasons then maybe, just maybe Gooners wouldn’t be at each others throats all the time and the plum might’ve won us a trophy in those four years…..

  38. ethangunner

    I doubt it Dennis the type of plan they cocked up between them all , was never one that prioritized the football 1st @ the club ….