R.I.P Arsenal’s Premiership Challenge – It’s been fun.

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Well, currently I’m flatter than a warm bottle of half drunk coke. Being on the receiving end of a late goal is very painful. Watching Arsenal squander that many chances even more so. Watching Almunia cement his place in the worst Arsenal number 1 category was also pretty gutting, but not surprising.

You see, that’s the thing… poor players can only be hide their weaknesses for so long… then when you least expect it, with chip, a flap and a tap… you’re out of the Premiership. That Kevin Phillips goal didn’t deserve to be the goal that put us out of the race but it was.

I said months ago to much criticism I feared something along today’s lines. I wondered whether something major would have to occur to see him dropped and it turned out something very major happened… killing 8 months of hard work and millions of fans dreams. Still… Arsene knows. If only someone had warned him his keeper was a liability.

The game started off at a high tempo, Diaby going close early on.

Howard Webb was doing a great job of hashing up a good game of football. I have a theory… he is in place because he looks like Colina. It’s the only excuse I can think of because he’s not there on refereeing merits.

Birmingham played with a disciplined line of 8 players in front of their 18 yard box. They geared themselves up for the quick counter attack should they get the chance.

Sol Campbell allowed Jerome to get goals side of him and was very lucky he didn’t play for the penalty, instead, opting to have a crack. Luckily for Sol, tame enough for Almunia to gather easily.

Arsenal looked out of ideas. Birmingham were defending resolutely and with discipline.

Half time came, Arsenal had disappointed especially considering wha was at stake. The second half was going to need a step change in attitude and fight. 2 shots wasn’t acceptable.

Birmingham hit a cross into the box, it was looped to the back post which it hit, then Dann missed from a yard out! Shocking!

Almunia seemed particularly slow off his line today which was causing confusion at the back.

Nasri and Arshavin were called to the rescue. Not a bad pair of players to bring off the bench!

Bendtner failed to anticipate a miscued header from Birmingham allowing the ball to whizz past his face. Very poor if I’m honest, a striker should always assume a f*ck up is in the offing.

Some good work by Arshavin and Nasri nearly put Arsenal one up. You felt there was a bit more spice about the team at this point.

Watching Clichy cross so far past the back post Sagna picked it up was ridiculous, watching Sagna do the same with his return cross summed up the pair from a crossing point of view. It’s amazing how bad their crossing is. It’s like they don’t practice.

Our opening looked like it had arrived when Diaby out muscled Bowyer, turned and fired the ball past Hart. Howard Webb blew for the foul. He really does love to ruin a game, doesn’t he? A terrible decision!

At this point my stream went down.

We needed a goal, things were looking good…

What did I need to hear? The muffled nerdy roar from Le Tis screaming Sammy boys name! We were back in the hunt again and keeping pace with the rampant Chelsea.

What was the last thing I wanted to see when my stream returned? Almunia rampaging off his line past his penalty spot to tamely punch a high ball. A sign of things to come.

Rosicky forced a good save from Hart, Bendtner did well to work his way back into the box, he laid off Arshavin who screwed his simple shot wide.

Nasri did well to get on the end of a Cesc pass, all he needed to do was shoot early, instead he opted for the cut back to no one!

Down the other end we paid, Phillips got on the end of a high ball into the box, Almunia tipped it over his head, Phillips finished.

Shocking, devastating… predictable.

You put a ticking time bomb between the sticks, don’t be surprised when it blows up in your face. Gutting…

Mathematically, we’re not out of it. We could still get back in. The odds are slim though. We’ve been let back in too many times this year to keep expecting favours.

We knew that today was going to be a tough game. No one in the top 6 has won their this season. So it is quite amazing that we didn’t field our strongest 11. Arshavin and Nasri should have started in my opinion. Saving them for the champions league is a waste, we could go out with a hammering next week, then we’d have no trophies to go for. However, it wasn’t like we stuck two unknowns in there place.

£60k a week, saviour of English football, Theo Walcott should be able to create some chances and he didn’t . It hurts to say, but I am amazed Eboue wasn’t started ahead of him today. He’s a much better player and in better form.

Thomas Rosicky is pretty much a first teamer when fit and he should have done better.

Shocking finishing is also to blame. It all got a little lax when we went 1-0 up. Arshavin’s finishing was atrocious, as was the finishing of a number of others. You need to be clinical at this level, like United and Chelsea we were in their respective games.

Howard Webb also did his level best to maintain his poor reputation among football fans. He disallowed a perfectly good goal which was unforgivable.

Still, lets not start the blame game. Lets not talk about injuries, the media conspiracy or the refs. The cold hard facts are that we weren’t good enough today and we were punished.

It’s as simple as that.

I wanted to mention the triumphant attitude of a lot of blogs recently, you’d have thought the league was sewn up reading through the amount of ‘I told you so’ posts. Key lesson here? Don’t bust out the party poppers until the trophy is in the cabinet, otherwise you end up making yourself look like a tit.

It’s key to have a little bit a realism in your assessments whether they are positive or negative. We’ve made the league a hell of a lot harder, it’s Chelsea and Man United’s to lose now, not ours to win. That doesn’t mean we’re out of it, it doesn’t mean our season is a failure, it just means we’ve got to focus till the end and win all our games.

In your heart of hearts though, how many truly believed this squad was deserving of a Premiership trophy this year let alone capable of driving out 14 straight wins? For all the progress we’ve made, I think it’s key to understand that plenty of other teams have taken massive strides. If we drop points to City and Spurs, we could take third by about 5 points. That’s frightening. Still and achievement compared to seasons past, but a very real reminder that we need to address our weaknesses this summer because the traditional top 4 dominance looks like it’s coming to an end as we know it.

I hope we beat Barcelona next week, but even if we do, it still wouldn’t be worth sacrificing the league. I think Wenger dropped a clanger today and I’m worried because the cost dropping out the title race is two fold:

1) It puts more pressure on the team against Barca.

2) If we lose heavily, we’re out of everything.

For me, during the action end of the season, you should be fielding your best team in every game because the cost of 2 dropped points can be devastating. Poor decision making with team selection has cost us numerous times over the last few years. Chelsea in the semi final, United in the FA Cup. I just hope yesterday hasn’t cost us two trophies…

Still, we’ll have to dust ourselves down and get behind the team for next week. It could be one of the greatest moments for the club post Highbury.

Keep em’ crossed Vic Akers finds the teams shooting boots.


Almunia: Late coming off his line, weak with his distribution and flappier than a seagull whose just spied a chip on the pavement. He’s been a liability since our tour of Hungary and today, Arsene’s faith was repaid by a blunder that pretty much killed out title dreams. I don’t care how nice to be around, he needs to be removed from the squad. He’s cost us goals all season. Bar a few penalty saves, his keeping has been unacceptable. 1

Clichy: Defended well, but against weaker opposition his job is to deliver decent crosses into the box. The amount of times he missed the box was pathetic. The only thing that upstages his crossing is his poor technique for delivering them. What happened to wrapping your foot around the ball? He balloons them in like he’s shelling an enemy with mortar rockets. 6

Sagna: I find his crossing marginally better than Clichy’s, but weak all the same. Having fast full backs who can’t cross is like having a crap goalkeeper. Pointless. 6.5

Campbell: He played really well today and supported the inexperienced Song powerfully. A great player. 8

Song: Super game at the back. Because of his experience playing in the midfield, he looks like a centre back in the mould of Rio Ferdinand. If he improves at the back, he could be a major asset for us. 8

Denilson: I think fans hit the auto-slag button when it come to the Brazilian. Ok, he wasn’t the best yesterday, but he was far from the worst. He didn’t make too many errors from where I was sitting and he covered the midfield well. All he’s there to do is protect the back 4 and play simple passes. Not to inspire the rest of our true creatives. 7

Cesc: Took a very long time to get into the game. He was roughed up from the start and nearly went off injured. In the second half he was much better, laying on many chances. Shame it didn’t work out today. 6

Diaby: Becoming one of my favourite players to watch. Powerful, crisp in the pass combined with the ability to bring the best out of others. He was very good today and had a perfectly good goal disallowed. 8

Bendtner: Didn’t get the service he needed but at the same time, didn’t utilise it when he got it. He needs to show more instinct in front of goal and occasionally snap at a shot instead of passing it back out of the penalty box. Poor game when we needed more. 4

Theo: Sorry, I can only report on what I see. He wasn’t in the game today bar a few mazy runs that amounted to nothing. He’s had plenty of games now and we’ve read plenty of chat. Where’s the product Theo? We needed it yesterday and we didn’t get it. Eboue should have played instead, he’s a far more accomplished player. 4

Rosicky: He had a few shots and worked some nice interplay. The trouble is, he’s very similar to a lot of other players we have. When they’re all trying the same things it seems to nullify their powers. 6


Arshavin: Came on an immediately sparked the team into action. The Russian isn’t really an impact player and it showed with his terrible finishing. Should have been on from the start in my opinion. However, his fitness is terrible so I can understand why he wasn’t if Wenger had Barca in mind. 6

Nasri: Came on, created, scored a goal and squandered a chance. Should have been on from the start as well. 7

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  1. gambon

    I think the reason people get so pissed off with Wenger is that we are so close, and its so obvious what we need to be the best team in the country, but Arsene refuses to do what everyone can see we need.

    If we were 8th and 25 points off the lead its not easy to see where to start, but we only need a GK, CB, DM & Striker, all while offloading the players who clearly arent good enough.

    We would be top with just the addition of a class GK.

    The fact that many of us have been warning about Almunia since 2007, yet Arsene felt he knew best is worrying.

    Its not right that bloggers are better judges of players that a guy on £6m pa.

  2. LAzer

    Everyone slagged Theo off, I think he had a few decent touches but wasn’t really played too on his strengths. Before the opposition tires he needs the ball played in front to beat them but if Wenger brings him late he can prey on the tiredness right away. Eboue could have started this game, but I can see it either way.

    Arshavin is playing too within himself recently, you can see him trying to play alone, maybe because he has pressure to perform. I didn’t mind him on the bench to start with especially since Rosicky did well and is ready to play 90 mins now imo.

    He should have taken away Denilson for Nasri, Walcott for Eboue. If after the goal then Eboue for Denilson or Cesc. Fabregas was slow and off the pace for most of the game, his injury looked serious at first but he stayed on and didn’t contribute. At one point near the end of 1st half the entire team stopped passing him the ball and he played only short hops rarely making a run from then on.

    So everyone must have at least half expected a draw in the stretch, what about the half that didn’t expect, are they sure the title race is over?

  3. Pedro

    LAzer, we’re still in it… I didn’t expect a draw against Birmingham… I thought we’d be good enough to beat them. Especially as they’ve been struggling for form of late.

  4. LAzer

    I expected a win, same as you Pedro. I still think the team is good enough to win something, and now not later, but time is out for heroics now. Someone said it was there for the taking and they were so right, a win away at Brum sets us up perfect next week to pounce. Now best we can hope is to remain close and ask a favour of someone else. This is the time Sol will pick up the lads, you have to move on fast this time of the season if you want to have a shot in the end. The fat lady walked up the stage twice before, now shes past the dress rehearsel getting ready to sing.

  5. Confidentgoner


    How do you fancy and Alees against Arsh and Clichy?

    How would CEsc, Song and Daiby fare against Xavi, Youre and Yaya?

    Bendtner v Pique

    Its a no brainer, Messi will nail us.

  6. leon

    lazer i thought they would win as i have seen this team is alot more resiliant and i know it was only matter time they would be broken down and most of players were worriers out there they realy fought hard,this team has so much grit that dm would very good addition but i dont think it be that bad if they get one but a striker cbs and keeper,i would not sell almunia asi see him as a good backup keeper but never 1st keeper i have seen him as 1st choice keeper

  7. zeus

    Top post as always.

    AA23 is a poor finisher. We seem to think that its not the norm for him, but it is. Check his stats, he only ever gets bout a dozen or so gaols a season. I was hoping however that the ridiculous number of chances that Arsenal create would bump his numbers up a bit. Sadly no.

    If we are this profligate v Barca in midweek, Emirates Stadium will be the site of another disappointing night in Europe again.

  8. Merida's No.1 Fran

    Nasri should have scored two. Yes he scored a great first goal but he let us down when he passed to no-one. Who passes when your in an amazing position and you dont know theres anyone near you!

  9. Zorr0

    Jaguar. Words fail me. Why are you such a twat? You say nothing that makes any valid arguments and just want to slag off Wenger and be negative.

    Do you do it just to get a reaction?

  10. Jaguar

    Zorro mate.Not that I want that Catalan cunts to win.But we dont have a strong enough team to defeat them.Even if we have, Wenker would screw it up, like he always do ,in big matches.

  11. Zorr0

    Jag, do you not think, that even if you feel he has lost the plot, that for all AW has done he deserves NOT to be called a cunt, a mug, a ‘wenker’ etc.

    I mean, I’m not saying you shouldn’t take issue with the mistakes he makes, but surely the man deserves some respect.

    Unless of course you feel another manager could have come along in 96 and done what he has done for Arsenal?

  12. Pat

    Yep, Wenger always screws it up in big matches.

    Cause Madrid, Juve, Villareal, Roma, Milan aren’t big matches in seasons past?

    We’ve had a very solid league record against the top 4 in seasons past as well so once again you show just how clueless you really are.

    United fluffed in all their big matches last season. Did that matter? No.

  13. angeausarsenal

    jag you forgot to call Wenger a “French” cunt.
    Not that I see what being french has to do with our current situation

  14. gambon

    So when will it be too long without a trophy?

    Every year all i hear is people talking about past achievements.

    Maybe Ali should get back in the ring?! He was a champion once, so surely he is still the same boxer.

  15. Jaguar

    To all those people,who stick up for Wenger.I dont really want to berate him for the sake of it.I still love him for his footballing philosophies.But oflate,he has been behaving like a complete prick,totally ignoring the feelings of a fan like me.

    I would want him to manage us for life, IF ONLY,he shed down his hypocrisies

  16. Zorr0

    I wonder if the Forest fans call Clough a cunt, or if they remember what he did for their club, even though he lost the plot towards the end!

  17. Baxter Wall

    I don’t think you’re a spud, i think you are from ACLF trying to prove something about this site.

    You trot out too many cliches to be on the up and up.

    In a minute you’re going to say that AKB’s can fuck off.

  18. americangunner

    one of the worst days of my football watching life..here in this part of usa, everyone who knows about EPL supports Chelsea and ManU..so all my amigos are giving me hell for supporting Arsenal 🙁 .. i hope we can get chamakh + another forward + decent keeper + a centre back this window! and can any of u guys who live in a football crazy country, please help me understand what is the role of Denilson in the team?

  19. Ja_Gunner

    Again this is what I would do in the summer.

    1. Demote Almunia, he should become the number 2 keeper. I would get an experienced international in..I personally would go for Sorenson from Stoke.. He has the shot stopping ability of Al plus alot more…Stoke bought Begovic(he is the keeper for the country that knocked Russia out of the World cup)so maybe they would be willing to let Sorenson move go

    2. Sell/Loan Fabianski, he wont get the playing time necessary at Arsenal to develop. Might as well let him go… Manone should be the number 3(reserves keeper) Keep loaning out Szcesny for about 2 more years til he is ready to our number 1…

    3. Since we get Chamakh free, then Wenger can go after another attacker if he wishes…Eden Hazard’s name has been mentioned…But if he comes, then that is the end of Walcott. Loan Vela out to Wigan…they dont have many strikers and I think they play 4-3-3..he will get the experience necessary to develop

    4. Get a utility CB/DM My suggestion Mahamado Diarra
    He should be the guy to compete with/back up Song..He can play both DM and CB
    We dont need anymore CMs..we have enough…Denilson shall not play DM again…he should be Diaby’s backup…

    5. If we dont get a utility CB/DM..then get 1 DM and 1 CB
    Gerome Boateng/Kjaer/Zapata also maybe Matuid etc…

    6. Nasri and Rosicky shall not play on the wing again..only in emergencies..They should be used to rest Cesc and sometimes diaby….I dont mind Nasri on the right…he looks much better there than on the left….and he is a better crosser than the Sagna

    7. Get the fucking fullbacks to practice their crossing..both aerial and on the turf as well..we need better wing play as Fran suggested…this is also links to number 7….where we play too many CMers on the wing…..

    8. Get a defensive coach….work on team defending and set pieces

    9. Get rid of Silvest and Senderos(since Wenger does not want him anymore)Sign Gallas up and give Sol one more year…

  20. americangunner

    to be honest i still believe arsenal can win both league and europe.. maybe its cuz i am biased.. but what scares me most is what’s gona happen next year. Whether we like it or not, if Mancini isn’t booted by city, i think he will turn them into serious title contenders next season. And if there is a good player to come from the World Cup, they have money and ambition to buy those. I don’t think Liverpool will again have a bad season like they are having one now. One bad season and their fans raise hell. So i am pretty sure they will be back to challenge for top 4. As for Spuds they are shit and always will be. Won’t be long till they find out that the Gingerhead bought all those players with imaginary cash and he will fuck another team out of Premier League and move on to some other club. So next season Chelsea, City, ManU, Pool and Arsenal will all be going for the title. And to be honest if things keep going like they are now, it looks like next season its gonna be a fight between us and pool for the 4th spot. I really hope Wegner can get some decent players this summer. 🙁

  21. David

    Fucking Hilarious people moaning about Arshavin and Nasri missing chances when we have the World Class B52 leading the lines..

    So we shouldve signed a striker in January.


  22. Stu

    LOL David, even more hillarious is your blind hatred of Bendtner. And once again im going to stick up for Bendtner. Arshavin is very unprolific, much more so than Bendtner and misses a lot of easy chances for whatever reason.

    According to espn soccernet Bendtner is better at shooting.

    Arshavin: 34 games, 98 shots, 36 on target, 10 goals.
    Bendtner: 23 games, 56 shots, 21 on target, 9 goals.

    Proof that Bendtner is more prolific than Arshavin

  23. Stu

    Regardless of Arshavin having played more games NB is still far better. It takes between 6 and 7 shots for Bendtner to score (almost 1 for every 2 shots on target) while Arshavin takes almost 10 shots to score with almost 4 on target per goal.

  24. Stu

    He still doesnt miss as many chances as Arshavin David. Which was exactly my point. You could also argue that Bendtner picks his shots better than Arshavin.

  25. ethangunner

    David Says:
    March 29, 2010 at 01:53

    Arshavin isnt a striker
    he sort of is dave … he plays there for Russia
    next to his spud mate ..

    he really is a 2nd striker . last season i said before the years out he will play in the striker role for us , and everyone said DONT BE STUPID ETHAN HE’S A WINGER ! …

    he will never play THERE !
    (dont know who you are but you probably will hide under a rock and never owe up to it 🙂 )

    but he is a quality finisher !

    and thats why he needs to be up front , at least until we get 2 quality strikers …

    and NO nik b is not it YET !

    chamakh and RVP would see AA23 return to the midfield , until then i doubt wenger will use him in another position ..

    for me i would always play him in an advanced role , he’s as close to DB10 as your going to get 🙂

  26. ethangunner

    well the point i was trying to make before i started ranting , was if he is a Striker for Russia , he can add that to his list of positions he can play .. 2nd -ary striker ..

    so technically like eboue RM- RB/RW

    or song CDM/CD

    you can be 2 🙂
    especially with wenger 🙂

    the more the merrier 🙂

  27. Stu

    Ja, some good points but none seem likely.

    A defensive coach should be the priotity (outside new players of course). Instead of Ivan adding to his group i think we should be adding to the coaching staff. Obviously Keown would be most peoples first choice there.

    In terms of DM, be they back up or competition for Song, i dont think it should be another african. Simply because whenever the ACN comes around they will both go missing and we would be again stuck with Denilson probably. Unless the ACN is moved to the summer like was proposed.

    Edin Hazard too would be a welcome addition but would certainly mean the end of Theo, either as a winger or at the club full stop. Cant decide if that would be a good or bad thing, Theo leaving that is.

    Also agree on the CMs playing on the wing when they clearly arent good enough. Rosicky and Nasri can certainly do a job there is its an emergency but they should never be there as first choice because they dont have the pace of direct-ness to trouble a fullback properly.

    As for the fullbacks not being able to cross, its been the same for years now. Neither are getting better at it so i cant be sure what training they do, if any at all. Drop Clichy and make either |Traore or Gibbs first choice because they are far better at attacking. Eboue on the right too..job done.

  28. ethangunner

    dave be fair he looks better now ,

    but i agree if he cannot dominate V’s birmingham
    then what chance have we really ???

  29. americangunner

    I’d actually support Bendtner too. Arshavin turned out to be all hype with very little material. They way Bendnter has lead the line, without any experienced striker next to him is amazing. And to top that off he is just 22. I mean if i was Van Persie i would be embarrased to come and take Bendtner’s place having missed most cruicial part of the season because of an injury caused on international duty. I really think if Robin gets injured next season Chamakh and Bendtner will bail us out. And once again i think Arshavin has the right to his own opinion but if he wants “World Class” players alongside him, he needs to prove that he isn’t a waste himself. God sometimes i think if we had a Lucio in the back or De Jong in the DM and 1 regular striker who doesnt spend half the season on injury list where would we be. p.s. I think Wegner should try to get Kompany from Citeh. I dont think he will be getting a lot of games there and he is a very good versatiler DM and we can use someone physical like him.

  30. sixx pac

    David remember that beauty at the emirates against blackburn from 25 yds out. With Thierry Henry in attendance

  31. ethangunner

    sixx pac Says:
    March 29, 2010 at 02:04

    rvp is the nearest to db10. Skilfull and precise
    you think so ?

    i think he is more of a point and shoot striker .
    he likes to receive the ball then shoot !

    no fancy footwork or dummy the man , rvp is like a classic receive the pass – bury the shot.

    cant concur there 6 !

    he needs more feathers to his bow prior to getting that accolade !

    AA23 for me . best on ground with TV / Cesc

    without those 3 and recently nasri and diaby !

    we would be screwed ..

  32. Stu

    Ethan, didnt you say the other day that Bendtner plays better with certain players? I completely agree on that. Bendtner plays much better with Arshavin and proper players to link up with on the wings. Nasri and Rosicky dont seem to gel with him as much as AA does.

  33. Stu

    I dont think VP is a “point and shoot” forward anymore. He was like that when he arrived here in the first place. Wenger knocked that selfishness out of him and now VP is very much a team player who usually looks for a pass rather than Smashing it.

  34. David

    americangunner Says:
    March 29, 2010 at 02:06
    I’d actually support Bendtner too. Arshavin turned out to be all hype with very little material. They way Bendnter has lead the line, without any experienced striker next to him is amazing.


    Oh dear…

    Where do i begin.

  35. ethangunner

    the most frustrating thing about RVP is he is REALLY good !

    and he is always injured !
    so you can NEVER pick him or count on him for the past 3 seasons ..

    you have to start saying what is the point !
    your best off moving him on really for big bucks
    and getting someone more consistent in the squad .

    i love the lad .. well not literally ..
    but these constant injury-prones just hamper our chances even more than normal of winning things !

    you know once we sold RVP he would probably never be injured again 🙂

  36. sixx pac

    no ethan. Rvp is prob the most skillful guy in th epl. When he’s fit he is a top 3 player in the world

  37. sixx pac

    i wouldnt say robin is injury prone anymore. He played a full season last year. Its not his fault he got his ankle smashed by an italian mug( thanks jaguar)

  38. Stu

    Yeah injury prone is getting injured when noone is around you…hamstring injury and other muscle injuries etc but when some italian prick hacks you down in a friendly match for charity then its not your fault if you get hurt.

  39. americangunner

    well i think once the season comes to an end you can’t really blame the players or bad refereeing or injuries. Someone has to take the blame and like everything else in the world, all fingers gona point to the man up top, Arsene. he is a good manager but i hope when he looks back at this season he can buy a few decent players to strengthen the side and hopefully not leave a weak spot for coming season. But i still believe we can win the league and Europe 😉 I don’t think we will but i want to believe we will 😀 And lets start that by knocking Barca out on wednesday 😉

  40. ethangunner

    yes true stu ,

    i never said for one moment RVP was greedy , but i think passing is something everyone in the team does …(too much of sometimes 🙂 )

    in fact weve always been renowned for 1 too many passes ..

    since ade has gone the team unity has returned,i think the lack of passing from RVP started with his dislike to ade ,i knew it would return once the ade chapter was over .

    we are not OVER passing now ! which is good !..
    over all things are far better ..
    and everyone is having a crack in front of goal ..

    but you need cesc-nasri-AA23 to provide that creative spark to fashion a goal ..
    or we look static ….

    if nikb isnt fed some creativity he struggles to fashion a goal alone !
    (ade was the same-what is it with these big guys?)

    we saw cesc struggled alone V Birmingham ..
    very off colour , could of been the knock but he really wasn’t that sharp prior to it either .
    he needs support from AA23 nasri …

    it was suicide leaving them on the bench , thanks wenger for ruining my season …

    and it was the pinnacle of achievement to end our season in the same fixture as 2 years ago when it ended !

  41. ethangunner

    nik b played well with AA23 ..

    yet with RVP he seems to get left out ..

    i think its all about focus on the big man …

    nikb should be included if we play AA23 – nasri and cesc , what nik lacks in creativty they make up for ..

    and the system works , take out any of those elements (like the 1st 70 minutes Vs brumbys)
    and you see the result …

  42. ethangunner

    sixx pac Says:
    March 29, 2010 at 02:33

    saying all that, i would still love Chellini at arsenal
    well i think its obvious after this weekend dudu is leaving ..

    this was a perfect game to start him and get some revenge !

    he would of scored i think .. probably a brace .
    but wenger left him out even when he needed more fire power …

    i cant help but think if dudu was ever set for a return to this team it was saturday !!!!

    i think this spells his end that wenger didnt even want to use him !??!

    anyone have a theory on whats that about ?!?!?!

  43. americangunner

    sixx pac Says:

    saying all that, i would still love Chellini at arsenal

    Totally agree. We need a defender who can bully around forwards. If Mourinho leaves Inter this summer, we could try them.

  44. sixx pac

    americangunner that is precisely what we dont want to do. Remember there are 2 legs. We dont have to knock Barca out on wednesday. We force too much and we leave ourselves open for the counter. And we know how well we handle that

  45. ethangunner

    the main difference on the weekend between us and the manc’s resting key players was , when they left rooney out berbatoss stepped up ..

    when we rested players out team ceased to function .

    they have experience to step up ..
    and our guys look around for seniors for guidance.

    it is those things that will get you across the line ..

  46. ethangunner

    sixx pac Says:
    March 29, 2010 at 02:44

    ethan why did u quote me
    because a few will leave in the summer and you could be right ..

    we could very well get players in …
    but i wouldnt hold your breathe ..

    wenger has them lined/backed up and the line is so long i doubt youll get too many purchased players but a CD and GK should be on the cards .

    dudu – ALmunia out

  47. LAzer

    We’re fucked! I hate this time of the year cause it usually signals the end of dreams for another year. Utd and Chavs hitting top form it seems, behaving like champions brushing aside teams right now. They got a win resting Rooney and Chavs no longer have the CL strain. Tbh its hard to envisage Spuds, City or Pool taking any point off either when the finish line is so close for them now.

    Like I said, we’re fucked.

    6 on the trot (very tough ask mind you) and we still may end up 3rd.

  48. ethangunner

    but them no 🙂

    especially as wengers focus is on the C.L !

    you know its so funny ..
    when i want him to focus on the CUPS he doesn’t , when we finally get a chance @ the EPL he focuses on the CUPS !!


  49. nishanth

    Ethan-No point in repeating the same thing again and again.Lets just hope we will atleast beat barcelona now.The main difference between us and utd is the keeper.I know their experience of having won the title will help them a lot but while VDS kept them in the game against bolton our keeper took it away from us.

  50. nishanth

    Also it is about time that wenger starts giving vela some chances.I would really like to know on what basis he gets selected ahead of vela every fucking time

  51. Stone

    Morning Grovers I know we’re all sad as we dropped two valuable points but if we’re being honest 3rd is exactly where we belong. At the start of the season most of us pointed out that our inability to defend would cost us in the end and that exactly what has happened. Unless Wenger works on his defensive tactics Barca will take us apart and our season will be over.

    Please forgive my broken english.

  52. dennisdamenace

    Third is something to be proud of if…..

    A) You’re Aston Villa, or…..

    B) You’ve given it your all, 100%

    But NOT if you’ve taken your eye off of the prize by not fielding your strongest side because you’ve decided that one competition takes priority over another, regardless of which is the more attainable…..

  53. dennisdamenace

    A) We are NOT Aston fucking Villa, we’re Arsenal Football Club, supposedly one of Europe’s elite. And, as such we should start acting like that. AW needs to get his act together and build a fucking squad that’s capable of challenging on all four fronts, not just to, and then when it gets serious gambling with the EPL to preserve this thin squads chance of progressing in the ECL……

  54. dennisdamenace

    B) Giving 100%! Highly highly debatable, have we as a club done all we can to win the EPL this season? Or have we just done what is required to attain at least 4th spot? Equally has the club done all it can in the transfer windows to build a squad capable of winning silverware….

  55. A

    I don’t get the not playig the strongest team thing, webber said both nasri and arshavin were carryig knocks, though ts debatable whether nasri would start ahead of rosicky anyways, and I hope it’s true regarding arshavin because that would explain his performance against west ham, otherwise id have serious doubts over his attitude! Arshavin aside tat was our strongest starting eleven IMO….

  56. dennisdamenace

    I for one am seriously fucked off that yet again our supposed learned manager has gambled once again with one trophy for the chance of attaining another, we get in touching distance of something rather special and he starts to be ‘clever’, when is he going to learn from HIS mistakes, when is he going to actually address the defensive/goalkeeper issues, after all it’s not like it’s something new, when is he going to admit that certain players he constantly champions are plug fucking average and are holding everyone else back…..

  57. Gooby

    if chavs beat the mancs we will be again 2 points of the top ad 1 point behind the redsum.

    a draw wouldn’t be bad for us too

  58. Gooby

    you know what i would really love?

    cesc fabregas scoring against barca and running to the barca supporter and officials kissing his arsenal badge.

    wouldn’t that be awesome!

  59. iceman

    Whatever slim hopes we had are now gone IMO.

    You would expect one of manure or the chavs to throw it away.

    Not BOTH of them.

    I’d be amazed if Almunia is in the squad next season; he’s made error after error. Just not good enough at this level.

  60. dennisdamenace

    Almunia will still be the Arsenal No.1 next season because the two backup ‘keepers are not good enough to dislodge him, the fourth choice ‘keeper is probably too young, and to get a ‘keeper good enough for a club of our stature would mean Wenger actually spending money…..

  61. dennisdamenace

    I mean look at the state of our forward line ffs. All we have are crocks who continually get crocked and lightweights, we’ve been crying out for someone to turn of domination of teams into goals. If we had someone like that on Saturday Almunia’s customary gaff wouldn’t have mattered, but no why pay good money for someone now, someone who may well be the difference between finishing third in the league or winning it, when you can wait to get some nobody for fucking free……

  62. dennisdamenace

    The ongoing problems at the club still have not been addressed, wasteful in front of goal compounded by truly shocking defensive/goalkeeping mistakes. How many more games/seasons will this be allowed to go on for, why does Wenger continually suffer these incompetence’s??

  63. gooner-pak

    gooby we were hoping them to f*ck up a bit a draw here and there but now IF u are still in “hoping group” mancs and chavs at least need one to lose and one draw

  64. dennisdamenace

    Hi Geoff, i wanted to leave posting here until after the Barca game to see if the loss/sacrifice of the EPL was justified or worth it, but i couldn’t contain my anger, frustration and disappointment any longer….

  65. iceman

    If we’re only going to get the one other signing this summer (considering Chamakh is in and WG signs a new contract) then we should def look at a solid keeper…We must.

    With Coco we’ll never win anything 🙁

  66. Geoff

    Dennis think how I feel, I have to muster up a post, aall I want to do is run away!

    Iceman, Chamakh is now doubtful according to reports, Cole is back on…

  67. dennisdamenace

    As much as i feel personal hurt and dismay at certain players inclusion as an Arsenal player and vent my spleen against them i have to, from time to time, take a step back and remember the common denominating in all this factor in all this is Wenger himself….

  68. Jaguar

    I hope we dont get Chamakh.We should be going for the likes of Villa than unproven freebies.For once,fucking spend Wenger.

  69. Geoff

    But according to some, he is above criticism, the thing is, when we win, he crows and says ‘I told you so’ but when we don’t, he blames the pitch, or the ref.

  70. dennisdamenace

    Jag – I agree, this team badly needs proven ability, not players who ‘might become great’…….enough of this already….

  71. angeausarsenal

    we need to break the bank and sign Torres,Hazard and some crazy german defender to put the fear of god into other teams

  72. ethangunner

    Ethan-No point in repeating the same thing again and again.Lets just hope we will atleast beat barcelona now.The main difference between us and utd is the keeper.
    the difference between them and us is 1st AND 3RD.

    has been for many years now ! ,
    repeating the same thing for me is saying ‘lets hope we beat BARCA’!

    your kidding right ?

    beat them ????

    more like thats all i keep hearing !
    delusionals hoping….. we can win !

    snap out of it …
    we are not that good !

    and the 2 people that are any good wenger leaves out on purpose !

  73. ethangunner

    i only hope everyone is satisfied with wenger by him sabotaging a REAL SHOT at the EPL ..

    for his personal delusional C.L aspirations !

    i think its important that even the STUPID , / AKB fans know the relevance of resting players when he did !

    thats why i started banging on about this shit last week ! because i knew he would sabotage the EPL for even a chance at a golden ticket !

  74. Maximus

    Can’t believe you guys thought we would win a trophy under the current shameful regime. Wenger’s lost it BIG time. That’s CAUSE and EFFECT in a nutshell. Let’s not forget that.