Higuain for Arsenal? / My striker for Brum / What’s your superstition?

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So, a bit late, but above is the picture of the ball as it crossed the line after the Cesc penalty. I took a friend to the game who is new to the game of football. Last time we went, Arsenal beat Blackburn by a massive margin, what an opening game! Saturday was different though, this was when he morphed from casual fan, to official Gooner. He turned round to me after the penalty went in and said, ‘This is a proper football game, so much better than the Blackburn game, I completely get the passion now’. Watching the conversion drew a small football shaped tear to my eye!

Which leads me nicely onto my next topic. I slummed it this week with my boss and headed over to Leicester City versus Reading game. We sat in the away end and I had a two gripes.

  1. Where the hell was my cushioned leather seat?
  2. Where was my half time salt beef sandwich?

Jokes aside, I thought it was interesting to note that despite some sections of the blogosphere trying to depict our fans as the worst (yawn), the Reading fans behaved almost identically. You had the crazy fist pumping 65 year old man on one side, the chronic muttering moaner on the other and a large dollup of mad young fans who spent more time abusing the home support than they did watching the game. Football fans are the same the country over, making out Gooners are a different breed is boring and a load of rubbish.

That said, I’ve never sat near a moaner, the worst I had was at the West Ham game at the weekend. The guy behind was giving Bendtner jip, I told him to lay off… then he lent over and said he’d had a wager on him!


It’s a shame the great Dane wont be in the side this weekend.

What would I do against Birmingham if that’s the case?

Well, I’d stick Diaby up front. He can hold the ball up, he has the height to cause a problems aerially and he’s a great finisher. I think we’re going have a tough game against Birmingham, however, I think we’ll turn them over 2-0. God told me in a dream.

Talking of strikers, I hear that Madrid’s top scorer for two seasons is going to be offloaded this summer. He missed an open goal against Lyon and that is enough to get him the boot.

Arsenal players don’t know how good they’ve got it!

Would you have the Argentine? Spacially aware, technically gifted, nippy, clinical and proven at the highest level… could be an Eduardo replacement should we shift the Croatian on this summer. I’d take a £20million punt!

Arsene Wenger has warned us not to expect miracles from Robin Van Persie. I’m inclined to agree with him there. Arsenal return dates are about as reliable as the annual ‘it’s going to be a sizzler this summer’ story in the media (cruel basta*ds!). In my mind, he’s not coming back this season… I suggest you play it the same, it avoids ETRR (Estimated Time of Return Rage).

Andrey Arshavin seems to have made himself about as popular as Bob Crow in a train station waiting room. I’m not sure how I’d feel about training if I’d told the newspapers 36% of the first team isn’t good enough. However, we all know that our special Russian is a touch dim. He was probably given a bag of Haribo to say something controversial.Wenger seems to think it’s an old interview rehashed, I’m inclined to believe the same out of nothing more than pure love for the man.

What does interest me is how he is allowed to use his personal website with such regularity? No one else in the team does. I would have thought he’d be collared for that… he needs to be careful though. I’m not sure how long Wenger will allow a media whore in the squad.

So, it was flagged to me that I didn’t used to like Eboue and now I do. Apparently some sort of crime? This attitude, that if you have an opinion it has to stay your opinion forever is completely new to me. I used to love Ashley Cole, now I don’t. I fell out of love with Sol Campbell, now I love him again. I used to croon to  Celine Dione…

Opinions are variable. For me, you judge what you see. I didn’t like Eboue because of his spectacular gamesmanship and complete lack of product. This season, he’s shown a different side to his game and as a fan, I appreciate that.

Like someone said yesterday, reputation is earned as is fan love. Just wearing an Arsenal shirt doesn’t put you up their with Thierry, Adams and Paddy. I’ve listened to Martin Keown and Lee Dixon say as much in interviews. Just ask Nik Bendtner. He’s won everyone over this season with his hard working attitude on the pitch… that’s the way it should be and I couldn’t be happier with his turnaround. I’ve always supported him as a player, but he’s never been beyond reproach.  No Arsenal player should be, we wouldn’t want to see complacency would we!

Talking of hard work, I read that in life, very little success is down to luck. It’s down to hours you practice. According to Malcolm Gladwell, once you hit 10,000 hours of practice, you become a master of whatever activity you train at. Which kind of fits in nicely with this approach Wenger has had with playing someone till they come good. If the basic ingredients are there (technical ability, work ethic, youth) and you have 3 years on your hands to suffer the bad times, a player should come good. We’re seeing that with Eboue, Bendtner, Song and hopefully, we’ll see it with Theo.

Personally though, I hope Arsenal have finished this transitional period team growing stuff. I hope if Alex Song and Nik Bendtner leave us this summer for £40million, we spend that money and buy 2 players to replace them… instead of trying to be clever and promote within. We’re in great shape now, we can’t have a 3 year transition every time someone decides to leave.

This summer, I hope we build on our squad regardless of trophies because the Premiership is going to be spending as crudely as John Terry on a cover up. Our squad from now on should be complimented each season with two youth players and a marquee signing if it’s needed. That way, we get the best of both worlds. Young players learning from great players and nice blend of youth and experience.

I saw Alex Lebedev has bought up another newspaper (The Independent). I must admit, as much as I thought this was going to be a bad idea, I think the Evening Standard (Gooner friendly) is still excellent and RT Today is a top news station. Lets hope he keeps free news alive and he goes against Murdoch new plan to monetize the web.

Who’d have thought it? Russians saving the free press!

P.S. If you haven’t seen our very own range of Gooner shirts, check out Tatty Nut Nuts range here. All the shirts are now in stock, Geoff went for the Marmite version, I’m wearing the Vermaelen one! They look ace, buy one, people will think you’re cool.

If you have any spare tickets, e-mail them in. Surprisingly, people are anxious to get them now! Where were you all for the Liverpool and West Ham games where I had a bundle, eh?! I have one spare for tomorrow.

The Marmite's

P.P.S. What’s your superstition? According to the below Grover (Jock), if he doesn’t eat his battered burger from the Chinese on Gillespie road before every game, we don’t win. He’s so sure of this superstition, he’s going to have one pre-battered for the Barcelona away game! My superstition is not to buy lucky gloves… they’re never lucky. What’s yours!

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  1. Mr B

    As I said yesterday, income tax should be limited to a max slab of 30% or less.

    Tax acts as a disincentive to work.

    My earlier post about porn was in reply to Telarse’s question about investment bankers being a good shag.

  2. Geoff

    Any idiot could tell Darling that when governments raise taxes, some people leave, some people avoid it but receipts go down and the economy and reputation of the country suffers.

    Put taxes down and the high earners declare, only a socialist ex hippy student wouldn’t get it, and not one of those cunts in our cabinet has ever worked.

  3. Geoff

    So we let all those Somalians in because it was too dangerous in the shithole they came from and what do they do? Run riot in our country and stab someone to death at Victoria.

    40 odd kids brandishing knives in broad daylight, so much for Labour’s strict knife laws, which of course don’t apply to anyone from another country because we don’t want to offend them.

    What the fuck has this country come to?

    Good going Gordon.

  4. choy

    Tomorrow’s going to be a tough game,

    I am sure that scottish mug is going to have his team fired up and physically they’re going to have a go.

    They have played in midweek so I expect them to drop off in the second half.

  5. zeus

    Whenever Arsenal take to the field I just expect a win. Simple as that. 3 points after a gruelling first half and cruise control in the 2nd.

    Hoping for an early goal though.

    Then its barca barca barca.

  6. choy

    They’re talking about barca, brum..

    Johan was talking about the Eddie injury.

    Dixon’s talking about title chances.

  7. choy


    this is what they think the team will be


    Sagna Song Campbell Clichy
    Diaby Denilson Fab
    Eboue Nikkib Rosicky.

  8. zeus

    Thats a good team choy.

    Aa23 probly needs a bit of a rest too. Doesn’t take much to get him k tired. Two sprints and then he is like an asthmatic.

  9. zeus

    Rosicky gives the team a good technical balance as well. Just no injuries, not b4 the barca game.

    Nice to see Wenger’s focus as well, not favouring either competition just going for both as it should be.

  10. ritesh

    The ref is Howard Webb…… Expect tackles all round with no whistle blowing… in respect of the pure tradition…

  11. zak

    watchin Arsenal TV 1st Tom Watt needs a damn good iron and 2nd do any white english arsenal supporters ever ring up that we can all understand ????

  12. ben

    Since i switched SKY SPORTS back on for the Stoke game i have witnessed my beloved Arsenal coming of age. It reminds me how i felt during the Henry days when Highbury used to rock at the North end upper…lost my season ticket after our last season at Highbury…got my Redcurrant footy kit as a reminder of those days…f*** i miss them. I really think we are seeing something special starting to show its fruits just when some of our wanky fans were wavering, even if we miss it this year im sure we are just round the corner from greatness once more…we are gonna blow everyone away as of now…lets hope we do enough this year but even if we dont i know we will have an awesome team for next year WITH CESC! I will even predict we will win the premier this year and next year and win the Champs League either this year or most prob next year. I feel a treble in the horizon…put ur bets down now for us to do the treble next year…what are he odds? Arsenal forever!!!!

  13. B.B.K.

    birmingham played on wednesday,they will come at us straight from the off so lets hope by the time the 2nd half kicks off we are in a good position and can kick on from there and they tire,come on you redssssssss.

  14. ritesh

    Lol ZAk, try a bit you can understand.

    I am learning cantonese for the moment and I can understand your frustration. 😉

  15. B.B.K.

    Has nicklas bendtneer proved arsene wenger was right not to buy a striker in the jan t-fer window?????????only at the end of the season you can answer that one

  16. B.B.K.

    choy Says:
    March 26, 2010 at 21:15
    how you doing BBK!

    all pumped for the game morrow? I AM,positivity flowing through my vains,come on you reds..

  17. JJ

    Superstition – My now 5 month old daughter has to be wearing her Arsenal jersey for every game. During the West Ham game my wife brought her our in an Arsenal outfit (but not the jersey)… I was not impressed but gritted through it. After the Vermaelen send off I ordered my wife to put our daughter in the proper Arsenal shirt… Job done!

  18. Ja_Gunner

    This would be my team for Birmingham…


    We need the height/physicality for Birmingham..so I risk Bendy…..If he does not recover for Barca..then we simply play Eduardo….

    Eduardo could work against Barca because they are less physical….

  19. Ja_Gunner

    Team for Barca


    We should bring both Theo and Vela on for the final 25 mins or so….Barca are succeptible to fast counter attacks…..Theo and Vela are very speedy….

  20. zeus

    Because Rio wa a violent cunt while TV5 was a wrong dismissal. thats why. Good to hear though. It shows that the glory hunter is worried about us.

  21. zeus

    @ Ja

    Lets just hope Song recovers so that Song can play in midfield.

    As good as Denilson has been in the last couple of games, its shocking how little urgency he shows when he loses the ball. That still pisses me off no end.

    At any rate, we should be playing with a few English quality in the middle. Song strentgh can unsettle both Xavi and Iniesta and Diaby on Yaya.

  22. ethangunner

    London Says:
    March 26, 2010 at 22:21

    JJ 10:45…..comment of the day LMAO
    thats only because you didnt read my jokes earlier ..even DDM would of been happy with those puppies 🙂

  23. ethangunner

    zeus Says:
    March 26, 2010 at 22:26

    Look at all of Wenger’s kids. hehe

    Very unusual celebration that. They all ran to daddy.
    most girls do at that age 🙂

  24. Sarfaraz

    Hi Geoff/Pedro,

    I have been reading your blog for quite a while now. Just thought of posting my 1st comment today.

  25. ethangunner


    Arsenal don’t do well if I dont shout “Come on Arsenal” just as they kick off.
    either that, or thats whats been fuckin us up the past 5 years 🙂

  26. ethangunner

    So we let all those Somalians in because it was too dangerous in the shithole they came from and what do they do? Run riot in our country and stab someone to death at Victoria.

    What the fuck has this country come to?

    Dont worry i was talking to my sister yesterday and they dumped over 2000 somalians in a northern suburb in PERTH… West Oz ..

    my sister lives up on the hill and says she shes all the women walking around with baskets on their heads 🙂

    man things have changed in the 8 years ive been away !

  27. A

    The stabbing was by schoolchildren who speak English fluently so have been in the country for a good while, and because of a ridiculous school rivalry, with dumbasses who have watched one too many football hooligan film so decided to have a meet up in a train station.

    Nothing to do with immigration, just fucking idiots, regardless of nationality

  28. vani

    my superstition:
    i have to watch the game. every game i havent watched this season, we lost. the others, well we drew at least!

  29. Simon McMahon

    just got back from a cancer research fund raiser, CASINO NIGHT WE PUT TOGETHER, RAISED OVER 1200 QUID AFTER EXPENSIVES .
    feeling good about the human race , now onto today i.m going to the game , and cant wait i fucking hate
    that red nose apprentice in charge of the brummies, c’mon boys tear these shit kickers a new areshole today ,

  30. ethangunner

    Nothing to do with immigration, just fucking idiots, regardless of nationality
    yes but if you inter mix cultures so different your bound to bring in criminal elements ..

    the best way is to not show charity to begin with!

    thats why fucking marfia’s still exist , A you know nothing about the REAL consquences ..

    Maybe you need to travel the world a bit more before you become the definitive authority on the fucking matter !

    trying going to iraq or oman , Israel then tell me differing cultures can live together co-heasively ..

    as ever, you miss the big picture and prefer to manipulate the topic into a pure racerist type banter !

    thats what happens when you enter uneducated into a foreign society , 1st the marfia or criminal element in any culture prays on citizens who do the right thing ..

    turf wars , you name it , ive seen it all !

    you drop any X factor into society and you need to be prepared for the consequences .
    its the first rule to avoid as an Urban planner!

  31. ethangunner

    I used to work for a company that provided remote housing for the aboriginals of the NT (north territory Australia) we used to go in assess what buildings were still worthy of relocation , provide additional New stuff and then we would pick them up and take them 500 km out of the city limits to a new site further away from society ..

    whilst speaking to the leader of the tribe he told me he has been moved 3 times further out of the metropolitan area on each occasion over the past 20 odd years .

    the aboriginals got the NT in Australia , the american Indian’s got Texas . every western society has given there aboriginals a desolate dust bowl of a desert as compensation for taking them over ! ..

    if nothing else that proves even governments think cultures cant always co-exist , and when it comes to where you live people get protective , look at iraq , you dont need to look into urban UK to see mixing races can be toxic ..

  32. Jon

    I’m not gonna be able to catch the game; I’m flying to Dhaka and back today while the game is being played. Oh shite. But when I get back, I expect to see no less than a win.

    Let’s keep the winning streak going! And on a side note, I’m sorta wondering if you guys will be participating in this year’s Earth Hour?

  33. Rohan

    If any of ye faggots are interested, I’ve just been accepted to the University of California at Berkeley for electrical engineering. Sabeel, watch out!! 😀

  34. bnsb

    Good Morning all!

    Congrats Rohan!

    Year end work, busy day. Trying to read through comments, skipping most of them! Dont think will be posting much whole day!

  35. tunde

    does anybody feel good about the fact that webb will be officiating this one? It jst makes me nervous each time i think about it,i have a feeling we will surfer some fair share of dodgy decisions yet again today,maybe an offside goal,a penalty against us again,another red card,or at best rugby tactics to be condone by the referee,i hope i’m wrong coz we can’t afford not to win this one!

  36. tunde

    mornin sabeel,really do you ever go to bed?:) it seems like you’re on auto respond mode:) later guys,i’m off to read the dailies

  37. Rohan

    Birmingham are on the way down, we should get a result and I am pretty confident. I’d start Rosicky today and maybe give Nasri a break as I’m sure Nasri who usually plays very well in Europe will start against Barca… Rosicky will also give us additional defensive stability if Denilson is our DM… I’d also play Eboue instead of Sagna.

  38. Geoff

    Well done Rohan, would you like me to come over and give a lecture on politics to your new mates?

    I’ve played at Pebble Beach and Spyglass Hill in California, top place mate.

  39. tunde

    as much i’lld like arshavin to be fresh for barca we can’t afford to rest him against the brum,when it comes to creating magical moments out of thin air,no one does it better than AA23 at arsenal and arguably in the epl.

    For brum my formation will be:
    — Al —


    Denil——fab4——Abou D


    Subs:Zinedine Ebou,Rozza,fish head,traore,eastmond,nasri,merida

    Substitute arshavin for rozza in d 2nd half,bring in zeebway for walcot when we’re leading as he offers more in terms of both attacking threat n defensive qualities. Do this n it’s another 3pts in d effin bag

  40. gnarleygeorge9

    Why is it a danger game? Just picture the Brum change rooms as Strawberry the Sweaty sock addresses his players. What do you think he will say?

    Well can I say this, @ the last Old firm game 2009, when Rangers did Celtic, Brum Boss was sitting with Manu Boss. Need I say any more.

  41. gnarleygeorge9

    Fancy footy is out the door here. It, unfortunately, is going to have to be another ground out, heart pulping win for The Arsenal. I certainly hope I’m wrong 😉 & its 0-3, but I fully expect this to be a pivotel 90 minutes in the quest for glory. For me it was always going to be Stoke & Brum away, so bloody hell this game is massive IMHO

  42. tunde

    finally my take on the game… Wait for it… 1-3 to the arsenal, webb just like most fergie-worshiping men in black will do his best to scuttle our title bids as usual but in d end we will be too good for them,even with 1 man down!

  43. arsenal m

    Senderos has had a mental nightmare hes just needs a new challenge i am sure he will be a great centre half alter on his career. Defenders take time to adapt. Djorou is good but he keeps getting niggling injuries. Hopefully vermaelen will add steel and leadership skills. He looks a future arsenal future captin to me