Today is the first of many ‘must wins’ – if we are to win the title.

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First of all I must comment on Eboue and his vast improvement this last few months, well Arsene is now saying he is becoming that player he knew was in there, great, at last so he’s what now? 26? Yet more proof that project youth only works in extremely rare situations, like Cesc, Messi and Rooney.

Most players in football only really come of age when they are 22 onwards, 26 maybe middle aged in Wenger’s book, but worldwide it the perfect age.

Players like Kaka, Zidane, Ronaldo and co only really come good when they get into their twenties, and that’s what is happening to Eboue.

What I don’t like is going through years of watching players learn at our expense and filling our team full of weak links in the hope that one day they will come good, I think you can afford to have one or two, but the bulk of them should be ready to go.

Arsenal are finally getting to the point where they are good to go, we have few weaknesses these days, bar maybe Denilson, but he’s still young enough to come good and Almunia, but he’s too old to come good.

I think sending Wilshere out on loan makes sense, when we get him back he’ll be ready to rock, Ramsey will come back a stronger player and hopefully Djourou will get fit in time to help out at the back when we need him most.

Until the likes of Djourou and Bartley grow monster heads I think we could do with one to look after our players, a Peter Story type, Cana would have done it, and yes I know he’s a DM, I don’t care where on the pitch we get one, but we don’t have one now. And we absolutely need one.

Robin is due back in April, which isn’t far away and he’s another that after so long was beginning to look world class.

So in all, this team are closing in on completeness and hopefully at the right time, I think Eboue offers that incisiveness we need on the right, though I would prefer to juggle him and Sagna and persevere with Theo as the winger.

We were out of the blocks against Porto and we need to do the same today, do that and we are top of the league, say we are top of the league.

Has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?

Have a great day Grovers, this is it! Oops, sorry Michael!

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  1. Mayank

    Thing with Arsh is he just never ever help the ball into the net, it always a rocket shot. He’s got the technique to pull it off but it can make the misses seem embarrassing.

  2. GMR

    zee – well he did play, obviously it’s a risk to play him but just like he took the chance with cesc last time, he’s doing it with Nasri now, hardly surprising given the amount of players missing. If cesc is back next week you can be assured Nasri will be rested.

  3. zee

    keyser – nasri had his thigh strapped against porto, but we all know how cautious wenger is with injuries, especially hamstrings. so yeh, i don’t think you could say nasri has a hamstring injury or he wouldn’t have played 90mins today. anyway dont wanna argue – what a vital fuckin win!!!! hang in there arsenal – as someone said – it could have been our macheda moment. bendtner’s scored 2 massive away goals in recent weeks, that one, and the first to get us back into it at stoke was huge

  4. Mayank

    Are you serious David? One more for a once in 20 game scenario? We need a CF, CB and a GK and I’m not too sure about the CF.

  5. Keyser

    zee – several of them have things strapped, it could just be tight and it’s just a risk we have to take.

    Plus to well contested games this far into a season, where we’ve had loads of injuries like always is going to take it out of you, unless you’re Vermaelen, who’s a machine.

  6. nishanth

    Also you have got to love sagna.His crossing is shit but i wish everyone in our team had his attitude.Really good defensively and kept trying and was one of the few players today who put a real effort in

  7. zeus

    @ Zee

    Damn right. But the mandatory broken leg that we should get every season has already occurred surely they wont be thinking that they should do that to us again.

    @ Pawel
    The Birmi game is b4 the CL And I DON’T think Wenger will be weakening his domestic squad because we have a CL tie.

  8. ritesh

    Oooufff…we looked tired.

    Their guy was offside on the penalty. The stupid linesman did not flag it.

    A definite penalty on Clichy at the other end. Unsurprisingly we did not get it.

    I love Denilson….;-) thats the right attitude.

  9. zee

    i dont think we’ll be able to count on djourou this season. love to be wrong though. imagine being right in the race and champs league last 4 with rvp back tho..

  10. Keyser

    Sagna’s a machine to, Rosicky used to have loads of energy in the past, but Vermaelen’s played as many games as anyone and he just keeps going with the same heart.

  11. raynor73

    Luke: I just want Denilson replaced. He is utter rubbish and so not worthy of the Arse.

    I’d rather play Eastmond or Merida to be toally honest. OK he had the shot, but that made up for the defensive bollocks we saw today, falling over himself and giving the ball away 20 yards inside your own half. Dip shit

  12. izham

    lady luck is what you need to win the league..the refs and the cunt linesman are out to stop us from winning the league..seriously this game has to be the worst game being refereed ever..

    anyway i can bet tomorrow’s headline will be Sol should have been off and that tackle was malicious with the intent to injure the opponent..

  13. zeus

    Sol tackle was no red card. 50/50 no studs or anything. I wonder how the press will cover this one now though. Sol is English so maybe they will let it go.

    So glad he played as well, could you imagine Disastre in there. So Sol has a week off, and Gallas another week to get fit.

  14. pawel


    oh, someone wrote the 1/4 is between hammers and birmingham, my bad i haven’t checked that

    what i meant was that we seem to do bad in the league after CL games, just an observation

  15. luke

    Man, to be brutally honest I dont think we should even try to play RVP this year unless its totally necessary. He is going to have niggles and then go to the world cup, I dont want him fucked for next year too.

  16. zee

    who’s our player of the year so far? i’d say vermaelen, played all 30 league games, loves it, up for every game, consistent, probably only 2 bad games. hey he might even be a better captain than that comedy matador from pamplona

  17. Telarse

    Keep Billy G for at least 2 years rather than forking out a few million on a new CB.
    We definitely need a new GK – Lloris, and a new CM to protect defence – Parker would do me til Eastmond(or even Song) matures enough. That wouldn’t cost much and, on the plus side, would kill Denilson!
    Can’t believe we are pissing about with Billy G while paying so much for peripheral tubes!

  18. Maximus

    I dont understand the hate some people express on Denilson here. I feel that sometimes it is not even football related. It is pure hate, which builds over time out of some misconception of reality. Do you really hate Denilson because of his performances or because of an image of him that you have built over time, listening to people spew bile about him?

    It is also a no brainer that lines like “god I hate Denilson” are indeed what is atrocious, waste of your time and most of all waste of space on this site. Who needs to know if you hate Denilson? For all I care, i hate pigs. Next time you feel like reciting your “I hate Denilson” monologues, please go into your toilet and relieve your stuff down the sewers.

  19. zee

    luke – he’ll be desperate to play before the world cup. can you imagine wenger’s rage if he doesnt get to play him after that friendly and then gets named in their squad!!?

  20. zeus

    @ Luke

    Might as well give RVP some playing time, about an hour or so.

    There is no way he is not playing at the WC.

  21. izham

    how many goals per game have bendtner scored for us since returning back from injury?? he’s going to be our Ljunberg of 01/02,in hot firing form..

  22. Maximus

    David, sometimes it is actually harder to play against 10 than 11. When a man down, teams tend to focus more and go into a more defensive mode

  23. zee

    i thought our defence was good (apart from a knackered looking sol) today – not much else was though. it’s a cliche but it’s such a good sign to win games like this when you’ve been so shit. united do it half a dozen times a season.

  24. luke

    Zeus, I know theres no way hes not playing at the WC, thats why I dont want him to rush back for us, pick up a niggle, and then go into the WC where he’ll be overused coming off injury. It has bad news written all over it. Obviously in a CL final or if our season hinges on a game, Id put RVP in there, but if we dont have to use him, no reason to rush him back.

  25. zeus

    Am I the only one worried by Eduardo. Don’t mean to be harsh, but whenever he comes on he is just like a cool breeze. Nothing doing EVER in the final 3rd.

    Thank hell Fab4 is back at the weekend.

  26. Micky Did It 89

    THAT my Arsenal is exactly the stuff that titles are made of. Win ugly. I absolutely hate Hull and their manager. Good riddence!

  27. zee

    zeus – he only ever gets 15mins, it cant be easy to integrate when you never get any time. vela not even on the bench either v porto or today after his goalscoring app for mexico.

  28. Pat

    David, 10 men or 11 makes no difference, at least offensively for us. It only gives them a striker less. It might have actually made it harder.

    Before the red, they tried playing football. After the red, it was an awful match and they wasted a good 30-40 seconds on each throw-in, etc.

    I thought RVP was outperforming cesc when he got injured. I hope he can continue where he left off. I don’t care if he won’t score. We don’t miss his goals, we miss the way he linked up play between our front 3. After he got injured, the front 3 have been heavily reliant on Cesc. The way RVP drops into the middle makes it difficult for CBs.

    “Should I follow him, or should I stay back” is what goes through their mind. They stay back, we have an open man or 2 in midfield. If the CB follows RVP, then a MF player will run into that gap. He is absolutely crucial if we want to beat the big teams in the CL.

  29. zeus

    @ Luke,

    No need to worry about that. Wenger wont play RVP until May, when there is only 2 games left plus hopefully a CL final.


  30. zeus

    @ Pat

    Spot on. A bit like how defenders were confused by Hleb in the final season. RVP is the only true ‘False 9’ as his type is called. The roaming pivot.

    As a playmaking forward, absolutely no one comes close outside of messi to his first touch and vision. Much more than a goalscorer.

  31. raynor73

    Dudu is shot. I reckon he might go soon, he just isnt really doing very much at all, epsecially given the chances hes had recently. He’s fluffed his lines.

  32. Pat

    RVP will be risked, I think.

    Its the end of the season. If we got this far without him, why not take a gamble. If he gets injured, he misses the world cup?

    Do we care(unless your Dutch)? I couldn’t give 2 shits whether he gets injured before the WC. I want him for Arsenal’s purposes. If he thinks he’s ready, let him play.

  33. luke

    Chelski run in. They can drop points to Villa, Manyoo, Spuds, Liverpool. If were lucky, maybe even blackburn away, stoke home, pompey away.
    H-Aston Villa

  34. Stu

    We all know whats going to happen. VP will come back mid april and start coming off the bench for us. SLowly but surely he will regain fitness and when the season ends he will go to the WC and get injured and miss our pre season.

    Either that or he will be back just in time to be named in the Holland squad and then get injured.

  35. David

    Pat absolutely disagree,

    We have enough link up play bollox on this team…RVP gives us something out of nothing…

    Fulham away immediately comes to mind…he’s not wasteful like our front 3 are and if you havent noticed he is Mr. Arsenal…we all miss him

  36. zee

    1 Chelsea 29 13 1 1 45 13 7 3 4 24 14 42 64
    2 Arsenal 30 12 1 2 41 15 8 3 4 30 18 38 64
    3 Man Utd 29 12 1 1 39 8 8 2 5 28 16 43 63

    i’m massive woy’s boys tomorrow

  37. nishanth

    Pat-Totally agree with you.At this of the season we should take that kind of risk.I don’t give a fuck about holland and it is not like they are going to win anything

  38. Man

    That’s a good point luke 20:09, if he has to go to the world cup he should be used sparingly…
    But say Bendtner got injured again and he was fit then I would support his inclusion

  39. luke

    United Run in. They can drop to Fulham, Liverpool, Bolton, chelsea, Man city, Spuds, Sunderland.
    A-Man City

  40. David

    Against Mancity away too..our back to the ropes…crap football with Denilson and what happnd…two touches bang back of the net…fucking goal…damn i miss RVP

  41. Honest Bill

    Haha. Yeah when you get all physical against Hull on a cold night up north, they just can’t handle it.

  42. ritesh

    Denilson, you saved us today.

    Sadly, next week Song is back and u will be on the bench πŸ˜‰

    Song and Diaby give a lot of balance to the team to build from. If they play the remaining 10 games, we should make it home.

  43. nishanth

    Yeah David.He has scored some really important goals for us.Fulham,West ham,Opening the scoring against spuds when we weren’t playing that well.Also his set piece delivery is better than anyone else in the team

  44. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    Im gutted…I ducked upstairs in the 91st minute to help the wife with our 6 month old daughter!!! Missed the bloody goal…
    I will have to watch it on the re-run wednesday night!

    Fkn come one!!! That was like a trip to the dentist…

    I said it would be messy…expect the same at Birmingham and Blackburn.

    8 more games to go….24 points to claim!

    I think Clichy did well…TV too…Sol battled hard.

    On we go…

  45. zee

    david – we need those dippers to find a bit of form tho dont we! torres needs to stop worrying about his hair straighteners

  46. Denilson

    It’s all good Ritesh… May the better player play

    All I care about is the trophy at the end of the 38th game πŸ™‚

  47. patthegooner

    Fuck that was close, but to be honest I don’t really care about the performance today.

    It was always going to be a bit of a battle, nigly tackles, a shit pitch and a hostile local crowd.

    We didn’t need the incompetent officials, but unfortunately we got them as well.

    But fucking well done Arsenal, well fucking done, you did not play that well, but you won the game, and Nic fucking well done again. you did not get a lot of chances but you scored one of those you did get and that goal and those 2 additional points could be the difference between 1st, 2nd and 3rd come the 16th May.

    I am over the moon guys, I think this puts us in pole position.

  48. patthegooner

    Oh and what a bunch of cunts are ESPN. They are as bad as Manc Sports News. It was all about Hull being on the wrong end of decisions.


  49. nishanth

    That idiot benitez will play the likes of maxi and lucas and fuck it up.With those 2 in the team i doubt liverpool will get anything out the games against chelsea and man u

  50. David

    Torres said that he loves playing Utd.

    Also said Old Traff is a must win…obviously if the are going to want to get into the top 4 theyre going to need to beat UTD and Chelsea.

    Torres had some incredible misses against Wigan…i dont see it happning against UTD tho…he loves to fuck them up. Especially Vidic.

  51. Honest Bill

    I agree David. RVP is so fucking good at creating chances for himself.

    But at the same time, his ability to create space for others is second to none. He was becoming a complete player.. Pity he’s so prone to injury though

  52. luke

    Liverpool won 4-0 at old trafford last year, or something like that right? BTW, I hear Clint Dempsey is back for Fulham tomorrow. COME ON CLINT!

  53. zeus

    L’pool will beat the Mancs. Of this I’m sure. They are a bit like us in recent years. Can’t beat the bottom teams but compete against the top ones.
    Hve no cahnce of winning the league but end up having a big say where it goes. That goes back to Mourinho when Man u won the first of there treble. We drew with the blues and thats how the title was decided.

  54. nishanth

    Fulahm will have their eyes on the second leg game against juve.I doubt they will be really up for it tomorrow.What are the chances of zola resting cole and diamanti against us????..did parker get injured today?

  55. luke

    Didnt Fulham beat United at old trafford last year too? Maybe it was at the cottage though, cant remember…

  56. gambon

    georgian, im not sure what game he came back.

    9 in 21 games is pretty impressive though, considering he played wide for most of em.

  57. nishanth

    I still think campbell should be given an extension.He still isn’t completely fit.As a backup CB he will be good and his experience will be valuable.His defending has been pretty good actually but he tends to panic a bit with the ball at his feet

  58. zee

    woys boys beat em 3-0 or 3-1 at the cottage, i’ll be amazed if they get anything tomorrow. i’ll settle for hangeland kicking rooney and out for 6 weeks though

  59. nishanth

    Bendtner came back against villa. 11 games-6 goals and 3 assists if you include the penalty he won against stoke as an assist

  60. luke

    Fulham seem to get it together for united. Maybe with Dempsey returning they can pull off an upset. Fingers crossed.

  61. nishanth

    Bendtner missed a string of chances against Burnley last week but bounced back with a Champions League hat-trick against Porto and added the crucial strike on Saturday evening.

    He told ESPN: “It felt really good, so long in coming and at 1-1 it was really tense and we were trying to push on.

    “All goals you score are important, especially today and I’m pleased for the team that we won the game.”

    Manager Arsene Wenger added: “We started well, when we were 1-0 up we lost our focus and took it a bit too easy.

    “When it was 1-1 I knew we had to battle because suddenly Hull’s belief raised. We needed to fight until the last second and fortunately we got the late goal.”

    The Tigers played much of the game with 10 men after George Boateng received a second booking for a crude challenge on Bacary Sagna.

    Wenger said: “Unfortunately he deserved it but you can understand these challenges. If teams are fighting not to go out of the Premier League you understand that commitment

  62. nishanth

    It’s maybe not good for my heart, but for the championship it’s not bad,” Wenger said after Arsenal’s fifth straight win. “We have eight games to go, we are in there, why should we not believe? What I believe especially is that we will give absolutely everything to do it. You saw that in the game today. We were a bit jaded but we kept going. We needed the three points and we got it after the 90 minutes

  63. gambon

    Ah Zee

    That piece of genius was pointing out that for how many minutes he has played he has a very good record.

    Worked out at 1 in 2, which for a young striker is very impressive!

  64. zee

    on paper we had the hardest game out of the top 3 this weekend – at least we’ve done our bit. dont think rio and vidic will be losing sleep about zamora though

  65. SharkeySure

    Great win today from a below par TEAM performance.

    I’m really not sure why Denilson is singled out as much as he is. Yeah he got knocked around abit, but he intercepted a few and won a few headers late in the game.

    Late on he seizes the initiative and sets us up for the title. Does he get any fuck he does.

    I’m not sure how or why Arshavin can look so unbothered at times. It really annoys me at times, but you can;t really ever take him off cos he’s such a dangerous little bastard when the mood takes him.

  66. David

    Thats cuz DEnilson constantly loses the ball and puts us on the backfoot

    Jimmy Bullard nearly fired one in that missed over the bar and even Almunia was screaming at Denilson.

    Its not just the losing the ball…its the fukin lack of application to win it back

  67. David

    At least you see Diaby running to catch his man to win the ball back..

    If anything we clearly missed a ball winner.

    And Denilson winning headers? Did we watch the same game 😯

  68. SharkeySure

    GO wtach it agion with his heaers i mind.

    Come nack to me whneber you like. At least two headers down in the LB position, both made from behnd the Hull player…

    You of all people should know how sometime ones dislike for a player can prevent them from seeing any good in a player.

    I ain;t saying Denilson is top drawer, just saying that his continued singling out is getting a little tiresome.

    For all the commnets about how shit he was, there were hardly any giving him any credit for rescuing us the extra 2 points.

  69. SharkeySure

    Oh and David, if Denilson really did ‘constantly loses the ball’ as you claim…our back line would have been under 10 tmes as muich pressure as it was,

    You post much criticism of Arshavin today did you….??

  70. David

    And this winning headers thing has absolutely nothing to do with Phil Brow subbing off Jan Vennegoor and Jozy Altidore for defensive players.

    Okay. As long as youre making sense to yourself

  71. luke

    Sharkey, I hear what youre saying. Denilson had an average performance today by what weve come to expect from him. But the fact is, bar his long shot today that won us the game, he was useless.

  72. SharkeySure

    DAvid..who said the headers werein the 90th min…?? YOu claim to have missed them, no wyou wanna tell m ewhne they were.

    Oh and don’t start getting sarky/childish with me, just end the discussion whenever you feel free.

    Discussion ended.

    Fair point Luke. I just object to him being on auto slag even though he has done Ok (for him?). Worst of al its the unbalanced viewing of any of our playes that I find most annoying.

    I fnd Arshavin pretty annoying most times, but I give him credit for the good things he does. I don’t go into denial about whether they happened or not

  73. bostonian


    i think you really need glasses

    Denilson sometimes got outmuscled but his interceptions and blocks were very vital

    i would not call it a top notch day from him, but yes a good gritty performance.

  74. Gooby

    anyone got a link for JET’s goal?

    mancs vs chavs will be the main twist in the race, a draw will put us as close as ever.

    if one of those cunts grabs a win it will be hard on the other, we’ll be in a good position.

    next week with cesc, gallas and song back in the squad the team should play better. i hope risky recovers as well, we can see how important he is, experience, quick feet, little one twos and vision

  75. RayGooner

    van Persie: 15 Starts – 8 Goals
    Bendtner: 15 Starts (8 Subs) – 9 Goals

    We all complain abour Bendtner’s lack of goals, but this statistics show he’s pretty much the same as van Persie…

  76. gazzap

    I am well pleased with the 3 points. couldn’t give a damn how we played. I knew without song and cesc in particular but also Gallas and rosicky too that it was going to be a tough day, especially at 1-1. and so it turned out to be and with ten men they played like there was an injustice and played better than with 11 men. so we still managed to get the 3 points. No one was really bad today but the whole team looked a bit tired to me.

    people can criticise Arsh, nik and Den, but between them they did the key moments in the match that took the 3 points, and thats all I care about.

    Oh and how could ref book Bendtner for being gouged!? thats like Song being booked last week for being pushed.

  77. ritesh

    Denilson was OK today. He did not lose many balls, got many interceptions and had a cracker at the end which won us the game.

    Shava tried too hard maybe because he was not confident that Bendtner would put it in… We were a bit short of incisive attacking players which is why he went on his own too many times.

  78. nn

    sharkey. dennilson is shit/ full stop . no argument. he got lucky . he had a shit shot. for some reason the keeper decided to punch the shot straight out to deaadly bentfoot the legend who knows how to finish. so fuck off with your dennilson love. he was shocking today and has had more than enough chances. we played with 10 men tonight . that is how shit dennilson is. goodbye

  79. SharkeySure

    One correction Ray G…its not ‘we all’. In the main its one person who has him on auto slag.

    Most people take no notice of that one bloggers comments about that one player. Cos even after his recent run of goals, there is littleor no credit forthcoming.

    Its like another blogger who wanted Diaby shot and swore he was never an Arsenal player….went on about it constantly even when he weren;t even playing. He also had a long list of ‘witty’ and ‘hilarious’ variations on his name.

  80. Gooby

    they were probably tired today, and not playing very good football but hell…this team looks as strong as ever.

  81. Baxter Wall

    David constantly loses the ball? Right well that’s a claim that can be checked.

    And guess what? Your claim is bollocks.

  82. RayGooner

    We all agree Bendtner misses a lot of chances but that would mean he creates more than van Persie…right? (cause he’s scored 1 more goal)

    So there are only 2 ways to look at it:

    1. Bendtner misses more but creates more
    2. van Persie creates more, which would mean He misses more chances than Bendtner…

    Which one is more likely?

  83. SharkeySure

    NN – you’re a blog hard man…woo hoo for you.

    I’m really happy for ya, no honestly I am.


    Slanging match you’re after is it…?? Look elsewhere son.

    Hope you have a good evening.

  84. gazzap

    But have to say overall the two players that I just dont rate are Denilson and almunia but its not their fault. wenger bought them and picks them and refuses to replace them. they just come in and play the best they can. If you want to slate Den, i’d prefer you slate wenger.