Today is the first of many ‘must wins’ – if we are to win the title.

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First of all I must comment on Eboue and his vast improvement this last few months, well Arsene is now saying he is becoming that player he knew was in there, great, at last so he’s what now? 26? Yet more proof that project youth only works in extremely rare situations, like Cesc, Messi and Rooney.

Most players in football only really come of age when they are 22 onwards, 26 maybe middle aged in Wenger’s book, but worldwide it the perfect age.

Players like Kaka, Zidane, Ronaldo and co only really come good when they get into their twenties, and that’s what is happening to Eboue.

What I don’t like is going through years of watching players learn at our expense and filling our team full of weak links in the hope that one day they will come good, I think you can afford to have one or two, but the bulk of them should be ready to go.

Arsenal are finally getting to the point where they are good to go, we have few weaknesses these days, bar maybe Denilson, but he’s still young enough to come good and Almunia, but he’s too old to come good.

I think sending Wilshere out on loan makes sense, when we get him back he’ll be ready to rock, Ramsey will come back a stronger player and hopefully Djourou will get fit in time to help out at the back when we need him most.

Until the likes of Djourou and Bartley grow monster heads I think we could do with one to look after our players, a Peter Story type, Cana would have done it, and yes I know he’s a DM, I don’t care where on the pitch we get one, but we don’t have one now. And we absolutely need one.

Robin is due back in April, which isn’t far away and he’s another that after so long was beginning to look world class.

So in all, this team are closing in on completeness and hopefully at the right time, I think Eboue offers that incisiveness we need on the right, though I would prefer to juggle him and Sagna and persevere with Theo as the winger.

We were out of the blocks against Porto and we need to do the same today, do that and we are top of the league, say we are top of the league.

Has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?

Have a great day Grovers, this is it! Oops, sorry Michael!

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  1. CedarBayDave

    without a doubt the ugliest game i have seen in a long long time, but the 3 points we needed, and we got them

  2. Samir


    OMG BOYS!!!!

  3. Honest Bill

    Yes. Fucking have that you cunts. Fucking championship for you.

    Arsenal it appears, can win ugly… which is fucking lucky because we were utter fucking shite

  4. David

    Well fucking said Geoff

    After the 94th minute..I was like fuck me…do we ever get on the end of any cross?

  5. The Ruler

    Fucking hell, that was nerve wracking, good by Bendtner….. Arshavin has to stop being so wasteful at timeswith his shooting and passing.

  6. indian_gooner

    from soccernet –
    “FULL TIME That’s it! Nicklas Bendtner’s late, late goal settles the game in favour of Arsenal, and they go joint top with Chelsea. What a finish. Myhill was culpable for the goal and Hull probably deserved a point after playing so well following the dismissal of Boateng”

    what shite, playing so well my arse

  7. Gooby

    lets face it.

    we got the win and thats awesome. but we were not goot. i was on my nerves all game, even when they were 10 men we were having

  8. CedarBayDave

    Nice! Now I can enjoy the beach this afternoon! C’mon Fulham in the morning!

    I hope Cesc is back next week.

  9. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    for those from stats

    this from BBC

    ” Arsenal have scored more goal in the last 10 minutes of Premier League games this season – 14 – than any other team. Hull have conceded the most – 13. I wonder if both sets of players are aware of this?”

  10. Stu

    Hahahahah we are gonna win the fucking whole thing!

    Im off to shout in someones face!!!!!!! Bendtner!!!!!!!


  11. zeus


    We’re right in it now. Listening to ‘its up for grabs now’ I thought I wouldn’t mind seeing HUll stay up bcuz it sounds like gr8 fun when we play them at the Emirates and they get to taunt Tango. But as it turns out, THEY ARE CUNTS!

    I hope to never see them again.

  12. Sahara

    Stuff of champions?
    Winning whilst playing well below par.
    Will take the 3 points, Thank you.
    Phew. Huge Relief.
    What happened, really?

  13. AA23

    how were we lucky? we battered their goal for the last half hour.
    Ten men is always hard to break down and they defended well.
    we got a deserved winner.
    no luck involved apart from bad luck not to get the panalties and for them to get theirs.

  14. leon

    did not get a good stream but what i heard it was a real flat performance but i don care the bottom line they got the result it tough away win thats all that matters

  15. Keyser

    We looked fucking knackered but we got the win, you could see Phil Brown starting his run up for the ‘what a cunt’ celebration.

  16. Truth

    They got exactly what they deserved, Fuck Hull! Their only game plan was to kick and and try to intimidate us. I hope they slide back to where they came from.

  17. Telarse

    David we’ve the easy run in and our last 2 includin today were the easiest games so we’ll definitly be going through that again – guaranfuckinbastardincuntinteed !

  18. mike__

    8 games to go west ham up next another 17:30 kick off too…now is the time i dont want to hear any of these arsenal players picking up niggling injuries….now is the time more than any you put a bandage on and soldier on to victory.

  19. zee

    sometimes winning when you’ve been so poor feels as good as dicking porto. i’m getting a large gin in. super nik, super denilson ahahahaahahaha come on you redssssssssssssssss

  20. zeus

    @ Sabeel

    Spot on. Heard the Eboue song loud and clear.

    Even the ‘He’s 5 foot 4, 5 foot 4 we’ve got Arshavin F%$# Adebayor’. I heard the cursing very clearly.lmao

  21. EgyptianGooner

    what made the win so late
    is the lack of creativity from nasri, he’s back to holding the ball and then going back,
    i think if he was taken before Arsenal would’ve scored,
    u clearly see when arshavin dropped in place of nasri
    the whole game changed

  22. hitman

    Its games like that which may you think on the trophy? It is our destiny this year? Only 2 hard games left B’ham & Spuds away.

  23. Telarse

    I’ve never tried Peroni but it sounds a tad gay
    or like something Del boy would drink with umbongo.
    Wot’s it like and are you gay if you drink it or just if you swallow?

  24. Mayank

    Nice little 6 day breaks for the next 2 matches. We should get some fire-power back. Definitely gonna need it when CL comes around again.

  25. David

    What made the win so late?

    Bendtner decided to wait till the 98th minute to score despite Walcotts and Eboue’s best efforts to help him out with a tap in…

    Great fucking assist Myhill

  26. finestcuts

    something Del boy would drink with umbongo.

    —–Fucking hilarious………not a bad beer really Telarse, I prefer Żywiec, get yourself a can of that, quality beer.

  27. zeus

    @ Egyptiangunner

    The game was going to be difficult anyway. How about we take the chances we do create. Arshavin is too wasteful.

    A bit worrisome that again Eduardo was a non-entity when he came on.

  28. Gooby

    “hull city, who are you???????”
    “phil brown, who are you?????”

    who are you?
    who are you?
    who are you?

  29. zee

    wenger – pen was offside. good eyes arsene hehehe We got v v lucky, remember wenger had 15mins with them after the red card, we were so poor 2nd half. not that i give a shit now….

  30. Mayank

    True Sabeel, it sounded like a home match apart from 5 mins when they scored. The away support does seem to relish Hull and the likes.

  31. Confidentgoner

    A win is a win is a win…

    Sometimes I marvel at our level of commitment. Nasri is supposed to be the Am, pulling strings but I can now confirm he does this only at home. He doesn’t travel well.

    tbh, its oftentimes tougher playing 10 men behind the ball, than playing 11 men complete. We appeared very unsure and tentative for the 2nd half, which to me was unacceptable.

  32. Truth

    We have a habit of scoring late goals, and we always do it he hard way, but when it happens it feels so good.

  33. Keyser

    Heh, have people actually been watching us for the past few seasons, what exactly, over the last few seasons points to us ever doing things the easy way ?!

    Every single game is going to be tough, Hull away was always going to be tough.

  34. mike__

    on a negative note if we go to birmingham and play like that after the west ham game we wont be going home with any points so the boys need to make sure this was a one off.

  35. pawel

    This is THE MACHEDA MOMENT for Arsenal’s 09/10 campaign!

    My God, I was so frustrated in the 94th min…

    What a crappy performance, esp. from: Nasri (invisible, wasteful),
    Arshavin (wasteful, although credit for his goal),
    Sol (soooo shaky, he may have been sent off twice)
    and… the bald linesman! It was him, who started the shit, not calling that offside of Hesselink, which also resulted in a Sulzeer yellow.

    Btw, I think Hesselink wouldnt have scored from that position, the angle was very tight.

    But hey, we won on an off day, super-Nic MOTM!

  36. Keyser

    It’s the Champions League games, hopefully Chelsea have one that goes into extra time next week, United are pretty lucky, Fulham played in mid-week to.

  37. luke

    David Says:
    March 13, 2010 at 19:45

    Wow…im actually glad Bendy and Denilson played today.


    Dear God you’re right…WHAT ARE WE TURNING INTO!? 🙂

  38. Mayank

    Pat Barclay did mention this. Something on the lines of Arsenal not having character being the biggest cliché since they win the most matches in ET.

  39. Pat

    In the last ten minutes of Premier League games this season, Hull have conceded the most goals and Arsenal have scored the most. Interesting.

    I read that on some commentary before the goal came =D

  40. luke

    On the replays, that was the weakest penalty decision ive seen in a long time. Van fuckface was offsides, and he through himself into campell and fell down. Then bendtner gets taken down from a hull player who grabbed him by the neck…no call. Worst Ref performance ive seen in a long time. There could have been some serious injuries out there

  41. zeus

    West Ham United (H) A Birmingham (A) Wolverhampton (H)

    Those are the next 3 fixtures boys.

    The CL 1/4s sandwiched between the Wolves and Birmingham game though

  42. mike__

    is he saying sol should of gone for the pen or the perfectly timed tackle on zayatte or however it is spelled?

  43. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    Arsenal v West Ham, 17:30
    Birmingham v Arsenal, 15:00 –Away
    Arsenal v Wolverhampton, 15:00
    Tottenham v Arsenal, 12:45 –Away
    Wigan v Arsenal, 13:30 –Away
    Arsenal v Man City, 17:30
    Blackburn v Arsenal, 15:00 –Away
    Arsenal v Fulham, 15:00

    8 games, 4 home 4 away…C`mon Arsenal…

  44. zee

    mike – he says letter of the law for the pen incident he shoulda gone – and said sol intended to take out his player with the tackle on zayatte.

  45. GMR

    Do people realise that Nasri is continuing to play with a hamstring injury??

    To be honest we won & thats all I care about, how many times have we played well & lost or drawn. What I don’t understand is the abuse towards the team on here during the game, neither Chelsea or Man City won there in Hull’s last two home games, yet people think we should go there after a massive european game and play them off the pitch!!

  46. Telarse

    When we’re bad we’re all bad – never one or two having an off day and Wenger necer seems to be capable of addressing problem during a game.
    There was talk of “hairdryer” treatment at halt-time in Liverpool match but Liverpool were just shit in that match.

  47. pawel


    i think west ham home is just asking to be won, however the birmingham away will be tough and a lot will depend on how we do in the CL 1/4.

    paradoxically, i think todays game showed that easily winning a CL game may affect a following EPL peformance negatively, anyone?

  48. Mayank

    In truth if Sol’s tackle was a pen it was a red as well. But since it wasn’t a pen to begin with Phil can have no real complaints.
    Keyser, if we go on like this I’m sure we’ll be sitting pretty at the top with the last few matches being academic. But you can bet we won’t be doing it that way.

  49. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger’s on his side’s last-gasp victory over Hull City: “We started well but when we were 1-0 up we lost our focus. Straight away we were punished. At 1-1, I knew we had to battle because Hull’s belief went up and we had to fight until the last seconds to get the win.”

  50. nishanth

    Good anticipation by Bendtner.Nasri was really disappointing today.I don’t really know what to say about arshavin.He is without doubt the most frustrating player we have.
    I know denilson ended up playing a part in our second goal but he is a complete liability.Thank fuck song will be back next week.Hopefully along with cesc and rosicky

  51. Keyser

    Zee – Depends how bad it is, Diaby’s got that funky new strapping they have on aswell, the one where I think it’s for specific muscles.

  52. mike__

    considering the last two times we played them the ref has gifted them 2 pens that never were phill should shut the fuck up.

  53. Keyser

    I think Hesselink was looking for it, you’d have to give a penalty for when Clichy went down to like that.

  54. raynor73

    Absolutely. We need to make sure that was a ONE OFF. A horrible performance. You needs yer luck to win the league, and it shined on us today, for sure. We got the points, so shouldn’t dwell too much on a very poor performance and an odd tactical game from le Boss (or le Hypocrite if you are Jaguar le doom merchant).

    We won. 3 VERY needed points and hopefully AW will grill the fuck out of them and suggest wage cuts come Monday….

  55. nishanth

    In our home game against hull they gave even a softer penalty.But the cunts still couldn’t manage to beat us