Today is the first of many ‘must wins’ – if we are to win the title.

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First of all I must comment on Eboue and his vast improvement this last few months, well Arsene is now saying he is becoming that player he knew was in there, great, at last so he’s what now? 26? Yet more proof that project youth only works in extremely rare situations, like Cesc, Messi and Rooney.

Most players in football only really come of age when they are 22 onwards, 26 maybe middle aged in Wenger’s book, but worldwide it the perfect age.

Players like Kaka, Zidane, Ronaldo and co only really come good when they get into their twenties, and that’s what is happening to Eboue.

What I don’t like is going through years of watching players learn at our expense and filling our team full of weak links in the hope that one day they will come good, I think you can afford to have one or two, but the bulk of them should be ready to go.

Arsenal are finally getting to the point where they are good to go, we have few weaknesses these days, bar maybe Denilson, but he’s still young enough to come good and Almunia, but he’s too old to come good.

I think sending Wilshere out on loan makes sense, when we get him back he’ll be ready to rock, Ramsey will come back a stronger player and hopefully Djourou will get fit in time to help out at the back when we need him most.

Until the likes of Djourou and Bartley grow monster heads I think we could do with one to look after our players, a Peter Story type, Cana would have done it, and yes I know he’s a DM, I don’t care where on the pitch we get one, but we don’t have one now. And we absolutely need one.

Robin is due back in April, which isn’t far away and he’s another that after so long was beginning to look world class.

So in all, this team are closing in on completeness and hopefully at the right time, I think Eboue offers that incisiveness we need on the right, though I would prefer to juggle him and Sagna and persevere with Theo as the winger.

We were out of the blocks against Porto and we need to do the same today, do that and we are top of the league, say we are top of the league.

Has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?

Have a great day Grovers, this is it! Oops, sorry Michael!

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  1. incesc

    hb, A

    fair enough, i dont want to argue about the merits of winning today. I love it. Its fantastic we won again. long may it continue.

  2. Honest Bill

    Stu. Exactly, I believe credit should be given where it’s due, and it is certainly due tonight. The games where we would normally slip up, and have been heavily criticised for, we are turning into three points. The ‘mark of champions’ as it is so often called by the Man United glorifying pundits.

  3. mike__

    so that was our 100th goal this season right?
    i was reading it was between us and the chavs to get to 100 in all comps 1st but we had late kick off so they got there 1st

  4. incesc

    “”He’s denied a goalscoring opportunity and under the letter of the law, he should have been red carded.”

    er dick head under the letter of the law you just said he was offside…

  5. Gunnersmith

    guys stop moaning and enjoy the win for once i’m always amazed when people get on here and start wingeing after a win if you can’t support the team then go and support the spuds end of

  6. A

    He does speak some bollocks doesn’t he incesc!

    It happens in football though, I liked Sol’s interview, speaking about the penalty incident, “the ball was behind him when the contact happened, so technically speaking it was a coming together”

    So that’s the technical term for it Sol?!

    His pirouette when the final whistle went was awesome.

  7. incesc


    im the only one moaning


    i am enjoying the win

    just want us to be more aggressive, and play like champions elect. We are good enough to

  8. Jaguar

    Great comeback by ou players.Lucky that we werent screwed by Wenger and his stupid substitutions in the second half.Our players showed the spirit and the passion,to snatch the victory.

  9. A

    It was incesc, great feeling! He went mad when Bendy got the winner too, wonder if he’ll still be around next season. Surely if he plans to go into coaching after his playing career ends it would be great to keep him around whilst he does his badges etc.

    Haha, really Jaguar?! Theo made a big impact when he came on, and Eduardo made a difference as well, stupid substitutions?!

    Some people really must come on here on a wind up, it’s the only explanation for certain comments!

  10. Jaguar

    A, mate,would you still love Arsenal if its not managed by Wenger.Sounds like you love Wenker more than Arsenal.

  11. incesc

    lol A teliing people of for winding them up! pot kettle…

    On another note arsene was asked about campbells tackle and auite rightly said their was no comparison. Campbells was on the ball and he won it shawcunts was halfway up the leg. Poor poor questioning

  12. Honest Bill

    Clearly he’s on a winner then, if his love children have enough passion and drive to win despite his detrimental tactics and substitutions.

  13. A

    I don’t wind people up incesc! I just point out their idiocy occasionally!

    Jaguar Wenger has nothing whatsoever to do with my love of Arsenal, obviously! I’m not sure he does to any fans, except those who are dangerously obsessive about him in a negative way!

  14. A

    incesc, this is a fantastic case study of what Pedro was referring to earlier!

    One who would is unhappy when we win, because it means that he’s been shown as wrong in his previous convictions!

  15. Honest Bill

    I just love the logic that the players are good enough to win despite Wenger’s incompetence in picking them to play..

  16. A

    night incesc!

    It’s fantastic isn’t it HB!

    When we lose it’s Wenger’s fault for picking and signing sub-standard players, and his “love children”, but when we win it’s despite Wenger, because those same players are so good that we win despite his tactical ineptitude.

    AND they don’t see the contradiction there!

  17. A

    I’m a big fan of the wonder of you but I wouldn’t object to a chance of pre match tuneage to that for the remainder of the season….

  18. Honest Bill

    I hate the wonder of you to be honest (which of course i must). I think it’s embarrassing that they would attempt to try to emulate an Anfield atmosphere. It’s just throwing in an old crooner for the sake of it. And it doesn’t exactly get anyone fired up. I maintain that we should play ‘O Fortuna’ before we come out

  19. Jon

    In all honesty, we were poor yesterday. What was really disappointing was as if our team didn’t have the urgency to win. We’re CONTENDING for the title, and at 1-1, you’d have figured they put more into it.

    Of course it’s the world against the Arsenal with piss poor decision making from the officials and refereeing, bu the Arsenal should’ve won a comfortable victory; what more playing against 10 men.

    I’m glad we managed 3 points, but if we are to keep winning, we’re going to play like we really mean it.

  20. ethangunner

    wow you have a bit of musical taste there 6-pac..

    we should of won easier . if porto chose thuggery over trying to play football maybe they would have been more successful .

    thats what jag means , no contradiction there .
    just some teams in the C.L still dont know how to beat us like the local average teams do ..

    we still dont react well to thuggery tactics .

  21. ethangunner

    Jon Says:
    March 14, 2010 at 02:44

    In all honesty, we were poor yesterday. What was really disappointing was as if our team didn’t have the urgency to win. We’re CONTENDING for the title, and at 1-1, you’d have figured they put more into it.
    yes precisely jon , but some would rather blame a heavy schedule than admit we looked just as poor as ever in the local EPL comp.

    Shame wenger cant seem to motivate the players for the league ..

  22. gnarleygeorge9

    Well I’ve gotta say that I was feeling a little flat going into 6 minutes of add on time, but, for some strange reason I just thought the winner was going to come. I have had my ups & downs with this season’s Arsenal, & 5 weeks ago conditioned myself to the fact that we wouldn’t win The Title, but then A explained the remaining fixtures & I was on the up again 😀

    I said preseason that the trophy will be paraded to the Islington Town Hall, & my prediction is still well on track. That result @ Hull is testimony to the fact that we will be Champions 😈

    Its just that I won’t be there 🙁

  23. bnsb

    Good morning all.

    If we had converted half our chances…. On the positive side Arshavin is due a hat-trick in his next game 🙂

  24. AA23

    if you fancy a laugh have a read back through the match posts.
    Other fans might be right about us, we really can be utter wankers.

  25. bnsb

    just rewatching the match. Nik was laughing at arshavin after his first miss

    I think he said “did you Nik my Burnley shoes?” 🙂

  26. Maurya

    Hull manager Phil Brown felt Campbell – a player he spoke to over a move to the KC Stadium last summer – should have been sent off.

    “The pivotal moment was undoubtedly in favour of Arsenal,” Brown said. “He should have been red carded, it’s as simple as that. It was offside, but it wasn’t offside because the flag didn’t go up.

    “He’s denied a goal-scoring opportunity and, under the letter of the law, he should have been red carded.”

    What a idiot. When it was not a offside because offside flag didn’t go up, with same logic it was not a red card because referee didn’t give the red cad. What are you moaning about then.

  27. gnarleygeorge9

    I really enjoyed the away suports rendition of “We shall not, we shall not be moved” @ the end there. Its happening people, its really happening. & correct me if I’m wrong, but I reckon The Arsenal are better placed than 2 years ago, @ the same time 😉

  28. nishanth

    I just hope we start taking more shots from distance.Anything could happen.Keeper fumbling,deflections and stuff like that.

  29. ethangunner

    ut then A explained the remaining fixtures & I was on the up again 😀
    A could explain ‘Death’ to you and make it look
    attractive .. 🙂

    GG – take it from me , we can breathe easy after west ham – spuds and man shitty ..are over and dusted ..

    if we play like we did last night , i doubt we will get all 9 points ..


    gnarley it is mate

    i got goosebumps listening to that shit last night

    need the same level of spport at home, next weekend as we play first we can go top and put pressure on chelsea who go to anfield, thats without mentioning chelsea playing united in coming weeks, a draw there would be fucking beautifull

    who would have thought it after the final whistle at stamford bridge (just wenger i think)

  31. nishanth

    Last night’s game pretty much proved that having a ‘easy fixture list’ is not going to really help.The easiest match on the paper on the paper would have been burnley and we had to wait till the last minute to kill that game off.Also our CL campaign could affect our PL run.

  32. gnarleygeorge9

    Ha Ha ethan, last night can be counted as playing badly, but The Arsenal come away with 3 points. 92 minutes in & all the chavs & manure people would have been thinking it was over for us, but we grouted out a gutsy 3 points. You can rest assured that the next 3 games the boyz will be well & truely up after that performance.

  33. gnarleygeorge9

    I don’t remember celebrating a goal like Little Nicky’s 😈 for a long time. It could be the goal that………………. 😆

  34. nishanth

    Yeah gooby.And also the refreeing is not really going to help.I expect the same kind of shit to happen against blackburn as well

  35. gnarleygeorge9

    The Poo have pompy next @ home, Then manu away. I reckon the Poo can get something @ the theatre of yawns

  36. patthegooner

    Great result last night,

    The barmy thing is, even in injury time, I just felt the goal was going to come, and I never get that feeling, I usually fear the worst.

    No one really stood out for us, I thought they looked very tired. But who cares, winning when playing like that is key to coming 1st.

    A few other points.

    The Officials were fucking awful, Marriner never had control of the game, and allowed Hull to be thuggish. They were clearly offside, Sol under the letter of the law should then have been sent off. Boateng should have gone earlier, and how Nic got a card in that is shocking. A few of their players should have seen yellow.

    And the pitch was disgusting. I am sorry, but if you are a PL Club then certain standards should be met. In this day and age there is no excuse for the pitches at the likes of Wigan and Hull. I know they play Rugby on them as well, but so do Swansea (Where I now Live) and their pitch is in excellent condition. If you cant keep it to standard, you should be docked points, and if it is deemed unplayable then the opposition should be given a 3-0 win.

  37. Micky Did It 89

    Utd have been doing that for years, and like all title winners, are always worthy. We are far better suited and booted to win against City and Spuds. Yesterday was a massive result.

  38. Keyser

    patthegooner – You have more faith than me, Lol, I was thinking a draw away to Hull is going to be soul destroying.

    Do you mean Sol should have gone for the penalty incident ? Match of the Day had it down as the right decision and they made sense for once, because the ball was behind Hesselink and he didn’t have full control, thought he was looking for it anyway myself.

  39. patthegooner


    I said it early yesterday. If we won that game, then I think we would be favorites, and I think we are now given everyones run-in

    The two games I am still wary of is Man Shitty Home and the Spuds away. If we can get 4 points out of those two, we should be ok.

  40. patthegooner

    Saw that on MOTD Keyser, but watching it in real time, I shouted oh fuck he is off.

    Seriously thought he was gone for that, especially as those challenges and in those positions have been in the media quite a lot recently.

    Got to admit though, I was shocked watching MOTD, they were very pro in favour of Arsenal for a change.

  41. Keyser

    It’s all building up well, I’d want Chelsea and United to start dropping points now, but the further we all go in the Champions League, the more games we’re going to all have to contend with, especially Chelsea, hopefully they get an FA Cup replay to.

  42. goonermichael

    vineger of hasselhof was on his wat down before Sol got to him. He even looked embarrassed about it. Brown is such a cunt I hope they go down

  43. Keyser

    I don’t think they did, they didn’t even focus on the bit where he poked Bendtner in the eye either.

    Though to be fair to Boateng, dunno why I should be, but he did have his leg bent because I think he realised he was going to catch him, if he’d followed through and had a straight leg, I think he’d have ended Sagna’s season to.

  44. Goonerman

    Referees like Marriner do this game a disservice. They also contribute to the type of tackles dished out on our poor old Ramsey.