Most improved Arsenal player? Start with Nasri.

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So I listen to many bloggers, some good, some odd and some just mind blowing, I often listen to people telling me who the most improved player is, without going to the dark side let me make a short list. Before some of you have a fit, SONG isn’t on the list because he did his improving last season and he can’t keep getting the accolade.





And the winner is…Nasri. How anybody could think anyone else should get that title is strange, but he for me has transformed himself culminating by the best performance from an Arsenal player this season since a few from Vermaelen, who can’t win it because he has been great from the off.

The Cesc performance against the spuds was awesome, but we come to expect that from our young talisman, but Nasri is coming good at the right time, as is Rosicky, Eboue and Diaby.

I was watching Toulalon and Lloris last night against the superstars of Madrid, hmmm, I’d take those two wouldn’t you?

Another improved player has to be Song, I agree, even though it hurts me to admit it, but he is a different player to what he was, he still has a long way to go and that’s why I would sign another defensive midfielder, one – so he can learn and two – because you need at least 2 players in each spot for cover and for competition. That player cannot be Denilson, so unless he does an Eboue in the next 2 months, we need to replace him.

One of the reasons we have this ‘most improved player’ thing every season is because they are getting older, by the time they start moving into their twenty’s they have grown, fully formed, are stronger and at last are ready to be Arsenal players, playing them so young is unfair, because they not only get stick for inept performances, they get horrendous injuries like Theo and Ramsey because their bodies aren’t yet ready.

So the most improved players on my list are all grown ups, I think we should look to bolster our squad with a few players of the right age, Denilson could make it next year, but why should we keep accommodating young players that may or may not make it, Senderos is a classic.

I know it’s tough spotting who will and who won’t, but with talent like Wilshere and JET coming through I don’t think we should keep persisting with players that we know won’t make it, we all knew Senderos wouldn’t, yet year in, year out he wasn’t replaced, now he’s slipped quietly out the door never to be seen again, unless of course Everton don’t want him.

Song won’t be going to Hull as he is suspended, so who will play? I suspect it will be Denilson, god help us, we need him to start proving his worth before it costs us the chance to win the title. I think he’s drinking in the last chance saloon.

Madrid are out and that has to be good news, I now want to avoid the chavs and mancs, not because they are any good, but because we seem to roll over when we play them, I also want to avoid Barca, Lyon and Bayern, the truth is I don’t want to play anyone and hope for a free pass all the way to the final!

We know that won’t happen so we should just enjoy it, one thing’s for sure, no one will want to play us!

Have a great day Grovers, two more to go, and we could be top of the league! Whoohoo!!!

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  1. Ja_Gunner

    The last team that beat that at home home is Manure..they beat them 3-1 …

    We need to replicate something like that to keep in the race…

    They need points, and I figure they wont park the bus because they need points and they are at home…

    So we should be able to rip them apart with Walcott’s speed… Eboue plus Arshy perfect game for counter attacking

    Since they will leave some spaces this team should beat them


    Our only slow players are Silvest and Denilson….so they should just stay the fuck back and we should be ok….

  2. Pat

    This will be nasri’s first real test in CM. At home our players aren’t pressurized as much.

    Nasri will get little to no time on the ball and they will run their socks off.

    Good thing Diaby is fit. He relieves a lot of pressure in the midfield since he can dribble and hold onto the ball. I guess that goes to nasri as well. Terrific balance and more pace than Cesc.

  3. Pat

    6 pac, which might be a good thing. Sol may be the better option against the slower more physical players like Fagan. Altidore has a bit of pace though, but Sol’s experience should do him loads of good.

    Gallas is excellent to have as the last man though. Time and time again he makes great last ditch tackles.

  4. luke

    Its a shame that Nasri and Cesc cant play together in midfield. It looked like Nasri was much more comfortable in the midfield than on a wing.

  5. maturks

    The only problem is the DM position with Song off. Me think Arsene should give a chance to Eastmond who’s a natural defender rather than playing Denilson who can’t defend, tackle, head the ball, track back and leaves the back four exposed.

  6. ethangunner

    sixx pac Says:
    March 12, 2010 at 01:19

    right now id rather talk to A than
    fine ASSHOLE !..
    i wont waste my breathe on you any more !
    beer belly , opps 6pac .

  7. sixx pac

    first off i dont drink so its impossible for me to have a beer belly. and whats ur obsession with assholes

  8. ethangunner

    whats ur obsession with assholes

    i was hoping you would tell me , i always seem to be talking to them 🙂

  9. ArsenalKenya


    Redknapp: Spurs closing gap to Gunners

    Harry Redknapp believes the gap between North London rivals Tottenham and Arsenal is closing fast but claims the Gunners still have a real chance of winning the title.

    Tottenham are battling it out for fourth spot with Manchester City, Liverpool and Aston Villa and Redknapp sees Roberto Mancini’s fifth-placed City side – level on points with Spurs with a game in hand – as the biggest threat.

    Redknapp, speaking to 230 guests at a Jewish Care business breakfast in Chigwell, said: “We’re right in there and have got a great chance. Manchester City are the team to watch out for.”

    Redknapp was also full of praise for rivals Arsenal, who have hauled themselves right back into the title race.

    “They have an excellent youth set-up, a conveyor belt of young players coming through,” said Redknapp. “Arsenal can win the title. They are a very well run club and the manager has done a good job.

    “The gap is closing. We’re trying to turn it around but it’s not easy. There’s not a million miles between the teams. I don’t think that there will be much of a gap at the end of the season.

  10. Gooby

    redknap is a super cunt.

    not miles betwen us and them? much of a gap.

    we can’t be compared to those wankers anyway.

  11. ethangunner

    the truth is the spuds have always been a mid table team , and still are …

    they will have something special for us when we meet them im sure , but the proof is in the EPL ladder .. over 5 years it hasnt lied !

  12. ethangunner

    yes they might have lifted a bit since the old days , but then so have we recently ..

    so the gap is about the same if you ask me ..

  13. ethangunner

    when you think about it ..

    wenger has allowed players to leave constantly .
    since hleb and flamini , toure and ade the team has been unsettled ..

    now your seeing them gel ..

    no ade to upset play and now we are back playing our brand of football .. i hope to see further improvements still ..

  14. dennisdamenace

    I’ve heard some serious rubbish on here over the past two years or so, but to say you wouldn’t want CR7 in your team because “he wouldn’t suit our system”!! Fucking hell, does that go for David Villa, Torres, Kaka, Messi and all the other players around the world with true quality, does our system only cater for one dimensional players then? So, a player who frightens the bejaysus outta every defence in world football has no place in “our system”, well our system is shite then, because……and let’s wait for the penny to drop here………we ain’t won shit with it……..having someone like CR7 in your team is the difference between winning something and not, God save our club from the Arsene Wenger hangers on….