Arsenal stun Porto / Injury worries / Great Dane delivers! Ratings + Review

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Sagna Sol Vermaelen Clichy

Diaby Song Nasri

Rosicky Bendtner Arshavin

The pre-match commentary was spent mainly slagging Arsenal off. Almunia was too nice to be a captain, nice enough to date the daughter of Graham Souness.

Wenger was mainly concerned about counter attacking, hence the inclusion of Song. Adams interestingly said the players had asked Wenger to do a little more research on the opposition, something I have called for him to do for years. The hope was Wenger had got it right tonight. Ruud said the media criticise because they want us to win. He hopes his suggestions are taken on board.

Cheers Ruud.

Bendtner mis-timed his first chance of the match, failing to get on the end of a superb Clichy cross.

Not to be outdone, Sagna crossed excellently to Arshavin at the back post, the quick reflexes of Helton denying him.

The atmosphere was electric.

Arshavin won a header from a long ball against a defender twice his height, he cushioned it back to Nasri who set him loose, the keeper saved his shot but Bends was there to tap in the open goal!

Up the other end, Arsenal allowed a corner to bounce dangerously in the box. An early warning.

Arsenal continued to knock it around nicely.

Just as I spied Nasri collapsing in a heap, Arshavin intercepted a poor Porto pass, he beat three men on the edge of the box, broke free, cut back to Nik who held his line in a way Ade could never and buried the cross. Amazing turnaround from the big Dane.

Song made a vital interception on the edge of the box. Nasri continued to pull the strings in a very Cesc like manner.

Clichy had his customary howler when he handled a high ball keeping it in play allowing the Hulk to waltz into the box and nearly threaten us.

Bendtner forced a good helton save late in the half with a fizzing low shot. The keeper made a super save from the header Diaby powered off from the corner.

A great first half, but a lot of sloppy play mixed in. We would have to settle down in the second half if we wanted to make sure this night fizzled out without any drama. Arshavin, Clichy and Campbell particularly needed to straighten out their howler Tourette’s.

Almost the first thing that happened in the second half was an edge of the box cock up… Rosicky played a weak pass, Song missed it, the Hulk fluffed his chance (A common theme from a man whose name gets people more excited than Denilson’s stats).

Rodriguez beat Sagna to head a corner to the far post where Nasri was on hand the clear.

Arsenal were looking very dodgy, the nervousness was spreading through the ground as well.

The game needed some magic.

Nasri had the ball outwide, outside the box. He took on three defenders, cut in, turned out, broke free of his players and banged it across the far post and scored one of the best goals the Emirates has seen. That’s the Nasri we signed, that’s the Nasri we’ve been hoping to see for the last two years.

Clichy cleared a corner, Arshavin picked it up, rans 40 yards… Eboue sprinted past him, the through ball was sublime, Eboue took it round the keeper and slotted into the empty net! 19 seconds end to end… magic.

Song continued to play sloppy passes, but Arsenal calmed down and started imposing their game again. Diaby was controlling the midfield with Nasri and it was a joy to watch.

A Chorus of ‘Tottenham are watching eastenders’ rang round the ground, superb!

Just as the game was ebbing away,  Eboue went down in the box, Penalty! Nik stepped up, the worlds eyes on him, he banged it low and hard into the bottom corner. The clown prince turned in a Great Dane performance!

A message was sent out to Europe, Hull and the Premiership. We’re in this to win it and with a little luck, you never know!


Whilst a 5-0 victory is something to cherish and savour, it would be irresponsible of me to ignore some extremely sloppy play and some poor defending. On another day, we could have been punished. If we want to win the Champions League, we have to concentrate for the full 90 minutes. Chelsea, Bayern, Madrid and Barca wont be so kind with our mistakes. Song, Clichy, Campbell and Arshavin were guilty tonight.

Now onto the good…

Arsenal turned over their first Euro deficit since the seventies, they proved they could handle the pressure and everyone delivered. We were clinical tonight, we worked hard for our win and we weren’t afraid to play. The belief the team showed was special to watch, the crowd finally sound like they are truly connecting with this team, you feel like heroes are developing in front of our eyes… I can’t wait for the next game! Being a Gooner feels pretty amazing right now!


Almunia: Some dodgy kicking and a few spilled shots, but overall, he did his job. 7

Sagna: Say what you like about his crossing, as a defender, he’s top notch. Tonight, he was very good. 7

Vermaelen: Superb. A rock. A legend in the making. He had a blinder tonight, shame about the yellow card.8

Campbell: A very sloppy first half from a very experienced player. He’ll sort that out though and he’ll be more critical of his game than anyone else. What can’t be denied is how he inspires the team. His encouragement of the youngsters and his team huddles are going down a dream! 6.5

Clichy: He played pretty well bar a crazy moment out wide where he let the Hulk in. 6.5

Song: I thought he had a good first half but he let himself down in the second half with some poor passing and bad decision making. He still did a top job closing down angles and breaking up play. He needed to be there tonight and the 5-0 score line proves that. Interestingly, Souness and co said Song was close to being the complete player, the only thing he lacked was the discipline to stay back (Like Gilberto did). 6.5

Nasri: His chance to shine, his chance to showcase his talent… and what a performance. I’ve been questioning him recently because he clearly has an abundance of talent that’s been going to waste… tonight he announced himself on the European scene with the performance we’ve all been waiting for. He was at the heart of everything; showed guts to play through an injury and showed incredible skill to get his goal. A world class performance. 9

Diaby: Honestly, that has to be the most professional performance I’ve seen from the young Frenchman. He passed fantastically, he was disciplined and he allowed Nasri to play the game he did. Don’t underestimate how important he was for us tonight. 7.5

Rosicky: Top game for our favourite Czech player. He plays so much better when he has a target man to play off. His tricky runs and unpredictable play cause alsorts of bother. I hope he’s not injured. 7

Arshavin: We saw the best and the worst of Arsh. His worst was the terribly shoddy passing and his extremely casual play. He needs to stop being so wasteful when he’s not attacking. His best was an inspirational performance up top. He set up the first two goals, bagged an additional assist and played a blinder for us. 8

Bendtner: I backed him 100% at the weekend and I was paid back treble! Nik scored 3 extremely important goals in a game that was worth £18million to the club. He had a terrible time in front of goal last weekend and tonight, he made amends. It wasn’t just the goals for me, it was having a striker who can nod on the long balls, hold up the ball and play with his back to goal. Not to mention how well he held the line for his second goal. He could be the proper centre forward we were looking for in January. He’s an intelligent footballer and he’ll be a top player for us. I hope the world noted how humble he was in the interview afterwards… he didn’t even know he was meant to keep the ball!

Thanks to Gambon for this comment:

Since returning from Birmingham, he has started 56 games for us. He has come on as a sub 57 times, so lets assume he averages 15 minutes when subbed on, this is 855 minutes.

Lets round that upp to 900 minutes, which is 10 games.

So that means 33 goals in 66 games, many of which he has played wide left & right.

1 in 2 Baby!



Eboue: You know I’ve always loved Eboue so I was pleased as punch to see him come on and score a goal. On a serious note, he’s had a great season so far and it was fantastic to see him come on, roll about when we needed him to, stay on his feet when he had to and score when we demanded it! He got the penalty as well! 7

Denilson: Pretty solid cameo appearance. I want to see him do well and get the fans back on side! 6

Theo: Was trying very hard to replicate his goal from the weekend to no avail! His pace was a menace though. 6

Lets keep em’ crossed Diaby, Nasri and Rosicky are all ok for Hull this weekend!

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  1. slimshady

    WOOHOOO! Morning everybody!

    So has anyone else noticed its like Vermy has kind of decided to get himself in the way of any shot at Almunia’s goal, haha coz I’ve lost count of how many shots he’s blocked over the last couple of matches… what a legend!

  2. Clacko the gooner

    just want to ask again as i did at the end of the old post.

    Did anyone else shit themselves when Denilson came on? Even with a healthy lead i still thought “oh Fuck”

  3. Sam


    I would have felt that if we were 2-0 or even 3-0. But at 4-0 I wasnt afraid. Even Den could not save porto from that hole.

  4. Gunners The Stunners

    Morning all,

    Someone here predicted ‘5-0 to the Arsenal’ just before 5pm yesterday afternoon. Guess who that Gooner was!

    Yep you’re right, that was me… 😀

  5. dennisdamenace

    dennisdamenace Says:
    March 7, 2010 at 11:05
    I’ll give you an observation, if our No.52 was a proper finisher we’d be second this morning not third, and that my friends is the hub. He was crap in front of goal last season, and he’s the same this season. Yet the biggest worry is not that he’s two bob I front of goal, but our leader shakes his hand for a job well done, reward for yet more averageness, no doubt an improved contract will follow! Rather than shaking his hand AW should’ve told the clown to park his worthless arse down. How many of you would be bigging him up this morning if after all his misses Burnley actually nicked (!) an equaliser? Indeed imagine if those chances had fallen to Denilson, he’d then missed them in the same amatuerish way, and then laughed about it with game in the balance….

    I’ll give you another observation, well done NB52 for being in the right place at the right time, the type of play you want from your CF and the type of play we’ve been devoid of for a very long time. However, let’s be careful here people. NB52’s overall performance was for me as follows – great CF instincts (at last), a real presence up front, excellent work rate, very poor distribution, very poor ground control………….so, for me, plenty to improve on, but definitely on the right track….

  6. slimshady

    Hahaaa what do you know! Podium finish!

    Good post Pedro, though I disagree with Clichy’s rating. That was his best game in ages, he really kept Hulk out of it in the 1st half – ergo Hulk attacking us several times in the 2ND half, down Sagna’s wing! If Mozart gets a 7 for being so quiet, then Gael must be a 7.5 plus!

  7. Clacko the gooner

    GTS my friend put a fiver on 5-0 to us yesterday at 100-1, fuck knows what bookie that wwas, but it’s fair to say he was extremely happy last night.

  8. charlie farly

    anyone notice how long it takes to get in the ground now, turnstile at c block been broke for ages! Missed first goal,didn’t matter at end tho such a committed performance from all, gonna be gloating all day! Woo hoo!

  9. gazzap

    In an attacking sense it was a great game. we knocked the ball about well at times but at other times i think our defensive naivity still showed up. A Man U or chelsea would have beaten us last night – they would have punished us heavily, just like the semi final last season. I dont know what the answer is because I just dont think wenger has it in him to set the team out in a defensive manner. we will miss Gallas badly in the run in.

  10. arsenalrule

    great game, great result
    thought that all your ratings were about 1 point below what the should be, Eboue was at least an 8, he was on for 20mins and got a goal and a pen and didnt do anything wrong!
    Bendy got a hattrick and only got an 8!!!!

    I bet hull are quaking in their boots now!

  11. gnarleygeorge9

    Good man DDM for that. Did anyone see ethan’s comments after the game. he was is experiencing sheer ecstasy.

  12. Geoff

    I put £5,000 on Nikki to get a hatrick, us to win 5 nil and Man U to get beaten by 3 clear goals tonight, can’t wait! I’m going to be rich!

  13. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    Good post,

    i am glad u touched upon the sloppy play,good responsible blogging..well done.

    even after victory we always have to see where we can improve..

    personally Song = 6 for this game…

  14. bnsb

    I put £5,000 on Nikki to get a hatrick, us to win 5 nil and Man U to get beaten by 3 clear goals tonight, can’t wait! I’m going to be rich!


    Good luck, fly to your old colony India when you win. Great country, great food, great experience, NO chastity belt 🙂

  15. angeausarsenal

    “The belief the team showed was special to watch, the crowd finally sound like they are truly connecting with this team, you feel like heroes are developing in front of our eyes… I can’t wait for the next game! Being a Gooner feels pretty amazing right now!”

    Pedro they are the finest words I think I have read from you.Something big is happening to the team so as the team lifts I expect yours and Geoffs posts are going to be vintage over the next few weeks.

  16. Martin Hayes Never Missed...

    Morning from a sunny Stockholm!

    Great match – I hope Nasri is getting the proper coverage in the UK press this morning….that was as good as any Ronaldo or Messi efforts that get creamed over all the time!

    I cant believe that in 2 months time this premiership season will be over, we could be champions and looking forward to a day out in Madrid!!

    Hold on tight for a bumpy ride!!

  17. frichie79

    What a night at the Emirates, atmosphere was superb!!! and when we were 2 up i had the feeling that we would go on and smash them. 2nd half was sloppy and we let porto have too much of the ball, the only worrying thing is when we try slow the game down we actually get too casual and switch off.

    Still cant fault the boys tonight, they did the job!!!!

  18. chippy

    Good spot. Attitudes to this team are changing and changing fast ever since Stoke away after that horid first 20minutes. Certain players at that time stood up and decided to roll up their sleeves and give a little back to Stoke, this team has been transformed gone is the tappy Tappy football and the Layed back approach of we will win because we are better technically than you and In is the Fuck it youve got to earn the right to play first get stuck in and play with a directness, It actually comes across as they now give a Fuck about actually competing and winning !!

  19. angeausarsenal

    Gnarley, if Manure lose by 3 goals I think Geoff should shout us 2 tickets airfares to london so we can go to the Arsenal Spuds game at the end of the season when we win the league

  20. Martin Hayes Never Missed...

    Bit concerned about yellow cards piling up…would be gutted to see TV or Clichy get another one and miss the final.

    I know, I know…Im thinking a bit far ahead :0)

  21. Nick

    cambell did make a few dodgy mistakes but over all he is very good the way he encourages is how a true captain/roll model to the team should behave imo

  22. Chipo

    I want Barca in the next round!!

    I don’t care if we lose, i just want to see what happens when the two most beautiful football teams meet!

  23. bnsb

    Ruud said the media criticise because they want us to win.

    How rude. They will claim all credit when we win, saying we won because they criticized us, and pushed us to the top

  24. gazzap

    Draw for QF and SF is next Friday, 19 March.
    I hate the way you know who you’ll play in the semi before you’ve even played the quarter.

  25. bnsb

    I want Barca in the next round!!

    I don’t care if we lose, i just want to see what happens when the two most beautiful football teams meet!

    Dont be impatient, wait till final.

  26. Clacko the gooner

    Lyon or Bordeaux in the next round, Bayern in the Semi and Barca in the final, i would take that!

  27. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    Premier league watch

    a home game against Wolves follows the,1st QF leg

    a away game against Spurs follows the 2nd QF leg

    if spurs get thru to semis of FA cupwe wont be playing that game/weekend..

  28. RockyPires

    Morning guys, spot on Ped’s you do feel like heros are being created.
    Individual speradic burst each player has played this season but last night it came together as a team.
    Sagna has being solid all season but last night stepped up a gear to hit excellent crosses.

    Vermallen and Sol were solid as have being all season but you see leaders in these two and its not a fluke that these two have being/are captains and captain material, its players like these guys who will get us over the end line.

    Clichy was back to old Gael and was great to see ok an error or two but he is nearly there, he old interceptions are returning.

    Song was solid,strong and infuencial, he and Diaby are quick becoming a feared duo, they have it all.

    Nasri was Super Sami last night, keep it going Sam’s.

    Rosicky was Rocky of old picking passes linking play

    Arshavin was awesome and awful in space of 90 but thats him plus he’s only back from injury so know he can step ot up.

    Nik was the Nik he hope he can be consistently.

    All in all we played well as a team and its a great time of year to be hitting top gear, come on Arsenal.

  29. slimshady

    Fantastic game. And that was without Fab, RvP and Gallas! Well, we certainly lack depth, but what little we’ve got, is absolute quality! Can’t picture the chavs doing that without maybe JT, Drogface and Essien, nor the scum without Shreko, Carrick… and Vidic? 😀

  30. John A

    Noticed that ‘arry was in the crowd last night.I hope he shat himself after watching that performance. Shouldn’t he have been at home watching Eastenders?

  31. Sue

    What is it with Porto – after the 4-0 the other year and 5-0 this year I have come away thinking hmmm. Last night they didnt really create many decent chances (unlike the three they had at 0-0,1-0 last time) but at times it was seat of the pants defending and I bet the Porto blogs are about how the ref was sh1te and favoured the ‘big’ team. Two small fast strikers is goign to be sols mare sort of match but Pedro is right Sol will be more aware than anyone – good to see Almunia making it to the huddle this time
    The Naz/Rosicky/Rasputin movement and work was excellent but I think it left too muh for Song / Diaby / Verm to do especially with Sol below par and the waiter in goal. I think Cesc’s defensive contribution is underestimated and that’s why Song struggled especially second half.
    I think we all know a Barca / Utd would have used the opportunities given to create chances and goals but it was agreat night the boys got out and at them early making positive runs and chances from the off with less of the pussy footing sideways passing. The first goal was an excellent longish inside ball for a speedy player to run on to (Arshevin in this case but there are plenty of options in this side) he was brave the ball squirts out and Nik does the rest. That blew Portos game plan and we did well to clean up.
    Nt sure I really want revenge v Utd / Chavs in the next round with Rooney I think utd would win but we would beat them without him. The chavs may have righted the leaky ship by then and Ceh back means that Drogba will score three over two legs. Far better they submit to the Milanistas as I think we would do better against eiher AC / Inter
    Roll on Hull and lets stomp on the suffering

  32. Chipo

    Is anyone else a little bit baffled as to why Almunia gets the armband ahead of Vermaelen?

    Surely Vermaelen will be made Vice Captain next season… I fucking love him

  33. Clacko the gooner

    BNSB, i can’t see Man u getting knocked out purely because i can’t see AC scoring 2 goals there without reply. There is no way they will score 3 so just Chelsea out this round for me, Man u to get knocked out by Barca next round 🙂

  34. Sam

    I put £5,000 on Nikki to get a hatrick, us to win 5 nil and Man U to get beaten by 3 clear goals tonight, can’t wait! I’m going to be rich!



    Man U getting beaten by 3 goals wont happen mate. Milan look pedestrian without Kaka.

  35. JorgeB

    Are you talking about the Bayern that fluked it’s way through against Fiorentina, and the Madrid that went missing against the giants of Lyon? I’m honestly not that worried.

    This team always does well against continental sides. It’s the English sides that might edge it, but then again, they might get knocked out before we have to meet them

  36. Chipo

    The guy who sits infront of me had a fiver on a Nikki hat-trick, but his mate had Nik to score first and Arsenal to win 4-0.

    They were fighting when Nik scored the penno lol

  37. chippy

    God Good i really hope we give it to Hull good and proper at the weekend i hate that Orange faced Cunt Bucket almost as much as Cole and Terry,

  38. tonyadamsisgod

    5-0! Cosmic!

    I’m glad Nikki B finally showed us what many knew he’s capable of. Lets just hope it continues.

  39. bnsb

    Would be happy if we pocket all three points Vs Hull. Must field our best team, as we have a full week of rest till next game, and a week for the next.

  40. Clacko the gooner

    I would leave Cesc out or on the bench for the Hull game. Wneger has rated him as 50:50 but i don’t see us needing him for that game. Tell Denilson to watch the game on Match of the Day and we should be alright.

  41. Truth

    What an absolutely brilliant night at the Emirates, the place was rocking and the Arsenal did all that was asked. I love when we score early! The team looked very well balanced and everyone stepped up their game, I really wonder just how good we could be, with a full strength side and every one playing to their full potential.

  42. Gunners The Stunners

    I want Lyon in QF and Bordeaux in SF…

    Real Madrid to get knocked out tonight and Ronaldo to cry like a little girl… 😀

  43. John A

    That’s the kind of performance and scoreline we need in the league, as we really need to improve our goal difference. 5-0 against the gold shirts with the orange cuntish manager would be brilliant.

  44. Franchise

    Yesterday was not about Nikki B’s capabilities its was just about what any lump should do with those chances created for him.

    if he couldnt score those ones then he is useless. Ade scored 30 goals in 1 season missing about 30 other great chances.

    Arsenal in top gear would make Heskey look like Ronaldo de Lima at his peak

    Having said all this Nikki B has grown on me in the last few games even before yesterday.

  45. bnsb


    We win 5-0, and all you think ahead is Denilson. Please can we not beat Hull inspite of Denilson being in team? 🙂

  46. chippy

    My Carlsberg prediction from yesterday got over its first hurdle when i said wed Smash porto next up Qtrs v Chelsea then utd in semis then revenge v Barca in the final What joy that would bring 🙂 And a few pretty tasty hangovers !!!

  47. Franchise

    For those that werent privileged to read this last night

    Geoff is a plastic

    Franchise Says:
    March 9, 2010 at 22:30

    I left like 8 mins before the game ended as a plastic fan. guess who I met at King’s cross interchanging from Piccadilly to Hammersmith line?

    oh yes! the bear himself Geoff

    he left 1 min before me making him more of a plastic

    Im not factoring the time it took for him to walk down from club level (im lower tier) so he probably left 5 mins before me

    what a plastic fan 😀

  48. Gunners The Stunners

    I don’t understand the way these Sky pundits are talking about Chelsea to go through like it will be an easy ride to overturn the 2-1 deficit against Mourinho’s Inter. He knows the whole Chelsea team in and out and I’m hoping Inter score in the first 15 mins and then it will be easy for them to defend the lead.

    On the other hand, ManU are in a great position to go through and if they do, they should get Barca in the QF and get thrashed. Then, Barca to meat Inter in the SF and Arsenal in the final…

  49. gambon

    We really need to avoid UTD & Chelsea.

    Any other team im happy with but them guys have us figured out.

    Bordeaux would be nice, show Chakakahn what he’s gonna be part of.

  50. dw

    I do not think Barca will beat us I think styles make games,are style right now is more suited to beat barca then it is to beat chelsea even thou barca are much better, I think arsenal is the only team in the CL that can win against them.

  51. Big Raddy

    I would like to point out that over a year ago Pedro & I stood, peroni’s in hand, extolling the virtues of Bendtner.

    At that time all LG’ers thought we were deluded.

    Last night we were vindicated.

    Perhaps NB will not be an Arsenal great, maybe last night will remain the highlight of his career. But today, Pedro & I can bask in the light of “I told you so”.

  52. RockyPires

    Agreed nest season we should have Cesc as captain, Tommy V and RVP as vice captains.

    If we dont continue to field our strongest teams as we have in the past we will loose momentum and end up loosing all.
    The weekend I would play

    Rest Rosicky up, release the Theo.
    Is Song still suspended?

  53. Geoff

    Franchise I didn’t leave early, I was airlifted.

    If I win my bet I will donate the money to everyone on here.

    Apart from Chipo as he will be going to a Chinese prison for suggesting Campbell wasn’t man of the match.

  54. Chipo

    Franchise why?

    Denilson coming on made perfect sense – we were 3-0 up and the game was won. Save Nasri for Saturday by giving him 20mins off.

    If Denilson was used for this purpose (and this purpose only) in every game i’d be happy!

  55. RockyPires

    I disagree I think now is the time to get Utd/Chelski, if we are to win it lets do it right by beating Chavs/USA and show charachter and mental strenght.
    Chavs in Semi Please

  56. Franchise

    Raddy being a betting man I felt something was in store for Nikki B in the nearest future whether short term or long term I am not too sure.

    I buy shares at the right time

    I said this on Monday

    Franchise Says:
    March 8, 2010 at 11:38

    Ive got nothing against Bendtner at the moment. Im actually growing to like him

    His finishing is pants at the moment like it has been since his senior Arsenal career but for some reason even unknown to myself Im warming up to him

    its just my way though. Like many I can be very irrational, unforgiving and impatient in my thoughts when I’m emotional

    dare I say it the boys are beginning to give me some sense of belief

    for once Wenger’s mental strength interview wont sound like a rehearsed nursery rhyme to me

    things change quick though. We get knocked out by Porto tomorrow (God forbid) and then I quickly remember all the things we could have won if we spent a little bit more money 😀

  57. Geoff

    Rocky if we had any of that we wouldn’t have been trashed by them both twice already this season.

    If we draw them next, we’re out. Beating shit teams is easier that beating good ones, what it does for us is breeds confidence, which is good, but we shouldn’t get carried away.

    Enjoy the win and look forward to doing the same to Hull. Baby steps.

  58. Confidentgoner

    I think the key to good defense is to have the midfielders join in fronm the fron,just the way they started the qualifiers before the season. Also one of Song or Diaby will have to go foward at each point in time

  59. Gunners The Stunners


    Why on earth you want Chelsea to go through to the next round? They’ve got a mountain to climb against Inter and especially Mourinho. Chelsea in the semis? you’re having a laugh…

    In the words of Kevin Keegan, I’d love it, I’d love it if Inter knock Chelsea out of CL and Mourinho repeats his celebration sprint just like he did at Old Toilet in 2004…

  60. Hurley Burley

    Good win. I think the scoreline flattered us a bit.

    Nasri’s performance was a huge plus, and Bendtners goals will give the lad more confidence if he needs anymore !

    We were sloppy at the back at times, and against a better team would have conceded. Willy G’s return is needed to tighten things up.

    Song is improving all the time, and does alot of unseen work. Yes he gives the ball away at times, but as a team, were better with him in it.

  61. RockyPires

    I know Geoff but we look more reseloute, more as a unit,more like a team and I think Sols presence and stabilised that but we also see other leaders emerging and it all bodes well for us but I do expect Hull to be a tough one and can see it being a late finish.

  62. Jaguar

    Apart from the Moroccan mug’s Bordeaux and Lyon,I dont see us winning against any other team may be Manure as well.

  63. Hurley Burley

    Good point Jaguar.

    We needed a bit of experience and mental strength.

    There is now great togetherness about the squad.

    Let the momemtum keep building.

  64. Martin Hayes Never Missed...

    Sabeel…I didnt realise Cesc was on a yellow. Fk it we dont need him anyway, last night proved that. Sell him for 50 mil, give AW a bonus and spend the rest on Red paint and pictures of old players to make the stadium look good. Or why not paint half of it Yellow and Green to make Brazil feel at home….

  65. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    Agreed Nasri didnot let us feel the absence of fabregas,but i feel one or two good games by nasri shouldnt allow us to draw that conclusion of “no need of fabregas”,

    Long run of games will show that..

  66. gooner-pak

    i was going through last nite’s comments and tis is what i found

    Gunners The Stunners Says:
    March 9, 2010 at 16:58

    5-0 to the Arsenal…


  67. RockyPires

    Come on Gunners stuner we got to beat the top teams to win Champions League and Chavs and USa are top teams. I do agree that Inter will run them close if infact they dont beat em.

  68. gnarleygeorge9

    Hey everyone, remember pre-season & just into the season we had spuds coming on here predicting the pecking order of who will finish where, etc. I spose its………………


  69. lester

    great game last night. i know we should be basking in the win but i cant help but feel we still need t work on our general defense. arsha doesn’t seem to help out clichy..i wonder if that was because he was not fully fit.
    song played poorly for his ‘new standards’ but he broke up their play and made countless interceptions. i reckon the only reason he misplaced passes was coz he was trying to be adventurous which is more than i can say for denilson. denilson is the least adventurous midfielder we’ve got and yet he’s supposed to be brazilian..somebody better check his passport, if you always play it safe you’ll garner great stats but you will be insignificant in the game which i think is denilsons biggest weakness. many our boys have had long spells out with injury but denilson’s injury is in his head. he needs to stp caring about stats and go for glory sometimes

  70. gnarleygeorge9

    Is Hull near the Yorshire Moors, could be the best chance of losing Denilson in them for the rest of the season.

  71. Big Dave

    Great night, Luved Nasri/Eboue goal

    Main concern is the defence, Sol looked sloppy 1st half and with Gallas 6 week out, it could hurt us in the final run in.

    Arshavin, great player but also frustrating at times.

  72. Arsenal Tom

    nasri’s goal was incredible and showed what he’s all about really… good feet, good turning and can finish.

    no point risking cesc for hull now.

    eboue le champ

  73. rob green

    Last night was quality!!

    i was surprised about how many empty seats there were!! it was a massive game!!

  74. gnarleygeorge9

    Ok Gambon, he should know where the best place is to hide someone there. The Club just needs to have the team bus to have a piss stop in a strategic part of the Moors, then while he’s still syphoning the python, they all jump on board & take off to Hull.

  75. Gunners The Stunners

    Gooner-pak & Sabeel,

    Thanks a lot, guys.

    It was just one of those moments, before leaving the office yesterday, I had that funny feeling that we’ll score 5 against Porto and I’ve been over the moon since the final whistle last night. I would have loved to be wrong had we scored 6 or even 8… 😉

  76. chippy

    Rocky,Im afraid your wrong there was 59,601 !
    Dont forget that Rocky would have been their watching us 😉

  77. Mayank

    I was very sleepy during the second half so the only thing I remember is Nasri’s goal. Zidane/Messi would be proud of that one brilliant stuff.
    Let’s hope we don’t get over-confident. Don’t think we will though.

  78. Big Dave

    Being in upper you get a good look around the ground, and in the 1st ten min it did look like their were a few empty seats, but come later on in the match it was packed.

    Club level seats can spoil it sometimes as they are hardly ever full

  79. Pedro

    Morning everyone!

    Fingers crossed for your bet Geoff!

    @Raddy: I’m feeling pretty good about our Nik prediction… lets see how many he can get from now till the end of the season!

    I wonder what the odds are of United and Chelsea going out are?

    That’d suit us nicely!

  80. charybdis1966

    Does anyone else think Collymore may duck out of any more commentary matches at the Grove after his “shitting his pants” post match tone last night? It would certainly be a blow struck by the good guys if he never came back to our place and if so well done to the supporters for giving him what for.

  81. Pedro

    QoS, those same people are reminding us today that we’re out in the next round.

    Sometimes you have to question the point of supporting a team if you feel that way about your club.

  82. Gunners The Stunners

    Where the hell is Myles Palmer and his review today? Fucking self-made experts like him don’t have anything to say about Arsenal’s 5-star performance last night…

  83. Chipo

    Pedro it’s a tough one –

    If United and Chelsea get knocked out the CL then we have a far better chance of winning it.


    We would have a smaller chance of winning the league.

    Like Tony Adams said last night – I would take the league over the CL every time!

    God i’m in a permanent state of excitement today!

  84. Franchise

    the thing is u dont expect to be at your most rational state after a series of bad results.

    the thing i dont get is when the record doesnt change when the dust has settled

  85. Queen of Suburbia

    Too right Pedro – as a fan you know there will be good nights and you know there will be bad nights…but if you can’t enjoy the good nights you might as well watch Eastenders with the Spurs fans!

  86. Franchise

    Some fans u know who u are actually said they would prefer we go out in the 2nd round to porto than watch us humiliated by the barcas of these world in the latter stages