The big one arrives but who will play? I know what I’d do… Winning the Olympics is a clue!

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So this is it, our defining moment, but who will play? Well yesterday I dared to suggest a midfield of Rosicky, Nasri and Diaby, and outside of Cesc, our most skilful midfield, a few people suggested I was as mad as a March Hare not suggesting Song.

I am amazed that people would find that midfield not the best we have, Nasri can mix it and for me takes over from Cesc, Diaby can be the enforcer and Rosicky can start the attacks, yes Song has improved no end, but for this game I believe we need pace and skill over the ability to stop attacks, what Porto did last time was to by-pass the midfield and that makes Song redundant.

We need to keep the ball, not worry about winning it back should we lose it, tonight is about being positive and go on the attack from the off, we cannot afford to let them score, if we have to use a DM then sure, use Song, but please leave Denilson in the cafeteria, I reckon a front line of Theo, Bendtner and Arshavin will click tonight and I have Bendtner down with Theo to score more than one apiece.

This is not about leaving Song out, it’s about having the most creative midfield in football, besides, since the ACN, Song has not had the form he showed before.

However, we all know Wenger will play Sagna at the back and the midfield will be Denilson, Song and Nasri, that then leaves Eboue free to play up front on the right, so it will be his team or mine and I hope he is brave and goes for skill over his favourites.

My team


Eboue Campbell Vermaelen Clichy

Rosicky Nasri Diaby

Walcott Bendtner Arshavin

Wenger’s team


Sagna Campbell Vermaelen Clichy

Denilson Nasri Song

Eboue Bendtner Arshavin

I watched us destroy Burnley on Saturday, we weren’t far off, but we left it late, keep the nucleus of that team together and it will pay dividends, bring Song on once we are 3 up, don’t waste the opportunity because this Porto team are there for the taking.

It reminds me of the battle of Quebec, Montcalm, the French general was camped in at the fortress of Quebec, General James Wolfe was with his army waiting in the St. Lawrence river with no way past the big French guns, what did he do next? He slipped past them at night, scaled the impossible heights of Abraham and when dawn broke the British army was behind them and ready, the battle was over in double quick time, Wolfe raced to a 3 nil lead before Montcalm had a chance to deploy his counter defensive midfield ploy, the Brits trashed the French and won Canada, and to this day Canada is still a colony and that’s why Great Britain won the winter Olympics.

So the moral of the story is surprise, do something they don’t expect, be bold Arsene and the day is yours, oh and forget the fact you are French, tonight you are batting for Harry, for England and St. George, go forth and seize the moment (Napoleon) tonight we go through to the quarter finals and get revenge on the fornicators from the bridge.

Have a great day grovers, tonight could and should be memorable.

And don’t forget I’m not dissing Song, I’m saving him for a rainy day, and tonight isn’t one of them.

No predictions but we’ll score two more than they do!

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  1. bnsb

    โ€œBendtner scored a hat-trick. Shows you how bad Porto are!โ€

    You work in same office with Jaguar, BBK et al? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Geoff

    I won’t get too carried away, yes we scored 5 and yes we were good, well most of the team, but they were shit, and they were in the first game, let’s see what we do at Hull and enjoy today, but lets not start on the old Arsene knows bit because we’ve won fuck all yet.

  3. Big Raddy

    Mention should be made of Wenger’s tactics last night. We totally controlled the midfield, Porto couldn’t get the balll, and when they did, we won it back immediately. Why? Because of the the way AW set up the MF with Nasri & TR slightly forward of Diaby, and Song acting as a sweeper MF.

    TR was magnificent before he got injured.

    I understand TA said that Song needs to learn to keep his position and not attack so much. I agree entirely. Against better teams we will get punished.

  4. Geoff

    Raddy he needs to learn how not to give the ball away so much as well. I expect there will be people out there that didn’t see how many times he did that though, I did.

    Nasri and Rosicky had blinders.

  5. bnsb

    but lets not start on the old Arsene knows bit because weโ€™ve won fuck all yet.

    Come on Geoff, just for a day why dont you let AKBs have a field day? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Geoff

    He still had to bring Denilson on though didn’t he, so llast night he had Denilson, Song and Eboue on, at least Eboue had a blinder.

    Sagna can’t cross a ball for shit though.

  7. gnarleygeorge9


    Its getting to the stage where there aren’t that many better teams anymore.

    The commentator here said that Chamakh is to sign for 4 years I think he said. Can this be confirmed by anyone?

  8. Geoff

    Because if Arsene knew, we’d have bought the players we still need and be at the top of the league by 10 clear points, that’s why.

  9. Sam

    bnsb ,

    which city u r in ?


    I was in Bengaluru the previous weekend 27/28 feb. It was so hot. Changed my perception of the City.

  10. Chipo

    Porto were shit because WE made them look shit.

    We came out and steamrollered them in the first half. They didn’t know what hit them!

  11. Sam

    How about team of Verms Geoff ?

    I thought Verminator was so committed yesterday. Throwing himself in front of shots bravely and all when we were comfortable. He was awesome.

  12. Geoff

    I watched us destroy Burnley on Saturday, we werenโ€™t far off, but we left it late, keep the nucleus of that team together and it will pay dividends.

    Don’t forget who said the above in this post.

  13. Big Raddy

    Geoff. When the Gods shine upon us we should celebrate unconditionally. It doesn’t happen often!

    For me, it was the best European performance since AC Milan away.

  14. Geoff

    Sabeel, the only poor player out there, but I’ll have money there are people that will make him man of the match.

  15. Rohan

    I was really impressed with Rosicky, Nasri and Arshavin. That attacking trident were key in us controlling the game as much as we did. eboue when he came on was great too.

  16. Geoff

    Raddy I was there celebrating, I agree, but when I see people on here crowing that sat at home watching on the TV and not seeing what I did, it gets to me.

  17. bnsb


    Dont, even we Mangaloreans find it difficult to get our weekly quota, honest. And they are terribly costly and but still taste like you know what. I am told catches are rare and far and between. The boats are in sea for long and we get stale fish. Smells fishy, but thats the story.

  18. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    I think some people are having a affair with Song,No doubt he gets so much support..

    Post ACN he has been far less than the level of arsenal..

    Song is so lazy,someone gotto give him some lashes,to take him out of his comfort zone while defending

  19. Chipo

    Big Raddy – I’m not sure i’ve ever had as much fun on a Tuesday night!!

    Absolutely fantastic.

    I’ve been grinning since i woke up. People thought i was weird on the tube..

  20. Rohan

    What!!! Song was great last night. Sloppy my arse.
    I’m off though. Got to study for a Physics exam.
    Enjoy the moment.

  21. gnarleygeorge9

    Geoff you wereseen @ the train station with 30 minutes to go apparently, so you couldn’t have seen Ebay go down in the box.

  22. Chipo

    Why do people always have to criticise?!

    We played fantastically well last night. The team played like a team. Of course some people are going to stand out more than others, that is the nature of the game.

    We spanked a team 5-0 in the knockout round of the Champs League? Be Happy! :mrgreen:

  23. Simon McMahon

    hopefully rosicky isnt to badly crocked , he has really hit the traps lately with his form.
    but going up north now against orange mans shit kickers , we need some power and strength , we should be alright with TV, song, and diaby and nikki b , in the side my only worry is that they will target nasri beacause of the game at ours.
    Fucking hell though goals 3 and 4 amazing last night.
    But on to saturday lets hope he keeps denilson out if no 7 doesn’t make it.
    I THINK A 3-1 WIN IS ON FOR US , fab 4 will be back for west ham.

  24. Geoff

    That’s because so many Australians are poofs, nothing to do with the women.

    That’s why there’s only 20 million of them.

  25. gnarleygeorge9

    BR the chastity belt was a medievil English invention wasn’t it; to stop the maidens being bowled over while Richard III was @ the Holy wars. Corredt me if I’m wrong.

    Anyway, bnsb’s avatar looks like one or a pair of oversize Bill Grundys.

  26. Chipo

    Oh and would just like to congratulate the ref last night. A lot of CL refs get criticised (fairly), but i thought this guy had a really good game. You didn’t notice him, which is sign of a good performance i guess.

  27. chippy

    Quality all over the pitch last night Diaby and Nasri were my mom superb performances by the pair, We ruled the midfield last night which made the game pretty easy, Sabeel if anyone was sloppy last night it was Arshavin i love the little fella and he did set up two but he gave the ball away at will ! The only negative for me was Campbell for the first time since being back looked his age hopefully it had more to do with his recent injury than him feeling the pace .

  28. bnsb

    but when I see people on here crowing that sat at home watching on the TV and not seeing what I did, it gets to me.


    Geoff, For us far away fans its like four blind men feeling the elephant and describing it. Each describing in their own different way. Dont see why that should get you worked up.

  29. Geoff

    Richard the first Gnarley. The Lion heart.

    bnsb you can’t see the movement off the ball and the shit balsl given away that always lead to attack, no names, no pack drill.

  30. Chipo

    Chippy i agree on Arshavin but i think we just have to accept that we have a genius on our hands and we should let him do whatever he wants! :mrgreen:

    Agreed on Sol as well, he looked very slow and off the pace. Let’s hope Gallas is back for the Spurs and City games cos im not looking forward to him/Silv against Bellamy/Defoe!

  31. Geoff

    I love Nasri, always have and I said Bendtner was ready to explode, it’s only the keeper and 2 DM’s I don’t rate, the rest are great.

  32. chippy

    Didnt think Song was anywhere near as sloppy as Arshavin last night the russian gave the ball away countless times with flicks and tricks in danger positions in our half which against better sides we may have been punished,

    As i said the other day Song still needs to learn to sit back more tho he joins in on way to many attacks when he should be staying back and protecting the defence but that will come with more games,

  33. Big Raddy

    Sabeel. I come from a loving congress between my parents.

    But in geographical terms, I was born in London, 3 miles from the Home of Football.

    Today – Copenhagen – the capital of Denmark.

  34. chippy

    Beleive me im not digging out the little fella Chipo and Geoff hes outstanding just trying to even things up a tad ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Big Raddy

    That Richard 1 was a right bastard. Nasty bunch those Plantagenets. French of course, and Richard the Lionheart couldn’t even speak English…. typical Frenchie

  36. gnarleygeorge9

    Hopefully straight down the tunnel for a massage, a hot tub & smoke, a glass of cherry, & a pat on the back with a “well done old boy” from the top brass.

  37. Chipo

    Geoff i was there and I like men in a way I shouldn’t.

    I thought this was the site where you can have an opinion not get one lol

  38. Sam

    We need a top GK , 1 top defender if Gallas stays else 2 , 1 DM who is better than or equal atleast to Song and a Striker who is in a level between RVP and NB52.

    I think we can get all of them even within Wenger’s budgets.

    Then we will win the league easily next year.

  39. Geoff

    Chipo it the site where I get an opinion, you read it wrong. Raddy he was born in Oxford, that is such a miss-conception. Typical from a fucking Dane.

  40. gambon

    Still cant believe we beat a top european team 5-0 in the knockout stages!

    We havent started a game so well all season, we have to do that more often!

  41. gnarleygeorge9

    Geoff 8.40am
    “Gnarley you only get the ugly ones”

    Didn’t your sister move to canberra or Dubbo ๐Ÿ˜†

  42. Big Raddy


    NB is Denmark’s No1 pin up Boy. The public here love him, especially as he is a walking advert for Carlsberg (Danish beer).

    He is constantly in the Society papers because he has a tendency to go out with posh tottie.

    And NIk is Denmark’s Sports Personality of the Year, plus Footballer of the Year

  43. Clacko the gooner

    Did anyone else shit themselves when denilson came on last night?? Even with us leading nicely i still thought “oh Fuck”

  44. chippy

    And with regards Bendtner i though he come over well in that Interview last night he didnt seem to be the Billy big bollocks thats hes sometimes portrayed as,

  45. gambon

    Got to wonder about the standard of Danish football when a clumsy squad player is the national pin up!

    Its like Peter Crouch being the UK pin up!

    Bring back M Laudrup!

  46. Big Raddy

    Geoff. True about Oxford. But the man lived in France most of his life and his father was a Frog.

    But sod it – these are just details – the man saw and conquered and as such was proper English !

  47. Geoff

    Richards mum was Eleanor of Aquitaine and as such the biggest landowner in France, so who can blame Richard for spending so long there.

  48. Big Raddy


    2009. Denmark 4 England 0

    Can you imagine how my mates ripped it out of me. And as you will see in SA, Denmark are a tidy side, nothing fancy, but well organised and have a fine defence (AW…. sign Simon Kjรฆr ).

    Shame they are in a tough group.