The big one arrives but who will play? I know what I’d do… Winning the Olympics is a clue!

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So this is it, our defining moment, but who will play? Well yesterday I dared to suggest a midfield of Rosicky, Nasri and Diaby, and outside of Cesc, our most skilful midfield, a few people suggested I was as mad as a March Hare not suggesting Song.

I am amazed that people would find that midfield not the best we have, Nasri can mix it and for me takes over from Cesc, Diaby can be the enforcer and Rosicky can start the attacks, yes Song has improved no end, but for this game I believe we need pace and skill over the ability to stop attacks, what Porto did last time was to by-pass the midfield and that makes Song redundant.

We need to keep the ball, not worry about winning it back should we lose it, tonight is about being positive and go on the attack from the off, we cannot afford to let them score, if we have to use a DM then sure, use Song, but please leave Denilson in the cafeteria, I reckon a front line of Theo, Bendtner and Arshavin will click tonight and I have Bendtner down with Theo to score more than one apiece.

This is not about leaving Song out, it’s about having the most creative midfield in football, besides, since the ACN, Song has not had the form he showed before.

However, we all know Wenger will play Sagna at the back and the midfield will be Denilson, Song and Nasri, that then leaves Eboue free to play up front on the right, so it will be his team or mine and I hope he is brave and goes for skill over his favourites.

My team


Eboue Campbell Vermaelen Clichy

Rosicky Nasri Diaby

Walcott Bendtner Arshavin

Wenger’s team


Sagna Campbell Vermaelen Clichy

Denilson Nasri Song

Eboue Bendtner Arshavin

I watched us destroy Burnley on Saturday, we weren’t far off, but we left it late, keep the nucleus of that team together and it will pay dividends, bring Song on once we are 3 up, don’t waste the opportunity because this Porto team are there for the taking.

It reminds me of the battle of Quebec, Montcalm, the French general was camped in at the fortress of Quebec, General James Wolfe was with his army waiting in the St. Lawrence river with no way past the big French guns, what did he do next? He slipped past them at night, scaled the impossible heights of Abraham and when dawn broke the British army was behind them and ready, the battle was over in double quick time, Wolfe raced to a 3 nil lead before Montcalm had a chance to deploy his counter defensive midfield ploy, the Brits trashed the French and won Canada, and to this day Canada is still a colony and that’s why Great Britain won the winter Olympics.

So the moral of the story is surprise, do something they don’t expect, be bold Arsene and the day is yours, oh and forget the fact you are French, tonight you are batting for Harry, for England and St. George, go forth and seize the moment (Napoleon) tonight we go through to the quarter finals and get revenge on the fornicators from the bridge.

Have a great day grovers, tonight could and should be memorable.

And don’t forget I’m not dissing Song, I’m saving him for a rainy day, and tonight isn’t one of them.

No predictions but we’ll score two more than they do!

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  1. goonermichael


  2. walcott4striker

    apparantly they are already low on humble pie….well this will completely run stocks dry..well done eboue you fukin badboy.

  3. Pedro

    I think Song has been sloppy tonight…

    Nik’s been good, he’s won everything in the air, scored two and caused them issues.

  4. walcott4striker

    this squad is fukin great, to think we have rvp n fab n ramsey missing, walcott n eds on the judi. fukin great squad.

  5. gambon

    Have to say, im not a huge Eboue fan, but the way he has come back from where he was after Wigan is astonishing.

  6. ritesh

    Song below the high standard set by the team Pedro. Campbell also had some awkward moments early on. But the balance of the team is spot on.

  7. walcott4striker

    yeah every one loves eboue now dont they, he was class when we brought him but when his form dipped peopl wanted him out. but if a man was good once he can be good again. like eboue has proved.

  8. ritesh

    Arshavin is an intelligent player…. Hiddick said he thought he was lazy but then realised he is very intelligent in his play.

  9. walcott4striker

    pedro what you on about, i dont claim to be a good fan just that eboue imo was unfairly critisied.

  10. gambon


    I would say he was very fairly criticised, cos he was shit.

    Hes worked hard & turned it around, so well done on him.

  11. Pedro

    Walcott, why are you bringing it up now.

    Would it make you happier if people slagged him off? Or if people had one opinion and stuck with it forever?

    Unlucky Nik!

  12. walcott4striker

    fair enuff he was playing poorly but unlike denilson he has proved to be a good playa and therefore had a good chance to get back to that form.

  13. Pedro

    Lets see it then Walcott, I don’t think it’s acceptable to have to wait three months to see good form.

  14. Stu

    SO does this mean that Bendtner is officially better than VP?

    I mean if goals are all that matters of course, seeing as VP has never scored a hattrick.

  15. zeus

    Bendtner hat-trick will do nothing but give him confidence for the run in. There will be far sterner tests but lest enjoy a fantastic performance that saw us through to the elite 8

  16. David

    Its the cheapest hatrick you’d ever get in your life 2 tap ins…and a pk.

    But its a great job nonetheless.



    Wasnt it Ade who had 6 in 7 games or somthing? Means nothing really.

  17. nishanth

    Stunning goal by nasri.And he should be doing this a lot more.Hope his injury is not serious.
    Glad to see Bendtner score a hattrick.His first touch really needs to improve though

  18. Pedro

    David, you’re so predictable.

    That was a massive game and those goals were massive.

    He had to be there to finish them and he was.

    Nik was brilliant today and he played like a real centre forward.

    That’s why we didn’t sign a striker in Jan…

  19. zeus

    I liked the atmosphere at the grove 2nite.

    Loved hearing the tinkerbell’s song.


  20. alex

    Well done Nicklas!

    nisanth I thought his 1st touch was very good tonight best all season. Also his passing and work rate was excellent.

  21. zeus

    Nasri should be fine. I think its just a case of saving him for HUll.

    Same team with FAb4 on the bench for Saturday. Hopefully we won’t need him to come on so he properly rehabilitates.

  22. Gunners The Stunners


    Check my prediction posted at 16.58 this afternoon.

    A little mention in your match report will be highly appreciated…

    5-0 to the Arsenal!!!
    5-0 to the Arsenal!!!

  23. nishanth

    Alex-He was really good today.But is really sloppy at times.Hopefully he can continue this goalscoring form

  24. ethangunner

    people might ask when will you be satisfied Ethan?

    my answer ….

    TONIGHT ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Pat

    Nasri, Verm, and Arshain were our best players, I think. Bendtner did very well though.

    What I like is that he’s there to take those easy chances. Take a look at Rooney this season David. No goals from outside the box, none. Only 4 or 5 have come against the top 10 teams in the league.

  26. zeus

    A few bastards already slating the Nasri run and goal.
    Just back off. Messi vs Getafe or Maradona vs England, in both cases critics always say ‘why didn’t you just take a yellow and foul’

    It was a wonderful goal end off.

  27. zeus

    @ Pat spot on.

    How many of those tap ins has RVP scored. Thats the only thing stopping RVP from being a ‘killer’ as he called Torres. He has the spectacular as we all know, its just the tap ins that will make him more dangerous. To his credit he started doing that before his injury this season.

  28. ethangunner

    incesc Says:
    March 9, 2010 at 21:48


    sorry for the abuse after the ramsey break, drowning my sorrowsโ€ฆ
    all is forgotten after that game lad !

    no problemo ..

  29. Keyser

    No Gallas, Fabregas, or Van Persie, that’s the spine of our team, and while Porto might not be the best of teams at this level, it’s a cup game and the Champions League, we can only take heart from this.

    Bendtner might score tap-ins, he might have off days that are shocking, but thats twice within 10 days he’s stepped up when we’ve needed him to.

  30. ethangunner

    zeus Says:
    March 9, 2010 at 21:48

    A few bastards already slating the Nasri run and goal.
    his run was AWESOME .. and so was AA23’s to slot home nikb for his 2nd …

    both nasri and AA23 i think pasted over 3 defenders each … sublime stuff …

    what did arsene say too get them to lift ?
    did someone sleep with someones girl friend or wife ๐Ÿ™‚ ??

  31. nishanth

    The player who really impressed me was diaby.Was really disciplined which is very unlike diaby.He has improved a lot over the last 3 months.

  32. David

    Pat there’s no need to go too much into it. Nikki B stayed offside for the second goal until Arsh made the run to play him on..It was all Arshavin and it was all Nasri.

    If anything this game shows how we missed Arshavin badly.

    Otherwise NikkiB shouldve had his hatrick in the first leg no?

  33. izham

    loved the huddle at the end ochestrated by campbell,just like the invicible season..eboue really loves the club and the fans and you can see if he ever leaves arsenal,he won’t bad mouthed like a certain togolese..

  34. gnarleygeorge9

    Well WTF, has everyone come down from that high. Absolutely sensational performance. Nascar & AA23 superb, the Pass Master coming on was everywhere, Sol & Vermy give the confidence now for the others to just plunder the goals; The Waiter, well the waiter kept a clean sheet, in fact everyone did their bit. Song & D-Train great as well. & last but not least, a player who just needs game time, Little Nicky :twisted:. Has the boy arrived? We have 2 months or so to really see, chamoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  35. SongtheGreat

    agreed nishanth…Diaby played very well…Nasri stepped up..Arshavin what to say ??…still there can be no doubt Arsenal without Cesc is one thing…Arsenal without Song…i rest my case..all statistic will back it up…im just sorry to witness that some are missing a new world star in the making.. Song…

    at least in my opinion ;

  36. incesc


    please chill, our 22 year old forward just scored a hatrick in the champions league. If Bendtner did that for madrid, Barce, Milan, Inter, Chelsea, Man U, Bayern or spurs (joke) we would be very jealous.

  37. ethangunner

    Pedro Says:
    March 9, 2010 at 21:54

    Gambonโ€ฆ remember what I was saying about the ketchup theory?
    pedro, i dont care what sauce is on the Arsenal dinner table as long as they keep preforming like that ..

    Porto isnt a crap side either ..
    a good level of opposition and a
    brilliant performance too match it …

    definitely the seasons highlight to date …
    and i didnt fall asleep once ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Daryl Tay

    Absolute class by Nasri, great game by Arshavin.

    Good that Bendtner got his hattrick but really, all he did was slot in two tap-ins in the first 25 minutes, switch off and then knock in a penalty. Good for him but we need much more consistency.

    Great team display too, I think everyone really came together and made this result even without RVP, Fabregas and Gallas. I just hope we can keep this up and win SOMETHING this year.

  39. nishanth

    Songthegreat-Arsenal without song is terrible because the only replacement we have is denilson.Otherwise we will be fine.Having said that he had an excellent game today

  40. Pedro

    Ethan, totally agree.

    That was fantastic… a huge game where we easily could have crumbled,

    Incesc, spot on about Bendtner, there is no point in debating it with David though. Like I said earlier, too much of his ego is caught up in Nik’s failure.

  41. ethangunner


    if i could bottle that performance i would :)..

    this is what im talking about ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!