Old favourites return as do old targets and is it Ok to boo players even if you don’t like them?

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So it has been announced that we are reintroducing the Clock end, the North Bank and the East and West stands, good news indeed, but they never went in the first place Ivan, when people ask me where I sit, I always say above the North bank, still it’s sweet that he has made it official, I wish he’d work more on sponsorship deals and new players but ho hum, at least making it official is going in the right direction.

News that Wenger is still tracking Melo is good news, but a replacement for Ramsey is cobblers, Ramsey will be back in 6 months, maybe a replacement for Denilson is more like it, either way at least the boss is still looking at that troublesome defensive midfield spot, so well done Arsene, if it’s true of course and not another renewal ploy. You decide!

Now Adrian Durham I understand is encouraging the fans to boo John Terry, is that right? I asked a cabby this morning what he’d be doing as he told me he was going, his answer was ‘too right I’m booing him, he’s a wrong ‘un’

I remember Arsenal had a well known player that was going down the pockets of the first team players, allegedly, George Graham sold him, even though he was a real talent, I was told it was to save the dressing room, that the players didn’t want to have him around, they couldn’t prove it was him, but the atmosphere was not right, the team had a wrong’un and he had to go.

Now for me the player who had his pockets picked in the England changing room was Wayne Bridge, the guilty player is going to the world cup and that has to be wrong, so the only way the fans can show their disgust is to exercise their lungs, so I say in this case, it’s okay to boo.

Interesting that Gerrard said he wouldn’t feel comfortable if Terry was tin-tacked and he became captain, that was two weeks ago and now it’s an honour, ha, ha, they are all in it for themselves aren’t they, Capello should sack Terry from the team, take Bridge and be done with it, Terry is no longer the player he was, his last three games prove that, we have an abundance of centre backs in this country and a message will be sent out, ‘NO ONE IS BIGGER THAN ENGLAND’

He isn’t some cheeky chappy that had a bit on the side, he knocked up his best mates girlfriend, it also explains why he didn’t go to Man City, nothing to do with loyalty to the chavs, it was because he was knobbing his best mates bird.

The chavs showed their moral compass against City by booing the poor sod who had his pockets picked, I hope England’s fans let them know, that some of us know the difference between right and wrong, go for it England.

When people say it has nothing to do with football they are wrong, it has everything to do with football, without football John Terry would probably be on the dole, football has given him everything, now football should take it away.

I’ll finish on an Arsenal note, this season we’ll probably win the Euro double so we’ll get some cash in and pay off the balance of our loan, so let’s have a real clear out, let’s get rid of those players that we know will never make it, for instance, Song and Eboue have been in the first team since day one (more or less) so they are in the team, Randall, Barazite and Simpson are not, now I’m not saying them, but we do have a bunch that will never make it, so why keep them?

Players like Djourou, Diaby, Wilshere and Ramsey will, so get rid of those that have no chance and bring in some that will go straight into the team, it really wouldn’t cost much, I would love a Dzeko but it won’t happen, so let’s get some in that will make a difference next term, I would like a keeper, a centre-back, a DM and a winger to go with that forward.

We’ll then dominate, and winning the league will be the norm. Then all I’ll write is positive posts!

Have a great day Grovers, not long before we can crucify another team from somewhere near Scotland.

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  1. Stu

    In fairness Green is shit and a better keeper would have saved it.

    Also what the fuck is with the pitch? Is Wembley not supposed to be a world class stadium. Should the pitch not be the same?

  2. Confidentgoner

    Spain, totally dominating France. Zidane still missed in this French team. Any link for the england match?

  3. kenny smith

    does anyone know if diaby, gallas and arshavin are in their country’s squads tonight? might give us an indication if any of them will be fit for burnley

  4. gambon


    Henry scored 45 goals in the last 2 seasons, so i think we maybe didnt sell him at the right time.

  5. Stu

    The comments say Real have stalled negotiations as not to distract the player. He still has a contract until 2013 and the story originated in the catalonia press to unsettle a madrid player.

    I dont believe it either tbh.

  6. SFOGooner

    What are France upto? Why would you want to play spain in your last game and lose all your confidence before World Cup?

  7. Meneurdejeu10

    Evening Gooners

    Im watchin the France Spain match. France have been dull. 2-0 for Spain. Goals by Villa and Ramos (aided by deflection).

    – Henry and Anelka are both having shockers. Domenech is afraid afraid of Henry. He should be benched. Anelka needs a better partner.

    – Gourcuff is non-existent

    – Diarra has played reasonably well and Toulalan (1000x better than Melo, ONLY 8m euros tops!!!!) has been outstanding

    – David Villa is the best finisher in the game. Torres injured. Fab4 playing

  8. Maurya

    The England fans pipe up with a bit of God Save The Queen as the second half kicks off at Wembley. Already Wes Brown is lumping a long ball forward in the vague direction of Peter Crouch… hmmmm.

    Long ball merchants.

  9. Meneurdejeu10

    Toulalan + Lloris for Denilson,Silvestre,Fabianski and a box of chocloates (to show our love)

    Fair deal Gooners!

  10. Jaguar

    I disagree Gambon.Henry wouldnt have scored 25, thanks to the great midfield of Denilshite and Diaby.Henry left for his own and Wenger’s good.

  11. Stu

    Was coming on to say that Crouch is shit and only in the team based on something other than form because he has done nothing this season…but i guess he proved me wrong.

    But i still think most of this team are there despite their form.

    SWP cant even get on for City right now so thats anoter strange one. Terry has been shit since the whole affair thing started (thank fuck) and Gerrard has been awful for liverpool too. Rooney is probably the only on form player for england in this squad.

  12. Stu

    No way Gambon, Ade scored 30 because he was the only forward for nost of the season. The only one that played consistently anyway. Henry demanded the ball and after he left a whole thing of shared responsibility hit the squad and thats why we got so close that season.


  13. Alex

    Song also came off but he had treatement earlier but he was ok, so far i think all our players have come through ok. Only players still playing is Sagna & Rosicky, any news on Verm?

  14. Meneurdejeu10

    France have been shocking

    How did Arsenal and England supersuperstar Theodore Walcott perform? 9.5 out of 10? okay 8.65????

  15. Stu

    Bullshit! SWP blatantly dives, the ref clearly knows and doesnt book him? It may be a friendly but still should be a booking.

  16. Stu

    Alex, most of our players get injured in training so they still have to get through that before the weekend.

  17. Samir

    Milner really does look an intresting player though….
    We need more Brits…
    Look what Sol did at Stoke, great leader!!

  18. Meneurdejeu10

    Im not watchin the England game. From what you guys have seen will Walcott start against Burnley or Porto?

  19. Confidentgoner

    Think the French coach is shit.

    His tactics is all wrong.He does not allow his team to play. He plays them so deep, and by the time they attack, the spaniards are all over them. He should be doing better considering his final berth at the last WC!

  20. Samir

    That would also be very pleasing Gamnbon! I’d prefer a taller striker though…..
    Villa seems to be getting pretty old really…

  21. Samir

    Don’t you think Clichy seems to be finding his class of old??
    At Burnley I am expecting him to be back to his best, going forward and defending!

  22. Pedro

    Ritesh… you didn’t do anything… I think you’ve changed computers or you’ve changed your e-mail address.

    You are released now

  23. Kreshnik

    Watched the Holland game, u can tell they’re gonna get RVP in SA even if he’s still injured. They so need someone like him. Hunter scored but I’m not too convinced from him. I do like him sometimes with Milan but he can just slot it in. Can’t do anything on his own.

  24. Meneurdejeu10

    Based on talent level,form and tonight…..If healthy Lennon and SWP on the plane…. No Theo

    Comments please


  25. Stu

    Honestly there arent many english players i would have starting for us because they arent good enough. Milner would be a good option as a back up or a versatile midfielder off the bench but i wouldnt buy him to start.

    I mean Shawcross got into the england squad, shows how talented you have to be to get a call up really.

  26. Stu

    I dont give a shit if Theo gors to the WC. It would be better for us if he didnt go so im not too bothered if he goes or not.

  27. Ja_Gunner

    I think Bobby McAMahon picked us for the title this year…Lets hope he is right….

    He seems to be one of the few objective journalists out there….

    As he says..the rulebook does not say anything about intent….it talks about excessive force….

  28. ethangunner

    SharkeySure Says:
    March 3, 2010 at 18:23

    Bottom line Ethan is that Wenger gets such a slagging from some people, that he’s bound to be defended by those who think the vitriol is over the top.
    sharkey my days of wenger worship are over ..

    if people are just defending him for arguments sake they are missing the point , most fans who
    don’t believe in him do so, because of all the constant BS he talks ..
    and for 5 trophy-less years and more in the making …
    his poor team selections
    and his gullible approach recently about his teams advancements .

    then theres the BS transfer talks …

    we are in for a striker …
    ill be buying 3 top class players that will
    have fans drooling ..

    oh no a goal keeper
    … CD !?!

    DM …

    oh now we are not in it for a striker now,
    i want to see a team member step up during Christmas ..
    well i just missed him ….
    and just missed him ….
    so i couldn’t better the team (with big Al and denilson in the side )

    i cant find better !?! – seriously i cant 🙂 !

    more like CAN’T spend ..

    for some ungodly reason !

    its a cop out ….

  29. leon

    stu i feel theo has the worst year has played a full 90 min for arsenal yet he needs improve he not all bad he still has tons of time on his side,but i very disapointed by his lack vision and link up play,showcross i have seen him play a few times and is ok against lesser players but anytime he has to deal quicker and skillful players he has alot of problems,i believe he broken another player leg as well i may be wroung there but he clearly does not how time his tackles,i still extremly agree about this and get more angerd when here comments that showcross is not to blame,when you look at tough old fashioned defenders like adams and bruce and keowne never injured there whole careers and in this 22 year old has already at least 1 player in hospital and looking at the way this player challenges it will only be luck if does not injur another player

  30. Baxter Wall

    Whats this i’ve been hearing about a John Terry v Gareth Barry fight tonight?

    Hope Barry nutted the patchy haired wanker.

  31. leon

    gooby he had few dangerous runs but not to many faded alot he has been injured for long long time i dont acre abount england though i just hope he can get few 90 min games for arsenal

  32. Jon

    Good post, however I’m quite content with Song’s performance so far. He’s been powerfu, determined and physical; all the required elements of a DM has been properly met. The one thing he needs to really work with is his football intelligence. Aside from that, I see no reason to transfer him out from our club.

    Almunia I can agree. While I feel for the lad, his chances are up and we clearly need someone between the posts that can give our boys at the back line proper (if not some) assurance to have them play their game with not so much worry.

  33. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    Sorry for some bad news

    “With second-half goals from Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez and Carlos Vela,
    Mexico beat New Zealand 2-0 before “Vela limped off the field with an injury.”

  34. bnsb

    Vela goal, good trickery. In EPL he would hardly have time for skill and would get hacked three steps earlier.

  35. Pat

    Never been a fan of his Gambon. NEVER. He always seemed like a clueless kid with pace. LPool run didn’t impress me either. Naive defending from a CL side. 99 times out of 100 Mascherano/Agger/someone fouls him. Don’t know what the Scousers were thinking. Maybe scared of suspensions.

    His cross for that run was fairly poor as well. He had 4 Arsenal players and 1 Scouser in the box. The defender was centimeters away from getting a toe on his cross.

  36. gambon


    My worry is that Wenger wont cut his losses with Theo. He should look to cash in on him in the summer but i cant see it, it would be like admitting defeat.

    Get Eden Hazard in instead, a vastly better player.

  37. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    Yes Theo has been ineffective,

    Having said that,i urge the public to keep in mind his innumerable injuries.

    we can judge better when he can go on a good run of games in a whole season un-injured

  38. gambon


    The thing is he doesnt have any talent, hes just a quick runner.

    With people like Diaby everyone could see he was very talented. Theo cant do anything right apart from run fast.