Bob Wilson speaks… the referee’s an idiot, oh, there’s a surprise.

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Don’t expect a positive post today, I have spent the last 24hours getting the urine ripped out of me, not for the calamitous display, but by the post match rantings of a manager in denial. Then late last night I read the further rantings of propaganda minister Joseph Wilson, singing his masters tune again.

I have to say, I loved Bob Wilson, I used to watch him from the terraces and I’ve been in them all, I sat in the schoolboy enclosure, the North bank, East upper, South and all over the West, I started out in the directors box and ended up with a box, so I’ve been all over the wonderful ground that was Highbury, in fact when I first went, Bob Wilson was the keeper.

You see I’ve done something that neither Arsene Wenger or Bob Wilson and the board has never, ever done, I’ve actually paid for my ticket. Think about that before you spit your cornflakes out.

So I’ve seen him, Barnet, Rimmer, Jennings, Lukic, Seaman, Manninger, Wright, Lehman and I even remember Shaban, I probably spelled them all wrong and I’ve probably missed some out, but I have never seen any as bad as Almunia and on Wednesday, Fabianski.

Wenger said before the game that at 23, even Seaman made mistakes, well we know that Arsene, and that’s why George didn’t sign him until he was almost 30, is the penny dropping?

He followed that up with Bendtner is the age now when strikers come good, what? no player really comes good until his body has finished growing and experience sets in, most players come good in their mid to late twenties, there are exceptions of course, but not often, and certainly not in Bendtner or Denilson’s case.

Now Bob quite rightly says Fabianski will get over it and come good, but to say it wasn’t his fault is quite frankly, laughable. To call the ref an idiot is just being a bigger idiot in my book. In fact it’s being a complete fool.

Bob Stayed at Arsenal his whole career, and that was fantastic, Bob, I loved you, to go through the personal tragedy you have must have been heartbreaking, I have myself given a bunch of money to Willow, a great cause.

However your sucking up to Arsene Wenger borders on sick making and worries me. I have seen two clips of Thierry Henry scoring goals from taking them quickly in the last 24hrs, Wenger was the manager, it was alright then was it? I don’t remember you calling those refs idiots.

You also became apoplectic when some shareholder had the temerity to suggest Wenger had signed a geriatric in Silvestre, you couldn’t believe it, well it seems to me that shareholder was right on the money, because outside of Almunia and Denilson, he is our worst player.

Bob I think you should stop kissing the backside of the manager as it is becoming embarrassing now.

Arsene blows enough smoke up his own orafiice, you don’t need to blow anymore.

In fact the only person this week that said anything that made sense was Cesc, when he said they were schoolboy errors, the manager didn’t like that either, so expect to see him go in the summer.

How bad has it got when I look forward to seeing Eboue come on, how bad has it got when he looked good compared to the others, how bad is it that Sol Campbell was man of the match?

Don’t mis-understand that last commment, check my posts, I wanted Sol back, and by coming back he has now become a true Arsenal legend, the ghost of Tottenham past has now long gone. The reason I wanted him back was because his is a big lump, a proper strong centreback, and he has experience, and the day Wenger realises that, then that will be the day we start to win things again.

Right now we are in the middle of a mad professors experiment that only he, Bob Wilson and the board of directors can see will pay dividends. Not real ones of course, just sneaky unpublished backhanders. Me, I think we are crap.

I have no doubt that we’ll beat Sunderland, we may even beat Porto in the return leg, but if this team win anything this season, I will be truly amazed.

We now seem to be being run by the three monkeys, they see nothing, they hear nothing and they say nothing that make any sense and thats really isn’t a good way to run a football club.

It’s time for a change, whether that means the players or the manager, I don’t care anymore, Bob and Arsene, you are not the club, we are, give it back to us.

I am not anti-Arsene, I am pro Arsenal and all I can see, is us disrespecting two domestic trophies and fielding a team of babies that only he can see is good. Screw finishing third, I want to be competing, like we used to. In the old days Bob, remember.

Have a great day Grovers, football’s coming home tomorrow.

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    on sunday it will be revealed that rio has been havin an affair while his wife was pregnant, i kid u not

    u couldnt make this shit up

    im waiting for the biggest revelation, that some milkman has been diguising himself as a brazilian and been playing for arsenal for last few years

    fingers crossed anyway, maybe the nightmare will come to an end soon

    the rio part is true by the way

  2. luke

    Wenger will keep faith in Clichy, and his form might return. He has had back problems sine 09. I fear that perhaps the 3 man midfield does not cover him as well. Although, yesterday a couple of people were calling for gibbs to replace him…that to me is the same as all those who were calling on fabianski to replace almunia a while back. Gibbs is not ready. Think the best thing to do would be to buy a stop gap for gibbs, Abidal anyone?

  3. Jaguar

    I wont name him,GG.But he has never been to Emirates,and he loves Arsene Wenger,more than Arsenal,which is a criteria for muppets a.k.a AKBs,invisible after defeats.

  4. gnarleygeorge9

    Jaguar weren’t they bought out by arabs. I guess thats what happens when you don’t pay your bills, you leave yourself open to takeover. Well @ least The Arsenal will always be The Arsenal. I wonder ifsome mug living off the state in a housing commission flat can understand that.

  5. chozzer

    Perhaps that’s what we’re lacking…..a team full of adulterous granny shaggers.
    One testicle between eleven doesn’t go far.

  6. luke

    GK, LB, Denilson, and w/o VP CF, are our weak positions.

    1. Lloris/Akinfeev
    2. Abidal until gibbs is ready
    3. MAtuidi/Toulalan/Mascherano/
    4. Chamakh



  7. gnarleygeorge9

    Oh I thought you may have been leaning towatds moi there jagsy. But can I say this, I’m as sick of winning sod all as the next gooner, its becoming boring & below the level of expection that a Club of its stature deserves. But this mill stone that has been “gifted” to The Arsenal punters will be a shining beacon in years to come, something though, all of your grand kids we be able to say “Grand dads era must have sacrificed success back then so that we could win all these Cups” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. ethangunner

    “We live with opinions of people and everybody is entitled to theirs,” said the manager. “But I believe in the keepers I have.
    not sure how this is good news ?

  9. David

    B.B.K. Says:
    February 19, 2010 at 12:08
    I ask again why do people have to go support another team just because they speak out,about the way things are going,i canโ€™t believe people are willing to take these humiliations on the chin for the sake of arsene wenger,itโ€™s like the muslims who blow themselves up think they are going to paradise,when really they will be scattered across the street DEAD!!!


    OMG L ๐Ÿ˜† L

    Hahahaha…BBK You are a fucking LEGEND.

  10. David

    Cant believe i missed the debate on here today.

    You fully expect Arsene to buy in the summer. Well what happened last summer?

    Does it take 2 summers to buy a goal keeper or a CB?

  11. ethangunner

    no one should tell anyone to support another club .. thats like saying you need to find another mother … or father …

    you only got one , your born with it in your genes so any fucker who asks you that BBK , is a fucking plastic fantastic …

    Its probably more like an AKB who has little else left as ammo !

    but then you get these plonkers come on every time from ACLF etc. not happy with the fans who are still NOT DELUSIONAL . . like them ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. ethangunner

    1#. ..CANT WIN, DONT TRY .

    ethan’s 1st rule !
    it usually pertains to women for me ๐Ÿ™‚ but AKB’s are very similar ๐Ÿ™‚

    you would do best to ignore them BBK ,
    best way to silence any is have a BET !


    works every time ..

    bet them 100 quid that we dont win the EPL .

    see there fuckin balls shrink then …

  13. nishanth

    Wenger will surely get into trouble for the comments he has made about the referee.He has a fair point.The refereeing was just shocking.Both teams suffered from it.Same happened in the bayern-fiorentina game.Something has to be done

  14. ethangunner


    not worried about the C.L , there so called best in the world refs are just as cac’ed as any other on the day…

    we wont get much further than the next round ..
    unless we get some fluky shite team (which i dont think there is any left anyhoo.)

    but i can tell you we probably will do porto at home so wenger can keep this propaganda going for a few more weeks .. THE FAITH CAMPAIGN

    it will be his last highlight of the season so im sure he will bang his drum pretty loud after the porto game …

  15. ethangunner

    he will remind of this years achievements (ram them down you neck ).

    3rd is like getting a trophy ..
    etc …etcc.etccc..

  16. nishanth

    I am not sure we will beat porto at home.Looks like diaby won’t be available and it will be very tempting for wenger to play denilson there.We are very much capable of making silly mistakes like we did in porto.

  17. ethangunner

    it will take cesc or aa to win it sure , but they will prove the class they are …

    if i was them id be looking to move on also ..
    it might be the last chance this season on this stage to prove themselves …

    i dont think it will be a team effort .
    as 80% aren’t capable ..

  18. ethangunner

    the away goal gives us the edge i think …
    im sure we will score and if so 1-0 will do it ..

    keeping a clean sheet however is another thing …
    im sure wenger will want one !

  19. Adam

    Great post, reckon it’s the best post I’ve ever read on here.

    Fabianski should go on a 3 year loan to a Championship team to gain confidence and experience. When he comes back we would know how good he can be. Just look what it’s doing for Szczesny. First team football, confidence and experience.

    Almunia is a good backup keeper, that should be his role. It’s bullshit that we have a 2nd class keeper at Arsenal, just look at the other top teams with Van der Saar, Jose Reina & Petar Cech. We need a experienced, top quality keeper at Arsenal if we want to compete.

    Wenger you cheapskate, listen to the fans for once.

    Don’t know if it’s been posted already, but Campbell’s comment about Denilson made me laugh.

    โ€œI wasnโ€™t happy that Denilson played the ball behind me in the first minute!โ€ he said. โ€œIt was the perfect through-ball. I thought is he playing for us or what?

    Good question that. If Campbell can see it why can’t Wenger?

  20. nishanth

    Arsenal’s income has overtaken that of the Gunners’ Premier League rivals Manchester United for the first time, according to a study launched at ESADE and produced by Prime Time Sport.

    ‘Arsenal has risen to the third spot, thanks to the real estate transaction that allowed the London club to earn ยฃ88 million. For the first time, Manchester United (4th) is not among the top three clubs,’ notes the report.

  21. ethangunner


    oh dont say that on here , oh ok you can… because all the AKB’s will have their hands on their knobs now !

    cant type and wank at the same time ..

  22. ethangunner


    if fans call for wengers head it only shows ignorance.
    the only way we will see change is at the top ..
    if we get a sugar daddy who’s just as pissed off as we are , who wants to spend … problem solved.

    but if wenger left the board would just replace him with another of the same principals ..
    (and im sure thats the plan )

    because the way i see it is either these board members dont watch the game’s or are about as bigger flakes as humankind can get …

    who would sit idle watching your club status dwindle by the way side .. ????

    i cant as a fan , so who why would these self righteous pricks do it so easily ?

  23. ethangunner

    ok DDM had your chance son !

    ill tell ya why ..

    because this plan for project youth was a JOINT VENTURE for the board and wenger …

    if it wasnt they would have sacked him long ago ..
    lets face it ..

    wenger and the board follow a similar goal …

  24. ethangunner

    its up to the fans to show their joint displeasure or we have no chance of bettering ourselves ..

    if you dont shout loud , wenger will continue with almunia and denilson until the year 2014 !

  25. ManGoonian

    So, Bob Wilson, an Arsenal legend, says something you don’t agree with and that gives you the hgump so you call him a cunt?

    Brilliant….. Poor old Bob, doesnt he know he has to slate Wenger so as not to disrupt the doom mongering cognoscenti???

  26. ManGoonian

    He was definitely nobbled by some one Suga3!

    There are mistakes and then there are mistakes…. They werent schoolboy errors, that would be disrespectful to school boys!!!

    KIndergarten more like….

    But, unlike you, I aont gonna write him off, just yet…

  27. Geoff

    Morning all, Fabianski is a good keeper, but always has a howler waiting to happen, that’s age and experience and why he shouldn’t be near the team until he is older and better.

  28. SUGA3

    morning Geoff,

    he was taken out of Legia far too soon IMO, perhaps he should have been loaned out somewhere in the first place…

    man, I miss the mad German twunt ๐Ÿ˜‰

  29. Micky Did It 89

    Morning all. No idea who is fit for today. Diaby, Traore, Rosicky, Eboue, Ramsey. Can’t select my team. While we are about it, what’s the latest date for RVP?

  30. anguswalk

    Jesus I mean I’m no ‘AKB’ man but I think you’ve crossed the line here Geoff. You may not agree with him but I think one of the greatest managers to lead arsenal deserves a bit of respect! I know Ill have all of you screaming down my neck for worshiping the man but do you seriously think he doesnt want arsenal to win the whole time and is holding back the team out of spite? He makes a fuss in the press after a loss to take the heat off the players I mean I havent read much at all about fabianski’s mistakes because everyones been talking about wenger’s speech in the post match interviews. Of course you dont have to agree with him and I for one am getting disillusioned with the man but show him a bit of common curtesy please!