CL brings comedy to Milan / Beckham’s had it / Tonight the laugh will be on Porto.

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So I started to watch the mancs play the easiest knockout game in the ECL, but had to laugh when I saw the snippet that said this, it was talking about granny shagger Rooney and the snippet said this makes 50th CL APP tonight, which read as ‘CLAPP’ which I thought was apt, given his antics, if only manc loving Sky realised their gaff, I sure as hell did, well done Sky Sports, hilarious!

I hope Fabio was watching because the Italian press said Beckham was like a waxwork dummy, and last night proved if we take him to South Africa, we must be nuts.

Onto us and the big game tonight, Fabianski is in goal, which isn’t great, but it’s better than having to endure another gaff strewn evening from Almunia, Fab, prove you are worthy and put in a great performance, I think Gallas is out too so that means powerhouse Campbell steps in, no problems there, I also think Song is out so the boss has to decide on Eastmond, Denilson or maybe a 4 man midfield instead, here’s what I would do.


Eboue Campbell Vermaelen Clichy

Rosicky Cesc Diaby Nasri

Walcott Bendtner

I think that team would score goals and protect our goal at the same time, 4-4-2 would be a good move considering the problems, and we wouldn’t have to put in youngster Eastmond or rubbish Brazilian Denilson.

We can attack at will, with pace and height and defend from the middle, so we won’t be exposing ourselves as we do with a 4-3-3, I wouldn’t be unhappy to use Ramsey either but not Denilson, anyone other than him. I would even suffer Eboue in the midfield rather than Denilson, at least he has pace and can defend.

We need to get in their faces and shut the crowd up early, this is our last real chance of any silverware, and a good result would give us the confidence to go all the way, and don’t forget, we have Robin to come back in April.

Kyle Bartley is getting rave reviews in Sheffield, is he the one to step up next season? I don’t know, trying to buy Smalling doesn’t suggest he will, but we also have Djourou and Nordveit or whatever his name is.

Porto are about as good as Villa, dangerous in spells but not that good, we shouldn’t underestimate them in the same way we wouldn’t underestimate Villa, but we are by far the greatest team the world has ever seen. I know we are, because we all sang that against Liverpool and won, so it must be true.

Don’t forget Arsenal, Porto were a team managed by a chav scumbag, we owe them, and two wins in a week against a chav connected side would be absolutely brilliant.

So go and get a famous win tonight boys, a draw will do, but a win would all but seal it, they call their centre forward the Hulk, why? Is it because he let someone die in a car accident? Is it because he got exposed to radiation whilst conducting experiments? NO, it’s because he’s crap at football and bats for the other side, just like that one trick pony the Hulk, from DC fame.

Screw them Arsenal, show us why we love you so much, prove to your manager you are all worth what we pay you, and why the club won’t buy players, this is no dress rehearsal, this is it, tonight you play in the most important game of you careers, I know you can do it, the manager knows you can do it, tonight is up to you.

I don’t do predictions, but Carling do and they told me 2 nil to the team that plays in red…honest!

Finally Pedro sent me a list of Europe’s top earners, we have only Arshavin in the top 50, so I can see why all the Cesc rumours are being bandied about, maybe if we stopped paying so much for the ordinary fringe players, we would have the money to give him more. We have players like Jay Simpson who seem to be on permanent loan whilst we keep players like Denilson in the squad, we have players like Randall, Hoyte and Gilbert that seem to hang around for ever but never play so why? I think we should have a long hard look at our massive squad of averageness and whittle it down to a group of top players, I bet we’d even get change if we did that.

Hey and all this talk of we couldn’t afford David Villa’s wages, he earns the same as what Cashley and the 50 year old Vieira does. Hmmm!

Have a great night Grovers, win or lose, have a booze, tonight I feel it in my bones, we’ll be doing both. Winning and boozing!

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  1. zeus

    Love the rallying cry for the game.
    Love the 4-4-2 as well.
    Love the ‘sell the permanently on loan players’ calls as well.
    Top post in genereal.

  2. ritesh

    Yeah, I hope so…unless Wenger fucks up on the tactics again. We have to be physical and ruthless…not technical and crap.

  3. Sam

    Eduardo spends time trying to get fit , is not very effective in those games. Then there he goes, injured again.

    How long are we going to go with this niggles after a major injury.

  4. Pat

    It’ll be a tough game. No english team has ever scored more than 1 goal at Porto.

    Porto should have gotten something in both games against Chelsea. Falcao has been in great form and he was linked with Arsenal before he went to Porto last season.

    It’ll be very tough. Much will depend on how Campbell plays. Porto beat us 2-0 by absolutely raping us on the counter. Lets hope we learned or lesson. Liverpool don’t have pace to hit us on the counter, Porto do.

    I’ll take a draw, but even that will be tough.

  5. Pat

    It could be mental Sam. Look at Vidic. He’s fit physically and has been training, but he tells SAF he’s not ready “mentally” Whatever that means

  6. nishanth

    That is not great news Pat.With denilson as our DM it will be easier for them to counter attack.Hope he atleast bother staying behind there is no way he is going to catch up with anyone who is reasonably quick

  7. Sam

    I hope we atleast get a draw. I think we ll get a draw.

    1-2 or 2-3 defeats wont be too bad either. I am sure we ll win the tie from those.

  8. Arsenal Tom

    eduardo was only supposed to be out for a week or 2 that was about a month-6 weeks ago. what a fucking joke.

    more lies from wenger to justify not spending

  9. gambon

    A score draw will be a very good result tonight, no doubt.

    Nikki B will come good, but will he be good enough? Im not so sure.

  10. georgian1gunner

    hi guys , bendtner will score … we will win :)) (very optimistical) :)):))

    see this video you all :))) veryveryvery funny


  11. Kreshnik

    hello everyone,
    soooo excited today fellas …. and so nervous

    Given the fight they gave to Chelsea and how unlucky they were to pass through them, gets me even more nervous. But am leaning towards a good result.

  12. David

    I certainly do not like to look smug at the expense of Arsenal.

    And when you have a 22 year old kid leading the line when you cant be honest enough with yourself that he’s not good enough it goes without saying…that the attention would now be on David when he proves time and time again that he’s nothing more than a consistent fuck up and Arsenal deserve better.

  13. Pedro

    David, the fact is, even when he does something good, you try and down play it or make an excuse as to why it happened.

    Being proven right about a developing player not being world class straight away is hardly and achievement to brag about…

  14. Jaguar

    Big Raddy Says:
    February 17, 2010 at 17:17

    If Nik has a stinker tonight, David & Jaguar will be the smuggest men on the ‘net!

    I dont hate Bendtner,BR.My hate list would be
    4)Le Hypocrite

    Bendtner is a good striker being forced to play in all the unfamiliar positions by Le Hypocrite.

  15. David

    Yea i am guilty of that it is true.

    Scoring goals against Relegation teams and a consolation from a free header every now and then hardly proves anything about anything.

    Fact is Arsenal deserve better. Or is that an opinion?

  16. Rohan

    What!! A guy called Rohan used to play for Arsenal?? Never knew that…ye can start calling me plastic and all that now.

  17. David

    Madrid yesterday were concentrating too much on flair than result…and Jaguar has a point.

    The manager is responsible for everything. Last night you could see the Ronaldo of old…doing fancy flicks and tricks when his team was down and berreft of ideas…It was so bad the camera went to Cassillas on the opposite end of the feild when he did a ridiculous back pass to a defender.

    SAF got the best out of Ronaldo.

    What about Denilson/Nasri/Walcott/Bendy…etc etc.

    Alright enuff of that.


  18. Jaguar

    And compare that with Alex Fuckerson badmouthing that Manure defender for an error. I bet,Mr.Wenger doesnt have the balls to do that to a non-performing Arsenal player. Our trophy cabinet vouch for it.

  19. Big Raddy

    Jaguar. Please please stop. We all know your obsession with Wenger.

    You can make good points but they are always wrapped by this hatred, as a result what you say gets lost.

  20. ritesh

    we need guts to win…not intelligence always.

    Sometimes the stupid win cause they have guts…

    I always tell that to my wify, she wins all the arguments at home.

  21. Gooby


    wenger is not a bad manager at all. the only thing he needs to understand is that he has to spend.

    otherwise we all know he has the ability to find world class player if he is prepared to put the money on the table of course.

  22. Pedro

    Jaguar, like I said… let it go… like you have with Diaby. When you hate as much as you hate Wenger, it’s almost like you’d rather us do badly to prove your point.

    David… precisely my point. Goals only count against top opposition… what a weird way of thinking. If he only scored against the top 4, you’d be slagging him the other way.

    Nik B is good enough to be Arsenals back up striker… of that I have no doubt. 15 goals last year? Not a bad return. Hopefully he’ll score tonight.

  23. Mayank

    Question, if Real end up trophyless (unlikely) who gets the sack? The manager, or do the go on another spending frenzy?

  24. David

    We agree on that Pedro

    He belongs as a back up.

    A back up doesnt play the most minutes of any Arsenal stricker last season. More than Eddy, VP, and Ade.

    A back up doesnt play in all of Arsenal’s competitions CL, EPL, CC, FA cup, Emirates Cup, etc etc

    A back up is a back up. Like Silvestre is a back up.

  25. ritesh

    Wenger is not a bad manager….. But he is an old ass.

    He is a man of his words and he promised these youngsters parents things probably which is why he will not change his policy.

    Having said that, I believe he lags Red Nose in terms of guts on the big occasions.

  26. Mayank

    Nik’s more than back-up, he’s in the Nasri, Eboue category. Not a confirmed starter but not too far away from the first team.
    Speaking of which I think Nasri’ll have a great game tonight.

  27. Alex

    Sagna Campbell Vermaelen Clichy
    Cesc Denilson Diaby
    Nasri Bendtner Rosicky

    Subs: Mannone, Silvestre, Traore, Eboue, Ramsey, Vela, Walcott.

  28. GoonerJohn

    Gooby, i agree with you.. But will he ever decide to spend money?

    Im going for a narrow 1-0 win tonight, cesc to score 😀

  29. ritesh


    I think towards the end of last season NB52 stepped up. He has always been influential when he played. He is direct and physical. More than a back up for me.

  30. Pedro

    ‘A back up doesnt play the most minutes of any Arsenal stricker last season. More than Eddy, VP, and Ade.’

    He does if he is fitter than the rest!

    If Ade and RvP were fit all year… he’d have played the least!

  31. ritesh

    When you look at that list of highest paid players….you know then why Wenger cant buy the best players.

    We have money to buy them… but paying them is something we could not afford.

  32. Alex

    Official team:

    Sagna Campbell Vermaelen Clichy
    Cesc Denilson Diaby
    Nasri Bendtner Rosicky

    Subs: Mannone, Silvestre, Traore, Eboue, Ramsey, Vela, Walcott.

  33. Mayank

    David, I mean that he’s not a guaranteed starter but if the situation demands it he can be in the first team on merit rather than injuries.

  34. Pedro

    Ritesh… what makes you say that?

    We paid Thierry £200k a week in his last season! We’ve got a £100mill wage bill and we cleared £35mill profit.

    We pay lots of money to young players… and we buy more than anyone else.

  35. David


    RVP and Ade were fit towards the end of the season and Bendy still played.

    Apparently ahead of Ade.

    Previously He was being used as a super-sub. Hence the term…”Super-Nick”

    In the process he amassed more minutes on the pitch than ALL our strikers.

  36. Mayank

    As much as I hate to talk finances I think TH14 was a special case there wasn’t anyone at his level in his last year. If we give the new player say 140K that will mean having to pay RvP, Cesc and Arsh similar amounts as it breaks the wage structure.

  37. Pedro

    David, I think it was apparent we were selling Ade and all the sources say Wenger made his mind up on that front in March.

    Like I said, he amassed that amount of minutes because of injuries other/situations.

  38. SFOGunner

    Looks like the first 20 minutes will be very crucial just like in the Manu/Chelsea games .. If we can keep it 0-0 and start to get over the nerves, then we have a decent chance ..

  39. David

    I dont understand why you guys are nervous. Porto are a poor side.

    The lack of pace is worrying..i guess thats why we have 5 players in midfield?

    My big worry apart from the pink one upfront ofcoarse is the fact that it has crab football written all over it…I hope we will see some red shirts in the 18 yard box taking some shots.

  40. Pedro

    He started 7 out the last 20.

    So he started 35%.

    ‘RVP and Ade were fit towards the end of the season and Bendy still played.’

    Not really a true statement was it?

  41. ritesh

    35Million looks good.

    But if you want a truly world class player you have to pay at least 25 – 30m. If you add his yearly wage bill on top of that you are suddenly left with almost nothing.

    True however, we buy a lot of young players. But then, did we not make 50M profit from sale of players of the academy… the academy has a self sustaining model.

  42. Ja_Gunner

    Why did Wenger start both Nasri and Rosicky?

    We need some speed in there….He should have started either Theo or Eboue for one of those…and Vela can come off the bench…

    It seems like crab football as someone said…

    Too many passers..not enough dribblers…

  43. nishanth

    Yeah David.I hope nasri doesn’t play like he normally does.He has scored around 3 goals this season and nothing else.I don’t even remember him creating any chances.Talented player but needs to take up a little more responsibility.

  44. David

    My point was that he played the most minutes of any Arsenal striker. And he was STILL piss poor towards the end of the season.

  45. Pedro

    So David… you just made up a statement to back your argument.

    If he had more minutes than any other striker, it was down to injuries.

  46. nishanth

    Bendtner scored around 4 goals in the first half of the season.Managed to score 11 towards the end.Surely there was an improvement

  47. Tariq

    From the clubs website: Fabianski, Sagna, Sol, TV, Clichy, Cesc, *he who shall not be names*, Diaby, Nasri, Bendtner, Rosicky.

  48. David

    It isnt a made up statement…it wasnt always the case yes but Bendy did play when RVP and Ade were fit.

    Only game i can think off to the top of my head was West Ham away when Ade came off the bench and Scored 2 goals…and there are many more games like that!

    Injuries are a factor every season…but the fact is that Wenger was determined to make Bendy first choice whether it was by team selection, the amount of ridiculous subs that Bendy had when there was absolutely no need for it…

    Well we can keep this going…u know i Can 😀

  49. Mayank

    If you look at the fact that he got run over by a truck it does.
    I don’t buy the injury-prone shit Micheal owen and Rosicky are injury prone.

  50. Pedro

    Where, if we’re looking at the hard facts… Bendtner did not start ahead of Ade and Robin if those two were fit.

    He is a back up player and still is.

  51. David

    Both games at West ham…home and away…Bendy started ahead of either Ade or RVP…

    That Bendy only plays because of injuries isnt exactly a true statement now is it?

  52. Pedro

    Mayank, in 7 seasons he’s only managed more than 30 games twice.

    It’s like saying you don’t buy that John Terry is a cunt…?

  53. incesc

    getting excited, first champions league game in my new flat, watching it on a proper telly not a stream, woohoo.

    Dont know why people are woried we are gonna walk it.

  54. David

    Precisely right….with a fully fit squad…Wenger would put Nikk as first choice on the right.

    Ahead of Mozzart and Walcott.

  55. Pedro

    David… I can’t go into individual matches. It was ages ago and I don’t know who had a knock etc…

    Ade and Robin either played with him or were on the bench. Maybe we were resting them, in the build up to the first game, Ade started ten on the trot. At home he started.

    Robin started away. At home, he’d played two games inside a week. Rested.

    You don’t have a point. Nik was back up then, he’s back up now.

    He might not be come the end of the year… who knows!

  56. Mayank

    LOL the JT thing really came to bite me in the ass, really didn’t think he needed the money.

    Or you could say he’s played 30+ games in 3 out of the previous 5 seasons (he’s only been with us for 6 season counting this one, talk about twisting facts).
    Doesn’t really matter anyway since being injury prone would have nothing to do with his injury.

  57. dennisdamenace

    Two players who should not be starting such an important game, but hey AW believes in the ‘best squad he’s ever had’…….

    The problem with Fab2 is that he’s just as error prone as CoCo, but at least he has time on his side, and as such he will hopefully learn from his mistakes, unlike CoCo who has now as ‘good’ as he’s ever gonna get….

  58. Stu

    Just turned on RTE (irish channel) who are covering our match and not even 5 seconds in 1 of the spastics on their panel says Rooney is the best player in the world since Pele was around. Needless to say i turned it off straight away.

    Should I ask what team we are starting or save myself the anguish(sp)?

  59. dennisdamenace

    According to ITV, AW is up next to tell why he believes this ‘young’ team is ready to conquer Europe……ho ho ho, he’s a card that Arsene fella….

  60. Stu

    It was Eamon Dumphy if you are wondering Gambon. He is an amazing retard. Apparently his whole football career was in the united reserves. Liam Brady hates him too and thats a FACT so another reason to hate him.

  61. dennisdamenace

    The Hulk prick wouldn’t get into half the Premier League teams, yet he’s bigged up today by the ‘experts’ tossers… best he’s fucking average, mind you Nani is plug fucking average and we made him look like fucking Maradona recently…..

  62. gambon


    I was suspicious when at the end of the interview he said;

    “And if you want to renew your season tickets please call 0800….”

    Actually would probably be an 0969 £2 per minute number, wired straight to his bank account.

  63. Stu

    Fuck! I turned t back on and now they are picking on Fabregas and confucing Van Persie with Van Basten..fucking imcompetent senile bastards!

  64. Gooby

    rooney? lol what a joke. he is just a stiker having a good season.

    next year he will return to his 15 prem goals/season

  65. tonyadamsisgod

    Evening all…..

    So Wenger’s no excuse it that the media have brainwashed us fans into being negative. That was his response to why some fans are getting frustrated. Nothing to do with failing year after year and not learning our mistakes then.

    Anyways…..Come on you Gooners!!

  66. dennisdamenace

    ‘Continue to believe in ourselves, belief in this team’…..this team will give every drop of blood – Just like our pseudo Brazilian did against ManUre recently, plenty of talk talk, we need walk walk Arsene, but whatever you gotta continue, continue, continue to believe……oh and i almost forgot, don’t forget to renew, coz the future’s bright, the future’s Denilson!!