CL brings comedy to Milan / Beckham’s had it / Tonight the laugh will be on Porto.

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So I started to watch the mancs play the easiest knockout game in the ECL, but had to laugh when I saw the snippet that said this, it was talking about granny shagger Rooney and the snippet said this makes 50th CL APP tonight, which read as ‘CLAPP’ which I thought was apt, given his antics, if only manc loving Sky realised their gaff, I sure as hell did, well done Sky Sports, hilarious!

I hope Fabio was watching because the Italian press said Beckham was like a waxwork dummy, and last night proved if we take him to South Africa, we must be nuts.

Onto us and the big game tonight, Fabianski is in goal, which isn’t great, but it’s better than having to endure another gaff strewn evening from Almunia, Fab, prove you are worthy and put in a great performance, I think Gallas is out too so that means powerhouse Campbell steps in, no problems there, I also think Song is out so the boss has to decide on Eastmond, Denilson or maybe a 4 man midfield instead, here’s what I would do.


Eboue Campbell Vermaelen Clichy

Rosicky Cesc Diaby Nasri

Walcott Bendtner

I think that team would score goals and protect our goal at the same time, 4-4-2 would be a good move considering the problems, and we wouldn’t have to put in youngster Eastmond or rubbish Brazilian Denilson.

We can attack at will, with pace and height and defend from the middle, so we won’t be exposing ourselves as we do with a 4-3-3, I wouldn’t be unhappy to use Ramsey either but not Denilson, anyone other than him. I would even suffer Eboue in the midfield rather than Denilson, at least he has pace and can defend.

We need to get in their faces and shut the crowd up early, this is our last real chance of any silverware, and a good result would give us the confidence to go all the way, and don’t forget, we have Robin to come back in April.

Kyle Bartley is getting rave reviews in Sheffield, is he the one to step up next season? I don’t know, trying to buy Smalling doesn’t suggest he will, but we also have Djourou and Nordveit or whatever his name is.

Porto are about as good as Villa, dangerous in spells but not that good, we shouldn’t underestimate them in the same way we wouldn’t underestimate Villa, but we are by far the greatest team the world has ever seen. I know we are, because we all sang that against Liverpool and won, so it must be true.

Don’t forget Arsenal, Porto were a team managed by a chav scumbag, we owe them, and two wins in a week against a chav connected side would be absolutely brilliant.

So go and get a famous win tonight boys, a draw will do, but a win would all but seal it, they call their centre forward the Hulk, why? Is it because he let someone die in a car accident? Is it because he got exposed to radiation whilst conducting experiments? NO, it’s because he’s crap at football and bats for the other side, just like that one trick pony the Hulk, from DC fame.

Screw them Arsenal, show us why we love you so much, prove to your manager you are all worth what we pay you, and why the club won’t buy players, this is no dress rehearsal, this is it, tonight you play in the most important game of you careers, I know you can do it, the manager knows you can do it, tonight is up to you.

I don’t do predictions, but Carling do and they told me 2 nil to the team that plays in red…honest!

Finally Pedro sent me a list of Europe’s top earners, we have only Arshavin in the top 50, so I can see why all the Cesc rumours are being bandied about, maybe if we stopped paying so much for the ordinary fringe players, we would have the money to give him more. We have players like Jay Simpson who seem to be on permanent loan whilst we keep players like Denilson in the squad, we have players like Randall, Hoyte and Gilbert that seem to hang around for ever but never play so why? I think we should have a long hard look at our massive squad of averageness and whittle it down to a group of top players, I bet we’d even get change if we did that.

Hey and all this talk of we couldn’t afford David Villa’s wages, he earns the same as what Cashley and the 50 year old Vieira does. Hmmm!

Have a great night Grovers, win or lose, have a booze, tonight I feel it in my bones, we’ll be doing both. Winning and boozing!

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  1. gnarleygeorge9


    with you there.

    This falling before the final hurdle all the time is starting to get to me. It doesn’t sit well with me, & I’d like to see a change in attitude @ The Club.

  2. gnarleygeorge9

    Its a shallow positive to say 1-2 down going into the home leg of the tie can easily be turned around. We lost, again. Its a bloody loss, not a moral victory.

  3. gnarleygeorge9

    The only positive to come outa today is that the weather is really, really nice, & beer is a must. Oh & I spose being alive helps 🙂

  4. Simon McMahon

    look the ref was poor tonight , the not given penalty annoyed me more, if the pole in goal had a brain he would have took a yellow for time wasting , do you think mad jens would have given the ball back?
    take a look at the second half how many attempts on goal did we have ,the bottom line is the ref was poor granted but once again wenger has an excuse for a disgraceful performmance from so called proffessional players.
    There is no defending what he’s doing to OUR CLUB .
    we will win through to the next stage but as has been said are we really confident if we get a tough draw with the tactics, team selection that he is employing now we will go any further…
    I cant believe that people are having a go at diaby he was fucked covering number 15.
    Gilberto a class act on and off the field for us and treated like shit by wenger was immense the invisible wall we called him wenger has replaced him with another brazilianwho is the invisible man…
    Time for change..

  5. insidealbania

    Morning Grovers, the team performance was average yesterday, but what really cost us was the two mistakes from Fabianski. What the hell was he thinking? why did he not just kick the ball, and as for the own goal I have no words.
    You go into an away tie in Europe thinking if we can hold it tight at the back then we have a chance, but if you GK performs like that then what hope do you have, it put us on the back foot from the start.

  6. dennisdamenace

    Here’s a thought, where will this team be if Fab4, AA23, Gallas and possibly even RvP were to move on and Wenger continues in his refusal to buy?

  7. Micky Did It 89

    As Cesc said post match, we have no fight in us when we go down. Very true, and probably our biggest weakness (you know, goalie, dm and striker aside). I am sure we will turn this tie around, but how fucking humiliating will it be against Chavs/Utd over two legs. Can you imagine Utd away first leg. 4-0. Then 15,000 fans at home leg 2.
    Oh and Cesc goes in the summer, who then will chose to play for us?

  8. iceman

    I feel sick.

    What does Wenger expect?

    What do we as fans?

    We don’t have a proper striker for crying out loud.

    If only yesterdays game was the last of the season.

    This just keeps getting unbearable.

  9. dennisdamenace

    Simon – I’m totally with you there, Diaby was constanbly having to cover for Denilson, and it eventually took it’s toll. Anyone remember the first half of last season, and how average Fab4’s performances were? Well it’s no coincidence that his midfield partner was Denilson. This player is dragging down and holding all players who have the misfortune to have to carry him……

  10. bnsb

    Except for Sol Campbell, Sagna, Clichy even Vermy were wandering all over the pitch. Why single out Denilson for Diaby’s over work.

  11. iceman

    Geoff/ Pedro

    You guys need to make a moajor announcement..


    This has gone on way too long!!

    Once they see the empty boxes is when they wuill realise fuck we’ve been found out.

    He comes out every week with the most ridiculose excuses.

    We’re fast becoming a joke!

  12. dennisdamenace

    Aaaah wassamatta we picked on your favourite player!!!!

    Gimme strength, Denilson’s supposed role in this team is to provide defensive cover for the back line, is it any wonder they are exposed time and time again when old bobble head gets knocked off the ball, caught out of position of just plain switches off….

  13. insidealbania

    I strongly believe that we will win the home leg and go through to the next round, but the manner of the defeat yesterday and the way we are playing lately is just so deflating that sometimes I wonder why the fuck I bother.
    ARSENAL is my CLUB, but this is not my TEAM.