CL brings comedy to Milan / Beckham’s had it / Tonight the laugh will be on Porto.

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So I started to watch the mancs play the easiest knockout game in the ECL, but had to laugh when I saw the snippet that said this, it was talking about granny shagger Rooney and the snippet said this makes 50th CL APP tonight, which read as ‘CLAPP’ which I thought was apt, given his antics, if only manc loving Sky realised their gaff, I sure as hell did, well done Sky Sports, hilarious!

I hope Fabio was watching because the Italian press said Beckham was like a waxwork dummy, and last night proved if we take him to South Africa, we must be nuts.

Onto us and the big game tonight, Fabianski is in goal, which isn’t great, but it’s better than having to endure another gaff strewn evening from Almunia, Fab, prove you are worthy and put in a great performance, I think Gallas is out too so that means powerhouse Campbell steps in, no problems there, I also think Song is out so the boss has to decide on Eastmond, Denilson or maybe a 4 man midfield instead, here’s what I would do.


Eboue Campbell Vermaelen Clichy

Rosicky Cesc Diaby Nasri

Walcott Bendtner

I think that team would score goals and protect our goal at the same time, 4-4-2 would be a good move considering the problems, and we wouldn’t have to put in youngster Eastmond or rubbish Brazilian Denilson.

We can attack at will, with pace and height and defend from the middle, so we won’t be exposing ourselves as we do with a 4-3-3, I wouldn’t be unhappy to use Ramsey either but not Denilson, anyone other than him. I would even suffer Eboue in the midfield rather than Denilson, at least he has pace and can defend.

We need to get in their faces and shut the crowd up early, this is our last real chance of any silverware, and a good result would give us the confidence to go all the way, and don’t forget, we have Robin to come back in April.

Kyle Bartley is getting rave reviews in Sheffield, is he the one to step up next season? I don’t know, trying to buy Smalling doesn’t suggest he will, but we also have Djourou and Nordveit or whatever his name is.

Porto are about as good as Villa, dangerous in spells but not that good, we shouldn’t underestimate them in the same way we wouldn’t underestimate Villa, but we are by far the greatest team the world has ever seen. I know we are, because we all sang that against Liverpool and won, so it must be true.

Don’t forget Arsenal, Porto were a team managed by a chav scumbag, we owe them, and two wins in a week against a chav connected side would be absolutely brilliant.

So go and get a famous win tonight boys, a draw will do, but a win would all but seal it, they call their centre forward the Hulk, why? Is it because he let someone die in a car accident? Is it because he got exposed to radiation whilst conducting experiments? NO, it’s because he’s crap at football and bats for the other side, just like that one trick pony the Hulk, from DC fame.

Screw them Arsenal, show us why we love you so much, prove to your manager you are all worth what we pay you, and why the club won’t buy players, this is no dress rehearsal, this is it, tonight you play in the most important game of you careers, I know you can do it, the manager knows you can do it, tonight is up to you.

I don’t do predictions, but Carling do and they told me 2 nil to the team that plays in red…honest!

Finally Pedro sent me a list of Europe’s top earners, we have only Arshavin in the top 50, so I can see why all the Cesc rumours are being bandied about, maybe if we stopped paying so much for the ordinary fringe players, we would have the money to give him more. We have players like Jay Simpson who seem to be on permanent loan whilst we keep players like Denilson in the squad, we have players like Randall, Hoyte and Gilbert that seem to hang around for ever but never play so why? I think we should have a long hard look at our massive squad of averageness and whittle it down to a group of top players, I bet we’d even get change if we did that.

Hey and all this talk of we couldn’t afford David Villa’s wages, he earns the same as what Cashley and the 50 year old Vieira does. Hmmm!

Have a great night Grovers, win or lose, have a booze, tonight I feel it in my bones, we’ll be doing both. Winning and boozing!

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  1. gambon

    No Kirby, it was Fabianskis fault when he did it the first few times, now its Wengers for persisting with him.

    If a dog bites you and you go back to stroke it 5 minutes later who’s to blame?

  2. Keyser

    gambon – Mate I’m spot on with you, and you’ve said it yourself, ‘boil’s down’ which is BBK’ists terminology for lets work every mistake into such a way that we can pick on our favourites.

    Heh, that was too easy, ‘boils down’, it boils down to lynch mob mentality.

  3. SUGA3


    if you saw Fabianski before he came to Arsenal, then you would know what I am talking about – he made fuck all progress since he came…

    and Denilson is absolutely shit, no?

  4. zeus

    As to the Cesc leaving talk. He is under contract, he will leave if AW wants him to, and if he does, it will be for a fat fee. Just like any other player.

    You must be joking. Fab4 will leave this summer if he so chooses, contract or not.

    Wenger would be a complete A-hole to deny him leave and surround with such sub par players and world class ones that can’t stay fit beyond 7 consecutive games.

  5. nn

    the whole world has been saying buy a keeper wenger , but oh no wenger knows best. that shambles tonite was a fuking disgrace and should never of happenened if a decent keeper was bought. not a great keeper just somebody a bit better than a clown . and ano another thing what the fuck was dennilson doing on the pitch. fuck off wenger

  6. Keyser

    Fabregas would be a little pussy if he left, you don’t fucking look around like Campbell did, you work harder, Fabregas made plenty of mistakes today, though the ref let them foul him pretty much when they wanted to, if he’s honestly sitting there thinking I’ve been perfect, he can fuck off now.

    But I doubt he is, he’d be a complete idiot to think that.

  7. SUGA3


    yes I do:

    – crap motivation: why no Le Hairdryer during the halftime?
    – crap team selection: why no Eastmond?
    – crap substitutions: why haul Rosicky off and keep useless Nasri on?
    – crap tactics: there is more than one dimension to football, no?

    I rest my case…

  8. kirby

    gambon, I would agree that wenger shouldn’t be persisting with him, almunia is not much better but he was injured.

    wenger wasn’t to know and who else do we put in mannone who gave carlton cole a goal at upton park wenger needs to buy a goalie everyone knows that but he can’t be blamed for such a wanky mistake…

  9. gambon


    It ‘boils down’ to the fact you would defend Arsene if he raped someone.

    You are unbelievably extremist in your views, like all AKBs.

    You preach that we have the worlds best players & manager, and everything is great, yet we havent won a thing for years.

    My view is that we have a lot of good players, and a few absolutely glaring weaknesses.

    You dont have an opinion, you just argue against anyone who has a negative view on anything Arsenal, or Arsene.

  10. Keyser

    Suga3 – Mate, thats the whole point, you’re saying your soo good with your talent spotting, that not only can you pick out sub par players, but also predict what sort of progress they’d make ?!

    He’s come in for one game at a time, and yes he’s made mistakes, but again, play a player one game at a time and see how many errors they make, are you going to give Chesney one game whenever he plays ?!

  11. SUGA3


    Wenger is paid a fortune to MANAGE:

    man·age (v)

    ‘To succeed in accomplishing or achieving, especially with difficulty; contrive or arrange’

    this is one of biggest clubs on the planet, not a fucking academy/nursery/charity, simple as…

    it is his job to get players in who will not make enough mistakes to be picked on, and when they do, it is his job to drop them into fucking oblivion…

  12. Big Raddy

    You really are boring Gambon. This is the last time I will respond to you.

    When did I say selling Cesc was justifiable?????

    What I said was that no player is bigger than the club.

    And where is the Wenger love in ????? What I am is an Arsenal fan. Full stop

    What gives you the right to assess what type of fan I am, you have never met me. You have never talked to me and have no idea about my thoughts re: AW. But it suits you to pigeon hole me as a Wenger lover. So what if I was?? What the hell difference would it make to you?

    Still you got what you wanted. You have seriously pissed me off.

    Good night

  13. zeus

    @ Keyser
    its not about being perfect? Its about season on season waiting for these chumps to grow up and progress which they haven’t done. Most of these fools have stagnated save for Diaby and Song and Ramsey.

    The guy knows his talent and the talent of the squad. He is a very good player, potential Legend be that here or in Spain. Why should he wait 10 years on players that may only be decent until he wins a trophy.

    Look at Henry, he wasn’t good in his last season, but his ass left, now he is a CL winner, Copa del rey, Club WC, and La liga winner.

    Watch the Arsenal pledge, its all about trphies said our captain.

  14. Keyser

    “It ‘boils down’ to the fact you would defend Arsene if he raped someone.

    You are unbelievably extremist in your views, like all AKBs.”

    This is it ? Mate, you’ve found yourself a site where you can talk as much shit as you like and you know that you won’t get banned ?!

    I’d defend him if he raped someone ? Fuck off, honestly.

    All you do is moan, it’s constant, it’s not having a negative opinion, it’s having a negative one constantly and working it so you can moan even further, it’s fanatical about Arsenal, but fanatically negative.

    Why is it a bad thing if I look for the positive ? I can mention the mistakes, but to just constantly moan how is that anything different to what AKB’s do.

    You are an AKB, whats worse is that you don’t realise it.

  15. gambon


    So why reply this time to have a little cry.

    Yeah no player is bigger than the club, but Cesc loves this club, more so than 99% of our players.

    If he is getting pissed off that is a real worry. The only reason he would leave us is if he thinks we cant win anything, and he is a much better analyst of where we stand than any of us.

    If Cesc thinks we are also rans i would trust his view over any blogger.

  16. Pat

    I still think we should go through. Porto’s away form is awful and they weren’t anything special today.

    Don’t get on the lads backs that they dropped a bit after the 2nd goal. With the current results/run of games it’s hard to stay positive.

    We haven’t had a penalty since the Eduardo one vs. Celtic. The media fucked us over. Todays was stonewall and the linesman and ref should have seen it. The probability of BOTH missing it when it was in an open space is nearly impossible.

    I think a non-English team gets that 10 times out of 10.

    3-1 in the home tie I think. That 1 is only if we have a fuck up. They’re not a threatening team at all.

  17. GoonerGaz

    End of the day, your always going to have off days with some of the outfield players, I can accept having Denilson in the team when we’ve got injuries, just about mind you…

    But Almunia has had I think 7 clean sheets all season, that’s shite FACT. Mannone is shite too and Fabianski is probably a bit better, but not good enough for the Arsenal.

    The GK position is probably the most important position on the field, if it meant we didn’t buy any other players this summer and Wenger spent 20 million on a decent goal keeper with experience, then I’d be happy. Fuck buying 2million bargain goal keepers, its false economy, we’d make an extra 20 million if we lifted some fuckin silverware, then the gk would pay for itself. Get some bollocks Wenger.

  18. gnarleygeorge9


    Raddy has followed The Arsenal since the 60’s, he remembers the rip roaring red days, Charlie, John Radford, etc. etc. Cut him some slack, he woulkd be hurting as much as any gooner, if not more coz he is stuck in the snow in Denmark & can’t get along to see his beloveds anymore

  19. Keyser

    Heh, gambon and what has Cesc been saying ?! Do you really follow what he says, or just when it suits you ?!

    He had as poor a game tonight as anyone else, if he doesn’t have what it takes to up his game to the point where he can blame others during games like these, then he shouldn’t use it as an excuse for moving on.

  20. gambon

    Well keyser, yet again youre wrong, youre very good at that.

    The positives will never matter until we sort out the things that are completely undermining this whole club.

    We dont need to worry about the positives. We need to worry about how we can make them count.

  21. gambon


    As ive said Chamakh is a very good player.

    Until we sort that defence out it’d be ludicrous to go spending on attackers.

  22. Keyser

    gambon – Yeah, right, when you’re analysis goes beyond the players you’ve targeted simply to satsify your own ego, then I’ll pay more attention.

    “It ‘boils down’ to the fact you would defend Arsene if he raped someone.”

    If you want an argument, even a somewhat heated one, you’ll get it, just don’t say shit like that, because it’s only going to escalate, and we all know you’re not going to get kicked off here for it.

  23. big dave

    Can’t beleive what other gooners are sayin on blogs, saying it’s not all wenger fault, and that it was bad defending for the 2nd, I have never seen a ref act like that before, he actually passes the ball to the player utter shit, no pen for us to when it was blatent.

    Some gooners should wake up and take your red/white glasses off, under wenger we aint going no where, the club needs a cash injection or we are going no where but back and fast, we could be going back to the 80’s under terry neil.

    Gazidis fucking well do your job, get Dein back our french man is going nutts and needs a home to go to

  24. David

    THere we have it…the return of crab football.

    Was always going to be Inevitable with Nasri and Denilson in the midfield.

  25. leon

    i was not suprised at all by the result,i have seen them play against everton,chelsea and manu and its the same they wide open on the brake,every time they gone up against better opisition they broken all to easily,clichy once again looked very shaky as did delinson,i realy feel they need some fresh ideas a new defensive coach its very lucky we were going up against barc real madrid chelsea manu ect because it would been alot worse,sorry cant see this team winning anything unless they tighten up defensively

  26. David

    Dont worry people Fabianski will sign a new contract next week.

    Love how Bendtner troubled the keeper all night. Lovely stuff.

  27. David

    Even more laughable that Alot of you rated Fabianski really.

    Based on 1 performance in the Carling Cup.

    Fabianski is shite. 🙁 Full Stop.

  28. big dave

    I dont think so gambon, feel we are way behind them, for starters they would had won thier tonight, they dont have shite like denislon, 2 clowns, clichy and bendi in thier side, we are miles behind them, and allways will be until we can compete on the pitch and that needs cash big time

  29. leon

    gamdon i have to disagree with edwardo still fighting his way back to form rvp still injured ,thoe very low in confedence this team is very light weight upfront bretna is ahuge help

  30. lott

    Wenger needs to wake up and realise this copying of barcelona’s football ain’t working if we dont have about half the players for it!

    We were doing great when we were winning trophies from 98-05, scoring from counter attacks and still playing attractive football without this over elaborated passing shit. What happen to the wenger of old ffs!! Knowing how to get the best out of players,having a huge team of warriors. now, everytime a big game comes around you can see the nervous looks on each of the players face before the match starts. usually it’s only rvp and arshavin who seems are unfazed by any of the big games! the rest are just nervous wrecks!

  31. gambon

    Big Dave

    With a good defence we wouldve got a very impressive 1 or 2 nil win tonight.

    You wouldnt expect UTD or Chelsea to better that.

  32. gambon


    With RVP, Chamakh, Bendtner & Eduardo next season we will be fine scoring goals.

    Its the other end we need to sort out.

  33. Pat

    David, we were playing very well in Porto until that controversial moment that included the stonewall pen and comedic goal. The media have turned everyone against us, officials of course.

    I though we were playing really well, considering Porto are unbeaten in 13 or 14 now. They’re a shit away team and we should brush them aside.

    Lucky for you, I’m on a very good betting run(superbowl, last 2 Arsenal games, Milan-United game, and Villa-United)

    I bet on Porto to win by 1 today. I bet Arsenal will win by at least 2 at home. Porto are awful away, but very, very good at home. We did well David, considering they absolutely battered Chelsea. I know CHelsea won, but Porto were unlucky.

  34. finestcuts

    That was the final straw, I have completely lost hope that Fabianski will be our no.1, and I bloody well hope Wenger has as well. And Nicholas “one day I’m gonna be a big boy” Bendtner still can’t walk the talk………….he’s like an Eton toff who thinks he’s super because he’s been wrapped in cotton wool and been jerked off by all his mentors without actually achieving anything on the big stage.
    I am very disappointed tonight, we should not be falling apart against a Portugese superliga team, the team is full of wannabes lots grade B quality players.
    Marmite got England through the war but this is verging on the ridiculous, the team is lacking in key areas and this is as far as it should go, get Arsenal back to winning ways or quickly repay the debt, the club would suffer due to player sales, but after a few years the club would have lots of active capital and be able to buy top players again. It’s better than dragging the fans through 20 years of excuses backed by outstanding debt when the club are making record profits.

  35. Zorr0

    David, Bendtner had our best shot and only a deflection and save kept it out! Grow up FFS and be objective about the team performance, not just your whipping boy!

  36. Keyser

    gambon – What did you think of the penalty moment ?!

    I also don’t think it’s one end or the other, it’s both, we’re not going to win anything if we continually have to interchange players from one game to the next.

  37. David


    We played Crab football. To say otherwise is just plain bollocks.


    Are you using a deflected shot as an argument to say Bendtner did welll?

    Hahahahahahaha 😆 Hahahahahaha

    Oh dear…that brought a tear to my eye.

    Delusionalism at its finest.


    shit result, shit 2nd half performance
    just gona repeat what everyone has been saying really, but its so true, how can the following be happening week in week out and then we pass up the opportunity to strengthen in the window

    both keepers are shit make that 3 with manonne
    clichy playing like a cunt, sagna wasting every crossing opportunity
    denilson is the worst player i can remember seeing at the arsenal, at least the worst to have played so many games for us, what does that fake brazillian cunt do????????? he’s weak, slow, not determined to battle and ruins every attack we make
    nasri as previously mentioned, just does not do enough, he constantly slows down our attacks and doesnt take players on and pass forward enough, when as an attacking midfielder that is what he should be doing, he’s to slow and weak
    bendtner gave us an option in first half and was involved, but is he the answer, i seriously doubt it, with eduardo the alternative when fit, its a poor situation we find ourself in
    theo mite as well have a blindfold on while playing, it wont decrease his chances of running into a player

    the bigger the game the bigger the dissapointment

    that is what our moto should be, judging the last 5 years

    if denilson, almunia, fabianski are starting games for us next year, we’re done for

    nasri, walcott, bendtner, eduardo
    step up or fuck off aswell

    that ref is a top cunt for allowing it to be taken that quick, having said that, if that cunt in goal collects the ball first time none of this would have happened, and his lack of experience and brain was on full show when he gave the ball back to them knowing we had no one back to defend, stupid fuck

    the talk used to be about what great players we had and who was our best, its now about which one is worst and who should be sold, that is what it has come to

  39. gambon


    The penalty – nailed on, can understand how the ref missed it but the linesman’s actions were unforgivable.

    I disagree on the other thing. We score at least as many goals as the others, we just have big issues defensively. Wenger said this at the end of the season but hasnt addressed it.

  40. David


    We saw a very different game there…

    The problem with Wenger is that he never learns. Too many inexperienced players will cost you.

    If it isnt Denilson, its Diaby, if not Diaby, its Nasri, if its not Nasri its Song, if its not Song, its Fabianski.

    You have to deal with too many fuck up factors with Inexperience.

  41. Pat

    Gambon, will you argue against the fact that we’ve had the most stonewall penalties denied. Usually Everton are the unluckiest team in that aspect.

    I think its more than unlucky regarding us. How many should we have gotten against both games against Bolton? United at OT? Villa? today?

    We’ve never had luck in the CL in crucial moments. PSV, Liverpool, Milan all saw stonewall penalties denied(you can argue free kick for Milan), but there is something about the way refs perceive us as cheaters.

    This is the CL. The excuse that “you should be good enough to not have to rely on a penalty” falls on deaf ears.

    Every year the team that wins the CL gets PLENTY of luck.

    Barca vs. Chelsea saw Chelsea denied at least 2 stonewall penalties(I’m being generous).

    United-Barca in the semis the year before. barca should have had a pen after Rio tripped up Eto’o. Away goal would have put Barca through and United wouldn’t win it. JT slip.

    Teams NEED that luck and we don’t get it much at all.

  42. SUGA3


    so we were not given a pen: boo-fucking-hoo…

    it’s not like we haven’t been fucked over by the refs in the past, is it?

    it would be a sensible thing to do for Our Glorious Leader to strengthen the team enough to be beyond reach of refereeing howlers, not to do the bloody opposite…

  43. David

    You lot are so fucking predictable.

    I already answered youre We NEED luck debacle with my 23:43 post.


    You get unlucky because you have inexperienced players…

    What joy do you get in saying you won the CL with an average age of 12?

    Really who cares?

  44. big dave

    gambon, with a decent midfield and attack we could had won , campbell did well tonight

    Bendi is a championship player at best as is denilson, clichy is a poor left back a mistake waiting to happen, nasri, rosicky to similar, no strength in this team, we all hate fletcher, b ut we could certainly do with a player like him for us.

    wenger has changeed the team from hard fuckers to panzy style players, pace has gone to and no one is scared to play us anymore, we frighten no one

  45. Pat

    David, I don’t have time to argue. I wasn’t impressed, if thats what you think I’m saying. We did better than I expected. We shut them down for the most part. Fabianski really let us down. Hulk has and always will be overrated. Kevin Davies with some technical ability and not AS physical. 2 goals in 12 says it all.

    I think we’ll go through after a cagey opening 20 minutes at the Emirates. I think Rosicky is really improving with every game and he will be vital, along with Gallas and Cesc.

    I’m off to a night class I have. Hopefully I won’t take out my anger while dissecting various creatures. lol

  46. Keyser

    gambon – You say David Icke, but after Eduardo, we’ve had countless penalty chances turned down, and the way the ref blocked off Campbell, I dunno anymore.

    We’re going to score goals regardless, it’s what we do, it’s what type and how we score them, name any successful team and they’ll have players that have played together over seasons, built up partnerships and understanding.

    We never get the chance to do that and thats where we fall down, you can’t change soo many players from one game to the next, also I don’t get how you can isolate defence from attack, we lose the ball at one end it’s heaping pressure on the other, we lost the ball several times in midfield and Fabregas was as guilty as anyone else.

  47. Keyser

    Suga3 – Stop wading into conversations trying to look for silly arguments.

    “it would be a sensible thing to do for Our Glorious Leader to strengthen the team enough to be beyond reach of refereeing howlers, not to do the bloody opposite…”

    Heh, and you gauge that how ?! Inexperience and the lack of continuity cost us tonight, still doesn’t mitigate the refs mistakes, not at this level.

    Wasn’t really my point

  48. David

    Im off for the night Pat but I do not agree at all.

    Granted people see what they want to see but I cant count how many times Denilson’s pass put us on the backfoot for a counter attack…(as usual) I cant count how many times we had chances to shoot and we decided to hold on to the ball…

    I cant count how many times that ugly mongrel skinned Sagna/Clichy and those making Wenger look like a proper mug for not having a Winger in this team.

    I DO think we will stuff them at the Emirates…but for the love of sanity…I fucking predicted Fabianski was going to fuck up. And it happnd. Jeez….that makes my blood boil.

    You dont keep playing players that have a dip in form you relegate them to Reserves or ship them off! Not put them back into the cream of football in the ChampoinsLeague.

    Where the fuck is Vidic? Where the fuck is Anderson?

    Thats precisely why Wenger is to blame.

    After Stoke..Fabianski shldve never Kicked a ball for Arsenal!

  49. gambon


    Im pretty sure we have conceeded the fewest shots on goal this season in the PL. Which means the GK is very culpable.

    Also Clichy gets skinned constantly.

    I think just a good GK and a ‘left sided Sagna’ would make the world of difference.

    7 points better off and we’re top of the league with the easiset run in, we dont need to reinvent the wheel, we need to throw out a few spokes and replace them.

    As for our problems in big games, that goes a lot deeper i think.

  50. Zorr0

    David, you are slagging nik, just fo a fucking change, well why don’t you try the b side, maybe we won’t have heard it 4 million times.

    He had a shot. It was on target. How many other players had a shot on target? Why are you specifically, as usual, digging him out? Grow the fuck up and judge the performance not your loathing of nb.

  51. Lou

    It’s not as if any of the problems are recent developments. The goalkeeping crisis, because that’s what it has become, has been allowed to go unchecked for a couple of seasons now. How can it be any plainer that Denilson is not good enough for Arsenal? When was the last good game he had? Bendtner is a Birmingham-class player and is a third choice striker who thinks he is a lot better than he will ever be. What is Nasri’s position? He slows the game up every time he gets the ball while he checks inside and outside, looking for a pass to a striker who isn’t there because his name is Van Persie and he’s been injured for months. Credit to Sol though. The ref was appalling. How many times did their players feign a foul and try to con him? Did he do anything about it? No. He just let them kick the shit out of Cesc who looks to me as if he has had enough. His post-match interview was as honest as it should be scary to Wenger. Don’t get me started on Clichy.

  52. SUGA3


    look mate, I will ‘wade’ into any conversation I like and there is absolutely fuck all you can do about it 😆

    how about some reasonable argument?

    after we got fucked over by the ref against Dippers, a reasonable thing to would be to add to the squad, not dismantle it, no?


    that was the 114th consecutaive game that we havent fielded the same 11 back to back
    and wenger is not tinkerman, its all down to what a bunch of weak small players we have
    campbell in 90 minutes showed more herat than denilson has in 5 years
    and that is no exageration

  54. Keyser

    Suga3 – Heh, you talk shit, you missed my point and tried to have an argument over something I wasn’t even talking about.

    Wade in if you want, I’ll reply with ‘Bollocks Suga3’.

  55. Keyser

    gambon – No, it doesn’t, mate how many times have we been left on the counter trying to scramble back, because someone’s lost the ball in a silly position ?!

    It’s like the Pienaar goal, that’s all you need, it’s not because of sheer weight of numbers but the quality of the chance.

    Clichy gets skinned, so do almost all left backs, he was left 2-1 several times and you try to cover both as best as you can waiting for players to track back. That’s just how it is, you don’t let the defence get into that position.

    You need a consistent team to build up that understanding, 2 years ago we started with almost a fully fit squad and we were as good defensively as we were in attack and Clichy was the best left back in the league.

    Why ? Because Rosicky provided him with the cover you’d expect from a winger, we’ve changed formation since then and we’ve learnt the hard way from almost every mistake we’ve made.

    You can change the defence, bring in players, nut with no consistency or conitnuity we’re always going to struggle.

    Which is why it’s mind numbingly tedious when people think it’s going to change over one game.

    We were nervous against Liverpool, that wasn’t going to change over the course of a week against Porto, especially when we take the only positions where we’ve any regularity, centre’back and goalie and swap them around.

    I’ll take any win over Sunderland, scrappy or otherwise and hopefully start to build the momentum again, luckily it’s a two legged tie.

  56. Doo Woop

    When people are wishing for Almunia in the nets, then, Mr Fabianski, you’ve been doing something catastrophically wrong!

    And again, Denilson running like someone shotgunned his two knees… How fucking goddamn hard it is to put just a little bit of effort in running back when someone loses the ball in a dangerous situation? How hard, mr defensive midfielder???

  57. gambon


    2 years ago we were poor defensively.

    UTD kept 20 clean sheets that season, us 12, even pompey kept 14 that year.

    Man Utd have had bigger defensive issues this season than we have ever had as a team, yet they have still been much much better than us defensively.

  58. Keyser

    Suga3 – Mate, I reply to you with considered posts and you take the piss, if all you want is silly pointless arguments, then I’m just going to take the mick. fuck it, whats the point.

  59. Keyser

    “Man Utd have had bigger defensive issues this season than we have ever had as a team”

    Why do you supplement all of your points with complete exaggerations ?!

    United kept 20 clean sheets so what ? They had a striker who scored 40 goals. Also they had fuck all injuries. The only time Ronaldo was out at the start of the season, they had a poor start.

    Which just further illustrates my point, they’ve had a few injuries in defence, Rooney’s been pretty much ever present as has most of their attack.

    If we had a fit Rooney, fuck that, if we’d had a regular attack, with Van Persie, Bendtner and the rest all fit, we wouldn’t be focusing soo much on the defence.

    I don’t get how you differentiate it, imagine United trying to go half the season with Rooney or Ronaldo in either of those seasons, on top of any other injuries.

  60. SUGA3


    I take the piss, ‘cuz this is just the way I am – really, there is no malicious intention in it 😉

    all I am saying is that AW should have done a lot better: I have plenty of respect for the Big Man and it is really sad for me to watch him running around in circles that are getting smaller and smaller and damaging the club in the process 🙁

    yes, I know that there is a plan in place for the long term future, but it will all go tits up if we will continue embarassing ourselves against teams that have a whiff of quality about them – I am around 30K on the season ticket waiting list, this will halve in the summer, wanna bet?

  61. gambon


    UTD have had MOST of their defence out for MOST of the season, we have never had anything like that in the back 5.

    How does RVP help us in that respect?

    Would he have scored 4 against the chavs at home, 3 against UTD home & away? Of course not.

    We have the NINTH best defence in the league. you do realise that. RVP being fit doesnt change that.

    I can promise you that no team with the 9th best defence has ever won a thing in league competition.

    Last year we conceeded 38 and Wenger said that was 10 too many, this year were on course for 45 conceeded.

  62. Jaguar

    Dont ever speak to AKBs a.k.a fucking retards/bastards/assholes.Whatever they say dont make sense.Why the fucking fuck cant these assholes eff off once and for all.

  63. Jaguar

    Its really painful to see some bastards coming out and defending every single mistake by Mr.Wenker,as it they are his illegitimate sons.Why the fuck cant they get a life?

  64. Keyser

    gambon – Most of this, most of that, if you improve any area it will affect the team as a whole, and it works the same way the other way.

    If you’re down to you’re third/ fourth choice striker, it’s obviously going to affect you at the other end, because without someone converting chances at the other end, all the pressure keeps coming back.

    Milan ripped through United, the difference was Rooney took his chances at the other end. Of course having your best striker fit makes a difference.

    If we don’t get any consistency or continuity, it won’t matter what are we improve, unless we get to the point where everyone’s had enough experience of mistakes and being forced to jump in and perform with a games notice.

  65. Zorr0

    Jag, I agree he is a twat for moaning, absolutely nothing wrong with what Porto did and everything wrong with our players role in it. The ref was maybe a little too keen to aid their goal, but still, it was to the rules, so our fault and AW should just admit it and say he needs to speak to our players to remind them to wake the fuck up!

  66. Val46

    As a 43 year old have seen some great players down the years and teams that you knew would never roll over this lot are the biggest shower of shit and I’ve lived through the crap of the early 80s . No matter where you are and you have to find out the score sadly those days for me are gone.You lot out there have to come to terms with the fact that this current squad really don’t give a shit with the exception of Fab Gallas and Sol . It used to destroy me when we lost but now expect it can’t even bring myself to watch us on tv anymore The demise of my club truely is sad indeed ……

  67. Jaguar

    Despite the debacle,Sol’s fighting spirit was some sort of relief.Why the fuck cant we have more fighters like him and Vermaelean at the expense of Wenker’s francophonic marmites?

  68. Gooby

    don’t blame wenger for anything.

    do you want him to go and say:”my players are crap i got it all wrong, porto deseve to win and progress” in the middle of the fucking season.

    wenger has lost it a bit but come on!!!!! what do you want him to say ffs?

  69. nn

    fuk off the lott of you . a decent keeper we we would have won 5 -0 . and thats with 10 men. dennilson. wat the fuck is all i can say

  70. Jaguar

    I want that French hypocrite/liar a.k.a Arsene Wenger to apologise to the fans,and fuck off to Monaco at the end of the season,if he still wants to continue his obsession with Francophonic/African marmites at the expense of our expectation

  71. ethangunner

    Tonight the laugh will be on Porto.
    hahaha more like fabianski…

    Christ! ,and here i was saying to rico

    maybe he will in the long run ,
    but this is just another by-product of project youth, players who are NO-WHERE near ready … thrown in the deep end and thus losing tragically AGAIN!

    So AKB’s out there , this is WHY people on Le grove Demand NOW PLAYERS !

    because our team shouldn’t settle for 2nd best at this level!

    last night was just another reminder why the likes of denilson and any goal keeper in our squad shouldn’t be playing in these big events !

    you can clearly see last night results of wengers neglect in the transfer market.

    Enjoy the porto encounter ,the next one im sure will be our undoing …

  72. Maurya

    Wenger is a twat. My blood boils whenever i read his comments. What is he trying to save by using stupids like Aluminium and Fiabocci. Just few millions such that he can blow them on some unknown kid because every one says Wenger has a eye for spotting talent. The success of Fab went to Wenger head. He sees him in every unknown talented kid. I guess stupid is what stupid does.

  73. SUGA3

    ‘One of the rudest, nastiest, motherfuckers on the web asking why someone is being rude with them? Oh f*ck off. You Le Groan c*nts wouldn’t know the meaning of rude if it smacked you in the face. Or wait it just did and you didn’t like it did you? Man up you f*cking pansy’


  74. haknick

    this is a sad day indeed … 🙁
    I am an Arsenal fan because of Wenger, but I honestly think Wenger has lost the plot. How can Denilson still be with Arsenal is completely beyond me. He does not have balls, literally.
    Anyone and I mean, anyone would have at least run around a bit, he doesn’t run, he jogs. So sad 🙁
    And I was just wishing before the game that we would start Mannone.

  75. paul mc daid

    the problem is that wenger answers to no one.half off this squad are not good enough to be on our books,the board are standing ideally buy as our team becomes more average by the day and that is a disgrace,someone has to take charge,soon.

  76. ethangunner

    the real problem is none of these kids are experienced enough, and NEVER WILL BE !

    they need games under there belt, there is no substitution.

    and they’ll never get it here . not unless your one of the losers who was injured long term or someone than no one wants … because with them on the top of the pecking order great players like jack and vela-ramsey will be off with cesc .to get game elsewhere, and more money too boot…


  77. Pat

    Henry’s free kick is a different case. This was inside the box and the ref gave no indication. Its a bigger advantage than a fucking penalty ffs!

    Campbell was blocked off.

    Today’s matches saw 2 teams suffer at the hands of incompetent referees who have had an awful 12 months. Ovrebo was his usual self in the Bayern-Viola game as was Hansson in this game.

    For those who don’t remember, Hansson gifted LPool a stoppage time penalty, France-Ireland goal, Kaka disallowed goal against the USA.

    BUT, its nothing new. Hleb vs. Milan? Hleb vs. Liverpool? PSV? CSKA?

  78. nishanth

    Ethan-It is not just experience is it?There are many other problems.Denilson could play another 100 games and still make the same mistakes again.Eastmond who has played around 4 games could have done a better job yesterday.If clichy was playing at another club we all would have been laughing at him.He rarely goes forward not(I think he has realised how bad he is going forward) and still gets caught out of position every fucking time.Look at theo.What difference will it make if he play him as a striker when he can’t control or at times even run with the ball properly?
    Walcott always plays ahead of vela despite doing absolutely nothing.Some players are just not good enough and some just don’t try enough(Nasri).

    Was listening to vieira interview where he said that the first thing everyone in that team did when they get the fixture list was look at the united game.I bet denilson looks forward to portsmouth or burnley at home!!!

  79. nishanth

    Porto played to our strength yesterday.Gave us so much space and yet all we could do was score from a set piece.And what the fuck was fabreas doing with the corners??

  80. bnsb


    Good morning.

    I have said earlier, it is our finishing that has let us down time and time again, be it “small” teams or big four.

  81. bnsb

    Sometimes we rote too much of our game through Fabregas. It was the main reason why he was fouled that much yesterday. When Fab is in his elements and we score many point out how good Fab is. When he goes absent or marked tightly we suffer.

  82. ikon

    Can anyone post the texts of Cesc’s and Wenger’s interview here. Too many sites are blocked at work here.

    On to yesterday’s game. The 2nd half was as bad as I have ever seen. The last 10 mins we looked like some country club playing football to kill time. I thought Diaby had to cover his and Denilson’s role for the whole fucking game. He looked dead tired at the end.

    The whole “We cannot find anyone better than what we have” is a load of bollocks. How Denilson got 90 minutes where as Rosicky and Bendtner were taken off , I will never know.

    There are no signs of change in attitude and thinking from wenger. We have almost lost Fab, and it would be inhuman for any fans to plead him to stay with this shit team of clueless pretenders.

    We didnt buy in Jan coz super cool nicky was on his way back, and he gave an interview “I can be the best in the world coz I know that”
    fucking talentless child.

  83. khalle


    2nd half we had WALCOTT on and BENDTNER off and it is as some way like being 1 man down with walcott in the team. He loses the ball and waslike a headless chicken.

    With Bendy and Rosicky we were able to hold up the ball and build up half-chances. but with Walcott, it is like:
    He gets the ball
    He gives it to oppo
    they attack us.

  84. khalle

    “It was a massive mistake to allow Porto to take the free-kick. You go from a situation where there is no free-kick, to one taken quickly where there is no chance to defend. The ref gave them a goal.

    “What can you do? I believe first of all it was an accidental back-pass.

    “Sol kicked it back with a toe kick – the ball hit Sol, it was not on purpose. It has to be intentional to be a free-kick.

    “Then, in an indirect free-kick, if you allow a team to take it quickly so near the goal, how can you defend that?

    “It’s better than a penalty. I’ve never seen that and I’ve been in the game a long time. You cannot defend that, you cannot organise.”

    Campbell said: “The ref was 20 yards away. And then from the free-kick he was blocking me from getting to the ball. It was a bit of a nightmare.

    “He was blocking me and that gave them an advantage. It was quick thinking from them but what can I do – shove the ref out of the way?”

  85. iceman

    If there is no summer overhaul then Wenger has to piss off.

    We can’t go from what we were in 04 to this.

    It’s beyond ridiculous.

    We need 3 solid players to be bought for the first team.

    Not 18 year olds FFS!!

    This man needs to fix this or he can piss off.

    It’s fuckin insane!!

  86. ikon

    i agree the ref was a maniac. he lost his brains. But why would there have to be a free kick, it was childish on part of fabianski.
    The first goal was hilarious, and the 2nd even more for the neutral i mean.
    Thanks khalle.

  87. Geoff

    I seem to remember Thierry Henry taking a quick free kick to score at Villa Park once, I don’t remember Wenger saying that wasn’t a goal.

  88. Ali Saljuk

    People just think realistically , what would you want :
    a) Go out in the round of 16 to Porto

    b) Get drawn against superior opposition barca/inter/che/united later on and get humiliated at the emirates.

    These school boys should spare us the misery.

  89. gnarleygeorge9

    The fact of the matter is Fabianski is shot. He has no confidence, & won’t have any in the future as an Arsenal keeper.

    But for people to just gloss this over as bad luck as against a sign that things aren’t 100% is tempting a sad fate for all of us.

    One player in the top 50 paid footballers says we are paying off the stadium. We are all in this together, but @ present the fans are split as to how they feel on the matter, & that is not good for AFC.

  90. ikon

    With this team I would happily take the elimination now than face another humiliating defeat at home.

    This team is not good enough to win anything.

  91. gnarleygeorge9

    Just having a cleansing cold one, actually a Peroni, & a part of me thinks we should get knocked out so that the powers that be wake up to whats happening, shits happening.

  92. ethangunner


    Denilson could play another 100 games and still make the same mistakes again.
    its more like he will play 100 more crap games before he does come good , and at 26 when he is a worthy starter ( in 3 more years under wenger 🙂 )

    and by an 18 year old replacement ..

    maybe hill-wood be dead by then … it my only hope 🙂

  93. ethangunner

    we will fail to keep our top players if this continues ..

    this IMO is more harmful than any UNKNOWN take over …

    this plan is doomed to fail …
    well maybe fail is too harsher word …

    this plan will NEVER achieve the same success as buying readi-made talent …

    never .

    the sooner wenger wakes up .. the better .