So no game, no FA Cup and no Arshavin for Porto.

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Ok no game, why? It’s FA cup weekend, but surely we could have got a game in? It would have been good to watch us in the FA Cup this weekend but we’re not in it, we all know why, so there’s no point in going over old ground, let’s just hope that Stoke can kick the northern chavs out of it, that will bring a much needed smile to my boat-race.

So it seems that we have no Arshavin or Song for the Porto game, having no Song doesn’t bother me, we have Eastmond that can cover, if he plays Denilson, we have problems, so I hope like hell it’s Eastmond.

It will be interesting to see what Pedro does with his 7.5 shoe-in for Song though, I expect he’ll still give them, it’s difficult to erase them from his pre-written match reports. Meooow!

Losing Arshavin mat not be a bad thing either, it will force him to play Theo and will give our little Russian doll a much needed rest, I wouldn’t underestimate Porto as I think they are a good team and have given us a few problems in the past, in fact they were favourites to beat the Mancs last year and if it wasn’t for Ronaldo scoring from inside his own half, they would have done.

I think we’ll have enough in the tank to get a result, but to be honest the FA cup has always been a cup I’ve wanted more (than the ECL) and like the manager I believe 3rd spot is the biggest achievement and that’s what I’m concentrating my supporting efforts on.

We aren’t far off season ticket renewal and many people I know are not renewing, will I? I’m not sure, to be honest going to Arsenal on a very cold winters night is bad enough, getting through the train stations after being herded into lines by the over zealous old bill is another, but giving up my time to watch us when we have no chance of winning something in February, is what makes me think hard about it.

For those of you that haven’t done it, try it first before you give me your opinion of how you would die to get a ticket.

Before anyone reminds me we are still in both competitions, save your breath, to progress in the ECL we’ll be meeting the mancs or the chavs again and as we have bought no one, we’ll get spanked again, these days even my wild and carefree expectations have gone.

6 good hidings in our last 7 meetings in under 2 seasons between them, have taught me hope is dumb.

Add to that, if it’s not on Sky, it’ll be on a feed somewhere, and there’s only so much I will put up with, if we were all in the same boat I would say it’s the Dunkirk spirit, but when the boss gets a £2milion bonus for coming third, I’m thinking hmmm, it’s a bit one way this ‘trust me’ game.

Anyway, I, like so many others have a couple of months to ponder, so we’ll see. I sometimes get people on saying they would get a season ticket if they could, sure they would, until you offer them, we had two seasons on here last term and had no takers and quite often we get left with spares for the big games, Liverpool being one of them.

Anyway, let’s all cheer for Stoke Grovers, it could have been us eh!

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  1. Jaguar

    Apparently,a francophonic mug has signed for us.Now,everything will be forgotten.Once we end this season empty handed,the hypocrite would come out and rant about how mature his team has become,and that Moroccan shit striker is going to improve us.Bastard.

  2. Mr B

    Jaguar Numchuks is going to improve us, theres no doubt about it. Whether he has the class to make the difference in the big games and will he be frustrating is another question.

    He wont make the team tick like RVP though, atleast not right away.

  3. skandibird

    sorry Stu; you falling over’ made me laugh, especially the bleeding part, do you not have anyone to make knee feel ”better” – poor little diddums. I lost half a tooth this morning, whilst chewing gum, luckily I have a dentist appointment on Monday.

    Chozzer fab video; I’m going to e-mail link to my nephew in Oslo, he’ll love it.It seems to have been filmed quite near to where I sit (Block B).

    Geoff: 9.38 am – sarcastic, you Geoff, never!!! But I have to admit I didn’t pick up on the sarcasm; probably because my mind was on the fencing job ahead, which only took 2 hours, men are soo useful at times, especially when it comes to putting up shelves and fences – oh, and of course other very enjoyable things…….

    Chamach (or Chamack (??)); has he signed for Arsenal, or is The Sun of track?

    What about the young Carroll who plays for Newcastle, he seems pretty useful, young, tall and english(?).

  4. ManGoonian

    I weren’t too impressed when we signed Ade, thought he wouldn’t do much as his record in France wasn’t too prolific, yet he did better than I thought… Chamakh (what I have seen anyways) looks a shit load better than the Togo twat…

    Then again, it aint even definite we have signed him…

  5. Mr B

    What chamakh will add

    1. Size: He’s 6’2″ and puts himself about.
    2. Ariel ability: He’s scored the most headed goals.
    3. Work Rate: He will put defenders under pressure whether in possesion or not.
    4. Link up play: He will bring those around him into the game.

    What he Lacks:

    1. Finishing: He scuffs a lot of his shots.
    2. Quality: Not known to produce moments of magic.

  6. Jaguar

    Technique as in in missing open goals.We have too many similar players with such great technique.

    The only reason why he is rated by AKB’s(a.k.a fucking retards/bastards/mugs/assholes) is that he is cheap and African.

  7. Mr B

    aparently he’s not being bought for his goal threat. The artibute that wenger liked about him was his good linkup play.

    I guess in the 4-3-3 atleast 5 players are gonna be presented with goal scoring opputunities from open play.

  8. ManGoonian

    Mr B;

    Its a pity we didnt get him last summer, given the fact we have been missing a proper striker since November, he would’ve got enough games to show us what he is capable of…

    Still fucked off we never signed a striker in jan…

  9. Mr B

    RVP, Fab, Rosicky, Nasri, Eddy, Nikky, Diaby, Theo are all supposed to get in on the act.

    Its not so much the personnel but the style of play and buildup thats letting us down.

  10. Mr B

    Yeah…. but like the eternal optimist that I am (when suffering from SED) I have goose bumps thinking about, what it would be like if we win the rest of our games.

  11. ManGoonian

    Mr B;

    It is precisely the personnel, or lack of it, that is letting us down, IMO…. With RvP we were playing brilliantly…. Even before he was scoring for fun, his link up and hold up play was allowing others to score, etc… Since his injury and to a lesser extent, Bendy’s, plus the lack of a new recruit, we have struggled, none more so, than against Villa, United and the chavs… There simply was no outlet and the ball just kept coming back…

    There is a positive however, we dont have to play them in the league again and hopefully, have enough to beat the teams we will face…

  12. Mr B

    Yeah weve done the hard bit well but like Lee Dickson said “Do we have the bottle to get what we need from the rest of the games.”

    Mind U 6 points adrift with 1/3 of the seeason left, I think we will get another chance but can we take it

  13. Pedro

    I don’t think Wenger is going to use Chamakh as a striker… I think he’ll be wide right or left.

    I read another blog, and they reckon Marcotti described him as Heskey with technique and skill.

    Well… that’s not a bad description… except if we’ve bought him to play centrally, where does that leave RvP?

  14. ManGoonian

    Mr B;

    IF and its a huge IF (well, its the biggest I can post, but you get me!) IF we are still up with the Mancs and chavs and we get RvP back in the team and no other major injuries, then wouldnt that be effin fantastic???

  15. ManGoonian


    Hopefully, iut just means we will have strength in depth… Or that RvP and Chamakh can play together?

    And, it would be wishful thinkiing to hope RvP can stay injuryn free for an entire season…

  16. High Power Mutant

    I wonder if Subotic would be such a good addition. I am watching him blay against Bayern Munich, he doesn’t look that good

  17. Mr B

    Peds I think chamakh is better suited to playing centraly but u know wenger…. square pegs in round holes…..

    He looks slight but has a physical style of play and puts himself on the line.

  18. Mr B

    The thing we need now more than a good defender is good coaching staff.

    Defense is something that can be achieved without great skill and all u need is good pace and a decent physique. What is more important is organization and the sheer will to win and those aspects of the game come with training.

    Ive seen Arsene destroy some decent defenders. Switzerland had the tightest defence at the last WC but Sendy and JD have struggled with us.

  19. Stu

    Im not to fussed about Chamakhs scoring record. Not as much as i used to be anyway. His top scoring season was lasr season, after Blanc had taken over and got the best out of him.

    His scoring record under Blanc is decent. We are getting him at a good age and he is a hard worker and wont get pushed around. Wenger is great at making average players look….above average i guess.

    Anyway…he is fucking free…why complain when we arent paying anything for him.

  20. ManGoonian

    No offence but what the fuck are you on about Mr B???

    Are you suggesting Senderos would be a world class CB if it wasnt for Wenger???

    Senderos is a decent defender, but just has not progressed enough, doesnt have the pace to play the high line our attacking play requires of its defenders and has shown mental weakness far too often…

    We have been done too often coz of a lack of focus and some daft as fook defending thats for sure and it’s been something we have shown too many times this season…

    But thats down to the whole team, IMO, not just the defence…

  21. Stu

    Obviously defendning isnt easy MG but its not as hard as some make it out to be. Being a world class is obviously a hard ask but defending is more about organisation and understanding than individuals ability.

  22. Mr B


    France 0-0 Switzerland

    Togo 0-2 Switzerland

    Switzerland 2-0 South Korea

    Switzerland 0-0 Ukraine (aet)

    If someone can do that against Drogba, Sheva, Henry, ETC ETC, Wenger must have done something wrong.

    Look Mangoo, no player is perfect. The best players are those that make the most of their strengths and do the best to overcome their weaknesses.

    Ocasionaly u get a prodigy like Titi, Maradona, Messi.

  23. ManGoonian


    If defending was easy, then the likes of Ferdinand and Terry wouldnt be worth over £30m+

    Of course, organisation can make a huge difference, especially in a one off game…

  24. Stu

    They are worth that as individual defenders though. ANy average defender can look great if the defence is organised and such. Eg Fulhams defenders. None of them are top class but their record(last season) suggests otherwise.

    They sacrificed a lot of their attacking potential for that defensive record sure but its still proof that great defences dont need top class defenders….IMO

  25. ManGoonian

    We had a great defence under Graham and the indivisula players were not blessed with immense talent, by that I mean, technique etc… But they had bags of talent in terms of defending, staying focused and the hours of dedication from the training ground came into play too…

    If we could add that to the team, then yeah, effin brilliant!

  26. Stu

    Again, Senderos for the Swiss has been part of a defence that kept those clean sheets against top strikers and even when he was at arsenal. Yet he is apparently a crap defender. He didint keep the clean sheets all by himself, the defence did because of team work etc.

    Anyway, moving on…

  27. Stu

    It is easier MG. Just defending wont get you anywhere though, especially when you do it Fulham style.

    Interestingly Barca have only conceded 10 league goals this season. But thats probably because they hog the ball for the whole 90 minutes.

  28. ManGoonian


    Yeah, even Stepanovs looked good in games for his country…. The fact the team was very defensive obviously helps!

    And in one off games, keeping a clean sheet is possible, IF the team is the under dog and they all sit back…

    The trick id to have a solid defence in an attacking team…

    But yeah, as you say…. Moving on…

  29. Mr B

    Yeah my bad, Ade.

    The world Cup is the highest level of football. If a team whose central defence comprised of JD and Sendy kept 4 clean sheets, why did they fuck up so often for us.

    Its the managers job to organise the players and educate them about the oppossition.

    Whats your point MG that the fact we have had a suspect defence since Adams, Keown….oldboys left has nothing to do with Wenger.

    Those same people have been banging on about it for ever.

    If u have a good offence ur not guarnteed anything. If u have a good defence the worst u can do is draw.

  30. ManGoonian


    I know we are moving on, but that Barca point is interesting fella… We have conceeded sloppy goals when we have had no striker and been unable to hold onto possesion too…

  31. Stu

    Mr B, they fucked up forus so often because we play a completely different system. When Swiss have the ball their defenders are probably half way into their own half, but when we have it they are expected to be close to the half way line.

    There is far more space behind them for us and being slow they get caught out a lot. Players perform differently in different systems.

    Swiss set out not to lose and win by the odd goal but arsenal set out nto win by as many as they can so out much less emphasis on defending.

  32. Mr B

    Stu Barca have a lot of good and by good I mean tackling DMs like Kieta, Yaya and the local lad.

    That is another thing Wenger overlooks.

    @MG World Cup is not the highest level of football and I thought id heard it all when they said Denilson was better than Maradonna.

  33. Stu

    The league is the highest level of football imo because you need to be consistent to win it.

    Whatever about the CL having the best teams etc imo the best team doesnt always win because its a cup competition.

    Fucking cunts uefa need to change it to the Champions Cup…or “the Champions League at first but then its a cup after 6 games”.

  34. Mr B

    Consistency is not the only determinent of quality.

    What about all the shite dfenders that have done well for brazil and they used to play with three at the back and even then the CDs would pop up and score from open play.

  35. ethangunner

    sixx pac Says:
    February 13, 2010 at 19:53

    so when we sign chamakh will we become the most handsome team.
    we already are the most handsome team !.
    im a supporter 🙂

  36. sixx pac

    now all we would need is torres. We would be blinding. Torres, Chamakh, Van Persie, Fabregas, Theo, Vermaelen, Vela, Niklas, Rosicky, Arshavin. Bet we would have a lot of female fans and a lot of guys like Franchise.

  37. ethangunner

    yes its alright if you want to make a gay – calender ..

    However id prefer to just win the league myself .
    but good money – making idea, you should be on the board !

  38. ethangunner

    yes you could get AA23 in a chef hat and apron with nothing else on ,cooking a chicken Kiev in the kitchen…. like a fireman’s calendar !

    brilliant ,our boys cant win SHIT ! but we can pimp them out like hookers ~!

  39. ethangunner

    yes you might win calender of the year ..

    not sure what else you’ll win with half the players stated constantly in the sick bay .

  40. zeus

    To anyone, how do i listen to the ‘its up for grabs now’ podcast. I dont see a link to it on the face book page anywhere

  41. chozzer

    on my page the first bit(up to ‘Crying’) is a link

    8th February 10 – This One’s Crying
    08 February 2010 22:00

  42. sixx pac

    just finished my second season of real football manager 2010 with some crazy stats. Won the treble and the super cup. Cesc is the top scorer(in his cm position) with 35 goals followed by Bendnter with 33 and Villa(yes) with 18. Top assist Bendnter with 28, Arshavin 11 and Rooney(Man u) 10. Best player Cesc 7.7. Didnt have enough money to resign Arshavin so he left. Signed Henry on a 1 year contract but i also signed Messi so Henry rarely played. He wasnt interested in another contract. Shoulda sold him to pompey. They bought Denilson for 13 mil and Ade for 23

  43. David

    I dont understand why like to come out with these stories at odd times.

    So is Diaby becoming our Roy Keane then?

  44. sixx pac

    Gooby i just signed Ibra, Eto’o, dani Alves and Maldini(he’s still there). Sold Ronaldo for 116 mil to Everton(lol). Sold Van Persie to pompey(lol) for 26 mil(lol). Rejected 75 mil bid for Bendnter from Ac Milan. Where the hell will i play these players.

  45. ethangunner

    Gooby Says:
    February 14, 2010 at 00:45

    shite…i m starting to talk like wenger, get out of my head you old mad man!!!!
    I’m not sure if your possessed,…

    or diseased 🙂

  46. khalle

    One thing I learned and GEOFF should note is that VIEIRA was not his old Vieria. Yes, he has the experience but would not be dislodging Song or Diaby. He would at best be ahead of Denilson. His passes were poor he could not take o anyone and I felt he should be retiring rather than continuing till he is useles.

  47. ethangunner

    A feels a bit bitch slapped …6pac


    he is probably on ACLF . where his vast talent in manipulating stats to make Arsene / project youth
    a success is being utilized !

  48. ethangunner


    its a bit hard to judge veira when he isnt in our side to judge how he interacts with our players ..

    our quality , our style of play …

    talk about NOT comparing apples to apples….

  49. ethangunner

    just remembered why i got banned from le moan

    i asked the fat one to pipe down with the “fuck off back to france wenger” shit

    he mouthed off back…

    i then asked him to explain why he gave his blog a title with a french connotation

    i was then swiftly banned 😆

    what a twat …

  50. Moray

    Report: AC Milan set to make move for Arsenal captain Fabregas

    …I suppose it’s our own fault for selling our decent players every summer. We kind of bring it on ourselves! If teams expect that we will sell then they start to jockey for position, and as well as that, they expect to get a bargain.

  51. ethangunner


    never discount other clubs from BORROWING money 🙂

    just cause Arsenal are too tight to ..

    but why would milan interest him ?
    they are out of grips with reality …
    For cesc its SPAIN 1st option…

    he’s said so himself

  52. SUGA3


    Milan are nowhere near being the force they used to be, simple as: by moving there, Cesc would have even less chance to win stuff IMO…

    Cesc will not go anywhere but Barca and may that happen as late as possible 😉

    ball is in AW’s court: Cesc will only sign a new deal if he sees some transfer activity, ‘cuz I don’t think he wants to play another season with a few certain players in the squad…

    if Cesc and Billy leave, there will be blood…

  53. ethangunner

    he will let him go for money ?

    or player happiness

    but surely if we won something he would be happy..

    so wenger is only to blame for the situation he’s in anyhhooo..

  54. zeus

    ball is in AW’s court: Cesc will only sign a new deal if he sees some transfer activity, ‘cuz I don’t think he wants to play another season with a few certain players in the squad…
    Any money that this team has is going in large part to fund Cesc’s new contract. This squad is what it is I’m afraid, Cesc has been here 7 years in a fewmonths, his impatience grows.