Time to dish out a lesson to the playground bully, Arsenal, it’s time to deliver!

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Ok today I’m forgetting what our leader is saying about sticking to his guns and developing young talent, even though we don’t have that much and what we do have was on show last night at Eastlands, go figure, I can’t!

Today it’s all about doing Liverpool, the scousers come to the Grove on the back of a very dodgy win against the team we hammered 6-1, and it was only 6-1 because that day we had Almunia in goal.

Gerrard, the one who last week said he wouldn’t feel comfortable if Terry got sacked, and he was made captain, got his wish, he didn’t get made captain, ha, ha, did that backfire or what!

He is the tough guy that punched a DJ in the face for no other reason than he had his mates in the bar protecting him, well no one can protect you at the Grove dipstick, tonight we’ll give you some if you start, tonight the Arsenal are like a wounded gun, Ok wounded bear, dangerous, we’ll come out blazing, (like a wounded gun would) and if we play football like we did at the Bridge, you’ll get hammered, we’ll then put an 8 point gap in there and your quest for 4th place or better will be over. Screwed.

Arsene put Bendtner and Rosicky on at the start, Theo likes to torment his boyhood team so as daft as it sounds, I would give him another go.

Arsenal, on the back of 3 defeats and a draw, you owe us one, I’ll be there to make sure you deliver, tonight Arsene, is for Harry, for England and St. George, tonight it’s about finishing top, not third, but numero uno, tonight the real Arsenal have to turn up or that’s it, season’s over.

Get in there you reds, get in there and show all those worthless journalists, pundits and ex players that your boss was right to stand by you and we are right to keep cheering you.

Tonight Arsenal, tonight is for us, the fans, go and deliver.

Have a great day Grovers, and more positive and my head will explode!

P.S. Did you see the Paddy to Ade goal? He can score goals like that because he is the right age. Arsene, take note. Pedro still has a single for tonight, e-mail in for info!

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  1. zeus

    Indeed, the ball didn’t cry at Zidane’s feet. You couldn’t pick it off him either it was glued to him like it is to messi.

    What made him gr8 was he had zero pace, and yet was better than every1 on the pitch moving 40 mph faster than him.

  2. Maqitlarge

    Still finishing 3rd Harry?

    Whats that Harry? You had most of the ball?
    Its not just about posession harry old boy!

    Pressure talk on Arsednal rather back fired didn’t Harry?!

  3. zeus

    Next 3 games are Sunderland (H), Burnely (h), and away to the long ball guys of Hull.

    Thats a game where Diaby, Song, Bendtner And Campbell should be playing IMHO.

    Confident about the first two though.

  4. Stu

    Zidane didnt need pace because he was huge and had the ability to think he was out of trouble. Bergkamp was the same. They both knew what they were going to do before the ball got to them.

  5. Stu

    Straight away they are sucking uniteds balls. “not easy with 10men but ye made it look easy” Bullshit” They should have lost!

  6. Keyser

    Zidane didn’t have much pace, he had enough of a burst to get a yard ahead and his skill did the rest, his stamina was also good and above all he was just that strong.

    He could spin on the ball, that double drag back thing and still not get knocked off it. Class.

  7. A

    zeus you missed out stoke.

    Sunderland (h)
    Stoke (a)
    Burnley (h)
    Hull (a)

    imo Song should be careful against Sunderland at home, then intentionally get his 10th booking at Stoke. We should be able to cope home against Burnley and away at Hull without him….

  8. Keyser

    Oh shit, spoeaking of defence, Gallas’s tackle is the reason why he’s the best defender Chelsea have probably ever head, also in defence of Almunia I hope people remember that save.

    Again in defence of Almunia, obviously with the disclaimer that it’s because no-one else will, not because I think he’s great, he was criticised for not reacting quick enough to Drogba’s shot, today Saha must have done the same but from another 10 yards further out.

    It’s harder than it looks.

  9. Keyser

    Stu – Yeah, Hansen was somehow trying to explain how you slide and tackle, Nani didn’t slide in for that, he jumped into it, and he got the ball and then went over it right into the dudes shin.

  10. A

    Keyser I don’t blame Almunia one bit for the Drogba goal, but imo Cech was poor for Saha’s, he had time to react, just judged it poorly

  11. Keyser

    A. – Honestly, I’d take anyone on in a one-on-one with a bouncing ball and one swing of my boot from that distance, the only way they’d stop the shot is either by pure luck or if I managed to miss the goal and hit them in the head.

    Whereupon they’d spend quite a while unconscious. It’s just silly.

  12. Stu

    Wouldnt it have been just fucking typical if that Babel shot had gone in. It always happens against us that players get 1st goals or goals after returning from injury etc against us.

    Babel doesnt play all season and then has a shot like that? Cunt!

  13. Stu

    Remember when ROnaldo smacked Lehmann in the face from point black a few seasons ago. Should have knocked him out easily but Lehmann is a hard bastard and shruged it off….kinda.

  14. colonel mustard

    Delighted for the boss on a personal level. I dont agree with some of his decsions regarding the team but you could see his relief tonight.

  15. Keyser

    Stu – It must have hit a hard part of his face, he was always hard-headed anyway.

    Thought Almunia had a good game today.

  16. Gunnersmith

    Injury Update guys

    Arshavin has a hamstring problem and Nasri had a knock on his head. He felt unwell and I didn’t want to take a chance because it was his head. That’s why I took him off. He wanted to stay on but he felt sick so I didn’t want to take a chance. We have to make a scan on Arshavin tomorrow.


  17. David


    There was absolutely nothing Check couldve done to save that…that was a low ball couldve gone anywhere.

    If it was Almunia or Fabianski you’d be saying the same.

  18. ethangunner

    big al keeps a clean sheet and we are always in with a chance , its his 3rd clean sheet this season ! from memory πŸ™‚

    whoooooo !

    wasnt really convincing ,
    but 3 points in the bag .
    and a step closer to remaining in the top 4 .
    wengers prayers where answered .

    and also could of spelled liverpool’s end in the top 4 ..

    good victory i suppose , i would be happy if we beat them a bit more convincingly .

    good result however ,but nik B almost cost us ! on several occasions . he did a few good things but them quickly tarnished them back up …

    not ready and AA23 is a HUGE blow !

    diaby ever since villa has looked more the player we need in the middle with cesc ..

    but cesc is quiet ! and no matter what wenger says , you know in the past cesc has jumped on these rumors and crushed them every time …

    his silence is worrying to me !

  19. A

    David even the pundits on MOTD, who still treat Cech generally as if he’s God’s gift to keeping, said that it was a keeper error…. Would say the same if it was Fabianski or Almunia….

    ethan Cesc isn’t quiet – post match interview he said rumours are totally untrue, been pointed as untrue by Barca, Arsenal, and himself, and the media need to show some respect for him, Arsenal, and the fans, by not reporting such bollocks. (bollocks bit not direct quote)

  20. A

    Chelsea are a really weird team this term, crazy how much of a contrast between their home and away form. Home they’ve drawn one game against Everton, and won EVERY single other home game. Away they’ve only won one game since they beat us in November! With their last three away games being Utd, Spuds, and Liverpool could end up with a very strange end to the season, everyone dropping points, the team who fucks up the least wins

  21. ethangunner

    A dont be too fast to discount it !

    please dont be hasty this time …
    because just think that cesc at this time can say little else ..

    obviously something must have transpired in order for arsenal to write this supposed letter to barca .

    there is official and unofficial tapping .

    not even sure it would be unofficial .

    it could be another hleb-gate ice cream …
    all im going to say on the matter A is ,
    don’t be surprised if he moves on in the summer .

  22. A

    ethan the supposed letter to Barca was about their talking about him in the press, nothing to do with tapping up, or any meeting with barca.

    I’d be surprised if Cesc went this summer, but not totally ruled it out, reckon it’s a year or two early for him just yet.

    The point is the talk of any agreement, verbal or otherwise, is totally untrue, and simply ridiculous!

  23. freduardo

    how eduardo was so villified for diving when players like rooney and gerrard continually get away with it is is baffling and disgraceful.

  24. A

    It’s laughable isn’t it freduardo. Gerrard today was just an embarrassment. The way that Bendtner got slated and booked, and Gerrard got away with two that were simply awful I really don’t know. It’s just ridiculous.

  25. freduardo

    i watched the game with a couple of liverpool fans and when cesc handballed it, i was chuffed. justice. how pundits and journalists can see it any other way is amazing. all the focus will be on that handball though, you can be sure nani’s challenge wont get the attention Gallas’ did either. frustrating.

  26. Honest Bill

    Haha let ’em do it i say.. I enjoy watching their bitter expressions when we win.. Gray though, most surprisingly, has been mostly objective about us this season in my opinion.

  27. gnarleygeorge9

    Afternoon gents

    “tonight the real Arsenal have to turn up or that’s it, season’s over.”

    Nice win that. 1-0 to The Arsenal. It had a bit of Choochie Graham; Bertie Mee; Terry Neil; & ofcourse the good old Arsene Wenger.

    Tactically I don’t think Le Gaffer can be faulted in this one. Changes were good, & we got the result.

    I mean people talk about how they want to see The Arsenal play the most flowing, easy on the eye footy, but I prefer a result. Winning is everything!!!

    And with regard to Almunia. For all the stuff ups etc, his save of Babel’s shot reclaimed 2 points IMO. Oh well, lets hope he can find another 7 points from match winning saves.

  28. freduardo

    great save in fairness, credit where it is due.
    i am starting to seriously worry about Theo though. the way he wastes possesion is just frightening.

  29. gnarleygeorge9

    The Pass Master @ right back was good too. A couple of fluffs, but he has a bit of mungrel in him, & will give as much as he gets.

  30. A

    Yep that’s my thinking on the matter HB. If Arshavin isn’t fit against Porto, I’d start him, along with Bendtner, and Nasri or Rosicky, probably Rosicky. Reckon there’d be less pressure away from home, and they’ll try and come at us, nice to have that pace on the break.

  31. gnarleygeorge9

    Theo should be used as shock treatment, coming off the bench & going up the sharp end. Running @ tired backs into the box may just be the match fitness he needs to get back to his best. Just a thought

  32. gnarleygeorge9

    Does anyone reckon we are still a chance for The Title. 2 x 2 horrid losses to the top 2 teams would suggest no, but someone said the other day, those other 2 have a tougher run home. Oh, shit I’m starting to believe again. I need to calm down.

  33. freduardo

    our run in is not so bad, teams will take points off each other. i would worry about the depth of our squad, but if we can put a couple of wins together and keep key players fit we could be in with a shout.
    at this point though, hard to see it.

  34. A

    With players back we’ve actually got real depth on the bench. Gonna be international players not even making the bench in upcoming weeks (as long as people stay fit!)

    Assuming first team is today’s midfield and attack, with Sagna back at right back. got Fabianski, Sol, Eboue, Denilson as guaranteed people on the bench. Maybe Traore too if there are any doubts about Clichy’s fitness.

    So there are 3 or maybe even 2 spaces, for Ramsey, Rosicky, Theo, Eduardo, and Vela. Merida is back fit now but won’t get a look in. If/when Eduardo is back fully fit, and the others are fully fit, I’d send Merida and Vela off on loan, get some first team football under their belts, along with Eastmond, Barazite and JET perhaps, though that would leave the reserves pretty short of players!

  35. A

    gnarley we’ve certainly got a chance, just gotta get and keep some consistency beating the little teams!

    It’s weird, I was saying all season that if we were within 6-7 points of the top on Feb 11th I was confident we’d do it, but feeling much less confidence now it’s happened! Think it’s just a worry how much those losses will have hit our confidence and taken our momentum away.

    Beating Liverpool is certainly a good start, but it was hardly a convincing return to our good form! We need a good performance at Porto, then a good win home against Sunderland, and we’re back on.

    Utd and Chelsea will almost certainly drop more than enough points for us to do it, it’s just a case of us getting that momentum and form back we had in 2009!

  36. zeus

    Man Utd next two games are Everton away and West ham @ home.

    Chelsea is away to Wolves (hope that poor away record continue) and home to Man City (could very much drop points in that as well.

    Cruel cruel hope, why do you do this to us?

  37. A

    yes indeed gnarley. he could even be back in time for our two tough games out of the remaining 12, Spuds away and City home. Could be the big boost we need to really drive on at the end! Champs League too, if we’re still in it, which I doubt we will be!

  38. freduardo

    A, what worries me about our squad is just that, we have nearly everyone back but if we were to lose a couple of players, especially in attack, we begin to look very light. Bendtner could be really important for us, which in itself is a bit strange.

  39. A

    zeus it’s chelsea’s last 7 games that I like the look of. With their poor away record, and even with their good home record there are four games I’d really expect them to drop a good few points in.

    Villa home
    Utd away
    Spuds away
    Liverpool away

    Utd have been touch and go form wise all season, could certainly see them dropping points at

    Everton away
    Liverpool home
    Chelsea home
    Blackburn away
    City away
    Spuds home
    Sunderland away

    I was thinking of putting some cash down for them not to finish in the top 3 πŸ™‚

  40. A

    I dunno about that Freduardo, we’d have to lose a few. As long as we’ve got one of Arshavin, Bendtner, Eduardo fit to play centrally we should be ok against most of the little teams. any two of Rosicky, Nasri, Theo, Vela, Arshavin, Eduardo fit to play wide.

  41. zeus

    @ A

    I’m trying to wipe this smile from my face cuz I think we may just do it.

    I’ll wait till after the next 3 games though. We have to remain in the kind of form we had in December. The quicker we reach the top the better.

    Not Quite getting my hopes up just yet.

  42. A

    Yeah I’m the same zeus, I’m waiting until after Sunderland to see how much this little period of losing to the big boys has taken out of us belief wise. We need to beat Porto, and give Sunderland a bit of a spanking, return to when we were beating anyone outside of the top 4 by at least 2-3 goals at the Emirates, then I’ll start to REALLY believe!

  43. freduardo

    yeah I know what you mean A, but I think Arsh centrally doesnt suit him, back to goal etc. It seems to make him unhappy and i rather him playing off someone.
    Eduardo has been having a fairly poor season and has not filled me with confidence as a central striker in this formation (i mean often quite a distance away from his fellow attackers). which leaves Nik.
    the wide positions i am not so worried about.
    plus, we always seem to be just one injury or suspension away from Denilson in the side…

  44. A

    I’m fine with that against the little teams freduardo, he’s been fine doing it too, team functioned well enough! I reckon he’s just a bit of a whiner!

    Yeah Denilson will come in when Song’s out. Shouldn’t be a massive deal depending on the opposition, as long as Diaby is fit.

    Hopefully he can be careful against Sunderland, then intentionally get the booking at Stoke, so he serves the two game ban in the home game against Burnley, and away at Hull, that would be absolutely fine!

  45. zeus

    I say Nik( who I’m no fan of) should play CF til RVP is trusted to come back. He will get his 5 or so goals over the next 13 games. Best play Arsha where he is dangerous and happy.

    Watching Nik 2day was a bit difficult. He was hardly on the same wavelentgh of Fab4 and Arsha. And that dive was awful. You shouldn’t dive, but if you do, don’t flap your hands all over the place and spread eagle flat on your belly; especially when your as big a guy as Nik

  46. A

    Anyways I’m off now to rewatch the Liverpool game in bed. What a great day today was!

    Hell of a footballing week planned for me, off to Italy on Friday to catch Sampdoria Fiorentina on the Saturday, weekend in Genoa before back in time to see Peterborough Ipswich on Tuesday evening, off to Porto on the Weds and then finished off hopefully the Emirates on Saturday. Hope all the results go according to plan!

    Nite freduardo and anyone else around, been fun as always

  47. zeus


    We need Song at Hull. They bullied Chelsea and got a victory. As I’ve said, we need Sol, Song and Diaby with Bendtner leading the line for that one.

    Altidore is a bit of a worry for me.

  48. A

    Don’t agree with that at all zeus! Bendtner is ALWAYS on the same wavelength as Cesc and Arshavin, it’s the execution that he struggles with, incredibly intelligent footballer. I was very impressed with him, especially being half fit. When he’s got some sharpness he’ll be very good to have back. The dive really was terrible though! He did seem to really lack confidence in front of goal, but it’ll come with games.

    Anyways, im off now

  49. A

    I don’t think Hull will be a problem zeus, and certainly no need to start Sol, they won’t be able to contend with our football if we just play our usual game. Stoke is a tougher proposition, but I think we’ll be fine there too.

  50. AA23

    I thought Bendtner was good today.
    I think he’s a deeply underated player and the rest of them play better when he’s on. Bit more fitness from him and get the rest of them used to him being back and we’ll start to play better as a team. Nic, Diaby and Rosicky made that goal.
    And as shit as he is Almunia saved us 2 points tonight.
    Weird season

  51. Rohan

    I thought Bendtner was our best player..his linkup play passing and vision reminded me of a certain Dennis Bergkamp… πŸ˜€
    I was really really impressed with his work rate and pressure on defenders… Chamone!!you gunners. If you had told me in the beginning of the season that we’d be 6 points behind the leaders in Feb with an easy run-in I’d have taken it in the blink of an eye.

  52. bnsb


    After seven games unbeaten they should have been expected to play with confidence and energy. But they offered little and moans about a possible late penalty for handball by Cesc Fabregas camouflaged their failings.

    Skipper Steven Gerrard spent more time rolling around claiming free-kicks than he did using his undoubted quality on the ball.

    In injury time, Gerrard and Dirk Kuyt both fell to the floor prompting referee Howard Webb to award a free-kick.

    Gerrard took it and the ball was clearly blocked by the arm of Fabregas.

    With the Spaniard having been booked seconds earlier he could have gone off. But Webb did not see it and, even if he had, Fabregas was outside the penalty area so the best Liverpool would have got was another free-kick.

    The Reds were still arguing with the official after the final whistle but the real questions they should be asking are about themselves.

    Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/football/2848296/Arsenal-1-Liverpool-0.html#ixzz0fCMIfNpo

  53. maurya

    Sun is writing more credible news than main stream media. lOl.

    Actually, it was a amazing win. I was even worried about 3rd place. Now, it is guaranteed. The worst thing in EPL is to fight for 4th place.
    Bendy is great. At least there is a target man. He is as usual strong in the air. The game plan is always cram the mid field push us towards corners. Where we don’t even have players to cross the ball and striker in the middle. At least with Bendy and Diaby, we can have that focal point.

    Ho, that spurs are slowly falling into mid table and they are still deluding about 4th place.

  54. maurya

    And you guys should not get your hopes up about title. It is just matter of time out boss will start bragging in the media. He will start giving opinions about everything to all sundry papers starting from tomorrow and forget about basic defending.

  55. bnsb


    Bendy is like Song, water carrier for the team.

    As to season hope, we said the four games against top teams in a row will determine the season. We got four out of possible 12. It would have been a disaster if the two above us had not dropped points yesterday. Now we have hope at least.

  56. AA23

    It really was a great goal start to finish.
    Hansen said he can’t see us in the title race. He might have a fair point, you win nothing with kids after all.

  57. Denilson

    And its true that I love you,
    And it’s true your the only one and I do,
    I adore you,
    And its true gunners

    You make me feel alive, ive, ive, ive
    You make me feel alive, ive, ive, ive
    You make me feel alive, ive, ive, ive
    You make me feel alive, ive, ive, ive


  58. gnarleygeorge9


    the word “tactics” is back. That was a nice no frills win. The Poo tried the counter crap early but this time Le Gaffer was having none of it. Unfortunately, he may be 2 weeks to late in implementing a scheme that suited the occasion. Moyes obviously boned up on the chavs when he was @ Swingers Bridge last Sunday. So Arsene needs to plot a bit more for big games(well they are all big really), instead of taking the arrogant attitude that he does. If The Arsenal had played with the attitude they did against the Poo, we may have got a point & would only be 4 points behind.

  59. insidealbania

    Morning all, I have to say that was bloody stressful game to watch. So glad we won after the awful time we’ve had recently. And its so nice to keep a clean sheet.

  60. bnsb

    Sunderland home
    Stoke away
    Burnley Home
    Hull away
    Westham Home
    Birmingham away
    Wolves home

    Would any one call them The Ides of March?

  61. gnarleygeorge9


    fab4 wasn’t even in the box so how could it have been a penalty. 96 minutes of play were won by The Arsenal, but in the last minute the Poo cry they were robbed. Now that is sour grapes of the highest degree.

  62. ethangunner

    Sunderland home – West ham home

    could be under estimated by wenger ..
    if he’s IDLE in those games he might be in for an ass beating ..

    plus we still have the spuds and the manc’s ..

  63. bnsb

    plus we still have the spuds and the manc’s ..

    Speaking of Spuds very detailed Excel analysis clearly showed Harry Rednapp is correct.

    But for their dropped points they would be ahead of us πŸ™‚

  64. insidealbania

    bnsb – it was about time Almunia did some goal keeping. Still shit myself every time there is a corner or free kick near the area.

  65. bnsb

    As in the Anfield meeting between the teams in December, Benitez’s side deserved better, and should have at least been given the chance to earn a draw when Gerrard’s free-kick struck Cesc Fabregas on the hand just inside the area, only for referee Howard Webb to wave away strong appeals for a penalty.


    Blinkered eyes?

  66. Gooby

    if we get all the point until wolves game we can count on RvP boost as he may be near a return(if we are lucky) djourou and gibbs would regain fitness too.

    we really have to stay in the CL!!!

  67. ethangunner

    if the northern chav’s pick up there next 2 games they would easily be 4th spot …

    i think it could get messy with man shitty & pool
    IF WENGER takes his normal stance on the
    ‘Starting line ups’

    putting in eastmond and all them V’s lesser competition . etc …

    i hope he treats each game like a final !

  68. ethangunner

    insidealbania Says:
    February 11, 2010 at 08:01

    bnsb – it was about time Almunia did some goal keeping. Still shit myself every time there is a corner or free kick near the area.
    IA .

    yes me too !
    any second you felt almunia would pull one of his scrap book moments out in front of goal and ruin it all.. lik ein extra time of something !
    thankfully it didnt manifest πŸ™‚

    to his credit he did seem more composed !
    that should be enough to hold his place the rest of the season based on that last performance πŸ™‚

  69. bnsb

    that should be enough to hold his place the rest of the season based on that last performance

    Lets all pray he has many more performance like that to write home about πŸ™‚

  70. iceman


    Agree mate…

    If there ever was a time for Wenger to rile the boys (the crappy ones too) this is it…

    It’s a second chance…they don’t come around too often…

    Each game is MUST F**KIN WIN!!!

    No toying around with Barbie/ Eduardo on the wings.

    I really hope Diaby can stay fit longer than 2 games in succession…

  71. bnsb

    The maximum points we will mathematically have is 88. last year the league was won at 90 points. Realistically will this year league be win at 83 to 85 points?

  72. ethangunner

    i think to be honest BNSB,

    wenger has taken enough risks this season by not purchasing , he should just replace Big al with fab2 or the other young lad , vito even !
    the rest of the season, what has he got to lose ?

    if he is 1st choice next season (aL) we are in deep shit .

    again …

  73. insidealbania

    ethan – I dont know, I have no confidence in him (almunia) at all. I mean have you seen the look on his face when the players come out of the tunnel, or when they line up on the pitch, the guy seriously looks like a rabbit caught in the headlights. Anyway, we have nothing but to hope he pulls it together till the end of the season.

    BR – Stoke have become our new Bolton.

  74. bnsb

    Yet worse of all was the fact Howard Webb refused to point to the spot in the dying seconds when a Steven Gerrard free-kick was handled by Cesc Fabregas; that the Arsenal skipper later admitted he had committed a crime rubbed salt in open wounds.


    Any one got a link where Cesc pleaded guilty?

  75. bnsb

    It’s gotta be a sign…

    Get thumped by manure and chavski in succession and still be only 6 points off.

    The scrap for the fourth place between teams placed 4 to 8 now on the table, IMHO, will determine who wins the title.

  76. nishanth

    Bsnb-We absolutely must offer him a 2 year contract!!He is getting better and better.He had a real go at gerrard when he dived in the last minute

  77. bnsb


    He is fairly well paid here, has got his respect back, why would be go? He could play and retire here and be a legend.

  78. ethangunner

    gotta say eboue is looking like getting his old job back .

    sagna just is all piss and wind for me , no end product , is good enough in most areas , crossing is frustrating to watch .. prefer eboue’s passing and cutting game ..

    if barca or inter or someone wanted him like the rumors suggested a few months ago for that money id take it ..


  79. SUGA3


    well, he may consider the hefty signing bonus he will receive somewhere else…

    I reckon he should get 2 years – if Silvestre could get one, why wouldn’t Billy?

    don’t fix what is not broken πŸ˜‰

  80. ikon

    great win last night, couldnt have come at a better time.
    title chances are still premature to talk about. Even if we are level on points, we are more likely to drop points than say chelsea.

    But if we win the title it wont be more then 3-4 points, and we have to thank saha and someone else for that brilliant show against chavs.

    I agree completely, if we win against spu*s, city, sunderland and stoke, we can think we are more than just outsiders for the title.

    great show, motm Diaby, superb performance.

  81. iceman

    Sadylt…if he isn’t offered the 2 year deal…He’d welcome a new challenge….France/ Italy…

    You know Wenger won’t budge.

  82. Ramgun

    1) It should have been an Arsenal free-kick because Gerrard dived. How can Webb justify his treatment of Bendtner if he allows Gerrard to dive?
    2) Fabregas’ hand was outside the penalty area line. It makes no difference whatsoever where his feet were. If a defender was laying across the penalty area line with half his body outside the box could he reach in and handle the ball because it would only be a free-kick because his feet were outside the box?
    3) Liverpool are hard working but turgid. We deserved to win.
    4) Even half-fit the shape of our team is much better with Bendtner playing.

  83. iceman

    He won’t take a 1 year deal and then go…
    He’ll lose out on wages/ his value will drop…
    It’s Pires all over again…
    Unless Wenger sees his importance and the fact that he’s a CB and not an attacking player should help change his mind

  84. chozzer

    Handball outside the area in the 95th minute, with no time to take a second free-kick was perfect, I agree.

    Besides Almunia had it covered. πŸ™‚

  85. Geoff

    I thought taking Bendtner off for Sagna was like taking Bergy off for Cygan when we were beating the mancs, and ended up losing, he doesn’t learn does he?

    Credit to Clichy, I thought he had a blinder.

    I wanted to scream when Wenger said his team showed great mental strength, where was that on Sunday then?

    Anyway, a good win and a little gap, perfect, I’m just looking at what’s behind, the title is just a silly dream.

  86. chozzer

    Geoff, I screamed about that substitution just as we were defending a free-kick and then Sagna was the one that headed the ball away. πŸ™‚

  87. bnsb

    Anyway, a good win and a little gap, perfect, I’m just looking at what’s behind, the title is just a silly dream.

    Hard to please as usual πŸ™‚