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“I believe we have the unity, the desire, the spirit and I know that before this game there will be a lot of scepticism around us but I believe in my players and in their spirit. We will show that.”

Like counting sheep, Arsene's press conferences have become repetitive

Sometimes, I do wish Arsene would think of something fresh to tell us at his press conferences.

“I believe we should be more relaxed at this time because at the start of the season nobody expected us in the top four or in the title race,”

Comments like the above just enrage fans further. If no one thought we’d compete at the start of the season because of his poor transfer policy, does that mean we should be ok with the fact that we’re out of two competitions and struggling in the Premier League race?

If you didn’t think you’d land that dream job at the start because there were 100 others applying, you got through to the final three and lost out because you forgot to wear a tie and a pair of clean shoes, would you be ok with it because you didn’t expect to get that far? No way. You’d wish you sorted out your problems when you could. Our dirty shoes and missing tie are a striker and midfield cover.

The expectation should always be that we’re going to compete… challenging when you’re Arsenal should never be a bonus.

We’ve got the only PR firm that is so useless they can’t detect a story that contains a conflicting message.

‘Yes, we did try to sign someone’ —- followed by —–> ‘In England, it seems all the problems are sorted out by buying players. I don’t believe that.’

Sorry Arsene? You don’t believe in signing players to solve a problem yet you just admitted tried to sign a player, and we know that you were in for Smalling. Are you completely off your rocker?

I don’t want to hear…

We were very, very close to a new signing.

I’ve heard the player was Thomas Sorenson, others believe it was Loic Remy. I reckon he’s having us on, he probably shared a taxi with Spurs new signing Gudjohnson, he’s got us on a technicality! Regardless of who it was, we didn’t get them. A failure of Gazidis and a failure of Arsene Wenger to do the right thing and purchase at the start of the window.

If you’re hoping for some action in the summer, forget about it, Wenger’s favourite excuse is there for the taking this year… THE WORLD CUP! You know how prices go up in the summer, don’t you!

So, here is the full list of excuses –

  1. World Cup
  2. Euro Championships
  3. Inflated transfer market
  4. Having to wait for City, United or Chavski to buy players
  5. Killing the career of a youngster
  6. Giving money to other teams strengthens them
  7. The solution isn’t always to buy
  8. My bonus will shrink
  9. Recession
  10. Our budget includes wages as well as transfers, plus, despite record profits and player sales, we’re skint.

George, if the press conference was a person, how would gesture to it?

Couldn’t have put it better myself. I believe that finger was also the one Fabio Capello raised to John Terry as he removed his captaincy. Oh, and the one he raised to Jason ‘Being a scumbag is ok as long as you’re a footballer’ Cundy.

I love being lectured on morals by the sanctimonious bunch of scoundrels they have running talk s*ite. It’s akin to being taught financial prudence by a stock broker or having your marriage counseled by Tiger Woods.

So, onto team news. Diaby is facing a late fitness test which means Denilson will probably retain his place in the team. I’m keeping every digit crossed he’ll be ok, as a precaution I’ve taken up 6 religions and I’ve prayed to all their gods.  Nik B didn’t get a mention, so he should start which means Arshavin will be allowed to devastate on the wing. Below is the team that will take the Chav’s apart!


Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Clichy

Song Cesc Diaby

Rosicky Bendtner Arshavin

Seriously, I truly believe we’ll turn Chelsea over. I think the revelations of sl*t-gate have cast a large grey cloud over the Chelsea dressing room. Last week JT came out fighting because he had something to save, this week, he’s lost his captaincy, he’ll feel deflated more than anything. Wenger reckons the influence of the captain is overplayed, says the man whose last proper captain that won trophies will be turning out for City this weekend. Wenger thinks the English have an obsession with Captaincy because we’re a warrior nation. Spot on Arsene, there’s your problem, we have very few warriors in our team. Would Nelson have allowed one of his men to be out run by a ref on the pitch? No way… he’d have been given 20 lashes! That point tells us a lot about how out of touch you’ve become.

Where were we? Ahh, a depressed, untrustworthy leader in charge at the Bridge, lovely!

I think we’ll nick it by one and we’ll keep a clean sheet. I just can’t see us losing, this season is too crazy for the obvious the happen.

I feel in a world of confidence… I hope you do too!

Onto something of a more serious nature. Now, I’m not one for bringing my politics to the blog, but after the whole climate-gate fiasco which was pretty much entirely exposed by the bloggers of the world, the ruling elite are looking to put an end to web anonymity by making all site owners register their details with their Government and apply for a license. You may think I’m talking rubbish here, but it doesn’t take long to find mainstream reviews of the idea in Time magazine and the NYT (Both authors unsurprisingly backing the idea).

Just to put the proposal in perspective. The Chinese tried to implement a similar thing but it was deemed too draconian even for a communist Government!

The big corporate media sites want the web back due to plummeting web traffic and weak hard copy sales. Government want to be able to get on with their own agenda without having to debate the reality of their lies and they need a strong main stream media for maximum effect.

Why should this matter to you?

Well, if you’re here, you like to get your news from blogs who will cut through the crap. Sadly, blogging will be a target. It’s easy to silence a dissenting voice if you can easily access their personal details. Say, for example, a corporation didn’t like what you were saying about them, they could file a costly law suit against you and force you to shut down because you couldn’t battle the case without bankrupting yourself… regardless of whether you were speaking the truth. Dissent would become easily manged.

So, the reason I’m highlighting this issue is because unless you share this info, web licensing will probably creep through the back door. So when you read stories about how hate websites are fueling the next generation of terrorists and you demand a solution… just be aware of the consequences when the solution put forward is a ‘web license’.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate it’s a little off topic but Le Grove was founded as a dissenting voice. Though we’re not performing a crucial role in society, many other sites are. Web anonymity and the free flow of information has helped create a true online democracy, one of the last bastions of free speech.

I’d hate to see that freedom eroded.

Have a marvelous Saturday! Remember, if there’s a God, I’ve prayed to him… bases covered.

Click to sign your name!

P.S. If you’re a British national, it’s your duty to sign the above petition! They’re up to 600 signatures, which means an MP must address it, so thanks to everyone who made that possible! Just click the picture!

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  1. nishanth

    David-I thought the game against united came too early for him.He was just adapting to the position and did really well after that.
    Barnetta’s contract ends this summer right?I don’t mind us buying him

  2. Samir

    So that little prick Coyle does not play Wilshere again…….
    If I were Wenger I would be having a word…..
    He can sit on our bench, why sit on Boltons?

  3. Gunnersmith

    i had a really bad feeling about tmr, something tells me we will be leading for the first half but in the second someone from our team will get red carded and we will loose the game i’m staying positive though

  4. Gunnersmith

    i’m having a really bad feeling about tmr, something tells me we will be leading for the first half but in the second someone from our team will get red carded and we will loose the game i’m staying positive though

  5. David


    RVP played up top on his own against Chelsea at home. The one where Wenger thought it brilliant to leave him there by himself when he’s never done it before and put Ade and Bendy on the bench.

  6. David

    Also played him up top on his own against Utd at the end of the season which basically won the league for UTD. We had about 3 shots in that game. Vidic kept him very quiet

  7. Pat

    SUGA, jest lepszy od Boruca, Kuszczaka y Fabianskiego already!

    I don’t think RVP is injury prone. Long term injuries don’t make a player injury prone.

    Metetarsal, ankle ligaments have been unlucky for him.

    Last season he was fit for the most part, even this season he got through challenges unscathed…until…

  8. gambon

    I just hope wenger has the balls to play Szczesny next season, hes by far our best keeper.

    This is assuming we dont buy one.

  9. rico

    gambon – just seen your comment about Dzeko v Chamakh – Dzeko makes makes him look like a blue square striker, no wonder most want Dzeko..

  10. rico

    I reckon Szczesny was loaned out just to test his abilty and strength following his freak double break -he is playing a blinder at Brentford, so much so I bet they try and sign him in the summer…

    Trusting all the reviews about him I would say he is going to be the keeper we will finally trust in, and I dont think we have honestly had one of them since Seaman…

    When I see Almunia I wonder why we ever let Manninger go 😉

  11. SUGA3


    I wouldn’t bet on that – AW will typically avoid tough decisions, simple as…

    if that was my call, Szczesny would be No.1 with Fabianski No.2…

  12. Geoff

    Great post Pedro, fair and to the point!

    Afternoon all, I agree Rico, I’d put him in goal now, 6’5″ and on an hourly loan, put him in now.

    I’m watching England as we speak, makes a change supporting a team that’s winning!

  13. Geoff

    Rico he’s the Prince of Wales son and a prick, so I expect they are trying to appear fair.

    I hate the fact that we sing the National anthem and the rest sing their own shitty little songs.

    And those Royals support the teams that don’t, Anne, William, and Charles.

    Suga, not according to that you tube clip on here today.

  14. Geoff

    I used to be a big royalist until Diana and Fergie fucked them up, pair of toms.

    I only see them as lazy wastrels now, I quite like Harry, but then his dad was James Hewit wasn’t it!

  15. GMR

    I watched the merseyside derby today, Liverpool are utter dross. If we can’t beat them on wednesday then we must be worse than everyone thinks we are.

  16. izzo

    ‘Top-three finish harder than winning a cup’

    Arsène Wenger believes it is harder to finish in the top three of the Premier League than win a domestic cup competition.

    The Arsenal manager has scooped seven major trophies during his time with the Club – and been a whisker away from many more – and he would like to end his career with as much silverware as possible.

    But Wenger insists that success cannot be measured by trophies alone and is just as proud of his team’s consistency in the Champions League over the past decade.

    “It’s very important that we win something, we’re here to win trophies, but it depends on what you call trophies,” he explained.

    “Is it the Champions League, the Premier League, the League Cup? If you win the League Cup you cannot say you win trophies for me.

    “Of course [finishing third is better than winning a domestic cup]. It’s much more difficult.

    “I want to win trophies and, like the fans, I’m frustrated if I don’t. But a season does not go from fantastic to zero. A season in the English league, when you fight with Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham and Aston Villa, to finish in the top three is still not a disaster.

    “It’s not enough because you want to win trophies. But it doesn’t say: ‘oh what a terrible season that was.’ We’ve just qualified from the group stage in the Champions League for the tenth consecutive season.

    “That is, for me, three times as difficult as winning the League Cup five times. I know what’s difficult and what’s not difficult.

    “But I know people want to parade with a trophy and if you don’t win a trophy you can’t do that. But it doesn’t mean the rest of the season has been completely useless

    So this is the mentality of a manager who won 7 trophies and now has resigned to just competing with the lower pack. If this doesn’t spur you so called arsenal fans to starta protest to remove this guy then i don’t know what will. You’re all hoping on luck right now but when u have such a negative belief and practice coming from a manager how do you hold on to your wish for luck? 13 more games…

  17. David

    Wonder what Wenger would call finishing in the top three and winning the domestic cups…Impossible? As if one is impossible to achieve without the other. *cough*

  18. Geoff

    Why do they only show that welsh loving prick William clapping and going nuts when those cunts score, why don’t they show Harry when we score.

    I fucking hate the BBC.

  19. rico

    Geoff 😆 He is a dead ringer for James…

    Good win in the end, about time too 🙂

    I am off again got a takeaway due, yum yum….

    See you all tomorrow

  20. Confidentgoner

    Barca V Getafe. Now thats a match. How come these barca players are always up for it? Wenger, you need to learn from them

  21. Stu

    I just turned it on too Confident. Barca (although cunts in general imo) are amazing on the pitch. Im not even sure how they drop points in a season. They never lose the ball and if they do they just win it back immediately. They make most teams the play look like amateurs.

    ALl their players look faster and stronger than everyone else too.

  22. leon

    i for one did not hav high hopes for wenger making a signing for striker it was always going to be very difficult always better in the summer and that might have been a miskake not getting a striker in the summer,but the claims that it just excuses that we did make a signing and resesion is no excuse when you look at both chelsea and city spending very little if at all,having the money is part of it but the quality players in the market is also a factor, all i here is how tight fisted i can only buy players wenger has bought and most of them have been very goodand some have out of the clubs price range,has wenger made mistkes alot but i think he is trying to make is right i think,alot fans think we need a new manager i dont agree i dought many managers would asa well with budget he has for stadium he pushed for which i am very happy with but it always going come at cost for few seasons unless you want private owner and i dont want that but at same time i want to see some titles,i dont think is helpes with huge drop in good players around we had such huge players like overmas petit lumberg pires edu veria sorry i just see to many players of that quality so if there not what is wenger susposed to do

  23. Stu

    Thanks SUGA. Commentator just said there are lots of scouts sent to this match to see him. Not a bad time to score then…

  24. SUGA3


    fuck me, why would City or Chelsea spend? unlike us, they’re all stocked up…

    Remy was available. Spuds signed Gudhjohnsen.

    I could carry on…

  25. Pat

    SUGA, we couldn’t do anything regarding Remy until Lyon decided to sign him or not.

    They were in talks the whole time so ANY other team interested couldn’t even get a sniff at Remy.

    If you haven’t heard, Lyon have first option since they’re the ones that sold him to Nice. So, in a sense, he wasn’t available to anyone until Lyon made a decision. They were in talks till the last minute so no other club had a chance.

  26. leon

    no sage its mainly because there very few top players around thats why chelsea nad manu have not spent either,there very very few top quality players around and the top players hat are around will cost through the roof as remy and gudhjohnsen remy i have never hear of and gudhjohnsen well passed his prime if he was still on top his game he would staid at barc,in my view the best manager in prem fergi said him self said there are very top quality around particualy in midfield there some good strikers around and i think maybe most likely wenger maid mistake not buying the summer wenger made huge mistakes no dought i just dont think he tight fisted tosser you think he is

  27. SUGA3


    fair enough, didn’t know that – Gudjohnsen would be a good buy though…


    even Southern and Northern Chavs wouldn’t buy just for the sake of it, besides, we are way out of their price range, aren’t we?

    I don’t think he is a ‘tight fisted tosser’, just a bit deluded, that’s all…

    OK, muchachos, off to London to get shitfaced with me boyz & galz 😉

  28. leon

    suge what he is one of the most stuborn managers i have ever seen he got alot things right but he has got alot wrong and because of small amount good players he has chosen to build this young team who are quite tough but manu and chelsea are tougher

  29. Confidentgoner


    Do we have a top player? Lets leave out Cesc, Ashravin, Gallas, Verm. The rest of the squad are not in any way top players – and that includes Rosicky of this moment.

    Its a disgrace the way Wenger has run our club. He needed to make few investments in the summer , he failed to do it. He failed to make a signing in the window and we had players available. Wenger is a resident dictator in AFC and looks untouchable. Its time we took back our club.

  30. gnarleygeorge9

    Its becoming quite clear now. Its about now most years that the diceman leans towards manchester united. Here they go again, but this time with a team of battlers. The dicemans next role ofcourse is The Arsenal beats chelsea.

  31. Confidentgoner

    Wenger’s weaknesses

    1) Wraps players in wool. No tough love-only once in Liverpool.How about a daily dose, boss?

    2) Waits toolate to react to trends, making us loose unnecessarily.

    3) Refusal to buy players when there is a gapping need.

    4) Buys players who are not ready, causing loss of funds.

  32. Confidentgoner


    Were you dreaming? We lost to eams that were better organized to play against us. best is a draw n current form except Daiby surprises everyoe.

  33. leon

    confid i think you can say the same for manu take roony berbotov giggs and maybe scholes how many top players do they have there team same for chelsea lambard alenka drogba not that many ,he may have a msitake not buying a striker but as top midfielders. if you think he has not spent enough so to have much bigger budget each maybe we should have staid at hibury stadium because going to emerites stadium whch we love was never going come for free

  34. Confidentgoner


    He admitted he had the budget this transfer window. His words, not mine. He then lied that he couldn’t see better players. Hell even Fellaini of Everton will have been good for our mid, or Saha for our strike force, or even Carlton Cole. Note I havent mention the Wolfsburg star Gzeko et al.

    Point is ManU have fighters, we have bottlers. This is the attitude of the manager, the corporate culture at Arsenal. Accept anything as log as it is endorsed by AW.

  35. leon

    config both cole and saha are very injury prone and at the time cole was injured so what have been the point going for him and wolfsburg how do know wenger did gor him he might have snubbed to use and he stated several times he wants to real just because he is top player does not mean the player will want to come to use,you have to remember both manu and chelsea have won the prem and know it takes but this young have won nothing,there not two many top players particualy in midfield position

  36. reggie 57

    The old saying shit rolls downhill thats the AFC motto? until there is a change at the top level we will always be a team of under achievers….imo.

  37. nn

    if dennilson and almunia appear on the teamsheet tomorrow i am taking myself into a dark room and praying for the 90 minutes. i cant watch arsenal with these 2 muppets on the pitch. they fuckin terrify me. it shouldnt be that way. comon wenger, drop them. its getting embarressing

  38. leon

    well i find it very diificult to question wenger ability to spot top players when look at the amount players that he brought in and made into top players edwardo was killing it before the injury,rvp top class henry,overmas edu,berdkamp,veria,petit,so wenger may be tight with his money but when it comes getting top players sorry poeple i think you are well base there

  39. Confidentgoner

    Thats the point Leon. Why be so tight when you have needs to address. It sounds like lunacy. If he had bought evwen Chamkah, we would have been fine in the striker department. he didn’t because of a mill pounds ffs!!

    His tactics on match days rarely addresses our on-field weakness. I noticed also delayed subs. The guy is really average and his legacy can only go south.

  40. leon

    confid i feel the team needs real big leaders and beasts in midfield and used to have those players in edu petit viera and i just see two players of kind quality around its huge problem but however the huge mistake he made was not getting shay given and chamkah he does not want to move in jan and his club want let him go anyway no matter what he will given time but some the players wont,there huge question mark over mental toughness of this team.one thing is very true when it comes defenisve players wenger needs fresh ideas because until verm he has got badly wrong

  41. Confidentgoner

    Daiby needs to step up big time against Chelsea. But his is his first from an injury, so fingers crossed ..

    Cesc needs to play well against the big boys not only against average opponents.

    We need to clip Chelsea’s wing play. I’ll play erm on the left and play Gallas and Sol as CB


    Sagna Gallas Sol Verm

    Eboue Song Cesc Daiby

    Bent Arsha

    We cannot loose with this squad. I’ll bring on Ramsey for Ebuoe and Rosicky for Daiaby, with instruction for Song to lie deep

  42. Pat

    Stop Chelsea’s fullbacks, win the game. Wasn’t it Cashley who had 2 assists against us?!?!

    United did that superbly against them and Chelsea only won because the ref failed to spot Drogba’s push.

  43. gnarleygeorge9


    At 3.00am I will be dreaming, coz I’m taping this game. I’m only saying we will beat the chavs coz it will work in manure’s favour. Things always seem to this time of the year.

  44. ethangunner

    more like monopoly money choy ,

    they’ve spent all the real stuff !

    they can put it on display in the trophy room , there’s plenty of space there the last few years .

  45. finestcuts

    I walked through Chelsea territory earlier this evening with my Arsenal hat on, and my vibes are, they are quite uncomfortable about playing us tomorrow. But I’m sure when Harvey turns up they’ll feel a little better.
    Lets hope their players are feeling the same.

  46. ethangunner

    theres no real weak link in the chelsea line up .
    we might show more spirit than V’s the man’cs but sorry it will all be in vain !

    they have no denilson to bully off the ball
    they have no weak link in goal ..
    there formation is fairly settled with quality in every position ..

    it will hace to be GAME OF THE YEAR of us to beat these pricks !

    it really will ..
    and i don’t like our chances …
    not given our immediate run of games and the form we have displayed in them !

    they wont give us many free shots on goals , so
    i hope we become clinical overnight !

  47. Gooby

    if we are to beat chavs we don’t have to play our usual game, but let them come at us and hit them on the counter with quick passes of fabregas and rosicky using arshavin’s and full back’s speed.

    we need to play like the shite teams who managed to beat them and keep it simple. focus on defending.

  48. ethangunner

    choy Says:
    February 6, 2010 at 23:31


    All the Balance Sheets from the years.. all glittering!
    i bet your life ade’s money isnt sitting in some bank account getting next to no interest , a smart prudent business would stick the funds into the loan as surplus to knock off the capital , with some loans you can draw the +proceeds out at any time , but i bet your life the ade money at least plus (MORE) is not on hand anyhow , a tight business like this wouldnt be sitting idle not making this money work for them ! ..

    i would ..
    and im more than sure AFC is even smarter with it still ..

    in fact the truth might even scare us !

  49. gnarleygeorge9


    If AW picks a team that specifically can beat the chavs, yes i think we can win, but he usually picks his favourites like denilson and/or has full backs (who can’t cross)cross the ball into midgets players. What sort of strategy is that. Or he’ll start with Little Nicky 😈 up front & not use the long ball. I don’t know what the hell Wenger is doing half the time with is strategy. And results over the past 14 years show that SAF is superior on the day than Wenger. SAF has a game day strategy.

    Maybe Le Gaffer will be able to pull a swifty over Anchovie @ Swingers Bridge, but that will be the way The Arsenal can win, IMHO. Coz on paper they are superior, all the way down the bench as well. Maybe Pat Rice trumps Uncle Fester but other than that, as I write, “youth policy” is being trumped by the “purchase of ready made quality player”. Lets hope it switches the other way after 90 odd minutes and we capitalise on this 6 pointer game.

  50. choy

    we need to fight.. if we play like we did against utd.. we have no chance.. we need strength and determination.. all the players must work very hard..

  51. Ian Williams

    We can do Chelski tomorrow without a doubt, provided we get in their faces like we did to teams in the first few weeks of the season. Hull have shown us the way (never thought I’d say that).

    Scarey stuff but not unexpected about the ruling elite wanting to restrict access to the internet. I’m amazed it took so long.

    If you need examples of free speech conspiracies maybe look at the worldwide abuse of UK libel laws and the use of superinjunctions by corporations to cover up their corruption, rather than focussing on keeping your right to fuck the planet up.

    The climate debate is just not a good example. The actions of a couple of dodgy individuals doesn’t discredit 40 years of research and the consensus of over 90% of climate scientists with plenty of empirical evidence.

    I can quite happily show you many examples of misquotes and misinformation from climate change sceptics with their own vested interests if you want to drop me a line.

  52. Pedro

    Ian, dodgy individuals? What… the guys advising the UN! Lets not down play their importance to the process and what came out of their e-mails.

    90% of scientists agree? Hmmm… that there is lie.

    31,000 scientists signed a petition stating that they did not believe climate change was man made.


    I’m not denying we’re fucking up the planet… but lets focus on the real problems, like over fishing, polluting the rivers and deforestation over a subject designed to control us.

  53. reggie 57

    Well gnarley i agree with your asessment its gonna take every one of the players to work their bollocks off bendy needs to start with arshavin playing in the hole, nasri owes us big time after his performance against the mancs i think we will surprise em big time C’Mon you goooners!!!!!!

  54. ethangunner


    you tree hugger you ..

    yes its common knowledge its solar flares ..
    like i said we might not live to see another EPL trophy 🙂

  55. dronawenger

    Believer in

    . Peak Oil
    . Peak Gold
    . Peak commodities
    . Global Cooling rather than warming
    . Peak Water
    . Peak Wenger ??????
    . Peak Arsenal (certainly not)
    . ……………

  56. Pat

    No way would that happen Maksud. If they went bust, then they forfeit the remaining games 3-0 each. Certainly thats a much more logical outcome?!?!

  57. gnarleygeorge9

    The Arsenal has the opportunity to totally humiliate John Terry today. The question is, do The Arsenal have the ability to tak this opportunity.

    But, can I say this, how satisfiying would it be for every Gooner, more so for those in Blighty, & even more so those in London to really kick the bastards where it hurts 😆

  58. gnarleygeorge9

    Good luck to all those who venture to Swingers Bridge. You were senasational last year, I hope Le Gaffer gives you the necessary amo to really cause some shit there.

  59. Sahara

    Its time to break the Drogba duck.
    Time to revert to the pre-Abrahamovic era.
    Its the turning point.
    Change is here and boys become men.
    Lets go do the bridge.
    Arsenal for life.

  60. JAY20H

    Off to the shithole bridge today, not the most confident i must admit. However the thought og giving John terry stick on a sunday afternoon is brilliant.

    Come on boys, show that strength the boss keeps chatting about!!!!!!

  61. Ian Williams

    Pedro – re your 31000 scientists. Your “petition” has long since been discredited.


    Some of them were dead and a bunch of them were still undergraduates. Why don’t you go through the list and try to find out how many of them actually specialise in climate science? Here I can save you the bother…It’s 1.

    1. Atmospheric, environmental, and Earth sciences: 3,697; 2. Computer and mathematical sciences: 903; 3. Physics and aerospace sciences: 5,691; 4. Chemistry: 4,796; 5. Biology and agriculture: 2,924; 6. Medicine: 3,069; 7. Engineering and general science: 9,992.[2] As of 2007, about 2,400 people in addition to the original 17,100 signatories were “trained in fields other than science or whose field of specialization was not specified on their returned petition.”[20]