The Duke of Wellington bought his scoring boots to Arsenal, maybe…

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Ok it was only Dagenham, but he also scored 4 on his trial against Norwich, maybe this 17 year old wonderkid, really is a wonderkid.

We have nothing of note to talk about or even hope for but the one ray of sunshine on another rubbish season is we may at last have signed a Brazilian that merits the tag Wonderkid! We’ll see.

A number of you mentioned there was a very naughty blog that was raising a petition to sack not John Terry, but none other than Arsenal God, Arsene Wenger, many of you were upset and said they only had 16 signatures, others said yes but they had 8,500 hits, either way, heresy or not, in years gone by no one would have dared to suggest we got shot of him. This could be the thin end of the wedge, Arsene, beware the ides of March.


I have a theory, not a wish, a theory. I think Francesc Fabregas, our best player, and probably the finest midfield prospect in football has had enough, wouldn’t you? 6 years and bugger all to show for it, I often wonder how he must feel trotting out alongside some of the talentless players he has to and wondering what the hell he is doing here.

My theory is this, at the end of the season he will say I’m off, the fact he has a contract until 2016 means nothing to Wenger, those contracts are more about keeping the players happy than the fans.

I think that will give Arsene the get out of jail card he needs to leave us, in good financial shape, but without having to admit project youth is a dismal failure, he’ll go onto Madrid or Milan and start spending gazillions, win the ECL and retire saying had he had the money at Arsenal, he could have done the same.

Then we’ll get a Maureen or someone, he’ll spend the money to build up an instant team and we’ll be in debt. Then Wenger will say, I told you so.

I hope I’m wrong, that we beat Chelsea, win the league and the ECL and sign what we need in the summer.

If Wenger stays and Cesc leaves we still won’t spend the money, we didn’t with the £40mil we got from shitty so I don’t believe we would do it if we got £50mil for Cesc either.

Shame really because had we bought a world class keeper, a world class DM and a world class forward, we could have won the lot.

Robin will get injured again next season, as will Theo, Nasri and by then Gallas, we have to factor that in and stock up, but players like Randall, Denilson and Almunia sadly aren’t good enough for us right now.

I said we struggled with Phil for what 5 years? He cost us games and the boss ignored it, then suddenly he’s gone, did Arsene apologise and say he got it wrong and sorry for putting us through it? No.

Then we watch Song play like a drain for 2 years, then he comes good and Wenger wants the credit.

It doesn’t need to be like that, buy ready mades and bring on a few kids every season, not the other way around.

Ok it’s just a theory, I hope it doesn’t happen and we clean up this season, for me now is the time to make changes.

The back 4 should be Eboue,Campbell, Gallas and Cruise, Clichy and Sagna I like but they’ve gone to pot, so stick them in the reserves until they improve.

Midfield should be Cesc Diaby/Song and Vermaelen and the front three should be Rosicky Bendtner and Arshavin.

Use Nasri, Theo and Eduardo when one of the above is injured.

We have Djourou and Robin coming back, but then we have a whole bunch that really aren’t ever going to make it, so sell them and use the money to buy better.

Hoyte, Gilbert, Randall, Almunia, Denilson and Simpson should all be sold.

Thomas, Eastmond, Lansbury and Watt may make it so have them back in the reserves. Then the youth team can fight it out, Sunu won’t make it in my book but Coquelin will, go through the team and keep only what we need, that’ll bring in some money and save on the wage bill.

If Wenger stays, bring in a number two that occasionally talks, challenges and makes suggestions, all I saw when the third goal went in on Sunday was a silent Pat Rice and an arm waving Wenger, what should have happened was a series of changes long before they were made.

Do all that and I will be hopeful that we are back to being a football club and not an football academy to make average players rich and happy.

Don’t even get me on the youth player that can afford a Maclaren Mercedes but doesn’t think the law applies to him. One word, arrogant dimwit. Okay that’s two!

Have a great day grovers, we are almost at that point where we push on and challenge or have to start looking a the spuds results and worrying about the bosses big ECL qualifying bonus…allegedly! See online Gooner.

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  1. SUGA3


    for me, it does matter if we win against top sides or not, simple as…

    Paulinho has a point – we get spanked by quality opposition WHEN IT COUNTS…

  2. ManGoonian


    No, the whole thing started when we were saying how winning against the small terams was where the league was won, how we have consistently done that so far this season… Then ethan said we need to beat the top 4 to win the league, but since that has been debunked, the goal posts have been shifted!!!

  3. A

    It’s not clutching at straws SUGA, it’s just proof that being shit in the big games doesn’t mean we can’t win the league!

    Paulinho you’re missing the point.

    I’m saying that it’s proven that a team can lose more or less ALL the big games, but still win the league.

    I’m not saying that we’re good in big games.

  4. Paulinho

    Oh okay MG. The point still stands to an extent then, just less of a body of work to use as evidence!

    I coulda swore we lost the toss of the coin in the F.A Cup semi-final as well……….

  5. ethangunner


    why are you so fucking delusional ?
    you couldnt even find your backside with a funnel!

    A’s talking about me reading properly when all you guys give me last years bullshit made up mini league results .. yes the odd contraction happens with stats … thats why you look at history OVER YEARS ! …. in our case .

    sorry i have to spell it out for certain retardo’s

  6. A

    ok ethan let’s simplify this one last time

    “what Previous EPL winner did that to win the EPL ?? none !”

    Utd got 4 points from the 6 big games last season

    Do you not get how what you’ve said is simply wrong there?

  7. Paulinho

    A, I don’t think United in the September/October is a big game. It’s a show piece, a bit of fun, but worth diddly in the long run. Now facing off against these schmucks in the Spring, that’s another story.

  8. ethangunner

    Paulinho Says:
    February 4, 2010 at 23:59

    Oh, I assumed Ethan was referring to the whole shebang, cups and league.
    i am , its only A that brings up stats to make
    Arsenal not smell like shit in a pig pen ..

    and i am talking about the cups !
    we are comparing TEAM to TEAM !

    and how we dont stand up to the big boys , its A and MANgo who like too tip toe thru the tulips ….

  9. ethangunner

    A Says:
    February 5, 2010 at 00:06

    ok ethan let’s simplify this one last time

    “what Previous EPL winner did that to win the EPL ?? none !”

    Utd got 4 points from the 6 big games last season

    Do you not get how what you’ve said is simply wrong there?
    A 1 season in 6 ….

    its not a true reflection ..
    stop taking shit so literal !
    wasnt i just saying history is what you go on ?

    then you give me 1 season in 6 !

    FFS are you really that bigger loser ?

    like im only judging arsenals failing on last season only ! FFS! MAN !

  10. el tel


    We have lost out in the past few years to the Brums and Middlesbro’s of the League, they took points from us when we imploded a couple of years back.

    If we can improve in the games v Stoke and Sunderland second half of this season and beat the Citehs and Spuds again we could just be in the mix.

    The European Teams also suit our style of play and if we get lucky and avoid the English teams we could just cause a surprise.

  11. A

    It would be Paulinho, if we did have to play any of them! As it is, we aren’t coming up against any of them the rest of the season, in 5 games time ALL our really big league games are done and dusted!

  12. A

    Ethan if you’d said that often the Champion also wins the big games, then I would have agreed with you.

    You stated that there had never been a team who had won the league without beating the big teams, when the most recent champions did exactly that, that’s all.

    You just need to not be so categorical in your statements when you don’t know the facts. Use “usually”, or “often”, rather than “always”, “every” or “none”

  13. ethangunner

    anyone can clearly go back and see i was talking about the PAST 5- 6 years then you give me last years stats because thats all you can remember ..

    (and probably used that BS before in an argument to appease your fragile mind from failure’s past )



    thats when it started

    ethangunner Says:
    February 4, 2010 at 23:32

    lol, hard to find a statement that’s got it more wrong!
    hahaha wot BS !

    i cant remember a time we beat the top 4 in the 2nd half of the season , or at every crucial time weve needed the points to surge ahead , we’ve faltered . argue that fact boyo !

    C.L semis ?
    V the chev’s 1 win in 14
    the manc’ s SLIGHTLY better

    cmon …

    your using your selective memory again

  14. ethangunner

    ManGoonian Says:
    February 5, 2010 at 00:08

    Yes, ethan, we just aint getting you…. Its not like you keep changing what the point is, now is it…? Haha!
    no need to get me mate !
    just look at how much fucking silverware we HAVENT won during the period i stated 5/6 years .

    then have a wank over A’s mini league !

    it might bring you some pleasure !

  15. Paulinho

    A, if we win the league and beat all those mid table sides after getting beat at Chelsea, I’ll be seriously impressed with our ‘mental strength’.

  16. A

    ethan we were talking about the league, and whether someone can win the league whilst losing the big games.

    you stated that “what Previous EPL winner did that to win the EPL ?? none !”

    You were wrong, it’s as simple as that.

    the champs league semis, or the time in the season have nothing to do with that. Neither do the past six seasons.

    Myself and Mang were just saying that you CAN win the league whilst doing very badly against the other big teams.

    You stated that that wasn’t the case, and no champion had ever done that.

    Utd did that last season.

    Noone EVER said that the champion usually or always loses the big games, but just that it’s not impossible.

    Anyways, I’m starting to feel guilty at kicking someone when they’re down, feels like bullying, and i’ve got stuff to do so best be off

  17. A

    If we lose against Chelsea I’ll be very surprised if we win the league Paulinho. I think it’s pretty likely we will lose at Chelsea too. If that happens then we’d need to be very very lucky to win the league, though I think we’d still finish above Utd if our overall confidence isn’t TOO shot.

  18. A

    Nah David, he’s very one footed!

    That was a big argument the Ronaldo side always went on about with the who was better thing, Ronaldo two footed, and can head, Messi very one footed and can’t head.

  19. el tel


    You are being pulled into a slagfest of an argument mate.

    Switch off for a bit and all will calm down.

    I like what you have to say mate and usually have a different opinion than A but the point he is trying to make is a fair one.

    The Spuds have one thing every season that is priority for them and that is to beat us. Lets not get like them.

    Like all you guys I am sick of losing to the so called better Teams but I can’t remember the time we played them with our full strength side, not just full strength but fully fit side.

  20. el tel

    The left foot right foot thing coming up again.

    Messi is miles better than The Winker will ever be, also I have seen little Messi score with his head. Could have been the CL Final last year.

  21. ethangunner


    i said i cant ‘remember’ a team that won !…
    as part of another issue i was raising ..

    fully well aware that you should already be on board with ‘champions generally win’

    it was you , you cunt who changed the argument !
    so ….

    own up to what you do best .. manipulate a conversation, then you try and make me look irrational ..

    but if your still up for it find your results over the past 5 years in your mini league then !

    or are you afraid to know the law of averages ?!

    how could someone like you make up football rumours ..


  22. David

    Messi scored a very good header goal in the CL final A!

    Its like how i was moaning about having midgets in the team that cant head the ball…then Eduardo scores a cracking header in the FA Cup! 😀

    Ah fuck…I mentioned the FA Cup 🙁

  23. A

    Yeah I know David, I was saying that’s what people always said who were arguing that Ronaldo was better than Messi, I’ve always rated Messi WAY higher.

    Eduardo has a quality header on him! Scored a beaut for Croatia against England too, just needs to have someone who can actually cross knocking the ball into him, rather than Sagna/Clichy!

  24. ethangunner

    Myself and Mang were just saying that you CAN win the league whilst doing very badly against the other big teams.

    You stated that that wasn’t the case, and no champion had ever done that.
    i never said that literally , i was saying i cant remember , meaning recently !!!!

    a time we dominated over the top 4 for a reasonable sustained period !

    in the past 5/6 years ..

    ive never denied, you can go around the back door and win on the odd isolated occasion! you know ive said thats all you preach recently ! like your clutching at straws remember ..

    you know what im trying to say , stop being pedantic , because 1 isolated stat might make you correct , but your obviously a person who misses out on the bigger picture ..

    and dont corrupt the stats to make them suit yourself .. because what your saying is pure non-sense . if there was a shred of truth to your claims about mini league results we would have won something by now ..

    debate that ..

  25. Stu

    Eduardo also scored a quality header against Lazio (I think) in the Amsterdam Tournament from a Rosicky corner the preseason he first arrived.

    I also remember Bendtner scoring a quality goal by half rounding the keeper. They make quite a front 2 dont they. Always seems that when they played together at least one f them scored (both in this case).

  26. ethangunner

    el tel Says:
    February 5, 2010 at 00:24


    You are being pulled into a slagfest of an argument mate.
    nar mate im just trying to expose A as an argumentative bastard .. DDM thinks the same .

    he knows every AKB come back word for word .
    he twists and manipulates stats to make them say
    flattering things about a less than flattering side currently ..

    A, you would be appreciated on ACLF mate ..
    fuck some of the losers on there will worship you ..

    are you yogi in disguise ?

  27. David

    The prob is that he’s not as nimble as he used to be and maybe in training clichy and sagna dont practice crossing at full speed…or they just dont do anything else.

    Id rather they just fake it and try charging into the box…Traore does that sometimes…

    Anyways Im off to read the post now 😀

  28. ethangunner

    the facts are we struggled against bolton and stoke , and half a dozen other teams we should have beaten this season .

    luckily up until now we have avoided the tough games , and now we are in the middle of them , it will throw us out in the wash at about 4th spot , or battling for 4th ..

    so whats changed ?

    fuck all , but some would make you believe otherwise !

  29. Stu

    Its just that our first choice fullbacks cant cross. Neither of them. It doesnt make any sense. I dont accept the “its the way they learnt to kick a ball” excuse. They are professional footballers (supposedly) so they should be able to put in a proper cross.

  30. ethangunner

    like i said in my original piece where A the ASSHOLE started , we seldom win in the 2nd half of the year V’s the top 4 when it counts .and for the past 2 seasons the fixtures were kind to us also ..

    we’ve played most top 4 games early where THEY aren’t vital for points .of course you’ll see upsets ..

    You think playing the chev’s on sunday or at the start of the season would make a difference to the outcome?

    HELL YES ! at the start of the season they are probably not up for it .. or not under enough pressure ..but they can stamp on us at will , and have done for 5 years now if your honest .

    so thats how stats can never tell the real story .

    but the chev’s and manc’s have dominated the past 5-6 years in the EPL and we have dropped out of the hunt !

    so im not sure how you can manipulate that quote , but im sure you’ll find a way A !

  31. el tel


    You are right when you say the Mancs and Chavs do us in near the end of each season since the invincibles but we will have them out of the way after the Poo game and unless we get unlucky and draw them in Champs league we could have a chance.

    I too am clutching at straws but its not over yet mate.

    IMO the Mancs have had the worst Team this year since Fergie started with them but they are still up there.

    Maybe he is a far superior Manager or maybe they are running high still in confidence but although they beat us I don’t believe they are a better side.

    The Chavs should win the League but there is big shit happening there at the worst possible time for them.

    Fergies media mates strike again me thinks.

  32. A

    I was wondering about that el tel. It does seem that certain journos REALLY have it in for Terry.

    I was thinking more along the lines of what has Terry done to upset them, but maybe Fergie has called in favours!

    First the sting, then all this latest hullabaloo! Previously Terry’s thugishness has always been covered up, and even coveted by the British press, but things have certainly turned against him now!

  33. colonel mustard

    personally could’nt give a rats whose Terry is up on. shagging a few burds big deal. they live in a lala land anyway

  34. ethangunner

    You are right when you say the Mancs and Chavs do us in near the end of each season since the invincibles
    yes el tel,

    that was the only point i was making .
    when it counts good teams get results , poor teams fail to deliver … constantly ..

    you can debate it , but really your flogging a dead dog .. like A , why come up with analogies that manipulate the truth ..

    until it comes a day we dominate again like the invicibles did , no one can justify to me how much we have improved ..

    lose this one we drop to 4th , lose V’s pool and we might be battling for C.L football ..

    hardly indicative of a team who won the MINI League 1 year in a row 🙂

  35. ethangunner

    el tel we still have the spuds and man shitty after that ..

    nothings a given …

    we struggle to get points over bolton ..
    theres no point getting all delusional with coco in goal and denilson

  36. ethangunner

    I was wondering about that el tel. It does seem that certain journos REALLY have it in for Terry.
    WHAT ?

    sex sells , if you dont know that mister column writer then no wonder you dont work for the tabloids any longer …

    once your famous your sex life is public knowledge .

    its part and parcel of being famous A ,
    got nothing to do with having it in for people
    its got something to do with riding a LEGITIMATE story for as long as you can .

  37. ethangunner

    and with the WC coming up it makes it all the more juicy , a hero and villain story ..

    questions the captains morality ..

    its a great story which can be quoted time and time again ..

  38. Angelos

    Screw this mini-league crap.

    At the end of the day this team looked like it had the ability to push for the league this year but with van Persie’s injury, to a much lesser extent Theo and Bendtner’s problems and Eduardo doing a Space Jam, the onus was on Wenger to keep the flow going and if anything make a final push by signing a striker and perhaps a midfielder.

    That didn’t happen and instead we’re clutching at straws and totally dependent on results of teams surrounding us. It’s a pathetic position to be in.

  39. AA23

    “Screw this mini league crap”
    What does that even mean?
    What the hell is “clutching at straws”?
    What straws?
    Whats a “Space Jam”?
    What on earth is a “pathetic position”?
    What are you on about mate?

  40. Angelos

    Read Ethan and A’s little squabble for the mini-league reference.

    Clutching at straws is what many people are doing on this board if they still believe there is a realistic chance of Arsenal winning the league without van Persie.

    Space Jam is a film starring Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes. If you haven’t seen it you won’t get it.

    The pathetic position is the one we’re situated in after 5 seasons of perpetual failure.

  41. ethangunner


    good to see you getting with the program .

    CLUTCHING AT STRAWS – means we are hoping to win with no re-enforcements AA23 during jan..

    screw the mini league crap means – like ive been saying all along its irrelevant statistic for A to justify somehow arsenal are still the best yet somehow for the past 6 years weve just been unlucky ..


    What on earth is a “pathetic position =

    up shit creek without a paddle .
    no plan B – no reinforcements .
    no passion by the management , being let down by wenger promising being in the market for a striker !

    dont you get the news in canada ?

    as for the space jam .. well thats american shite , im also baffled on that one myself 🙂

  42. ethangunner

    AA23 Says:
    February 5, 2010 at 04:18

    Does sex sell?
    go to your local strip club and find out ..

  43. Angelos

    Ha…well AA23, a van Persie is a rare species of animal with a tendency to perform spectacular and sometimes unexpected actions but it seems to hibernate for prolonged periods of time and thus is rarely seen.

  44. ethangunner


    agreed there ..
    same can be said from another species called roSICKY.

    we have no seasoned striker AT ALL !
    dudu whilst a team player is hardly prolific this year like i said he would be coming back from injury .

    and if anyone thinks nikb is up for the chavs then your in a delusional state ….

    i think thats a pretty poor position to be in !
    its pretty clear management thinks they have DONE ENOUGH this season ..

    well i beg to differ …

  45. Angelos

    Ethan…the worst part of this sad little story is we won’t ever sign the caliber of players we need to get out of this rut.

    De Rossi

    How we can call ourselves a top club when we win nothing and never enter the market for top players is baffling.

  46. ethangunner


    not sure but i think its way too soon to sign defenders and goal keepers until they are at least 23 ish ..

    its a bit hard to judge at 19 if you are a top class defender or your not ..

    baffling , isn’t the word id use , lacks ambition is more the correct term ..

    and that is truly sad ..

  47. AA23

    we dont get news in Canada
    I just received a telegram informing me that we may have sold Paul Merson.
    Can you confirm?

  48. ethangunner

    look at that van den bor – at 16 was touted as THE NEW TOP world class defender, by 19 he’s at a shit english club ..

    look at a lot of our youngsters , 90% dont even make it …

    what is this club doing ?

  49. ethangunner

    i thought you might of just got the news VIA homing pigeon that alan sunderland pull back 2 goals to win the 1979 FA cup !

  50. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    Agreed that we need some experienced players,but we cant stop hiring youth can we,
    we should have part of budget should go to youth hiring,not all.

    there`s gotto be a measure to judge young talent at any position..

  51. ethangunner

    ok paul merson so thats 1997?? …

    yes if your just getting the news from 1997 ..
    fuck id love to join you !

    because i can tell you , you might as well hibernate between the years 05- to 10

  52. AA23

    I wont open that link for two reasons…
    1. I dont want to spoil the future
    b. we dont have links in Canada yet so it wouldn’t work anyway.

  53. ethangunner

    we dont have links in Canada yet so it wouldn’t work anyway.
    true ..

    look out for this thing called a commodore 64 🙂

  54. AA23

    it sounds like 98 to 2004 might be pretty interesting though!
    please dont tell me any more!
    As soon as my friend Emmett can figure out how to generate 1.21 gigawatts of electricity I’ll be joining you.
    I cant wait to see how good Terry Mancini is going to be though… got a good feeling about him.

  55. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    nowadays i dont believe in or wengers Injury updates on injured players

    time and time again,its proved they are lying on the proper comeback of the player,this season

    the latest on those line is injury update to eduardo..what a bag of lies always…

  56. ikon

    Those are not lies Sabeel, those are misjudgements. Players like dudu, Bendtner have high ambitions and play to impress in trainings even if they are injured.

    Dudu has looked far from the best since he has returned, and I suspect its nothing but the same ankle that had kept him out for so long thats bothering him even now.

    And AA23 looking at your questioning in the previous posts, you wont get me in a million years.

  57. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    2 points

    1)There are wrong people in the job,if they are misjudging consistently the return of injured players

    2)I feel,all players from other teams,play as hard in training to impress for first team selection,
    Hence,The effort in training to impress,should not have any bearing on,why consistently this season,more times than not,we get our players back more delayed in comparison to the prediction.

    it is very fishy,that we have to wait till mid-feb for bendtner to return in form,while we dont have any strong tall front man up front for those 6 weeks from Jan1,
    these circumstances make it sound,that lies were told by in jan,just so that,they dont buy any players..

  58. Moray

    Morning grovers.

    The pundits are always rattling on about how Arsenal put out a team of 11 non-English players every so often, well I wonder if they will comment if Chelski put out a starting 11 of players who have all been through Wayne Bridge’s missus. Just a thought….

    There must be a lot of awkwardness in the showers at Stamford Bridge.

  59. bnsb

    Furous Arsene Wenger cancelled a day off for his Arsenal players this week ahead of their win-or-bust title showdown at Chelsea.

    The Gunners were due a two-day break this week – but boss Wenger was so angry after the 3-1 drubbing by Manchester United that he ordered them in for an extra training session.

    Frenchman Wenger, who is rarely so outspoken about his team after a defeat, called his players “naive”, said they had no “cohesion” and labelled United’s win as a “massive disappointment” with “massive errors”.

    Arsenal are hoping that Abou Diaby will be fit for Sunday’s trip to Stamford Bridge, and Nicklas Bendtner also aims to start.

  60. AA23

    Apparently the papers are about to reveal tha John Terry is a bigger cheat than Tiger Woods.
    They admit that he’s not as bad as Sabeel though.
    Fairs fair.

  61. tonyadamsisgod

    Morning all….

    bnsb – If Wenger practiced what he preached he wouldn’t have had a single day off so far this season! Actually, maybe the 2nd day of the season he could have taken off…but nothing since then!!