We need to win today, a loss would end it. I’m backing a win. A BIG WIN!

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Ok I think I was slightly lifted by Arsene Wenger’s ‘why I didn’t buy comment’ he said Chamakh was not available as Bordeaux wanted him for the Champions league run up and Valencia wouldn’t let David Villa go, what, does that mean we asked? It sure does sound like it and as I read that on Pravda, I believe it was said.

So we at least tried to sign David Villa, I will believe we tried to sign him and on that basis I am not too upset we failed to buy a new striker. Dzeko had big ears anyway!

Today is the biggest game of the season, today we find out if we have a chance of winning the title, today we have the best squad available to us that we’ll have all season, bar possibly Vermaelen, today there are no hiding places, today is it.

We are facing a team that is playing it’s best football this season, although today they will be without Ferdinand and Vidic. I think Vidic is still injured and although Ferdinand seems to disregard any rule to the contrary, I really think he is banned for this one.

We need to attack them down the flanks, hold them in the middle, defend well and unleash the deadliest attacking players in world football on them.

Gael Clichy needs to have a big game as does Sagna, Evra is the key to their fast counter attacking and he needs to be sat on, much the same as Rooney, this is my team today.


Sagna Campbell Gallas Clichy

Rosicky Cesc Nasri/Song

Walcott Bendtner Arshavin

I’ve put Nasri or Song, if Song is fit then Song and put Nasri in instead of Theo. I think Theo could have one of those games and tear them apart with his pace and jinky runs, so him as an impact sub would suit me, Eduardo is injured I think, so he drops himself, but it’s time to unleash little and large and say to hell with it.

Arshavin and Bendtner could be the partnership we have been waiting for, the bull and the china shop, the height we need of that there is no doubt, the talent remains to be seen, so go forth today Nikki and show the world just how good you are, go and re-arrange their goal difference son!

I am having us down for a convincing win, no predictions so don’t worry, but today I believe all the hard work and posturing will come good, it has to because if we don’t win this, with the no morals chavs, nicking a win from John ‘best mate girlfriend shagger’ Terry scoring (is there a god?) then we can’t afford to lose more ground.

Arsene, the boys need to be shown the league table, go out there and prepare the men for battle, tell them what it means to football, to decency and to God, tell them that nothing short of a win will do, tell them they are the reason you haven’t bought (and it’s nothing to do with your bonus)

Tell them they are the Arsenal and that to win is what they were born for, nay, what they exist for!

Have a great day Grovers, today is our destiny!!!

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  1. Moray

    Sabeel, if a chicken is cheaper then a goose, then you were right to use that in relation to Arsenal.

    raynor, it wasn’t so long ago that our counterattack at speed was a thing to behold. We don’t have that any more…no wing backs who can cross the ball, no wide midfielders whatsoever, no speed in the centre, no energy to break in numbers. We appear to be strategically clueless, evidenced by recent games where we have resorted to hoofing long-balls onto the heads of our dwarves (I notice we started doing this with Adebayor so that he could hold the ball up or knock it on – why the fuck we still are doing it, I don’t know).

    In my view, if we want to be real contenders we don’t just need GK, CB, DM and striker but also orthodox wingers in the Pires, Ribery model. That woul give us another outlet to get past defences, rather than just walkign it through and long shots.

  2. Geoff

    Thing is we aren’t getting any better and the so called kids are all getting older, the players we have will never be world beaters, save a couple and they’ll fuck off in the summer, well if they have any ambition they will, their manager doesn’t.

    How fucking depressing.

  3. bnsb

    Grudgingly i must admit, there has been a method in Wengers madness. By playing fluid football, and theory of scoring more goals, he took a calculated risk of loosing or drawing top four. But pummeling so called smaller sides.

    Unfortunately we have conceded more, loosing/drawing against top seven.

    Bottom teams put up a fight against us wresting odd point or three.

    We have no plan B

  4. SUGA3


    I have been saying this all along: each and every time we faced teams of quality, we choked…

    if you look at the table, it’s not the title, it’s the top four finish that is ours to lose…

  5. nishanth

    Yesterday’s defeat was more down to terrible team selection and tactics than our players bottling it.Starting with denilson and almunia is like starting with 9 players.We basically had 5 Central midfielders on the pitch.No pace in the team either.And we really should have pressed them high up the pitch.

  6. SUGA3


    yes, but it’s the manager’s job to select a team ‘with a good chance of winning it’ – and these are OGL’s own words…

  7. ethangunner

    After Arsenal’s defeat to Manchester United yesterday, cheeky Chelsea fans have set-up a Facebook event marking a funeral for the Gunners’ title ambitions. Unsurprisingly, the wake is to be held at Stamford Bridge next Sunday when the two sides meet.

    Optimistic Gooners might suggest that the funeral plans should be put on hold until next week’s final whistle. So are their title hopes already dead or still on a life support machine?

    wot a bunch for cnuts!

  8. colonel mustard

    it really is a watershed for Wegner next season…this one is gone mentally. If his refuses to strengthen the team then higher powers need to take hold and insist he spends money to bring in top players. nobody fear eduardo, denilson and their ilk. we need a few animals and assassins.