We need to win today, a loss would end it. I’m backing a win. A BIG WIN!

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Ok I think I was slightly lifted by Arsene Wenger’s ‘why I didn’t buy comment’ he said Chamakh was not available as Bordeaux wanted him for the Champions league run up and Valencia wouldn’t let David Villa go, what, does that mean we asked? It sure does sound like it and as I read that on Pravda, I believe it was said.

So we at least tried to sign David Villa, I will believe we tried to sign him and on that basis I am not too upset we failed to buy a new striker. Dzeko had big ears anyway!

Today is the biggest game of the season, today we find out if we have a chance of winning the title, today we have the best squad available to us that we’ll have all season, bar possibly Vermaelen, today there are no hiding places, today is it.

We are facing a team that is playing it’s best football this season, although today they will be without Ferdinand and Vidic. I think Vidic is still injured and although Ferdinand seems to disregard any rule to the contrary, I really think he is banned for this one.

We need to attack them down the flanks, hold them in the middle, defend well and unleash the deadliest attacking players in world football on them.

Gael Clichy needs to have a big game as does Sagna, Evra is the key to their fast counter attacking and he needs to be sat on, much the same as Rooney, this is my team today.


Sagna Campbell Gallas Clichy

Rosicky Cesc Nasri/Song

Walcott Bendtner Arshavin

I’ve put Nasri or Song, if Song is fit then Song and put Nasri in instead of Theo. I think Theo could have one of those games and tear them apart with his pace and jinky runs, so him as an impact sub would suit me, Eduardo is injured I think, so he drops himself, but it’s time to unleash little and large and say to hell with it.

Arshavin and Bendtner could be the partnership we have been waiting for, the bull and the china shop, the height we need of that there is no doubt, the talent remains to be seen, so go forth today Nikki and show the world just how good you are, go and re-arrange their goal difference son!

I am having us down for a convincing win, no predictions so don’t worry, but today I believe all the hard work and posturing will come good, it has to because if we don’t win this, with the no morals chavs, nicking a win from John ‘best mate girlfriend shagger’ Terry scoring (is there a god?) then we can’t afford to lose more ground.

Arsene, the boys need to be shown the league table, go out there and prepare the men for battle, tell them what it means to football, to decency and to God, tell them that nothing short of a win will do, tell them they are the reason you haven’t bought (and it’s nothing to do with your bonus)

Tell them they are the Arsenal and that to win is what they were born for, nay, what they exist for!

Have a great day Grovers, today is our destiny!!!

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  1. gambon

    Surely wenger has every one of his scouts out looking at keepers for the rest of the season.

    Even he is not stubborn enough to persist with Almunia.

  2. AA23

    Most people said Chelsea would piss the league in fairness.
    horrible day, absolutely battered at home again.

  3. A

    I’d be delighted if Fabianski came in against Liverpool gambon, but I really don’t see it happening now, his confidence must be shot after stoke. Wenger seemed devastated in the post match interview, and really slated the team. Talking about individual mistakes too, and Almunia’s was the biggest one, gotta think of some way to get him out of the team

  4. leon

    i can understand alot fans being extremly pissed off alot of them season tickit holders pay alot of money and put out performance like this no effort no ergency striker no striker if cant get up for huge like manu something is realy wrong

  5. colonel mustard

    and while i am ranting……Wegner should go to training and say every one of you is playing for your place after serving up that dross…we are badly missing some british players in that team….these guys dont’ get it. look at fletcher, rooney and terry….what a difference

  6. The Doctor 46

    colonel mustard we have a superb british player…..£60 grand a week ferrari for the girlfriend whoops im injured mr walcott!!

  7. David

    Couple of things wrong today

    1. Tactics. No Plan B. Win or lose its side to side or nothing else.

    2. Usual shite suspect players.

    3. No fucking Substitutions whatsoever.

    4. We never learn from our mistakes CL match last season.

    5. Arsenal are going to do fuck all about it.

  8. gnarleygeorge9

    I didn’t watch a thing. I taped it ready to watch but was woken @ 5.00am by a text message on my phone. No one ever texts me @ 5.00am so I knew what it was about & who (Belgium). Oh well it saved me sitting through 90 minutes of that.

    So I see Denilson started, & Almunia had his usual OG v MU. But I did say very pre game what would happen.

    The Arsenal are too tight arse to spend on ready made quality players to win things now for the fans. Instead, The Club outlays wads of dosh by increasing the tenure & salaries of average players who will never be any good. Its got me fucked really why anyone could think after 6 years of nothing that this is a good idea.

    A majority of the squad are over pampered/overpaid underachieving baffoons, who have been propped up by the likes of Cesc; AA23; Billy G & Vermy.

  9. David

    We were poor offensively and defensively?

    Not so fast Le Prof..

    You arent speaking to muppets here.

    Wtf. 20 shots on goal…only 3 on target…and I can think of two of those shots

    1 of which was alex fucking Song from 50 yards out that couldnt even trouble Roy Carroll blind folded and the other was a tame shot by Fabregas that might as well have been a fuckin pass to the keeper.

    20 shots…with 53% possession that isnt called being poor offensively…since we cant seem to be clinical in anything Arsenal its called playing our game as we know how to..

    Adebayor was supposed to leave and we would be magically fixed to scoring and tacking our chances when it happens now i know for a fact that this shite is internal.


    Why do we keep crossing to fucking midgets?

    Is that what we do in training?

    I seen a grown man professional footballer who played football all his life and cross the ball like he was targeting the corner flag on the opposite side and not one of our midgets in the fucking box.

    We were poor offensively? HOW DARE YOU!

  10. David

    I dont think we were poor offensively. We created chances.

    So much falling over your feet and getting the ball twisted inside the opponents box…ofcoarse thats not being poor offensively.

  11. A

    I’d have to disagree David, up to this point this season we’ve scored more goals than ANY team EVER in the premiership! Today we didn’t put together many passing moves at all, and when we did create chances we missed them very poorly, or played the wrong pass etc. I still can’t believe Arshavin didn’t create nor score a goal today with all the opportunities he got, he’s one person you really wouldn’t expect to bugger up like that, usually a big game player

  12. A

    I disagree David, missing chances is being poor offensively…. We didn’t click at all, we created chances because Utd were pants defensively, rather than us putting together any nice triangles etc.

  13. David

    I dont buy that at all

    Arsenal have always dismantled teams with style and flair.

    We just so happn to be banging them in this season with the Verminator as one of our highest goal scorers!

    How many goals did Kolo score? Precisely.

    I dont buy it at all.

    Arshavin on a normal day wouldve passed the ball had Wenger not come out on the press and told the whole fucking world that he doesnt need a fucking striker because Arshavin will step up to the occasion?

    Jeez…way to put pressure.

  14. David

    Arsenal always miss chances A,

    Where have you been?

    We are not a clinical team. I would agree the chance missing was so bad some were clamoring for Nikki B. HAHAHA!

  15. David

    I dont mind Arshavin taking those chances either.

    He created them.

    What did the rest of these sappy side to side no balls to take on a defender players do? What THE FUCK did the rest of the squad do?

  16. A

    Don’t buy what? We’ve scored more goals than EVER before, it’s not an opinion that’s there to buy or not buy, it’s a fact!

    Vermy has got 5 goals this season, Kolo got one last season. Better but far from the reason we’ve scored more goals than ever before in the history of the league!

    As if Arshavin’s decision making had ANYTHING to do with Wenger! Even when he chose to shoot to not hit the target was criminal! He did the same against Bolton when he should’ve passed to Theo, in recent games he’s been very very selfish, it’s strange. Maybe something to do with his saying that he feels he isn’t scoring enough goals.

    People wanting Bendtner back had nothing to do with missing chances…. It was the lack of ball retention etc….

  17. A

    yeah David, and it’s a whole week until the next game. I just want Liverpool to be out the way so we can concentrate on getting some consistency back against the little teams.

  18. David

    Again i dont mind Arshavin taking chances he created.

    Should he have passed? Maybe.

    Bendtner getting back into the team had fuck all to do with our ball retention…we had as much possession in the first half as we did in the second. Jeez..

    Vermy has 5 goals in the League and one assist…the man is responsible for 6 goals.

    Take 6 goals away from the total amount of goals scored and that fictional facade of scoring the highest goal scored would but things in context to the player.

    The scoring the most goals argument is bollox to the core.

    We werent poor offensively. We were Arsenal Offensively.

    Which is create but refuse to score when a trophy is on the line.

  19. ethangunner

    everyone laughed at vito extending his contract , but in all honesty hes probably done the best of all of them this season ..

    sure he is raw .. but at least he looked confident 90% of the time ..

    almunia is digging his own grave , he is in over his head .. or defense knows it . and against a quality team you will be exposed because of it ..

    denilson , plonker , cant say anymore really ..

    and AA well he knew he was the only one other than cesc with half a chance of scoring , good endeavor shown , greedy at times A for effort, d- for shooting

    nasri – denilson who ?

    anonymous most of the night , even rosicky .

    as for you – WANK BLOGGER AA23 –
    your outburst yesterday this time was accurate , well done to the forecast , whoever you got the info from is a fucking genius !

    because i know you have no brain to manifest your own opinion .. your from ACLF , you dont have one 🙂

  20. Honest Bill

    The game was ridiculous. How many times are we going to send 9 men forward and leave one at the back before we recognise that it isn’t a good idea. It’s absolutely ridiculous disregard for good defending that costs us these games.

    btw I thought Rosicky was one of our better players actually. At least he tried and didn’t do anything stupid.

  21. ethangunner

    preach the gospel of yogi bear …a balanced religion of fence sitting and copying quotes from the prophet arsene.

    why dont you fuck off back to jellystone park thats in canada isnt it ?


    see you again AA23 when we string a run of wins together against 2nd rate teams and your balls grow
    sufficiently enough to show your face again..

  22. ethangunner


    look where song was on the (PARK?) goal …
    great cover of the back 4 alright ..

    and with coco the clown almunia in goal ..

    well it was a circus alright ..
    3-0 what a hiding ..

    at least TV got 1 back ..

    still +4 goal dif now ..
    its as good as 4 points ..

  23. A

    Huh David, I never said we improved that when Bendtner came on, it was glaringly obvious he’s totally and utterly unfit, which is a big worry!

    I said the reason people have been eagerly awaiting his return from injury is the ball retention up top, holding the ball up, taking goal kicks on the chest etc. Didn’t say anything about today!

    Arshavin’s end product today was very poor. Granted he made most of the chances himself, so you can’t say that he was shit, but that area of his game certainly was, even if it was his own brilliance that created the opportunities. If he’d passed or scored the numerous chances then he could’ve won us the game, and it would’ve been a fantastic performance. With him though I guess you have to take the rough with the smooth.

    Kolo got a goal and an assist last season, so Vermy has added 4 goals to the total, not a massive amount, and no with those goals taken off we still would have scored the most in the league’s history….

    imo we WERE poor offensively, we absolutely were. We just didn’t get going, the chances we did have were created by individual brilliance, or poor defending, little flowing football, few nice interchanges, it was very UN-Arsenal imo.

  24. Honest Bill

    I know the first goal was ridiculous to concede, but we may have kept in the game at that, but after that we just threw people forward and got rather humiliated again.

  25. A

    Vermy was the main culprit for the third goal imo David. He was the last man, and got attracted to the ball and drawn out of position when Rooney got it. Very very poor defending, and very unlike him…. Though there were a couple of other times he got caught out because he tried to be too assertive, when he should have held his ground. To be fair it was probably the biggest match of his career to date, and he’s still young and learning.

  26. A

    Yeah HB – Same old story. We’re always ok when level, look like we can score, and if we got the first goal I think we’d be ok, but once we concede one goal by a silly individual mistake, we just lose our heads and throw everything forward as if it’s the last minute, and get caught out on the break, then it’s game over. Very silly.

  27. David

    Im not sure he couldve done much A,

    Even if he was in position…it was essentially 4 against 1.

    Nobody expected Denilson to lose the ball the way he did…basically passed it to a United player.

    Funny how as the game went on his team mates started avoiding passing to him.

  28. Honest Bill

    Precisely A. It’s extremely infuriating. Wenger needs to put a stop to it because it has cost us so often, I fail to see how he’s not addressing it.

  29. A

    Disagree totally David. Vermy was last man, behind Park, and he just left Park totally free to run through! If he’d stayed there Park would’ve had to control the ball facing his own goal, giving us more time to get men back and meaning Park had to pass to someone else….

  30. David

    Thats because we are used to teams sitting and defending after scoring against the mighty Arsenal.

    Villa tried to hit us on the break and would have found us wanting if that Gabby boy wasnt so thick.

    We dont have any maturity.

    GOing 1-0 down and we lose our patience..

    That didnt happn against Everton.

    It happned against Utd…which suggests we are a team of bottlers…or we are a team that lets the occasion get to our head…or we have no leadership.

    Either way its Wengers fucking fualt.

  31. Honest Bill

    Don’t even get started on Denilson. seeing him jogging back and tracking Rooney on the second goal made me wanna slap him.. Sorry Denilson, is it too much effort for you to run?

  32. David

    Thats what im saying A,

    Park had at least 3 players in open space to pass to.

    Still if Vermy was in position to commit a professional foul that wouldve saved things.

  33. David

    Denilson was at fault. Absolutely.

    If Vermy was in position maybe…but Denilson was absolutely at fault.

    After the Sidibe debacle and him just giving up…i guess Arsene couldnt see that he was tired…he juss let Rooney run past him.

  34. A

    HB He says it in press conferences too, don’t see how that isn’t what he’s talking about when going on about naivety. It’s just something the team are going to have to learn through experience, or maybe they just don’t have the intelligence or awareness to look around and see if others are going forward that they have to cover for them! Vermy and Gallas are desperate to go forward, and over do it alot of the time imo. It was funny when we were thrashing teams, but seeing them bomb forward when we’re not, and getting caught on the break, is very annoying.

  35. Honest Bill

    Yeah exactly A. but if the team is naive, then one must conclude that it is only because the coaching staff are letting them get away with it. They should be drilling defensive responsibility into these players.. Or at least the defenders anyway. There’s no reason to abandon the defense so readily, he shouldn’t excuse these players who keep doing it.

  36. A

    David Vermy wouldn’t have had to commit a professional foul! It would’ve held up the attack in their half, looking at it again, if he hadn’t been attracted towards the ball, the pass to Park wouldn’t have even been on at all. Could’ve been other passes on potentially, but much harder ones. That goal was 90% Vermaelen’s error imo.

  37. Honest Bill

    Well it definitely wasn’t Clichy’s fault like Andy Gray seemed to suggest. He shouldn’t be having to mark 4 players by himself in the first place

  38. A

    I dunno HB, I don’t see it as a coaching thing, or an individual thing. It’s just something that players either have or they don’t at any time. It’ll develop, but only with time, you can’t sit the players down and say “for fucks sake look at this video and stop doing this”, because it’s instinctive. Unless we just stopped playing attacking football you couldn’t force the players to stop it, they just have to learn through playing, and both as a group, and individually, they need to learn to take defensive responsibility in certain situations.

  39. A

    Yeah HB I agree. It really surprised me, watching it again now the lack of awareness from Vermy is just really poor. It’s symptomatic of our mentality when behind though, everyone tries to be TOO assertive, go and win the ball back as quickly as possible, which is positive and good in certain situations, but it leaves us exposed in others.

  40. iceman








  41. ethangunner

    if not .. i’m afraid its another year to be dragged into
    the DOOMED FOR FAILURE recycle bin ..

    yes its getting tiresome !

    i think wengers only agenda is getting into the C.L
    and doing as well in 2 out of 4 comps ..

    and maintaining min. 4th spot as his pre-requisite
    each season …

    oh fucking hum so much for 9 points in 4 games 🙂

    more like .. 1 out of 12 ???

  42. iceman


    Will he?

    Oh yeah we might bag that 14 year old we’ve been chasing for soo long.

    This man is running the club to the f**in ground.

    2 right additions and this team could dominate!!

    But no…let’s stick with championship players and try win the big boy league.

    Doesn’t work like that.

    Another trophyless year if he doesn’t sign 2 decent players by today.

  43. ethangunner

    Vermy is just really poor. It’s symptomatic of our mentality when behind though, everyone tries to be TOO assertive, go and win the ball back as quickly as possible, which is positive and good in certain situations, but it leaves us exposed in others.
    if wenger chooses to press up its hardly the fault of
    TV05 ..

    follow orders from your leader ..
    and he got our only goal !

    again when the going gets tough its only AA-cesc-or the 2 defenders who can score ..

    no one else is even in the same league , it was pre – season and its the fucking same now !

    oh please children !

    to resolve the clubs immediate short comings – long over due players should have been purchased .

    (LONG AGO ! (when ade and toure left )
    with the FUNDS ! )

    if wenger fails to act & he shuts us down FOR NEW PLAYERS , any chance of collecting silverware this season is gone with it …!

  44. YON

    GOAL 2 AND 3 was GALLAS’ fault. He was in the opponents half when both went in (same thing happened against City). Our problem is simple… we over commit in attack because we know our front 3 isn’t scoring goals and the whole team feels the pressure to surge forward to get the goals. That is how we concede and alarming rate of goals. Our front 3 is the major weakness and losing RVP is probably more damaging than any other player. We need a real winger who can run and beat defenders, we need to replace Denilson (Diaby will be good enough temporarily). We need to find a new goal-keeper.

  45. ethangunner

    Another trophyless year if he doesn’t sign 2 decent players by today.

    i hear ya …

    but you just fucking know Wenger ain’t listening 🙂

    i do think he might get some EL cheapo last minute touch .. like another fish face .. or sol 🙂

    but it will be hardly the players we need to make a push ..

    so we might as well forget it ..

    All the AKB’s must be reeling today ..

    their fragile little minds on ACLF would be saying oh .. we actually might NOT win it this year !

    oh damn ! foiled again !

    and again ….

    losers …

  46. patthegooner

    Morning all,

    So what do you reckon

    Any signings today?

    I reckon No Chance

    Wenger will come out with the ‘I will not panic buy’ bullshit.

    Denilson will get an improved deal tomorrow to top it off.

    Far as I am concerned.

    No Signings = Wenger must deliver something between now and May

    No Silverware = I want Wenger out. ebough is enough. Other Managers could deliver. Wenger is not the be all and end all. At this rate we could all end up hating him and that is not what he deserves. He needs to do the decent thing and that means either signing some class players or step down.

    Yesterday was about naivety, and Defensive errors, but that is also down to too much inexperience and a lack of genuine quality in key areas.

    Almunia, Denilson, No Striker!!!!!! Worrying thing is that they will start again and we will lose again next weekend.

  47. iceman

    He claims I was looking at Chamakh!
    Why the f were you looking at him?
    Is he the only striker you could get?

    WTF is this man on?
    Why is he so dillusioned?

    If manure still had the greaseball he would have had a ball!!
    He would have taken all those chances Nani missed and made us look like school boys.
    Hang on…that is what we are.

    They had Evans and Brown playing.
    They were there for the f**in taking.
    And we had no strikers. Great.

    Toure was replaced..like for like.
    Why the f wasn’t Ade replaced?
    We’re not asking you to buy Messi FFS.

    I hate it when Arsenal lose…so thanks Wenger for f**kin up my week.

    And yeah give Denilson a long term contract tomorrow and your usual I believe in this team BS.

    You need to do the noble thing and piss off in the summer so we remeber all the good times and not your crazy obsession.

    I’m sorry but this has gone on far too long.
    Why the f is no one saying anything?

    I could break something right now!!!

  48. Moray

    “It’s difficult to accept but easy to explain: we were poor defensively and offensively, cohesion-wise, and delivered an off-the-mark performance completely,” he said. “That’s why we were well beaten. We gave them too much room and were naive. It’s a massive blow and a massive disappointment. We were never close in our marking, and you do not win big games like that.”

    So what are you going to do about it, Wenger? It didn’t just happen as a one-off. Just read some past Groves and comments and you’ll see that. It’s embarrassing that other teams expect us to crumble and we do.

    It’s offering big contracts to players who look like they don’t give a shit (Theo, Clichy, Denilson), are completely useless (Traore, Almunia, Denilson again, Walcott again), or who don’t seem to improve in training (Sagna and his crossing, Bendtner generally, Fab and his corners, our defence). And someone has to stand up and admit responsibility – we are a rich club now” richer than ever before, so comparisons with the achievements of our teams of the 60s or 80s are specious at best. Wenger was a big part of that, but he seems determined now to use Arsenal to show what can be done with a skeleton squad of about 20 central midfielders.

    Actually, many players are now actively choosing NOT to come to us, which should be a worry, as also should the fact that many on here yesterday were resigned to lose Fabregas in the summer and wishing him good luck – one of our few players with any balls. I, for one, was embarrassed for him last night. He must wonder what the last year has been for, as we’re repeating the same mistakes again and again just with an increasingly depleted squad, reliant on injury cases and juvenile journeymen. Our second defensive line is Campbell and Dolphin, in spite of all of the great protestations about players in their 30s and not offering them contracts. WTF?!?

    On a lighter note, I was thinking of Fab’s red hair he used to have, when I saw him yesterday. Ha ha. He must feel like such a cunt now!

  49. Moray

    “It is not only about wanting to buy, it is to find better players than what you have available and we haven’t until now. It is as simple as that,” Wenger told the club’s official website.

    Well, I am available. I’m 35 with dodgy knees, but there’s at least two of our starting 11 from last night that I reckon I could outplay. I have a decent level of fitness, but most importantly, I have been an Arsenal supporter all of my life, so I REALLY give a shit. And what’s more? I’m cheap… I’d be more than happy with a couple of grand a week and a go on Walcott’s missus.

  50. nishanth

    3rd goal vermaelen’s defending was poor.But then again look at denilson’s touch.I thought clichy could have gone towards park.Wouldn’t say it was his fault though.

  51. Geoff

    Iceman I agree with everything you say, it’s time for a change, Wenger’s obsession now means if we win the title next year, that will make it 7 years without a title, seven fucking years and he gets paid all that money.

    It is beyond a joke now.

    I’m so gutted my whole season up in smoke and I bet we get pipped by City, or worse.

  52. nishanth

    Suga3-You think we will sign anyone?I hope we atleast sign a new keeper.I must admit it is hilarious to watch almunia keep at times

  53. SUGA3


    yeah, it must be hilarious if you’re a Chav, knowing that you will play this shower of shite at home in a week!!!

    Wenger will sign no one, as any club will skin him alive on the deadline day after THAT…

    as far as I am concerned, we may be found struggling to finish Top4 this season: out ‘easy run-in’ includes Shitty home and Spuds away, to count these as 2 games won is nothing short of idiocy…

  54. iceman

    Even Martin Tyler was taking the piss about how Wenger said his side were a different animal to the team that played the CL game.

    The only difference was they were weakened and we couldn’t improvise.

    What the f now?

    Some perspective is needed.

    I really doubt we can win the title now we’re just way way too below average….we need a huge miracle because not both manure and the chavs will slip up at the same time.

  55. Moray

    iceman, we’re not winning the title. our best hope (yet again!) is that we finish in a CL spot. We will lose to Chelski or at best scrape one point. Our tactics are transparent and one dimensional and our players inadequate. What hurts is that we should have beaten Man Utd and Shitty earlier in the season, which would have provided some leeway now, however we choked again and failed to take our chances.

    As for Europe, the continental sides have strengthened a bit this year, but we are bound to meet another English club and we will go crashing out of that too.

    And now all I see on News Now is how Rooney is the greatest player ever. Rubbish – he was just lucky enough to play against a very poor and spiritless Arsenal side. Heck, even the Korean scored and I don’t think he ever scores against any other team.

  56. SUGA3

    this is official:

    at the moment, we are not in the same league as Manure or Chavs…

    Wenger said he couldn’t find players better than we already have – looking upwards of the fucking value shelf could help a lot for fuck’s sake!

  57. Micky Did It 89

    For me, he has until 17:00 (?) today, to sign David Villa. AT LEAST. No-one for next season. Our season is far from over.For starters, it depends on what this team achieves this season on how many empty seats there will be next term. And I’m talking of fourth spot.
    Believe me, and this is very important, if we are not in the hunt for the title (joke) many players will ease off to ensure not missing out on world cup with injuries.

  58. Moray

    Micky Did It 89

    ha ha – our best players will be coming back from injury fresh and ready just in time for the World Cup anyway. The national coaches must love us!

    And it looks like some of them are already easing up, for some reason. Perhaps Theo has been assured a place regardless of how he plays this year, and maybe Denilson is guaranteed a starting birth for Brazil, and maybe Almunia…ugh!

  59. Micky Did It 89

    I don’t believe Cesc will go until his contract expires. When’s that? He will only go to Barca. I tell you what, everything feels like meaningless small talk today.

  60. SUGA3


    ‘Trophies, it’s all about trophies’

    which is why he asked to play fucking Stoke with a bunch of dross around him…

    Cesc and AA openly said we needed signings and some on here said it was a shit attitude to have…

    Cesc gives his all every game, plays through injuries and the like – at the end of the season, when we finish empty handed (which we will) he will say: ‘OK I gave my all, but obviously I won’t win squat with these tossers, goodbye’

  61. Big Raddy

    So terribly disappointing.

    Denilson, Almunia both awful.

    I am too pissed off to write about it, except to say that AW bottled it in his selections yesterday. We had to go for the win and instead AW relied entirely upon AA & Cesc.



    Hi Guys

    wast can we say after that load of bollocks,
    ALMUNIA total cunt (wenger saying he cant find players on the market better then what we have), bullshit, the guy is a disgrace, defenders have no faith in him and rightly so

    DENILSON by far the worst player we have had in midfield under wenger, what is his job, he cant defend, cant attack and for his part in the second goal he should be glassed in the face for that, it was the same againt stoke, the lazy cunt, i could forgive his shit technical ability if he was a grafer, but he aint, i hate that cunt more then ive ever hated another player of ours

    WALCOTT time that little boy fucked back off to southampton, 4 years of no progression, no skill, no heart, just running, give up the game son and become a runner another all hype useless cunt, he is at the same level as vela (who i dont think is anywhere near ready to be involved)

    BENDNTER the reason we dont sign another striker is because he is back from injury, well i think even had he been fit all year he’s goal return would have been the same, would he get anywhere near chelsea or united’s squad (like fuck he would)

    our full backs final ball is shocking, winterburn had more end product then clichy and the same goes for dixon then sagna

    center backs have been superb this year and i cant fault them as have cesc and song

    rosicky, arshavin will always be a threat and have genuine quality

    nasri goes missing far to often for my liking, but when he is on his game he has qualities

    for me this summer i would ship out both keepers, silvestre, denilson, walcott, eduardo

    finally for our manager NOT to sign a striker this jan is fucking disgracefull, rvp (injured as always and cannot be relied upon to stay fit), edurardo, walcott, vela, bentdner all not good enough yet so instead we play with 3 small attacking midfielders upfront in the biggest game of our season.
    his stubborness and his faith in players that have yet to produce quality year after year has worn me down now, an i am starting to think of the opinion that he either changes his way or make way for someone who will
    to get to finish top 4 is an achievment, especially with what we spend each year, and full credit goes to wenger for that, but compared to where we were 5-10 years ago, what a huge drop
    the money is clearly there for a stiker this jan, but yet he continues to be stubborn and stick with his boys, i love wenger for what he has done at our club and he is a legend, but the time has come for him to admit defeat in this policy or go, us gooners aint unrealistic and we dont expect 30-40 million pound signings, i would have been delighted to get chamakh in early jan even for 8-10 mil (its still a bargain for a player he clearly admires and is at a good age) but no, we have to wait in the summer for a freebie, the way our club go on you would think they are skint, yet they charge the best part of 40 pound a ticket to 60,000 people every 10 days, we pay the higest prices to support our team and we should at least expect some of that money to be spent signing players that will help us progress, not just on the wages of a 16 year old bolivian striker

  63. Micky Did It 89

    SUGA: not arguing with any of that.
    Big Raddy: also agree.

    Bad selection.
    Bad tactics.
    Bad motivation.
    Disasterous use of substitutions.

  64. Geoff

    Raddy, what? We are third in the league, in the next round of the ECL, we are financially sound and we have a manager that can unearth gems, like Denilson and Almunia, why are you embarrassed? I thought you were Ok with Wenger, or did I read your posts wrong last week?

  65. gnarleygeorge9

    Evening all

    I feel so numb I can’t be bothered commenting about such a bad loss coz everything has been said.

    Someone said that Anchovie has carried on @ the chavs from the refreshing change brought about by Guus Hiddink. I wonder if thats what is needed @ Ashburton Grove.

  66. khalle

    what about Clichy!
    He was useless again. But the biggest waste is Almunia. He has now cost us 6 points against Manure.

  67. stonroy

    Geoff I have written up a letter for Gazidis, and I wanted to get it signed by as many gooners on here as possible. How best do you think I should go about that?

  68. Moray

    Mark – there’s a scene in one of the Godfather films where Michael Corleone demotes the faithful Tom Hagan with the line “things are going to get rough, and I need a wartime consiglieri.”

    I think that is where we find ourselves at Arsenal with Wenger.

  69. Geoff

    I think Pedro would know the answer to that one Stonroy, email him, address is in the side bar.

    Suga, nice one son!

  70. Geoff

    Moray, I think things are going to getting humiliating, I am not looking forward to today, I turned my mobile off yesterday.

  71. Micky Did It 89

    I think we will sign smeone today, and we are going to be VERY disappointed. Some read AW post Sky interview as a “No” to signings. I saw that annoying smirk.

  72. stonroy

    Thanks Geoff, will do. Letter is as follows, let me know what you lot think.

    Dear Mr Gazidis,

    It is with great sadness that I write this letter to you. I am sure you have read several of the words that have been written in the viral blogosphere since you have come to the position as Chief Executive Officer at Arsenal Football Club, so it must come as no surprise to you to receive this letter.
    We as Arsenal fans feel the time has come to be heard by you and the board in full force. I do not think there is a fan of this club out there who doesn’t agree with most of what I have to say, therefore what we have to say is as followed:
    1) It is obvious that Manuel Almunia is not the right goalkeeper to move Arsenal forward. Why has there not been an attempt by the club to bring in a suitable replacement? (For example, Shay Given was available and we know he wanted to play for Arsenal.)
    2) Looking at the statistics it is clear to us all that our top goal scorers are from midfield and defense. Why have you not brought in a striker even on a temporary basis? Wenger has said that Theo Walcott would take six weeks to be the player he once was, (and we are not doubting that) why would you not think the same time would be needed for Nicholas Bendtner to get back to what he once was?
    3) The FA Cup is important to all Arsenal fans and we believe the club does not take it seriously enough. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than going to Wembley.
    4) Denilson is not good enough. By that I mean, he does not have the physicality to be a defensive midfielder in England as he is at countless times been pushed aside too easily, not to mention his weakness in tracking back when the opposition is on the counter. You only just have to look at Manchester United’s third goal today to see what it is I am talking about.
    5) On that note let’s talk about the three goals that were scored today against us at home, or the four goals that Chelsea scored here last year, or the three goals scored against us (rather easily I might add) in the Semi Final of The Champions League last year at The Emirates. What has happened to our team? It’s not so much the defeats as the manner in which we lose. People would come to play Arsenal at home and they would be shaking in their boots, we have lost that fear factor. Even putting that aside, we have never hemorrhaged so many goals like this. If you think that as recently as 2003/04 we went the whole season unbeaten it begs me to ask why our decline has been so sharp? If you look at the statistics we have only beaten Manchester United three times in the last seventeen games and that is unacceptable, something has to give, and I think I speak for all Gooners when I say the time for action is now.
    Please Mr Gazidis don’t think this letter is just some frivolous fan. If you see below you will see the names of fellow Arsenal fans that agree with me. We are sick and tired of feeling the utter humiliation of such shocking lackluster defeats, and we are looking to you as our Chief Executive Officer to make this right. I implore you sir, please don’t let us down.


    Royston an Arsenal fan

  73. ethangunner

    Moray Says:
    February 1, 2010 at 05:38

    “It’s difficult to accept but easy to explain: we were poor defensively and offensively, cohesion-wise, and delivered an off-the-mark performance completely,” he said. “That’s why we were well beaten.
    i have an easier assessment

    we played shit , no clinical edge to our finishing ,
    and we got rolled by a better team .

  74. SUGA3


    no, it’s called an epiphany…

    A comprehension or perception of reality by means of a sudden intuitive realization…

    you’re welcome…

  75. Geoff

    Very good Stonroy, you may want to add that Wenger not spending is becoming a silly obsession to show how clever he is and Arsenal are losing the next generation of young fans, not to mention the holes appearing all over the stadium.

  76. ethangunner

    it could of been avoided by spending ade’s money , but wasnt in favor of being tight assed business men..

    big al has got to go , wenger would get more value from him if he put the gunnersaurus costume on him !

  77. Geoff

    You’re right Ethan, not good enough. Spend the money.

    How can we only have £30 million? We got £40 million for the two we sold to the Chav Mancs, what happened to prize money, EPL mmoney and transfer budgets?

    We are being conned whilst Wenger gets richer, it’s a fucking disgrace.

  78. stonroy

    Yeah I thought about that Geoff but I figured even the very mention of that and he would throw it aside. I imagine he is very protective of Wenger.

  79. Micky Did It 89

    Geoff: holes in the stadium. Lets just pretend for a moment, that strangely, we actually lose at the Bridge, then watch the holes grow as we move into some less attractive fixtures.

  80. Big Raddy

    Geoff. I am OK with AW, but he had a dreadful day yesterday. I have always been an Arsenal fan first, not a Wenger fan. My Club comes before any individual.

    To be humiliated by an average MU was dreadful, and the manager has to take much of the responsibility – Would I sack him? No. but AW is as open to criticism as any other employee of the Arsenal.

    You just choose to lump me in with the AKB’s because I take a “don’t panic” attitude. At no time after the loss of RvP have I thought we were strong enough to win the PL, but I live in a glass half full world and always hope for the best. If you check back over the season’s I have constantly called for a new GK, DM and CF. We bought none of them, so I am extremely disappointed but not surprised by yesterday.

  81. iceman

    Now he’s going on to say we need something special.

    Yes we do. But our team is full of average shite!
    How do you get somethign special from shite?

    This man has clearly lost his mind.

    This is ridiculous.

  82. ethangunner

    Geoff you cant be right about wenger it would make him a hideous beast , that would mean the board 100% believe in him like an AKB and blindly coffer the money
    and no one has a scrotum on the board to tell wenger to buy ?

    i dont think so .. i think this is a joint venture .
    i think you just have to simply blame – MANAGEMENT.

    it would be nice to be a fly on the wall and find out why all this cash is being stocked up , the REAL reason ..

    an answer to our definitive question , why are we not spending the proceeds of players sold on,to RE- STOCK the ones departed !

  83. bnsb

    we actually lose at the Bridge, then watch the holes grow as we move into some less attractive fixtures.

    It is other way round,is it? People come to see us thump weaker teams and if we draw or loose such games – it will be more damaging.

  84. Geoff

    Raddy few people I know are more positive than me, but I said in the summer we needed a GK, DM, CB and a forward that can score goals.

    Funny, I said the same the season before that and the season before that, Wenger is the only one who thinks different, and we now go to a seventh year before we get a sniff of a title, that’s not acceptable in my book and people singing ‘there’s only one Arsene Wenger’ just conspire to make it worse.

  85. Moray

    Stonroy – I like the letter. I would also suggest that we supporters believe that Arsenal FC should be trying to win ALL of the trophies we enter, and if our squad cannot cope with the rigours of doing so, that we buy more players.

    Geoff, I feel for you. Thank God I’m not in the UK: I couldn’t stand the fucking headlines in the papers this morning and Shrek’s face beeming out like a retard as he’s hailed as the new “Ronaldo” or some shit.

  86. Geoff

    Ethan sorry mate, we have money, David Dein recognised we needed to buy and he got slung out, it suits the board, but it suits Wenger more because he makes more from being stingy.

  87. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    Hello all

    If wenger is to be removed,The board will NOT replace wenger,but Fans anger can,if properly directed..

    Wenger is the chicken whose is laying the eggs(money) to the board,by consistently getting us to Champions league places..

  88. iceman

    WTF was with the people who had the “Keep the faith” sign?

    You keep the faith when the manager makes an effort.

    We sold our main striker and didn’t replace him.

    Our second stiker got injured long term and no replacement was even considered during the window.

    That’s too true.

    7 years and counting.

  89. bnsb

    i dont think so .. i think this is a joint venture .
    i think you just have to simply blame – MANAGEMENT.

    it would be nice to be a fly on the wall and find out why all this cash is being stocked up , the REAL reason ..

    At the risk of being labled AKB, I think Wenger is the fall guy, well paid at that.

    Some one had posted bit of conversation with Wenger, where he said he is only covering the board.

    The reason we are hoarding our ill gotten money has something to do with our real estate loan due in may 2010, which again should have been paid off by now.

    Basically Arsenal holding has become a real estate first company after silent Stan boarded the gravy train.

    So, if you must blame apportion a part to Stan. He too is responsible as a board member.

  90. Geoff

    I would be more impressed if Wenger said, I’m rich enough, I will keep my plan going unpaid, that way I’ll be keeping the faith.

    Sure! Put our money where your mouth is Wenger.

    Sabeel, I think you mean ‘the Goose’ mate!

  91. Geoff

    bnsb you’re wrong mate, go onto Highbury Square and try and buy a flat, they only have 21 left, hardly a crisis after building nearly 800.

  92. Geoff

    Wenger was the most sought after manager in football, he wouldn’t run our club if they told him he had no money, don’t blame anyone but him.

  93. bnsb

    I would be more impressed if Wenger said, I’m rich enough, I will keep my plan going unpaid, that way I’ll be keeping the faith.

    Sure! Put our money where your mouth is Wenger.

    Wishful thinking 🙂

    Seriously how would you target the board, relentlessly as you do now and compel them into action.

  94. Geoff

    Sabeel I meant it in the nicest possible way, if I could speak your language as well as you speak mine, I would be a happy man!

  95. bnsb

    bnsb you’re wrong mate, go onto Highbury Square and try and buy a flat, they only have 21 left, hardly a crisis after building nearly 800.

    beats me, why are they hoarding money then?

  96. rob green

    I went yesterday and I have decided I will not be renewing my season ticket!! its not just because of yesterday!! i have had enough!! You are insane if you think we will win a trophy this season!!

  97. Big Raddy

    Geoff. We sing from the same songbook. From my first day on LG (all that time ago!), I said the same. GK,DM, CB and CF. We got the CB, and Song is a decent DM (though we need backup).

    I have no doubt the money is there. What I doubt is that the targets are willing to come to THOF mid-season, or whether we have the negotiating team to deliver them.

  98. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    thanks Geoff,

    No,Geoff,i didnt get offended,if u think u did..u were right in english we use goose,and in Hindi we use chicken 🙂

    there is a saying in hindi,

    “when somones End is Near,his mind goes burst”

    i am afraid,wengers end as a arsenal manager,mainly in the eyes of the fans is drastically coming to an end..

  99. raynor73

    I actually felt we played quite well yesterday for the main part of the game and I’d say that we outplayed them for much of the game. Apart from one thing. They CAN defend. We cannot.

    Alan Hansen in the Telegraph today is spot on. We concende, we throw everybody forward, but for Denilson or Song (which is just crass stupidtiy, as neither has any real pace whatsoever).

    WE really badly need a defensive coach. Why not bring Keown in? Or Adams? We were a bit unlucky upfront yesterday, and Arshavin worked his socks off but he’s 5’4″ ahgainst two 6’2″ defenders, and I think he did well given the circumstances.

    Under AW we’ve never really been great at defending, but we had Sol and Ashley Cole and Lauren, all in their day better than what we have right now. Individually they are good (and OK) players, as a unit its just shocking at times to watch.

    Our midifeld yesterday had one very weak link, in Denilson and the sooner we replace him the better for the team, as he adds nothing but crazy passing, poor control, sideways play, slow pace, an inability to defend without falling over or getting shuldered out of the tackle and general indecisiveness to our midfield. Carrick and Fletcher are far FAR batter players in this role than he is likely to even become. Song and Cesc played OK but with a man short, how can you expect them to do much better?

    I don’t feel the same way as all the comments on here last night, and in fact when I got back, I couldn’t even read most of them as it was just far too negative, and I can’t bring myself to get too consumed in that. I think now we had a good run, third is likely to to the best we can achieve, although technically the title can still be won, although its Chelseas to lose, not ours to win. Lets hope that in the summer we buy BIG, and for goods sake, lets sort our defending out. You CANNOT [possibly) win a title with such slack and sunday pub side defending.

  100. Samir

    If Wenger buys no class players in the summer I hope no-one turns renews!

    But them arseholes with the “Have faith” flag will always renew….
    Absolute dumbarsses!

  101. rob green

    Refuses to buy.
    To stubborn!!
    He is blind!!
    He is picking players who are not good enough for arsenal football club!! He is picking these players as first team starters!!
    Small technical players are not going to win your trophies!! Look at the invincibles!! There were strong physically and mentally


  102. ethangunner

    Geoff Says:
    February 1, 2010 at 08:23

    Ethan sorry mate, we have money, David Dein recognised we needed to buy and he got slung out, it suits the board, but it suits Wenger more because he makes more from being stingy.
    oh i know we got money .
    ade’s sale for starters ..
    but that has exposed further mystery because we now know they are not spending by choice .

    which can only mean they would rather stock pile the
    cash for there own silent endeavors .

  103. Moray

    Sabeel, Man Utd didn’t play much like a team burdened with debt last night.

    Also, not only does our throwing the Cups look ridiculous now, but also Wenger’s reluctance to tour in the pre-season is risible. I’m in Macau, which is a tiny place, and Chelski played here in last season’s pre-season. Not only that, but Man Utd have a big store in the Venetian resort. Liverpool can fuck off, but I know they have SE Asia tied up. If we really need the cash so much then what do we have to lose? Let’s go balls-deep with a pre-season Asia tour.

    So Gazidis was brought in to a) Expand commercial opportunities and b) Help with transfers. hmmm

  104. ethangunner

    we are probably assured of another season of C.L football …

    as far as wenger is concerned its objective completed .

  105. Geoff

    bnsb, when Harry was manager at West Ham his MO was to sign unknowns for the lower leagues, Wenger’s is to sign kids from around the world and pay them shed loads.

    The only time Wenger won trophies was when he spent money, when he was at Monaco he won fuck all.

    Like I said before, he gets paid a fortune and we win nothing, the board don’t care because they aren’t fans. If they did care they would get a manager in that spent.

    Wenger was a nobody before he came to Arsenal and now he acts like his is the worlds footballing authority.

    Yes we play good football, but so do many teams. Raddy had he done that we would be world beaters now, when Kolo came he was a kid, now he’s at the end of his career, Wenger has blown a generation on his experiment and it hasn’t worked.

    Even when Wenger was winning, half the team was from the Graham and Rioch eras, think about that.

  106. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    u r absolutely right,we can do lots to get money pumped in

    hec,if u do a pre-season here in india/asia,with our population ,we can fill up the coffers of Arsenal FC treasure box

    But the real question is .. WILL WENGER SPEND EVEN if has 100million..

    he wont i am afraid, mate..thats where the “real” problem is 🙁

    he wont spend for couple of signings <20 million in total,we are NOT asking messi or something u see…

  107. bnsb

    the board don’t care because they aren’t fans. If they did care they would get a manager in that spent.

    Precisely, how would you cane the board into action.

  108. Geoff

    And will someone tell me why he took over 70 minutes to take off that headless chicken Denilson? Did he think he’d improve?

    He’s been shit all season, staying on merely cost us more goals, 2 DM’s on the same pitch because they are his favourites, what sort of manager does that for fucks sake???

  109. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    Wenger was a nobody before he came to Arsenal and now he acts like his is the worlds footballing authority


    absolutely right,

    it is like now spitting in the same plate that wenger ate,

    he is neglecting Arsenal Fans,the same Fans who make the club and HIM,what he is…we r not asking for messi for god sake

  110. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    the reason wenger kept denilson for 70 mind could be

    wenger must have been thinking, this boywonder has made TWO mistakes,becos of which we sneaked in 2 goals,let me NOW see how denilson reacts,does he have the mental toughness to forget abt it and UP his game

    he maybe measuring that,as he knows very well this team doesnt have the experience to win a title,so he is preparing his “Denilson Notes” for next season

  111. bnsb


    absolutely right,

    it is like now spitting in the same plate that wenger ate,

    he is neglecting Arsenal Fans,the same Fans who make the club and HIM,what he is…we r not asking for messi for god sake

    Sabeel Bhai, Bas karo yaar, aisa muska mar rahe ho, aisa maska mar rahe ho 🙂

  112. ethangunner

    It is the sixth time since April that Arsenal have lost against Manchester United or Chelsea, leaving fresh question marks about their psychological strength.

    fresh questions ? fuck he obviously hasnt been reading le grove ..

    more like 2 year old questions ..