We need to win today, a loss would end it. I’m backing a win. A BIG WIN!

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Ok I think I was slightly lifted by Arsene Wenger’s ‘why I didn’t buy comment’ he said Chamakh was not available as Bordeaux wanted him for the Champions league run up and Valencia wouldn’t let David Villa go, what, does that mean we asked? It sure does sound like it and as I read that on Pravda, I believe it was said.

So we at least tried to sign David Villa, I will believe we tried to sign him and on that basis I am not too upset we failed to buy a new striker. Dzeko had big ears anyway!

Today is the biggest game of the season, today we find out if we have a chance of winning the title, today we have the best squad available to us that we’ll have all season, bar possibly Vermaelen, today there are no hiding places, today is it.

We are facing a team that is playing it’s best football this season, although today they will be without Ferdinand and Vidic. I think Vidic is still injured and although Ferdinand seems to disregard any rule to the contrary, I really think he is banned for this one.

We need to attack them down the flanks, hold them in the middle, defend well and unleash the deadliest attacking players in world football on them.

Gael Clichy needs to have a big game as does Sagna, Evra is the key to their fast counter attacking and he needs to be sat on, much the same as Rooney, this is my team today.


Sagna Campbell Gallas Clichy

Rosicky Cesc Nasri/Song

Walcott Bendtner Arshavin

I’ve put Nasri or Song, if Song is fit then Song and put Nasri in instead of Theo. I think Theo could have one of those games and tear them apart with his pace and jinky runs, so him as an impact sub would suit me, Eduardo is injured I think, so he drops himself, but it’s time to unleash little and large and say to hell with it.

Arshavin and Bendtner could be the partnership we have been waiting for, the bull and the china shop, the height we need of that there is no doubt, the talent remains to be seen, so go forth today Nikki and show the world just how good you are, go and re-arrange their goal difference son!

I am having us down for a convincing win, no predictions so don’t worry, but today I believe all the hard work and posturing will come good, it has to because if we don’t win this, with the no morals chavs, nicking a win from John ‘best mate girlfriend shagger’ Terry scoring (is there a god?) then we can’t afford to lose more ground.

Arsene, the boys need to be shown the league table, go out there and prepare the men for battle, tell them what it means to football, to decency and to God, tell them that nothing short of a win will do, tell them they are the reason you haven’t bought (and it’s nothing to do with your bonus)

Tell them they are the Arsenal and that to win is what they were born for, nay, what they exist for!

Have a great day Grovers, today is our destiny!!!

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  1. E12 GUNNER


  2. zak

    As I’ve said before its down to wenger. If he shows belief in his players then they have no incentive to perform, he needs to publicly slate one or two and maybe the rest would cotton on.

  3. choy

    zak.. no ambition from the manager…

    ahh. its just the carling cup..

    same for the fa cup..

    its no co incidence that we’ve been shite since stoke away.

  4. Odub

    One last point…

    Dont our players get thought that you have to close oppo players down when they have the effing ball? All game we kept standing of and allowing them to take their fucking time on the ball!!

    Fuck me we made Nani look world class today, WTF(that’s right, the portugese fella with the dodgy Michael Jackson curl)

  5. dennisdamenace

    Whoever said Fab4 is a good squad player needs to be red carded, go outside and beat themselves with a stick!

    I suppose the knob who said that thinks we should build our team around Denilson too!!

  6. SharkeySure

    Leon 20.37. Spot on.
    Leon 20.47. Notfor me…Walcott should have given us more positive clues than he has done so far. Its getting ridiculous now. Today he does his usual run and leave the ball behind, which left Eboue completely stranded ahead of him.

    Never a starter in my eyes….and I wouldn’t bring him on against a team thats sat back either, there’s no room to run aimlessly into

  7. E12 GUNNER



  8. kirby

    almunia must be on a bung aswell he blatently pushed the ball in the net I don’t know why wenger hasn’t addressed the goalie situation yet every other week he has a shocker…

    denilson was a joke today a complete nightmare of a game, also he is responsable for 4 out of the last 5 goals we have conceded in the league.

    some blame for today has to go to clichy but overall we are so one dimensional sometimes I can almost predict where the ball will be played.

    its amazing that wenger hasn’t worked out that we can’t just play one way against efficent teams like chelsea and utd, lets tighten up and hit them on the brake and win 1-0.

    they are better than us because they learn we repeat.

  9. SharkeySure

    E12 those FUCKING CAPS need to stop.

    They shoudn’t bother me but they do. What next, you gonna use a font called ‘Rooney’..??

  10. reggie 57

    The reason cesc disapears in big games is he is doing 3 mens work as the dross he has around him offers no support or options for him to demonstrate why he is one of the best players in the world in his position!!

  11. kirby

    cesc don’t dissapear in the big games its that most of our players are not on his wavelenth.

    Also if arshavin isn’t greedy and feeds nasri we go 1-0 up!! overated springs to mind with arshavin….

  12. leon

    e12 flamani was never a beast in midfield it was high energy play that brought him success and the fact is he only had 1 good season,i dont know i just think there two many strikers of the mold that we need,wenger has do something because the lack presence in midfield is a big problem

  13. SharkeySure

    DDM – Villa was a ‘bad day’….today was a disaster.

    I play 5/7 a side on Friday nights down at Millwall, and you can hear me screaming at my team over at West Ham if fuckers aint doing their jobs.

    Lehmann and Gallas both had that mentality.

    I love the Grimandi’s, Parlour’s and Vivas’ of this world. Techincally decent but proper fighting spirit, who do the right things at the right times (barring Nelson V’s Elland Rd slip up).

  14. rob green

    i am to angry to talk about the cunt wenger

    its all gone wrong since david dein left as david deain had the balls to pull wenger up on stuff!! Wenger has to much power!!

  15. gambon

    The thing is Wenger said he will admit he was wrong if we win nothing this season, and now we are down to one last trophy.

    So what will he do if we win nothing again? I cant see him doing anything, he just said all that to buy himself another year.

  16. SharkeySure

    I don;t go all this bring David Dein back talk. Am I missing something.

    I thought he was a Judas who tried to sell us out to a Fat Uzbek…nowt wrong with being fat or Uzbeki ordinarily, but he’s a grade A scumbag.

    And if a scumbag like that bins you off (as he did with DD) then you’ve really got credibility issues.

  17. RobFromAus

    Yeh what a result eh! I get up in the early hours of the morning to watch all Arsenal games! that’s fucking hard i tell you! But as for the Chelsea game, there is NO way i am getting up at 3:55am to watch us get beat 3-4 nil! I have a business to run, so I aint missing out on good sleep for that tripe, made that mistake last night!

    Also i dont know what you are all complaining about?, We can win the emirates cup you know! nothing more prestigous than that! Also did you all know there is no-one better than Almunia & denilson??? Come on people!!

    And finally we lost to united cause we were playing with 9 players!!! Dennilshiite & Alshitmunia cant possibly count as “Players”..

  18. gambon

    I dont know if im happy about Wenger saying he wont be signing anyone.

    On the one hand he didnt use his normal bullshit line of “i will be up late, the last few hours will be busy” but at the same time we are in dire need of changes.

  19. leon

    this team may or may not need new signings but perforamnce of the team as a whole was shocking we could have played alot better than that weather not a new signing came in if had played like that we would have still lost they cant play like that against chlelsea at very least they need show some pride there was hardly any link up play or anything so disorganized i have seen thi steam defend and play a whole lot better than that injuries or not

  20. Dutchman

    I’ve read many comments after the Man U game and we all think the same!! Wenger has no Plan B! We can’t sit back and defend well or shoot from distance or long balls, the only way we can win is, pass pass pass!!! Teams like Villa,chelsea Man u or even fulham knows that and they play on the counter and they win!!!! We have no plan B, agree??

  21. colonel mustard

    I think calling Wegner a C**t is rotten. Id ban the word from the board. We all have opinions and yes we are not happy but that word is ignorant.

  22. dennisdamenace

    David Says:
    January 31, 2010 at 20:37


    This squad is not meant to win anything.

    This arsenal squad is built for economic self-sufficiency in the next few years and nothing more unless we’re lucky.

    Spot fucking on, the priorities of our club’s management are so painfully obvious, keep the conveyor belt of average joe’s ticking over, players not quite good enough to be champions, but good enough to put in the shop window, aka the Arsenal first team, to flog them on for a few million. Couple that with no real pressure to win a trophy of any kind s well as the malaise that surrounds the club in the form of finishing fourth is success and you have the recipe of no true ambition…..

    No doubt sometime around the first week of June we’ll hear all the usual lies about impending player purchases, and as soon as the season ticket renewals have all been renewed we’ll get the usual “i have faith in this squad” crap…. The only question you have to ask yourself this year is which one (if it is only one) of our established stars will be sold to help pay for Wengers bonus!

  23. gambon

    I wonder if we will hear about wenger “taking his chequebook to south africa”

    That should ensure some good renewals.

  24. SharkeySure

    I’m not really here Reggie so not gonna reply to that, no offence, but I have to respond to Mustards post. I have to say well said on the Wengers a C**t stuff.

    Its out of order I agree.

    Recently on LG someone reminded people that Forest fans still think of Clough as a legend – he got them relegated.

    Perhaps tonights not the night for that sort of rhetoric though.


  25. B.B.K.

    colonel mustard Says:
    January 31, 2010 at 21:19
    I think calling Wegner a C**t is rotten. Id ban the word from the board. We all have opinions and yes we are not happy but that word is ignorant.And so is he for not addressing the glaring deficiancies that lie within this team

  26. leon

    reggie it true there is no target man but the fact thus far until this game we have to rely on our link up play and passes to get use goals but the perfoamnc today there was none of that and some defening today was piss poor in the past we have been defending alot better as team closing down defening from the front none of that happend today

  27. leon

    a new striker is needed but some of the defending today was so piss poor and lets face it this team has been without a top striker for while now and they been performing alot better than today,we still have edwardo and bretna i dont there can be any excuses and i dont think you can use that as an excuse to have pop at wenger rvp has been injured for long long while and since the chelsea game they have been coping extremly well only verm galls song showed up today,this team can shorly handle being without 1 striker and if they cant then might as well backup and give up the prem

  28. Arsene

    I feel like a chicken without its head, or as you English say “a headless chicken. But @ least I still have my cash stockpile. Tre Bon.

  29. Danye

    Is it all over if we still beat chelsea and liverpool?

    I know its HIGHLY unlikely but anything can happen in football.. even with almunia in goal and denilson in our first 11!!

  30. B.B.K.

    your the only yid around here terry,when was the last time you were on here i havent seen your name on here for a long time,i suppose you thought that was acceptable today you fucking a.k.b cunt

  31. RayGooner

    Just 2 months ago we were 11 points behind Chelsea after being beaten 3-0 by them. And just some days ago we were top of the table…now we are 5 points behind Chelsea again and with Chelsea having a game in hand….

    Things changes quickly in football, let’s hope it changes again…

    Chelsea will be 8 points ahead of us after their game against Hull on tuesday (cause that will surely be 3 easy points for them) when they play their game in hand.

    So even if we beat them next weekend we still will be 5 points behind…

    That means we will probably have to win every game after the Chelsea game too to win the league…cause i don’t see Chelsea dropping that many points from now on (with Drogba back)…

    14 games left 42 points to take = 91 with the 49 we have now…
    Chelsea have 54 and 15 games left, let’s say they win 11 draw 3 lose 1 and they will end up at 90 points!

    91 points could win the league, lose 1 game and it’s 88 points (Chelsea probably won’t drop enough points for that to be enough)…
    Lose 2 games and it’s “GAME OVER”!!!

    All this is speculation (and notice i didn’t even bring up United in this speculation) but if we lose next weekend i fear we will have a tough fight to even get the 4th spot…

    I’ve always been a supporter of Arsenal (and i always will be), i’ve always been an admirer of Wenger, but this game sadly made me realize the fact…EVEN I “THE GREATEST OPTIMIST” ARE SAYING THIS: “WHAT EVER HAPPENS THIS SEASON, WENGER MUST LEAVE IN THE SUMMER!!!!”

    Never thought i’d say it but even i have had enough!
    I’m sick of getting bullied at work and by my friends, always when it comes up to the “BIG GAMES” i always say to my friends and work colleges “This game will show that Wenger was right all along”….
    And as usual, i will have to go to work on monday with my tail between my legs…i’m sick of it!

    In most of these “Big games” that we have lost before i’ve always blamed poor refereeing or lucky opponents or too many injured players or whatever, but in this game i can’t find anything to blame for it but our own poor performance…we simply weren’t good enough!

    I’m tired of defending myself, defending Wenger, defending Arsenal…

    We’re still in the CL, and Porto should be a winable opponent and then it’s all up to the draw if we can get further, but i bet all my money on that if we beat Porto we’ll get either United or Chelsea in the Quarter-Final and that’s it! We simply can’t beat them in over 2 legs…
    Only way to win the CL is if we get the same kind of luck in the draws like Porto themselves had in 2004…

    Still, i never give up something until it’s mathematically over…

    I’m off to bed soon, but before i go i’m gonna watch the goals from the 1979 FA Cup Final…i need something so i can sleep tonight…

  32. Danye

    Yeah fair enough b.b.k but you never know. I will be sooo suprised if we beat chelsea but IF we did and then liverpool. Willwe be in such a bad position then?

    I think we will still be f**ked

  33. Man

    For what he has achieved Wenger deserves to get the two seasons he asked for at the last AGM. Until then I think its unreasonable to call for his head.
    Losing home matches to your biggest rivals isn’t a sign of champions but no team’s looked like champions all season…who knows eh!

  34. A

    If we win both then I think we’ll win the league Danye, BIG if though. Today was certainly terrible, but any team can win on any day, it’s far from impossible that we could beat Chelsea, but unlikely.

  35. Stu

    Ye can be sure that if a miracle happens and we do beat chavski and Livershit then the akbs will try to come on in force and call us all deluded.

    Roday was a disgrace. We probably had more successful passes and maybe even more shots but that counts for fuck all when united (a supposedly weakened team after selling their star in the summer and having a makeshift defence) tear us apart in the first half because our keeper and left side of defence cant do their fucking jobs! disgrace!

    Thats the third time in the last year that a big team have come to the grove and put 3 past us without us even putting up a fight. This team just crumbles under pressure and Wenger throwing the cups doesnt help at fucking all.

    When was the last fucking time Arsenal convinvingly beat a top team. Its always a narrow win at best. Last time i remember was Liverpool 3-0 and even then they gifted us the 3 goals… Yet time after time we get thrashed, and even worse its at home. Its just too much and things need to change.

  36. big dave

    Still pissed off about today

    Said on here last night that this club wont win nothing with chavs in front of them, well better add man ure to that list, cause that was a pile of shite today. untill we can compete them toe to toe then these results are going to happen

    Beaten in our yard by both of them 3 goals each is not on.

    In one week we are out of the cup/league

    change of management is needed in the summer

  37. B.B.K.

    tel stop being jewish and answer the question,im on here more then you this is the first time i have seen you on here in fuck knows how long,so stop playing billy big bollocks and answer the question,Did you enjoy the game today

  38. Danye

    Dont get me wrong i really cant see us doing chelsea. Chelsea are a strong team and at their home.

    Watching MOTD and listening to them talk about our defending is painful to hear, only beccause they are right. We defended so bad today it makes me sick. Not mentioning denilson though..

  39. B.B.K.

    so instead of making false allegations,maybe you should start worrying about what direction the clubs going in then calling others false names

  40. Stu

    11 points behind chelsea in november. Turned it around and somehow we could be 11 points behind again in a week. Makes you wonder huh. Going unbeaten in this run of 4 games was what most of us wanted, now we NEED to win the next 2 to even have a chance at the title.

    All the while Wenger just does fuck all in the transfer window. He has the money and he HAS to know we need reinforcements, why the fuck isnt he doing anything about it. I hate to call Wenger a cunt but he is being one by letting the title slip away like this. He needs to buy a fucking keeper. Neither of the 2 we have any bit reliable….

  41. A

    Yeah I agree Danye, though I certainly couldn’t see us going there last season and beating them at their place either!

    Todays’ defending was terrible, if people are singling Denilson out though he’s just being scapegoated, the defending as a team was attrocious. Third goal was primarily Vermaelen’s fault imo.

    We CAN beat any team, but one we go a goal down we’re just totally and utterly fucked. If Arshavin had finished one of our early chances, or passed across for a tap in, then things would’ve been very different, but once Almunia threw the ball into the net it was more or less over.

  42. Stu

    Ji Sung Park. A player forgotten about at united, a player only bought so united could rake in the cash from the asian market, a fucking runner that Fergie only plays for his energy.

    That cunt played today, probably his first start of the season, and he looked sharper and fresher than our whole team.

    And to make things even worse todays goal was his first since he scored against us in the CL last season.

  43. Kiwi Gooner

    Just got back from my long weekend to see the result…

    It appears a lot of the team just don’t have the desire to do the Arsenal justice. Don’t be too hard on Clichy as He is still coming back from a long term injury, He is class and will be back to his best.

    Nasri, we definitely need to pesevere with him. He is class and prove it in the upcoming games.

    Denilson- How can a player who is obviously the weak link in the team, show so little heart in a game of this magnitude. Surely He knows what all the gooner faithful are saying… what a Jimmy Blunt.

    Almunia…. OMG enough has been said.

  44. Paulinho

    And Denilson being scapegoated?

    If scapegoated means recognising/acknowledging a player being absolute shit, then yes, he’s being scapegoated.

  45. rob green


    Refuses to buys. Constant lies and excuses!! no trophies for 5 years soon to be 6!! picking players who dont deserve to wear the shirt!! Project youth. No replacing players who leave!!! Most expensive football tickets!! Throwing the Carling cup and the FA CUP!!

    I went today and i was disgusted!! if you think we are going to win something this season then your nuts!!

    I will not be renewing my season ticket next year!!

    This isn’t just on today’s result this is because i have put up with the cunt wenger for to long!!

    I cant believe wenger was once the manager of the invincibles!!


  46. rob green

    yes densilon is shit and to blame for the goal but we always pick on a players. Eboue, denilson, song etc etc! wenger picks them and thinks there good enough!! So blame wenger and not the players!!

  47. Stu

    Almunia did push it into the goal. It was going to Park but thats not to say Al couldnt have prevented it. He tried to push it over the bar like an idiot. He was never going to get proper contact and was about 2 yards out of the goal.

    He should have either helped it on its way or pushed it into the bunch of players and hope one of them deal with it. As it went he did neither and cost us the lead.

    Nani ripping us apart is the most embarrassing thing thats happened to us in a long fucking time.. raped my MJ lookalike…our dignity is gone..

  48. gambon

    I remember Wenger once saying that big league & CL matches all comes down to who scores the first goal, and in general its true.

    We dont have a strong enough defence to match teams like UTD & Chelsea in these big games.

    As a team we are set up to beat shit teams heavily and struggle in the big games.

  49. Stu

    Underrated sure, reliable definately but he has hardly played all season and goes and does that..its fucking ridiculous that their reserve players always perform at such a level.

  50. Paulinho

    Stu, my point is the ball was going in. Alot of keepers may not have even got a touch on the ball in the first place, let alone divert it away from goal with any significant force.

    Would rather blame the sleepwalkers Nani ghosted by than Almunia.

  51. leon

    stu today like against everton they were very lapse in defence no tackticks just go forward and hope for the best at the back a nd it was today did not defend as a team and they got learn from that and fast,would i change whole alot in this team i would say no,yes they could do with another but more importantly they defend well as a team and they have done so for most of the season they could with a few more phsical players in the team,i feel aslo when it comes to clichy i think some people have an extremly short memory this player that has just comeback from long term injury and will have to get his match fitness,the one thing they realy so so badley is top class keeper,delinson i dont think is upto it but song very solid for,its a real shame about edwardo because before the injury he was killing it,we have realy good cb in verm and galls diaby song are realy goof dor me,nasri risicky ramsey aa fab have no problem with they all very good but none of them are beasts we only song and diaby could 1-2 more ,i dont think wengers policy is that wroung particualy with current mahey are not two many edos vieras petit and as for strikers i think we david villa type striker and just think this can afford to spend 30-40 mill on a striker

  52. gambon

    It has to be said throwing the 2 cups now looks ridiculous.

    Were almost out of the PL and we wont win the CL. We cant afford to prioritise the PL as we arent good enough to win it.

  53. Stu

    Cant we just blame then all Paulinho.

    Al should have done better even if he was fortunate to reach the ball in the first place.

    CLichy and Nasri couldnt have done a worse job of marking Nani. They was one behind and one in front, what about the side on the route to goal. They both gave up after he burned them too.

    And Denilson, he may not have pace but he made it so fucking easy for Nani to just move past him like he wasnt there. ALl he did was drop to one knee.

    Despite all of this, had Nanis cross reached Park he was also unmarked. What kind of defending is that? We might as well have not even had anyone in the box. It was a pathetic excuse for defending for a team that apparently want to win the title.

  54. Paulinho

    Stu, in my list of prime suspects for our fragility/ineptitude my list would be, starting with the worst, would be:

    1) Denilson
    2) Clichy
    3) Almunia

    All three of them are the worst in their position of any Arsenal player in about thirty years.

  55. gambon

    We are pathetic defensively.

    id be interested to know when the last time the joint 8th best defence won the league. Id be willing to bet it hasnt happened.

    Chelsea, UTD, Liverpool, Spurs, Villa, Birmingham, Stoke have all conceeded less than us.

    Its ridiculous, and Wenger doesnt seem to care, or want to do anything about it cos he doesnt believe in defence.

  56. Stu

    Its amazing isnt it Paulinho. Clichy has fallen so far so fast. SOme even considered him world class a few seasons ago.

    His poor positioning, inability to use his right foot and his recent injuries has seen him become a lability. Where once his pace and stamina made him a fan favourite his recent injuries seem to have ruined his speed.

    He cant use the ball well at all and today Nani flew past him so much and even Rafael burnt him for pace one if i remember right.

    Hopefully Real will give us 15m for him in the summer. We need someone better. He seems to have lost what he once had.

  57. leon

    i realy dont understand the statements that wenger through away fa cup whan he played fab aa edwardo he did he rest a few players yes but is not as if his big players in the bench if fab aa edwardo ,diaby was injured song was away as was eboue and sanga was injured am i missing something just what exacly should he have done

  58. Stu

    Gambon, Its fucking annoying aint it.

    All this team knows what to do is attack and when we come up against a team who can defend against us we generally lose because our defence is shite.

    Vermaelen is seen as one of the buys of the season but even with his partnership with Gallas we still ship a record amount of goals.

    Everyone knows that the best defence usually wins the league over here. Why cant Wenger sort ours out. Defending is easy. Its basic stuff ffs. All it really is is being organised and recognising a threat. Almunia is definately our weak link imo. Until the keeper is sorted out we wont win much, if anything.

  59. reggie 57

    Why do people think we are still in the title race? fucking wake up we aint got no chance with the current management!!

  60. leon

    stu its funny i things change so quickly 2 years ago clichy is right up there 12 months ago we all ready push song out the door and no thing reversed no song has been of arsenal best players and clichy has so many injuries,diaby is starting to come good vern gallas cambell look realy good as does song and most of the time this team defended very well but from time to time they play like today,i dont think you can say there are not experienced players any more we have fab risicky aa gallas cambell,i feel sometimes you condede defiet and say some are just not good,i feel silvest ,almunia and delinson jsu dont cut it

  61. Lou

    Although I might be called reactionary I am coming round to the fact that we will not win another trophy under Arsene. Today was as painful an experience as I’ve had for a while at the ground. I’d like to offer extenuating circumstances to excuse the current state of the team when it comes to the big games but I can’t anymore. The line-up today was mystifying. To start without a central striker, play Arshavin in there again and then let the team pump high balls up to him seems little short of madness. To have a goalkeeper like Almunia as the No.1 is crazy. The list goes on and on. But none of this is new. Wenger tells us that we have plenty of strikers and central defenders and that Almunia is one of the best in the premiership. Ok. If we had found ourselves in this position because we had no money or for many other reasons, it might, just might, be forgivable. But no. We are in this position because Arsene has played fast and loose with the team. Giving Vela, Walcott, Denilson and Rosicky new and lucrative contracts is unfathomable. But the worse thing is to have had several chances in recent transfer windows to address our glaringly obvious problems and not to do so, for whatever reason that seems fashionable at the time, is nothing short of irresponsible and probably insane. We tumble along, beating most of the shit teams in the premiership, loosing players with alarming regularity to transfers or injury and Arsene sits there quoting platitudes about mental strength and confidence in players like Denilson who have no right to wear the shirt as they are simply not good enough. We, as a club, are at a crossroads. But we all know that nothing will happen. The balance of the team is wrong. The balance of the club is wrong and the manager had better wake up before it is too late. It might already be.

  62. reggie 57

    Great comments there lou you are so articulate with the way you put your point across…

    Agree 100% with you fella!!

  63. kirby

    lou spot on at the moment it’s horrible and today was the nail in the coffin..

    they are not gonna be comfortable going to the chavs. now what chance have they got? fuck all!!

  64. The Doctor 46

    Almunia is hopeless he looks shot to pieces he must know it the blame must be wengers he keeps picking him we dont have any decent keepers at the club gallas must be distraught having to play in front of that useless clown

  65. Lou

    Thanks Reggie. I like to think I don’t jump on every anti Wenger bandwagon but today was a turning point for me. Evra’s cruel jibe about men against boys last year came back to me today and I have been supporting Arsenal for so many years that it physically pains me to see us brushed aside like that. Ferguson destroyed Wenger tactically today and identified Clichy as a weak link. Yes, I know he has just come back from injury but I think he has been poor for 2 seasons now. The experiment has failed. It aint working but we are just good enough to convince Arsene that it is. He points to the goals scored and concludes that we don’t need a striker. What seems plain to me isn’t to him. He is not ruthless enough and his lack of investment will cost us Fabregas. Of that I am convinced.

  66. leon

    reggie are we realy out of the title race i dont think i think we will be if we lose against chelsea but its so much the points its mentally knowing have beaton at home so convincingly first chelsea then manu i think problem has nothing do with ability it the fact much of both chelsea and manu team have experience know what takes to win something and this young team who never won anything before

  67. rahul

    Gallas is great. He spoke the truth 1 1/2 year ago and got maligned. a load of crap. but he came to play today. and i salute him.

  68. The Doctor 46

    Leon i think we only have four players in the whole squad gallas vermaelen fab and vp who are winners when your getting Β£60 grand a week and long term contracts thats all that matters these days

  69. reggie 57

    Leon theres no use clutching at straws mate, if we lose to the chavs the gap will be 8 points and i cant see them losing enough games for us to catch them imo..
    sad but true!!

  70. reggie 57

    One point out of six so far and we have yet to play the chavs at fortress bridge and the bindippers at home is a piss poor return for a team which is supposidly challenging for the premier league!!

  71. Stu

    Reggie, dont forget that the chavs have a match in hand on us against Hull. So when they win that and if/when they beat us it will be 11 points again.

  72. leon

    lou you say wenger had failed bring in the proper signings in and yes letting 3 midfielders huge mistake but you are making a huge assumtion that top players you refering to were availeble in the market and i dont they are the top midfielders we had in the past,this team has very good cb and a dm player in song and maybe diaby yes we could witha striker and wenger policy for unless top top quality he wont buy if look at wengers top signing how many of them have been bums,i gues its weather trust wenger or not

  73. gambon

    Lets face it its already a 2 horse race, Chelsea are 5 clear with a game in hand. UTD are 4 clear.

    We could catch one team, but both, especially when Chelsea are the best home team anywhere, is virtually impossible.

  74. Stu

    Its not about top signings though Leon. We have a great XI. Its more the squad options that let us down.
    If we had a competent keeper that didnt scare the shit out of his own defenders and a proper defensive midfielder to cover for Song.

  75. A

    I’d be very surprised if Utd kept up with Chelsea. Unless we beat them at the weekend, I reckon Chelsea will run away with it.

  76. A

    I don’t think it’s as simple as a couple of signings Stu. Today Arshavin fucked up 2/3 times that would’ve make a MASSIVE difference, Vermaelen was imo the cause of their third goal. It’s not just the scapegoats that are fucking up in the big games, it’s the entire team, teh group mentality or something is very wrong

  77. Stu

    Arshavin can hardly be blamed for fucking up. He is being asked to play striker and strikers should be selfish. He shot when in on goal. All that was wrong was his finish.

    A, there are mistakes coming from players all over the pitch. I dont know why but its unacceptable. I dont know where either of our CBs were for Parks goal. CLichy was the only player back. Exactly like when Pienaar scored against us. We never fucking learn from our mistakes.
    I said pre season that Chelsea would win the league because they had a brilliant and everyone told me i was crazy, that they would struggle with Ancelotti and all their oldies. Oh well…..

  78. A

    I disagree Stu, it was very selfish, if there’s a pass there then he should pass it, whether being played as a striker or a midfielder!

    If he was playing as a wide man there, or an attacking midfielder, and another forward was playing, it’s totally plausible that he would’ve ended up in exactly the same position, with a forward where Nasri was, and he wouldn’t have done ANY different.

    Arshavin today did loads of good things, but every single one was followed by a bad thing, his end product, be it a shot or pass, was just atrocious today, which is very frustrating because it generally followed a moment of brilliance. If he’d been less selfish, or better finishing today, he could’ve single handedly won us the game in the first half.

    For Park’s goal Vermaelen was there, he was last man, but he went ball chasing when Rooney got the ball, dragged totally out of position, and it let Park just run straight through. Unusually poor, and very poor at that.

    When Piennar scored it was largely down to Denilson’s injury so I wouldn’t call it the same. Their second was however identical to last year against Utd, or City earlier in the season. One of the blokes I was watching the game with today made the point that for Rooney’s goal they could do the same advert they had on sky with our players taken out.

    I’m not sure anyone would’ve said you were crazy to say Chelsea would win the league, they were massively hyped by most from day 1, and massively over hyped imo! People made out they were unbeatable and noone had a chance!

    Whoever wins the league this year it’ll be because the other teams were worse rather than their being any good. Chelsea are currently the favourites, and their win at Burnley yesterday was their first away win since the game against us!

  79. A

    Good point gambon, I hadn’t looked at the table, for some reason I thought we were level on points before today’s game, my apologies.