Did you watch the semi final of the worthless cup Arsene?

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First of all let me start by saying I didn’t agree with Pedro’s summary of the Villa game, he’s entitled to his opinion and that’s why we write this blog, I don’t have to agree with it though.

Let me start by saying I didn’t think a draw against Villa was a good result, they haven’t scored in the Premier League since the 15th of December they were there for the taking and had we had a good enough squad we would have taken them, sadly we haven’t.

People were on here Wednesday evening and Thursday morning saying they were surprised some Grovers were upset as it wasn’t Wenger’s fault, it was the team.

Sorry, I beg to differ, Arsene buys the players and picks the team, what he has is a bunch of players that are either too young, and not ready yet to play against men, or ready, but simply not good enough.

Who’s not ready? Well Wilshere, Eastmond, Fabianski, Bendtner and Ramsey. Who’s not good enough? Denilson, Almunia and at the moment, Theo Walcott, who at £60k a week should be paying it back to the fans and not buying his girlfriend a Ferrari.

I’m sorry but in the real world where you earn £15k a year flipping burgers, if you started flipping them on the floor you’d be out that night, that’s in the real world though.

I like Theo, I really, really do, but someone needs to toe him up the arse and quick.

All this could have been put right with a few good purchases in the summer. We then get our annual injuries, and we always do, co-incidence plays no part, we get as many injuries every season, January comes and we get another chance, so what do we do? We say that we will only buy better players than we have, if we can’t buy better than Denilson and Almunia, then maybe we need counselling.

We now only compete in two tournaments, our manager considers the FA and Carling cups not worth the effort, or not worthy of a first team, how our kids get invaluable experience by playing 2 or 3 games then losing is beyond me, play them in a pre-season tournament like other teams do, that’ll do the same.

Please don’t say we got to the final one year because in those days we had a number of experienced players playing, he doesn’t do that any more.


I watched the Mancs going ballistic yesterday, they were as happy going to that final as they were when they qualified for the Champions league one, going to a final is as good as it gets for a fan, believe me, I went to Wembley when we won the league cups in 1987 and 1993 and the FA Cup in 1993 and 1998, I’ve been to Copenhagen for the Cup Winners Cup and every FA Cup final in Cardiff.

I declined going to Paris because of family reasons, so I watched that one on the TV.

I’ve also been to a World Cup final (Argentina vs West Germany) and I’m telling you fans are as happy with any final as long as their team is playing, that’s what fans do, they support their club.

(And before any monkey head out there calls me a spud, save your breath, it’s been done before and it’s normally a 9 year old who’s never paid to go to a game)

That’s what I’m doing, supporting my team, Arsenal. I buy a season ticket in the hope that we try and win all we go in for, if Arsenal decide that winning certain competitions doesn’t matter, fine, rebate the fans. You can’t have it both ways, that’s just plain greedy.

Please don’t tell me we are top of the league, in the next round of the FA Cup and through to the knock out stages of the Champions league, because we’re not anymore.

Yes if we win the league of course I’ll be delighted, but I’m fed up with the same thing happening every year, it’s now been 5 years since we won anything and 6 since we won the league, given we pay more than anyone in world football to watch our team, our manager gets paid more than 99% of football club managers and our we have the third largest wage bill in the EPL, I expect more. Why shouldn’t I?

Every year we get a chance to win silverware, every year we throw it away, watching the Mancs this year and the spuds last, really hurt. It could have been us.

Finally, Arsene, Ivan, Danny, Stan or any of you that care as much about our club as I do, feel free to respond, email me, the address is at the top. You are disappointing an awful lot of fans and holes are beginning to appear in the stadium, be warned, I watched Roma this week and they barely filled the space behind their goal!

That’s it, I’ve said my bit, next post I’ll be behind the team and bigging us up.

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  1. 78692

    Wenger steps up chase for Barcelona starlet
    Published 15:43 29/01/10 By John Cross
    Recommend (2)

    Arsenal Wenger is ready to pounce for Barcelona wonderkid Gai Assulin.

    Arsenal boss Wenger and his scouting staff are watching developments after Barcelona stalled on offering the 18-year-old Israeli forward a new contract.

    Assulin has been playing in Barcelona’s B team and Arsenal’s scouts believe he could be ready to follow in the footsteps of Cesc Fabregas and Fran Merida who left the Nou Camp for north London.


  2. A

    I was being retarded there actually, read “another transfer window” as “another transfer target”, thought someone we’d been after had signed somewhere else

  3. SUGA3

    Tom Watt is sucking up to OGL again 😆

    some fella just had a go on the phone and he looks like he is about to burst a vessel…

    hilarious 😉

  4. Keyser

    Has anyone read Martin O’neill’s comments about Wenger ? Heh, I hope it winds him right up, we could do with Villa taking points off the other top sides.

  5. B.B.K.

    With them comments im sure oneill will have no problem if villa decide to lie down for the mancs in the coming weeks

  6. El Tel

    Everyone lies down for the Mancs it makes no difference, beat them Sunday and it is down to us from then on.

    Read O’Neill comments, says they are laughing about it, Yeh Martin it certainly seems like you are laughing.

    with Heskey and the other giant lump up front it smells of hit and hope football and seeing as they find it hard to score goals maybe dear ol Martin should earn his huge salary and try fixing the problem.

    I love all this sniping at us as it means we are back in business.

  7. luke

    Does anyone out there rate Denilson or understand what Wenger sees in him? Im serious, not trying to be sarcastic or mock anyone, but Im curious.

  8. A

    Yes luke I rate him certainly. Not absolutely ideal for our needs depending on who he’s playing with, and the opposition, but he’s a good player in his own right. Just doesn’t have the physicality required in certain circumstances.

  9. SUGA3


    I rate him as a player, but not as a defensive midfielder 😉

    I reckon he could play in Cesc’s role in the Carling Cup games as well as against lesser sides in the Prem to give Cesc a rest…

    then again, there is Ramsey…

  10. ethangunner

    rse.com’s web team have taken it upon themselves to create a story Fergie won’t be happy with! Obviously the media asked the question but there’s no need for that headline!
    WHAT ?

    they created wenger stating ..

    he thinks rooney can play anywhere in the world and compares him to cesc our best player ??

    there are direct EXCLUSIVE quotes from wenger …
    talking on the current star of the next team we play . and favorably i might add , why would SAF be pissed ?

    what the fuck are you on about , that they fabricated the headline ?

    are you on acid ?

  11. A

    I don’t rate him in Cesc’s role SUGA, he doesn’t have the creativity, and is instinctively defensive, so doesn’t open teams up as much. He can pass the ball better than most DMs though, in a two DM team alongside a more athletic player, in a different league, he could be awesome, but as a lone DM in our system there will always be situations where he’s found lacking, because of his physical weaknesses.

  12. A

    huh Ethan?!

    Wenger was asked about comparisons between the two, and directly asked “could Rooney play abroad”.

    Wenger basically just answered yes, therefore


    As if he took it upon himself to talk about Rooney playing abroad, because of the Madrid rumours.

    It’s laughable, Arsenal.com has just become identical to the tabloids with the way in which they sensationalise all the comments from press conferences.

  13. ethangunner

    Im not sure what your trying to get at here A ( another example how Arsenal.cm are somehow totally separate from from the club ? )

    Oh yes .. the official web page with online store and exclusive stories that ALWAYS BREAK 1st on A.com is somehow nothing to do with the club !

    oh fuck me , your trying to tell me the computer geeks who web host ONLY this site have some hidden agenda ? the most creative thing any of them do is add a title to the story …

    oh please .. they process what ARSENALS HEAD OFFICES PR DEPARTMENT TELL THEM TOO ! and marketing ..

    A please .. you no nothing of big corporations ..
    you can also tell by the tame propaganda they post every day is so boring it must come direct from the club .

  14. A

    If the article was just quotes, it’d be fine, but it’s aggravating things, saying stuff like

    “Rooney’s capacity to transmit his Premier League success to Europe’s other top leagues has been called into question by Jorge Valdano, the Director General of Real Madrid.”

    That’s unnecessary, along with the sensationalist headlines.

  15. ethangunner

    Wenger couldn’t disagree more. He has seen Rooney at close quarters since the 24-year-old burst onto the scene as a teenager and has no doubts that the England international could shine in La Liga or Serie A.

    “I think Rooney can frankly play anywhere,” said Wenger.

    “I believe he has all the ingredients of a modern player, plus the mental strength and British commitment.

  16. A

    ethan those stories aren’t “breaking first” on Arsenal.com, as very very few do….

    They’re just hashed up from the press conferences, which are watched at exactly the same time as the rest of the press, and “broken” at the same time….


  17. ethangunner

    wenger is bigging rooney up basically ,disagreeing with real mardid coach that he feels wayne like cesc can play anywhere ! and cesc overcame the language barrier so cesc is just better on that count …

    thats what the articles about you doofus !

    YES A key thing to read is

    ‘question by Jorge Valdano’

    and wenger disagrees ! basically giving rooney a brown note kiss on his freckled ass !

  18. A

    Arsenal.com just ARE a tabloid now with the way they report all the press conferences, adding in their own spin, and sensationalist headlines, it bugs me, it should be a website that just reports facts.

  19. ethangunner

    A.com would HAVE exclusivity .. ask Geoff what thats all about A !

    if they were a tabloid they would be posting wild fucking rumors and making the site interesting ! FFS !

    they are clearly bound by guidelines A , if you cant see it . or think you know more .. which is no surprise .. GO AHEAD…

    make my day …

    so what happens when someone wants to by our away spuds lookalike kit .. they have outsourced there online shop to a tabloid ?

    hmmm ok …

  20. A

    ethan you need to change the way you speak, you make yourself come across like a bit of an idiot calling people doofuses, saying you know nothing of this and that etc.

    I’ve worked for the press, making up transfer rumours, these guys operate identically to how the tabloids do now, which annoys me.

    There is a press conference in which the press ask questions, and Wenger answers what they ask.

    They then take soundbites from that, and create articles from individual quotes, bigging them up to mean much more than they were meant to mean, and writing a sensationalist headline.

    The only difference between Arsenal.com and tabloid reporting is that Arsenal.com would never twist a comment to reflect badly on the club, whereas the tabloids do, the amount of actual content emanating from both is about the same, and the same amount of information carried.

  21. A

    ethan Arsenal.com do not have exclusivity on press conferences, obviously….

    Arsenal.com have “exclusive” interviews alongside press conferences, although the fact that in them Wenger is just asked exactly the same questions, and gives exactly the same answers, as in the press conferences, makes them pretty much useless! Arsenal.com stories also seem to use press conference quotes rather than interview quotes the vast majority of the time.

    The way they report press conferences is the same as the tabloids, that’s what I was saying. The way they twist answers Wenger gives to questions, to try and give them SO much more meaning than the way they were meant, or a different meaning, to try and generate more interest, along with the sensational headline.

  22. ethangunner

    ethan you need to change the way you speak…

    NO I DONT !
    because your full of it 🙂

    if you worked in the press spreading football rumors then i used to work in the Vatican .

  23. ethangunner

    yes well a rumor isn’t necessarily true or false now is it .. “spreading” rumours is what you did ..

    weve all been guilty from time to time of doing that .

  24. leon

    i have admitt i have rooney at arsenal any time i would what bottle of energy a real team player he will track back and defend will wide and score goals if had lazy ade had half the drive and commitment he had i know he plays for the ememy but i cant help but respect rooney

  25. ethangunner

    if you wrote it with the idea that no one would believe it then you were wasting your time ..

    but regardless of whether they spread rumors or not .

    comes out with player / manager exclusive interviews , has a online store attached . A if you think this website is independent of the club your in dream land . the online store for a start would be directly linked to the marketing/ sales department .

    Also knowing Arsenal tight approach to business why would you out source your own web page ?

    to give a external 3rd party a share for nothing ?

    sorry mate .. what you suggest is not only outrageous , it doesn’t have a shred of truth too it .

  26. ethangunner

    But Chamakh thats thats not alie!

    A thought it was 🙂
    didnt you, oh mighty ETHAN KNOWS NOTHING …

    if you did what you said you did in the past A you would have seen all the tell tail signs that the chamakh stories were real ..

    well im not going to judge you if you need to
    tell everyone after 1 year that your a media whore .
    BUT after all off season complaining that the media are a bunch of winey little girls , you now tell us your one of them ?

    and the worst sort of one of the TMI !

    too much info dude !

    doofus 🙂

  27. A

    ethan I never said it’s independent from arsenal football club, i said it’s independent of the playing side of things, wenger has nothing to do with the content on it, and those who write the content have very very little more knowledge about the football side than the tabloids, all their info comes from press conferences and interviews, the same as anyone else.

    It’s not out-sourced, I never said it was. Arsenal.com is run by a web team employed by Arsenal. My point is that that web team, apart from their “exclusive interviews”, have little or no more knowledge about what Wenger, or anyone else at the club is doing or thinking, than anyone else who listens to the interviews and press conferences.

    It also functions in EXACTLY the same way as the rest of the media – the web team listens to the interviews and press conferences, take soundbites out of it, and create articles out of them, exaggerating and sensationalising things that are said, and taking them out of context.

    The ONLY difference between that and the rest of the media is the fact that Arsenal.com will never create an article or twist the soundbites to show the club in a negative light, whereas the rest of the media will.

    I’m not one of them, I just spent a month working for one of the major newspapers, and one of the jobs I was given was to make up transfer rumours. Even just being there for a month you still get a very good idea of how transfer talk and general football stories in the media work, not just where you’re working, but at the clubs, and on TV channels.

  28. ethangunner


    Lets just take the nasri’s good enough to be DM story july 2 ?

    wenger obviously wants to dispel rumours hes buying a DM hence puts that nasri story into the mixer , someone at the club must of ok’ed this NASRI GOSSIP as fact .

    Im sure wenger on the odd occasion when in his press conference (which they get the exclusive on ) will dangle the odd carrot for him to get the point across , and A.COM is the vehicle A !

    A.com is the conduit to the fan .. or so they like to think ..

    and like you say they always sway the articles in favour of the club , if thats not propaganda from the top i dont know what is ?

    and yes im sure wenger doesn’t do the data entry for the web page , im well aware of that A !

    but im sure he uses it as a beacon to flag his point on the odd occasion .!

    like the ass kissing of rooney pre – game
    he respects sir alex , he also has done it too take the edge off the game pre – match .

    its direct club propaganda !
    and you heard it first where ?

    A.COM ..

  29. A

    See Ethan, that’s exactly my point, there was NO agenda there! Wenger didn’t ok anything – Wenger played Nasri deeper than Cesc when Cesc returned and was unfit. Therefore questions got put FROM the media, TO him about his plans to play Nasri as a DM! He wasn’t playing as a DM, he was playing in a deep playmaker role. Both Wenger and Nasri were asked about Nasri playing as a defensive mid, neither of them came out to state it, it was in response to other people asking. The media created that idea of Nasri playing at DM, and both said that he COULD play there, noone would ever say a player couldn’t! There was NEVER any chance of him actually playing the Song role. Both also said that there were benefits from playing there because he could get more time on the ball, they were talking about him playing ALONGSIDE a DM, it had nothing to do with Wenger’s intentions, or Nasri wanting to play there.

    Wenger has not done the ass-kissing of Rooney. He was asked about him and answered as anyone would!

    90% of press conferences you know the answer to, the press will ask about opposition players, or if he rates so and so, and EVERY manager will always say yeah they’re awesome

    It’s the media that controls the direction and topics, and Arsenal.com is no different from the tabloids in that respect

  30. luke

    Damnet I want it to be Sunday. I really do think we can win the next 3. We beat chelski at the bridge last year, we should have won at old trafford this year, and pool dont really worry me, especially home. COME ON YOU GOONERS!

  31. Pat

    And Smalling wasn’t cheap. Take into account the kid has barely played and the 2 times we’ve seen him play, he’s fucked up twice. Chelsea OG and ball watching against the Spuds

  32. Moray

    I tell you what, the fucking media in the UK are a joke. They’re so hungry for any story. Go on to NewsNow and every story is along the line of “O’Neill launches scathing attack on Wenger”.

    FFS. Grow up! It’s a non-story. They misquoted Wenger in the first place to drive the whole story. It’s like “Fabregas To Stay At Arsenal But Admits Respect for Barcelona”

    Winds me up. But I guess as we’re not signing anyone, we bring it on ourself.

  33. Moray

    Sign someone? I’m just surprised we haven’t had another round of tying shit players up to long-term contracts so that we can reach the contractual 70% investment in team spend…

  34. Moray

    I don’t believe we were ever going to sign anyone this winter.

    If we were looking at Smalling at all, it was not for this year anyway.

    I think we will sign a couple of players on frees in the summer. By which time it will be too late. The teams around us will have strengthened and we will be back to square one. Then we will be bought by that American prick who looks like Cletus the slack-jawed yokel and all the money Wenger has accrued at the cost of trophies will be bled out of the club anyway. Makes my blood boil.


  35. ethangunner

    before 5.17 on news now ‘no’ rooney story is featured ,BUT after A.com puts it too air the other blogs/ tabloids write about it .. proving that A.com is first with 90 % of the clubs info ..

    check below A !~

    In the last half-hour

    Football United: Kenyan Love For Manchester United And Arsenal Soothes Troubled Region… Goal.com 11:54

    In the last 2 hours

    O’Neill launches scathing attack on Wenger ESPN Soccernet 11:13

    In the last 4 hours

    Martin O’Neill faced up to Arsene Wenger over Villa rap Belfast Telegraph 09:58

    Arsene Wenger: We’re loving it Belfast Telegraph 09:42

    Alex Ferguson: United’s game with Arsenal is biggest of season Belfast Telegraph 09:28

    Wenger wary of the in-form Rooney The Irish Times 08:31

    Not quite make or break, but pretty close The Irish Times 08:31

    O’Neill: Wenger uses jibes to deflect from Arsenal’s failures The Irish Times 08:31

    Wenger: Rooney Will Bend Rules Against Arsenal Daily and Sunday Express 08:30

    O’Neill: I confronted Wenger over long-ball slur Irish Examiner 08:29

    Wenger looks to his Russian front Irish Examiner 08:29

    Fergie primed for ‘biggest game’ Irish Examiner 08:29


    Lay off Wenger, Ferguson tells United’s fans Daily and Sunday Express 07:50

    Ice cool Arshavin the new Ronaldo Daily and Sunday Express 07:44

    O’Neill: I don’t fall for all the Wenger ploys Daily and Sunday Express 07:30

    Angry Martin O’Neill tells Arsène Wenger to keep opinions to himself guardian.co.uk 07:23

    Wenger reignites Rooney diving storm Daily Star 07:21

    Wenger angry at Darren Fletcher’s play tactics Daily Star 07:14

    Ray Parlour: Arsenal to keep up with Man utd Daily Star 07:14

    Ferguson slams United’s yobs Daily Star 07:14

    Campbell’s focus won him signing with Arsenal Daily Star 07:14

    Arsene Wenger Admits Arsenal Are Relishing This Season’s Title Race Goal.com 07:13

    Arsenal is ‘biggest game of the season’ for Manchester United Daily Post – Man Utd FC 07:12

    Arsène Wenger occupies a unique position in the Premier League guardian.co.uk – Blogs 07:10

    Betting Odds Gunner Central (Weblog) 07:09

    FootyMAD’s Manchester United match preview Arsenal World 07:07

    Wenger: ‘We can beat United’ Yahoo! Eurosport 07:05

    In the last 6 hours

    Wenger: Sol Can Cope With Rooney Football 365 06:29

    Yoonited! Arsenal Insider (Weblog) 06:20

    In the last 8 hours

    Arsenal tracking Barcelona’s Gai Assulin and Nice’s Loic Remy Daily Mail 06:16

    An eye for the big picture The Daily Telegraph 06:12

    Sir Alex Ferguson defends Darren Fletcher over ‘anti-football’ slur guardian.co.uk – Sport 06:10

    ‘Campbell can cope with Rooney,’ says Wenger Telegraph.co.uk 06:08

    Inside the Kroenke empire Telegraph.co.uk 06:08

    Alan Smith: Sky thinking outside the box with Arsenal v Manchester United in 3D TV Telegraph.co.uk – Arsenal 06:04

    Wenger – Sol can shackle Roo Sky Sports 05:51

    Wenger: Campbell can cope with Rooney guardian.co.uk – Sport 05:40

    Wayne Rooney could play for Real Madrid – Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger salutes… Daily Mail 05:25

    Friday’s dust Arsenal Mania 05:25

    Premier League: Arsenal v Man Utd – Preview Arsenal FC – Official Site 05:17

    ‘Rooney is coming to his best age now’ Arsenal FC – Official Site 05:17

    ‘It’s a shame Giggs didn’t go to a World Cup’ Arsenal FC – Official Site 05:17

    Wenger – How Rooney made us pay the penalty Arsenal FC – Official Site 05:17

    Wenger – Why Rooney can make it abroad Arsenal FC – Official Site 05:17

    Assessment of the Big THREE in the Premier League Soccerlens 05:10

    You’re talking nonsense! Arsene Wenger is getting excuses ready if he blows Premier… Daily Mail 04:53

    Tim Collings’ Arsenal Outlook: Wenger’s Confidence Must Filter Through His Team Goal.com 04:52

    Premier League: Arsenal v Man Utd Match Preview insidefutbol.com 04:45

  36. ethangunner

    Wenger – Why Rooney can make it abroad Arsenal FC

    ‘Rooney is coming to his best age now’ Arsenal FC

    Wayne Rooney could play for Real Madrid – Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger salutes…

    oh yes wenger isnt arse kissing ..

  37. Moray

    my favourite:

    Wenger: Rooney Will Bend Rules Against Arsenal Daily and Sunday Express 08:30

    Reading between the lines, I’m guessing this means the cheating lumpen fuck will dive and foul his way to victory as he normally does…


    Wayne Rooney could play for Real Madrid – Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger salutes…

    This is Wenger’s piss-take. That ignorant prick couldn’t live abroad – he can barely speak English never mind learn a foreign language.

  38. Rohan

    naah, Beckham whatever you say, is surely a fair bit more intelligent and classier than granny shagger Wayne Rooney. 😀

  39. ethangunner

    yes GG but being NOT BUTT UGLY in a foreign country helps … so becks has the wood over rooney , charm can go along way 🙂

    i think Rooney would adapt to over sea’s living like Shane Warne did in Pakistan 🙂

    living from a baked bean tin 🙂

    besides he would fail to get a work permit as Ogre’s cant work in Spain 🙂

  40. gnarleygeorge9

    If beckham had nothave linked up with that shiela posh nosh, he would be just another burn’t out child prodigy like Gazza.

  41. Daryl Tay

    I’ve never felt Arsene was wrong for not buying but this year I really think he threw away our best chance for the title.

    And seriously I don’t know why he doesn’t get a new ‘keeper because the current ones we have are crap.

    I know some people like him, but to me, Bendtner is just not Arsenal material – sorry.

    We need to get back to the days where our wide players (Pires and Ljungberg) could score 20 goals a season between them.