Denilson could win player of the year / Arsenal, lucky to finish 7th

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Ok, so a bit of a silly headline there, but I think it’s fair to say, there were a lot of silly comments on the blog yesterday.

Geoff and I decided to clear the spam list out the other day and give certain folk another chance to post on the site. Some have come back and played ball, sadly, it seems others still haven’t learnt to behave.

Both sections on the positive/negative side are as bad as each other. We have a poor result and the positives come on the site prepared to say anything in defense of the team even if they don’t believe it, the negative come on the site armed with statements akin to a relegation dog fight.

I can accept difference of opinion, but when I look back and see childish sniping and bitching, it makes me a little sad. Even more disrespectful is when people start abusing the authors. Geoff and I don’t give a s**t about peoples interpretation of the Magna Carta because our own version of that document is engraved here. Respect it, or blog elsewhere.

May I just remind everyone, the success of the Le Grove comments section is down to you lot treating each other with deserved respect. Don’t lower yourself to the crap I read on other people’s websites, you’re better than that.

I’m not angry guys, just disappointed… let’s make amends today.

In other news, Alex Song’s Cameroon side were unable to beat the might of Egypt, so he’ll be on a jet plane, I’m not sure when he’ll be back again… I’ve heard for United. If some of you are celebrating Song’s return because you think that’s the end of Denilson’s first run, may I just laugh in your face and point my finger at you… that’ll never happen. Now Senderos has gone, Denilson has been promoted to love child number one. He’s here to stay people! I’m so glad I don’t have to listen to people telling me about how good Song was in the ACN…

It has all gone quiet on the transfer front. Goonertalk reported the news that Loic Remy could be on his way out of Nice after fans were so disgusted with his performance, they queued up outside the ground to spit at him and abuse him. An £11mill move has been suggested. Now, not one to put a dampener on a transfer rumour… but… if he’s not good enough for Nice fans, I’ll be damned if he’s good enough for Arsenal!

Wenger has been justifying his weak FA Cup team on the propaganda tv. He reckons the Frenchman has been on the verge of injury all season. Arsene, which of our players hasn’t been in that situation all season? Kind of like the 15 players we have on the verge of greatness! Jokes aside, Willy G has put in a sterling run this year, if wrapping him up in cotton wool keeps him fit, I’ll post my Tesco’s club card points to Arsenal to help with the cost of bulk buying the white stuff.

Finally today… the news you’ve all been waiting for… yep, you guessed it… we’ve been treated to the news of a young player signing on for 10 years. Yesterday was the turn of Vito Mannone.

A player we all know wont make it at Arsenal has been given a new long term contract! Great business Arsenal, I’m so excited. Vito must be chuffed knowing he has to displace Almunia, Fabianski and Chesney! I’ve got faith Vito, I’ve got faith!

Am I the only one who has noticed we seem to save these announcements for the days after poor results?

Just before I go, I’ve been working with a t-shirt designer on some designs of the hand painted variety. I’ll hopefully be able to showcase them later in the week! I’m looking forward to showing you!

Have a great day Grovers, keep it friendly in the comments section… Jesus would have wanted it that way.


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  1. ethangunner


    yeah ! agreed ..

    that was the point im trying to make all this BS over denilson (which i do agree he is playing crap )

    but shouldn’t we be blaming wenger for not realizing he is PLAYING CRAP ?

    is it denilsons fault he has to go out there ?

    and what sort of point does this prove , play as crap as you want .. you’ll get a call up next game anyhoo !

    total wank management !

    ( i know a few blokes here who would be interested in that 🙂 )

  2. dennisdamenace

    Ethan – Do we really need Denilson at all? After all if we take your analogy and go with Easteregg as a preference for defensive play, haven’t we got enough attacking quality in the rest of the squad to actually let this woeful player go? Surely from an attacking point of view he won’t be missed with the attacking options we have!