So Coyle says he was wrong, cynical or genuine? Please don’t play the kids.

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So Owen Coyle says the Gallas tackle was an honest mistake and he was wrong to say it was akin to assault, now its one thing to say he has calmed down, but as he said at the time, he will always say it as he sees it, he is an honest man… Oh blimey, he thought, I forgot I’ve been begging Arsene for super kid Jack Wilshere, I’d better say I didn’t mean it.

Sling your hook Coyle, you deliberately took the shine off our fantastic comeback, you conveniently forgot to look at the dirty tackles your team of yobs were putting in at the Reebok, you suddenly remembered you need a favour, well I hope Jack Wilshere goes to West Ham, you are off my Christmas card list and have joined Phil Brown, Steve Bruce and Fat Sam as the honest Brit pack that breed demons and try and tell the world they’re honest because they are British, you are a major disappointment Coyle, join the list of liars and cheats, you aren’t welcome at the Grove anymore.

Let also hope Arsene doesn’t put a team of kids out for the Stoke game, yes I know we have Villa midweek, so what? They are highly paid athletes, that’s their job, if we play the kids against Stoke, we’ll get beaten, if we don’t, then Stoke will have had an off day, they are no mugs.

The last time we were faced with this, we led the league, we were playing the Mancs at Old Trafford in the quarters (I think) I said here on Le Grove, if we field a weakened side the confidence could go out of the team and we could blow the league, we fielded a weakened side, we got hammered 4-1 and we blew the league.

No I’m not saying I know more than the manager, but I do understand psychology and I am stating the obvious, sometimes though the manager doesn’t seem to see what I do, it doesn’t make me right and him wrong, I’m just saying boss, remember what happened before.

Remember the Alamo!

I hope we’ve learned, we should be able to mix youth with experience, if we can’t then that’s another reason why we should be buying new players, now before January goes.

There is no excuse this season, we are top of the league and we are there for a reason, we are in the FA Cup, the knockout stages of the Champions League and if we have injuries then we need to buy, this season is no different, we always have injuries, I read Wolfsburg are interested in Senderos, if that’s true what are you waiting for? Get the chequebook out boss!

Someone like Dzeko will take us from contenders, to winners, he’s what we’ve been waiting for, our very own Rush, Drogba or Ronaldo. He’ll suit our style and we’ll will suit his, who cares what he’ll cost, buy him.

Haver a great day Grovers tomorrow we’ll find out how good our squad is!

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  1. Stu

    Is it out of the question to change numbers during the summer?

    Sagna 2
    Diaby not 2
    Clichy or Gibbs 3 (depending on who is seen as first choice)
    Gallas 6 (if he stays)
    Arshavin 10
    and after that it doesnt really matter.

  2. Samir

    City want to sell Robinho and get in David Silva….

    United are supposedly in talks with Toulouse for the powerful young midfielder Moussa Sissoko.

  3. Stu

    Fabianski had better be forst choice by the end of the season because ALmunia just isnt good enough. Wenger surely has to see this and rectify it.

  4. A

    I dunno Stu, if Almunia plays like he has in the past two games then that’s absolutely fine! I want Fabianski in there asap, though if it means we need Almunia howlers then I’d rather just wait until the summer!

  5. Stu

    Im sure Diaby doesnt want to be number 2 though. Its a stupid number for a midfielder, and an attacking one at that. I just think the numbers should be more organised.

    Its known as first eleven for a reason the best team should have the majority of 1 to 11 imo..thats all.

  6. Stu

    ALmunia is a fine keeper. But we need better than fine. Fabianski is just as likely to make a mistake as any keeper but much more likely to pull off the spectacular, which AL isnt.

  7. Samir

    Agree Stu, Almunia is not Arsenal quality. He shows some brilliance sometimes but is not what a top 4 team needs at the back…..

    Fabianski needs some games to improve, the earlier we give him the chance the quicker he will learn and cut out the mistakes…..
    Will be nice seeing how he does tomorrow with big Stoke and their set pieces….

  8. A

    Barca are just so good. Ibra and Messi on the same wavelength.

    Stu that was the older days, when the starting 11 wore 1-11 every game.

    Now there are squad numbers, they don’t mean the same thing.

  9. Stu

    Im not suggesting we should play numbers 1-11 every match but not having 2 in midfield or actually having the left back wearing no.3 or no.10 pulling the strings up front should be too much to ask.

  10. Stu

    Thats starting to change 78692, we were a much bigger distance ahead a while ago. But VPs injury has slowed us down while Barca has kept at the same pace pretty much all season.

  11. A

    It doesn’t matter though Stu! If Diaby wants to be number two, then that’s his squad number, squad numbers don’t relate to positions on the pitch at all, just as number 11+ don’t.

    I wouldn’t mind Cesc having number one!

  12. Stu

    I dont care if it doesnt matter who wears what. I just think it looks more organised to have players wearing proper numbers.

    It may hold no baring on how someone performs but i think its looks more professional to have things in order. The numbers matter to me..

  13. leon

    dj will be back in 7 weeks,i not sure what will happen to young defender noviet from norway,i see cambell as stop gap and will buy wenger time to look for younger i see it we have verm gallas silvest and cambell now i feel both silvest and cambel are very good for the younger players,i have no dought that gibbs and troare development has been helped by silvest alot you cant tell a player who has so has had experience of winning titles like silvest has no influence on the younger players and that was the main reason he was bought,and cambell will do similer thing he wont play week in out but can do ajob and help younger players however as players like gibbs and troare have matured i feel silvest and cambell will leave in the summer,

  14. chozzer

    I remember seeing a shirt with Camus and the number 1 on it and thought it was an existentialist joke…. until I found out he used to be a goalkeeper.

  15. Gunnersmith

    Hello grovers feels really good to be called league leaders once again it’s been a while, really hoping we stretch this lead beyond this week though.

  16. jlp

    Kinda weird business Senderos going off on loan,
    Why not just sell him and get what we can for him
    He is out of contract in the summer and I can’t see him ever extending or being given the chanceto extend his contract for all the obvious reasons
    really odd business

  17. A

    because noone wants to sign him permanently jlp, players often go on loan when their contract is set to expire if they aren’t wanted at their parent club as such.

    Everton will have paid a loan fee pretty much the same as what we’d have gotten for a transfer fee anyways, wouldn’t say it’s odd at all!

  18. jlp

    OK slight misunderstanding on my part then i wasn’t aware that there was a loan fee
    I just assumed they paid the wages that their contract with the parent club stipulates
    good info A

  19. ethangunner

    for once i agree with A , might as well get someone else to pay the last of his wages ..
    also if he finds form knowing wenger he will offer him a new 3 year contract to never play for us again .


  20. Stu

    Its not uncommon for clubs to loan out their players when their contract us up.

    Liverpool Pennant on loan to portsmouth with 6months left.
    Maxi to liverpool this season
    and there are probably a lot more too.

  21. ethangunner

    you can imagine wenger saying senderos has found some form out on LOAN , so we extended his contract …

    HE __ will be like new signing for us ___

  22. A

    In this instance it would be Zorro.

    When a player goes on loan the club taking him usually pays a transfer fee, proportionate to the length of the loan. As he only has six months left of his contract, I’d expect Everton to be paying to take him on loan for 6 months would be pretty similar to the amount they’d pay for a transfer, with his only having 6 months left.

  23. A

    That’s just me speculating there, nothing been reported, but when players go on loan somewhere, there’s usually a loan fee involved, and it would make sense that it’s the same as the transfer fee, considering Everton would be essentially paying to have him for the 6 months he’s still contracted to us, whether he’s joining them permanently or on loan?

  24. Pat

    Nice president said he will allow Remy to leave if he wants to.

    He said, roughly, something like this:

    “WIll Rennes, Lyon, Arsenal make him happy?” at the end of the interview.

    If we’re in for him, no doubt he’ll choose us. Said his dream club would be Arsenal when asked a few months ago.

  25. Ray in SF

    with an 8-hour lag, I’m slowly reading through the why-do-we-get-so-many-injuries-today-when-in-my-day-we-played-on-crappier-pitches-with-half-as-big-a-squad-and-no-substitutes, etc.

    so, if this has been done to death today, please excuse.

    could it be that the game used to place a little less weight on technical skills and much more on durability?

    what’s the point of talent if it’s never available?

    in the 70’s “He’s very talented, but injured a lot!” was a career-killer, while today it’s more a case of “Well then, let’s get two of him and hope that at least one of them is healthy enough to play.”

    In the US they describe Jaguars as one-on-the-road & one-in-the-workshop, same philosophy

  26. Samir

    Arsenal favourites to sign teenage sensation Victor Moses from Crystal Palace
    Arsenal have emerged as favourites to sign Crystal Palace’s Victor Moses.

    Manchester City have been trying to sign the 19-year-old forward but it is understood that the player would prefer to move to the Emirates.

    I’d take a chance on him for 3M. We could always sell him for around the same price if he doesn’t turn out very well.

  27. Samir

    Fabianski,Eastmond,Campbell,Vermaelen,Traore,Denilson ,Wilshere,Rosicky,Walcott,Eduardo,Vela ,Mannone, Clichy, Silvestre, Emmanuel Thomas, Coquelin, Sunu, Bartley.

  28. Samir

    Our squad for Stoke;

    Fabianski,Eastmond,Campbell,Vermaelen,Traore,Denilson ,Wilshere,Rosicky,Walcott,Eduardo,Vela ,Mannone, Clichy, Silvestre, Emmanuel Thomas, Coquelin, Sunu, Bartley.

  29. Samir

    Our squad for Stoke;

    Emmanuel Thomas

  30. Samir

    Squad for Stoke;
    Emmanuel Thomas

    Looks strong enough…

  31. Ray in SF






    subs: Mannone, Wilshere, Silvestre, Emmanuel Thomas, Coquelin, Walcott, Bartley.

  32. Samir

    I think it will be;


  33. Ray in SF


  34. A

    Samir that’s exactly what I’m thinking team wise, apart from perhaps JET for Wilshere, depending on how Wilshere is having just returned from injury, match sharpness etc.

    I’d much rather we didn’t go for Moses, and feel like it would be very unlikely that there’s any truth in it, he just isn’t that good imo

  35. Samir

    Yer A, I was also thinking that JET deserves his start, Stoke could be the perfect game seeing he is quite physical himself.

    Pat, so our new boy is 17 then…. That’s nice to hear.
    Hope he gets his permit A.s.a.p. Not likely though ehh.

  36. Pat

    Wouldn’t say we’re that thin Luke. Its just that we have 3 CM injured. Diaby, Merida and Nasri. Actually 4, I forgot Ramsey.

    besides that and the long term injuries, only Bendtner and Sagna are out. Both should be back against Villa though

  37. Pat

    Luke, nasri and Ramsey should be back for Chelsea. Diaby should be back for United. We’ll have to struggle against Villa though. I thought DIaby was brilliant against them.

  38. A

    Ramsey should be back for Villa shouldn’t he?

    I agree about Diaby, last couple of games he’s destroyed them. Without him nor Song we’ll certainly lack some physicality in midfield against them.

  39. A

    What do you mean out of the blue Pat?? Media hacks just trying to unstable us by deliberately twisting things Cesc has said in the past, taking them out of context, and putting a sensationalist headline to create something totally and utterly make believe!

  40. gnarleygeorge9

    Ok, I’m back from the beach. I see manure have gone top. I’ll need a link for this Stoke game coz I pissed Setanta off my cable.

    Geoff, no one survived the Alamo 😉 Well only Mexicans. Are you saying play Vela?

  41. Pat

    Hmm, latest rumors said Cesc may play because he wants to play against Stoke.

    A bit like yesterdays rumors. Rooney was supposed to be rested, but wasn’t because he wouldn’t take no for an answer.

  42. Pat

    He’s a player with unbelievable technique, a great right foot, and unstoppable in the air. Back in Poland they call him the Polish Drogba!

    Lack of transfer activity is driving me insane.

    Good night grovers. Waking up in 4 hours to watch the game.

    Coquelin Campbell Vermaelan Clichy
    Cesc Eastmond JET
    Theo Eduardo Vela

    Thats my guess.

  43. SUGA3

    some signing, this 😉

    I remember Jol having an overly honest moment during the 2006 ACN and saying that one of his problems is having him as Mido’s replacement 😆

  44. Micky Did It 89

    Morning Grovers.
    Whether or not our Great Leader plays weakened team or not today, I imagine the team selection will tell us what he has in mind to deal with the DM role for the next not insignificant league games.
    He wont, but I would, stick Vermy in there.

  45. SUGA3


    yo be honest, I would rather keep the CB partnership as it is and play Eastmond instead of Denilson there!

    he could do well against Villa and we should have Song back for the ManYoo game 😉

  46. Micky Did It 89

    Suga3: I know what you mean by not breaking up the CB’s, but they will be very exposed without a decent DM, also, a decent DM allows the more offensive midfilders to concentrate on what they do best. I agree that if Song is back, and ready, for Utd then this changes things.

  47. finestcuts

    The writing is on the wall, why did we lose? Because we had a makeshift defence who are not match fit and a DM playing at right back, as well as an inexperienced DM and GK against a full strength EPL team with a pacy international forward. Wenger was playing roulette with the defence and we were relying on luck.

    So onto Villa, a must win game.