I’m feeling a little smug sitting on top of the league. Can we stay there?

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Well it does feel good sitting on the top of the pile does it not? You could not have written a better script for this could you? 11 points behind a month ago and playing 4 teams all in the top 5 in the next month to stay in front, wow!

Well it simple, win them and the title’s ours, don’t win them and who knows, but if we beat them we will put daylight in there, this is so close we can touch it, we have held it together well, we have learned to scrap and that game against Bolton showed that in spades.

We have a few stars in the making in Craig Eastmond and Aaron Ramsey and we have a few that are not improving, and we know who they are, don’t we?

However, we have lost our ability to hold the ball up, knock the ball down and win headers from corners, crosses and free kicks.

Arsene, we can win the league, for the first time since 2004 we actually look like we can win the league, if we signed a world class striker, we would win the league.

I like Edin Dzeko, I would go and get him, but you must know plenty of others that could do the job, even an Adriano would do it, we are that close it would be such a shame to lose out.

The Chavs have lost their big guns, the Mancs are short of centre backs, Liverpool are all over the shop and Villa aren’t good enough, we will never have a better chance, this is it.

Please get the cheque book out and seal the deal for us, let’s not have another season of near misses.

I think signing Sol was a good move, though I still think we need a strong tall centre back, the summer is fine though, we can wait.

I still think we need a keeper, but I also believe Fabianski can do that job, when Robin gets back we’ll be okay but only until he gets injured again and Bendtner isn’t ready for the number one role yet, but I do like him, however I think you know we need one but are reluctant to buy.

I really got excited by the silly Dzeko rumours yesterday, but I knew deep down they weren’t true.

Anyway, we are top of the league and that I’m going to enjoy until we aren’t. Hey who knows, we may well stay there until the end, that would be good wouldn’t it!

Have a great day Grovers, tomorrow we get into FA Cup mode!

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  1. nucks

    morning everybody! Is it me or does everything feel better in life being at the top of the table? I don’t expect us to crumble this season but it will take an exceptional month to put us in the driving seat. Are we sure we need a striker? It’s not as if we aren’t scoring goals for fun is it? I think we have enough up front. I worry more about cover for song, but we’ve still been ok. Just a keeper!! I understand why everyone wants to sign players but last year Arshavin stood out as someone we needed. This season I don’t know who stands out as someone who can do it on the big stage. Why don’t we just clone Fabregas and have three or four of him playing at once!!!