Galindo to go on loan, Zarate though, that’s just rubbish. Leeds and Pompey, what lesson?

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So it appears we really did sign Galindo, blimey 17 years old and 6’2″ boy that’s tall for a Bolivian, although he is young and we won’t see him for a few years, at least he’s a big lad, and that’s a good sign, him and 18 year old Jay Emmanuel Thomas in the midfield will be an impressive sight indeed.

Zarate though hmmm, this is what his agent had to say…

Jose Alberto Coppola said

‘I am in touch with Arsenal, they want to increase their attacking potential and to do so are already prepared to offer the €40 million that will deliver him’

Well as soon as I read €40 million I smirked, as soon as I read he doesn’t even play for Argentina yet I guffawed, that one is not worth the paper it’s written on.

Bolton tomorrow is a big one, yes they have a new manager in Owen Coyle but we have Cesc Fabregas back and Cesc makes us tick, add that to the fact that they aren’t very good and we should beat them quite easily, they are not the Bolton of old, this mob are the Bolton that’s going down quicker than a Eastern European hooker, so I expect the next 6 points to be in the bag.

I think he’ll play Diaby in a more forward role and I hope to see Clichy back too, I would give Campbell a run out to see what he has, we know he’s fit and our centre backs have not had a rest yet, so maybe tomorrow’s the day, either way with 3 games in 7 days coming up, we will see Campbell again at the back.

Time is running out on signing a new forward, because if we don’t do it soon January will be gone and we won’t need one as much, but with the games we have coming up, we need a forward now, so as it hasn’t happened, I don’t think it will.

Still as Pedro said yesterday, through superb foresight our board and management team have made us a bunch of money, however, if my main concern was prudence and cash flow, I would go and sit in the Bank of England for 90 minutes every Saturday instead of spending my hard earned watching Arsenal. That way I’d never win anything, but I’d be happy that the place I was in generated sensible and vast amounts of cash from it’s customers. (a bit like we do)

Me? I would sooner have a few trophies. Man United and Liverpool will always be around and always be big clubs, people get hung up on Leeds and Portsmouth, and the fact that if we spend money, we could end up in the shitter, like they have, don’t, they have never seen as big clubs (except Leeds fans who think they were, well they are bigger than Portsmouth anyway, I’ll give them that) although both clubs have always had massive support.

Please stop telling me you won the third, second and first division trophies Leeds fans, we all know.

Add to that what they did was buy complete teams, and for silly money, Arsenal only need three players for total domination, there’s a big difference between that and doing a Leeds.

What denotes a big club is history, trophies and support, we have all three, well we used to, and that is what we should worry about, we’ll never lose our history, that is written, but lose one of the others, you’ll lose more than you bargained for, and that my friends is todays riddle!

What am I on about! Enjoy today Grovers, tomorrow the scrap begins.


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  1. nucks

    i think we should definately be aiming for top 2. also if we did manage to win the champions league, that would really hurt the chavs. that’s the one that the chavs really want…..

  2. nishanth

    I think we should start playing eduardo as a CF now.He is looking a little more sharp now.Also will get the best out of arshavin