Arshavin speaks!

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Arsenal’s film star signing Andre Arshavin says Arsenal will need a miracle if we are to win anything this season, he says that we have been plagued with injuries and if we sign anyone, it will be at the last minute.

He’s only been here a year, but I think he is becoming a Grover with his thoughts, I’m not sure how his boss will take to his latest comments but I do think he has a point!

Chelsea are looking at Ribery and Arguela, Everton are sounding out a loan deal for Ben Arfa, the Mancs are looking at Di Maria and we are looking at Saha and Campbell, says it all really, and there I will leave it, the rest is up to the boss.

I watched the Africa Cup of Nations yesterday and Coté de Ivorié looked a real shower of stools, they had a team full of stars but couldn’t beat whipping posts Burkina Faso, what was funny were the hair do’s, they had one player who looked like he had a set of curtains on his head, Gervinho, a couple of Mohawks, and Didia Drogba’s ‘borstal boy’ hair do, and that really was as entertaining as that match got, the Toure’s were both rubbish, Eboue was his usual self but the kits looked impressive, I really like the Ivory Coast’s colours, I wish we could learn from Puma with our kits, they were really smart. Algeria, our world cup group opponents got beaten 2 zip and it looked like England have a chance in June!

I did criticise the competition, but only for the timing and the fact we lose key players twice every 4 years, but I do like the fact I am watching football when we aren’t playing, so it’s not all bad.

After the Everton match I was wondering if we should give Coquelin a go, I know he’s young, but he is a real fighter, and had he gone over like Denilson did, he would have fallen on the ball with his teeth, unlike Denilson who almost gifted them a goal, I think it’s time the boss gave him a try, as I see it, we couldn’t do worse.

Maybe he should try Watt or Thomas in the middle, we really lack a tall front man to hold the ball up and we were looking one dimensional, never mind the goals we are scoring, if we had a front man, perhaps we could score even more.

I had an idea yesterday, what about trying Vermaelen as the defensive midfielder? Although he is doing really well with Billy, we still ship goals, maybe if we tried someone else in the back four, having Vermaelen protecting them may well do it. Trouble is I don’t know who to suggest going in the hole, maybe Campbell, don’t forget it’s only a stopgap, maybe try something crazy like buying a centre back, a premiership player that would slot right in, like Cahill or the Stoke boy, just a thought, for me Vermaelen may just be the answer we have been looking for, he’s tough, fast, reads the game well, heads a ball and knows where the centre backs are, or should be, don’t shout me down because of the love for Song, he’s not here and we have a bunch of make or break season games coming up.

What we had against Everton didn’t work! We are entering into that faze where games will run out, and with the oil rich chav mancs winning again, we have to protect our ECL spot, I kid you not, they are right up behind us and with the spuds, scousers and Villa behind them it wouldn’t be hard to find ourselves way down the table, in a heartbeat.

Think about it, don’t have a cow, just think about it, it could just solve the problem without costing us too much of the money we don’t appear to have.

Have a great day Grovers, plenty to debate!

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  1. Jaguar

    We have enough of this ‘future stars’ gambon.I would rather have some one,who would project us to the double this season.Anything less than a CL/PL would be a disaster.

  2. Pat

    If Ade loves the club, then fair play to him. I dislike him but I won’t call him a cunt.

    Maybe he was pushed out for money. We just don’t know. The way he celebrated might have been out of frustration at being kicked out.

    Maybe it was directed more towards the club and not specifically the fans.

  3. Jaguar

    A mercenary bastard who compared himself to one of the best players who has ever worn a red and white jersey,would never command a place in any Arsenal fan’s heart.

  4. SUGA3

    evening all 😉

    Vela on the left is a brilliant piece of work whenever he plays on the wing with Eduardo…

    but somehow we don’t see this combo too often 🙁

  5. Gooby

    Maciek- not yet but david o’leary to boost the defensive department! 6 months pay as you play. decent and tall CB can do well

  6. Maciek

    LOL.Gooby. You have a great sense of humor. Shame, that we have become so unambitious. We are a joke of a Club at the moment.

  7. A

    Pat I wouldn’t say that there’s any chance he loves the club! He’s shown his feelings towards the fans and his teammates certainly, and talked about the manager pushing him out!

    He was wearing an Arsenal polo shirt purely because it was just any old shirt still in his wardrobe from his time at the Emirates, totally meaningless!

    Gooby yes Murphy is very good, and has alot of potential, but he’s had a couple of serious injuries in his short career that have stunted his development. Still has the potential to be a very good player, in the Dean Ashton mould, but a bit smaller

  8. Gooby

    Maciek- seriously, i don’t think the move is THAT bad regarding the poor cover we have at the moment (talking about fish-head) we can’t afford to have a headless chicken trying to catch other teams player without any success.

    sol if needed(i hope we won’t need to play him much tho) offers another option, tall strong and experienced. he may do well if we need to rest TV or billy.

    and cambell will be off in 6 months.

    the only worrying thing now is that wenger will probably sell senderos who is young and can produce in the future.

    thuram did well at barca, he was 36, larson did well at untd

  9. Jaguar

    Larson was a striker,and had incredible fitness expected from a 36 year old.Nevertheless,Campbell is better than nothing.

    I hope Mr.Wenger recruit a striker this Jan.

  10. A

    I’d wait until someone more reputable than the Mail have the story before ruling out our signing Chamakh Paul!

    I agree Gooby, I’d like to see Senderos stay, but Wenger obviously sees something in him that he doesn’t like, which is a pity.

    Sol is a weird deal, especially for Wenger, but having been training for so long with us he’s obviously proven his physical fitness. I’m still wary about the deal though.

  11. A

    For that sort of money we would never have competed Gooby, and wait until official confirmation before ruling out our snapping him up!

  12. Pat

    That is such bullshit. 25 million for a player with 5-6 months left on his contract. Don’t buy it. A story about us signing Messi is just as realistic.

  13. Pat

    Proof that its fake:

    But the player is one of the hottest strikers in Europe, and the Anfield club’s hierarchy see his capture as a signal of intent to go for the best young players to build for the future.

    1. He’s not a hot striker at all. Doesn;t score much but a superb link up man and great in the air. We don’t need a prolific scorer, we need someone to make things click so all the others score. Chamakh would be great for us. I really don’t see how he can be as useful for Liverpool, but oh well.

    2. He’s not young.

    That site should do their research

  14. Pat

    Courtesy of ToffeeWeb:

    Arsenal nab Galindo
    Arsenal have stepped in to sign Bolivian “wonderkid” Samuel Galindo after the 17 year-old left a trial with Everton without a deal being agreed to bring him to Goodison, according to The Mirror.

    The Blues either couldn’t agree terms or decided not to take up the option to sign the Bolivian U-21 captain and Arsene Wenger picked him up after watching him train with the Gunners.

    Assuming a work permit can be agreed — Arsenal will need to make a case based on his talent — he will cost £500,000.

  15. Pat

    South African side Mamelodi Sundowns have denied that defender Siyanda Xulu is to have a trial at Arsenal despite a story appearing on the club’s official website.

    A story on the site suggested Xulu, 18, was to head to Emirates Stadium as a potential replacement for Kolo Toure, who left Arsenal for Manchester City in the summer.

    However, Downs spokesperson Alex Shakoane insists there is no truth in the report and that there are no plans to allow him to leave.

    “We know nothing about it and we will ask the webmaster about it,” he told Kick Off. “The boy is staying put. He is still young with a lot to learn.”

  16. Pat

    Volante, I think thats a CAM. Typical really. Also, when was the last time that a defender was described as a “wonder kid”? haha

  17. Sion De Freitas

    Arsene will probably get a few cheeky signings in. This is just how he likes it, discreet, so things go on without a hitch. Arshavin’s transfer was public, and look how drawn out and suspect that was, thankfully we got him in the end. Vermaelen was kinda out of the blue, and that went off with no problems. I could be wrong now………but I expect more signings.

  18. Sion De Freitas

    This Galindo kid looks like another Diaby lol. Not sure we need another one, although Wenger might do something cheeky and make this guy a striker or something, he’s quite tall for a midfielder, about 6 foot 3 I think.

  19. ethangunner

    good article

    clear and too the point

    Manager Arsene Wenger knows Campbell well and has had him training with the club for weeks now, so he is perfectly placed to decide whether he think the 35-year-old can still cut it in the Premier League. Wenger will have tested him physically and analysed his fitness levels, both objectively and against those of the rest of his team. Any judgement will therefore have been made on a sound basis.

    Campbell certainly knows the club well, having spent five years at Arsenal earlier in his career, so will immediately feel at home. And while he may have lacked motivation during his ill-fated spell at Notts County earlier this season, he will surely have no such problems when it comes to performing in the top flight.

    I could not see a deal going beyond the end of the season, but if it gives Wenger reliable cover for William Gallas and Thomas Vermaelen at centre-back, then a short-term deal represents only a minor gamble.

    The same can be said of Vieira’s move to resurgent City. Astute Eastlands boss Roberto Mancini can pull the plug in the summer if the Frenchman’s stay does not work out, but there is every reason to think it will. Vieira is more comfortable in possession than the man whose place in midfield he is most likely to take, Nigel de Jong, and is desperate to perform in order to win a place in the France squad for the World Cup.

    The 33-year-old may be on his last breath, but he is motivated, will provide much-needed leadership and experience of winning top prizes, and has not cost a penny in transfer fees.

  20. ethangunner

    Vieira should have re-joined also !
    arsene your a stupid man !

    at 33 paddy will be out to get a place in (you would think ) his last WC ..

    he will play like a devil for 5 months , and in my estimation thats all we need !

  21. ethangunner

    that would be a classic fairy tale finish to the season , the 2 old boys come back and show this generation how to fucking win things !

    both contracts are only for 6 months and give us some cover for NO FEE’s !

    and can groom as you go these mob of bed wetters !

  22. ethangunner

    speaking of which this galdino is 17 ..
    whilst im sure he will be great FOR THE FUTURE ,
    we have a title to win !

    stop fucking around wenger …

    the days are ticking away.

    and with it the title !

  23. Hat-trick Hero

    Ethan, your right mate.
    I can’t see why Wenger can’t just get the players we need, for the positions we need to cover.

  24. AA23

    can people have a quick read of le grove before they post?
    that Adebayor shirt story must have been on here 480,000 times today.

  25. ethangunner

    480 000 TIMES ? not bad considering there was only 1240 odd blog entries today , good old aa23 , the over exaggerating victim from Montreal ..

    keep it about football !

  26. ethangunner


    another super signing Galindo … 17 …
    heaps of potential !we will see him i hope play in the 1st team prior to both of us entering old age homes



  27. ethangunner

    wenger has this infatuation for young Brazilian boys .

    i had the same sort of fetish about asian girls

    so i can understand him a little better now …

  28. Micky Did It 89

    Looks like Chamakh has signed pre-contract stuff with Pool.
    EXCELLENT. That means we can still get Villa.

  29. Micky Did It 89

    Just discovered that if I had spent an extra £500 on my new laptop, I could have had one with the numbers on the right hand side. This is very very annoying.

  30. stonroy

    I’ll say it now because I won’t be around for the morning post. Adebayor wore an Arsenal shirt because no one cares about Manchester City in Africa. Our club on the other hand is HUGE in Africa and he’s only trying to remain important. he doesn’t love our club, he just loves to be loved. Adebayor doesn’t care about anyone but himself. I’m off.

  31. kingsley

    chamakh for liverpool…flamini to the spuds…wenger get your finger out and spend our money. if we got both of them the league would be ours.

  32. dennisdamenace

    Everyone looking forward to AW’s post season whine about injuries closely to be followed by another ‘judge me in’ comment……

  33. LAzer

    Wheere was Pedro’s famous match report for the everton game?

    So Wellington, Galindo and Sol so far…everyones thoughts?

  34. dennisdamenace

    Look at last season, it was in danger of going down the toilet until we strengthened our first team with some quality by the name of Arshavin! He joined us and gave us a lift and we kicked on to claim 4th place (whoopie!), we need a similar singing or two to kick on this season too, the difference this time is that it could mean actually winning the fuckin league……

  35. Geoff

    LAzer, he was as flabbergasted as I was, didn’t know how to give anyone more than a 3. Plus he was out on the lash that night!

    For answers, read todays post. Informative, fair and probing.

  36. Pat

    I don’t think we’ll be getting rid of Botelho. He looks really tall and quick. Better attacker than what he have at LB. If he’s good defensively, he has a future with us.

  37. dennisdamenace

    Geoff – I truly despair of Wenger if he doesn’t do something in this window, because I truly believe the league is there fir the taking, but equally by sticking with what he’s got we may struggle to even stay in the top four!

  38. LAzer

    I would have done one Geoff, but missed the game myself. Watched on ATVO today despite knowing the scoreline. Ya I have no life.

    More like 2s for the lot and a negative for the gk.

    Nasri was halfway decent though I thought, and Vela was good and lively when he came on.

  39. Pat

    Apparently we’re trying to get a permit for Galindo asap so he can play a part this season.

    Captaining your u-21 team at the age of 17. Was in the team of the tournament despite Bolivia being underdogs. Similar to Vieira from what I’m reading.

    I’m all for these signings and I do think we’ll sign an experienced striker this window

  40. Cescs_MyBoy

    Morning gents,

    Pleased with our transfer activity so far -needs to be capped off with a lovely new striker.

    When that happens will all the pre-emptive abuse of Wenger stop I wonder…………