Arshavin speaks!

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Arsenal’s film star signing Andre Arshavin says Arsenal will need a miracle if we are to win anything this season, he says that we have been plagued with injuries and if we sign anyone, it will be at the last minute.

He’s only been here a year, but I think he is becoming a Grover with his thoughts, I’m not sure how his boss will take to his latest comments but I do think he has a point!

Chelsea are looking at Ribery and Arguela, Everton are sounding out a loan deal for Ben Arfa, the Mancs are looking at Di Maria and we are looking at Saha and Campbell, says it all really, and there I will leave it, the rest is up to the boss.

I watched the Africa Cup of Nations yesterday and Coté de Ivorié looked a real shower of stools, they had a team full of stars but couldn’t beat whipping posts Burkina Faso, what was funny were the hair do’s, they had one player who looked like he had a set of curtains on his head, Gervinho, a couple of Mohawks, and Didia Drogba’s ‘borstal boy’ hair do, and that really was as entertaining as that match got, the Toure’s were both rubbish, Eboue was his usual self but the kits looked impressive, I really like the Ivory Coast’s colours, I wish we could learn from Puma with our kits, they were really smart. Algeria, our world cup group opponents got beaten 2 zip and it looked like England have a chance in June!

I did criticise the competition, but only for the timing and the fact we lose key players twice every 4 years, but I do like the fact I am watching football when we aren’t playing, so it’s not all bad.

After the Everton match I was wondering if we should give Coquelin a go, I know he’s young, but he is a real fighter, and had he gone over like Denilson did, he would have fallen on the ball with his teeth, unlike Denilson who almost gifted them a goal, I think it’s time the boss gave him a try, as I see it, we couldn’t do worse.

Maybe he should try Watt or Thomas in the middle, we really lack a tall front man to hold the ball up and we were looking one dimensional, never mind the goals we are scoring, if we had a front man, perhaps we could score even more.

I had an idea yesterday, what about trying Vermaelen as the defensive midfielder? Although he is doing really well with Billy, we still ship goals, maybe if we tried someone else in the back four, having Vermaelen protecting them may well do it. Trouble is I don’t know who to suggest going in the hole, maybe Campbell, don’t forget it’s only a stopgap, maybe try something crazy like buying a centre back, a premiership player that would slot right in, like Cahill or the Stoke boy, just a thought, for me Vermaelen may just be the answer we have been looking for, he’s tough, fast, reads the game well, heads a ball and knows where the centre backs are, or should be, don’t shout me down because of the love for Song, he’s not here and we have a bunch of make or break season games coming up.

What we had against Everton didn’t work! We are entering into that faze where games will run out, and with the oil rich chav mancs winning again, we have to protect our ECL spot, I kid you not, they are right up behind us and with the spuds, scousers and Villa behind them it wouldn’t be hard to find ourselves way down the table, in a heartbeat.

Think about it, don’t have a cow, just think about it, it could just solve the problem without costing us too much of the money we don’t appear to have.

Have a great day Grovers, plenty to debate!

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  1. Zorr0

    Fuck me Sol sounds like he fancies his chances judging by that ESPN interview.

    West ham have pulled 1 back with a Sears pen. All the journos fucked off when Sol didn’t come out for 2nd half! lol

  2. ethangunner

    A Says:
    January 12, 2010 at 20:05

    ggy yeah he was ideal for 4-5-1, simply incompatible in our 4-3-3, as any solely target man type forward would be.
    if ade was that successful we would of won something !

    get a grip he was a square peg in a round hole , apart from a 4 month purple patch his career at Arsenal was nothing short of a disaster movie !

  3. patthegooner

    Ade will one day look back on his career and deeply regret the summer of 2008.

    He could have been a legend at Arsenal Football Club, but he felt he already was an Arsenal Legend the day he joined.

    I think the Arsenal Polo shirt shows how much he loved the club, and now it is gone, and he cant get it back, he has maybe realised that his behaviour and attitude were not good enough for our club, and his demise is of his own doing.

    Shame. Really rated him, but in the end I could not stand the sight of him (especially in an Arsenal shirt)

  4. Tariq

    78 minsGOAL! West Ham 2-2 Arsenal. Sears goes to Mannone’s left this time but the keeper goes right.78 minsANOTHER HAMMERS PENALTY… Bartley penalised for what looked a brilliant tackle. Sears steps up…

  5. gunnergetyou

    But now we have a string of midgets leading our forward line. But hey not to worry, wenger says Bentdner will be back in 2 Arsenal weeks time (4-6 weeks). In the meantime we play Villa, Liverpool, Manu, and Chelsea all back to back.

  6. Tariq

    83 minsFrimpong gets the ball 20-yards out, adjusts his body and drives the ball into the bottom corner. A fine, well-placed finish.

  7. gambon

    If Ade had Tevez workrate and the attitude of a Bergkamp/Henry he couldve been completely unplayable despite his less than impressive first touch.

    As it is he will be a good but not great striker.

  8. Samir

    82 mins – GOAL! That wasn’t in the script. Frimpong is allowed too much space 25 yards from goal and rifles a low shot past Stech’s out-stretched right hand.

  9. patthegooner

    He is probably trying to fuck off the Man Shitty fans to engineer his next move.

    I do genuinelly believe his heart was with Arsenal FC. I think he was gutted when Wenger sold him.

  10. Zorr0

    Samir, don’t be stupid; he’s a huge cunt! lol

    Manny saw himself go from number 1 holding mid to number 3 in 2 seasons! I still rate the boy, but Eastmond must have put in some proper effort to get in front of the other 2 now.

  11. elz_gooner

    i rarely come on here but this is the biggest arsenal site i know and thought i would leave a message.
    Previously i read a comment on here saying that some1 had seen Carlton Cole in a nightclub and he hinted at joining Arsenal or something along those lines.Now 2day i was sent a text from a friend whose brother works for sky sports. Some kind of journalist or along those lines. According to them Carlton Cole is set to be signed towards the end of the transfer window when he is a little closer to returning from injury. Dont know how reliable or useful this will be but signing Carlton Cole is better than signing nobody.However i also feel that it marks a decline in Arsenal- buying chelsea rejects will not help us compete with them. Anyways keep up the good work always a great read, and huge following on this site

  12. Tariq

    90 mins Emmanuel-Thomas scores his third, firing across goal from the left side to ensure Arsenal Reserves leave with the three points

  13. Samir

    Coyle admits that a loan deal for Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere is unlikely to go through due to Arsene Wenger’s current injury concerns.

  14. A

    zorro i was very surprised to see eastmond get ahead of coquelin in the pecking order. frimpong is a year younger than those two though, still got this year in the youth team!

  15. ritesh

    about ManShitty…

    where are all the pundits who were screaming when Hughes was told to go!

    The guy was not good enough…this team is playing so well now that a top 4 finish is very likely. The first thing Paddy said is that the Manger is a winner, he is also a winner and better than before. Attitude is different now, not cheap like it was under Hughes.

    And I am not sure Mancini would encroach on Wenger’s tactical area and & shout rubbish at him.

  16. Zorr0

    Only player citeh will let go is Robinho!

    Agreed A, Manny has time, love his tackles.

    Did he come on for Randall? Why don’t we just let that boy go and make himself a career somewhere, he seems to be going nowhere fast at Arsenal.

  17. ethangunner

    he has maybe realised that his behaviour and attitude were not good enough for our club, and his demise is of his own doing.

    i doubt it pat , he did it at every club and national team he’s been too !

    demanding the center of attention ..
    the truth is he isnt that good , and this is proven by man shitty dropping him ..

  18. Sion De Freitas

    Emmanuel Frimpong, I think he is a good player, providing he improves on his short passing game. He just needs to be that bit sharper in this area, he has the vision. He is quick, strong and a tough tackler. Coquelin should provide a great rival for him, as he is the slightly better passer, and is probably better on the ball. Frimpong can score long range goals though, and is a danger from free kicks.

    JET is Diaby mkII, but with great leadership qualities, decent positional awareness, but he needs to cement his niche, otherwise he will be a jack of all trades, master of none type player.

  19. A

    nope Samir, he’s incredibly intelligent when it comes to defensive reading of the game, he’s just physically weak and not very athletic. Stick Denilson’s brain into JET’s body and you’d have the best DM in the world!

  20. Sion De Freitas

    Denilson isn’t clueless defensively, he has lapses in concentration a little too much for my liking though. And he needs to be WAY stronger.

    JET isn’t clueless defensively, I have seen him perform well in a variety of positions, but lets just say that he is more of an offensive threat than a defensive brick.

  21. A

    sio JET has zero positional awareness! I agree though, he could be Diaby, in our current system he could be awesome in that role, winning the ball back and driving in an offensive way, but without the defensive responsibility. Exactly the same role that has seen Diaby thrive.

  22. Supergunner07

    Sion De Freitas Says:
    January 12, 2010 at 21:01

    JET is Diaby mkII, but with great leadership qualities, decent positional awareness, but he needs to cement his niche, otherwise he will be a jack of all trades, master of none type player.


    I remember Bouldy and Banfield use to tell JET before he went on loan to work harder for the team when ball is lost otherwise it limits his use for the 1st team like Diaby pre this season. Lets hope change of attitude can help him establish him @ arsenal

  23. A

    Sion even the coaches said that JET didn’t have the tactical and positional awareness to even play centre mid for the youths! He’s still young and has time to work on it though, as Diaby did, but will never be able to get up to a level to play DM imo.

  24. Sion De Freitas

    Yeah, about Campbell, I think this would be good for us, could do a Keown aswell and become a defensive coach. He’s miles better than Silvestre, although I worry about Senderos, as he’s also better than Silvestre lol.

    Sol could do a job for us, he won’t play every game, only if Gallas or Vermaelen get injured. Arsene is not stupid. And again, like I said last week, he’s NOT going to come out and say who he is going to or wants to sign, because it is a stupid thing to do, will attract unnecessary interest.

  25. Sion De Freitas

    JET did seem to switch off an awful lot, tactical awareness can be taught though, as can positional awareness to an extent. I don’t think he should be a DM, but to say he is “clueless” is a bit strong.

    I agree though, thats probably why he plays as an attacking player more often than not.

  26. Samir

    If Denilson buffs up he might be a good player.
    Weak player’s in the PL are usually shite especially weak DM’s……. DM’s should be physical IMO.

  27. patthegooner

    Thing is, Campbell has been training with us for a while now

    It is not as if we have plucked him from nowhere.

    I am going to trust Wenger on this one, and I have not been over the moon with some of his signings (Silvestre), but I am sure that the club would not have taken this decision lightly, and I am sure they are 110% certain that he can do a job for us if called upon. And I bet you he starts the FA Cup games.

  28. A

    huh reggie – what does his scoring three goals have to do with how good a DM he is?! He’s good going forward, bad defensively, which is why he doesn’t play at DM! He scored goals playing as a wide forward today!

  29. A

    I dunno pat, sol said he needs a couple of reserve games before he’s ready to play competitively, and this 45 minutes is the only chance he’d get before we play stoke

  30. reggie57

    I never said he was a DM all im saying is dont pigeon hole players DM/AM/CM/ the boy is a midfielder with good technical ability who can score goals !!

  31. Paulinho

    Denilson seems to think an opposing player is no longer his concern once they get goal side of him. That’s being defensively clueless.

  32. patthegooner

    They can knock up some friendlies to get him into A

    Besides, he does not have to play 90mins.

    I also don’t think he will have a choice, Verm and Gallas must be running on near empty, especially with 2 games against Bolton coming up

  33. A

    yeah true pat, have to wait and see, though i wouldn’t be surprised to see one of gallas and vermy start with silvestre. maybe even give senderos a last game!

  34. Paulinho

    It is true A. He’s got his one gear, which is “sunday morning jog” mode, and anyone be damned if he’s going to move into another one, one that his position demands.

    He has zero awareness once play goes beyond him.

  35. A

    If someone is running flat out then he doesn’t have the pace to keep up Paulinho, but he often wins the ball chasing people back who have the ball, or intercepting runs. It’s only when it’s an inability to keep pace that he’s found wanting.

  36. patthegooner

    I think he comes back to us next season.

    So we will have Clichy, Gibbs, Traore and Botelho all LB’s

    I can see us cashing in on Clichy in the Summer

  37. gambon

    I think Traore & Bothelo will go in the summer.

    ALthough a new LB wouldnt go a miss if there are any gooduns out there.

  38. A

    so can i pat

    gambon I really can’t see traore leaving, i reckon he’ll go on to be the best of our three left backs.

  39. gambon


    I dont think any of our LBs are good defenders, but Traore really seems lost from that POV.

    He is clearly well down the pecking order and i dont think the last few games will change AWs mind.

  40. Hat-trick Hero

    Good Evening guys.

    WTF ! So we have old Campbell as our defensive back up for 6 months.
    Anybody got any news on the striker front?

  41. Hat-trick Hero

    I can’t figure Wenger out. He never buys players for the positions we need. Then he bemoans the injuries we have, saying he doesn’t have enough back up.

  42. Gooby

    i toke a look at some man city’s blogs to see what they were saying about ade, i can hardly find a comment on them.

    shitty don’t have bloggers? 😀 i’ll keep looking

  43. Pat

    If Botelho has the attacking talent to go with the defending than he won’t be sold. I’d love him to be something like Sylvinho. None of our LBs are good attackers. Traore is a good crosser and Clichy can make marauding runs.

    I rather we sell Traore if this kid is good. CLichy bleeds Arsenal and we cannot keep selling players that love the club.

  44. Gooby

    Sir Alex Ferguson will not be punished for his remarks about referee Mark Clattenburg.

    doesn’t sound suprising to me 🙂 old red nose

  45. A

    lol yeah Pat, i tried to watch it closely to see exactly where the contact was as it looked out of the box, but looking closer there was actually no contact at all!

  46. patthegooner

    Can’t see Pedro being sold, he is coming through. That would be killing him before having the chance to use it as an excuse not to buy someone 🙂

    IMO Traore will be off in the Summer, as Will Clichy

    I dont want Clichy to go, but I just get the hunch that he will demand a pretty good fee, and we just love getting good fees for players. Also think Gibbs will be better than him. I think it will be similar to when Silvinho picked up an injury, Ahole Cole came in and Silvinho never got his place back.

  47. A

    I really would be absolutely shocked if Traore was sold. He’s just come into the side, been very impressive on the whole, and shown massive potential. To sell him now would be ridiculous, and I just can’t see it happening.

    Clichy though is a possibility.

  48. gambon

    I doubt Sol will get another year.

    I expect Wnger to sign a CB and maybe a GK in the summer, depending on if he has faith in Fabianski.

  49. A

    we only need two gambon?! so what happens when they both get injured, as they are now?!

    I’d be very surprised if Cruise ever played a premiership game for us.

  50. A

    I’d agree with that gambon, though I think he does have faith in fabianski, he may well bring in a back up for him anyways, if almunia leaves.

  51. alex

    hopefully Silvestre will get released and no need to sell any of them though Traore might want to leave if he’s still 3rd choice. And Pedro can fight for LW if he stays with us.

  52. gambon


    Having 3 players in each position is a bit OTT.

    Ive always said that your backup CBs or DMs should be versatile enough to play at full-back.

    Theres no way you can keep 3 players happy if they only have 1 position.

  53. A

    Yeah I’d agree with that gambon, I wonder if Gibbs could be more versatile though, he played centre mid or dm for the u21s a few times, wouldn’t mind him filling in there

  54. A

    Though I do think you need more than just 2 players who can play every position. Even if you have two DMs, and two left backs, but the DMs can play at full back, it’s not inconceivable a dm could be injured at the same time as two left backs being out, again like right now with us!

  55. gambon

    In an absolute ideal world i would like to see us bring a new LB in, but i reckon this is way down AWs priority list.

    Mind you he surprised everyone by bringing Sagna in when you wouldnt have thought it was a priority.

  56. Jaguar

    Why tinkering again,A?Gibbs has been brilliant as a LB.Why would you want to have another square peg in a round hole?

  57. A

    gambon I really don’t see how we could improve there. imo that’s literally the last place we need to buy! Cole and Evra are quality, but there isn’t anyone else in the league I’d have over our third choice left back!!

    There are few better left backs in the world than clichy, and I reckon both Gibbs and Traore will surpass him soon!

  58. alex

    SSN just showed a few of the goals, JET 3rd finish was excellent, and the 1st was a great near post header like he does in the youth cup games, looks like he practises this alot.

  59. Man

    Valencia’s French left back is decent and would be in our price range…can’t remember his name now
    I like Adriano at Sevilla, very versatile – left back; right back; left mid; right mid

  60. A

    That isn’t tinkering Jaguar, players being versatile and playing in different positions isn’t square pegs in round holes. Gibbs has developed very well as a left back, but it’s a new position to him, naturally he’s a centre mid or left mid, so I don’t see why he couldn’t play in that role for us.

  61. gambon


    I think LB is a weak spot with us, there seems to be a lot of traffic down that side whoever playes.

    Clichy makes silly mistakes, Gibbs is positionally poor & Traore/Cruise i dont overly rate. Obviously if there arent better players out there then its pointless.

    I think Gibbs could be world class if he works hard but i think defenders at top clubs shouldnt be regulars at 20 years old.

  62. Hat-trick Hero

    Great vid of Rosicky, Pat

    Rosicky has always been a good tackler. It kinda puts Denilson to shame really. Thats the kind of desire we need in our play, when time are tough.

  63. Man

    yeah that is the one A, I’m aware he joined this season but we’ve got star power, pulling power…if we made a good offer I’m sure he’ll book a ticket

  64. Jaguar

    A Says:
    January 12, 2010 at 22:47

    That isn’t tinkering Jaguar, players being versatile and playing in different positions isn’t square pegs in round holes.

    How many players would you list out in our current team ,A

    Rosicky,Nasri,Arshavin -All would be brilliant in the centre,and they are just square pegs in the wings.Wenger would never recruit a proper winger because,he is obsessed with playing CMs wide.
    Eboue-Poor chap is deluded about his role in the team
    Denilson-CM,Right winger,DM.He has played all over the park,and has been all over the place,thanks to Mr.Wenger’s crazy obsessions
    Diaby-My first kind word for him.He wouldnt be as bad as he looks like,if he is allowed to play in the centre.Mr.Wenger’s obsession is to play him on the left,when the bastard cant even kick with his left foot.

    Why the fuck cant that bastard play them in their proper positions?

  65. A

    Jaguar none of them are CMs, apart from potentially Nasri, they’re all attacking central midfielders, who played prior to us in a position that doesn’t exist in our system, nor the premiership in general. Arshavin played wide a fair bit in Russia, and for Russia too.

    Pires, Ljungberg, Hleb were all the same.

  66. Jaguar

    Why the fuck cant that bastard go for a proper winger?FFS, dont start bringing up the topic of our unique way of playing.If mugs like Silvestre could adapt to our system,any bastard would. None of our wingers(apart from Nasri,Arshavin) can cross with their left foot,and they are stuck to the left.

  67. Pat

    A makes a point. The diamond is a popular position in europe and Nasri, Rosicky, Hleb, Arshavin, Diaby would excel there.

  68. Pat

    An out and out winger wouldn’t be good for the system. We’re not a direct team.

    Di Maria would be a very smart buy imo.

  69. A

    Well it is our playing style Jaguar, a winger wouldn’t work in it, and the style couldn’t work with a winger in the team. Why do Barca never have a proper winger? If you want to play that sort of fluid football you don’t play with wingers, because they have to drift inside and interchange with each other.

  70. gambon

    We could do with one winger in the squad at the very least, if not the team.

    At times against Everton we were so narrow it was stupid.

  71. A

    Vela and Theo can provide pace and width gambon. I agree though, at times we have been narrow, and I’d add slow to that. Theo’s return will change that, and Vela is another option who will feature more and more as time goes on.

  72. Jaguar

    Vela can provide good crosses.But I havent seen him play there not many times.The last time,he played there,he gave an excellent cross to Eduardo.I am pretty sure about Mr.Wenger cutting out his insticts of crossing,FFS