Arshavin speaks!

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Arsenal’s film star signing Andre Arshavin says Arsenal will need a miracle if we are to win anything this season, he says that we have been plagued with injuries and if we sign anyone, it will be at the last minute.

He’s only been here a year, but I think he is becoming a Grover with his thoughts, I’m not sure how his boss will take to his latest comments but I do think he has a point!

Chelsea are looking at Ribery and Arguela, Everton are sounding out a loan deal for Ben Arfa, the Mancs are looking at Di Maria and we are looking at Saha and Campbell, says it all really, and there I will leave it, the rest is up to the boss.

I watched the Africa Cup of Nations yesterday and Coté de Ivorié looked a real shower of stools, they had a team full of stars but couldn’t beat whipping posts Burkina Faso, what was funny were the hair do’s, they had one player who looked like he had a set of curtains on his head, Gervinho, a couple of Mohawks, and Didia Drogba’s ‘borstal boy’ hair do, and that really was as entertaining as that match got, the Toure’s were both rubbish, Eboue was his usual self but the kits looked impressive, I really like the Ivory Coast’s colours, I wish we could learn from Puma with our kits, they were really smart. Algeria, our world cup group opponents got beaten 2 zip and it looked like England have a chance in June!

I did criticise the competition, but only for the timing and the fact we lose key players twice every 4 years, but I do like the fact I am watching football when we aren’t playing, so it’s not all bad.

After the Everton match I was wondering if we should give Coquelin a go, I know he’s young, but he is a real fighter, and had he gone over like Denilson did, he would have fallen on the ball with his teeth, unlike Denilson who almost gifted them a goal, I think it’s time the boss gave him a try, as I see it, we couldn’t do worse.

Maybe he should try Watt or Thomas in the middle, we really lack a tall front man to hold the ball up and we were looking one dimensional, never mind the goals we are scoring, if we had a front man, perhaps we could score even more.

I had an idea yesterday, what about trying Vermaelen as the defensive midfielder? Although he is doing really well with Billy, we still ship goals, maybe if we tried someone else in the back four, having Vermaelen protecting them may well do it. Trouble is I don’t know who to suggest going in the hole, maybe Campbell, don’t forget it’s only a stopgap, maybe try something crazy like buying a centre back, a premiership player that would slot right in, like Cahill or the Stoke boy, just a thought, for me Vermaelen may just be the answer we have been looking for, he’s tough, fast, reads the game well, heads a ball and knows where the centre backs are, or should be, don’t shout me down because of the love for Song, he’s not here and we have a bunch of make or break season games coming up.

What we had against Everton didn’t work! We are entering into that faze where games will run out, and with the oil rich chav mancs winning again, we have to protect our ECL spot, I kid you not, they are right up behind us and with the spuds, scousers and Villa behind them it wouldn’t be hard to find ourselves way down the table, in a heartbeat.

Think about it, don’t have a cow, just think about it, it could just solve the problem without costing us too much of the money we don’t appear to have.

Have a great day Grovers, plenty to debate!

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  1. Pat

    Campbell against Stoke might not be a bad idea. rest our players and its not like they have nippy players, barring Tuncay who will be offside 20 times and onside once.

  2. Pat

    Fucking ridiculous.

    Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson will not face any action following his remarks about referee Mark Clattenburg at the weekend.

    The United boss still has a two-game suspended touchline ban hanging over him after his comments regarding Alan Wiley’s fitness earlier in the season.

    However, Ferguson’s alleged implication that Clattenburg had been inconsistent when he sent off United midfielder Darren Fletcher has escaped censure.

    The FA have decided that the remarks have not crossed the line to “allege bias or impute the official’s integrity”, according to Sky Sports News.

    “No action will be taken in relation to Sir Alex Ferguson,” an FA spokesman said.

  3. A

    Pat that’s not for sure at all. There are big big doubts whether he’ll even make it back to play at the top level again. He’s played 21 minutes since November 08. He returned from injury in the summer, but has either been injured, or can’t even make the bench since apart from those two sub appearances at the very end of the game.

    He’s 6 months behind Eduardo in terms of getting over his injury problems and the niggles, getting his form back etc, next season he might be in a position to feature regularly for someone, we need someone available now.

  4. goonermichael

    Ritesh that was when RVN got paddy sent off. Keown hit rvn after the twat missed a penalty which was during our unbeaten run.

  5. Kushagra India

    i think we can cope because it will be another shortgap if we buy one . I dont see it happening because their’s always a probability that a player can get injured you can’t buy in every position and keep everyone happy

  6. alex

    Anyone see Ade’s interview on SSN about the Togo attack??

    He was still wearing our shirt WTF! looks like he still loves us

  7. nishanth

    Kushagra-Why not?Denilson is not a proper DM.2 seasons back we had flamini and gilberto(Even diarra).Before we had gilberto and even edu could play there.

  8. rico

    I will re-post this one 🙂

    Arsenal defender Philippe Senderos has told BBC Sport that he wants a permanent move away from the Emirates

    The 24-year-old centre-back has fallen down the pecking order at Arsenal, and has only made only two appearances in the League Cup this season.

    “I want to go, I want and need to be playing ahead of the World Cup,” said the Switzerland international, who spent last season on loan at AC Milan.

    “I don’t want to play in the reserves, I just want to play

  9. gambon


    That looks like bullshit there.

    Capital gains tax on player sales doesnt exist. We dont track revenue quarterly, and the share price is fairly static so if anything the P/E Ratio (not Ration) would decrease.

  10. Pat

    I hope this pays off. Not a huge risk, so worth the try although Vieira would have been a better choice, but he demands playing time so that wouldn’t work.

  11. ritesh


    he will good to have around, experience for the youngsters, a presence in the dressing room, potentially a scout of assistant coach later to nuture the non-stop talent factory.

    We might as well get Lehman back in the same go… I think he would do a good job given the circumstances.

  12. Kushagra India

    I think the best we can when we have a strong pairing of
    Gallas and Verminator u cant sign Cheliani especially when you know the prices associated with players
    For eg
    Hatem Ben Arfa 40m
    Kenwyne Jones 28m

  13. Pat

    paul, where did you see that? The games not live.

    Lehmanmn still has it when he’s not doing crazy things like taking a piss on the sidelines!

  14. Samir

    I would be up for having Jens back for the rest of the season. Would give our defence some confidence and kick people’s heads in if they mess up!!
    Fabianski is not ready yet IMO.
    Almunia should be GONE!!

  15. GMR

    Sol Campbell, what a gigantic backwards step that is from Wenger. What has become of our club, signing a has been that was shown up by league 2 opposition, yet deemed good enough for a CL club!! I bet he’s earning 40K plus a week as well, what an insult to all us fans that pay such high ticket prices to attend games!!

  16. patthegooner

    Now all we need is Emannuel Petit to stand in for Song and Ian Wright for RVP

    Chavski will be quaking in their boots!!!!

    In seriousness, this is not a bad move at all, but dont get your hopes up that it is temporary until we sign someone in the summer, this is cover until Djourou comes back

  17. patthegooner

    I am not too fussed by it GMR,

    we were sadly never going to sign anyone at the peak of their career, so as long as this keeps Silvestre out of the team, then I can live with it.

  18. GMR

    ptg – I don’t mind if we sign an experienced pro who maybe isn’t quite at his peak anymore, but to sign a has been, who struggled in his last year at Portsmouth & struggled so badly in his one game in league 2 that he threw a sulk & stormed off again. Not to mention walking out on our club previously at half time because he couldn’t handle criticism.

    It’s an insult.

  19. Chippy

    Pat totally agree fella i was starting to think it was only me that didnt see it as to bad a move!! No top class centre half is going to come with the world cup on the horizon and sit on our bench, They will need to buy in the summer and more will be on the market so its a win win surely, id rather see sol wobbling on than silvestre and by all accounts on whats been said hes been doing some serious training

  20. Tariq

    3 minsFirst action for Sol. Shielding the ball from Freddie Sears in the corner. The West Ham youngster then brings him down

  21. Samir

    # 3 mins First action for Sol. Shielding the ball from Freddie Sears in the corner. The West Ham youngster then brings him down

  22. reggie57

    If people cant see signing Sol is a backward step and a total lack of ambition on AWs part well words fail me……..

  23. incesc


    my hope is that he has signed Sol on a free so he can spend all of his dosh on a world class striker and a keeper.

    wishful thinking??

  24. GMR

    incesc – it’s much more likely he’s signed Sol because the club has committed so much money extending contracts of players that don’t even feature in the first team squad, he doesn’t have any cash left.

  25. davoody

    did anyone just see Ade talking on sky sports about what happened when the togo bus got shot up…. ? He was wearing an ARSENAL polo shirt… nearly choked on my dinner…..

  26. jlp

    evening folks
    Having a discussion on Sol Campbell starting before Mikael Silvestre is something no premier league team supporters should be forced to have.
    I don’t see the reasoning and cannot help but feel a little embarrassed by it.
    not sure why…just do

  27. GMR

    reggie – it says how far our ambitions have fallen when fans are clammering for backwards signings like Vieira & Campbell. People seem to have forgotten just how poor Vieira had become when he came back with Juventus & Cesc made him look silly.

  28. Mayank

    How is signing someone a step backwards? I’m not excited about the signing in the least, but it’s not like he’s here to replace someone. We’re in dire straits defensively and an extra body will go a long way. Whether DJ will be WG’s replacement or we’ll buy will be seen in the summer. Hardly wise to panic buy for a non-first teamer especially since whoever comes will not harbour WC hopes so won’t be great.

  29. leon

    samir do reolize that if gallasor verm gets injured we have noone to come in at all,the fact is sole is experienced very powerful and do job until the end of the season.he wont be playing every week it sjust incase the worst happens. same thing with silvest when clichy gibbs and troae got injured and we needed someone to do a job and he silvest did that.sole cambell is not long termthings its just to a job if gallas or verm gets need get real we need someone to a job now not week or 2 weeks right now silvest is left back cover and silvest is injured.this the same as shopping at super market or sweet job.i ma not in the boat that we need a dm player unless delinson injury is long term as diaby can do a very good job both nasri and risicky can play centraly although a striker would be nice this team is having a hard time scoring though bretna is comming back very soon and edwardi is getting better all the time

  30. reggie57

    Yes GMR agree it was heartbreaking to see PV playing as poorly as that its always best to remember them in their pomp!!

  31. A

    What do you mean Samir?! He’ll have loads of old training shirts and such like from his time with us, he isn’t going to throw them all away when he leaves! Doesn’t mean anything though I’m sure.

  32. Pat

    I wouldn’t say Vieira was poor when he left us. Serie A is the toughest league for any CM, attacking or defending..

    Diego, Melo, Vieira, Poulsen, Tiago, Flamini, Kuzmanovic

  33. Mayank

    But that’s the whole point, which quality player will come in mid-season to sit on the bench in a WC year? I’m sure they’ll wait for the summer.
    Sol is a stop gap not great, but that’s what we need right now!

  34. davoody

    @A that’s as maybe… but you wouldn’t want cesc walking round in a barca top would you? Knowing Ade the way we do, he did that just to wind up City! (if things aren’t going his way)

  35. A

    Pat the prem is the quickest league, serie a is the slowest. Vieira left us 4 years ago because he couldn’t handle the pace in the prem anymore, so went to a slower league where he could prolong his career at the top level, if he has an impact in the prem now i’ll be absolutely shocked.

  36. reggie57

    Yes agree mayank but if signings were made at the start of the season there would be no need to panic buy in january!!!

  37. Pat

    11 mins – Campbell almost fashions a chance for Gilles Sunu. The big defender wins a towering header which bounces to the Frenchman, but he cannot find the target with a low shot from 25 yards. The former Chateauroux player was not best pleased with his effort there.

    13 min – Campbell is right in the centre of the action again, rising high to head a long Stech clearance, only to connect with the back of team-mate Craig Eastmond’s head. The 18-year-old, who has made three first-team appearances this season, needs treatment.

  38. Pat

    A, premier league might be fast, but talentless CDMs can prosper here. They’d be useless in Italy. Requires much more intelligence there.

  39. A

    davoody i doubt his barca shirts would fit him now!

    i wouldn’t mind arshavin in a zenit polo shirt, or eduardo in a zagreb t shirt.

  40. Pat

    27 mins – GOAL! Arsenal take the lead through Thomas. The 19-year-old got in front of his marker to flick Merida’s corner inside the far post.

  41. A

    Yeah i agree with that pat, as long as midfielders have athleticism here and kick people, then they can succeed here in the lower-mid table teams, muamba is a perfect example! I agree too that they wouldn’t be able to cope in Italy where you need better tactical awareness and intelligence.

    Vieira doesn’t have the athleticism at all now though, which will be shown up when he plays for City.

  42. Pat

    GOAL! Thomas again. This time the forward picked up a neat pass from Gilbert before cutting inside on his left foot and firing a low shot that appeared to hit Edgar and loop past Stech.

  43. Tariq

    2-0 TO ARSENAL Well-worked move on the right-hand side see Emmanuel Thomas cut inside a drive home a low, left-footed effort. Arsenal in control now

  44. reggie57

    Time for a bad joke

    The drop in the number of suicide bombings has been put down to Susan Boyle.
    Now the Muslims know what a virgin looks like,they’re not so fucking keen to go to paradise.

  45. davoody

    @A haha yes of course they wouldn’t… But i was trying to make a point that I wouldn’t particuly like the fact if he did (re: ade wearing ours when he plays for city)

    My point being that Man City might have a problem with that.

    Just like Arsenal would have a problem if Eddy was in his old zagreb t-shirt.

    You must agree it’s not really normal is it… and Ade is a prime example of someone who is not normal.

  46. Pat

    Looks like Canales is heading off to Madrid. Looks a great player in the 4 games he’s played recently. Theres something special about him, very confident with those 2 goals against Sevilla.

  47. GMR

    Mayank, its a massive backwards step signing Sol. As for not having anyone beyond Vermaelen & Gallas what about all these youngsters we are paying?? If Sol can play a game here & there why can’t one of those youngsters do it? After all at least they’ll improve as time goes on, not get worse!!

  48. reggie57

    Yeah mayank we had ample opportunity to get reinforcements in after we sold toure&ade but the management had faith with the players he had at his disposal wrong call dont you think?

  49. Maciek

    1. Iker Casillas (ESP/Real Madryt) 230 punktów
    2. Gianluigi Buffon (ITA/Juventus) 150
    3. Julio César Soãres (BRA/Inter) 124
    4. Edwin van der Sar (HOL/Manchester United) 87
    5. Petr Čech (CZE/Chelsea) 75
    6. Víctor Valdes (ESP/Barcelona) 53
    7. José Manuel Reina (ESP/Liverpool) 19
    8. Igor Akinfiejew (RUS/CSKA Moskwa) 17
    9. Tim Howard (USA/Everton) 7
    10. René Adler (GER/Bayer Leverkusen) 6
    11. José Francisco Cevallos (ECU/LDU Quito) 5

  50. leon

    i the some people are missing the point of sole cambell signing the fact we need soneone who can do a job right now lets forgett we still dj comming back in about 2-3 months there is no way wenger will major business in jan and pay over the odds particualy with all the attacking option they have

  51. Tariq

    38 minsFLYING SOL Campbell clears Daniel Kearns right-wing cross with a spectacular diving header. Big cheers from a spartan crowd


  52. gunnergetyou

    apparently Adebayor is a wanted man in Africa, They will never forgive him for leaving Arsenal, i guess thats why he’s wearing our shirt. Or maybe he is like an obsessed Ex girlfriend who is still in denial.

  53. Chippy

    Campbell comes on after an injury to gallas and pops up with a last minute winner against The Arsenals bitter rivals at white hart lane, You can see it now 🙂

    On the Ade thing City must be going fucking mental they pay 25mill for him and the silly twats representing us on the African stage cannot see them being to happy with that 🙂 He must have realised he signed for a tin pot outfit and hopes the african continent never heard the news hed left us for them 🙂

  54. 78692

    Hello Grovers.

    Dont know if this is BS or not.

    According to reports from Italy this morning, the Tottenham manager has sent representatives to Italy to negotiate for the purchase of the ex-Arsenal star Mathieu Flamini.

    After arriving at AC Milan on a free transfer in 2008, Flamini has not been able to make the breakthrough into the first team, highlighted by the fact that of his last nine appearances, eight of them have come from the subs bench, and he is regularly used out of position.

    He has let his dissatisfaction be known when he told Sky: , “I am a midfielder, I don’t want to play as a full-back.”

    It seems that Flamini is becoming worried that he will lose his place in the France team with the World Cup coming up, and has come to terms with the fact that he is more suited to the Premiership-style of football, and is now keen to return to England. And it looks like Tottenham is his most likely destination.

    It’s bad enough that he embarrassed Arsenal by refusing to sign a contract in 2008, but if he moves to White Hart Lane, he will get some serious stick from the Arsenal fans

  55. A

    You saying that doesn’t disappoint me at all Double! I expect a forward to come in still, regardless of what anyone says!

  56. gunnergetyou

    The sad thing about Ade is that he could have been the answer to all our problems if only he had the right attitude. Instead we get £25m for him and no replacement, what a joke.

  57. Johan

    We lost a CB in the summer and we signed one. Nuff said, Sol comes to us now because our backup CBs are cunts on the pitch

  58. Chippy

    It wasnt the sytem A it had more to do with him never quite getting his head around the science of the offside rule, and of cours he was/is a class a div 🙂

  59. Johan

    Ambition is getting a decent striker. Spending loads of money on a CB is stupid, not ambition. Thats why Sol is playing for us atm.

  60. gunnergetyou

    A, Im sure Ade was only sold because of attitude problem, lack of work-rate, dis-loyalty. In his one off good season, he was able to play up-front in a 4-5-1, so he would have been ideal for 4-3-3.

  61. A

    Johan – because it requires all three forwards interchanging, dropping deep, and contributing to the build up, and ade simple can’t do that.

  62. Johan

    A, fair enought. Didn’t quite think of that so thanks for the explanation.

    I’m happy Ade went to shitty anyway, after seeing him walking around desinterested when we lost to the Mancs in the Champions League semi he can go fuck himself for all I care 🙂

  63. Zorr0

    Evening All.

    Anyone with sky who fancies a laugh.
    Channel 134
    Bristol City v Cardiff FA Cup replay
    In Welsh.
    In a blizzard.

  64. gunnergetyou

    Arshavin is no centre forward, an on form Adebayour was able to win ball in the air, hold the ball up, aswell as run in behind, he also liked to drift out wide and run the channels before he forgot the offside rule of-course.

    The sol campbell thin is no big deal for me, he is here for emergency’s only. Plus there is harm in having a bit more experience around the dressing room.

  65. Zorr0

    Hilarious coincidence that the game is v west ham.

    The website had no confirmation of him playing for ages this afternoon. They are shite!

    Funny how they stopped the live streams of reserve games jsut today!