Arshavin speaks!

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Arsenal’s film star signing Andre Arshavin says Arsenal will need a miracle if we are to win anything this season, he says that we have been plagued with injuries and if we sign anyone, it will be at the last minute.

He’s only been here a year, but I think he is becoming a Grover with his thoughts, I’m not sure how his boss will take to his latest comments but I do think he has a point!

Chelsea are looking at Ribery and Arguela, Everton are sounding out a loan deal for Ben Arfa, the Mancs are looking at Di Maria and we are looking at Saha and Campbell, says it all really, and there I will leave it, the rest is up to the boss.

I watched the Africa Cup of Nations yesterday and Coté de Ivorié looked a real shower of stools, they had a team full of stars but couldn’t beat whipping posts Burkina Faso, what was funny were the hair do’s, they had one player who looked like he had a set of curtains on his head, Gervinho, a couple of Mohawks, and Didia Drogba’s ‘borstal boy’ hair do, and that really was as entertaining as that match got, the Toure’s were both rubbish, Eboue was his usual self but the kits looked impressive, I really like the Ivory Coast’s colours, I wish we could learn from Puma with our kits, they were really smart. Algeria, our world cup group opponents got beaten 2 zip and it looked like England have a chance in June!

I did criticise the competition, but only for the timing and the fact we lose key players twice every 4 years, but I do like the fact I am watching football when we aren’t playing, so it’s not all bad.

After the Everton match I was wondering if we should give Coquelin a go, I know he’s young, but he is a real fighter, and had he gone over like Denilson did, he would have fallen on the ball with his teeth, unlike Denilson who almost gifted them a goal, I think it’s time the boss gave him a try, as I see it, we couldn’t do worse.

Maybe he should try Watt or Thomas in the middle, we really lack a tall front man to hold the ball up and we were looking one dimensional, never mind the goals we are scoring, if we had a front man, perhaps we could score even more.

I had an idea yesterday, what about trying Vermaelen as the defensive midfielder? Although he is doing really well with Billy, we still ship goals, maybe if we tried someone else in the back four, having Vermaelen protecting them may well do it. Trouble is I don’t know who to suggest going in the hole, maybe Campbell, don’t forget it’s only a stopgap, maybe try something crazy like buying a centre back, a premiership player that would slot right in, like Cahill or the Stoke boy, just a thought, for me Vermaelen may just be the answer we have been looking for, he’s tough, fast, reads the game well, heads a ball and knows where the centre backs are, or should be, don’t shout me down because of the love for Song, he’s not here and we have a bunch of make or break season games coming up.

What we had against Everton didn’t work! We are entering into that faze where games will run out, and with the oil rich chav mancs winning again, we have to protect our ECL spot, I kid you not, they are right up behind us and with the spuds, scousers and Villa behind them it wouldn’t be hard to find ourselves way down the table, in a heartbeat.

Think about it, don’t have a cow, just think about it, it could just solve the problem without costing us too much of the money we don’t appear to have.

Have a great day Grovers, plenty to debate!

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  1. charybdis1966

    Anyone thought of Kuranyi as a short term replacement for the boy wonder? I read somewhere he’s tall, mid-late 20’s, decent goal scoring record, not expensive(Wenger would be jizzing in his pants at this point if he was also French and injury prone) and not champions league cup-tied.

  2. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    thanks for the post,

    I love the fact of Verminator in DM

    he along with Song,both will have the capability to fall back in CB hole,if any of our centre backs go forward.

    i sometimes feel why dont Geoff or Pedro be appointed as “Fans Advisory” to Wenger staff.

    Surely a “Good” Fans Advisory will only suggest for the good of the club,keeping in mind that he shouldnt make club bankcrupt/weak.

  3. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    please dont ask arshavin to just and to shut up,

    it is very good to have someone who can tell wenger when he is wrong,

    as far i see,there are only puppets of wenger in Arsenal..good to have someone who is fearless like arshavin is..

  4. Big Dave

    : “I have a ­feeling that Arsenal are not going to buy any new players in the winter transfer window.

    Says it all really

  5. Gooby

    Very good point indeed geoff about
    Vermy playing DM. I would use senderos at CB
    It adds height and power a bit. Play nasri-vermy-diaby and
    Rosicky up front with duddu and arsha

  6. Geoff

    Dennis, I like them but they won’t ask him to leave!

    Pete I have no idea where all those buttons are, I try my best though.

    Sabeel, I know he reads, so I know he’s reading this, that’s enough!

  7. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    on a positive note

    Fabregas and prob Walcott are back for bolton game

    and i hate it when we again have to play the first match of “may-be” inspired bolton under new manager Owen boyle

    hope we smash them,as they are a shit team,but in football inspired people are a different animal..

  8. Denilson

    When we get most of our 1st 11 fit, it’ll not be a bad idea to try Le Verm there.

    Now playing with 3rd choice LB, 2nd and/or 3rd choice midfielder(s), 2nd and/or 3rd choice striker(s), it might just be the “Edwardo broken leg”/”Gallas sitdown” and our season over.

  9. Big Dave

    If you don’t keep players like AA23 happy he will leave along with Cesc, Simples.

    And then crowd’s will fall, I just dont get this club sometimes, we need to attract the big players, people wont turn up to watch Denilson, Eboue, Almunia

    Ivan sort it out, wenger needs more pressure on him

  10. Pistol Pete

    Scrooge McWenger will not buy ONE-SINGLE-PLAYER this “window”, not even a bag of peanuts!
    Andrey is spot on! He is the only player that has that balls to speak up and say it as it is!
    Andrey.. YOU THE MAN!!!!

  11. Dublin Gunner!!!!

    Geoff great post mate, why can’t we just go out an buy d villa or torres!! I no this would never happen but it is nice to dream every so often, but to be honest I would be happy just to sign any one who is over 25!

  12. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    Touchwood, ,i think its been a “miracle” that Gallas/Verminator are fit this half season,and “miracle” we find ourselves in the position we are in,mainly,thanks to the rivals.

    We are leaking so many goals still,but this season has been all about,”we will win by scoring more than you” types of season.

    if only wenger gives some more importance to defense..

  13. Geoff

    Dave that’s what we’ve seen this season, dropping crowds, Wenger will leave at the end of his contract when the crowds are in decline and blame someone else.

    What winning no trophies achieves, is you lose the young kids starting out, they will support the successful sides, that’s why so many middle aged men support Liverpool.

    He will leave the wrong kind of legacy if he isn’t careful.

  14. GMR

    Another player we missed out on this summer was Ever Banega from Valencia. The guy cost them 18 million euros & they were prepared to let him leave for around 3-5 million. They were even prepared to let him leave on loan as they did last season, Everton very nearly signed him in the summer but it broke down for some reason. The guy is having an absolute stormer this season for Valencia, he is running the midfield for them, creating so many chances for Villa & Mata. No wonder they have gone from relegation strugglers last season to CL contenders this year.

  15. Gooby

    Yeah it s weird we did not have news about senderos recently,
    I wonder if he has an injury or if he is just out of wenger’s plans.

    Although when AW wants to sell he usually give the lad some games so je can boost his value.

    On the other hand, I don’t think saha would be that bad as a signing. He is an intelligent fw who cab link up well
    He is also a goal scoring machine when fit and can score from anywhere.

    He still got the legs too.

  16. Alfie Noakes

    There is a recuring theme here..

    Every year, we are resorting to playing players out of position to cover those that wont be bought or are injured.

    And every year it is those same players that are injured.

    Play you best players, in there best positions. Thats it.. The rest should be able to fill in due to the extensive squad that we have built up, of young superstars……

  17. sol

    I already thought about Verm in as DM, and was gonna come on and suggest it…but Geoff beat me to it!!! Even Sol filling in next to Gallas would do the job. With a tall striker also coming in, it could be all we are missing. We are not far off from winning things, but I think we can all agree there is something not quite right (ie Denilson, 3 x 4ft midgets upfront) with this team as we are!!

  18. YOn

    SERGIO CANNALES!!!!! A must get player! He is only 18 but he is the NEXT BIG THING! I know we have heard this before but he plays for Racing Santander and a bidding war is about to erupt between, ALL big European sides. BESIDES…. he can leave on a free transfer at the end of the season and has began discussions already.

    To make it worse… he saw Arsenal vs Everton this past weekend and tried to do the Pienaar goal when he played Sevilla later that day. He scored 2 goals against Sevilla (2 great goals). Check him out on youtube.

  19. gazzap

    Its not just the failure to buy anyone but wengers reluctance to try something different when the players he has tried clearly aren’t good enough. Its time the likes of Almunia and Denilson were moved on but wenger has them as the first names on the teamsheet.

    why not gie coquelin and Fabianski a go – the fans like to see SOMETHING done.

  20. Denilson

    I think Arsenal have enough big players…

    Attack: RvP/Arsh/etc
    Mid: Fab/Sicknote/etc
    Defence: Gallas/Le Verm

    The problem is we have go to through half a season or more with majority of our big players injured.

  21. Big Dave

    Either he is a stubborn fucker, or his Monaco days are coming back to haunt him.

    This club need more Arshavin’s, not players were we have to wait 5 years for them to come good

  22. arsenalised

    Hi everyone.arshavin will fuck off if we dont win anything!!! And if wenger cant see we need a striker,he is a mad man who needs to retire go back home to france and drink wine or have some cheese or somethin, what do old french guys do?

  23. dennisdamenace

    Geoff – Just had my mate drop me a line telling me that AW intends to offer Sol a six month pay as you play contract….

  24. frichie79

    I would like to see Merida come in for Denilson, with Fab and Diaby the other two MF. Diaby will need to take the Song role, but I reckon Merida and Fab would be great, both cultured passers.

    Saha wouldnt be a great signing. I am in agreement with AW, there is no top class strikers out there. So what we go buy Cole/Saha who get just as injured as our current squad, Neither will be much better than Bendtner. Wenger would never buy a player only to sell them 6 months later. I think Chamakh will come in the summer.

  25. Dublin Gunner!!!!

    If wenger does leave I think mourinio (spelling) should replace him! That’s if he stops letting fergie tea bag him all the time

  26. I AM GOONER (maqitlarge)

    Sagna isn’t a big game player. Look at how many clearances he hashes when we’re under pressure. That is basic defending.
    Case in point, Liverpool away last season. At least 2 goals came cos he sliced clearances and they got the ball back in and scored.
    I think we should have better, although its not the priority clearly.

  27. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    I dont think we will get any player in next 2 weeks,

    we only have bolton and FA cup against stoke next 2 weeks,

    only when the big fortnight starts,wenger could get just before that.

    wenger has become a coach who banks and hopes on a single player to fill in for the whole season

    for ex..he says if Bendy is fine,he may not get a striker…its a lot to depend on a single player for rest of season

    wenger says that even if bendy is back,he will consider buying striker,well i dont believe that,becos,he is just trying to brainwash people till transfer window starts..

    and when transfer window ends,becos the window has closed,and wenger will say,Sorry window closed ,wenger will plead and urge all fans to get behind the team..

    power has made wenger non-accountable & more egoistic,stubborn that he will do it ONLY his way.

  28. gazzap

    People cannot say that wenger is holding this club together. He sold vieira and Pires too early while Flamini and Hleb didn’t think twice about leaving ‘the manager from heaven’.
    Likewise, Arshavin wont hesitate leaving us if he doesn’t think Wenger is doing the team justice.
    I am actually hoping wenger does not sign another contract and I dont think I alone in that.

  29. Denilson

    IAG, You don’t win the league by beating big teams… It’s winning as many games outside the top four as possible that wins you the league (if you can beat all other teams outside the top 5, you get about 87 points and that will win this season’s league hands down)

  30. gazzap

    what does signing Sol do for silvestre? I mean what is the point of signing another player of equal stature of silvestre? we already have that level of back up. if he is going to buy a centre back make it a good one or dont bother.
    if we cant find a good striker then at least find a decent DM because Song alone is really not enough – or give coquelin a go.

  31. arsenalised

    Am worried about the stoke game coz of how they play dirty and we are so light right now its crazy.i bet we will pick up an injury that day and its curtains for us this season

  32. tonyadamsisgod

    Geoff – Yeah but heaven forbid we fork out an extra 3 million to secure a player!! Much better that it goes directly in Wenger’s wages!!

  33. charybdis1966

    Good point you raised about the ACN game yesterday Geoffers. How on earth did the big guns of Ivory Cpoast dfail to batter Burkino Faso – I mean it’s Burkino Smegging-Faso FFS? I reckon it’s because the likes of Drog breath and the Toure’s couldn’t be arsed to put a shift in cos they weren’t getting £100k+/pw as they are used to getting.
    So no takers for Kuranyi then ? Beckford the better option ?

  34. GMR

    It’s like Senderos now. Wenger has no intention of playing him except in an absolute emergency, so why not release him on a free now or for a million at most, which means we save on his wages for 6 months, instead of paying him to do nothing more than train & then leave on a free in the summer.

    The reason we keep him on is no doubt because Djourou will be back for next season & will be the next in line to replace Vermaelen or Gallas (providing he stays), the fourth choice will probably be Nordtveit meaning we save on transfer fees again.

  35. jules


    Shakatak did,nt come because as they wanted 9 mill and wenger offered 2.6 !!

    Yep , I said the other week about tv as a dm

    definately would be the new Petit .

  36. tonyadamsisgod

    gazzap – I think he’ll be better than Silvestre and right now Silvestre has to be considered as a full back replacement while we have these injuries! Its not great of course.

    Isn’t it funny how Wenger only uses the rules and philosophies he creates when it suits him!!

    He wont buy an established player because it may ‘kill’ a youth player. So why buy Arshavin when you have Vela? Why buy Vermaelen when you have Senderos.

    He wont give any more than a 1 year contract to over 30’s. Silvestre gets signed on a 2 year deal. Why? because it means he doesn’t have to fork out real money on a decent CB.

    He says that bringing players back to a club is not a good thing. And yet he’s apparently trying to sign a 35 year old ex-Arsenal player!

    Wenger talks so much shit at times and in riddles and rhymes that it only comes back to bite him in the arse!

  37. Dublin Gunner!!!!

    I came over to London for the everton game, and I spent my hard earned cash to see us draw, and to see no spark in the team, I can honestly say that I won’t be spending my cash to go over an see that again for a while.

  38. Geoff

    Jules but if we get him on a free, we will have to pay as much in signing on stuff, except now he’ll fuck off to a team like Liverpool.

    False economy, as always.

    GMR spot on.

  39. Preencemeka

    Sometimes i wonder if wenger still has the hunger to win trophies or does he think he’s running his family business.

  40. km


    that kid Sergio Cannales looks awesome….like a younger version of Torres but he is so composed in his play and so aware of his teamamates


    Spot on,just imagine a back four featuring Sagna(Solid Rock),Gallas(Do Me,I Do You),Campbell/Cahill,Clichy(Billy Whiz)
    DM; Song(Hit them with music) and Verminator(Park @ Your Own Risk) with King Cesc upfront.
    OFFENCE ; Arsha(Popov Vodka)/Diaby,Van (Papa-Goal),Nasri(baby faced Sniper). Note:Diaby has been my favorite player this season besides Song & Verminator,and just in case you were wondering why i haven’t put a goalie is because Almu has been our weakest link so far.Slot in Fabianski or the other goalie with a difficult name. What a line up!!

  42. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    Dont know what will happen in future

    In the veil/lies/promises of better future,we are losing out a LOT on the present.

    reasons to going to a new stadium included us,to make us compete more strongly in the market/transfers etc

    right NOW,we have so much money in the bank,and we are willing to only extend contracts,and give players more and more financial security,at the cost of todays glory…which will only end up us losing our top players and empty stadiums..

  43. km

    i agree with Sabeel

    i think Wenger is going to wait till the summe to sign Chamakh. he’s going to wait till bendtner comes back. If Bendtner doesnt improve this year, we are fukked because RvP is out for the whole season.

  44. BigRaddy

    Morning All

    I don’t understand this call for a CB back up. It is so short term. WG will sign a contract extension, TV is the dogs. As has been said Senderos is cover, with Song as his back up until JD gets fit for the end of the season. That is 5 International CB’s!

    IMO it is the timings which are so unfortunate. Nik B getting injured at a crucial time…. when he returns all eyes will be on him as a potential saviour, and he is just not ready. Also Theo having a injury ravaged season when he could have taken the central role he so craves. Vela hasn’t stepped up (though he has had little opportunity.

    To play AA as central striker worked for 2 games. It doesn’t anymore. AA may be a brilliant player but he plays in patches and has been almost anonymous in most games. If he wants out, so be it, we won’t miss him.

  45. Sam

    Spot on Geoff. Chamakh will have more options and he ll probably sign with who pays more wages and more signing on fee as free transfer come June. You can bet we wont win that race.

  46. GMR

    Maybe Wenger really doesn’t care about his reputation & knows he’ll leave when his contract is up. We could all be doing him wrong, maybe he has a masterplan to leave the new manager a youth team filled with great prospects & 150 million in the bank to spend on new talent.

    The trouble being, even if that is true is doesn’t help us now.

  47. Pedro

    Raddy, short term?

    There are long term doubts over JD, Senderos is on his way out and hasn’t played a game, Willy G could leave and is in the twilight of his career and Silvestre is pretty woeful.

    It’s the perfect time to sign a centre back.

  48. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    Dont know what wenger thinks,when he knows even if he signs chamakh for free..he would have to pay him more wages,which ulitmately “could” cost almost the same if he had bought him summer..

    we would have chamakh now,when we need him

  49. DaHustler

    Morning my fellow GOONERS!!! 🙂

    Thought i’d join the debate, after quietly watching you all for the past few days! lol!!

    Im still sticking to my prediction, i will be VERY shocked if wenger does buy someone! Personally…i reckon he will use the old Crocked Player Returning Is Like a New Signing!

    I gave up hope of new players a long time ago! Only time we see new players coming in, will be to cope with the loss of Fabregas….Mark my words, he is off in the summer, and about time too….i cant put up with his is he staing/going crap anymore….had enough with Henry…Paddy and Ade!

    We need commited players…..players who dont have their heads turned by big pay cheques and the glorious rays of the spanish sun! 🙂

    M.Sissoko from Toulouse
    Benzema! lol

  50. GMR

    I can’t see Gallas staying. He’s always wanted to play in Italy & I have no doubt with his performances this season one of the top Italian clubs will offer him a 4-5 year deal, they appreciate experienced players out there, whereas Wenger gets rid.

  51. Pedro

    I don’t think I’d be terribly disappointed with Saha. He’s a top goal scorer if he stays fit! 10 goals in 14 this year, 18 in 16 last year… more games than Carlton Cole!

    He could do a great job for us.

  52. SUGA3

    morning y’all…

    good post Geoff, Arshavin is a Grover, ain’t he?

    again, penny wise pound foolish policy is likely to come and bite us on the arse…

  53. Sam

    How many of you would take flamini back ?

    I for one would be very happy.

    Song could be our CB backup or partner verminator if WG leaves this summer.

    JD is yet to prove he is good.

  54. Pedro

    GMR, he’s a better player than Carlton Cole, arguably fitter… yet everyone was clamouring for the West Ham man!

  55. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    under wenger,our transfer eyes are only on cheap and capable players like chamakh only,

    dont expect to have torres/villas of the world to come to us under wenger

    Lightening like arshavin_transfer doesnt strike twice

  56. SUGA3

    I know it’s bullshit journalism, but if Flamini moves to Spuds, I’m gonna fucking cry…


    Gallas may leave, thinking ‘fuck that, I’m 32 and asked to play fucking 50 games a season’, Senderos is as good as gone, Djou is pants and Song is a good DM, but hopeless in CB IMO…

  57. BigRaddy

    If Flam took a drop in wages I would sign him !! Serve the little weasel right.

    I disagree Pedro. I have heard nothing about JD having a terminal injury. WG could leave, but if we let him it would be foolish.

    If Senderos goes, then I agree – we should sign a CB, and Kjær is the man.

  58. Wiseman

    Flamini to the Spuds? This would irritate me highly..

    Would we want him back after he up and left us for Milan? I prefer Song in that position, but Flamini is a better DM than Denilson.

    He also only had one good season, and anyone who has seen Melo play this year will know that 1 swallow doesn’t make a summer.

  59. tonyadamsisgod

    If I could bring back any former Arsenal player today it would definitely be Flamini! Fuck me, that could win us the EPL right now!! BUT, Wenger would never do it in a million years. Not because he isn’t keen on signing ex-players but because it would kill Song. Who’s the better of the 2 players wouldn’t even come into it for Wenger. He simply wouldn’t consider it.

  60. GMR

    Pedro – Can’t really say I agree. He fits in well at Everton but Cole has the extra strength & height. I think Cole would offer us something different, he wouldn’t be a starter when the likes of RVP are fit. I wouldn’t sign either though because both are crocks.

    Look at Campbell, he couldn’t handle the pressure of being at a top club anymore & went to Portsmouth where he done brilliantly for the majority of his time there, he also stayed fit because they didn’t have the same number of games as us. If he re-signs for us even on a short term deal it’s a complete waste of money, he couldn’t even handle league 2 where his natural strength should’ve come into play.

  61. tonyadamsisgod

    Raddy – JD is a permanent crock mate! He’s always fucking injured, just like RvP, Rosicky, Walcott and a few others! Why would you want to risk your ambitions on his fitness?

  62. B.B.K.

    But that’s the thing,chamakh is not capable enough for us,gallas will definitely be off at the end of the season he wants to win a few more things while he still has a chance,he won’t be doing that staying with us..

  63. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    i dont know why it would kill song if flamini is brought back,

    i mean Wenger can use Song as a Centre back too,and wenger says he sees Song ending up as Centre back..

    in addition,its too early to judge song.

  64. charybdis1966

    Whether Flamini is available or not is academic as, to date, Wenger has shown himself to be a proper girl when it comes to bringing former players back. He sulks (when a player leaves) like a woman scorned and doesn’t see the greater good for the club in bringing them back if they could do a job for us.

  65. Pedro

    29, 14, 26, 0… JD appearances in order.

    You don’t need to hear any more than that really… he’s only young as well.

  66. tonyadamsisgod

    chary – yep, but he’ll bring back Sol if it means not having to spend millions on a new CB!! See my post at 09:49 about Wenger breaking his own rules when it suits him!!

  67. Denilson

    There is no greater good for the club by bringing a player like Flamoney back! Let him go to Spurs… finally he is heading home.

  68. charybdis1966

    That’s why I said “to date” TaiG – although I’ll believe it(Campbell signing for us) when I see it. I’m not denying Wenger has considerable strengths as a manager and has(stress HAS) delivered success to us, but his position of unassailable power at the club is such that when his flaws damage us long term no one has the power to challenge him – or even offer a differing point of view.

  69. BigRaddy

    OK. You win we need a new CB.

    Though I should point out Pedro (citing the Denilson example) that stats prove nothing. The JD has been back up to Kolo & WG, and has never been a first choice CB.

    I was just being contrary!!

    Please please please don’t sign Sol. A disaster waiting to happen.

  70. SUGA3


    Flamini absolutely pisses over our ‘backup DM’ and I would have him back in a snap…

    the way he works with Cesc?



  71. ethangunner

    JD as DM wouldnt be a bad idea if wenger wants to convert someone .

    he has a good tackle on him isnt slow (like song)
    id rather see him there in the long run ..

    plus he does have some class .. and he would be versatile enough then to be a CDM and CD ..

    a bert replacement

  72. charybdis1966

    Denilson, I don’t mean the greater good only with respect to bringing Flamini back – the greater good for breaking any of his stubborn principles, like buying experienced players to fill a shortcoming in the squad, getting the mix of youth-experience horribly wrong in recent years.

  73. ethangunner

    im with you suga . (sounds a bit kinky @!)

    and unlike viera there is almost 100% chance of flamini slotting straight back in , which is the biggest bonus ..

  74. Denilson

    Chary, I think buying Arshavin, Eddie and Verm shows if he finds experienced players in his price range, he does buy.

    Suga3, we differ in opinions when it comes that.

  75. frichie79

    why would Flamini slot back in. He used to tear around the pitch like a mad man, and in our new system of 3 in midfield we need someone to be positionally astute. there is a reason why he has been so crap in Italy.

  76. Chipo

    Get your facts right- Arshavin said we needed all our best players fit and playing at the same time. That’s his “miracle”. He never said we needed a miracle to win anything. Typical sensationalism!

    Although he obviously knows the club well enough to realise that a fully fit squad does indeed require miracles…

  77. frichie79


    Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas says his injured hamstring feels ”100%” and that he should be fit to make his return for the weekend trip to Bolton Wanderers.

    Cesc Fabregas is replaced by Aaron Ramsey after scoring two against Villa

    Fabregas has missed Arsenal’s last three games with a hamstring problem which he aggravated during a stunning cameo against Aston Villa over Christmas, when he came off the bench to score twice.

    Initially there were fears he could have missed a month of action, but Fabregas now claims he is ready to make his comeback.

    “My hamstring feels 100% now,” said Fabregas. “The now may have disrupted the football, but it hasn’t interrupted my rehab.”

    On Monday, it was confirmed Denilson would also be available for Sunday’s trip.

    The Brazilian was forced to leave the pitch late on during Arsenal’s 2-2 draw with Everton at the weekend and with the 21 year-old having just returned from a back injury there had also been fears of a longer lay-off.

  78. JoeBaker64

    Maybe Wengger will keep the money until the summer and the players at the club now will develop enough consistency and just enough defensive resilience to land an honour in May. If he takes that course, I hope he is proved right. In my heart of hearts, I am afraid that I just don’t believe it.

  79. charybdis1966

    Frichie – I thought Flamini had hardly got any games at AC because of the Italian penchant for playing oldies, in his case Gattuso instead of him. If however Flamini has had plenty of games and been exposed as positionally inept then I retract my initial thoughts on him.
    Denison – the Verminator was a straight replacement for Kolo, Eddy wasn’t that experienced although pre injury I’ll agree he was good for us, Arshavin does prove your point I’ll concede although how many of these signings have we seen in the last 5 years or so? Precious few.

  80. ethangunner

    frichie79 Says:
    January 12, 2010 at 10:30

    why would Flamini slot back in. He used to tear around the pitch like a mad man
    and yes now we have song who moves with the speed of a lightning snail .

    if you cant see the additional work rate as a bonus then i cant help you , or maybe you cant remember …

  81. ethangunner


    cheers mate ..

    yes JD would make the place his own i feel .
    if over the long term he would be intelligent enough behind cesc time would tell .

    but id rather him have a go than get splinters when the team needs experience on the pitch and last season he was coming on …

    in fact last season he probably came on the most out of everyone ..

  82. CESCS_MyBoy


    Interesting read.

    I would suggest that disrupting our CB partnership halfway through a season would be nothing short of suicidal.

    We need to pray that Gallas and TV play as many games as possible, otherwise we could implode in the manner you predict.

    Love the idea of playing Watt – at least his inclusion will give Arshavin the freedom to the play the way he craves.

    He is silent, ineffective and pointless on his own up top. Release the little Russian, and give us a match winner again!

  83. Pedro

    Raddy, don’t get me wrong… I really like JD… I just fear for him if he can never stay fit.

    I do wonder what Big Phil did piss Wenger off… he really went off him didn’t he!

  84. frichie79

    Flamini often got caught out of position chasing shadows, which meant he left huge gaps of space for the opposition. In a 433 formation it would cause problems for the other 2 attacking midfielders. also Flamini wasnt the most technical of players and used lots of energy to make up for his shortcomings.

    But this is just my opinion.

    Maybe he is the miracle we need.

  85. SUGA3


    I can’t see Flamini being brushed off by Saha or anybody else who can be arsed to get stuck in…


    Leonardo is an idiot – clueless manager, Flamini is not enough of a ‘big’ name for him and tried to play him out of position…

    besides, the Arsenal players usually don’t fare well after they leave (Henry excluded, but he is pure class) – it’s not the players, it’s the system…