No one in but Sol Campbell and Denilson will return soon. I have now seen the light!

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So after the interesting game that saw us win a point against top team Everton on Saturday, fans will have to wait until Sunday until we play Bolton. I for one can’t wait.

Pedro covered the game yesterday, all I can say there is at least the mercurial Denilson will be back on Sunday, Bendtner will be back in two weeks, Almunia got through the game un-injured and we may well be re-signing Sol Campbell, happy days then, the really good news is we won’t be spending any money so we will be in good financial shape.

Yes I know we didn’t really make the most of that game but don’t complain, we are in great shape. We are in third spot in the English Premier League, in the next round of the FA Cup and through the group stages of the European Champions league, how can we not be happy with that?

Resigining Sol Campbell will be like signing a new player and Fran Merida looks like he’ll be staying, I understand Man City, Aston Villa, Spurs, Man United and Chelsea are also thrilled we’ll be making no more signings, as they also believe we have enough in the locker room.

So they are thrilled, the board are thrilled and many of our weekend bloggers that came on, will also be besides themselves with our progress.

For any of you that may be a little disappointed out there, don’t be, as we are in great financial shape, and that’s the most important thing.

Ivan is rumoured to be taking the rest of the season off along with the 300 worldwide scouts we have, as there will be nothing to do until the summer, when all the 17 year old starlets will be looking for their first big professional contracts, and we all know that Arsenal is seen as the place to be as we pay so well and they will all get a chance to impress.

I just hope that Almunia gets a new and extended contract soon to match Denilson’s, as going through the summer wondering whether or not he’ll be off to Real Madrid will be too much for me to handle.

Anyone who may be a little nervous at the performance against Everton, don’t be, they drew against Chelsea, drew against Spurs and lost to us 6-1, but our team showed the same spirit as they did when we played Chelsea, so we have a lot to look forward to, mental strength, financial stability are massively important and don’t forget, we have a very young squad.

Not a lot more that I can add to all that. I hope this post shows the few doubters out there, that we are now true Arsenal fans, just like they are.

Have a great day Grovers, I’m sure our competitors will!

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  1. David

    Hahaha Keyser

    Priceless…”Do i Realize footabll is a team game”

    And in a team do you realize that different players have different positions?

    Or it doesnt matter you can play VanP and Fabregas interchangeably in the same position…I dont know Keyser are they Independent of each other?>

    Felleni played the full 90 minutes for both games.

    Denilson played in both games.

    Song didnt.

    Football is a team sport? Really?

  2. Zorr0

    lol, while David & Keyser do their usual (Wish they would just get a room) I am off.

    Been a pleasure lads. Tomorrow for round 1275?

  3. Gooby

    diaby was classified as shite not long ago around here. song was awefull last year.

    denilson may get the praise in the near future.

    the only player i can’t support at arsenal is silvestre, i really can’t stand him.

  4. Gooby

    pat, oh i forgot the clown, sry mate. anyway i thnik AW might use diaby in the hole, could be a good cover imo if he manages to stay back.

    denilson isn’t hopeless like some are saying.

    btw is the blogger “denilson” acctually the real one or is this a stupid question :p

  5. luke

    THink we have to sign a Defensive midfielder and ditch Merida. Arsenal wouldnt run a story like “no progress on meridas contract” if something wasnt up. He obviously isnt committed enough. I dont understand why we dont approach players like Toulalan, De Rossi, Mascherano (he would be good next to song). Even if we signed one of them on loan to get through ACN and add some depth this year until Denilson and Ramsey develop some more.

    In-DM, striker.

  6. SUGA3


    A. because we don’t think they are available
    B. beacuse they are not better than what we already have
    C. beacuse they would ‘kill’ Denilson
    D. all of the above

  7. A

    luke it’s running the story, and the people who choose what to run are no different from bloggers, they aren’t told what to run and what not to run. They just listen to Wenger’s press conferences, or interviews, and the choose quotes to publish and make articles from.

    The Merida quotes are because they press asked Wenger about Merida, I wouldn’t say he’s absolutely gone. I wouldn’t want him to go either.

    How on earth would any of those DMs be allowed to go on loan?! Not a chance of any club letting a good player go on loan…. I agree that we should sign a DM though to provide extra cover, someone like Matuidi would go down a treat

  8. A

    and a striker….

    Centre back if Sendy is off/injured/out of favour. imo other two more important, but yeah centre back too

  9. A

    disagree there suga! don’t care about that at all, imo defensively speed is more important than size, and technical ability/intelligence more important than size in attack. DM yeah some physicality, don’t care about height, but someone stocky and powerful

  10. SUGA3

    yes, that’s what I’m talking about – they don’t necessarily have to be ‘Texas size’, but with a mean streak and a fire breathing if-you-kick-me-or-my-mate-I-will-rip-your-fucking-head-clean-off attitude πŸ˜‰

    Paddy had quite a disciplinary record to his name, but it was effective as fuck…

  11. ethangunner

    i think you 2 are close ..

    i think we need a good mix of ball skill and height . but ive rarely seen a class striker well over 6 foot tall .. or that many defenders either like that .
    in fact being over 6′ 4” makes any human look ogre’ish and impedes movement .

    the key issue here is we play wenger ball !
    (quick passes – intelligence – fluid movement)
    we MUST have team players who fit in 1st and foremost , im sure this hampers wengers choices even more so …

    and finding quality this transfer window seems tough .. no one will let go of there players cheaply ..

    wengers only option is again to target players who are on a free shortly or who wont sign new contracts ..

    or take the punt on youths ..

  12. SUGA3


    this Traore fella is agile as fuck for someone 6’8″ – all I saw were these videos on YT, but he doesn’t have this lanky clumsiness about him that Crouch has…

  13. ethangunner

    he’s pretty young thou suga .. 19 ?

    you were just stating you’ve had enough of these youths ..

    i have too dont get me wrong ..

    but i think half the teams in the EPL wont part with there players in jan . and the other half of the teams aren’t worthy to get players from .. so wenger is screwed either way .

    if wenger pulls 1 signing out the bag that makes a difference in this climate ill be surprised .

    i think it needs too be done , but what wenger does is another kettle of fish .

  14. SUGA3

    fair enough…

    I would perhaps try and nick a player from the Russian league – they have a season break (I think) and did not qualify for WC either…

  15. ethangunner

    i would in true football manager style go thru the french national team U21’s U22’s who ever, and buy 3 or 4 ..

    if your going to get youth players at all !
    wenger takes a punt too early on these youths .

    and he only seems to buy french players , and they are the only ones who seem to be 1/2 descent

    id take hazzard – kompany – van den borre
    and a class keeper and striker .

    all belgum !
    like TV ..

    some good players coming out of there recently .

  16. ethangunner

    like kompany (who would make a good CDM)
    TV05 could do it too , hes got a good shot on him , can track back ultra fast .i think he could easily be a far better DM than song ..

    but then you need more CD’s !

    still screwed πŸ™‚

  17. SUGA3


    yeah, I saw that – in a few words: Arsene wearing a latex mask of Uncle Festa πŸ˜†


    CB:Cetin(28, good stopgap, Turks did not qualify for WC)
    DM:Matuidi (not the biggest but quite tenacious)
    CF:Adriano (loan)

  18. Matt

    Was just doing an experiment on this site, might as well give you some numbers:

    Most prolific commenters today (after 1519 comments from 118 different commenters)
    Cotto 156
    Pedro 126
    SUGA3 94
    Keyser 89
    A 88
    Franchise 85
    David 57
    Geoff 50
    gambon 46
    tonyadamsisgod 44
    choy 43
    Pat 41
    Zorr0 35
    bnsb 35
    B.B.K. 30
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    CHIPPY 22
    Tom 20
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    patthegooner 16
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    SharkeySure 15
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    Ray in SF 11
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    Denilson 10
    Francis Jeffers 10
    Arsenal Tom 10
    Mr B 10

    The first 8 commenters account for 49% of all comments today.
    The first 26 commenters account for 80% of all comments today

  19. AA23

    Man city won tonight which makes them the best team in history.
    we should buy mica richards who is no longer shit because he scored.
    we should buy Pienaar because he scored, we should buy Fellaini because he was good in saved by the bell.
    we should kill Wenger because he’s a cunt.
    Ferguson is the greatest human ever.
    no team has ever made up 3 points in 17 games.
    the highest scorers never win the league
    the team that lets in the most goals always loses the league.
    Almunia needs more games
    Arshavin is a passenger
    I hope Denlison gets injured more
    Cesc will go to AC interbarrealona
    Chelsea wont lose another game in history and “there above us arnt they”
    We wont beat Bolton because Coyle has tirned them into the best team in human memory.
    Vieras legs are better than ever.

  20. Pat

    Arshavin saying we need a miracle to win the premier league or CL is rather annoying.

    The lads getting on my nerves. He’s not performing that well and he talks too much.

  21. Pat

    Fuck. Had a look on the table and anything can happen this season and a LOT depends on form.

    We can win the title, yet we can even drop down to 5th or 6th. City look impressive atm.

  22. AA23

    Arshavin said we’d need a miracle… to be able to put out our actual first choice eleven…
    He says we havent had a chance to do that all season.
    He’s implying that if we did we’d shit all over the league.
    He’s right too.
    the actual quote behind the very misleading headline is…

    β€œMy greatest dream is to win a title with my club. Naturally, it would be better if we won the Premier League or the Champions League.
    β€œBut to do this we need a miracle – which is to start Β­playing finally with our best line-up! I do not think we have had it once so far this season.”
    – the real AA23

  23. Matt

    Excellent summary AA23!
    Yup. It’s the same on many active boards, a handul of people account for a big chunk of the activity. In addition I’ve found that on soccer boards, negative commenters are the most prolific ones in general but I don’t have numbers yet to back up my claim.

  24. Sam

    And he is playing out of position for the sake of his team, and almunia hoofs the ball as if he is a 6 ft CF.

    We are wasting Arshavin’s best attributes playing him at CF.

  25. ethangunner

    i know what your trying to do and there’s no way you can even draw a comparison !

    take your average over the past 2 years and you’ll see 1000’s of bloggers on le grove .

    looking at that list you haven’t even got a fraction of the regulars !

    in fact that’s all WHO that comment on yogi’s site ! regulars (talk about stacking the experiment to suit your fucking self)

    because all else are ran off the site because you cannot confront the author ! and the ACLF tribe although i never read it anymore, is full of whacked out delusional dribblers ..

    in there minds we have the best players on earth yet are just unlucky with injuries πŸ™‚

    fucking comical ..

  26. ethangunner

    and at 126 pedro is living proof he doesnt have a female companion .

    you should of came to thailand πŸ™‚


    dont think i have forgotten ! πŸ™‚

  27. ethangunner

    i think the AKB will pat themselves on the back this season .REGARDLESS !. in the slow snails march to victory they have got over another garden nozzle of life and are 1 step closer to the 1000 steps needed to achieve world domination whilst adhering to the scrooges hand book !


  28. ethangunner


    cane stick is the best i can do ..

    im in thailand πŸ™‚

    cost me 40 b πŸ™‚
    at a art supply shop … hmmmmm

    work that out

  29. dennisdamenace

    Those mugs would say ‘well done’ to AW if he took us down!! Probably stating how wise it is of the great man to build for the future in a lower division!!

    These fools only have blind loyalty to the man not the club, what happens when he steps down or moves on? For me I’d like to see him move on if only to take these sycophants with him…..

  30. dennisdamenace

    Ohh no, a short sharp electric shock to the testicles, which will have the added benefit of sterilisation, those inbred fuckwits shouldn’t be allowed to breed….

  31. ethangunner

    id like to see him move on because at his age and with his money we have been lining his pockets with throughout his experiment will make him rich enough to move on sooner than later ..

    and i feel likewise – most will go cesc RVP …. basically all the french players to keep explanations short .

    i would also expect the board to bail prior to wenger leaving also..

    which may add up to why stans got all but the last 0.000022 % of shares ….

    maybe it wont be an exodus . but it will surely expose half of our players if another manager doesnt want to play wenger ball any longer .

  32. ethangunner

    Ohh no, a short sharp electric shock to the testicles, which will have the added benefit of sterilisation, those inbred fuckwits shouldn’t be allowed to breed….
    yes i can imagine the genetic code warping to a level were you would breed an

    ‘A’ type fan .. ON STEROIDS

    just imagine !

  33. Geoff

    Morning all! I have just finished todays post and I have some suggestions for success, none as radical as Ethan’s and Dennis’s but solutions all the same.

  34. george

    why not buying more players? since we are very hungry of an award. to me, iwud prefer we take atleast 2 trophies champs $ EPL. PLZ “WENGER” DON’T BE MORE SUPER GREW BUY TWO PLAYERS: STRIKER with heading skills $ he should’nt be left leged THIS TIME , deffender(strong $ highted TO PLY OUT DROGBA)

  35. RCAFC

    Are you having a laugh?!!!! You hope almunia gets a new contract like denilson. These two idiots are destroying our season and you come up with rubbish like that! Surely you must be joking!