Dear Mr Wenger…

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Dear Mr Wenger,

Firstly I’d like to congratulate you on getting this team to within a hair’s breadth of the top of the table. I must admit, I didn’t really expect to still be in the mixer at this point after our mini collapse a couple of months back. The team has played with cohesion, certain players have made the necessary flumps, ala, Diaby, Song and Nasri… and that’s been reflected in our play. That’s not to say cracks haven’t been showing. Injurires are starting to pile high again, like they always do and there are a few players who don’t seem to be pulling their weight.

This is a letter to ask you to make the relevant purchases in the January transfer window that will allow us to kick on comfortably during the second half of the season and compete. Yesterday it was apparent that the whole defense has lost faith in Almunia. He doesn’t have the commanding presence a world class keeper needs to dominate his area and he’s become decidedly shaky over the last few weeks. He was never the best choice from the start, however, he did do a job for a season. Your luck has run out though. The defence seems sorted, the keeper does not. Allowing a midget to sneak in and score a header is embarrassing and needless. Either buy a new keeper or put your trust in one of the talented understudies you have that are eager to capitalise on his demise. Giving him the captains armband wont perk his performances and it’s rather churlish if you ask me.

My next point is about the holding role. At the start of the season I believed you were going to start with Denilson. Song got the nod in the end and bossed that role. He’s left for the ACN and boy was that felt yesterday. The Brazilian is light weight, his passing was shocking and he cost us the first goal with two mistakes. He picked up what looked like a serious injury yesterday. Don’t ignore the opportunity to go out  and find a stop gap. We don’t have any other options now… it’d be unfair to put Eastmond in and probably too early to give JET a go. If you let us play the next few weeks without an experienced head there, we’re in serious trouble.

Finally, take note of the striking role. You need to fill it desperately. There is no doubt that we’ve managed to carve goals out this season without a striker. However, it hasn’t been convincing has it? Yesterday we got through with two deflected goals and bar the late surge, we looked impotent. We need a hit man who can hold the ball up and nod the endless crosses that are being fired in. Nik Bendtner isn’t the answer this season. He’s not fit enough and I think it’s asking far too much to expect him to carry the team until May. It’s a season too early. You need to open that cheque book and work some magic. There can be no excuse after watching the last few games. Injuries isn’t going to rub as an excuse this year.

What I will say is despite the result, that was one of the most enjoyable score draws I’ve been to see in recent times. The team showed an amazing grit and determination after they lost the second goal when other teams might have faltered. The weather conditions were atrocious and they type we usually don’t like. No such issues yesterday… loved it! When that second Rosicky deflection hit the back of the net… I knocked one of the chaps over who was sitting next to me… the joy over rode the embarrassment though!

Arsene, we’re nearly there squad wise. All it takes is a few smart additions over the next couple of weeks and we could genuinely be talking about a league winning squad. Don’t mess it up in a silly attempt to prove yourself right all along. Today was a kick up the arse, an early warning of what might happen if you don’t act. Thank the footballing gods it’s happened in Early Jan, not the first week of Feb. We all want to finish the season successfully, you’ve got the resources, the players are out there… you just need to give them the thumbs up!

Kind regards

Pedro and a million like minded Gooners!

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  1. ManGoonian

    Real, in particular buy soooo mnay players, dont give them any time to develop or come good and change managers twice a season. Its no wonder a lot of players dont make it there…

  2. gambon

    “I rate him [Benzema]” said Wenger “but we are not on the case, we are not looking for a striker as we have Afobe & Watt who need to play, signing Benzema would kill them”

  3. patthegooner

    Gambon that quote would be quite funny if I didn’t believe that it will probably be used at some point in the next 24 months

  4. patthegooner


    Brazil midfielder Denilson, who is 22 next month, believes his injury is not too severe.

    He said: “I don’t remember what happened. I was just running with the ball and I felt a pain in my side. I couldn’t run or stop the ball, but I feel okay now.

    “I am going to have a scan and then I will know how long I will be injured, but I think I will be ready for Sunday [at Bolton].”

    Oh Well the PL is a mickey mouse competition anyway

  5. Ja_Gunner

    The withdrawal of Togo from the ACN actually helps Chelsea more than us…..

    Because Ivory Coast and Ghana are in that group…that means they will play a match less….oh how I wish Togo were in Cameroon’s group……

    Because Song is more important for us than Eboue….

  6. patthegooner

    I couldn’t run or stop the ball,

    Was that just at the time of the injury or is he talking about his performance in the entire game

  7. patthegooner


    Shockingly, Denilson will be the DM against Bolton and Coyle will be instructing Arsenal old boy Muamba to do a Feillani on him.

    Thank fuck we have Cesc back, it might just mask how poor Denilson is in that position, and we might get something from the game.

  8. Mr B

    No MG, PatG just wants him to get the appropriate rest to completely recover from his recurring back injury….like the rest of his life.

  9. ManGoonian

    Mr B;

    No mate, dont think i will bother ta. You were responding to my post, aiming your answer to me. I dont have a clue what you are on about. Therefore, you have a duty to tell me what the feck you is on about!

  10. patthegooner


    We went through this last night

    I am not proud of it, and I feel a little disgusted with myself for thinking it, but yes I do wish that Denilson was injured for a lengthy period. If it was Merida, Diaby or any other player that was forced to be playing that position when they are clearly not capable, i would sadly wish the same on them.

    Wenger has driven me to this. His stubborness in not having defensive cover for Song is negligent and recklass and I think it will cost our season. I am sick of Round Peg in Square hole, it has to stop

    So yes If it meant that for the greater good of Arsenal Football Club, that Denilson was a sacrificial Lamb (and a big fluffy lamb he certainly was yesterday), and his injury meant that Wenger would put his stubborness aside and buy someone capable and quality enough to protect the back four, then yes I am pleased he is injured.

  11. gambon

    Maybe we could sign that big African DM whos been making waves recentley, think he’s called ‘Great Boo’


  12. patthegooner

    Choy, I honestly dont know as I dont believe we have a player capable enough to play there.

    What is worse, is that this situation is not borne out of an injury crisis, it is borne out of only having one Defensively minded Midfielder and 7 or 8 attack minded ones.

  13. ManGoonian

    Well, pray for that blood clot then fella…

    I dont think he was helped by a poor game from Ransey and a fuckwit of a ref who let the Everton cloggers kick the shizen out of our players at will…

  14. ManGoonian

    Whether Wenger has dropped a bollock in not havi9ng a ready made replacement for Song, or not will be found out soon enough. That is, if you all believe that the role is beyond Denilson? Again, that may or may not prove to be the case. Yesterdays game was the 1st one without Song and as a whole, the team did not perform, so it might be a tad early to judge too…

  15. Ray in SF

    ManG besides Song, we were also missing Cesc and he makes a huge difference not only through his personal contribution but also how the team plays — for example, AA stays awake for longer intervals with Cesc around

  16. patthegooner

    A Midfielder from clubs in the PL that would be better than playing Denilson there

    Villa: Sidwell
    Birmingham: Bowyer
    Blackburn: N’Zonzi
    Bolton: Muamba
    Chelsea: Essien, Mikel, Ballack
    Everton: Feillani
    Fulham: Murphy
    Liverpool: Gerrard or Mascherano, Jesus even Lucas
    Man City: Vieira, Barry, De Jong, Kompany
    Man Ure: Carrick
    Stoke: Faye
    Sunderland: Cana, Catermole
    Spuds: well you couldnt could you
    West Ham: Parker
    Wigan: Diame

    i would take every single one of those players above anyone in the Arsenal Squad to play that holding role next weekend, and that is a shocking state of affairs.

  17. gambon

    The thing is a backup DM really doesnt need to be a great player, just competent, and ideally experienced!

    We should definately have 1 player at Scott Parkers level in our squad to provide MF cover.

  18. Ray in SF

    I’m with Gambon on this..

    “The thing is a backup DM really doesnt need to be a great player, just competent, and ideally experienced!”

    real quotes this time

    Hard not to believe that 3 out of Gallas, Vermaelen, Senderos and Sylvestre couldn’t combine to do a decent job for a month!!

  19. patthegooner

    Sorry for having an opinion MG

    And it is an opinion I had long before that performance yesterday. It was an opinion I had on the 1st September when the window shut.

    And why does Vieira show a knee jerk reaction.

    We would have won yesterday with him in the side…Again my opinion fella

  20. patthegooner

    Lucas??? Carrick??? Murphy??? Sidwell??? Muamba???

    Yep I would have all of them playing that role ahead of what is available to us.

  21. Ray in SF

    Looking at last years results..

    we picked up 78 points out of a possibloe total of 90 when we let in one goal or less

    we picked up only 3 out of the remaining 24 when we let in 2 or more

    having a more defensively-oriented DM wouldn’t be a bad thing

  22. Ray in SF

    Looking at last years results..

    we picked up 78 points out of a possible total of 90 when we let in one goal or less

    we picked up only 3 out of the remaining 24 when we let in 2 or more

    having a more defensively-oriented DM wouldn’t be a bad thing

  23. Ray in SF

    was looking into Vanger Love and came across this, thought it was funny

    In 2008, a video of Vágner Love and Brazilian pornographic actress Pâmela Butt was leaked on the internet. Butt said:

    “I’m very well paid to have sex on camera, but I earned nothing for this. I am two people: Pâmela the actress and Pâmela the private lady and today the private lady is defiled.”

    Vágner Love dismissed the rumours by stating:

    “Hey, I’m known for being amorous; let’s be honest, this reputation isn’t one that unsettles me.”

  24. patthegooner

    I like Sidwell, I am surprised he is not playing more at Villa.

    Wenger had some good things to say about him when he was at Reading, and I hoped we were going to bring him back.

    He is not good enough to be 1st choice, but as someone mentioned, it is a squad player we are lacking there, so they dont need to be exceptional, they just need experience, and know how to do their job, and they need to be strong enough not be brushed off the ball with ease.

  25. ManGoonian


    Sorry, if I was a bit OTT there mate. I just am not sure those I loisted would be any better. Definitely not Lucas, Sidweell, or carrick, actually, ALL the oines I listed!

    Carrick has no defensive instincts and is hardly a fan’s favourite. Lucas is just shite, Sidwell is not a defensive minded player, Muamba can just about get in the Bolton team and Vieira?

    Well, we have no idea IF he can still do a job here.

    Dewnilson, has played ONCE in the position vacated by Song. He was up against a 6ft4inch twat who was allowed to do what the fuck he wanted, while, in the main, his team mates were poor.

    Thats why I said it seemed a knee jerky reaction.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not 100% sure Denilson is the answer either, I would like to see eastmond or my favourite; Randall!!! 😀

  26. patthegooner

    Thats alright MG

    For me, every reason why I didn’t think Denilson would be able to cut it in that position shone out yesterday.

    I know it is his first crack at it, but every point is crucial, and I honestly believe if we had cover in the squad, then we would have won yesterday. Unfortunately he just wrote everyone’s gameplan against us. We have Physical teams in Bolton and Villa coming up and he will be targetted as the weak link.

    Hey i would love it as much as anyone else if denilson played a corker there, but I just dont see where the performance will come from.

    I think he will be better next week, but a lot of that will be due to having Cesc back and creating enough to score more one than them.

  27. Samir

    Andrei Arshavin has been speaking about the Everton game stating that one cannot blame the severe whether conditions for Arsenal’s off form performance.

    “To be honest, to be on the field was not very pleasant for the players of Arsenal and the opponent. Strong wind and snow always blowing in our faces. Unusual for a game at the Emirates.

    On the other hand football is played in any weather, so this complaint is certainly not how we should explain the reason that we did not beat Everton” he said on his personal site.

    The reason can be found in how Everton played he thought:

    “Everton managed to impose their game, especially in the first half. They wisely blocked the wings and let us turn to the center of the field.

    The fact that after the first half of the game, the score was 1-1, I think it was lucky for us”.

    On Denilson’s injury he believed that it was a relapse of his back injury.

    “He had a back injury. During the game he suffered a relapse. How seriously? I do not know. In any case we have another injured player”.

    Indeed. And it is how Arsenal cope with all these absent players in the next few games that may go a long way in determining the fate of this campaign.

  28. Goonerman

    Wenger has said he is injured but I am not so sure, I read he refused to play against WHU in the Cup, so he is unavailable.

  29. leon

    path delinson is good interceptions and shorts passes but is clearly nota beast with huge tough tackling but can do job in dm position i would say yes but delinson is realy just squad player i feel diaby would be better suited in that position i feel delinson needs partner player in that position he cant player there on his own plus ramsey is stillnot yet ready buthe will be

  30. Jay20h

    I just think senderos does not want to be a the club anymore. He has been fit I reckonmost of the time but just refuses to play – He knows his time is almost up. Such a shame if Im honest, because he is capable. One of Wengers first “project youth” rejects.

  31. leon

    i find it very strange with senderos there is never any info on him on th website or he is likely to be back i realy dont see wenger just let go on a free get another cb he clearly is going get another contract he just warming the bench and is clearly nt happy

  32. gambon

    Yeah Senderos has been completely frozen out since that night at Anfield.

    Shame but hey ho, weve gotta compete and hes not quite good enough.

  33. Samir

    Arsene Wenger has warned Denilson to commit a deliberate foul if goes down injured again in a bid to halt the opposing team from counter attacking.

    “I said to Denilson afterwards, ‘if that happens you have to commit a handball.’ I’m very serious,” he said.

    “If you go down, and there hasn’t been a foul, you cannot ask Everton to stop their counter-attack and not to score.

    “So, if you go down like that, at least put your hand on the ball and it’s a free-kick.”

    The injury mystified supporters in the ground but Denilson insists it shouldn’t keep him out for long.

    “I don’t remember what happened. I was just running with the ball and I felt a pain in my side. I couldn’t run or stop the ball, but I feel okay now,” he highlighted.

    “I am going to have a scan and then I will know how long I will be injured, but I think I will be ready for Sunday (at Bolton).”

    Despite the point the Gunners remain very much in the title hunt sitting three points off top of the table Chelsea but Wenger knows his side must avoid a repeat of the lack-luster display they produced against David Moyes’ men.

    “You could see from this match that every game is difficult and as soon as you drop your level a little bit, you are in danger,” he pointed out.

    “That is what happened to us. We did not find the speed in our passing to get Everton out of position and they did very well.”

  34. Ray in SF

    I don’t like junk-yard dogs…but if I had a junk-yard I would have a junk-yard dog

    so I second ManG’s suggestion to explore Randall in the role of back-up DM

  35. Ray in SF

    thanks for the Henri clip

    did you look at the “legendary Henri-Faregas interview” — one of the options at the end of the posted clip

  36. Pedro

    haha, that Wenger interview is interesting. You wouldn’t believe how many people have come into the comments section and calling me a cunt for suggesting Denilson made a mistake with the falling down like he’d been hit with a tranquiliser…

  37. London

    Candleford or Barcelona on the telly I’m not sure which is more boring.

    Well he did go down as though he was hit by a tranquiliser

  38. gambon


    Im all for giving players opportunities but the sun has set on Randalls Arsenal career!

    Eastmond maybe, Coquelin definately, Randall no!

    Sign Etienne Capoue and i’d be happier!

  39. Pat

    ‘Unfortunately, I knew before he left that he’d be missed,’ said Wenger as he discussed the Song factor.
    The combative midfielder, away with Cameroon at the Africa Cup of Nations, has emerged as a pivotal figure for Arsenal this season, anchoring the team’s fluid front six and taking the defensive strain from more creative forces around him.
    ‘I do not want to draw a quick conclusion because too many players were off the pace,’ Wenger added. ‘We struggled for a while when we lost Robin van Persie, so we have to find a new balance, new responsibilities and a share of responsibilities in our game.’

    Everton midfielder Pienaar said: ‘The game plan was to be aggressive in the midfield. Give Arsenal two metres and they will play you off the field but they were missing a lot of key players.
    ‘Song was not there and we knew we could get them on the counter attack. We stuck to it and it paid off.’

    ‘We got a bit too excited,’ said Pienaar. ‘We knew we could get them on the counter and went for it a few times but we gave the ball away.
    ‘They have players who will finish you if you give them that sort of space. They got it and they scored. We were lucky we didn’t go 3-2 behind.’

    Btw, Fellaini made as many tackles than our entire midfield combined: 10.

    Diaby had 4
    Denilson 3
    Merida 1
    Nasri 1
    Ramsey 1

  40. Samir

    Any player with a decent brain would have smashed the ball into row Z or hand-balled it before falling down like a little puff….. He went down like he was having a heart attack or as you say being shot by a tranquilliser:) 🙂 :O

  41. gambon

    My favourite clip is when Henry is interviewed after the botched penalty with Pires & him and the reporter are cracking up!

  42. ManGoonian


    You’re goona have to forgive me and my irrational faith in Randall! Who is that Etiene dude then?


    Mate, if he was in agony, surely we can forgive him for dropping like a stone?

  43. A

    Samir as if he was capable of putting it into row Z! Wenger wasn’t saying Denilson did anything wrong, if someone is in that much pain that they just collapse like that they aren’t capable of handballing, imo those comments are ridiculous from Wenger, unless they were said tongue in cheek, which they probably were.

  44. gambon


    Just a player i’d like to see us sign. DM for Toulouse, 6’4″, captain of France U21.


    I think that incident maybe highlights Denilsons lack of defensive attitude. Flamini for example certainly wouldve done something to stop the ball being in play. The best DMs always fear the worst & sense the danger.

  45. ManGoonian


    I tore a muscle in my chest and I could barely move fella! It was effin agony…. Never felt pain like it, yet after an hour and takin some pain killers, I felt fine again…

    You are a hard man to please!!! 😀

  46. Samir

    Here London;
    Brazil midfielder Denilson, who is 22 next month, believes his injury is not too severe.

    He said: “I don’t remember what happened. I was just running with the ball and I felt a pain in my side. I couldn’t run or stop the ball, but I feel okay now.

    “I am going to have a scan and then I will know how long I will be injured, but I think I will be ready for Sunday [at Bolton].”

  47. A

    gambon not a chance in hell, I don’t think any player would’ve done anything different at all! Absolutely nothing to do with defensive awareness, he collapsed ffs!!

    Samir long term severity has nothing to do with whether someone if fucked at the time that it happens!

  48. Pedro

    A, I can’t imagine the pain was that bad that he couldn’t do anything. He reckons he’ll be back for the next game, it can’t have been that excruciating. I mean, there are plenty stories about soldiers that still perform duties when they’ve taken a shot… I’m sure Denilson could have stretched to handling the ball.

  49. Samir

    Well if my leg was hanging on by a thread I would do my best to get the ball out of play……
    Fair enough if it was a heart attack but it does not seem it was 😀

  50. Pedro

    I think we’ve had a shit result after losing key players almost everytime so far.

    We lost Denilson earlier in the year… then everyone was saying our poor results were reflected due to his loss

    We lost RvP and went on a shit run…

    We lose Song, and we draw…

  51. Gooby

    Pedro- i don’t think so. i m some cases you just can’t help it. soliders can carry on when shot in the soulder or stomach sometimes.

    but a neurologic problem can cause huge pain. i can understand denilson

  52. leon

    for i think senderos has make decision in his hamds now he should take what ever offer comes along go to a smaller club because as it stands the last time played was in a carling cup game and unless there najor injury it does look as if he will be playing any time soon i was extremly suprised that he did take the offer everton gave him because he would have been playing alot more than right now the world cup is comming in the summer and he has bearly touched a ball for he is similer situation to what viera was in.

    i feel when it comes to delinson there no mistery there it clear he cant play dm on his own he needs partner but to say that he cant cover there a few weeks or month sorry i disagree all it means is that daiby or ramsey have play slightly deeper and help him out,flamster had an exceptional season but were is he now does not evon start for his club

  53. Pedro

    Jeez Gooby, he’s fine… If a soldier can carry on after getting shot in the stomach, I’m pretty sure a footballer can handle the ball when he picks up an injury.

    Injuries are for girls.

  54. ManGoonian


    The severity of the injury has eff all to do with how mych pain he was in mate!

    He could have had kidney stones, which are very minor, interms of dealing with em and the lay off required, yet they are appparantly excruciatingly painful!

  55. A

    Pedro severity of the injury doesn’t influence how much it can cripple you in the immediate suffering of it! I’ve had injuries on the football pitch where there was absolutely no chance of me kicking the ball out, even if my life depended on it

  56. Ray in SF

    may get me red carded but just saw some chick with very healthy lungs and written on them were the words

    My Grandparents
    survived the Holocaust
    and all I got
    was this lousy T-shirt

  57. ManGoonian

    PMFG! Can we please leave this one alone??? It is unbelievable people are trying to suggest the pain wasnt too bad, he could have done this, that, made a cup of tea, yadda yadda…

    It is embarrassing!

  58. Pedro

    Sorry guys, not with you on this one. Unless you’ve done something shocking to yourself or you’ve lost consciousness, you can always do something.

    Protect the ball, then get your treatment.

  59. Pedro

    Just read an article in the independent saying the Premiership is weaker as proven by City signing Paddy and Arsenal considering Sol Campbell.

  60. ManGoonian


    The hacks are such a jaundiced, cynical, smug bunch of twats. I despise the fact they get well paid to report on football matches, go all over the world covering tournaments, yet their 1st instinct, it seems is to deride, belittle and cast aspersions.

    They are wankers, one and all… And do not deserve their cushy jobs.

  61. Pedro

    It’s a pretty shocking article really.

    It claims the league is getting weaker, citing Birmingham’s resurgence… not that the Prem is getting stronger…

  62. Gooby

    pedro- still the best league to watch, the spirt alone is amazing in the prem and makes it the best in the world even if la ligua got special players;

  63. Ray in SF

    Talking of spirit…

    I think when Wenger was praising Everton the subtext was that that’s how I wished we had played

  64. ManGoonian

    The hacks all spout the same tired old bollocks… It is either an amazing league, the best ever, or its shite, depends what spin they feel is appropriate at the time…

    I would have thought if one team was walkin the league (as in italy) that would be proof of a weak league? In Spain, I have always thought the teams were capable of beating each other on any given match day and if that is the case here, then its a good thing, IMO.

  65. ManGoonian

    Don’t get me started pedro!

    Bin Laden has been a convenient patsy, used by the US as a reason to invade Iraq and Afghanistan for their own ends. never mind the fact they trained him and his mates up when they were fighting the Soviet army in the 80’s…

  66. gazzap

    Bt Denilson is back for the next match! that injury could not have been that bad that he couldn’t have stopped the ball as wenger suggests.

    I hope Den might be out for a few weeks, so it would force wenger’s hand to buy a new DM.

  67. gambon

    Funny how after every terrorist incident there are extra security measures (or what i call reduced constitutional rights) announced so quickly you would think they were prepared for it!

    Very convenient that!