Dear Mr Wenger…

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Dear Mr Wenger,

Firstly I’d like to congratulate you on getting this team to within a hair’s breadth of the top of the table. I must admit, I didn’t really expect to still be in the mixer at this point after our mini collapse a couple of months back. The team has played with cohesion, certain players have made the necessary flumps, ala, Diaby, Song and Nasri… and that’s been reflected in our play. That’s not to say cracks haven’t been showing. Injurires are starting to pile high again, like they always do and there are a few players who don’t seem to be pulling their weight.

This is a letter to ask you to make the relevant purchases in the January transfer window that will allow us to kick on comfortably during the second half of the season and compete. Yesterday it was apparent that the whole defense has lost faith in Almunia. He doesn’t have the commanding presence a world class keeper needs to dominate his area and he’s become decidedly shaky over the last few weeks. He was never the best choice from the start, however, he did do a job for a season. Your luck has run out though. The defence seems sorted, the keeper does not. Allowing a midget to sneak in and score a header is embarrassing and needless. Either buy a new keeper or put your trust in one of the talented understudies you have that are eager to capitalise on his demise. Giving him the captains armband wont perk his performances and it’s rather churlish if you ask me.

My next point is about the holding role. At the start of the season I believed you were going to start with Denilson. Song got the nod in the end and bossed that role. He’s left for the ACN and boy was that felt yesterday. The Brazilian is light weight, his passing was shocking and he cost us the first goal with two mistakes. He picked up what looked like a serious injury yesterday. Don’t ignore the opportunity to go out  and find a stop gap. We don’t have any other options now… it’d be unfair to put Eastmond in and probably too early to give JET a go. If you let us play the next few weeks without an experienced head there, we’re in serious trouble.

Finally, take note of the striking role. You need to fill it desperately. There is no doubt that we’ve managed to carve goals out this season without a striker. However, it hasn’t been convincing has it? Yesterday we got through with two deflected goals and bar the late surge, we looked impotent. We need a hit man who can hold the ball up and nod the endless crosses that are being fired in. Nik Bendtner isn’t the answer this season. He’s not fit enough and I think it’s asking far too much to expect him to carry the team until May. It’s a season too early. You need to open that cheque book and work some magic. There can be no excuse after watching the last few games. Injuries isn’t going to rub as an excuse this year.

What I will say is despite the result, that was one of the most enjoyable score draws I’ve been to see in recent times. The team showed an amazing grit and determination after they lost the second goal when other teams might have faltered. The weather conditions were atrocious and they type we usually don’t like. No such issues yesterday… loved it! When that second Rosicky deflection hit the back of the net… I knocked one of the chaps over who was sitting next to me… the joy over rode the embarrassment though!

Arsene, we’re nearly there squad wise. All it takes is a few smart additions over the next couple of weeks and we could genuinely be talking about a league winning squad. Don’t mess it up in a silly attempt to prove yourself right all along. Today was a kick up the arse, an early warning of what might happen if you don’t act. Thank the footballing gods it’s happened in Early Jan, not the first week of Feb. We all want to finish the season successfully, you’ve got the resources, the players are out there… you just need to give them the thumbs up!

Kind regards

Pedro and a million like minded Gooners!

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  1. ManGoonian

    Anyone see Tony Adams on Sky Sports earlier?

    He was saying that Sol would be a decent signing and that Vieira told him he might quit football…

    Looks like he got one thing spot on there then…

  2. may

    Hey, Man Goonian !!

    How are you fella.

    Also, No comments from our official bull shitting, propaganda generating Arsenal web site today. Seems like there will be a storm after this season. Either Wenger will walk away with head held high or…

  3. gambon

    Oh, Tony Adams who said he was about to be offered the Celtic role alongside Wim Jansen.

    Then Win went “huh? what the hell are you talking about!”

  4. SUGA3


    I would rather leave him there to develop – uprooting him and putting him in another league and system as an emergency and without proper preseason at 19 would not be the best move IMO…

  5. SUGA3

    one finger is Yakuza punishment for a fuckup, a hand is more like Sharia style punishment for a thief 😉

    the latter should be reserved for them Scousers 😆

  6. leon

    i feel very much we could do with another striker and i do feel there are few lesser known strikers but not house hold names but do i think it would be complete destarter if they dont get another striker not all thsi team haviing work alot harder for the goal but they are scoring bretna although far from finished product would allow the team a different dinention and attack using aerial attacks and give alot more phsical presence but the fact this team is still scoring alot edwardo is being overlooked because he is in bad run of form but wenger is clearly being very smart not over playing him he is gradualy comming back.i am not evon that concerned about dm position either because i know delinson diaby and ramsey can do job and unless wenger find a player who is of the same standerd of someone like essien forget it.what realy concerns me is the complete lack of right back or cd cover at moment senderos has a foot problem so there there is only silvest who at best is 3/4th choice right now with eboue away we can little afford injuries to sagna gallas or verm .i feel the team is pretty strong and is longer soft touch.i would like to see striker and cb who can cover right back would be very good too

  7. may

    Man Goonian ,Hatchet was dead n buried with last night only.The next day is a new day..a new day to look forward to.

    I hope there are some signings. Please God, let Arsenal bring back at l;east one trophy for start at the Emirates. I hate to see that blank after 2004.

  8. SUGA3


    he would do better than Denilson against Toffees there – not a chance he would get bullied like that…

    good heading ability, intelligent, good passing range – long range ones are absolute peaches IMO…

  9. may

    Yah MG..its just that one elusive thing. If we get at least 1 trophy, we wont be arguing like shit.

    At least we would have somethin to fight with our chavs n mancs fellow , and will not be fighting with our grovers.

    Yesterday was uttermost frustration that i vented out.

  10. patthegooner

    The Ref had a complete shocker. I still dont know how we didnt get that penalty.

    Senderos for DM. Given our options I would go for that.

    Surely if Denilson is out, we will buy someone. I bet we dont though. Wenger will try Diaby there and have Ramsey and Cesc in front of them.

  11. SUGA3


    if Wenger sticks Diaby in DM, I will think he is either blind or less intelligent than I give him credit for – Diaby’s natural position is SS, asking him to play AM is just slightly out of position, but close enough…

    Diaby’s good performances after being moved a bit more to the front in no coincidence…

  12. Zorr0

    Senderos has the turning circle of a small planet! He would get fucked by the passing and has no speed for recovery.

  13. SUGA3


    he is surprisingly quick for a big fella, agreed, he doesn’t do a lot of turning, but I know what I would prefer yesterday to nullify Fellaini…

  14. ManGoonian


    Yeah, true man. In the heat of a game, alsorts is said and it would me forgotten a lot sooner if it was all said in the pub, or at the ground!

    I still think we will win sumfin this season!

  15. Zorr0

    Suga3, He may have contested more physically than Denilson, but Drogba ate him for breakfast every game and he let it get to his head. Plus, they would have played it around him, knowing his limitations. Not that Denilson did much better on that front!

  16. ManGoonian

    Not sure I see Senderos in the DM role myself, but if we have little options (hopefully not!) then it might be worth a punt…

    I think Diaby’s improvement has been fantastic and he has added more discipline to his game, more defensive minded duties too, perhaps askin him to play the holding role might be too much to ask of him, given that his directness in attackin is a major attribute of his…

  17. SUGA3

    Drogba scoffed many better, older heads – I feel for Sendy, watched him playing for Switzerland and he is quality…

    besides, it’s easier when you know you can just bully someone off the ball, rather than try and figure out how to get around him…

  18. Zorr0

    lol, Mangoo, I was so pissed off after the game that I had a proper go at some twat in an executive car obviously waiting to pick someone up. He turned into the side road we were crossing without indicating and I went fucking mental at him about doing it in these conditions etc. I think people thought I was some kind of mentalist!

  19. SUGA3


    we have to be realistic – he is decent enough, more of a DM than Denilson will ever be, quicker, wouldn’t cost a bomb and should be happy to rotate…

    him, Cetin and Podolski would do fine for me…

  20. Supergunner07

    Bad game all round by Rambo, was supposed to be marking Osman for Everton’s 1st goal and lost him and he didnt move the ball quickly as Denilson too didnt move the ball quickly.

    AW needs to get Denilson’s injury sorted properly instead of in&out every 2 games and play Eastmond who is tall and positions himself enough to replicate Song apart from his physical under-development.

  21. Supergunner07

    @ BBK, while Denilson is good at intercepting passes to win the ball back for the team, he is very bad at tracking runners plus Cahill won many balls from goal-kicks against which Cahill didnt against Song in the Goodison fixture. At least Eastmond is good at those things

  22. B.B.K.

    erm we got to beat bolton first,then villa then man united then chelsea then liverpool,can’t see us winning all those games,we can’t even beat everton at home,the league’s done for us….

  23. nishanth

    I know Gambon.If not a victory atleast a draw.We are capable of beating them at stamford bridge.We will obviously need to change the keeper and have a proper striker upfront

  24. Supergunner07

    B.B.K. Says:
    January 10, 2010 at 16:16

    yeah because eastmond has played so many games in the premiership he can handle that role


    No need for stupid sarcasm, Nasri in that role when Denilson went off didnt work neither did it work last season, Denilson needs a DM behind him bcuz the positions he takes up to win the ball back are dangerous to our detriment when it doesnt work.

    All i am saying is certain attributes of Eastmond can be useful for the team right while Song is away. and i didnt say Eastmond is experienced in the prem either. I just prefer Eastmond in that role over Denilson & Nasri.

  25. ManGoonian

    The way the league has been this season, with all teams dropping points, there is nothing guaranteed… We can still win it, or fuck up, time will tell…

    I am just looking forward to the £100 BBK’s gonna be giving me…

  26. leon

    its realy weard i know it was mistake mistake to let go flamani giberto hleb and evon viera but all these players careers have gone into decline evon reyes come to thinkof i dont know wenger does but always seams to know when get a player when there reaching there prime and let them go and after that there not the same . so when it comes spotting players wenger rearly gets in wrong accept when it comes to defenders

  27. Supergunner07

    nishanth Says:
    January 10, 2010 at 16:29

    How about just buying a new DM supergunner


    May be should get some short-term loan [6months] in, but i stand by comment that AW cant play Denilson or Nasri as DM. 2 goals condeded were just stupid stuff, Rambo goes to sleep on Osman and Nasri runs after player that is already getting marked leaving Pienaar with free run on goal. Very Naive

  28. Zorr0

    SG7, good point, it was shocking by Nasri to go to Cahill who already had Traore to deal with rather than tracking pienaar back.

  29. nishanth

    What makes you think a 17 year old kid with no PL experience will get it right?There is only one solution to this.We need to get a new DM who can cover for song.

  30. Ray in SF

    the forwards, with all their collective skill, seemed to lack imagination and that’s maybe why the defenders were a bit cavalier

    we have very real talents on the pitch, but they seem to struggle because they’re played out of position

    I would like world class players to come into the team, but a Falaini (not world class but very effective) would make a huge difference

    I think there are big not-world-class-but-effective forwards out there who could come in and play CF — i.e., big targets, bring the ball down for the current talent to do what they do best, improve our presence at set pieces, etc.

  31. Pedro

    I reckon it’s a vain attempt to give him confidence.

    I’m shocked that Almunia hasn’t been dropped yet. The only reason I can pin down is perhaps Wenger wants Fabianski to prove his fitness before he throws him in at the deepend?

  32. Ray in SF

    Cesc is better than fine as captain, changing captain is like , is like putting lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig

  33. BigRaddy

    We need to sign Simon Kjær from Palermo. A superb young CB. Denmark’s PFA player of the year (Nik B won the fan’s award)

    €15m should get him. 20 y.o. 6`3″. Has pace , skill and strength. He is likely to be one of the stars of the WC.

  34. SUGA3

    Ray 😆

    thing is, Coco should NEVER captain the side…

    fuck me, I don’t know what the merit behind this is…

    most of us work somewhere, right? this is no different – if you see an idiot promoted to be your manager, your performance suffers, simple as…

  35. BigRaddy

    Pedro. It must be fitness. Anyone can see that the defence have no confidence in Coco. It is all well and good for WG to blame Ramsey for not tracking for the first goal, but Almunia should have come & got the ball. Seamo would have, Mad Jens would.

  36. Pedro

    I wouldn’t see it as promotion.

    I think when the real captain is out, it doesn’t matter who takes it over in the mean time… I’d imagine Al has a lot of respect from his team mates on a personal level, if he doesn’t, it’s even more baffling…

  37. BigRaddy


    A Captain should be inspirational, either as a natural leader aka TA6, or able to inspire though performance (CF4).

    Coco brings nothing. He may well be a good bloke, and I am sure WG has refused to take the armband, but AA is the man with the experience. and of course, is Captain of his National team.

  38. Ray in SF

    hey Pedro, then by your argument we should’ve given the Everton players each ten pints then our pig would’ve been attractive

    what about Vanger Love from Moscow? he impressed me when we played them

  39. Samir

    Fabregas is back for Bolton right?
    Along with Clichy and Walcott.

    Hope Clichy gets a start after Traore’s cock up against Everton.

  40. BigRaddy

    Why not 78692?

    We have to play with the Big Boys. We are not talking silly money here. We can offer as much wages, a better work environment.and we have his mate Nik.

    If we give up before the bidding starts just because Mancs etc are in the frame, we will never get a player again, because the moment AW goes for a player, others will follow.

  41. SUGA3

    in Cesc’s absence it should be AA or TV, so what if they came last, at least they are leaders…

    AA was the only one to go and check on Denilson if he was OK – that is what captain does…

    plus, making GK a skipper is not practical – theoretically, it’s only the captain who is allowed to speak to the ref…

  42. Samir

    Fabregas is back for Bolton right?
    Along with Clichy and Walcott.

    Hope Clichy gets a start after Traore’s cock up against Everton.

  43. Pedro

    Ray, Love is a top player but I think he comes with a hefty old price tag! He’s a little small for our needs as well. We need a back up centre back… did you see Gallas when he rolled hobbled of the pitch like someone punctured his liver?

    The season flashed before my eyes! That’s the most important area to address…

  44. Ray in SF

    Suga3, it’s the Peter Principle…people are promoted til they reach they’re maximum level of incompetence

    Wenger obvious thinks Almunia is capable of even greater incompetence

  45. Samir

    Well Fabregas is back for Bolton right?
    Along with Clichy and Walcott.

    I really hope Clichy gets a start after Traore’s crappy performance against Everton.

  46. SUGA3


    I had this discussion with A last night – AA captains Russian national side and that is much bigger job than captaining Arsenal…

    I don’t want to go into the details of Russian mentality to explain it further, but trust me, it’s a hell of a job…

  47. Ray in SF

    I had the same thought when Gallas went down

    actually unless I’m imagining it — beer for breakfast will do that — wasn’t Vermaelen also down early and I had the same “Oh Shit!” there goes the season feeling

  48. ManGoonian


    Traore didnt have his best game, but i wouldn’t say he needs dropping. Plus Clichy should be eased in after such a long lay off, IMO.

    Plus, Traore deserves more playing time, he has done really well overall…

  49. Pedro

    Suga, I think to be the captain of our current team, you have to lead by example. Arshavin is far too lazy and I’m not sure his grasp of English, or reality is good enough!

  50. SUGA3


    Traore got exposed because of shit DM allowing their CAM to get to places where he could pass the ball into the next ‘weak’ area…

    Wenger is a twat for not recalling Ebway & Songm he has enough of an excuse…

    then again, he could be depicted as the evil one in Africa – no more bargains…

  51. Pedro

    Traore was caught out badly at times yesterday, but he’s a really powerful player and his crosses are superb in contrast to Clichy or Sagna’s. If we’d had a proper target man yesterday, we could have nicked a goal or two from his crosses.

  52. SUGA3


    I have seen enough of AA geeing us up and doing ‘we have done nothing yet’ thing during the game to give him a shot…

    alternatively, it would be TV, but not that idiot…

    if defence has no confidence in him, how can he command respect as a captain?

  53. Pedro

    Did anyone else notice how poor Diaby is in the air? His toke challenges for aerial balls are very irritating.

    I thought Felliani was good… I’ve never seen him play so deep… he was about 5 ft ahead of their defence the whole game. He’s very dominant when he can be arsed…

  54. Pedro

    Gambon, no doubt… (<- I've been watching the wire)

    Suga, I make you right… surely there must be some logic there?

  55. Ray in SF

    I give Fellaini a lot of credit for an effective performance. It doesn’t seem to be a difficult job — basic skills, loads of commitment — why can’t we find somebody in our squad who can do it?

    (Ducking already) What about Traore as DM when Clichy comes back?

  56. ManGoonian


    My AKB spider senses were tingling there… How is Wenger a twat for not recalling Eboue and Song? I think they should come back, but it’s not really his call. He can ask, but they will just say fuck off fella!

  57. BigRaddy

    Fellaini was by far the best player on the pitch yesterday.

    I thought Eduardo was better yesterday. He was so, so close to getting a goal. His movement has improved and he looks stronger. A couple more games and he could be back to his best (I hope)

  58. Zorr0

    Diaby can be shocking in the air for a big lad!

    Suga3, has any other club recalled their players. No. Has any team other than Togo pulled out? No. Do even the Togo players want to stay. Yes. There is no way a manager could pull players out of this tournament!

    Screech impressed me yesterday and if he was wearing red and white we would have won.

    TV should be captain now.

  59. 78692

    BigRaddy,this is from The Daily Mail:-

    “It is believed that there is a buyout clause in his contract set at about £11million”

    Is The Daily Mail a bullshit paper?

  60. Pedro

    Did anyone read the quotes in the NoTW?

    Some Angolan militia lead said something like:

    ‘I’ve got nothing against the Togo football team, I like Adebayor very much as a player. But this is war anything goes.’

    The thought of the Angola rebels tuning into a feed after getting the link from the comments section makes me laugh…

  61. Samir

    Striker Andriy Voronin has completed his move away from Liverpool after signing a three-year contract with Dinamo Moscow.

    Wtf. He could have been brillaint for us. Big, strong, fast and great vision. Wouldn’t have cost to much either…. 😀

    Only messing. Sorry could not resist….. 😀

  62. SUGA3


    Wenger openly said the opposite – the ACN should go ahead…

    that is just aimed to please Africans, nothing else…

    if one manager did this, the rest would follow suit and stick a finger up the fat useless twats at FIFA…

    truth is, they need us more than we need them – without top clubs they ain’t shit…

  63. ManGoonian


    Like I said, Wenger does not have the power to bring our players back. It is an official tournament. They fuck with us enough as it is, without getting their backs up further.

    Platini hates Wenger, no need to add Blatter to the list!

  64. gambon

    Higuain is absolute world class!

    They spend £80m on Ronaldo, £35m on Benzema, and their best player was there all along.

    Surely his form means Benzema will be available in the long run?

  65. GoonerJohn

    Yea Higuain is really pure class . As it is going benzema doesn’t stand a chance of taking his place. So he could be available in the long run 🙂

  66. Gooby

    yeah PTG, wenger will never think real would sell. he fits perfect in or system imo.

    and a RvP-Benzema is quite exciting FW line

  67. GoonerJohn

    Granero is really a good player. He can play anywhere in the midfield, he has a great technique and vision and can shoot from range ! Also he works very hard on the pitch .

  68. patthegooner

    You would think that players would start to switch onto the fact that their career will probably go down the swanny at Real and Barca

    Snjeider, VDV, Benzema, Huntelaar, Hleb, Anelka, Reyes, etc