Dear Mr Wenger…

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Dear Mr Wenger,

Firstly I’d like to congratulate you on getting this team to within a hair’s breadth of the top of the table. I must admit, I didn’t really expect to still be in the mixer at this point after our mini collapse a couple of months back. The team has played with cohesion, certain players have made the necessary flumps, ala, Diaby, Song and Nasri… and that’s been reflected in our play. That’s not to say cracks haven’t been showing. Injurires are starting to pile high again, like they always do and there are a few players who don’t seem to be pulling their weight.

This is a letter to ask you to make the relevant purchases in the January transfer window that will allow us to kick on comfortably during the second half of the season and compete. Yesterday it was apparent that the whole defense has lost faith in Almunia. He doesn’t have the commanding presence a world class keeper needs to dominate his area and he’s become decidedly shaky over the last few weeks. He was never the best choice from the start, however, he did do a job for a season. Your luck has run out though. The defence seems sorted, the keeper does not. Allowing a midget to sneak in and score a header is embarrassing and needless. Either buy a new keeper or put your trust in one of the talented understudies you have that are eager to capitalise on his demise. Giving him the captains armband wont perk his performances and it’s rather churlish if you ask me.

My next point is about the holding role. At the start of the season I believed you were going to start with Denilson. Song got the nod in the end and bossed that role. He’s left for the ACN and boy was that felt yesterday. The Brazilian is light weight, his passing was shocking and he cost us the first goal with two mistakes. He picked up what looked like a serious injury yesterday. Don’t ignore the opportunity to go out  and find a stop gap. We don’t have any other options now… it’d be unfair to put Eastmond in and probably too early to give JET a go. If you let us play the next few weeks without an experienced head there, we’re in serious trouble.

Finally, take note of the striking role. You need to fill it desperately. There is no doubt that we’ve managed to carve goals out this season without a striker. However, it hasn’t been convincing has it? Yesterday we got through with two deflected goals and bar the late surge, we looked impotent. We need a hit man who can hold the ball up and nod the endless crosses that are being fired in. Nik Bendtner isn’t the answer this season. He’s not fit enough and I think it’s asking far too much to expect him to carry the team until May. It’s a season too early. You need to open that cheque book and work some magic. There can be no excuse after watching the last few games. Injuries isn’t going to rub as an excuse this year.

What I will say is despite the result, that was one of the most enjoyable score draws I’ve been to see in recent times. The team showed an amazing grit and determination after they lost the second goal when other teams might have faltered. The weather conditions were atrocious and they type we usually don’t like. No such issues yesterday… loved it! When that second Rosicky deflection hit the back of the net… I knocked one of the chaps over who was sitting next to me… the joy over rode the embarrassment though!

Arsene, we’re nearly there squad wise. All it takes is a few smart additions over the next couple of weeks and we could genuinely be talking about a league winning squad. Don’t mess it up in a silly attempt to prove yourself right all along. Today was a kick up the arse, an early warning of what might happen if you don’t act. Thank the footballing gods it’s happened in Early Jan, not the first week of Feb. We all want to finish the season successfully, you’ve got the resources, the players are out there… you just need to give them the thumbs up!

Kind regards

Pedro and a million like minded Gooners!

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  1. Pedro

    Fuck me… I should have gone home with you Geoff.

    Stuck in Tottenham court road with the worst hangover in the world!

    I’m hitting the dusty trail!

    Catch up with you later!

  2. edatom

    where is everyone? Arsenal were not at the races at all yesterday….Our midfield performance goes a long way to show how we will miss Song if we do not sign a replacement midfield enforcer, and a big target man.

  3. GMR

    I agree we certainly need a couple of players in. I thought we’d struggle yesterday & so it proved, Pienaar & Fellaini are two strong & experienced players & however good players like Ramsey will be in the future, (& he will be) you cannot expect them to dominate two inform Everton players.

    Our injury situation is part bad luck & part bad planning, but this month there is an opportunity to do something about it. If Wenger chooses not to address the problems we clearly have, then what does that say to the likes of RVP, Cesc, Arshavin & the rest about our ambition.

    I really hope Wenger takes the plunge into the transfer window, somehow though, as I’ve said all along, I just don’t believe he will.

  4. tonyadamsisgod

    Morning all….

    if its true that Foster is up for sale I’d buy him. I know most wont agree with me but this lad will be England No.1 soon enough. Yes he has made mistakes for Utd but that is not because he is a poor keeper its because he is still young. keepers hit their prime in their 30’s usually and in today’s game we see keepers making débuts at a younger and younger age. A few years back Foster would have made those mistakes for Utd Reserves. Now he has to make them for the 1st team.

    Anyway, I believe he will be awesome soon enough and perhaps Wenger’s softly softly approach will improve him more than Fergie’s hair dryer approach!

  5. tonyadamsisgod

    I now think we are 4 players short. In order of priority I think we need to sign:

    1 – Defensive Midfielder
    2 – Goal Keeper
    3 – Striker
    4 – Centre Back

    But I do believe we need all 4 to become a serious threat and to see out the season strongly. Lets not forget that no trophies this year could see the end of Fabregas and Arshavin player in the red and white of Arsenal.

  6. edatom

    Fabiansky is a far better goalkeeper than Foster now, and will be a better goalkeeper than Cech, it is just a matter of time.

  7. ethangunner


    thats it in a nutshell . cover those 4 bases and i would agree we could win things ..

    this is whats required ..
    will wenger do it ?

    NO !

    you know it and i know it ..

    beggars cant be choosers if he gets a reasonable keeper even sorensen or someone like that and a 15-20 goal striker thats the MOST i would expect him to sign ..

    i dont even think he will meet us even half, of half way ..

  8. arsenal passion

    What we DESPERATELY need is a Comanding World Class keeper (Buffon) but would settle for Joe Hart of Man. city (on loan to Birmingham).

  9. ethangunner

    id be surprised if big Al lasts much longer ,(next match ) and fab 2 will get the chance to close off the season.

    that will probably be what happens in the keeping department over the next 6 months .

    it seems the most likely verdict

  10. Gooby

    Morning All!

    the problem is that we need the signings now, at the end of the month like he usually does.

    with fabregas and clichy back next week it’ll look better.

    i haven’t been a fan of it, but why not nasri as a DM, he can do a better job than denilson anyday.

  11. chozzer

    I enjoyed my day out yesterday, too.

    Watching the Away Boyz in The Gunners before the game helped as well.

    A couple of tunes I found amusing.

  12. Gooby

    Morning All!

    the problem is that we need the signings now, not at the end of the month like he usually does.

    with fabregas and clichy back next week it’ll look better.

    i haven’t been a fan of it, but why not nasri as a DM, he can do a better job than denilson anyday.

  13. Jay20h

    Well I was very pleased we scraped the draw yesterday. Im not gonna get to down about it – Without Song and with clownia in goal, I wasnt expecting another 6-1. Although to close the gap we really needed 3 points yesterday.

    Striker, Defensive midfielder (Vieira!!!!!!!!)

    These two and a cntre back (Sol maybe) and we can win the fucking thing!

  14. TonyS

    I’ve got this film script where I go into the past in a time machine and tell people that Song will be one of Arsenals most important players but they lock me in an asylum and then I escape and touch a girls breast and the police shoot me dead.


  15. SUGA3

    good writeup Pedro, thanks…


    Foster is pants, SAF would not put him up for sale if he was any good, Fabianski, hell, even Szczesny pisses all over him IMO

  16. edatom

    Geoff…I noticed with yesterdays post, you very nearly hit the 2000 mark…..have you ever topped that number yet?

  17. Gooby

    now if chelsea lose their next game and we win, we are on top, asuming we’ll win the bolton match to go ahead of the mancs or they’ll be on top(F***) 8)

  18. Denilson

    Good post…

    Now that Denilson is injured I agree we need to bring someone in. But to say he was shocking yesterday, you must be having a laugh…

    You can’t blame him for the goal! The Everton player had a free header, why wouldn’t he bury it?!

    If the second mistake is when he collapsed to the ground injured, what do you really expected him to do? When you’re injured, you’re injured

  19. gunning4eva

    what a shitty goalkeeper we have. the first goal, when he saw it was going in, he stopped and let it be while he could have at least touched it. then the second one, he looked confused. if you are coming out, come fiercely, strike the ball, foul the opponent and get a red card for god’s sake! a freekick and a red card is much better than a goal! but he got confused midway. he needs to be replaced but won’t be replaced, period.
    and what was Wenger thinking, bringing in merida for denilson. Merida won’t make it in England and he had eastmond in the bench. i guess he wanted diaby in the DM role, who looks better and better in attacking role. But, I’m guessing wenger will now put him in DM role rather buying replacement and let him waste. And, no we won’t buy a striker either.

  20. stonroy

    Denilson is not the right man for the job, injury or no injury. He doesn’t have the size or the strength to play that role in the premier league. Song was by far the biggest miss, he would have changed everything. instead Diaby was too focused trying to mop up for Denilson. Have a good day grovers.

  21. Denilson

    Hahaha… I know Gambon

    But Denilson had a good game yesterday & for him to be singled out like that when Ramsey, Sicknote and even to some extent Diaby were not in the game, it is kind of sad.

  22. skandibird

    Pedro: Hear Hear!!! Arsene Wenger HAS to buy at least 2 players. How he can say that Denilson can be defensive midfielder is beyond me. It was atraucios yesterday. Even my new fav Ramsey made mispasses, Arshavin obviously misses Cesc, he isn’t enjoying himself, bar that one surge against the goal in the second half, the poor boy is not enjoying himself at the moment. What about Van der Vart (Kaka is back now so he will not get the games anymore) or Veloso for midfield? Striker; Dzeko would do it for me; goalie; as Arsene didn’t bother to get Given who on earth can we get now?, possibly that russian (but difficult place to buy players from)can’t pronounce his name(??) or what do other grovers think?

  23. gambon

    I know, but Ramsey will never get the same kind of stick because he’s british, and people will use his age as an excuse.

    Denilson is OK, but we do really need another DM, Denilson can play alongside a big strong DM, but not as one.

    Another example of Mr Pound Shop trying to stretch his squad rather than invest in it.

  24. Ray in SF

    from the kick-off yesterday you could sense it-was-one-of-those days where the team barely shows up and there’s no real sense of purpose — unambitious passing around until somebody, out-of-character, tries an incredibly low probability pass and we lose possession

    thought the team as a whole lacked imagination yesterday

    how does that happen? an entire team synched in mediocrity

  25. tonyadamsisgod

    This is how I view Denilson….

    Not long ago I wanted to get a new mobile because I was fed up with my iPhone. At the time, the Palm Pre was being touted as the next big thing. For weeks I read review after review after review weighing up all of the pro’s and con’s of it. There was massive mixed opinion on it. The review that finally (and easily) made the decision for me said one simple thing.

    “If the palm Pre is really that good, why are we all still talking about it and not buying it?”

    I bought the new Blackberry that cost a bit more but I really couldn’t be any happier with it! Its ‘Quality’!!

    That’s how I feel about Denilson. If he was really any good we wouldn’t have spent the last 2 years talking about whether he is any good or not. I can’t imagine the Chav’s talk about whether Essien is good enough or Utd fans talk about whether Carrick is good enough or bindippers talk about whether Gerrard is good enough.

    Denilson is not good enough to play for Arsenal.

  26. tonyadamsisgod

    Jay20h – yeah, he’s looking like he’s starting to find some real form. my mate told me City want to double his wages and send him back out on loan again. I presume they want him to take Given’s spot in a couple of years. I cant imagine Hart will be too keen to wait that long though so maybe we should be in for him!!

  27. tonyadamsisgod

    gambon – yep, just like he wont buy a real wide right man all the while he can stick Theo or Bendtner out wide. Penny pinching is the priority, lets not forget that!

  28. chozzer

    Plenty of mancs don’t think Carrick is up to the job and comparing Gerrard to Denilson is , quite frankly, ridiculous.

  29. Muzzammil

    BUY BUY BUY and why should WENGER BUY!

    it is said that history keeps repeating itself and thats true for arsenal. Every single season for the past few years, there comes a time where our team is completely marred by injuries and we do not have enough replacements and it just takes a month and after that we are fighting
    for nothing except for league position and thats looks to be the case this time. Four difficult matches in 13 days in league and a visit to stoke city is a clear indication for the worst to come. Alarms bells are ringing as our injury prone players are showing their vulnerability of getting injured and our manager expects them to be fit instead of fearing that they will be injured again as history suggests. When wenger is being asked about transfers, he says i want to give my youngsters a chance and when they play they lose, wenger says we were lacking experience and they were learn from this but when they will learns and how and how. The problem lies with the manager, wenger should himself learn from the experience and not stick to his principles of buying younger talented prospects instead to go for players who are at their peak not the silvestre who are past their prime. Its just the little amount that wenger try to save lets our team from winning.

    What if wenger have given extra little money, we could be flying as we missed major superstars just of wenger thriftiness. we could have Ribery, Ronaldo , Torres , Ibrahimovic and many more but what prevented them from coming to arsenal is money(Major Factor) that wenger offered.

    that one or two millions could have resulted in trophies but wenger didnt see that. Principles are meant to be broken as their is not a single solution to every problem

    What should wenger think this transfer window.

    What If song is injured in crucial matches?
    What If Arshavin is injured?
    What If Vermaelen is injured?

    We have no straight replacements and big teams will exploit it and all the seasons hardwork will be gone with the wind. team like Everton recognized that and they stopped us and what if their barcelona instead of everton, we will be dead ad buried and road to champions league will be over.

    Signing a big player means not having quality on the field but it has many other advantages like

    It motivates other players and gives them the belief that this players can do the magic.
    It gives new energy extra dimension depth competition with in the team.
    Creates fear in opposition and disrupts the strategy.

    according to me we need one player in every department.

    Replace Aluminia with a solid goalkeeper and there are many. Neuer, Diego Alves, Asenjo etc.
    One defender to cover for injuries. There is scarcity of good defenders.
    One cover for song. Vital as we have no straight swap. Toure will be my choice but ACN will be the problem.
    One forward and he should be good and of big size. Dzeko is my man. He is what arsenal needs and i can guarantee you , he will be a gem of a signing. Expensive but classy and why not pay a premium. When demand is high supply is short, price goes up but to sustain you need to buy.

  30. Denilson

    We spent more than two seasons talking if Song is good enough… He is no Arsh, but he is good enough for what he does.

    Plus it is a blog, we have to be talking about someone 😉

  31. tonyadamsisgod

    chozzer – “and comparing Gerrard to Denilson is , quite frankly, ridiculous.”

    Yeah and why is that? Because Denilson is utter shite compared to Gerrard. That is the problem.

  32. arsenaly

    good match… good fight from both teams…..good for english football !!!!…… we did not play our best but we did not play very badly either and scored the goals with spirit and determination. not to say everton played a good game, credit goes to them…. a message to the negetive arsenal fans… please support… get behind the team, arsene has a better view than us, inside the club and on the pitch… lets try and see that view and get behind the team till may and then lets start with all the smart tactical speculative talk and even blame wenger(as some of you do), but for now. please get behind the team… we can do it !!!!!!!!!…………………. thats the message that should echo accross arsenal forums…come on you gunners
    from an african-arab Gunner

  33. Sam

    Totally agree with the author!

    Two seasons ago we were 12 points clear at the top place during the winter break. Adebayor was scoring plenty, but was missing even more. We exhorted Wenger to sign another striker and a DM as cover for Flamini. He didn’t budge. Result: We ended up 3rd. I would hate it if the same thing happens again with Arsenal faltering at the last moment.

    We urgently need a big strong striker ala Adebaywhore. RVP, even if back, is a technical 2nd striker, not someone you want to hold the line against a team like Chelski.

    We need to have another DM. Chelsea has three! (Mikel, Essien & Ballack). Why can’t we have two (Puhlease!! Don’t count Denilson as a DM!)

    We need to do away with Almunia!

    And how can you be seriuos about winning the title while having no backup for our Center backs??

  34. patthegooner

    Denilson sorry but your namesake was at fault for their first goal yesterday

    He got easily brushed off the ball (Again) which led to a Corner….Which they scored from..

    Actually No I will change that.

    Arsene Wenger was completely at fault for the first goal yesterday, for mugging us off by playing a boy in a mans position.

    Denilson was so outclassed and bossed it was embarrassing.

    If he recovers for Bolton and Villa, they will target it and we will lose both games. The position is that important. The CB’s are already struggling as they have no confidence in Almunia, now they have no confidence in the holding player sat in front of them.

    Likewise Diaby, Ramsey, Merida etc, none of them are the answer here. We simply dont have the answer within our ranks to fill in for Song.

    Forget the Striker, Keeper and CB, unless we buy a DM before next weekend, then I think we will be back in the fight for 3rd/4th in a matter of weeks.

  35. chozzer

    Apologies taig.
    I just meant compare Gerrard to Feabregas, say, and Denilson to maybe, Lucas. Much fairer comparisons.
    And yes Denilson was poor yesterday, but the whole team wasn’t up to much.

  36. Dc henry

    Big Al messed up yesterday… He should have been out quicker for the second goal. He almost didnt know what to do.

  37. gazzap

    Good post but haven’t we been asking wenger to make these kinds of singing for 4 years now (albeit different positions each season), and since when did he ever listen to what we wanted?
    Eventually good players develop and come through but wenger rarely makes the SOS signings that the fans crave.
    For example, I expect Coquelin will come through in about 2 years and be the excellent DM we are all asking for now. the need will be filled. But it will have meant we cannot win the trophies now. The problem is, the time to win trophies never comes – its always a couple of players away.

    I have often felt we are 1 or 2 signings away from winning copious trophies. who knows what we would have acheived with those players.

    Fabianski into the team is a clear requirement and if wenger cannot see that then he has a major problem with assessing goalkeepers.

    the DM was needed since Gilberto, Flam and Diarra all left.

    the striker has only been needed since we lost RVP and to a lesser extent Bendtner for such a long period. But wenger wont spend OUR money.

  38. patthegooner

    TAIG 0950 Great Post

    I would look at West Ham and make a cheaky punt.

    None of these players wold be guaranteed 1st team regulars but you could rely on them and not cringe everytime they get the ball. Yes West Ham are skint, offer 25m for

    Green, Upson, Parker and Cole.

  39. Denilson

    No No No Pat… You need to defend corners and we didn’t! We gave the guy a free header! Going back to who lost the ball, where was it lost that is just witch hunting!

    Tell me when was he outclassed? Cause I clearly remember even for second goal, he won the ball, passed it to Sicknote and Sicknote decided to pass it to Everton player knowingly very well there is no one is back defending as Gallas and Verm had pushed forward!

  40. tonyadamsisgod

    Maqit – the 9700 (Bold 2) mate. Love it.

    Chozzer – I get ya, so maybe Mascherano. the point being if he was good enough then we wouldn’t be discussing it.

    I’m surprised not many have mentioned Arshavin’s performance yesterday! He did play right? 😀

  41. gambon

    Pointless comparing Denilson to Lucas, unless you want to be fighting for 7th place, Lucas isnt good enough for a team with title aspirations, neither is Denilson.

    We should be comparing him to similar players at the best clubs in europe, which means Ballack, Alonso, Iniesta, Fletcher, where he comes up woefully short.

    I dont mind his as a squad option, but i really do mean squad option, he has played 64 games for us in the last 18 months, basically an ever present.

  42. tonyadamsisgod

    PTG – yeah we had this quick chat last night. I would definitely make that offer. It would solve every single problem and those players all represent the type of player needed to help us:

    Green – A quality keeper in starting role
    Upson – A CB to challenge and rotate with Gallas & Vermaelen
    Parker – A great DM with fight that would push Song for that role
    Cole – A great striker with a physical style that we currently lack

    Perfect. Shame it would never happen. It would spell the end of WHU’s relationship with the EPL.

  43. Afroloon

    Although i have never been one to rate Denilson post his long injury lay-off, I would explain to you people that I am completely clueless about football, so I think I’ll fuck off!

    Sorry, but I really am a clueless blogger and I promise not to return.

  44. tonyadamsisgod

    Denilson – Thats naive mate. Fletcher is one of Utd’s best players but because he is Scottish, kicks our players (to great effect might I add) and his little flair to his game people think he is rubbish. Most Utd fans will say he is one of their best players by far!!

  45. gazzap

    I would have thought that injury will keep Denilson out for a good while – at least 6 weeks IMO.

    next week we have Cesc back and of course we have Nasri, Rosicky, Diaby and Ramsey who like to play central midfield. trouble is, not one of them is defensive minded. wenger loves collecting attacking central midfielders.

  46. tonyadamsisgod

    Chozzer – Its the same deal mate. A lot of people still aren’t happy with him. he’s clearly better than Denilson but he, for me, still isn’t good enough to keep that role to himself just yet. I’m sure you’ll agree he needs some healthy competition? But heaven forbid, we ‘kill’ him.

    What a terrible phrase Wenger has given birth too!!

  47. gambon

    Chozzer, no, cos theyre all secondary DMs not the main DM.

    Song would be compaered to the Essiens, Diarras of these teams.

  48. Goonerman

    Afrogoon – you are sort of half right but you will note this is a chat and discussion forum. There are also intelligent and idiot contributors on any forum.

  49. patthegooner


    You are obviously a big fan of the player, but seriously if you cant see that Denilson was completely out of his comfort zone and bossed and brushed off the ball with complete ease for the entire time that he was on the field then I am afraid you will never see it.

    It is not witch hunting at all, the guy was awful (not the only one), but it is not his fault, he should not have been picked to play there, he is not a DM, he is too slight, too shy and not man enough to play there. Of course you should go back to see who was at fault for giving away a cheap corner, if a Defender made a clumsy tackle that led to a free kick that led to the goal, i would blame the defender. Sure there are others at fault, but these things are preventable.

    Look I said this last night, I quite like Denilson, I think he has the potential to be a bit of a Grimandi, but that was too much for him yesterday, and the position is too important to try and cuff it.

  50. sirhenrynorris

    Morning all..

    Love the blog Pedro.
    Although we dropped 2 points I really enjoyed yesterday game and until they scored their second I thought we were going to win. Our play lacked fluency and zip. Everton played pretty well but if we can’t raise our game against teams that might play as well as they did then we will win nothing.

  51. Denilson

    TAIG, opinions differ!

    If you think he is a good player, that is your opinion & I respect that.
    But I don’t! And call me naive but I don’t think anyone who knows anything about football should put Fletcher name next to Iniesta, period.

  52. chozzer

    I thought everyone was happy with Song now…..except Geoff maybe. 🙂

    Healthy competition is definitely good.

    But, if we bought Parker, say, do you think he would be happy to be Song’s understudy?

  53. gambon


    Thats a bit of a big claim, seeing as hes never played DM once for Ajax, Arsenal or Belgium.

    Why break up a good partnership as well.

    It would be typical Wenger cheapness! Isnt it easier to spend 8m of the £150m we have in the bank?!

  54. paul

    Afro i don’t sit in either camp as i believe Wenger has faults like anyone else.You are asking to see peoples cv.Can we see yours please?

  55. Denilson

    Pat, I get your point.

    If it was a superb corner/freekick etc, yes you would blame the guy who gave it in the first place. But if keeper fumbles or like yesterday, all the defenders decided to give the Everton player a free header, you blame the defence. They should do better cause that is what they’re there for.

    Corners/freekicks are part of the game. We need to learn to take them as well as defend them.

  56. patthegooner


    This is a blog mate,

    It is where people come to share their opinion and views on Arsenal Football Club. Are you saying we should not be allowed to do this, or should we only be able to heap praise for a performance like yesterday?

    If you want to contribute then good to debate with you, but if you are coming to abuse, then please dont bother.

  57. ethangunner

    I dont understand why we didnt get PV04 ?
    he was one of our best captains ever , (and CDM)
    we lack experience in this area , and we also know wenger was willing to spend 850 k on fish face .

    viera is 33 not 333 !
    and could give these denilson’s ,diaby’s and songs the guidance to make them great ..

    for real !

  58. patthegooner

    Chozzer, I don’t think he would be the understudy.

    We are in 3 competitions still and it would give us the ability to rest and rotate.

    Also gives us an option from the bench to tighten things up in the last ten when we seem to fall asleep.

    My worry is Song comes back with Toureitis or worse gets injured. We desperately need cover there.

    I say Parker as he is 29, vast experience and does not allow himself to be bullied in games (As Ramsey and Denilson did yesterday). It is the perfect stop gap until the likes of Coquelin come through

  59. Ray in SF

    gambon, if I thought we were in the market for a world-class DM, then yes I would agree with you and we wouldn’t be having this discussion

    but as we probably have to make the best with what we’ve got, I think Senderos would do a better job of filling in for Vermaelen if he moved forward to DM than Denilson is doing for Song

  60. patthegooner

    If nobody is coming in, then I would go for that Ray.

    Senderos would be a better fit in there, as would Nordveillt who has been playing that role in the Bundesleague.

  61. chozzer

    ptg, I agree he’d make a good squad player, but he must have been bullied in some games else West Ham wouldn’t be 4th bottom.

  62. raynor73

    Agree with the DM comments Pedro. This is about the 2nd or 3rd time me and the guy next to me were commenting on how tripe Denilson is playing when he pops up and scores (albeit a fortunate one for us).

    Totally agree with the commewnts, he makes suicide passes, crab passes, mis-placed passes and falls over far too much when he should be on his feet and stronger in the challenge. I often hear people comment about his defensive game, but any midfielder is going to cut out play a few times in the game. His defensive play is no better than average. He is no better than average, and you can’t win a league with players like that. With Cesc playing yes, but Cesc plays far better with Song than Denilson, who don’t really work.

    We were very fortunate yesterday, but that resilliance was there again, which is fantastic to see. That IS a winning attribute, regardless of what anyone else says. With a full time, we would have won convinvingly.

    Defence needs working on, and I know we are desperate at times to go forward, but we left Traore back on his own and he was having a mare and knew it and thus caused his frustration to boil over. Seeing as Sagna can’t sross for shit and is a better defender, perhaps a better idea to leave him as the last man?

  63. SUGA3

    I think we should not break up a good CB partnership, but I would give Sendy a shot in DM instead – surely, he can’t do worse than Denilson, can he?

    Bolton game is one to try this option to allow him to get up to speed…

  64. raynor73

    Also Ray

    I agree with you. I think Verma would make a grewat DM as he’s very capable on the ball and solid too. Problem is he is now our best CD and has clearly brought Gallas up with him back to his best, so we really couldn’t break that. If we brought in another equally good CD and it didnt affect Gallas game, you’d have another option.

  65. Lou

    A good post but one that will not change the “purity” of the Arsene Wenger vision I’m afraid. I see the open transfer window as a golden chance to take that step toward the title. But I’m not sure that Arsene shares that view. You should always add to your squad from a position of strength and better to do it proactively rather than reactively. Yesterdays game should have surprised no-one. The forward line is making it up as they go along and the way that Arshavin is being wasted is scandalous. To base your need to buy a striker (to name but one) on the possible fitness of a player who is second choice (at best) is one of the most ludicrous things I have seen in football. I doubt he’ll buy a keeper but he must buy a striker and a DM player or the inevitable pressure as we fall out of the race will be immense and totally justified.

  66. Geoff

    Where were you Paul?

    Afroloon, you can’t come on here and call people cunts then expect to blog.

    You just make yourself look like a sad stalker, that get’s their kicks by insulting people, not on here you can’t, so stop commenting, you won’t get on.

  67. SUGA3


    in order to be serious about challenging, we need:

    – a striker
    – a DM
    – a CB (Billy will get injured anytime soon, watch this space)

  68. gambon


    Agree re Fletcher & Ballack. I wouldnt want them, but i would want players with similar height, strength & experience.

  69. paul

    Geoff Block 51 when we got our second.The row in front of us is nearly always away supporters or empty no idea who owns them.

  70. gambon

    Exactly Suga

    Gallas looks like hes being held together by sellotape right now, but Wenger knows he cant risk dropping him so hes running him into the ground.

  71. SUGA3

    I am happy with giving Fabianski a runout, as long as we strengthen in CB & DM positions…

    better than Coco by a mile, experienced or not…

  72. Lou

    Suga. I’m with you there also. Almunia did stop that killer 3rd goal I admit but it’s apparent that the defence has certainly lost confidence in him as Pedro rightly says.

  73. greg

    just wanna make a comment on our tacics last one stage it seemed we were playing 4-4-2 again.nasri through the middle, diaby left and ramsey soon as diaby moved back centrally he started causing problems again but he wasnt seeing the ball out wide.thought it was a bad tactical mistake.

  74. Mark c

    Hi guys.

    Everyone knows wenger is stubborn. Why did vela not start on the left. Why was eduardo out wide.

    We do need to buy. Could sol
    play dm.

  75. big dave

    Good post.

    What I don’t get is that the club make these profits, but as we all know that you will end up paying more money to the Inland Revenue for making good profit, might as well spend the money on the squad invest that way instead of paying a huge bill to the IR.

    Denilson is not good enough for this club, West Ham maybe but not us, go out and buy us a CDM.

    Bendi 52 will return in 2 weeks but it could take him a good few weeks to get used to the pace of the game, have you seen our Jan/Feb fixtures ? Blimey all hard, buy us a striker, stop saying everyone is to expensive FFS

  76. Goonerman

    I thought Hansen went to town on Traore last night and he ought not to. Wayne Bridge, yes, as he is a grown man and England International. While he is right in pointing out Traore errors to ridicule a 20 year old novice is spiteful.

    After all he was once learning his trade as a CH!!

  77. paul

    Geoff yes it was them we scored one of them said someone slapped him round the head,then just a general melee.The thing is Arsenal are just letting anyone sit in these seats i even saw some wearing away colours,you cannot mix supporters it doesn’t work.

  78. chozzer

    In the build up to that ‘nearly 3rd goal’, I thought Denilson just collapsing as if he’d been shot and not even attempting to hoof the ball into touch was shocking.

    Bring back Bert Trautmann……..

  79. gambon


    If he cant take the responsibility of an adult player he shouldnt be on £20/30k per week, and shouldnt be in the first team.

    20 is an adult by the way.

  80. SUGA3

    I reckon this game shows how badly we miss Song – Denilson doesn’t have the wiff of a shitkicker Alex has…

    Traore had it much harder, due to Denilson being ineffective – without holding midfielder breaking up thair play, there were many more balls going towards his area – Everton targeted two weak points, simple as…

  81. 78692

    Hello Grovers.

    Liverpool’s owners have been plunged into more chaos after a foul-mouthed email rant by director Tom Hicks Junior. The Texan told a Reds fan, who had written to the club to express his concerns over the financial future of the club: “Blow me **** face. Go to hell. I’m sick of you.”

  82. Icelandic Arsenal fan

    Denilson is so underrated. It’s silly actually, people don’t realize what he does for the team. Wenger and his staff notice and they are world class football coaches. So there is a reason why Denilson is in midfield. I agree that he isn’t a pure DM but he is great in the “Alonso” role when he is playing beside a DM. So you can’t really expect him to fill in for Song when they are two totally different players.

  83. Geoff

    Paul I got thrown out of the executive sweet at Highbury and lost my tickets for having a word with three Mancs.

    You should write to Arsenal and complain. it’s outragous the amount of money we spend to have to put up with that shit.

  84. Pedro

    I’m amazed at how many people think Denilson played well yesterday… do people just say it to be argumentative?

    We were completly over run in the middle and he was responsible for the corner that led to the goal because of a shit pass!

    I thought he was terrible yesterday… and I’d agree Paul, it wasn’t Traore’s finest game.

  85. SUGA3


    ‘…So you can’t really expect him to fill in for Song when they are two totally different players…’

    and who is at fault? yep, you’ve guessed it – Our Glorious Leader…

    he is not a DM, and we seriously need one, or we will get bumfucked by any half decent team, taking into the account that we have that idiot in goal…

  86. durban_gun


  87. Goonerman

    Gambon – agreed, but no need to laugh and joke at him when he is 3rd choice left back learning the biz. It annoys me. I know I am a protectionist anything arsenal.

  88. gambon


    I think some people cant accept that anything arsenal is less than the best in the world.

    For example they argue that the electrical sockets at the emirates are better than anywhere else in the football world.

  89. SUGA3


    I always said he was a good player, but not suited for this particular role – ever since he came, I saw him as a AM type player with a bonus of hell of a long shot…

    square peg stuff, if I ever saw one…

  90. Pedro

    haha, I know what you mean Gambon.

    Someone suggested Denilson was MoM yesterday… that is ludicrous. Even Wenger said the midfield was overrun!

  91. AU

    nice post pedro,hope that wenger is reading it.
    if we dont sign anyone by the next league game…then we are out of it. doom for another trophyless season again…