Dear Mr Wenger…

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Dear Mr Wenger,

Firstly I’d like to congratulate you on getting this team to within a hair’s breadth of the top of the table. I must admit, I didn’t really expect to still be in the mixer at this point after our mini collapse a couple of months back. The team has played with cohesion, certain players have made the necessary flumps, ala, Diaby, Song and Nasri… and that’s been reflected in our play. That’s not to say cracks haven’t been showing. Injurires are starting to pile high again, like they always do and there are a few players who don’t seem to be pulling their weight.

This is a letter to ask you to make the relevant purchases in the January transfer window that will allow us to kick on comfortably during the second half of the season and compete. Yesterday it was apparent that the whole defense has lost faith in Almunia. He doesn’t have the commanding presence a world class keeper needs to dominate his area and he’s become decidedly shaky over the last few weeks. He was never the best choice from the start, however, he did do a job for a season. Your luck has run out though. The defence seems sorted, the keeper does not. Allowing a midget to sneak in and score a header is embarrassing and needless. Either buy a new keeper or put your trust in one of the talented understudies you have that are eager to capitalise on his demise. Giving him the captains armband wont perk his performances and it’s rather churlish if you ask me.

My next point is about the holding role. At the start of the season I believed you were going to start with Denilson. Song got the nod in the end and bossed that role. He’s left for the ACN and boy was that felt yesterday. The Brazilian is light weight, his passing was shocking and he cost us the first goal with two mistakes. He picked up what looked like a serious injury yesterday. Don’t ignore the opportunity to go out  and find a stop gap. We don’t have any other options now… it’d be unfair to put Eastmond in and probably too early to give JET a go. If you let us play the next few weeks without an experienced head there, we’re in serious trouble.

Finally, take note of the striking role. You need to fill it desperately. There is no doubt that we’ve managed to carve goals out this season without a striker. However, it hasn’t been convincing has it? Yesterday we got through with two deflected goals and bar the late surge, we looked impotent. We need a hit man who can hold the ball up and nod the endless crosses that are being fired in. Nik Bendtner isn’t the answer this season. He’s not fit enough and I think it’s asking far too much to expect him to carry the team until May. It’s a season too early. You need to open that cheque book and work some magic. There can be no excuse after watching the last few games. Injuries isn’t going to rub as an excuse this year.

What I will say is despite the result, that was one of the most enjoyable score draws I’ve been to see in recent times. The team showed an amazing grit and determination after they lost the second goal when other teams might have faltered. The weather conditions were atrocious and they type we usually don’t like. No such issues yesterday… loved it! When that second Rosicky deflection hit the back of the net… I knocked one of the chaps over who was sitting next to me… the joy over rode the embarrassment though!

Arsene, we’re nearly there squad wise. All it takes is a few smart additions over the next couple of weeks and we could genuinely be talking about a league winning squad. Don’t mess it up in a silly attempt to prove yourself right all along. Today was a kick up the arse, an early warning of what might happen if you don’t act. Thank the footballing gods it’s happened in Early Jan, not the first week of Feb. We all want to finish the season successfully, you’ve got the resources, the players are out there… you just need to give them the thumbs up!

Kind regards

Pedro and a million like minded Gooners!

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  1. ManGoonian


    Fear = consumption. Its all good for big business and the security forices, it allows the powers that be to scrutinise us even more, have all our details on file and if we say why? We are told shit like, well if you aint got anything to hide, whats the problem?


    Thanks for that.

  2. realsocialdad

    Do agree with one of your views about 1 or 2 signings could push us to the title.
    think might be a little harsh on almunia was a blizzard out there and swirling winds and all that.
    But please dont start writing letters to wenger it a bit myles palmerish.

  3. Pedro

    haha, I wrote a letter because I was too hungover to write a match report.

    I thought the concept was original. Myles will be talking about it at his next book jam.

  4. Pedro

    Yeah, the infolib site pools together some really great stories, usually from mainstream sites. SOTT has a lot of good content, but they ruin it with all the UFO and meteor guff…

  5. Ray in SF

    regarding the underwear bomber

    The News Quiz on Radio 4 (which, as an ex-pat is both educational and entertaining) had a quip

    When a stewardess asked the Underwear Bomber “What do you have in your pocket?”

    he replied, “Explosive device”

    This contradicts the received wisdom that people with their pants on fire are usually liars

  6. gnarleygeorge9

    G’Day all from the beach 😎

    I watched the snow affair with The Toffees, lucky, very lucky. & I saw how the Togo Twats dislike of flying, almost cost he & his mates their lives.

    Anyway, 3 points from top with a better goal difference I believe 😉 Keep it up, but still need to invest this month.

    So while you are all scooting about in your toboggans, think of how tough I’m doing it down in the sun. Anyway, gotta go & play golf now, then coldies after. Come on you Reds

    P.S I love the Premier League, its so Summer for us in OZ.

  7. patthegooner

    Great News

    Those arseholes have changed their mind about marching through Wootton Bassett.

    I am all up for free speech, but there are some things that show no respect for human decency. OG for the organisers, I think they have lost a lot of sympathy for their cause from within the muslim community.

    I also think it would have been carnage if they had done it, and the good folk of that village do not deserve to have that on their doorstep.

  8. ManGoonian


    I think it is sad that small minorities spoil things for us all. And when I say minorities, i mean Christian, Muslim, jew, etc…

    These fundamentalists exert way too much power and sway than their numbers deserve…

    In America with the far right Christians, in Isreal with the hard core orthodox jews and of course the Islamic extremists…

    They are all nasty, devious fuckers, I tell thee…

  9. Ja_Gunner

    I know its bad to break up the CB partnership..but I really think we should play Vermy as DM against Bolton…

    Denilson keeps on getting recurring injuries this season….

    Wenger should probably give him an extra rest..because he keeps going in and out of the team…

    If not Vermy..then he should buy a stop gap DM until Song comes back…


    I think it can work…

    Why doesnt Wenger try to loan a striker…or sign Adriano on a 6 month deal?

    Surely he doesnt expect Bendy to just come in a be the saviour after a long injury lay off?

    It just doesnt make any sense what Wenger is doing…

  10. Ja_Gunner

    On the barca game…Henry seems to be a having a run of bad luck this year…

    I have seen him hit the bar in two games recently….he’s been bvery unfortunate..he has only scored 2 goals….he is still contributing to Barca overall…but he is not having a good season in terms of stats…

  11. A

    certainly wasn’t that much tight marking going on suga!

    ja no way i’d take vermy out of defence. Senderos is injured too, and has been for a long while, would be far from sharp….

    Denilson is fine against Bolton, they aren’t Everton, and the conditions won’t be as shite. Unless Denilson isn’t fit, then we’ve got a big problem imo.

    I reckon Wenger will assess Denilson this week, if there is a recurring back problem that could continue to cause problems, then I expect someone to be signed in the next 8 days, but if he’s fine then no DM is likely to come in. I do expect a forward to be signed before the Bolton game, though not to start.

  12. A

    Ja I wasn’t particularly impressed with Henry today, Messi was superb though, and Bojan was pretty sharp too. Iniesta is so good when on form

  13. Ja_Gunner

    My team for Bolton…….


    Team for Stoke(FA Cup)


    We need to rest Gallas and Vermy….because after the FA Cup game we will play Villa and Manure 3 days apart…..

    We need those guys 100%…we cant afford to lose them in the FA cup game…

  14. A

    Vermy twice Ja??

    I’m going for


    Sagna Gallas Vermy Clichy

    Cesc Denilson Diaby

    Rosicky Arshavin Eduardo

    Maybe Nasri starting in midfield with Cesc on the bench if needed. Far too early to talk about Stoke though, Bendtner could well be back, we may have signed someone etc

  15. SUGA3


    as much as I hate to say this and some people may get it wrong, I would rather have him laid off to get some proper rest + cure the back injury and a reinforcement brought in…

    Denilson went off injured in almost each and every game he played this season – there is some serious underlying issue with his back and it is simply fatigue related, same goes for Clichy, watch this space…

    both of them played nearly every game last season – no rotation equals fatigue…

  16. Ja_Gunner

    Lol I made an error…..I meant Silvest or Senderos to partner Gallas in the Bolton game….


    I just dont trust Denilson’s fitness over the course of this month…he has just been in and out..and opposition players will will rough him up and make it worse….

    How the hell wasnt Neville called for a foul for that challennge on Denilson? He got the ball but it was horrible follow through….

  17. A

    Though maybe something like


    Sagna Senderos/Gallas Silvestre Traore

    Ramsey Eastmond/Coquelin/new signing Merida

    Wilshere Vela Theo

  18. Ja_Gunner

    Suga I agree with you….Wenger will run Denilson into the ground because of stubborness….

    Wenger is just hoping that Denilson holds out until Song comes back…..but based on his fitness record this season…I doubt he will….if he doesnt hold up we are in seriuos trouble….

  19. A

    Maybe SUGA, it’ll be up to the medical staff to assess the injury though, all we can do is speculate. If there is a serious problem there then I’m sure he will get a rest, and someone will be signed. I’m not sure the injury was a back injury though, Wenger and Denilson didn’t even mention that as a possibility, and he was holding his front.

  20. A

    Yeah ja the follow through really was horrible. I thought he’d really done something serious when he went down, seems not though, or at least not at the moment.

    I disagree totally though – Wenger wouldn’t run Denilson into the ground if there was any doubt about his fitness, or it causing him any more permanent harm.

  21. Ja_Gunner

    Well Ihope Wenger makes the right decisions…and I hope we wiin something this year…

    The FA cup will do…

    But for next year I want the PL for sure and the CL…

    We might just fall a bit short this season in the PL/CL but from next season onward I want to see Arsenal dominate winning the league 3 times in a row….and atleast 1 CL..

    The FA CUP this year would be ok….anything else is a bonus…I just feel we lack 1/2 players but we are getting there..close to domination..we just need to get the first trophy out of the way…

  22. ethangunner

    Wenger is just hoping that Denilson holds out until Song comes back…..but based on his fitness record this season…I doubt he will….if he doesnt hold up we are in seriuos trouble….
    i didnt think id hear my self saying this but lets hope SONG does come back ja .

    he might come back on the sick roll or just come back knackered ..

    i wouldnt rely on him at all due to his schedule . it would be madness to do so ..

  23. A

    nite SUGA.

    ethan Song not returning fully fit would be a big worry. If there are any doubts at all over Denilson then I really expect someone to come in this week, Matuidi or someone like that

  24. A

    Bramble is actually pretty good for Wigan these days.

    Song has looked superb against every team we’ve come up against this season, in comparison to the opposition players….

  25. A

    Mascherano is a tough one to call, he’s quality too.

    Fletcher isn’t a DM, and defensively nowhere near as good as Song, though got more drive.

    Parker certainly isn’t a DM.

    Cana and Cattermole are thugs, never be good enough to play for a good team.

    Vieira is completely past it!

    Mikel is another tough one, very underrated imo

  26. B.B.K.

    all these little tippy tappy players with no fight in them,that’s why we are winning fuck all,keown was a thug and he done well for the team

  27. A

    lets get Joey Barton in then! Much more talent then Cana and Song!

    There are hard men and there are thugs, no top team has people in their side without the footballing ability

  28. A

    I wouldn’t say he was a thug BBK, he wasn’t nasty, just a hard man. He was a talented footballer first and foremost, who could put his foot in. Not someone who only made a career out of being nasty, like cattermole and cana

  29. B.B.K.

    anyhow a that’s your opinion,how do you think we will get on at bolton and do you think we will sign anyone this week

  30. A

    What the jumping up and down? No i wouldn’t say it was nasty, incredible tense match, and a real battle, if he’d headbutted him then stamped on his limp body on the floor it would’ve been nasty!

    yeah keane certainly was a really nasty piece of work, but again first and foremost a very talented footballer.

  31. A

    Yeah BBK I do, a forward, and then depending on Denilson maybe a DM was well.

    Bolton should be ok I reckon, especially with Cesc and Rosicky back, they aren’t the same team at the Reebok that used to cause us all those problems, very poor home record these days. New manager will be a worry, but I really don’t see how Coyle could get Bolton playing like he had Burnley playing

  32. A

    Though maybe just pick the targets this week. Was thinking it’s 8 days without a game, by far the most likely time for Wenger to do business, but if it’s Gazidis actually negotiating then maybe Wenger will just decide who he wants this week, then Gazidis will do the deal, and it could take longer?

  33. A

    Yeah I agree BBK, I’m a little bit less worried because it’s Coyle, and his style of play is very different to what Bolton usually do, but it’s still an obvious worry, the only worry really

  34. B.B.K.

    i don’t think he will get them to change there style for this game or for the rest of the season,next season he will get them playing how he want’s if they stay up that is…

  35. A

    I dunno BBK – I don’t think he knows any other way, he won’t know how to coach hoof ball that Bolton are used to….

  36. Pat

    Song is easily one of the best CDMs in the league. If it wasn’t for Essien’s offensive work and his drive, Song would be THE best CDM in the league, along with Mikel imo.

    Fletcher is shit. Just keeps fouling and gets away with it.

    Cana and Cattermole are a joke. We weren’t dominated against Sunderland away, like we usually are. We won the midfield battle, quite easily actually.

    Parker has a lot of drive and is actually more talented going forward than defending.

    People seem to rate players based on their passion and drive. Song is better than Flamini. Both were/are effective, but in terms of talent, Song pisses all over him.

  37. mkv

    can someone pliz tell me wat that clown Almunia is doing btwn the posts. Is he on marijuana or something? I didnt understand the way he had to move out of his goal for that 2nd goal,even though the defenders were guilty he ended up guilty also. I also really didnt understand the way he came out of his goal again and clattered into Traore like a mad man,,Wenger please make him the club mascot maybe he can do better as a mascot,he is clearly not fit to wear that jersey and to my surprise he is the captain in the absence of Fabregas,,damn.,,,that clown Almunia!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. ethangunner

    I agree PTG .

    told A we would sign him pre – season , i think
    wenger will still be in for him …

    problem is we need him yesterday not in 5 months time .

  39. Beakal

    Mr. Wenger, i know u want to be praised wining games with teenagers. isn’t it selfish to use people like a machine? pls add some quality players to your young team. don’t let your players’ moral down. do you really want to play for the fourth position for another year? it is your fifth year with out big trophy. sorry you may be pleased yourself with tournament cups. oops…. that is awesome!

  40. iceman

    ‘He will give you less and less time on the pitch. If you moan, he will show you the stats. He will tell you: “Your sprints are not very frequent any more, your sprints are not very long”.

    ‘I would take him on. I would ask him where he had written down the stats of final, decisive passes in the box. We were always on good terms.’

    DB10 on Wenger’s over 30’s issue…


  41. SUGA3

    correct me if I’m wrong – Vieira got shirt number 24, didn’t he?

    imagine announcer at the Emirates:

    no.24, Patrick Vieira!!!

    no.25 Emmanuel Adebayor!!!


  42. Geoff

    Ha, ha Iceman, what does he say to Alex Song then, err your sprints… they aren’t quick, they aren’t long, in fact they don’t exist, but you have great spirit.

  43. Pat

    SUGA, it’d be great if Vieira gets a loud reception (which he will) and then everyone just laughs at Ade when he’s announced. He’ll expect booing, so we should laugh at the cunt.

  44. SUGA3

    there will be booing – if he had an ounce of brain and any decency in him, he would understand the difference between being a legend and being a cunt 😉

  45. Geoff

    Pat he won’t play, he’ll need a season to get over his treatment at the ACN’s and he’ll blame his shit form on what happened, then he’ll say the fans don’t love him because his head is not in the right place.

  46. iceman

    I don’t know Geoff but it’s a little annoying how he keeps favouring a certain group of players when clearly there are potentially better ones on the bench and def way better ones out there that wouldn’t require crazy amounts of $ to obtain.

  47. Geoff

    Now he’s saying he may not sign another contract as that means he’ll be staying here the rest of his career.

    Let’s just hope he qualifies for the ECL before he leaves then.

  48. BOOZY





  49. Pistol Pete

    Spot on Pedro!
    Wenger…kick that dumbell F*&*%&* Senderos outta Emirates!! What a F****** caveman he is!

    Just watch..Wenger will not sign ONE single player this transfer window either…mark my words!
    What happened to….(Liar)Wenger: “we will buy a striker”
    HAHAHAHA..seeing is believing! He will wait and wait and wait and wait unitil it is too late.