Arsenal to pay for Bolton fans fares, what about Arsenal fans?

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So we are told that Arsenal are going to pay for the travel fares of the Bolton fans for the cancellation debacle, good, so they should, what about all the Gooners that also made their way to the ground, unless the lucky ones me included are local, what about all the Arsenal fans that travel from around the world?

This is another example of how out of touch the powers that be are, that they think we all live in Islington.

Onto our 35 year old ex Highbury legend Patrick Vieira, he won’t be coming and that’s a shame, but the signs are we will be getting another 35 year old legend (ex-Invincible) in Sol Campbell, Wenger has been impressed with his training and if we can get shot of Senderos it could well happen, I for one don’t have a problem there, he is a solid back up and offers far more that fishead.

It turns out that Traore won’t qualify under the international games rule, why? Well because he hasn’t played any! However, he could qualify under the exceptional talent one, after all, we have done that before haven’t we!

Next up Everton, I won’t arrange to meet anyone, in case Arsenal cancel the game at 10am just in case we have a frosty day, however, if it does go ahead, same time, same place Grovers!

There still persist the rumours over Carlton Cole and even Scott Parker, I like Parker, but like Cole, he does appear to be a Theo (crock) unlike Cole and Theo, I think he will always be a crock, so I can’t see that happening, Cole though may well, and again, I don’t have a problem with that. Mauro Zarate has now entered the mix but that is a complete load of toot, one good game for Birmingham, a spell at Lazio, and suddenly he’s worth £35mil, perleaaase!

Dzeko, I would have in a heartbeat but Gazidas has said we won’t spend big, so I guess that rules that out. He says we will only buy if we can find the right type of player, well Ivan, if we can’t find a decent striker out there that would do a great job for us, either you need to go, or your scouting network does.

We lost Adebayor, Robin Van Persie, Theo Walcott and Nikki Bedntner since August, if you don’t think we desperately need a front man, I give up. Even if Nikki comes back soon, he may break again, why? Well because Cesc, Rosicky and Theo all have so why would he be any different? And to be honest, he’s not the answer yet, he needs a few more seasons, then I have no doubt he will be a great, but not yet.

Traore (6’8″ version) seems to be going up in everyones estimation, but until yesterday, no one had heard of him, so why aren’t there others out there that could do a job that we equally haven’t heard of?

Cahill would be another centreback we could get, but if Wenger rates this kid from Cardiff, that won’t happen, however, if we just sign a couple of pearlers in the window I believe the whole squad would get the lift it needs to push on, much like it did when we signed Vermaelen and Arshavin, remember, two ready mades!

Come on Arsenal, get the cheque book out and do it quickly.

We should beat Everton tomorrow, we have to beat Everton tomorrow, I feel the others will continue to drop points this month, and we are entering the toughest part of our season, after that it gets easier, so nail the points on early and we are in pole position, sign a couple of players that will make a difference. If we get injuries to the fragile Eduardo we are in big trouble and right now we have no one we can bring on from the bench.

If we aren’t going to bring Simpson back then sell him, what’s the point in keeping him at QPR if when desperate for forwards we don’t recall him, other than the fact he has no future, and if that’s the case, sell him and buy Moses.

Have a great day today grovers, I hope to see some of you tomorrow, but then that’s up to Arsenal, isn’t it!

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  1. SUGA3


    I know it’s a pipe dream, but I would just like fans to forget what was bad and roar in support of our players – we can moan all we want (and I am not entirely happy with some stuff, as you can tell from my posts), but in the end, they are all we’ve got…

    it’s a shame that the club can’t do the simple thing and allocate supporters into rowdier, singing sections as well as the ones where you can sit, shut up and leave 10 minutes earlier…

    all you have to do is put an acoustic engineer bang in the middle of the pitch for him to use a radar-like device to get the maximum effect…

  2. A

    SUGA I reckon Fabianski definitely number one, but Almunia number two, or maybe someone new. Szczesny needs games to develop, being a number two wouldn’t be good for him, he should go on loan to a championship or maybe even a prem team

  3. chozzer

    Not sure if this, posted earlier, will go down well in the upper tier where I sit.

    Lyrics are in the comments.

  4. SUGA3


    Prem could be a step too far, but you never know – he’s a cocky fucker and one doesn’t need to worry about his confidence being shot…

  5. Maksud

    You could look at it like that, but i read that the Bolton home game is between the Manu and Chelsea games now?

  6. leon

    it looks as if bretna will be back 2 weeks we have edwardo aa thoe vela if wenger were to get a new striker with rvp comming back next season it would mean we will would rvp bretna edwardo vela theoplus a new player the big problem with that is how on earth will wenger keep them all happy i mean by my count that would make 6 attacking players and that does not include jay simpson who has already signed long term contract. also dont see almunia being number 1 next season fab looks alot more achord to me

  7. Maksud

    Maybe he doesn’t have as much natural talent as Sczensky(sp?) but he does have potential, i mean he did keep us in the Fulham game. I see though how he could be surplus (if Al goes and we get another keeper)

  8. A

    nope Maksud, never good, but rarely very hot or very cold. Snow is a rarity, which is why we’re totally unprepared when it happens.

  9. Maksud

    Really? I was under the impression it always snows there, there was also that snow storm last year i think that shut London down. I was there in August and the weather was pretty nice except towards the end rained for three days straight.

  10. A

    Nah Maksud, get snow probably once or twice a year, rarely settles.

    This current snowfall is the biggest snowfall since 1981, which is why the country was/is brought to a standstill

  11. patthegooner

    At least there should be no problems getting a stream for the game tomorrow.

    Could go 1 point behind the Chavs too.

  12. 78692

    Wenger – I am not signing Victor Moses or Carlton Cole, but Campbell…… Posted on January 08, 2010 by admin
    The normally tight-lipped Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has yet again been giving his opinions of the latest Arsenal rumours, and he has destroyed my two favourite rumours, namely Carlton Cole and Victor Moses.

    Carlton Cole is a top class Englishman that could play in the Champions League, and the young Palace striker Victor Moses has the possibility to be just as good if not better, but Wenger has blown away my hopes when asked about those two strikers with these little words….

    “No, there is nothing in the rumours,” he said shortly!

    But when asked about Sol Campbell he was a little more forthcoming, and refused to discount the possibility of him being brought in until the end of the season, but also wouldn’t confirm that Phillipe Senderos would be leaving either!

    “Philippe Senderos is not available at the moment, as he is injured,” said Wenger.

    “He is free at the end of the season, but at the moment, he is an Arsenal player.

    “Campbell trains very hard. Could he play in the Premier League? Why not?

    “The speculation goes well at the moment. We have a level of interest for every good player. But do not worry, if we sign somebody, I promise you (the media) will be the first to know.”

    So, yet again, my hopes are dashed!

  13. leon

    well carlton cole is always injured so he would no good anyway but i never see any info on senderos i just think he is wengers plans i dought he will get another contract

  14. gambon

    Sol Campbell is gonna be our only signing, with Senderos being sold, so yet again we will be making money in a window.

    How depressing!

  15. leon

    pat thats exacly the problem right now there is not realy huge amount top players availeble right now just in terms of strikers theres is davad villa may be few more players but not to many right now its just about having funds but find a top quality players that are over priced

  16. leon

    suga i realy dont there not top players availeble in the marketi mean the perfect bench of that fact manu i garantee you if there huge amount top strikers out there fergi would have gone for one

  17. SUGA3


    ManYoo are skint – this season will expose SAF as nothing more than a chequebook manager – good one, unlike Rafa, but a chequebook manager nevertheless…

  18. Zorr0

    Reggie, I agree with Pedro, there is no need to panic, there is very little going on at the moment so it’s not like we are missing out is it?

    There is probably shit going on that we will not know anything about until the very last minute when there is someone having a medical or waiting at a hotel for the deal to be struck.

    Be like the pavements bro; chill!

  19. SUGA3


    really, that is just a cliche – it is not about money, it is more about players being cup tied, selling clubs being in the middle of the season and all that…

    we got AA only because Russian league season was finished…

  20. SUGA3


    it’s not Spuds, Manure or Chavs – I say good luck to you Paddy, suck the petrodough out of this classless bunch…

    this can only be bad for them, not good – he doesn’t have legs to cut it in the Prem anymore…

  21. Zorr0

    The big money strikers who MAY move:


    Huntelaar probably cheapest, but still gonna be in excess of 20 million. Villa wants to stay in Spain, so that’s only 2 clubs in for him. Benzema, Real will want to recoup most if not all of what they paid for him and he seems to want to give it a go in La Liga and Dzeko will be minimum of 25 million.

    Could we realistically sign one of them with the fee and wages. Possibly. Likely, no. Shame, as with any 1 of 3 of them we would win the league (Don’t think Huntelaar is the man)

  22. karthik


    i know he doesnt have the legs..but its kind of hard for me to see him in a mancity jersey…n i still think he has enough experience to shut down the game,,and could help mancity defensively which they struggle!!!!

  23. SUGA3


    I think it would be sad to throw him to the lions – if I heard the boo-boys having a go at him for not keeping up with our pace, it would break my heart, really…

  24. leon

    sorry i dont know any club that will sell there top striker in mid-season unless they are out contract or the player realy wants to leave and evon the club wont sell unless its 20 mill at very least i would to love to see villa come but will never happen

  25. reggie57

    Yeah paddy is yesterdays man,still be gutted to see him play for them cunts though, chill like them pavements ZorrO HAHA !!!

  26. SUGA3


    that is exactly what I mean – however, there are a few players out there that would be keen to impress ahead of WC and would jump at possibility of playing for Arsenal…

    again, I think Podolski would be a good buy…

  27. Cotto


    had we played those norvern cunts bolton the other day… and done everton tommorow.. with chelski having their game postponed…

    we would have gone top

  28. SUGA3


    I play PES mate 😉

    it has nothing to do with it – he is a quality player, keen to play, that is why he requested a move back to Cologne from Bayern…

    he is banging them in left, right & centre for Germany, can score a freekick and is 24, which means good resale value…

  29. leon

    suga dont get me wroung there alot good strikers out there that are lesser known and can become top class and thats type of signing wenger will going for the david villas that just out of our reach real madrid man city spending 30 mill for 1 player will never happen at thi club henry was not world class striker when he first came to arsenal rinaldo was not world class when he first came to manu both fergi and wenger are strong belivers in developing young players and thats the way wenger continue to go

  30. SUGA3


    no, the earlier one – don’t have too much time to play nowadays, so I didn’t bother 😉


    I’ve seen enough of him to say that he could do a great job here – Wenger was on his case some time ago too…

  31. ethangunner

    Pedro Says:
    there’s nothing AKB about not panicking after 8 days. Especially the position we’re in.
    let your guard down for a second , and it will be like getting molested by a fat chick at a Christmas party !

    be on your guard , ever vigilant !
    wenger is contemplating buying no-one !
    a bit of noise and discontent now might make him buy !

    SO MAKE SOME NOISE !!!!!!!!!!!

  32. ethangunner

    the same eboue who doenst get a game now over denilson – diaby and song ?

    his days are numbered mate … better find yourself a new name 🙂

  33. SUGA3


    Ebowie should be rotated with Sagna IMO – there is more possibility to rotate there than in CB positions, and would prevent fatigue, given that our fullback run up an down the pitch…

  34. ethangunner

    yes he is good back up for sagna – agreed ,
    but that was the position eboue was in last season too and wanted to leave @ the end of it ..

    id say even more so now …

  35. bk

    suga was about to say the same thing,i think he is beter than most rb’s in the epl.he hasnt got the brain to play on the wing

  36. leon

    suga i feel this team does top class players now and scoring is not problem yes it took some of these young players some time but they are starting to hwo there class the fact is if you hvar talent you will make it

  37. ardentgooner

    I like reading the comments here and i usually don’t comment much except on match days… but i read a few comments here and was absolutely disgusted by them..

    People who think Ade should have been shot and making mockery out of the whole incident, i feel really sorry for you guys. You guys are ridiculously stupid, senseless out of ur mind FUCKING BASTARDS. You are taking football to a level where you guys can’t differentiate between sanity and insanity. For all the crap he speaks and bullshit he comes up with time and again dont forget that he played for us and yes he is a human being after all. I would be ashamed to think of you as Arsenal supporters wishing for someone to get hurt or shot or making a joke out of the whole situation. I might get banned for this but whoever said that in the comments above i would ask him to think about it once before going to bed. Also to the guys who wrote those comments change your ways or stop supporting arsenal.


  38. ethangunner

    so how about the nik b head butt ?
    or the RVP stomp ?

    if you call yourself a gooner 1st you would NEVER be talking such trash the guy was a wanker , a wanker at every club he’s been in , to his national team , even to us FFS whilst he was still with us ! gimme 100k or im outta here !

    that prick NEVER bleed red and white , he only bled for himself ! and a cash horde !

  39. ethangunner

    and the asshole couldnt hit a fat girls ass with a cricket bat 🙂
    (got to use that saying again .. i luv it !)

    He probably has the most offsides V’s games started in EPL history ..

    he had the 1st touch of a pedo !
    and was a right royal wanker when he celebrated
    his 1st goal against us !

    total fucking pratt !

    and anyone who doesnt think LIKEWISE shouldnt call yourself a gunner !

  40. ethangunner

    CLUB 1ST
    RACE 2ND

    ardentgooner, you are obviously not white ..
    get over yourself . im a white man in a non white country .. most western societies are well over race related issues ..

    its just this sort of public speaking that keeps the debate raging ..

    i love gallas and hes as black as you can get ..
    i hated ade because he was a lazy, crap player with a bad attitude and a football touch that didnt suit our style of play ..

    thats it game over ..

  41. ardentgooner

    he didnt kill any one did he? did he wish u were dead ? did he wish you lost your legs?
    I am not asking you guys to cry over it or feel bad…all you could do is keep ur filthy trap shut and talk whatever bull shit u want and not talk about the incident at all…
    but you wouldnt understand that cuz u dont have the brain to understand such things.

  42. ardentgooner

    I’m a brown guy supporting arsenal for years now….race doesnt have anything to do with it. i love the black players as much as i love the white players…its got nothing to do with race color or anything. i hate rooney i hate ade, i hate drogba and i hate ronaldo…but i dont wish they got injured.killed in a terrorist attack or anything….. why would you want that for anyone.

  43. timao

    it’s going to be weird at the african nation’s cup when someone gets in on goal, what is the crowd meant to shout, er…?

  44. bk

    now your talking my language rooney,ade,drogba and ronaldo all on the same bus.And while we are at it can fat sam be the manager and phil brown be the bus driver

  45. SUGA3

    easy, ardent – not that I wish anyone any harm, but Paul’s comment about running the length of the bus to celebrate in front of the gunners was effin’ hilarious 😉

    I for one think we should call Song & Ebway off from this poxy place…

  46. bk

    yes suga it is a bad place,as the prodigy said “there is no law”.fuck i would not like to be going to the world cup….Dark continent indeed

  47. ethangunner

    yes , im obviously the one with the issue here 🙂

    anyway ardent chill out ..

    if you cant handle opinion , even left wing ones then goto ..

    ade lets his anger out on the football pitch in a violent manner , think about that next time you defend him for being such a saint !

  48. itsok

    shit ardent get over it.hes a cunt that wouldnt be missed,at this stage man city would love to have him off their wage bill.

  49. AA23

    dennisdamenace Says:
    January 8, 2010 at 14:26

    **** AA WEATHER WARNING **** Snow drifts likely. Please take a flask of hot tea and a spade on all journeys. If caught in snow drink tea while the spade pushes the car!!

    you have got to be fucking kidding with this havent you?
    Dennis what about “what do you call a Black man in court? thats a good one or the classic “how do you stop a black bloke from drowning?”
    A jokes a joke but this is just out of line.

  50. ethangunner

    test me then AA23 anything architectural !

    AA23 a bit teste are we ?

    yes i married a black woman !

  51. AA23

    At least if you pretended to be a plumber it would be slightly more than half true.

    I’m here all night, try the veal*

    *Veal is a special type of beef Ethan

  52. ethangunner

    AA23 Says:
    January 9, 2010 at 03:33

    You really expect anyone to believe you are married you muppet.
    yes , and not only have a been married once , ive been married twice .. 3 kids total .

    one white and one black !
    so beat that you Canadian duck farmer 🙂

    how the fuck do you think i can stay in thailand FOREVER if i wasnt ?!

    then you hear AA23 say….
    im not a smart man
    but im a good man ..

    well at least the 1st 50% was right 🙂

  53. gooner-pak

    i don’t know if some one posted earlier but this was joke of cetury

    HARRY REDKNAPP has slammed the door shut on Robbie Keane leaving Tottenham by rating his striker as being worth £50million.

  54. gooner-pak

    and there was a comment below this story on the sun… liverpool can have him and harry can get him back afetr 6 month for 3m

  55. gooner-pak

    and thanks suga3.. i just read the post. wishing u all the best luck and get as many readers,,,hmmm not just reader but one who make comments as well

  56. Geoff

    AA23 we don’t slag fellow grovers off. Ethan you two need to move on.

    Well it’s snowing here so I will be surprised if the game goes ahead, it’s worse than it was Wednesday, but they need to act soon, the scousers will be on their way as will many Arsenal fans.

  57. Pat

    Geoff, how bad is it there? Sounds like theres at least 32 cm snow on the ground from some of the press/comments.

  58. Geoff

    Pat it just stopped snowing, it’s no different to Wednesday, but it will go ahead because a cancellation won’t suit Wenger!

    Micky yes, it’s linked to how much the club makes, profits, if we spend £30mil on a player, his bonus goes south.

    How do I know? he said so in a TV interview.

  59. Micky Did It 89

    Geoff: To me, this is fucking outrageous. He is a football manager. A part of the whole LeGrove AKB debate should revolve around the fault of the board who put this contract in place.Like any other football manager, he ought to be allocated a transfer budget. End of.Is this arrangement precedented in the PL.

  60. Pedro

    Micky, I highly doubt his performance bonus from not spending any money out weighs his win bonus for taking the league or Champions league home.