Add Higuain and Lacina to the list + major disappointment last night, poor show Arsenal

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First of all I have to say that to cancel the game last night, so late on was a disgrace, I live and work in the area and there were no problems with the trains, the problems we had with a bit of snow were there in the morning, Arsenal should have cancelled then, not left it until 4pm, I really felt for the poor Bolton supporters who would have either already been in London, or well on their way. Yes I really mean that, another great example of disrespecting the poor football fan that pays his way.

Not to mention all of us that had arranged to meet up for a pre-match bevvie, bad form Arsenal, you could have cancelled much earlier or not at all.

Moving on to the rumour mill, it seems that Bendtner may not be back as soon as the boss had hoped, it appears now that he will make a move in the window and the favourites are Chamakh and Carlton Cole, with Carlton Cole holding the early lead, a deal for him and cash with Wilshere going the other way on loan looks likely.

Madrid are starting the swap talk for Higuain with Fabregas rubbish, yeah right, what planet are they on? I like Higuain, but I love Cesc, and so might I add does Wenger, either way it’s Barca or Arsenal for Cesc, and if he liked Barca so much, why did he leave them in the first place? I’ll give that story a big fat zero.

Another that has serviced is Lacina Traore, he plays in Romania, is 19 and from the Ivory coast, he is the next Ade they say, so why on earth would we be interested in him? Just what we need, another trouble maker that is still in nappies and one that will leave us every 2 years to play in the African Carling Cup.

Mind you, he is 19 and that will get Wenger excited, someone that could be good in 2014 just before we sell him!

Another piece of interesting news is that Owen Coyle, Bolton’s best kept secret is set to move for Celtic’s Aiden McGeady and will need to sell centre back Cahill to fund the move, if that’s true we should move quickly to buy him, he is England’s next big stopper, and one we should not pass up, perfect to take over from Gallas should he decide to move to France on a free.

The only good thing about the Bolton match being postponed is that we should have Cesc back for that one, trouble is, we didn’t need him for that one.

I can see a lot of games coming up in March that we could well do without, especially if we are still in the cups.

Interesting times, I will forgive the Arsenal should we follow the disappointment of not playing with a couple of signings this week, I’ll take Chamakh and Cahill. I’d sooner have Dzeko or Higuain but if Cole is fit, he may do the job that Bendtner can’t right now.

We’ll see, still only 2 days to go before we can hammer Everton again, 7 nil anyone! And no, that wasn’t a prediction!!!

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  1. Pat

    Well, not spending big and Wenger to get a contract extension.

    Ivan Gazidis has warned Arsenal fans the club are unlikely to splash the cash in the transfer window.

    Manager Arsene Wenger says he is in the marker for a new striker and the Gunners chief executive says there are funds available, but insists they are unlikely to break the bank.

    Gazidis says there is a “healthy” budget available, but is adamant the club will not change their transfer policy – even to solve their striking crisis.

    “We won’t be making moves to respond to short-term pressure and we won’t spend irrational amounts of money,” he told Sky Sports News.

    “But if we can find the right player that can add real quality to the squad, of course we’ll make the right move.

    “We’re in a good position, but the thing to always bear in mind is spending money by giving it to other clubs for the talent they have, is not necessarily the answer to all issues.”

    Gazidis also moved quickly to quash rumours that Stan Kroenke is about to launch an official takeover bid for the North London club.

    The American billionaire has been slowly but steadily increasing his shareholding at The Emirates, but the man currently in charge says the club are happy with their ‘multi-ownership model’.

    “We have no indication that anybody’s about to launch a takeover bid,” he said.

    “I’ve known Stan Kroenke from before my time with Arsenal; he’s a very long-term, steady investor.

    “He’s very stable with his clubs, he’s not a big ego guy and doesn’t interfere with the day-to-day. I think he feels good about his investment in Arsenal.”

    Gazidis had some good news for on the field, insisting that reports linking Cesc Fabregasto Barcelona are pure speculation and that he expects to extend Wenger’s contract soon, in a “very amicable, quick agreement”.

    Gazidis was speaking to Sky Sports News’ chief news reporter Bryan Swanson about his first year in charge at the Emirates.

    In the full, 20-minute interview, he also speaks frankly on…

    FABREGAS – how is fully committed to Arsenal and going nowhere

    WENGER – how a contract extension will be agreed “quickly”

    FINANCES – how Arsenal are totally self-sufficient

    OWNERSHIP – how the club does not want to rely on one benefactor

    YOUTH – what the fans can look forward to over the next five years

  2. Micky Did It 89

    Sky Sports News this morning, and they are banging on about 40 and 50m offers from Barca and Real for our man. Am I the only one that gets a little worried?
    -14 here this morning. Ice on the inside of the windows.

  3. ethangunner

    25 % luke …

    25 more 25% than i would have given us pre season .

    but it seems the seasons of the fuck ups .
    everyone is tightening the purse strings .
    red nose wont even buy !

    raffa is back in the dog house after saving his bacon a year or 2 ago ..

    only the chev’s have remained consistent .
    they definitely look like favorites to take it
    but being in there with a shout is better than nothing , but im not going to kid myself that song – diaby – big al – denilson isnt dragging the team down ..

    song might look OK V’s pompey and WHU but once he can dominate the chev’s midfield then ill give him props ..

    until then he is still back at best ..

  4. Micky Did It 89

    Song would be one of the first on my team sheet. Sure, he is no Essien, but he IS the best DM we have. Most importantly, he always gives 100%, which is more than some, including more talented of our players!

  5. ikon

    If you have 11 songs, neither would we be able to score nor able to defend.
    11 Songs giving their all will give us a side close to Fulham not Arsenal.

    He is the most improved player since last season, and thats his only credit.

  6. SUGA3


    that is harsh – I criticised Song last season, but now he looks much faster, stronger and has better anticipation…

    so he kicks the shit out of some? hell, we needed that…

  7. Micky Did It 89

    Ikon: was I suggesting Song as anything other than a DM? And, being “improved” is NOT his only “credit”. As I said, he gives 100%.
    Sugar3: I hope you are right. I don’t happen to believe anything Festa or the rest say. We are promised signings. Then nothing. Think back to August.

  8. Geoff

    Good morning all!

    Ethan and Ikon, I agree, if we don’t buy soon, we defeat the object of shoring up our side, get off the pot or piss Arsenal.

  9. Rohan

    If you had 11 cescs, it’s not like we’d be odds on to win the league…Song is doing his job extremely well and you would be hard-pushed to find a better DM who could do what he does for us.

  10. SUGA3


    I don’t think they would risk the wrath of the fanbase if we were to miss out on trophies or deliberately drop out of FA Cup due to our squad being threadbare…

    even they know we cannot compete with so little numbers – I did Bolton preview the other day and realised that we have fuck all options to rotate…

  11. Rohan

    Even Essien hasnt been as good or as effective as Song this season. He is defo better than Mascherano and as for Fletcher/Carrick they wouldnt work in our system.

  12. Rohan

    Havin said that, I do believe Song is the better player. The fact that we are in with a shout this season has a lot to do with him. Imo he has been our best player after Cesc, Verm and maybe RVP. He hasnt had a singularly bad game yet.

  13. Geoff

    Song improved from a base line of zero. If Song were that good, why do some of you feel the need to sell him, if he were that good why do many of us feel like we do?

    Thing is Suga, what happens to our next seasons threadbare squad? Does that mean we are only ever competing for two trophies?

  14. ikon

    Micky, I would have no problems having 11 Vermaelens play. What I mean to say is Song’s lack of pace is there for everyone to see, still he plays. He is one of the strongest players in the pl, no doubt, but he is clumsy at times, and many times out of position against a side playing the ball quickly through the middle.

  15. Rohan

    I’m not naming names, but I do believe that a lot of the anti-song has to do with people refusing to believe that they were wrong about Song being shit as they may have judged last season and that Wenger was right.
    Let’s leave it there, I don’t want this to get out of hand.

  16. ikon

    Essien is definitely the better player. 11 Cescs in my team means i dont worry about my defence Rohan. 11 Arshavins the same.

  17. SUGA3


    we should compete on all four fronts, being the big club we are, and I reckon we would be in with a shout for some sort double every season, all things considered…

  18. Rohan

    I also dont understand the significance of the argument of 11 ” insert players name ” in a team…… etc.
    Noone has said on here that a team of 11 Songs would be any good, just that Song is a good enough DM.

  19. Rohan

    ikon, sorry but that argument doesnt hold up for me. There is a reason that the Galacticos of Real Madrid werent all that successful.

  20. Micky Did It 89

    Fucking hell. All I said was, he gives 100% and is the best DM we have. Nothing to do with Traore or anyone else or having eleven of anyone for that matter!

  21. Rohan

    It’s like saying just because we have a huge amount of attacking talent we should play 1-3-6 formation. Sorry, but I owuld never want you as manager. šŸ˜€

  22. Geoff

    So much for leaving it there Rohan, you are obviously blind to all the slips he makes, all the fouls he commits because he has no pace and all the defensive headers he misses that cost us. (Sunderland) But as you say, let’s leave it there.

  23. ikon

    But Rohan when I am saying he is the most improved player since last season, and that his first touch has improved like crazy, I am conceding that I was wrong about these aspects.

    I have no reason however to concede that he can break up fast attacks with the pace and the turning speeds he has.

  24. ikon

    Common, u sure you wouldnt wanna watch a match having 11 Cescs? What do you think the bookies will predict? šŸ˜€

  25. Geoff

    Micky what you said was Song gives a 100% which is more than some, I was pointing out that so do a lot of our players, that’s why we pay them so much.

    Anyway, there’s a new post!

  26. Rohan

    I wanted to end it there on my theory of why people are still divided over Song not on debating his qualities or lack of.

    When Makelele committted little niggling falls, he was labelled as highly intelligent. The only difference is that Makelele was part of an already hugely successful team and that he had a reputation. If we win something this season, people up and down the country will be praising Song and his brilliance. As far as I can tell, there have been other players whose defensive frailties have caused us to concede, ( Almunia )I think he is a pretty good header to be fair.