Merida’s going, Tomas is staying, Cesc is longer and Nikki is shorter, but Diaby’s the man.

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So, quite a busy day and still no signing in sight! Apparently Fran has signed for Athletico Madrid on a 5 year deal, if it’s true I’m not too fussed, he has shown glimpses, but not enough to get me saying ‘oh no’ if it’s true, good luck son and may the force be with you.

Tomas Rosicky has been awarded a new 2 year contract, some may think that’s daft, but had we not signed him, he could have walked ala Campbell style at the end of the season, so it at least gives us some wiggle room, if its pay as you play, I don’t have a problem with it, if the rumours are true about Sol, again I don’t have a problem, at least it saves us from spending money in the window and we’ll have Djourou back soon.

Cesc’s injury is taking longer than expected, but if Aaron Ramsey steps up, we can survive and Bendtner is close to training once more so we may save ourselves £25 million on a new striker as well.

The big news is Diaby is ready to fill in for Song, my only question there is, what happens if he plays a blinder, will he drop Song? Hmmmm, his problem, not mine!

Tomorrow sees the return of Owen Coyle to the Grove but this time as the new Bolton manager, what a twit! Fancy going to Bolton, that’s like leaving Forest Green to manage Buckhurst Hill. I’m not too worried about new manager syndrome because Bolton aren’t that good and if we can’t beat them, we shouldn’t be thinking about winning the league, my guess is we will thump them, close the gap and do Everton on Saturday to go top. I just hope if it is true, he re-thinks the Wilshere move, because the new guy may not play him and then the move becomes pointless.

The Chavs will struggle without their four Africans and we will take full advantage, that’s my guess, I think Diaby will become the missing Paddy link and be immense, and talking of Paddy, I really hope we sign him and he doesn’t go to City, that would not be a smart way to end his career and I think he can help our team when we need it most, come back Paddy.

I still harbour hopes that the boss will sign a striker, I think Bendtner will take time to adjust and if he gets another injury, we will be screwed until the summer, so the smart money is on a signing, and as Wenger hasn’t ruled it out I think he will.

So a good result this week will see us top of the league and frankly, that’s where we should be. If we are going to keep signing Africans then we really should lobby FIFA to make them have their tournament every 4 years, like the World Cup and the Euros, I think if they don’t, clubs will be loathe to sign Africans and that can’t be good for African football in the long term.

We are also coming to that time of the year when we see our new kit appearing in exclusive contraband shots, lets hope we have white sleeves and a white collar again with red and white hooped socks, or even black and white hoped socks like we did when we had Ian Wright playing for us.

Finally let’s pray they don’t cancel tomorrow because of the snow, yes I know we have a heated pitch and warm lager, but they cancelled before because of the travel chaos.

Either way I’ll be there, so think about that Arsenal, don’t disappoint me as we have waited since the Celtic game to catch up, with the FA Cup getting in the way, I don’t want to wait until March to go top, regardless of what the chavs do!

Have a great day Grovers, tomorrow we go second! Yeeeaaah!

P.S If you haven’t joined the fanpage yet, do it quick, the next two hundred win big brother on ice tickets! I’ve also got one spare for tomorrow night in club level for the discounted price of £50… e-mail in if you’d like it!

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  1. ManGoonian

    Wonder Boy;

    Was that some kind of joke???

    Haha! Babel fish… Like it! 😀


    Yeah, back up to Song, I guess! Bolton will be a good test for him… I think he will do the business too…

  2. A

    Wonderboy it’s meant to be Birmingham, £8mil fee apparently. Not sure would be good for either them or him! They could spend £8 mil on someone who’ll do more for them, and he should go to a lesser league and try and make an impact.

  3. David

    Im not so sure i understand why Pompey are in so much trouble.

    What happned to the supposed 25m they got for Dolphin Face?

    Didnt they sell Kranjcar for 4m?

  4. gnarleygeorge9

    Ok all, I am about to go off line for a while, but before I go, go give Bolton a bolt up the Arsenal.

    & remember, while you are all savouring all that freezing cold weather, think of me down here in the heat/sun drinking ice cold beer 😎 by the beach.

    I know it’ll be tough but I will get through it 😆


  5. Alex

    20m for Diarra i think, and we got some outta that
    2M for kranjcar

    don’t know what the fuck they did with all that tho, harry twitch fucked them up

  6. Chippy

    paul not far away at all mate, Yep i was a Staines lad for a large portion of my life Mathew Arnold in fact lol

    Working over there are you, where the railway bridge is that used to be our hidden away drinking spot when we were kids until some buggers decided to build a bloody great prison their 🙂

    A mates sister works over there some nasty inmates by all accounts,

  7. Chippy

    David, From what ive heard they were paying far far to much in wages and its crippled them rumours are Lassana moved from 60grand at our gaff to 140 a week at theres campbell defoe crouch were all meant to be earning over 100k a week !!! And of course all the brown envelopes in back pockets didnt help lol

  8. ManGoonian

    He’s a donkey A!

    Pompey are run by a crook in Peter Storrie and Redknapp has had his wicked way with their loot too… Everywhere he goes, he leaves behind a skint mess…. Thats why his tenure at the spuds should be appauded for what he may do to them in time!

  9. ManGoonian


    My heart bleeds for you mate…. Well, it would do, if my veins hadnt frozen up!

    Enjoy the beach, the heat and that darn fine ice cold beer mukka!

  10. Chippy

    Choy, Not good mate if it carries on through the night ill be skiing to work tomoz 🙂

    Mangoonian, What Harry wheeler dealer redknapp the media luvy surely not !!

    Ive said this before but Football and in particular a couple of well known northern clubs are in a complete and utter financial mess more and more sides like pompey scousers united etc will be up shit creek over the next two seasons we are only seeing the very start !!

  11. ManGoonian


    Yes, the saintly annointed one Sir Arry of Bournemouth!

    It will take a club, like Pompey, or possibly the scousers or Mancs (please gawd!) to go under before the FA and Premier league start looking at these dodgy goings on, the deals and takeovers that are being financed in increasingly ropey and tangled mysterious ways…

    The huge debts that are saddled onto the clubs by the “owners” is a scandal.

    But the league have been more than happy to welcome these corporate raiders and shysters and carpet baggers…

  12. Chippy

    Soz choy mate 😉 ,

    Good news for me tho if it gets over a foot deep ill be spending tomorrow with my feet up laptop on and ENGLAND V SAFFAS on the box 🙂

    Take it easy all im of to dream of heavy white fluffy snowfall !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. ManGoonian

    Not to mention the bings that the likes of fat Sam and Arry have been stuffin down the back of their sofas for years… And the huge amounts given to effin blood suckin parasites AKA Football agents…

  14. Chippy

    Yep totally and what was done at Notts county was a complete and utter scandal the so called owners munta basically nicked the fans shares under false promises swanned around for a few weeks then bolted they should be facing a court !!!

    Always makes me laugh when the media go on about what a wonderful wheeler dealer he is and not the fact hes financially sending clubs broke !!

    Always thought clubs would learn after what happenend to Leeds but then again maybe not 😉

    United may slack of the pace for a few years but they are and will always remain a money making machine and do not need a new ground so are a viable investment if you have enough cash Liverpool on the other hand are completley in the shit in my view !!!

    Defo of now see you

  15. ManGoonian

    Highly-rated Legia Warsaw goalkeeper Ján Mucha flew to London earlier today after being invited for a trial by Arsenal.

    The 27-year-old, who was previously Lukasz Fabianski’s understudy at Legia, is said to be hot property in his homeland due to a terrific bunch of performances during Slovakia’s qualification for the FIFA 2010 World Cup.
    What the feck??

  16. A

    It’s to try and decide if he’s a great keeper i’d imagine pat! Have a look at him alongside Almunia and Fab and see how he fares.

  17. patthegooner

    I dont but that A.

    When it comes to a great keeper, you dont sign him based off a trial. he would be respected as a great keeper and you would scout him and sign him.

    Also you cant judge his ability alongside Almunia and Fab in training. You would need to see him under pressure if that was the case.

    If this is true, surely he has lost faith in one of Almunia or Fab.

  18. patthegooner

    Oh and you have to watch the You Tube clip.

    It is the first one I have seen of a player that does not make the player out to be no.1 in his position in the world.

    It is shocking

  19. SongtheGreat

    evening all..

    well more proof from mr maybe babe wenger today…now its all about Bendtner and his injury…im sickened to my stomach…and one more maybe from wenger now..ill say lets show him the door…he is no more than a master of puppets and lying…well one should really have gotten used to it by now…what a fecker…

    wenger you have lost all credibility..time to go home fellah

  20. A

    I disagree pat, it’s impossible to judge a keeper in a different league, especially a second rate league, or internationally. It’s impossible to know if a keeper has what it takes to adapt to the prem until he’s there, but the closest you can to testing him in that way is to put him alongside other keepers who are premiership keepers, and go on that.

  21. A

    FFS Songthegreat, you really don’t get how press conferences and interviews work do you?! If it’s all about Bendtner, it’s because the media asked him all about Bendtner.

    You do come out with some very weird things at times, literally can’t see any logic there!

  22. patthegooner


    I have seen conflicting reports today.

    One saying he wants to buy early, the other saying wait until they see what is going on with NB

    Personally I decided at the start of the month that I was not going to get myself wound up by Wengers comments this month.

    I have seen them all before and it is just a case of cry wolf.

    So I have got it in my mind that we are signing nobody and anyone that does come in is a bonus.

  23. patthegooner

    A did we trial Fabianski or just buy him, as he came from a substandard league?

    The guy is 27 not 17 and he is under contract and the no.1 for his club. It makes no sense.

    Ok say he has a blinding trial and we buy him. Why? Who does he replace? I can’t believe he is being brought in as a no.3 and I cant believe he would come to be no.3

  24. A

    pat Wenger hasn’t said anything about waiting until Bendtner is fit.

    He said in today’s press conference that he EXPECTS someone to come in, (not just hope which is what he previously said) and that he hopes to do business as early as possible.

    Regarding Bendtner he was asked how close Bendtner was to returning, because of the reports that he was back in training, and he said that he was going to be cautious with him.

  25. SongtheGreat

    logic is clearer than the brightest star A…wenger has benn lying to us all for far to long…ill buy..i want buy..for several years…are you the only one who have failed to recognise that fact ?? or do you have some long drawn excuse…face the facts dude..

    no money..we have money…injured for a week..or 8 ?? a new signing..or two ??..ill buy..or maybe…i could go on and on..but i rather ship that fecker home..

    and that my friend is my opinion..

  26. SongtheGreat


    my point and it aint the first time we’ve heard this stories is it??..really..come on ??

    i know its easy to forget..i dont..sorry

  27. A

    pat keepers go on trial all the time, Fabianski was number one for his club and he came on trial, though was younger obviously. We usually just don’t hear of trials.

    Perhaps the rumours of Mannone to Milan are true, so Wenger does want to bring in a third keeper.

  28. patthegooner

    What I am trying to say is, what is this guy being looked at for.

    I don’t understand why a first choice 27yr old keeper is being trialled if it is to be no.1

    And if it is not to be no.1, I dont understand the need to buy him

    A top team in european football does not buy a keeper to be their no.1 keeper based on a trial. A trial does not show you how the keeper will react in front of 60,000 people.

  29. A

    pat a trial will show you more than watching a player play in a substandard league, which is why players from those sorts of leagues do go on trial….

    Would imagine either as a number three should Mannone go to Milan as rumoured, or as a number two in the summer, if Fabianski takes over and Almunia leaves.

  30. patthegooner

    I cant find any links stating that Fab came on trial first.

    Difference also there is that Fab was pup when he came to us, not 27!!!!

    The Manonne rumour would kind of explain the point of looking for someone. But I would have thought we would look at a Mart Poom no.3 type signing, not someone aged 27 who is first choice at his current club.

  31. ManGoonian

    Song The Great Hairy Arse;

    Unless you nare haing a bubble, apologies in advance….

    But please give it a rest with the melodramatics fella!

    Wenger should go coz he didnt say what you wanted to hear in a freakin press conference???


  32. SongtheGreat

    smoke screan..or a safety buy only..if we buy(more like being thrown at if you ask me)wenger is all clear and that will be the signing he promised or not ?..great least he aint using rosicky’s signing as an excuse(new signing)lol…well…im sorry for being agressive about this…but im truly fed up with wenger..

  33. patthegooner


    That is why I said the Cry Wolf stories,

    I have heard them all before, and that is why I dont believe them until a player is signed and on the TV,

    There have been too many super super class signings, players to reassure the fans, I am taking my cheque book to the Euro’s for me to get excited by I want to sign players early in the Window.

    I simply dont believe it anymore.

  34. SongtheGreat


    dont be short sighted…this has been going on and on..sorry me..try to remember this summer ..last summer the summer before there..come on ..its ok to love wenger…i dont..

  35. A

    ” Arsenal are poised to sign the Polish goalkeeper Lukas Fabianski in a transfer expected to be worth about £2m. “The clubs have done the deal,” said Fabianski’s agent Martin Wiesner. There are only a few details left to sort out.”

    The 22 year old, who played a key part in Legia Warsaw’s Polish title success in 2005-06, missed training on Tuesday and was left out of last night’s match against Gornik Leczna, having travelled to London to finalise his move. Fabianski impressed during an extended trial with Arsenal in 2004 but opted to return to Poland”

  36. patthegooner

    If they come they come,

    If not then so be it. I took the decision to try and just enjoy Arsenal this season, and not get wound up like I did last year.

    And if it does go all Alexander Song then I will have a right moan in the Summer

  37. A

    I guess not the same though, he was on trial early. I didn’t realise we were after him for so long before we signed him.

    pat you have to understand the comments in context, the cheque book to the euros thing was a joke

  38. A

    I dunno pat, keepers aren’t like outfield players, they can come good at a much later age. Jens was a perfect example of that!

  39. patthegooner

    It was more the players to reassure the fans quote that fucked me off that year A.

    Like I said, if they come they come.

    This way I will get excited by a new signing but wont be gutted if they dont.

  40. SongtheGreat

    agreed patthegooner…
    and im taken it a bit far..but the truth is there for all who want to see it…one thing is for certain history never lies…and we do need some extra strength..and he promised just that..well feck it lets sit still and watch the trophies slip out of our hands ..once more…

  41. patthegooner

    I guess I am getting all conspiracy theory on the Keeper.

    My money is on Almunia gone in the Summer and Fab and this fella (if he impresses) to fight it out until Schezney comes through.

  42. ManGoonian


    You must lead a very simple existence if the quotes in a football press conference get you soooo worked up…

    Ooh thatnaughty man Wenger has lied to us…

    That really is laughable, I think you should email the club, get it off your chest, then maybe you can contribute a few posts on here that make sense…

  43. SongtheGreat

    its abit like watching the comedy *the butler and ms wenger ;)..same procedure as last year James…only better …

  44. ManGoonian


    Thats my take too…. No point getting wound up oiver things beyond our control and things we really know fuck all about!

    We have no idea what players are coming in, what ones we nearly signed, which ones changed their minds at the last minute, or a hidden health problem was discovered last minute, etc…

  45. A

    yeah pat i agree to an extent, but this window is very different in that there is a totally public and specific need for a player in a specific position for a specific reason! Previously it’s just been about perceived weaknesses, but this time the squad has lost a forward, probably for the season, and that forward NEEDS to be replaced.

    I’d be shocked if no forward comes in this transfer window, but I’ve got no idea who!

    Yeah I agree, if this bloke signs up then I’d imagine it’s only as cover, though you never know. I dunno if Almunia would go in the summer though, Fabianski in as number one, Mannone off to Milan, Almunia and new bloke fighting for number two, Szczesny on a season long loan to someone in the bottom half of the prem.

  46. SongtheGreat


    ill just say one thing …at least im not raving about some of your posts…fellah..i could see that other might not agree with me and respect that..well…you are one heck of a guy…

  47. ManGoonian

    A & Pattg;

    Firstly, we dont know IF this story is true.

    Second; If he is having a trial, I cannot see him wanting to be number 2, let alone 3, as he is the Slovak National keeper…

    And third;

    We dont know if its true…!!!

  48. SongtheGreat

    ill leave this blog to you will be better…and return to my simple existence…and yeah ill bring my hairy ass with me……you do have a way with words..touche..

  49. ManGoonian


    Look, I am only askin for you to make it clear what you are saying fella… As A has done numerous times!

    You spout the same garbled stuff that I have difficulty in understanding… Apologies if I have offended you.

    You seem to think Wenger has lied to you, what did he promise you???

  50. A

    “I don’t know, but I fear the worst,” Wenger said. “I am a bit disappointed if he has [signed for Atlético]. We have made him an offer which was accepted at the start, but he could never finalise for different reasons. He is at the stage where he wants to play. He needs to play. He is still available to me and I will do what is good for the club until the end of the season.”

    Hadn’t seen those quotes before, not a happy bunny with Merida if he has signed for Athletico, hope it’s all premature but I guess we’ll know tomorrow

  51. A

    If it is true, although we’d want him in the squads so Wilshere can go on loan, his heart wouldn’t be in it, and having lied to the club and manager like that I’d imagine his position would be untenable and he wouldn’t play again.

  52. Lou

    Looking out of the window at the moment I can imagine tomorrow’s game being postponed because a lot of people won’t be able to get there and the streets around the stadium could be tricky.

  53. ethangunner

    obviously it must be true A or wenger wouldnt say im dissapointed if he goes …

    also he must know the state of contract negotiations . be it , stay or go …

    surely ..

    i can hear the same noises echo , like just prior to the flamini departure ..

    he better not turn into the next ronaldo or we will hear it from wenger for the next decade ..

  54. A

    Hear it from Wenger?! We’ll hear it from the fans for the next decade, and it’ll be constantly in questions put to Wenger, rubbing it in, as with Ribery/Ronaldo etc!

  55. ethangunner

    thats the problem right there in project youth .
    all the good supposed potential cant wait ..

    merida will add to lupoli , stoke , mumbva , even pennant and bentley in impatient youths who either are home sick or just sick of waiting ..

    i dont blame them when they see jack sit on the bench for 2 years at the expense of trying to make players like song and denilson look at least average over a 24 month period..

  56. A

    There are far too many “next drogba”s for my liking! 6’8”, the blokes a giant! Where’s that rumour from? Sounds like gibberish to me, though he’s 19, so not like he’s at an age where he’d be a youth player, though not had an Ivorian cap.

  57. ethangunner

    wengers youth policy is flawed in the fact that ALL MUST MAKE IT … leave no man behind .. attitude ,

    yes its good if your a football councilor , not if your trying to win football games at a top club .

    OR obviously if they scream publicly like a little bitch then he will let them go also..

    i know the list is far longer than the 4 or 5 mentioned . but the point im making is what point was it to sign merida in the 1st place if your just going to cancel the 3 or 4 year investment you’ve already made with him ..

    you might as well bought a readi-made player

  58. ethangunner

    another well demonstrated point why ive been suspect of wengers management for some time now ..

    flamini – hleb – TH14 – PV04- JENS GONE ..

    in song – denilson -diaby – AL ..


    right ?

  59. ethangunner

    giant strikers dont work for us ..

    i think around 6 foot athelic – skilled
    and can play wenger ball is all thats needed
    for us …

    we score mainly for a counter or fast break , and
    in free flowing play , we are not a team that generally scores from set plays , although its nice to see some spot kicks go in since TH14 left .

    but the point im trying to make if you get another ade – barn – door log in the side , just beware !!!!

    you will learn nothing !

  60. ManGoonian


    Hopefully, Fabianski will be numero Uno, sooner rather than later…

    Players like Henry and Vieira dont come around too often, thats why we have changed our game and formation…

    I am happy with our squad at present, ideally, I would like at least 2 new signings to bolster it…

  61. ethangunner


    What will you have to moan about come May, old buddy???

    having to still listen to your crap maybe ?

  62. ManGoonian

    That list of yutes is hardly a ringing endorsement that Wenger fucked up by letting them go…

    None of them are good enough and in Bentley and Pennant’s case, they burnt their bridges on numerous occasions…

    In fact, I could not be happier we got rid of twats like those 2!

  63. ethangunner

    hey theres no trannies on soi 6 mate !
    only hot 20 year olds and cold beers !

    i think you have some fetish issues about trannies mate , if you want to come here experiment , i can set you up with a few that will sort you right out 🙂

  64. A

    I love the fact that people genuinely put comparisons like

    “flamini – hleb – TH14 – PV04- JENS GONE ..

    in song – denilson -diaby – AL ..”

    as if it makes any valid rational point (although Song>Flamini by a mile imo)

    it’s like writing

    cygan – grimandi – wiltord – kanu

    vermaelen – cesc – van persie – arshavin

  65. ethangunner


    Hopefully, Fabianski will be numero Uno, sooner rather than later…

    Players like Henry and Vieira dont come around too often
    more like we dont purchase ones like that anymore!

    we could get benzema-ribery anyone whos good and french . we seem to miss even all the good french talented players nowadays , or haven’t you noticed that up in Manchester 🙂 ?

  66. A

    Yeah I’d know how to find it if I’d heard the rumour Jaguar! I thought you meant that that site is where you first heard the rumour, and was wondering how you came across it, thinking it’s a very strange site to be perusing (unless you’re romanian)!

  67. carlos

    Carlton Cole will sign for us in the next week or two, i promise. I know it sounds like another rumour, however i’ve just been told my mate’s were out in Essex and spoke to a few of the West Ham youth boys on Monday night. They were told he’s in talks over a possible move and was saying his goodbyes sunday afternoon.

    Don’t know if im too pleased when we were linked with the likes of Dzeko, but could be a diamond in the making. Wait and see hey, but for the near future it’s gonna be Cole leading our front line.

  68. Gioo

    Good luck to Merida if he does end up leaving. I just think he is missing out on being apart of one of the future’s best team. The likes of Ramsey, Fabregas, Djourou, Song, Denilson, Vela and Wilshere will no doubt be one of the strongest teams in Europe in a few years if they all stay on and Merida will miss out on that. I just hope he has fun trying to battle against relegation in a league that is a two horse race, with Atletico not being one of them.

  69. ethangunner

    dont worry me too , i want to see if the team bottles it … or can they handle the pressure of getting close ?!

    if they dont’ bottle it ‘i might start believing ..
    but if we dont sign anyone and get a better class of player in , we will always scrap like this ..

  70. Maksud

    Really home the match doesn’t get postponed. And Cole @Arsenal? He’s English maybe the media will get off our backs…

  71. gambon


    I live a few miles outside of London and im under a foot of snow, plus its still snowing.

    I very much doubt the game will go ahead.

  72. Pat

    Stoke is oop north, no?

    I hope its not called off.

    Mucha is a quality keeper. Probably the 2nd best in the Polish league, behind Sandomierski, who is a youngster that’ll compete with Szczesny for the future #1 spot for Poland.

    And our league may be shit, but we’ve always produced quality keepers.

  73. gooner-pak

    its will be to much congestion later then. one match after other. and by that time CL matches will be ther as well

  74. gambon


    The pitch wont be the problem, its the travel for the fans, team etc.

    Plus theres a very good chance the match will be postponed during the game, as its gonna snow all day

  75. iceman

    patthegooner Says:

    January 5, 2010 at 17:01
    Kevin Fucking Davies,

    Is this the Stoke Blog Site or the Arsenal one?

    Seriously Kevin Fucking Davies, have we been brainwashed that much into accepting non world class players.


    This comment is solid gold Pat 🙂

  76. Pat

    Gunnerblog says the decision will be made midday, regarding the game and whether it will go ahead.

    Ethan, there are 2 strikers I like, a LOT actually.

    1. Ireneusz Jelen: Plays for Auxerre and has been recently linked with Juventus. Quick and a very good finisher. When he was fit, Auxerre climbed up to first in the table earlier this season, maybe 3 weeks ago. When he got injured again, they started dropping points again. Castrol ranks him at 49, which is quite impressive for a Polish player.

    2. Robert Lewandowski: Young, tall, skillful, decent pace. His est attribute is finishing. Lech Poznan in talks with Fulham over a possible move.

    IMO, only Jelen could make it at a top team.

    If Blaszczykowski wasn’t so injury prone, he’d be a great player. Plays for Borussia Dortmund and has been constantly linked with Liverpool. He’s a winger. Loves scoring against Bayern Munchen! Btw, he’s the fastest player in the Bundesliga. Miles better than Theo and probably a bit less prone to injury.

  77. Pat

    “Auxerre have not lost this season when Jelen has played. They lost their last two games, which the Pole missed because of a right thigh muscle tear.”

  78. Pat

    Last season he got 14 goals in 26 apps.

    This season he’s had 4 goals in 11, but he’s been off form for those last 5 games due to constant injuries.

  79. Pat

    “I am not afraid of a challenge. I heard that I would never go to England because the Premier League is not for me, but all it would take would be a phone call from Arsenal and I would pack my bags for London.”

  80. Geoff

    Kevin Davies is shit, because he’s a dirty bastard and has a silly name. Leave it there and never mention him again!

    The game will be cancelled if the fans of our board members can’t get there in their chauffeur driven cars, I think they will announce it this morning as the Bolton fans will be leaving early, both of them.

    See my todays post for a run down.

  81. Geoff

    Wenger said this on

    I will spend my money responsibly ‘Why should I pay 10 [million pounds] for a player worth five?’

    Well simple really, the same reason that you sold two players to City for £40 million when they were at best worth £20.

    It’s called economics and market forces mate.