Happy New Year Grovers, will he sign someone today or will we have to wait???

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So today we’ll find out if the teddy bear’s had a picnic, today we find out if he’s been working on a signing behind the scenes, today we’ll find out if Gazidas has been doing what I hoped he came for, …doing deals.

What a fantastic surprise if it were true, how good would it be if he announced today we had signed Edin Dzeko or someone of that Ilk, well the great news is now we can start dreaming and speculating because the window is officially open, and it’s not Sunday, let the games begin!

So we go to West Ham with a squad that will fall somewhere between a Carling Cup side and a regular side, an FA Cup side I expect! It’s good to be watching football come thick and fast but I don’t understand why we ask players to play three times a week in the freezing depths of winter and wait ten day in-between games in the summer.

Not only that but we the fans have to go to those games and boy does it get cold, don’t forget we’re sitting outside and rarely moving for 90 odd minutes, brrrrrrrrr!

Oh, and when we do, we get told to shut the fuck up and sit down!

I think we may see Jackie boy at Upton Park on Sunday, I hope if we do he has a blinder, I want 2010 to be his blooding in year, I would like to see JET as well, he reminds me of Vieira but with pace and more of an attacking edge.

Back to the transfer market, I believe he will make a signing or two because a) He usually says NO, when asked if he will make a signing, and b) this year he really has a chance of winning something and deep down knows he needs to buy.

Anyway, if all else fails, we have signed Brazil’s hottest property, the Duke of Wellington, he could be our Pato, but don’t forget we won’t see him until 2011, and he’s only 17, so that’s at least 3 years off. And he’s not exactly a big surprise is he? So be patient, I really think we’ll sign a pearler this month, I just hope we don’t have to wait 30 days, 23 hours and 59 minutes again, to find out who!

Have a happy New Year’s day Grovers, this is it!

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  1. A

    not lightweight bbk, off form, and he was injured at the start of the season, and now has to work his way into the first team reckoning, though when he returned from injury he was and still is lacking confidence.

  2. A

    bollocks bbk, i expect him to become one of the top forwards in europe, let alone the premier league.

    I don’t get how people call him lightweight – he’s short and stocky, just like arshavin. Plays up top getting kicked all over the place by dirty south american centre backs whilst playing for mexico and more than holds his own, holds the ball up well and is good with his back to goal. Last year against both Fulham and Pompey he was superb, and shrugged off Hangeland, Distin, and Campbell time and time again. He’s far from lightweight….

  3. Pat

    When you take in the injuries we’ve had, along with the shit form of various players(Rosicky, Eduardo, Vela, Theo), then we’ve done pretty damn well so far!!

    A, we lost to Fulham and drew against them without creating too much last season. Don’t remember Vela having a good game

  4. B.B.K.

    , we lost to Fulham and drew against them without creating too much last season. Don’t remember Vela having a good game…..exactly pat

  5. Ja_Gunner


    We cant afford to overwork our players….injuries plus the african cup will stretch us in this period…he needs to rest as much players as possible…

    I woouldnt play Diaby nor Sagna….because we have Bolton twice Everton Villa and Manure coming up..with another FA cup game sandwiched in bewtween if we qualify…..

    We cant afford to overwork Sagna while Eboue is gone…and also Diaby may get injured again if he is overplayed as well…we need him for the league games..Bolton will be fighting for their lives

  6. A

    Ja not 35 mins, even if we were 4-0 up Wenger wouldn’t make subs at 55 mins! If we’re walking it then they could get a run out for 20 or so mins though. Wilshere, Eastmond, Merida, and JET will all be looking to try and make an appearance off the bench I’d imagine, though obviously not all could!

  7. A

    Good point Pat, where does my memory of Vela against Hangeland come from, or is it just my imagination?! I remember him tearing Pompey apart, but can’t think of when the fulham match was

  8. Pat

    Last I saw, Vela is stronger than Messi who has held of the likes of Vidic, Ramos, Cannavaro and even Roberto Carlos.

    Vela’s build isn’t the problem.

  9. Pat

    A, I wouldn’t say he tore Pompey apart. He scored, I think, but didn’t tear them apart.

    Fulham doesn’t ring a bell simply because we lost the first game and were awful, whilst in the 2nd game we struggled to create and everything we did create was wasted by RVP.

  10. A

    True Ja, but I don’t see Wenger weakening the midfield THAT much. Unless Arshavin starts, or maybe Nasri. There’s no way someone like Watt would start, or Gilbert. I don’t see who else would play at right back to rest Sagna which is the problem.

  11. A

    I would Pat, he was superb, because I remember being how shocked at the way he just brushed off Distin and Campbell, and he scored a great goal too.

    Yeah I remember both league games, we were shocking, and I’m not sure he even played in either. We didn’t play them in a cup either. Maybe I’m just thinking of one of the cup games, and I’ve somehow replaced whichever defender it was with Hangeland?! Very strange, got a vivid image in my head of him skinning Hangeland!

  12. jamaicangooner

    never make it in the epl. I suppose you would have arsene sell him to one of the many spanish clubs chasing him. Then two years down the line he turns into the top forward in europe. Then u come on here and blast arsene saying that he’s lost the plot. Bbk u are unbelievable. Mind u though,if arsene were to sell carlos he would have truly lost the plot

  13. Pat

    Vela did play against Fulham at the Emirates, just checked. Taken off after 63 minutes for Nikki B. SO I’m guessing he didn’t really have a good game.

  14. Jaguar

    nah a you must be watching messi and thinking he’s vela

    Classic ,BBK

  15. YOn

    Team for FA Cup?


    Unless there are injuries/suspensions… this should be the line-up.

  16. Micky Did It 89

    Morning anyone.
    YOn: that team would do me.
    Its the PL and more than anything in the world, the CL for me. I MUST be on that plane to Madrid in May!
    Transfers. Upson and Dzeko for me, but it AW wants some cheap deals, then maybe Cole and Upson and to help them out and cushion the deal, they can have Walcott on loan for the rest of the season.

  17. Micky Did It 89

    Is Song still around. Even if he is, I would consider playing whoever AW has in mind for the DM role.

  18. gnarleygeorge9

    Le Gaffer is getting under the chav’s skin. Now that that wog Anchovie has peaked, Le Prof is firing across their bow, & making hits.

    ARSENAL manager Arsene Wenger has mocked Chelsea’s claims they are now debt free and has accused Premier League clubs who fail to balance the books of cheating.

    What a useless lot of government assisted wankers chavs must be. Talking up some Russian’s bank balance as if they, coming from a Housing Commision flat, understand about balancing the books 😆

  19. gnarleygeorge9


    Le Grove is like the Hotel California. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave 😈

  20. Geoff

    Got that right Gnarley, we’ll hunt you down and find you, wherever you go and no matter how safe you feel.

    Especially somewhere like Jamaica, I played golf there once at a fantastic place called the Tryall, truly awesome, it was paradise.

  21. Geoff

    Jamaican you asked yesterday what time we post, well I’ve written it and sent it to Pedro to add the grey bit and we’re still waiting.

  22. DF

    I think the following comments from today’s Independent is fair comment:

    “Abramovich has spent £700m-ish on Chelsea so far for his own enjoyment, not on a project that makes business sense. The club lost “only” £44.4m in the financial year 2008-09 but that is still a massive sum, and it happened in a season when Chelsea finished just one place from the title, reached the Champions League semi-final, won the FA Cup, yet still saw a decline in income.

    One cold-eyed business analysis of Abramovich’s wiping of the debt could conclude he has re-imagined Chelsea not as a plaything with £340m of baggage but as a debt-free asset, more marketable as and when he wants out. ”

    I think in a few years Chelsea will be without their sugar daddy, with Fat Lampard, Terry, Drogba all retiring, and Chelsea will be reduced to another Spud or even West Ham…since Abram wont want to spend another 700m to replace the aged players.