Happy New Year Grovers, will he sign someone today or will we have to wait???

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So today we’ll find out if the teddy bear’s had a picnic, today we find out if he’s been working on a signing behind the scenes, today we’ll find out if Gazidas has been doing what I hoped he came for, …doing deals.

What a fantastic surprise if it were true, how good would it be if he announced today we had signed Edin Dzeko or someone of that Ilk, well the great news is now we can start dreaming and speculating because the window is officially open, and it’s not Sunday, let the games begin!

So we go to West Ham with a squad that will fall somewhere between a Carling Cup side and a regular side, an FA Cup side I expect! It’s good to be watching football come thick and fast but I don’t understand why we ask players to play three times a week in the freezing depths of winter and wait ten day in-between games in the summer.

Not only that but we the fans have to go to those games and boy does it get cold, don’t forget we’re sitting outside and rarely moving for 90 odd minutes, brrrrrrrrr!

Oh, and when we do, we get told to shut the fuck up and sit down!

I think we may see Jackie boy at Upton Park on Sunday, I hope if we do he has a blinder, I want 2010 to be his blooding in year, I would like to see JET as well, he reminds me of Vieira but with pace and more of an attacking edge.

Back to the transfer market, I believe he will make a signing or two because a) He usually says NO, when asked if he will make a signing, and b) this year he really has a chance of winning something and deep down knows he needs to buy.

Anyway, if all else fails, we have signed Brazil’s hottest property, the Duke of Wellington, he could be our Pato, but don’t forget we won’t see him until 2011, and he’s only 17, so that’s at least 3 years off. And he’s not exactly a big surprise is he? So be patient, I really think we’ll sign a pearler this month, I just hope we don’t have to wait 30 days, 23 hours and 59 minutes again, to find out who!

Have a happy New Year’s day Grovers, this is it!

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  1. Mayank

    Baxter it was a joke his moniker says where he lives. It’s a pretty easy route from there.

    I’m positive it’s not intensive refresh though.

  2. B.B.K.

    im so gutted i expected wenger to have a couple signings done and dusted today,the i read he signed a player that already plays for us,wicked m8

  3. A

    mike JET isn’t a DM, Nordveit has been playing there though, and with Coquelin and Eastmond coming through the future is rosy, but I still think if Denilson’s back problem is likely to cause problems for a while then someone else will be brought in.

  4. Geoff

    Okay May, I’ll let you back on but please leave the subject alone, we have moved on and I’m trusting you, I’m off soon and I won’t be around to answer or moderate, so I’m doing this in good faith, we are all friends here.

    Talk about football.

  5. A

    BBK it’s a bank holiday today, so noone can sign anyone just yet! Guessing it’ll be Monday that things start to happen, Cordoba to City is meant to be done immediately isn’t it?

  6. Mayank

    BBK you’re in for a rough ride if you’re gutted today.
    It’s expected you’d be gutted with all the money you owe the bookies for betting on pompey.

  7. Baxter Wall

    You are only calling him Jamaican because he’s from Jamaica Sabeel.

    Deliberatly flouting the rules of this site to be a non bigot. /its sinful.

  8. Baxter Wall

    PC is also something people buy if they can’t afford a mac. And the charcoal sweater you must buy if you own a mac to wear whilst swanking around in expensive coffee shops

  9. mike__

    fair enough A i was thinking of him more as a carrick type rather than an out & out DM but ur right.

    i would really love to see the day that arsenal field a prem team (that is good enough) with the likes of gibbs, JET, wilshire, bartley, lansbury, walcott, eastmond (if he isnt flash in the pan) and freeman plus of course ramsey.

    i’d love those guy to make it the media wouldnt know what to say lol

  10. Mayank

    You’ve gone too far now Baxter. PCs are better!

    Geoff incidentally the same sentiment was displayed by the band slayer in the song disciple
    “I hate everyone equally
    You can’t tear that out of me
    No segregation – separation
    Just me in my world of enemies”
    Incidentally the chorus line was
    “God hates us all; God hates us all
    God hates us all; God hates us all
    Yeah He fuckin’ hates me”

  11. jamaicangooner

    i think it stands for peace Sabeel(i’m 20 so i’ve got all of those terminologies locked in). hey i dont mind if u call me jamaica,jam jam,jamgoon whatever. I think our world is getting too politically correct

  12. Baxter Wall

    Who cares what yhe media say Mike? They are all wankers.

    Take Myles Palmer. Biggest tosser going his last article bitched about JW not getting a game because he’s English and completely ignored Eastmond coming on!

  13. Geoff

    Sabeel because that’s wear sad lonely homo’s go, I can’t take that chance, I warned Pedro!

    Mayank, that’s top lyrics mate, well written! I like them.

  14. ethangunner


    you seem to know those lyrics pretty well ๐Ÿ™‚

    anyhow wellington – contract extensions to Landsbury and Diaby ..

    there you go 2 new signings right there ๐Ÿ™‚

    oh and wellington ..


    Arsenal have agreed a ยฃ3.5million deal for 16-year-old Brazil forward Wellington Silva, according to the player’s agent.

    The Gunners have tracked the Fluminense striker after he impressed during a trial.

    The player’s agent, Rodrigo Pitta, told the Daily Mail: “We completed the transaction last week, the player is already Arsenal’s and Fluminense have already received some money.”

    Arsenal have yet to comment on any deal.

    Wellington cannot join up with Arsene Wenger’s side until he turns 18 next year but Arsenal are believed to have paid 65 per cent of the fee up front, with the rest to follow when he arrives at the Emirates Stadium.

  15. Geoff

    Micky I’m off now, he’s back when he wants but it’s on trust. Gambon they are easier, faster and I need them for my work.

    I’ll be back later all, have fun!

  16. A

    lol I love the Daily Mail, they just take quotes off the internet, from other sources, and then edit in “told the Daily Mail”, despite their having absolutely no contact with the quoter!

  17. Pedro

    Evening all and Happy New Year!

    Just read the article about Wenger looking to replace Robin’s goals! Excellent news!

  18. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    Geoff Says:
    January 1, 2010 at 19:21
    Sabeel because thatโ€™s wear sad lonely homoโ€™s go, I canโ€™t take that chance, I warned Pedro!

    Geoff u r right about that “lonely” aspect of it…sometimes such technoligies takes one away from the REAL social life one has…

  19. Mayank

    Isn’t Wenger worried that the price of potential targets will go up? That’s what he used to say. Are we be taken for a ride? Are we there yet?

  20. Mayank

    Loved the fact that it made it to the top of the charts in UK.
    Always gets me pumped with that cheesy ending though.

  21. mike__

    i know baxter it just pisses me off they are so blind when it comes to arsenal, i mean beckham giggs, scholes etc are all close to retirement but since them lot how many english players have come through the ranks at man utd? how many since gerrard and owen at liverpool? and all the chavs are from west ham youth or cole from us.
    they have spent giggs entire career saying ‘if only he picked england instead of wales’ because not single club had a decent lefty to play midfield.

    but when it comes to arsenal its all ‘oh finding english talent is a piece of piss they got no excuse etc’ it just winds me up.

  22. Mayank

    I hope they pick better songs though Pedro, I mean even if you’re decided on RATM Wake Up would have been better. Isn’t the whole song about the Klu klux klan?

  23. GordoGunner

    Mike, throw Sanchez Watt into the mix, too.

    The first time one of the them went to ground too easily, the media would lament how that never happened with the Terry/Gerrard/Fat Frank/Rooney generation of English players.

    Stupid pricks.

  24. Mayank

    I was kidding Pedro.

    Baxter I have no idea what you’re talking about. She’s a perfectly nice woman… oops!

  25. Cotto

    ok lads this gandhi/god chat has gotten a little out of control today… so

    in the magic words of Trigger..

    “gandhi, he only made one good film… and we never heard from him again”


  26. may

    4th year in a row..Faith..thats what i dislike.
    I have been hurt enough by Arsene useless tactics before..Like not giving contract to older players, resting your best player for Semis, finding a different competition as a excuse for not winning this one..

    Enough for me Sabeel

  27. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    i agree with wengers not buying some more experience over 4,5 yrs,which would help bloood young players

    and ofcourse dropping arshavin for FA cup semis..

    what can one say,sometimes a mans ego takes over him,and wenger is only human to make errors like dese in above 2 points

  28. Pat

    Huntelaar can’t join anyone. You can only transfer once is a season.

    Seems like Wenger WAS looking at him if he knew that information.

    Haven’t heard much about Wellington, but I heard Zezinho was something special. A bit like Kaka, from what I’ve heard.

  29. mike__

    so if wenger did have 30 mill to spend if he needed it then with these two new brazilians signed or close to signed thats upto 10 mill gone out of it already.

    and they are both the same age as vela was when we signed him i think. and he still isnt a 1st team regular starter or sub so unless they are a lot better than him it will be a while before we see them.

  30. A

    where do you get 10 mil from mike??

    The money for those players won’t be taken away for money spent on the first team anyways

  31. Samir

    Apparently jamaicangooner;
    Whilst scouting Wolfsburg full back Marcel Schafer Aston Villa scouts had been mightily impressed by towering striker Edin Dzeko. They have told Martin O”Neill that he would be the perfect signing and , due to the inconsistent performances of both Emile Heskey and John Carew, Mr O’Neill has taken note and will be preparing a club record bid for the big Bosnian forward in the January transfer window.

  32. Alex

    Wellington Silva played in the 2008 Premier CUp (U-15 Tournament) which was at Old Trafford, he was voted MVP and topscorer. And Fergie even watched the final where he scored, so we signed him from under his nose. And scored 4 goals in one half in his trial with us so looks a excellent prospect.

  33. Cotto

    dzeko has been watched by wenger for years

    remember reading about him being scouted by us about 3 years ago

    boro primorac who is like wengers right hand man at the club is of bosnian descent aswell and must of have been tipped off about him years ago.

    shame we never grabbed him before wolfsburg… will cost at least 25M to get him now.

    although i think he is worth it.

  34. Samir

    Well we are unlikely to bid a reasonable amount whilst Milan have enough strikers….
    If Villa are the only club to make a decent bid for him he may go.
    Unlikely though I do agree.

  35. jamaicangooner

    okay villa are interested but why woul edin dzeko go to aston villa. Would make sense just going to birmingham then. Theyre potentially richer

  36. Cotto

    must be hell to support a team like villa

    you are just never going to be big enought to attract the real creme de la creme

  37. mike__

    browsing through the articles on the alleged deals they both said around the 5 mill mark with wellington part up front and the rest when he comes over when he is 18. obviously we know not all articles are fact but considering how good they are supposed to be 4-5 mill each sounds like a reasonable figure.

    vela at 16 supposedly signed for just over 2 mill in 05
    inflation plus they are older and brazilian lol makes me think 4 mill sounds about right.

    also the spending would figure into the 1st team kitty i would think as it effects the finanaces of the club as a whole.

  38. Samir

    It would be very exciting if Wenger were to get our players in before the West Ham game, or Bolton at the latest…..

  39. A

    villa are pretty loaded pat, they spend alot of money, dzeko would never go there in a million years though! i don’t particularly rate him but he’s way bigger than villa.

    gambon i don’t believe for a second that the money spent on kids is money that would go for the first team. I reckon the kids are funded by selling kids, the adults are an independent fund

  40. 78692

    If Wenger was just that litte bit brave in his transfer policy, we could have had the likes of Cech,Robinho,Di Maria,Pato,Ronaldinho,Yaya Toure,Ronaldo Dzeko and countless other world class players playing for us. Imagine how many hundreds of millions of pounds we could have got in transfer money, when selling them to the likes of Barcelona and Madrid. Not to mention the trophies we would’ve won.

  41. zee

    evening all, still recovering from last night. I’d just like to say to the old man wearing camouflage gear and using crutches who stole my wallet, you can hide, but you can’t run

  42. A

    mike wellington is meant to be ยฃ3.5 mil with 65% up front, so ยฃ2.2 mil. Zezinho is meant to be just under ยฃ5 mil, and I’d imagine most will be paid when he arrives, it was with wellington that we paid more up front because their club is in the shit.

    I reckon the kids take care of the kids, and the adult funds are seperate

  43. mike__

    i dont see enough sales income from the kids to see how it would support the fees wenger has paid to the clubs and the wages to the players.

  44. finestcuts

    Happy 2010 people, here it is. My personal ambitions are to make far more progress in life than in 2009, I’m sure many of you have resolved to do the same. I shall not surrender to weak will, neither shall the Arsenal!
    Lets hope for some top players to add to our excellent team. Onwards and upwards!

  45. Cotto

    for the first time in many years i feel we are about to experience a proper big money signing.. sharpish

    even though we got arshavin in the end last january window…. it was a murderous trasnfer.. that only got done, becuase of snow delays allowing it to be done on the 2nd of feb.

    but this jan.. i think the point is we need the new striker ASAP, otherwise bendtenr will be back..

    with our league possy, nice champs league draw, hopefully into the hat for the 4th rd of the cup on sunday…

    what a bloody good time to be a gooner

  46. Cotto

    i think the league is ripe for the taking this season

    we need a striker who can play in the premiership, forget the CL..

  47. zee

    david villa pls arsene

    villa in summer 2008: “I watch the Premier League a lot and the team I’m most attracted to is definitely Arsenal.

    “Their brilliant one and two-touch football and the whole style of rapid counter-attack which dominates the top level of the Premier League now is the one which suits my game best of all.

    “I think I’m made to succeed in England but of course it’s one thing saying it and quite another getting there and then doing it.”

    he’s world class but prob too expensive, esp for 28 yr old. what do you guys think?

  48. Pat

    Even more damning is that before that fateful international break, Arsenal had scored 36 goals in 11 matches for an amazing 3.27 GPG pace. Since then Arsenal have scored just 15 goals in 8 games for a 1.875 GPG pace โ€“ a 43% drop in production.

    Villa is too expensive for a 28 year old. United won’t buy him due to his age, I doubt we’d spend that much

  49. Cotto

    from around the 27 th of jan

    we play

    villa away then man utd home then chelsea away then liverpool home.. followed by the 1st leg of the porto game

    bendtner wont be ready for those games, go in to them without a proper striker and kiss the league goodnight.

  50. FinnGun

    78692 21:09,

    that is called hindsight. No need to torture yourself with what might have been (even if you were a burglar). And Wenger has managed to catch and/or raise a couple of good ones over the years, hasn’t he?

  51. jamaicangooner

    david villa sounds good but barca want him,madrid want him,chelsea want him,manure want him and u can bet the city scums are gonna want him too. Last i checked valencia needs money. They wont let him go cheap.

  52. Stu

    Jamaican, Would i be close if i was to assume you misread “commitment” for “comment”?

    At first glance i though it said “how beautiful is this comment from Vermaelen”.

  53. Maciek

    My dream players:
    -Cetin from Galata- 10m
    -De Guzman from Feynord for 10-12m
    – Jaskelainen for 3m
    -Gervinio from Lille for 8-10m

  54. zee

    stu you could be onto something there. even with a horrific mojito induced hangover i was not expecting verminator to be saying something beautiful.

    While I was anticpating a tackle I suspect j/g wanted a post match interview along the lines of the Belgian saying: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

  55. Cotto


    now there is a name we have been linked with in the past heavily

    looks a bit of a drogba/ade type player

  56. Stu

    Now that Senderos is seemingly staying i dont think the need for a defender is as pressing as it used to be.

    2 of a keeper, defensive midfielder and a striker would be enough for now. We all know Wenger doesnt buy that many first teamers in the transfer windows so im not going to expect too much.

  57. Pat

    Hopefully these 2 Brazilians are the types of players Wenger usually gets “close to” signing, but doesn’t. Both were chased by top european clubs.

    Balotelli reunited with Mancini at City???

  58. zee

    i still think senderos will go out on loan. world cup year – wenger only said he wouldnt sell anyone. he needs to sort gallas contract out though

  59. Cotto

    stu – he bought reyes, arshavin and adebayor in the jan windows

    he has openly admitted we need a first team striker to compensate for both rvp and nb