Happy New Year Grovers, will he sign someone today or will we have to wait???

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So today we’ll find out if the teddy bear’s had a picnic, today we find out if he’s been working on a signing behind the scenes, today we’ll find out if Gazidas has been doing what I hoped he came for, …doing deals.

What a fantastic surprise if it were true, how good would it be if he announced today we had signed Edin Dzeko or someone of that Ilk, well the great news is now we can start dreaming and speculating because the window is officially open, and it’s not Sunday, let the games begin!

So we go to West Ham with a squad that will fall somewhere between a Carling Cup side and a regular side, an FA Cup side I expect! It’s good to be watching football come thick and fast but I don’t understand why we ask players to play three times a week in the freezing depths of winter and wait ten day in-between games in the summer.

Not only that but we the fans have to go to those games and boy does it get cold, don’t forget we’re sitting outside and rarely moving for 90 odd minutes, brrrrrrrrr!

Oh, and when we do, we get told to shut the fuck up and sit down!

I think we may see Jackie boy at Upton Park on Sunday, I hope if we do he has a blinder, I want 2010 to be his blooding in year, I would like to see JET as well, he reminds me of Vieira but with pace and more of an attacking edge.

Back to the transfer market, I believe he will make a signing or two because a) He usually says NO, when asked if he will make a signing, and b) this year he really has a chance of winning something and deep down knows he needs to buy.

Anyway, if all else fails, we have signed Brazil’s hottest property, the Duke of Wellington, he could be our Pato, but don’t forget we won’t see him until 2011, and he’s only 17, so that’s at least 3 years off. And he’s not exactly a big surprise is he? So be patient, I really think we’ll sign a pearler this month, I just hope we don’t have to wait 30 days, 23 hours and 59 minutes again, to find out who!

Have a happy New Year’s day Grovers, this is it!

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  1. arsenalrule

    meant to say *top 10* oops, oh well guess I could mean happy 2010!!!

    I hope you are right about a signing coming soon, I can’t see it myself. I just hope he buys someone big!!!

  2. GMR

    Happy new year to all.

    The FA aren’t working today so no transfers will officially happen for any club until after the weekend. I assume the window will also shut at 5.30pm on 1st Feb seen as the 31st Jan is a Sunday. I don’t really see why clubs should get this extension after all they all know the 31st is a Sunday so they should make sure the deals are done by the Friday. All the foreign clubs have to stick to it.

    Anyway, nice to see Arsene say he wants any signing he makes to come in early this transfer window, hopefully it’ll give us a new player to look forward to.

  3. rico

    Happy New Year all, nice post to kick 2010 off..

    Will we have to wait Geoff? What, until the Summer πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  4. Metal Gear

    I’ve thought about January and I have 2 agree with what some have said on here we need a CB 4 cover or competition either way we need 1. I’m actually disappointed in myself 4 not noticing it earlier as I usually do.

    Number 1 priority CB second a DM 3rd a striker. Wenger better not have funny ideas thinking Eastmond is somehow equipped mentally 2 come in and do a job he came on as a sub and made a mistake when the game was already won. Which made sense as he looked nervous as shit. I honestly believe Ramsey is the best tackler (apart from Song) in our midfield but it’s more then just tackling it’s covering, intercepting and positioning so it’s a no 4 him as well. Like I said before Wenger better not be processing funny ideas cuz we could wrap this shit up with a few key signings.

  5. Geoff

    Morning all! Ha, ha, Mayank and Suga, I never get hangovers and I hate being late!

    That’s the problem, if God gave me hangovers, I wouldn’t drink so much and wouldn’t need to go to the gym as much, but would I be happy? …Would I fuck!

  6. LB

    Wenger has a long term plan. He does not plan for 30 days, and asking him to sign someone is a 30 day plan until Bendtner, Clichy, Walcott, etc. return. If I was in his shoes, I would sign a striker, but only on loan till the end of the season. Then evaluate from there.

    Midfield, no chance! We have Ramsey, Cesc, Denilson, Song, Lansbury, JET, Coquelin, Diaby, Eastmond in central defence. How can you sign someone in that position? It makes no sense. On the wings, we have Nasri, Arshavin, Rosicky, Wilshere, Walcott, Eboue, Merida, etc. No need to sign anyone there. I know, I know, we need experience! But the kids have grown up. No one bullies them anymore. THEY are grown.

    By the way, with Zezinho and Wellington, we have a squad that can dominate for the next 10 years. I believe in Wenger because he is usually right. He was right about Diaby, Song, Denilson, Gibbs, etc., he was right about club finances. I feel lucky that I have him as manager of my favourite club.

  7. Geoff

    Rico, that’s the Duke of Wellington I refer to in the post!

    Sabeel, lateness for me is the biggest insult and the height of rudeness, yet some people specialise in turning up late like they’re proud of it!

  8. Micky Did It 89

    Happy New Year Grovers, and again, thanks Geoff and Pedro for all your effort. Very much appreciated.
    Upson, Vieria and Dzeko please Mr Wenger. Cheers.

  9. Metal Gear

    LB can u try and differentiate between DM and CM and thats nice that u mentioned all those names quantity over quality is a nice touch only it is not enough whos good enough apart from Song who can protect the back 4 at this level the toughest league in the world?

    Secondly who said anything about Wenger signing a winger?

    Thirdly u sound like an AKB which is surprising as I thought Le Grove exterminated you’re kind.

  10. Mayank

    Thirdly u sound like an AKB which is surprising as I thought Le Grove exterminated you’re kind.

    Backing the manager does not make you an AKB MG. Ask Geoff he’s always trying to explain that to us.

  11. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    Geoff Says:
    January 1, 2010 at 09:26

    Sabeel, lateness for me is the biggest insult and the height of rudeness, yet some people specialise in turning up late like they’re proud of it!

    Bravo, u have taken the words out of my mouth Geoff,

    Thats one of the reason i like puntuality,

    Unfortunate thing is inferiority complex People learn from those people who display proudness,and infect others also with there bad habits…

  12. Geoff

    Ha, ha Suga!

    Metal I would like to see Hazard signed, that would also put a rocket up the arse of Theo, perhaps he wouldn’t get injured so much.

    I’m sure Hazard is left footed, but he could be deployed on either side if he’s a winger.

  13. bob

    wenger and few off the arsenal kids are going on as if they won something for the first time. if wenger dont buy anyone then by mid feb they season wel be over again just like in 2007.arsenal are on a good run now thats all.alex song says nobody could beat us but wont he playin when they lost to chelsea at home.some off the young players realy need to win something for the first time in the lifes then they shuld open the big mouths.most off the young players are very overrated i would love to see what happens to them once wenger is gone.

  14. Geoff

    Mayank we only ban people for slagging other people off or just coming on to cause arguments.

    Yesterday was a great example of that, one came on calling you all liars, I binned him, then another came on sarcastically digging out Le Grove’s mantra, so he went too.

    I have no problem with differing opinions, it’s arguing, slagging and dissing that get’s a yellow. All that just stifles debate and takes away the fun.

  15. Metal Gear


    ”By the way, with Zezinho and Wellington, we have a squad that can dominate for the next 10 years. I believe in Wenger because he is usually right. He was right about Diaby, Song, Denilson, Gibbs, etc., he was right about club finances. I feel lucky that I have him as manager of my favourite club.”

    What kind of fukin statement is that he’s an AKB through and through. There’s 1 thing backing the manager but this guy with quotes like ”a squad that can dominate 4 10 years” WTF the squad isn’t even strong now and even if it was Wenger would play his favorites fact.

  16. Mayank

    Agreed Geoff, but would I be going to far in saying that members of a certain school of thought get more liberties.
    It’s expected really, if I ran a blog I’d promote my thoughts and people who share them too.

  17. LB


    What’s an AKB? Help! Anyway, my focus is the future of Arsenal, not winning now and having to pay Man U, Chelsea, Man City type fees for it with no long-term focus. I’m not saying that there’s no other way, but the only other way I know of is far more risky. I’ll take a top 2 finish this year in the interests of seeing long-term success.

    Finally, I don’t know what my kind is. But it seems that you are suggesting that my opinion should not be considered because it doesn’t meet yours. That’s sad if that’s the case. I’m just saying that I believe in the Wenger plan. You are welcome to shoot me for it.

  18. Mayank

    That’s what you think MG, I think it wouln’t be an overstatement that if we have the likes of JW, JET Wellington(i’ve never seen him play though) Gibbs Walcott et al playing to their potential we’d have a hell of a squad that may well dominate the league.

  19. Geoff

    Mayank if I was going to promote my views I would be pushing the death penalty for terrorists, drug dealers and users and torture and the death penalty for child molesters, rapists and burglars.

    And national service for benefit seekers.

    But I don’t.

  20. dennisdamenace

    Gman – I do, I spoke to him about a week ago and he confirmed we will be in the market, but couldn’t (or wouldn’t) confirm for how many or what positions!!

    However, he dis reiterate to me that AW & Co had/has identified the GK position as THE weak link in the team……

    He also stated that Swiss Phil was almost certain to leave….

  21. Mayank

    Death penalty for terrorists and burglars, haha! Funny, since the kind of places where burglars get the death penalty are the same same one’s who harbour terrorists.

  22. Metal Gear

    LB I can assure u that I’m not labeling u an AKB just becuz you’re opinion differs from mine I’ve had plenty of disagreements on here and have never resorted 2 AKB accusations. If u wanna know what an AKB is it’s at the top of this website under ”AKB guide”

    Listen I respect you’re opinion in the however I cant discuss issues when you’re making bold statements regarding our dominance in the next ten years.

  23. Goonerman

    DD – so lehmann was right; Almunia is shit. We all knew that anyway.

    Shame about Phil. Wonder if Sol has any pace?

    I have heard about Carlton Cole! let’s see what happens.

  24. bob

    yea wenger woz right about diaby,song,denilson the truned out to be realy shit. what top team can anyone off them get in or even make it to the bench? so many young players how the hell is wenger gonna play all off them? wel after a few years he wel just sale them and make money for hes boyfriend hillwood.

  25. Mayank

    Fuck this run really scares me,
    Villa a
    Man U h
    Chelsea a
    Pool h

    wonder if we can get Messi on loan for 2 weeks

  26. Geoff

    Mayank, not in my country they wouldn’t, everyone would have to work for their money.

    There is no such thing in life as a free lunch.

    I would also clear out our Uni’s of anyone who preaches hate, instantly.

    Dennis, how true is the GK bit, if it were true, why make the clown captain?

  27. Metal Gear

    Mayank don’t get me wrong I generally believe we have players 4 the future but we also have players 4 the present but Wenger would rather bring on Eboue 4 RVP against West Ham when he had Vela on the bench. It’s a no brainier really isn’t it I mean u need take of a striker so what do u do do u take him off 4 a right back or give a few minutes 4 our most exciting young striker? Do u see my point?

  28. dennisdamenace

    Gman – I wouldn’t get too excited, he told me that same info about thd GK situation in the summer and yet AW still stuck with that fucking clown anyway instead of at least trying to buy Given….

  29. Geoff

    All these Song lovers are crowing about how right Wenger is, so what about the three years when he was a passenger, costing us, how good could we be if Wenger played top players all the time and we didn’t have to suffer years of shit performances from players contributing nothing.

    The list

    Song, Denilson, Diaby, Flamini, Almunia.

    So Song has come good, Diaby is showing signs, collectively add up their games and tell me how much time has been wasted.

    Then tell me Arsene knows.

  30. reggie57

    Why does that run of games scare you mayank thats what top class teams face aint it? With our supposed strength in depth we should over come any one?dont you agree!!

  31. Mayank

    The ability to make money and the ability to work are two different things. A lot of people would work their asses off for little money and a lot would make much more because of general street smartness. Then there would be animosity.
    No system is perfect, but that’s a different debate for a different blog.

    Also do the Uni’s there have hate preachers to begin with?

  32. Micky Did It 89

    Striker top priority for me, were we to only sign one player. An extra goal here and there, and we would be top.
    I am not sure even Hazard could stop Walcott’s fragility.

  33. chris

    Re the post – I think we’ll have to wait.

    If I was buying I’d look at who’s available –
    CB looks the mnost important area for me, if Upson is really a possibility for less than maybe Β£10m
    If M Diarra at Real could be got for that type of money and he’s fit he would be great imo (although he’d be new to the Prem), especially as he can play CB as well so when Song gets back that would be some real options there.
    Up front I’d look at Kenwynne Jones if he’s really available – on good days he’s got everything

  34. Goonerman

    DD – I don’t expect a new GK this January. They reckon Cesny (spelt wrong) loaned at brentford will be outstanding.

    Geoff – re Song, denilson etc etc. is part of Project Youth so time was always gonna be wasted. AW has always known that but would not admit it.

  35. dennisdamenace

    Geoff – I can’t explain the captain thing, I was truly shocked that AW gave the prick the armband after his consistently poor performances, why not give to to a true leader like Vermin, the ex captain of Ajax ffs, AW doing his ner ner ne ner ner bit again to the detriment of the team/club…….fucking pathetic really!

  36. Mayank

    Yeah Reg, but not in such a short span, i’m sure even Barca fans would find it very hard to be cocky about this run.

    MG, it’s not a tactic i agree with but a lot of managers bring on defenders for attackers when a 2 goal lead needs protecting.

    Geoff, they’ve been 1st team for a year or less even Pires took that much time.

  37. reggie57

    Fuckin hell even our fans are thinking like AW now? if so and so is available at blah blah price, fucking hell we are a big club lets start acting like one!!!

  38. Geoff

    Suga I’m not that old! Mayank, you have missed the point, the point is you said if it were your post your editorial would slant your views, I said my doesn’t and then told you my views…

    I don’t care how much people don’t earn, as long as they work, I have a problem with people that take off other because they can’t be arsed.

    I also have a problem with Jenson Button getting an honour when he’s a tax avoider, that to me is a disgrace.

    Still, that’s New Labour for you, cunts, all of them.

  39. YOn

    Jan 23 FAC 4th Rd
    Jan 27 Aston Villa
    Jan 31 Man U
    Feb 7 Chelsea
    Feb 10 Liverpool
    Feb 13 FAC 5th Rd
    Feb 17 CL Porto


    We NEED a striker and a defender! Anything less is irresponsible management!

  40. Mayank

    I never said we’d be dominating for 10 years, I’d be delighted if we did but it’s not likely with the likes of Man U and Chelsea in the league anyway. I do think we can compete for much longer than 10 years.

  41. bob

    oh yes we got walcot whos the next henry.arsenal are no loger a football team its wengers play ground. wenger loves talking about money and buyin the right players at the right price but how comes he never says anything about fans payin so much for the ticket price? we pay so much to come see song diaby walcot bent52 i mean its sick we pay so much and the guy cant even buy one world class plyer.

  42. Geoff

    Bollocks he did, Pires took 6 months then he started banging them in, Denilson is still shit after 4 years.

    Diaby has taken over 3 years!!!

  43. Metal Gear

    Geoff agree with you’re assessment 2 an extent Song did not play 3 years ago when we had Flamini and Hleb that was Wengers fault we did not win that year cuz he very stupidy refused 2 sign a striker in january and of course we we’re left with Bendtner who ironically is still 2-3 years away from first team football according 2 some was clearly not good enough should have signed Anelka he was available and I dont give a shit about how he was when he was a teenager.

  44. Mayank

    Geoff, those are political views why would you voice them on your Arsenal blog? I don’t follow. Anyone’s views are formed on the basis of their general nature and the editorial is obviously affected by the nature of the writer. It’s expected.

  45. chris

    I’m a big fan of Project Youth but you’ve got to realise how difficult it is what they’re doing so far (i.e. producing decent premiership players with the occasional Arsenal quality guys) and how much more difficult what they’re really trying to do is (i.e. produce world class players).

    They’ve produced loads of premiership guys and the new crop look even more promising but to see if the real deal guys are really that good (Wilshere, Afobe, Aneke, Frimpong maybe on the English side and Vela, Merida, Szczesny, Ozyakup) you’ll need another 3-4 years (I hate to say but this sort of thing always takes a bit longer than you thought, like Arsenal’s estimated recovery time from injuries)

    That’s why Wenger needs the team to win something asap but you’ve got to say there’s a chance this year, possibly a good chance (I’m tipping the CL)

  46. Geoff

    Metal, 3 years ago Song was loaned out to Charlton. They got relegated that season.

    I agree with the rest though!

  47. Geoff

    Mayank, they aren’t my political views! They are my view, views, don’t get me on politics, you’d hate those views.

  48. Mayank

    The selling of Pires still pisses me off. He could have been our Giggs and more. The rest of the sales I more or less agree with.

  49. Metal Gear


    ”MG, it’s not a tactic i agree with but a lot of managers bring on defenders for attackers when a 2 goal lead needs protecting.”

    I agreed in fact I applauded it at the time but guess where Eboue was, was he closing out the game no of course not he was upfront and frustratingly had a chance 2 kill the game off and missed.

  50. Mayank

    Social views then, whatever. As for the political views I wouldn’t get them tbh. I’ve seen far worse political scenarios than the UK’s.

  51. FinnGun

    Geoff, if being in favor of the death penalty and torture isn’t preaching hate, what is? Even on a purely pragmatical basis, the death penalty hasn’t really worked anywhere in the world. It’s very expensive (when done in civilized countries anyway) and only gets more coppers killed. Besides, you forgot serial divers.

    Bob, do you really think Song and Diaby are shit or did I misunderstand?

    Metal Gear, loved your 9:40 and 43 posts. If you’re feeling like I am, I recommend a hair of the dog.

  52. Micky Did It 89

    Its a while since we had a true leader on the team in the Adams Vieira mould. I see Vermy as the long term solution. Its one of the reasons I think PV4’s return would really help on and off the pitch. Almunia as skipper is an insult.

  53. Mayank

    MG, that’s the catch 22 in our system the only type of defending we’re good at is playing the ball in their half and bringing on defenders in such a system actually hurts us defensively.

  54. bob

    diaby ant changed hes just had 2 good games thats all if he plays like this for 2 seasons then u can say hes changed. and song did play a few games 3years ago but he woz realy shit and a waste off time thats why wenger sent him on loan. songs like diaby just havein a few good games give it a season or 2 befor u say hes world class.

  55. Metal Gear

    Mayank agree on the Pires it infuriates me just thinking about it and also last season dropping Arshavin 4 the F.A cup semi final. But the worse worse worse!!!! thing was the Flamini and Diarra situation oh my GOD!!! that was PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!

  56. Mayank

    Not really, giving Al the armband is a solution that would not piss off anyone. Verm should at least complete 1 or 2 season with us before having a shout for captaincy. He’s areal leader though even without the mantle of captain.

  57. Metal Gear

    Mayank fair enough if Wenger wants 2 attack by bringing on a attacker fair enough but a right back? His favorite mind you it’s not some coincidence that he took of RVP 4 Eboue he could have brought on Vela why not he is our most exciting striker is he not?

  58. Mayank

    The Flam Diarra thing happened purely because we didn’t have someone like Ivan on board, I’m sure it won’t be repeated.

  59. tonyadamsisgod

    Alright you mother funglers!! Happy new year and all that jazz…..

    I’ve managed to catch the last 2 games here in Kenya so that’s all good. Any transfer gossip??

  60. Mayank

    MG, he didn’t want to attack and that was the problem. Eboue shouldn’t have been attacking, we should have been playing our natural training ground game.
    I never like defenders being brought on for attacker to protect the lead, but it’s what everyone does. It works for teams with a good defending ethos, not us.

  61. Metal Gear

    Mayank u seem 2 be missing the point no other manager takes of a striker and brings on a right back 2 score the killer goal. You’re clearly not paying attention 2 my posts I already said I applauded the sub but I didn’t like the instructions if there were any.

  62. bob

    afert 4 years off shit football and wastein our time and money wenger and hes kids got 2 deliver now.arsenal are just on a good role now thats why ppl are talkin about song,diaby denilson. even 19 year old ramsy so called rambo wants a bigger role in the first time now but when the start losein and dont win anyhing coz off these players with big mouths the fans have 2 pay the price. tel me even at they very very best would any off the young players would eveb make it to the barcelona bench?

  63. Mayank

    The instructions were probably to play as a box to box winger, but when you have a team with an attacking mindset such as our the players will always go forward. Have you sse the places Gallas and Verm end up at when the play builds up.
    That’s why i think it’s better if we bring on like for like since any other option hinders our flow.
    Anyway the reason we drew that day was because we got rattled. We don’t have the swagger of a Man U of a Chelsea while protecting a lead. That’s why we shouldn’t try to.

  64. jamaicangooner

    good morning and happy 2010 fellow gooners. So good to finally post a comment. I think a deal has been done for gignac. I hope not though cause he is shit

  65. Mayank

    MG there’s no need for insults. You’re basing your argument on the what you assume Wenger told Eboue. I’m saying he must’ve had instructions to defend but it’s easy in a team like ours to get carried away attackingwise. There’s absolutely no evidence that Eboue was there for the killer goal. The fact that he was brought on for RvP probably made him think he could have more freedom.

  66. Gunner8

    Geoff Says:
    January 1, 2010 at 09:47

    Mayank if I was going to promote my views I would be pushing the death penalty for terrorists, drug dealers and users and torture and the death penalty for child molesters, rapists and burglars.

    And national service for benefit seekers.

    But I don’t.


    Geoff you should start Le-Fascist.co.uk I would so be on there ask Pedro!

  67. Gunner8

    Mayank burglers don’t get the death penalty in the mid-east they loose a hand so that you can tell a thieff a mile off! death penalty is better that way no one would do it

  68. big dave

    Happy new year.

    As for transfer’s no point in fretting about it whatever happens happens, otherwise you will drive yourself mad.

    As for hangover………… Great film

  69. Kelvin

    From the FA cup 4th to mid Feb we have a series of high profile games.getting maximum points from these games aint going to be easy.So the gunners have been scoring freely not only against lowly Pompey and Hull but against villa who had not concede a goal for four amtches.Now that has set the benchmark.
    The london derby against the hammers is a tough one. then we have Bolton. who btw have a new caretaker manager. If I’m not wrong clubs that traditionally have sacked the manager tend to have the players fired up.bolton could be a potential banana skin.
    Results of the two games I mentioned could indicate how far the gunners can go.if the defence played like they did against VIlla I’m hopeful the gunners can maintain the challenge.

  70. Metal Gear

    Mayank hand on my heart I was not trying 2 insult u I have absolutely no reason too we’ve had a civilized and meaningful discussion but I feel like you’re not absorbing what I’ve been saying which is extremely clear.

  71. Mayank

    Not really I think losing and appendage would have the same fear factor. I don’t think someone will go like “I think i’ll become a thief i’ll only lose an arm”

  72. jamaicangooner

    when since did we become “hopeful” of getting a result at westham,villa or bolton. We are the arsenal ffs

  73. Gooner4life

    Happy new year GOONERS!!

    everybody seem 2 have a point… but what the hell z bobs problem??
    dude.. so U hate all our players and U love Barcelona.. so y call urself a Gooner?? Y do U go 2 watch Arsenal??

    I rly hope v draw Barca in CL when v have our full squad available!! v can settle dis 1ce nd 4 all

  74. raynor73

    Onm a positive note, I remained 100% completely sober last night, have just discovered Earl Nighingale and Bob Proctor, and on reflection, we are possibly 1 point adrift of Chelski and their team of world class beaters with our less than acceptable kids!

    So by default, that surely means if we sign a couple of people (and the influence raises the game of our less than acceptable kids) we’ll fooking kick their sorry old arse when we play them at theirs…

    Happy new year Le Grovers, and c’mon the Arse, just keep thinking winn ing thoughts, we CAN do it this year…

  75. raynor73


    You seem a tad stressed. Perhaps football is not good for you? Seems the Arsenal brings a lot of negativity into your life? Maybe sdupoorting the spuds might be less stressful?

  76. bob

    what u on about full team agaist barcelona wel u had that in 2006 and u got abit off eto have u for got. im just sayin whats true. i bein a arsenal fan long befor wanker. im not in arsen we trust fan. i mean what the hell d uo trust about him? stand up and surport ur team not the manger or the board.

  77. raynor73


    cant understand what you are saying at all. Support. Go look the word up as you have a poor understanding of it. Not here to argue, but also will back my team this year, not moan about them constantly comparing them to Barca!???!

    AW makes mistakes, after all he’s a human. Don’t you ever fuck up a little Bob? Or are you utterly perfect in every sense!

    But what he’s also done is get us potentially a point within a team who’ve spent what 300 million in the making. what have we spent Bob? Who’s got a new stadium Bob?

    Whatever rants people make about him, yes He’s french and stubborn as fuck (afraid a trait he’ll never lose), he’s a feckin football genius who the PL owes big time.

    Unfortunately, you nmever really miss anything ir really appreciate it until you lose it. Thus will be be the case with AW I fear.

    For 2009 great work Mr Wenger, now what I’d like more than anything is for him, and the Arse team to show what I know (and many here) deep down that they are capable of….

    CMON you Gooners!

  78. bob

    ok then support song,ramo,diaby,denilson,walcot.bent52, just get back 2me when u win something with them ok. im just sayin they all have a very big mouth but not anything 2 show for. i mean have the won anything in the hole life even goal of the month would be something.

  79. Stu

    Gunner8 @11.12. Megson was sacked 2 days ago. So Bolton will likely be a tougher game because of players trying to impress the new manager etc.

  80. raynor73

    Bob. Seems you have been a little spoiled by AW’s football and winning way. Do you remember how we were before him? We didn’t win much, and inconsistency was our favourite style. You have a blinkered memory my good man…

  81. raynor73

    Patience is a virtue. I really cant imagine too many teams building one of the countries best stadia and also being able to spend millions in players without putting their financial security at real risk. It will come…

  82. bob

    what wenger sold all the best players in the team what happen 2 all that money? we have to pay so much 2 watch skool boys play. yea barca did spend alot off money but who gives a fuck look at what they won look at what they fans get for the money.wenger did fuck all in 2009 he just had one good month thats all.

  83. Stu

    Bob, what makes you think those players have big mouths. Its only Walcott and maybe Bendtner that ever talk to the press and only because they are popular players (especially at international level).

    Is there a new rule that players cant give their opinion unless they have won trophies?

  84. raynor73

    You really aren’t even worth anyone here wasting any thought power on.

    Due to your mindless rants about doing nothing, (second if we win our game in hand), I’m off elsewhere as you Sir are a bit of a moron…..

    Also, you wirte like a juvenile in text style. Perhaps if you can’t spell you should invest in a dictionary, or check out a FREE one on-line

  85. Gunner8

    shit Stu, I just read that earlier… …FFS this always happens to us it seems.

    Been avoiding the papers lately

  86. raynor73

    I’d suggest Bob is a spud fan, who likes nothing more than to visit Arsenal forums and wind fans up with total piffle as he hasn’t any friends.

  87. Stu

    Barca didnt just up and spend 100m on players. They have been nurturing players for decades and their academy produces their best players. Ots the saving money by bringing through academy players, as well as having a massive stadium, that means they have money to spend on world class players.

    We are so far behind Barca in that respect. We have had to use kids for the last few seasons because of the move to a bigger stadium. You cant expect instand results and just assume we will have 100m to spend on new players because we sold players.

    WHatever money we make on player sales doesnt automatically go back into the team.

  88. bob

    dont u get it man wenger is gettin paid for finishing 4th for wenger its like 1st place. can u tel me by law do u have 2 have a youth policy? i mean what the fuck iz a youth poilcy? i think ajax had that but u look at the world class that comes out off ajax and u look at arsenal

  89. Gunner8

    Looking at the Sun top 20 where we had about 6, but 4 against us!

    During the Invincibles we had a big big squad, it seemed every player was above 6′ today we are tiny!

  90. Stu

    No bob, obviously there isnt a law saying he has to have a youth policy. But it was necessary to go this route is we were to remain competetive.

    You may not consider 4th competetive but not many teams can move to a new stadium and still get regular Champions League football.

    It was either go the “youth policy” route or drop to midtable spending money that we didnt have.

  91. Geoff

    Gunner8, top man!

    Finngun, I don’t care if it works or not, I just want them rid of, not spending money rehabilitating the scumbags.

    As for torture, that’s to let them feel some of the pain their victims and victims families may have felt.

    God said an eye for an eye, and I’m a God person. Preaching hate is when they condone killing innocent people, I’m just condoning killing cunts, what’s the problem?

  92. reggie57

    We should have more ambition than a top 4 finish which is what most fans are saying,thats why it is imperative that AW signs a couple of top drawer players or we will finish as nearly men again!!

  93. Geoff

    Stu we spent pretty big at Highbury, Wright, Seaman, Bergkamp, Henry, Wiltord, Pires, Reyes.

    In fact since we moved Wenger still hasn’t spent what he did on Wiltord.

  94. Stu

    Its not that the whole squad is tiny. It just so happens that most of our regulars are small. We still have Djourou, Senderos, Traore, Song, Diaby, Bendtner, Van Persie`who are all over 6ft.
    Its not much but its something.