13 out of 15 points, not a bad Christmas box eh?

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Had we been offered 13 precious points before the Christmas period we would have bitten Santa’s hand off would we not? The fact the Chavs beat Fulham and we are all disappointed means we are all getting spoiled by their decline and are beginning to expect them to screw up.

Don’t forget, it was only Fulham! I am more concerned about those stacking up behind us than those in front, shitty won last night albeit luckily, the spuds won, the scousers won, in fact the only team that lost was Villa, and that’s only because we flattened them on Sunday.

I’m still crowing over that game! I hope we can continue that second half performance against Pompey, we won’t have Cesc for that game, but we will have Theo, and I think he was almost as responsible for our second half change as Cesc was, he terrified them with him trickery and he laid on a pinpoint pass for Cesc to score his second.

Let’s not forget Diaby either, he is starting to become influential in games, he even topped Sunday’s off with a little pearler, he went largely unnoticed because of the Cesc cameo, but he was impressive, I hope he can keep that up.

So in theory we only have 3 more days to go until we find out if we are getting new players on board, I don’t think he’ll wait until the end of the month because by then he’ll have Bendtner back and will have an excuse not to buy.

Champions league football makes no difference to players joining, look at Barry, Adebayor, Robinho, Tevez and soon to be Torres and Gerrard, so I don’t think we will have problems signing Chamakh or Dzeko, as Bordeaux have no chance of winning the ECL and Dzeko is only cup tied, his value, in theory has gone down because of that but either way, they are both available and we should act, a big front man will make a difference, as will a ready made defensive midfielder.

I really don’t think we need a Cesc replacement, we have Ramsey, Nasri, Rosicky and even Jay Emmanuel Thomas that can slot in there.

Next up Pompey, and don’t forget the last time we played them they had all their spud players before Harry bought them and we played a virtual youth team, we still spanked them!

It’s on live and I can’t wait, football’s coming thick and fast and I love it.

Have a great day Grovers, tomorrow we get another 3 points!

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  1. A

    zeus it was nothing to do with money whatsoever, he supported Liverpool, and Benitez is Spanish.

    If we did have ANY chance then we still probably wouldn’t have paid that much, but there was no chance of us getting him if we’d offered him and Athletico double what Liverpool did.

  2. SUGA3


    yes, we have spent £16M on TWO players, it’s not the same as spending 25% more than that on one…

    we could have got Torres though and if we stayed at Highbury we would probably get him 😉

  3. patthegooner

    Remember David Villa said he would like to play for Arsenal as did Ribery, so even if these world class players do give us a come and get me plea, we wont sign any of them

  4. patthegooner

    I dont think Torres would have come to Arsenal anyway. Liverpool was a personal choice.

    And that is why he would not go to another English PL Club. A bit like Henry moving from us to Man Ure or Chavski.

  5. A

    come on people, you must know how the press work.

    If a reporter says “what do you think about the interest in signing you from (insert club here)” EVERY player talking about EVERY club will say “flattering, honour, etc etc etc” it isn’t a come and get me plea. Obviously the media will run a story then about whichever club they fancy claiming it’s a come and get me plea, but it’s totally meaningless

  6. SUGA3


    Chelsea is a bunch of classless mercenaries and the club has no history – prestige wise, there is no competition between us and them and you should repent this blasphemy 😆

  7. A

    incidentally Ribery went to Bayern rather than us because they made him one of the highest paid players in the world, that’s the only reason we didn’t get him. Luca Toni was on 180k Euros a week there, crazy how they just went mad that one summer

  8. gambon

    A, the fact is Wenger is obsessed with getting praise for developing players. He hates signing players that are already developed or a well known name as he cant bathe in the praise when they come good.

  9. patthegooner

    Got to admit it is refreshing that every game we play at the moment is massive for the right reasons.

    This time last year, things looked pretty bleak,

    Yet now we are poised to play 2 massive games. Win both and we are firmly in the Challenging for the Title Group, A win and a draw and we are in no mans land (Safe for CL Football but wont win it), or worst case lose one and it is a battle for the CL (With us as favs for it)

  10. A

    SUGA3 that isn’t the point! The point is he was never going to sign for anyone apart from Liverpool, and it had nothing to do with money, it was just his preference. If it had ANYTHING to do with money he would’ve bitten Chelsea’s hand off, they would’ve paid him double what Liverpool do if he’d asked!

  11. 78692

    choy Says:

    December 29, 2009 at 21:47
    He’s top class isn’t he, imagine what he would do with fab supplying him the ammo!


  12. 78692

    gambon Says:

    December 29, 2009 at 22:25
    Exactly ptg, but no fear, Oghuzan Ozyakup is only 5 years from the first team!


  13. patthegooner

    Oh come on A, there was more to the Ribery deal than money. We were courting him all summer. He went to Bayern as they suddenly offered stupid money and Wenger said fuck that.

    Like Alonso, if we showed that little bit more ambition, we would have had him.

  14. A

    Sorry pat – liverpool pulled the alonso deal, again nothing to do with our ambition, nor money, it was their failure to agree a deal for barry, so they refused to sell alonso! We’d agreed a fee for him, and he was in london.

  15. SUGA3


    yes it is – repent 😆

    jokes aside, I think we would get him if AW had enough cash to spend or willingness to spend it, if you happen to believe the board…

    fact that he is a Pool fan means fuck all – Micah Richards is a Gooner, so is Darren bent 😉

  16. gambon

    A, we all know wenger was blindsided by Gazidis when it comes to Arshavin…hence why he dropped him for the only big game Arshavin was eligible for.

  17. zeus

    Anyone got a link to Torres supposedly being a Liverpool fan before joining them. As far as I remember he had no aspirations whatsoever of ever leaving Atletico and was proud to be their talismanic captain.

    Indeed it was his last season with the club that he decided he wanted to grow more as a player and leave. As I’ve said the only thing ‘pool had in its favor was Benitez, who is Spanish, who had won La liga with Valencia and a miracle in Istanbul.

  18. 78692

    I think that if Dein was still at the club we would have bought atleast another two world class players.

    Anyone agree/disagree?

  19. patthegooner

    Again A, There was more to that Barry/Alonso deal.

    Villa said that they were willing to let him go if they got the right offer. I have heard your side, but also heard the line that Arsenal would not go the extra million to secure the deal.

  20. SUGA3


    I fully agree – he was the only one on this bloody board with ambition going beyond bricks & mortar…

    didn’t PHW say spending less tha £300K on 16.6% of Arse shares was a waste of money?


  21. mike__

    defoe is a gooner too and look who he plays for…

    btw not signing alonso was down to arsenal fucking it up and thats a fact. wenger and the board knew he was for sale they knew pool wanted barry but they waited and waited (even though Juve were sniffing around) to see how the barry deal developed. and by the time they got their finger out and bid and agreed a fee the barry deal fell through and pool said nope we cant sell him now. but if they went in straight away and did the deal pool woulda had the cash and barry would probably be a pool player.

    also lets not forget wenger and the board let diarra go in jan, messed up flamini’s contract so he left then sold gilberto so we were left with no DM’s before they decided at the very last minute to try and buy alonso.

  22. gambon

    Wenger used to tell Dein who he wanted and BOOM, he was at the club.

    Since he left we have struggled numerous times to get the players we wnated.

  23. patthegooner

    Here is one for you A, including the link

    Spanish striker Fernando Torres admits he could well be enticed to Arsenal by the promise of Champions League football.

    Gunners boss Arsene Wenger is understood to want to bring the 21-year-old Atletico Madrid forward to Highbury as a foil to Thierry Henry and Jose Antonio Reyes.

    And Torres revealed the lure of top-level European football could tempt him away from Spain.

    He said: “If a club like Arsenal and a coach like Arsene Wenger want to speak to you it is really flattering.

    “Arsenal are in the Champions League every season and I want to play against the best teams and challenge for the biggest titles.

    “At Atletico, things are going little by little,” he told The Sun.

    Arsenal scout Steve Rowley was spotted at Atletico’s match against Sevilla last weekend to watch Torres in action but the player’s agent Jose Antonio Martin remains adamant that the two parties have not spoken for a long time.

    “The last time I spoke with Arsenal was a year and a half ago,” Martin told Marca. As of today, there has been no contact.”

    A clause in Torres’ contract will allow him to quit the club for £60million and that price may frighten the Londoners into making a move for him.



    Ok it is the Sun, but it is a direct quote

  24. zeus

    Getting Alonso was a pipe dream. Do you really think a player of his quality would move from 1 top 4 team to another?

    Benitez is a whack job, but not that big of one to sell one of his jewels to a direct rival he was just egging us on and having a laff.

  25. SUGA3

    Dein has a massive network of connections and it’s a real shame that he teamed up with the Fatman…

    however, I can see him returning after Stan takes over and PHW & the gang are out of the way…

  26. patthegooner

    And another one that got away who is now worth a fucking fortune…..Angel Di Maria

    Di Maria did almost move to England in the summer of 2007 but Arsenal could not meet the transfer fee in the end.

    “I don’t know exactly what happened with my proposed transfer to Arsenal,” he mused.

    “I was very excited about joining them but it never happened.

    “From what I’ve been told, the transfer money that was supposed to appear, never appeared.

    “And just a day-and-a-half later, Benfica heard about the problem, showed interested in me and quickly hired me.

    “I didn’t have any doubts about signing and I do not regret joining one of the top three teams in Portugal.

    “But I am sure that Arsene Wenger would have had a lot to teach me.”

  27. mike__

    ok never seen that one pat, then i would agree then with cesc at the club plus the style we play we would of stood a good chance of getting him.

  28. gambon

    What couldve been;





    Now tell me that team wouldnt have won everything.

  29. mike__

    btw is no one else a little concerned about the fact in the last few game our 1st half performances have been very lack luster and its not untill the 2nd half they come alive. thats the sort of thing that if you keep doing it at some point it will come back and bite you in the arse.

  30. SUGA3

    I would go for:


    Subs: Fabianski, Silvestre, Rosicky, Ramsey, AA

  31. SUGA3


    a few years ago we noticed we would usually get more lively in the second half – we used to lead in the ‘goals scored in the last 10 minutes’ statistic and these were mostly goals to secure a point or all three 😉

  32. WB

    i would have essien and ronaldo in place of toure and ribery





  33. SUGA3

    what for? it’s rock bottom Pompey, ffs…

    Vela ran rings around them last year in the same fixture – I would rather rest AA and put him on only if things are looking bleak…

  34. WB

    Arsène Wenger has revealed how close he came to signing Cristiano Ronaldo before the winger moved to Manchester United.

    The Portuguese international arrived at Old Trafford in August 2003 and has gone to become one of the Premier League’s major attractions. Only this week he won the Ballon d’Or to become European Footballer of the Year

    However Arsenal nearly signed him first. Five years ago Ronaldo met Arsène Wenger at the Club’s Hertfordshire training ground, had a tour around the facilities and, just before he left, was presented with an Arsenal shirt with his own name on the back.

    The Frenchman even impressed Ronaldo’s mother to such as extent that she recognised him later on television.

    But the deal fell through because a price could not be agreed with Sporting Lisbon.

    “I had Ronald at the training ground,” said Wenger at Friday’s press conference. “I showed him around and I gave him a shirt. It had got his name on the back.

    “But in the end it was a question of the amount of transfer fee between the two clubs. Of course, he has proved to be a bargain [at £12.25 million]. But the price that we discussed was in fact much lower, it was divided by three.

    “Also Manchester United had a partnership agreement with Lisbon and Carlos Queiroz [the Portuguese coach] knew him well.

    “Since then they have signed Anderson and Nani from Portugal because of Queiroz. It’s like I can sign players from France because I know them well.”

    Ironically enough, Arsenal first saw Ronaldo playing for Portugal at the Toulon Tournament in Wenger’s home country. He was mighty impressed but in the end opted to sign one of his compatriots.

    “We watched him play in Toulon and we had bought Luis Boa Morte from the same tournament,” said Wenger.

    “I saw that he was an exceptional talent but we could not predict that he would become the player that he is. What we did not see in him at that time in Toulon was his capability to score goals. He was something special but he did not score goals, he did not even go in the box.

    “At the end of the day I wanted him to be here, but the most important thing is he made a career. He went to Man United and did that.

    “I feel he would have done that here too but he is European Footballer of the Year now and that’s fantastic.”

    we started negotiation at 4m,while they demanded 12m.
    had we offered around 8m,maybe we could begin negotiations with them and ronaldo would have been playing for us

  35. SUGA3

    fair enough choy, I can see Ur point 😉

    anyway, laters everyone, I’m off to bed – going back 2 work tomorrow, luckily only for a day and a half…

  36. Gooby

    my expected line-up


    hope to get thqt one right

  37. mike__

    pompey is probably the coldest and windiest prem ground to play at, arshavin would i think cope with the conditions better than vela who last time i seen him was sitting on the bench huddled under a arsenal towel lol.

    also if he is still here play eboue at RB and rest sagna. i dont think he needs a rest i just think now is a good a time as any to use that option seeing as eboue will be gone for a month.

  38. SUGA3

    it’s just about their FAs wishes – player is to be made available 2 weeks prior to their first game played in ACN…

    Cameroon just feel they can leave it late, unlike IC – lazy/cheap buggers, want to save on physios and facilities 😆

  39. luke

    wow, some people on here speak as if they are in the room with Wenger during transfer negotiations. Shut up, you dont know what youre talking about, nor do I, nor does anyone really except Wenger and the club whose player we are courting.

  40. TN

    This is random.

    Why do people hate Geoff and Pedro? 😛 (By people I mean other bloggers, and dedicated readers to other blogs)

  41. patthegooner

    I was in the room Luke, we offered Ronaldo 5k a week and a years free membership to Spearmint Rhino and the fecker turned us down. I said to Arsene raise it to 7k but he said he could get Luke Chadwick for that, and at the time Chadders looked like the better prospect.

  42. AndAPrayer

    Sometimes these comments are funny. only 20 odd posts higher people are complaining that we spend too much money on youngsters yet then complain that Wenger didn’t spend masses on CRonaldo when he was a youngster. Granted, it would have made great sense to do so looking back with hindsight but had we spent that money at the time you can bet people would have been complaining about the lack of established transfers, or at least would be should it happen now.

    Bit off topic but I was reading a certain blog that has been doing a list of the top arsenal players of the decade and unsurprisingly Henry came top. It was a well written article and got me thinking. How many games is he getting at the moment with Barca? If it’s not many then could we get him back for a 6 month stint before he finally ends up in the US. The fact he isn’t as fast as he once was shouldn’t be too much of an issue in our new formation and as he’d be returning to a team doing well in his absence, he shouldn’t scowl at the “lesser” players quite as much. I know it’s incredibly unlikely to happen but if he’s fit (and I admit I don’t follow la liga so don’t know) he would be an ideal candidate in my eyes.

  43. David

    AndAPrayer Says:
    December 30, 2009 at 02:08
    Sometimes these comments are funny. only 20 odd posts higher people are complaining that we spend too much money on youngsters yet then complain that Wenger didn’t spend masses on CRonaldo when he was a youngster.


    First off.

    Nobody was moaning about Signing Young players when Wenger was after Ronaldo

    … Project Youth was was in its baby stages.


    There was no way Wenger would pay 25m for a player. He wouldnt have done it with Rooney and he certainly didnt do it with Torres.

    If Torres was available for 25m today. Would Wenger go for him? Ofcoarse not. Not to say that David Villa is like Torres but i Believe he is still World Class and yet he’s rotting in Spain while he would life the Club and most importantly Keep Cesc as an Arsenal player

    The penny Pinching by Wenger and the Board have been embarrassing. The whole Arshavin Saga was a waste of our Season.

  44. iceman

    Cesc isn’t going anywhere for now…
    He’s made that very clear…

    On a seperate note, Unreal Madrid have made Vidic their no. 1 target in Jan.

    Happy days 🙂

  45. gnarleygeorge9

    (s) = plural gentlemen. But to be more specific, as I said to an expat chav who is down here now. The Arsenal will win The League.

    Another scorchio day 😳 😎 Raddy. I saw the snow in Brum this morning. BBBRRRRRRRR

  46. SUGA3

    yep, I’ve noticed that plural thing, GG 😉

    thing is, they may trake full advantage of their transfer ban being lifted and chuck around some of these dodgy roubles…

  47. iceman

    It’s fine coz whoever Ancelotti brings in will need time to settle (hopefully) especially if he brings in his fellow eye-ties.

  48. charybdis1966

    Morning Gnarley – may I congratulate your boys on giving the Pakistani’s a dam good thumping(and I reckon their so-called 17 year old fast bowling “sensation” is probably Waqar back with a face lift.)