Peace on earth to all mankind. Le Grove’s Christmas message.

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First of all a very Merry Christmas to Grovers around the world, some of you are already well into Christmas day, some of you have yet to have it and some of you are just starting unwrapping your presents.

I’m not allowed to open my three gifts from Arsene until May, and looking at the shapes in the paper, I’m guessing they are the FA cup, the EPL and the ECL.

The other one looks to be 6’3″ tall and I’m hoping it’s Edin Dzeko, but I won’t find out until January!

Today is a short post and contains no real news, save to wish you all a happy and safe holiday and today is the time to put all our differences behind us, whatever your religion remember this was the day that three kings bought gifts for the baby Jesus. All scars were healed all arguments were put to one side and that’s what we should all do.

No I’m not suggesting you hug a chav, smile at a manc or converse with a spud, but we can all have a group Le Grove worldwide cyber hug.

Today I welcome all those LG haters and hold out a hand in friendship, today all Arsenal fans should be one and have a great day. Today we can hope upon hope that we stuff Villa in 2 days and we sign those we all want and need in a week.

Thanks for blogging on this royalty free site, thanks for your support, your debate and your friendship, lets wish the team well and hope upon hope that this is the year.

The year the messiah delivers!

Merry Christmas one and all!

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  1. patthegooner

    Merry Christmas to Gooners everywhere

    And Merry Christmas to the players of Birmingham (Apart from Taylor), Fulham, Stoke and Hull…..Actually scrub Hull, but stay off the booze today and take some points off our rivals in the coming days please.

  2. patthegooner

    And please spare a thought for those not quite as fortunate as yourself.

    Some poor children around the World will be waking up today with little or no joy in their lives.

    They wont be getting what they wanted from Santa, and face a depressing 2010, and no doubt their cruel parents will watch with sick perversion as they open their Arsenal 4 Spurs 4 DVD’s and their off white Shirts despite their offspring telling them they wanted to be gooners, and that Harry Redknapps mother is a hoar.

    Yes Fellow Gooners, please spare a thought for Children that are forced into supporting Tottenham Hotspur……Do they know its Christmas at all?

  3. SUGA3

    ptg 😆

    there must be some support group gor these 😉

    anyway, Merry Xmas or happy holiday season for all the Grovers and Gooners out there!

    G & P, keep up the good work, U R da shiznit…

  4. stonroy

    Here’s to Chelsea getting tonked by Birmingham, Hull going on a blinder for one game and then Phil Brown getting hospitalized by a reactor leak in his tanning cream. We slaughter those Villans and then we get Dzeko who score a hatrick on his first game, which makes Arshavin jealous so he scores a hatrick the next game…And on and on

  5. fijiangooner

    merry christmas geoff and pedro…..thanks for giving us gooners sumthing meaningful to luk forward to every single day of the year!!!

    may the festive season bring edin dzeko amid a shower of goals and a sprinkling of points!!!!!

  6. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    Hello All

    Wish u all a very happy merry christmas to my Fellow Le-grovers.



    Thanks a lot for entertaining us with rocking posts throughout on the daily basis,and keeping us focussed on Arsenal so immensely and truthfully.

    Wish u all and fellow grovers Good heath…

    Thanks for keeping all the Arsenal fans/Arsenal community rocking…

    Keep up the Noble work..U guys and fellow grovers rock.. 🙂

  7. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    Hello All

    Wish u all a very happy merry christmas to my Fellow Le-grovers.



    Thanks a lot for entertaining us with rocking posts throughout on the daily basis,and keeping us focussed on Arsenal so immensely and truthfully.

    Wish u all and fellow grovers Good health…

    Thanks for keeping all the Arsenal fans/Arsenal community rocking…

    Keep up the Noble work..U guys and fellow grovers rock.. 🙂

  8. Mayank

    Merry Christmas Geoff, Pedro and all the Grovers!

    It’s been a brilliant year of banter, humour and debate and it’s not over yet!

  9. reggie 57

    happeness and goodwill to all grovers where ever you may be, still in bed, bit hungover from last night, but hey its xmas !!

  10. Doublegooner

    No matter your race, religion or creed.

    Peace & Good Health to all.



  11. indian_gooner

    merry Christmas to everyone!
    cheers to le-grove, keep up the good work guys (dont post often, love to go through the comments though 🙂 )

  12. Olech

    Nice post Geoff. Merry Christmas to all. The Christmas mood is high here in Uganda and we just can’t wait to see Aston Villa whooped!

  13. ray in SF

    My Christmas present to myself…renewing my subscription to the best blog on the net

    Thanks for an entertaining year, Geoff & Pedro

    Merry Christmas both and to fellow Gooners wherever you are

  14. Irishgunner

    Not a drop of it today Geoff, how good am I?? Although that’s not to say I had none yesterday and am having none today cos of the ill-effects 😉

    Going to the GGS tomorrow so might have a few there, apparently its tradition, not that it’d be my kind of thing of course …

  15. gambon

    Geoff, this is from last night, went out at 4, got in at 4!

    Have a party to go to at 6 as well!

    Beyonce is so fit onj ch4

  16. Irishgunner

    The Gee Gees – horse racing.

    Shown your age there Geoff that you didn’t get it in the modern day text speak 😆

  17. finestcuts

    Merry Christmas everyone, here’s my love message to the world…..peace and blessings to you all!

    I also thank you for your company in spirit and hope as most readers on this site do that we’ll win the title against all odds!

  18. Truth

    Yuletide greetings Geoff and Pedro and a big thanks for all your efforts and hard work in providing what is for me, a first port of call for all things Arsenal. Peace, love and happiness to all fellow Gooners, and may our season be fruitful.

  19. Irishgunner

    On that highly intelligent note I shall leave ye.

    Only one Peroni now Geoff!!!

    Merry Christmas All.

    3 points Sunday!!

  20. king gooner

    greetings & seasonal felicitations & goodwill to all menN(except,MANURE,SPUDDIES & CHAVS)can’t bring myself to go that far!one question for my fellow goons-why does everyone persist with the illusion we are about to sign dzeko when we are well aware that ebeneezer scrooge is in charge?i’m all for a bit of optimism but hey??

  21. Sharky

    Malta Gooners send a big Happy Xmas to all Happy Grovers and wish you a great 2010, the year I see my beloved Arsenal win the European Cup (or ECL if you prefer) I was at the Emirates for the 1st time V Hull, thanks boys, I miss Highbury since I moved away but love the new stadium. If any Grovers are ever in Malta on holiday, look us up, we get EVERY Premiership game live! We’ll welcome you to the Arse supporters Club.Lets look forward to 6 points against Villa, love and Peace to you all. The Mighty Goona in Malta.

  22. big dave

    Hoping that the chavs and man ure have a shite xmas
    and the red & white (santa colour) have a great one
    6 points no less is a must

  23. dennisdamenace

    Salutations to all Gooners and specially all Grovers….

    Today’s top tip, don’t mix red wine with white wine and Peronis……ouchy!

  24. dennisdamenace

    Too late for me too Gambon, I have a house party going on in my heed and they are all wearing fecking hobnail boots!!

  25. BigRaddy

    or if you are make sure to drink the wine first. Then get on the spirits. A few large Vodka & redbull will keep you on it longer …..

  26. dennisdamenace

    Hey Ethan, all the best to you and yours….

    Another top tip, don’t eat brussels if you have a real log fire 😯

  27. BigRaddy

    Not a joke but …

    Try this, it was in my cracker…..

    Lift your right foot off the floor.

    Turn it in clockwise circles

    Draw a number 6 in the air with your right hand.

    Your foot will change directions !!

    Weird ………

  28. ethangunner

    U2 DDM

    ekkkkk…..dont eat brussels !!!

    = VOMMMIT 🙂

    , not sure how many square miles of mashed potato’s i wasted in my youth trying to hide them fuckers on my plate 🙂

  29. BigRaddy

    Old joke time

    As an aeroplane is about to crash a female passenger jumps up and says “If I am going to die, I want to die feeling like a woman”.

    She removes all her clothing and asks “Is there someone on this plane who is man enough to make me feel like a woman?”

    A man stands up, takes off his shirt and says:

    “Here, iron this”

  30. The Profit

    I have not blogged for ages however I read the post and comments everyday like thousands of others. I would like to say thank you and Merry Christmas to every contributor at Le Grove
    You provide an invaluable service in picking me up when we lose and sharing in the joy when we win.
    Pedro and Geoff your posts are inspirational and the fact you do this with no royalties just for the love of the team shows you are real fans!!

  31. dennisdamenace

    .: ::. .. :.: :.. .:.. :..::. :.:. ..:: :..: ::: ..:. .
    .: ::. .. :.: :.. .:.. :..::. :.:. ..:: :..: ::: ..:. . ..:.:. .:. …:.:. :.:.: ..:.. :.::. ::..:. .:. :…: ..:.. :….::. :..: :… :. ..:: .::. ::::.. ….:: .: :. ..::.. .:.:.:. …::. ::…..: Merry Christmas, from Stevie Wonder……Yo Ho Ho!

  32. Pedro

    Good morning Grovers, thanks for all the nice messages this morning and a big fat thank you for all your support this year!

    I shall raise a cyber beer to you all!

    Have a great day!

  33. Franchise

    DoubleG @ 10:24

    ……… GOONER

    Merry xmas to you all. You have been there with me in times of elation and depression. To the treble 2010


    i might be back on

    Ja_Gunner (aka Mr formation) i got a nice formation for you

    ……………….Brussel Sprouts


    ………………..Roast Potatoes

    ………Strawberry Trifle………Mince Pies

    Yorkshire Pudding………………………Mixed Veg

    ………………Cheese and Biscuits……………..

  34. BigRaddy


    I am concerned about the strength in midfield. We have too soft a centre. Sherry Trifle’s stats show him capable but I would prefer someone with some hammer. Plum Pudding has to be the way to go. Expensive I know, but reliable and carries some weight.

    Cheese and Biscuits is a great finisher.

  35. Franchise

    Gambon we need some solidity at the back.. I forgot to mention that the game is played in typical english weather… pissing alcohol

  36. Franchise

    Appreciated Raddy. U got the message behind the ‘cheese and biscuits’

    well i wanted some flair in the middle cos roast potatoes is quite immobile. i want him to sit in ron t of the back 4. i would blay trifle at home and plum pudd away

  37. jlp

    merry christmas to all you gooners
    and a special thanks to you Geoff and Pedro
    next month is 2 yrs running your site has been amongst my daily routines
    thank you guys for all your effort
    outstanding work and i tip my glass to you

  38. Jaguar

    i might be back on

    Ja_Gunner (aka Mr formation) i got a nice formation for you

    ……………….Brussel Sprouts


    ………………..Roast Potatoes

    ………Strawberry Trifle………Mince Pies

    Yorkshire Pudding………………………Mixed Veg

    ………………Cheese and Biscuits……………..
    Are you a big fan of AW?Turkey deserves to be upfront,and brittle players like VP and Rosicky upfront.Square pegs in round holes again. 🙂

  39. The Profit

    Have marzipan and icing sugar as substitutes, bring them on at the end if we are winning they that would be the icing on the cake….. (sorry)

  40. BigRaddy

    I see the problem with BS at the back. Trouble is we only have inexperience in Baby Carrots and Cherry tomatoes as back up. A big signing is necessary. Maybe Salmon but I he is way beyond our budget.

    Roast Pots has experience and even though he has lost some of his pace, he still represents the best we have. Mash is no way an adequate replacement

    Turkey is def, at the heart of the team and IMO should never be our finisher

  41. Our year 9/10

    Merry xmas all.And Arsene ,if someone pinches that last roastie from under your nose, don’t go in to one again.

  42. 78692

    Would love to wish Geoff, Pedro and all the Grovers throughout the world a Merry Xmas.

    Geoff and Pedro thank you for the wonderful work that you have been doing.

    From 78692(Gooner786)

  43. pete

    we love you ARSENAL we do
    we love you ARSENAL we do
    we love you ARSENAL we do
    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ARSENAL WE LOVE YOU

  44. zeus

    deano Says:
    December 25, 2009 at 15:38
    reggie henry is a fcuking cheat

  45. patthegooner

    Schoolboy Error: The wife left the pigs in blankets in the Fridge…..and only remembered when I questioned there absence on the table.

    Can you forgive that, or should I file for Divorce?

  46. AA23

    Happy Xmas from freezing Montreal.
    I look forward to reading my favourite Arsenal blog in 2010.
    I’ll have a look at Le Grove every now and then too.
    boom boom.

  47. charybdis1966

    A merry Xas to all you grovers out there – or should I say “Felize Navidad” as I´m in the Canaries for my traditional spot of wimter sun.

    However many times it´s already been said, we all owe to ourselves to thank Geoffers and Pedders for the tireless work they do every day of the year to help us Gooners through the slings and arrows of outrageous gooner fortune.

    When we lose it pisses me off no end and in that way Geoffers and me are of the same mind however the Grove helps me to carry on throught the dark times of post defeat depression as I know millions of Gooners go through the same but thankfully very few take it so badly as that poor Kenyan chap did.

    A special thanks to other Grovers who seem to know about what I dribble on about, like Radders, Peaches, the President of the Bendtner fan club, Ethan, GoonerM, A Tom, Irish(semi-departed, altho I saw her here earlier and a big hi to you Maire),Pathe,LAzer, DDM, Fran, Gunner8, Nick and a whole host of others who´s names escape me as I sit in the late afternoon sun here in Feurteventura.

    Taking on board the message of the post is something I hope I´ve always done – just becasue someones view of where our club/Arsenal player is different it does not make them any less a fan; I can see that even BBK´s perhaps pessimistic view is just as valid as anyones. He cares for Arsenal is his own way and we must remember to save our hostile fire for the likes of those who deserve it – namely Chavs/Manks/Spuds.

  48. patthegooner


    I forgave her…

    And I have already eaten them. I had them as a bit of a snack a bit later. Tasted Great.

    Best thing about Christmas Dinner!!!!!

  49. patthegooner

    And Rico

    It actually worked out for the best.

    I held back on the sprouts, and when the PIB’s were ready, I was the only one that was up for eating them, so got double portions…….

    If that is not good Karma for 3 points on Sunday then what is?

  50. zeus

    Sabeel Indian Gunner Says:
    December 25, 2009 at 16:03

    villa match is not 2morrow…its on sunday dude…
    hols has taken over memory,i guess
    hehe. Yeah, thats the alcohol talking. Lets turn them over on Sunday.

  51. rico

    😛 pat, that must have been just perfect 🙂

    3 points, too true 🙂

    Hi chary, enjoy the sunshine, its freezing here 🙁

  52. reggie57

    deano Says:
    December 25, 2009 at 15:38

    reggie henry is a fcuking cheat

    couldnt care less hes still one of the best players that have ever played in EPL, and he played for us!!

  53. Zorr0

    Evenin all, Gooners across the globe. Merry Christmas to each and every one of you, from the AKB’s to the WengerOut Brigade!

    Up the Gunners!

  54. Goonerman

    I’m stuffed with Turkey and bored so I’ve done a quick analysis.

    Last season after 17 matches we had 30 points.
    Then I think we drew about 4 on the trot.

    This season we have 35 points.

    Conclusion: we can improve by 10+ points this season.

  55. Bergkampy10

    Merry Christmas to the Arsenal and all gunners! My 3 wishes : Beat Villa, sign Dzeko, sign Given. We’ll then be showing our teeth and intentions! Project Youth goes on, we’ve just added a guardian (the best in the EPL) and insurance! 😉

    Lady Luck has been smiling on us, now do your bit Arsene. Merry Christmas! 🙂

  56. redbearer

    Boxing day greetings… Well I’m seeing Norwich play Millwall tomo and more importantly seeing us versus Villa on Sunday. I’m thinking that 2010 will be a big year for our beloved club.. a takeover seems rife particularly aimed towards a time when media attention is diverted towards the World Cup. Personally I wanna see it shaken up because we need to deliver more going forward and the options at the moment are flipsy unless we invest in a player of the calibre of Dzeko but dare the board warrant such a signing which will break our record signing fee.. I say be bold and prosper (^^^)

  57. peachesgooner

    Chary – you lucky chappie, no chilly Villa game for you. Have a great time – best wishes to you and your family, see you in the new year 😀

  58. henkamp

    Thanks to geoff and pedro, you’s maybe dont appeal to everyone but you’s have the voice of reason in a crazy world. To all the other bloggers, happy xmas (and to geoff and pedro) and a happy new year! Peace and please be, a championship new year 🙂

  59. ethangunner

    peaches – rico- zorro- chary -GG- A and all the regulars on at this time enjoy your boxing day .
    and hope like hell that wenger gets us a couple of new years presents in the form of quality players ..

    even a goal keeper 🙂

  60. gnarleygeorge9


    I’ll second that.

    Goonerpak, too many dropped catches by your boys, but they bowled well.

    The rumour is Cesc will start against villa 😉

    Squeal O’Neill is up to his old tricks again, praising Le Gaffer pre game, but we won’t fall for that old chestnut will we mon ami 😈

  61. gooner-pak

    afternoon gg9
    that was expected i knew we have to get 15-20wkts and once Aussies put 450+ or 500+ i guarantee you innings defeat for pakistan of if not a small total to chase

  62. gooner-pak

    15-20wkt per inining that is… but it could be dull all batting test match that ends up in draw.. given the pitch condition

  63. ethangunner

    i hate to ruin boxing day !
    but i knew once i heard this .,
    the dream of new players would be over..

    DDM … unfortunately how right we were .
    i thought maybe MAYBE , he couldnt ignore RVP being injured or nik B and dudu being average when available ..

    sound familar ..

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    Wenger has plenty of money to spend on new players but believes his current crop of youngsters can last the course in the title race.

    Chairman Peter Hill-Wood said: “We have got a lot of money available to spend – money’s not the restriction.

    “I spoke to Arsene about this a few days ago and he said he wasn’t prepared to go out and buy a player who is not better than the ones we have got..

    better than the ones we’ve got ?
    so no one ON EARTH is better than eboue – denilson-diaby -almunia – song-senderos ??..


    obviously wenger avoided the re-run of ‘ a christmas carol’ then